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Glark Goods

Glarkware has a few amusing products i had to share this 2am. First we have the EKG House messenger bag, which has a button you can add on with little cottages on it. Second is the Urban Asshole Notification Cards (not sure why it is specifies urban, i’m sure they have assholes in other places as well)… [Each card is scored but not folded so you can present them as is or fold them up so that the recipient only sees “Congrats!” before they get “You’re An Asshole” and the hard truth on the other side.] And last but not least, bringing out the Rock in the Classics buttons.

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reebokmat.jpgSo i’ve been yoga/pilates mat shopping… It took me a while to find one i liked… so figured i’d share what i ended up on. I hate those with that sticky rubbery feel, and then you have to put a towel over it too? And i liked one that was light weight, but still gripped the floor. Wandering through target (was looking for random cleaning supplies)… found this great one by Reebok! It’s the ultra performance mat, and is thick, light, and the top is made of a layer of moisture-wicking material. Just tried it out, and it’s perfect. 23$

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Busy Beaver

BUSY BEAVER BUTTON Co.! This image on their main page makes me want to print buttons… NOTCOT buttons anyone? … p.s. the Button-o-matic is worth looking at, wish there was one here.

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maps-cava.pngFound one of these “maps” yesterday. Its gorgeous, and has great detailing, when you put it up, the shadowing of the creases of an old map really age it, although its printed on fine Italian paper (and is actually for gift wrap)… but at 4$ it looks great up! Dying to get a hold of the actual product catalog… Anyone have some connections to make that happen? Would love an old antique Milan map replica like that… or who knows what other goodies are available? Cavallini $ Co.

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Colette update!

My fav doggies cap & pep by colette.fr are back and marketing themselves like no other… limited edition Polaroid film ~ Le Sportsac shopper bag ~ Mikado LU [pocky like] cookies… but all adorably cute!

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Woody plasticized

ordnerspecht_1.jpgPlayful addition to put some life into your office filing. La Coctelera found this piece, and the image was all i needed to show you.

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Rock your Records

FrankBagSmall.jpgrca-bracelet.jpgSo you have old records, or lots of favorite record covers? The bags by RockMusick allow you to swap your favorite record covers in and out at will… the record bracelets are quite fun as well!

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This rocks my world at this lovely 4:35 am , and more importantly, the response of a friend upon viewing these was, UH, i did that in junior high, go take the print/book making class at the local community college, there are tons of drawers of ancient typefaces and wingding like imagery.

So fine. Maybe i will. Look into it tomorrow.

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Walkie Bits

walkie.pngRhythmic robots from Japan

They’re shaped like little turtles, and while they don’t offer a whole lot of robotic functionality, they will remember rythms tapped out o n their shells and walk to that rhythm. They can also run, play melodies, and so forth. Walkiebits, with the “world’s smallest class” (Takara) body, feature four modes: “Walk” in which the turtle shakes its rear as it makes sound, “Rhythm Mode” which will imitate learned rhythms as it walks, “Race Mode” in which the turtle runs, and “Sing Mode” where the turtle will play melodies with electronic sounds.

[via ToiProtocol]

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$1.99 Elephant of happiness

phant.jpgThis elephant has nice curves. Somedays the world gets to you, and the tiniest little thing can somehow put a smile on your face… wandered around Normal Heights and Hillcrest today in San Diego, stumbled upon Importers Outlet at 4247 Park Blvd. Filled with a pretty decent and well priced selection of goods from Southeast Asia, and a few rather bizarre objects like fuzzy plastic dayglo jesus/mary/buddhas… but great finds from pottery and incense to large furniture pieces. For perspective the little guy is about 5” head to butt.

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thrifty ice cream dishes


I visited the Salvation Army Thrift Store in South San Francisco today and found this cute set of ice cream dishes.  Awww.  I sort of miss Action Thrift Store down in San Diego.  They have a ton of miscellaneous junk there.  I was looking for some old bad/good/bad framed artwork, but struck out yet again today.  If anybody reading this is from the Bay Area and knows of a really great thrift store besides Thrift Town in the Mission in SF and the Salvation Army stores, please let me know!

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Ponderous Rabbit

rabbit.jpgOn bunnies… Found this one on Karin’s Too cute for words, absolutely gorgeous piece, kind of picks at your brain, and it’s so fluidly enticing. The image needed to be shared! Made of molded glass… Hannal Jungstrom.

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Mazda 110S L10A Brochure

supercar.jpg It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Supercar!! Tadanori Yokoo delivered this most beautiful example of what auto brochures could be in 1968 to Mazda for their 110S (aka Cosmo).

Imagine the pricing chart — PSYCHEDELIC WONDERLAND PCKG: +$299.99

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foonew.jpg16 weeks to build, $73,000… Yea yea, so it’s an expensive foosball table, but here’s the kicker…

Our patent pending Doppelganger technology makes it possible for us to micro-cast 3-D heads from photographs. This brings absolute, lifelike realisn to the faces of the friends and family you’d like to field in your teams. All you have to do is send us a color head/neck shots taken in natural light. We’ll do the rest.

More pics to follow… ElevenForty via Luxist

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Playsam (cont’d)

playsam.jpgSorry, i couldn’t resist. These Playsam toys are amazing. Scandanavian design creates such a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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