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candycatcher.pngWe’ve all played those annoying claw machines at arcades/random restaurants/etc etc, even if you don’t want to admit it. As a belated Jermacide present, this post goes out to him since he tried so hard at one to get this adorable stuffed animal baby boar (maybe i’ll post it someday) for me… anyhow, in decorating his new office, i think this is just what is missing…

What more would you want from your co-workers than to “Feel the frustration as you try to extract on from this irritatingly difficult machine before the music runs out!”… From the perfectly named store Perpetual Kid

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Chopstick Kids

chopkids.pngJermacide was sending me mobile pics from the LACMA store earlier today, and amongst the goodies were these hilarious chopstick kids… literal plastic kids… who’s legs you extend with your own chopsticks… and then *poof* chopstick training devices… “Chinese with ease”… uh, nice? But on the brightside, it’s kind of a cute playful gift.

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Suburbia in a Bag

4547315689224.jpgSuburbia in a bag! The clean minimalistic playful Muji has come through on fun little holiday gifts with this Suburbia in a bag [keep in mind there is also Village in a bag, as well as London, New York, and Paris in bags]… for a mere 6 pounds. Cute gift, not that i’d neccessarily want to encourage kids to build in suburban style at too young an age, but it could be a nice tongue in cheek gift for your local real estate developer?

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iCar… *sigh*

I’m a little mixed on how i feel on this one. But i LOVE playsam, and was always a sucker for their great red/black/silver/brown laquered woody pieces… this is still gorgeous though. And i definitely see the crowd that gets targeted by them. Ahhhh toys.

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winelights.pngWine candles… I never quite understood why tea lights were called tea lights… but following the same logic, i’m assuming these would work to be wine lights? Adorably brilliant and simple idea to make use of the wine bottles which are around… =) [these are also by &Design]

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Merci - Snow&Graham

girl.png Just taking a second to say thanks to everyone who’s been reading Notcot, and dealing with the days (ok sometimes week) that i don’t get to posting and finding things to share.

So take a look at these adorable cards and coasters and labelgrams from Snow & Graham, two Art Institue of Chicago grads who ran with their dreams in 1998 and founded this exquisite stationery line.

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Homage to the Classic Lamps

dek1b.jpgMagical! There’s just something about these lamps by New Yorker Mark McKenna… They are something like a hybrid between the idea of those tiniest led flashlights posted about earlier. This one is a replica of my favorite Lucellino by Ingo Maurer. Other’s in the DEK series (Designer Emulation Kits) are Castiglioni’s Arco and Toio as well as Sapper’s Tizio. Brilliant. and Functional!

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Skull Stationery

skullstationery.jpg Found this company while wandering Villian’s Vault on Haight… would LOVE to have this… wouldn’t it be fun if i hand wrote posts? literally? “In a time where emails and text messages are commonplace, the traditional handwritten letter gains more importance… and when it comes time to write that ultimate love letter, or goodbye, nothing can replace sitting down at your old fashioned desk, pulling out this velvet lined engraved box, opening it to expose the delicate set of little skull stationery, while dipping your feather pen in its pot, and letting the words flow.” Can you imagine how incredible it would be to put all your old styled wit and evil plans down on this skull stationery? It really puts the process back into writing… in an elegantly devious way… I have fallen for the products by D.L.&Co… more to come in another post later?

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Wine on Tap

ww_w3192.jpgIt’s Wine on Tap… interesting combo of my favorite classic looking faucet… and a cork screw? Interesting to look at, not sure how functional…

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Anvil Paperie

anvil.jpgposted to C&M… found these at the Dock Downtown, and fell for the octopi, especially the one that squirts. The quality is great, and it’s almost too beautiful to waste on covering gifts… The Anvil Neo Tokyo Giftwrap line is just in time for the holidays, and versatile enough to enamor any recipient, that they may barely notice the gift beneath it. Described by Anvil as “evoking a sophisticated playfulness” with its mix of warm and cool colors, and using Japanese inspired patterns to create that “uplifting, with an airy, lighthearted quality”… these gift wrap sheets will brighten anyone’s day. Additionally, some of these patterns are also available in matching Gift Cards, Gift Bags, and Journals. The designers at Anvil have been winning design awards since 2002 with their ability to “mix traditional Asian motifs with a twist of modernism”, having been shown in Print, HOW, and Creativity, and more.

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Squire Deadly

Yes, another designer love story for tonight. Anna and Time Harrington, attracted to one another’s art and personal style, resulting in some incredible pattern designs printed on a multitude of items from pot holders, to gorgeous sketchbooks, to skateboards! And the site design is worth taking a look at on its own. The way things “fall” and piece together is exquisite. The result is Deadly, Squire.

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Vintage Towels = Hippos?

SO CUTE. Yes i know i say that about 90% of things i post… and the recycled vintage towel thing is an interesting take on the stuffed animal genre… my question is whether they are used. But cute none the less, i love this pic. Design by Andreas Linzner.

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Egg Cosies

So cute. It is just an egg cozy. Has a katamari meets “brrr its cold and i need a beanie” sort of feel. But so adorable. and 100% lambswool.

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5 Minute Candles

In a rush around world, its not often you can spontaneously whip out a little candle, burn it to the end, be relaxed, and then run off to the next part of your day… Or you can. Cute idea =) Adorable packaging. Zinoo Park Designs

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RagBag Shopper

shopper.jpgIt reminds me of a yoga mat. when being carried and folded anyhow. But it seems like a nice alternative to those tiny flimsier bags you crunch up into your main purse, and whip out… and “poof” a nice bag for all your groceries? It looks more sturdy and i like the over the shoulder carrying style… groceries can get heavy! But i’m all for the recycled bag usage, especially when walking a few blocks with groceries (be it for excercise or necessity)

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