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Roadster for the kids

saab02_roadster_big.jpgVroom vroom… goes the car. If i had kids, they’d need this. Why start your kid off with a mini bmw or ferrarri, when this just seems so much classier, and more robust… It’s just so slick, i needed to put the picture up. Via inspiration from ToiProtocol.

For the first ride. Age: From 12 month The Saab Roadster Car is an activity toy for small children. It has a clean and simple design, like Saab cars in general. The design of the Saab Roadster Car is based on the very first Saab, Sixten Sason´s prototype 92001.
length / 940 mm
color / black/natur
material / Body of ABS plastic/ Bottom chassi, Seat and Steering Wheel wood/metal


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Sharpie Comeback

vid.pngSharpie looks posed to take on everyone in the marker business…look out pantone, here comes sharpie with more colors than i ever imagined i’d need or want in permanent marker? Its gone from the label your clothes, doodle on your notebook, give your friend a tattoo in class, plain old black marker… into fat, super fat, skinny, two tipped, mini, and so many more… pictures of all the new ones to follow…

But coolest thing of all… take a look at how they make them, great video here… Quite possible the sweetest most mesmerizing vid in a while.

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Level C Information Analyst

set1a.jpgcubehome.jpgGenerated by the “Job Title Generator”, that’s Bob’s new job title… Here is Bob’s story: “This is Bob. He has worked for GigantaMegaCorp for 10 years. HR policy states that Bob is due for a lateral promotion.”

First there was Dilbert… now think Dilbert Lego-fied… CUBES! Cube headed guys, living in cubes, boxed in cubes. I couldn’t stop laughing when i realized these cubes look so similar to some my friend works in… (and i’m sure millions/billions of others as well).

Finally, the drudgery of corporate life has been captured in a play set for adults! Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann spend eight hours a day, five days a week, at tiny desks in tiny cubicles in a giant room packed with countless similar cubicles in a giant building filled with countless similar rooms.

Get a pile of cubes, get creative… build upwards? Lots more pics post jump. The Cubes.

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bshit.png… hahaha… look at the image after too.

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Mini Mario Karts!

micro_radio_karts.jpgFor ShadeElaine and the many a night we spent playing far too much mariokart So cute. It’s E3 week, and the gaming maddness is engulfing even the least interested non-gamers… from the XBOX, PS3, GameBoy mini… too much out there. This one’s from Gizmodo.

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Super Mario Kigurumania

supermario.pngSuper Mario Pepsi Bottle Cap madness. What is up with this? Do they dance? I can’t tell. But it is definitely a strange trend in bottle cap decor? The images are pretty sweet (see below)… i wonder what the real ones look like? and there is free Super Mario TAPE as well (yes, like scotch or packing tape stuff)… found via Octopus Dropkick.


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sheep.jpgesheep-screenshot.gifSheeeeep! from old school pixelized 2d, to playful 3d! Ok back in the days of windows 95, and this little tiny exe that propogated little sheep running around that you could drag around your desktop? Up, down, all over your windows… and the alien would come abduct them now and then? Or they’d take showers? Or fall in love? (i think that’s all they did)

Ok maybe it was just me. But these 3D little “who know’s which you’ll get” boxed figurine series reminded me of that. And the nostalgia alone would have made it worth it to go buy some, but combined with the fun style of them, they are irresistible.

And they have function when you pull off their coats!

This series kinda takes the sealed box experience to the next level - each of these little rams has a different personality - positive or negative. Open a box and see what kind of day you’ll have… or write down the name of someone and put it under the sheep when you sleep. During the night, that sheep will supposedly cause good or bad dreams for that person?!
And on top of all that, you can ‘sheer’ your sheep by peeling off their coats to see a hidden graphic underneath.
10 different characters but you won’t know which one you have until you open the box.

Giant Robot Sheep Dream

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kigiruman61.gifMUST WATCH VIDEOS… dancing 2” little toys that stick on bottle caps and react to noise. From the flash: Kigurumix are very cute dancers. Please watch their dance when you are depressed or hard. You will surely very happy feeling

While that quote says it so well, you really need to watch the three videos below too fully appreciate the joy these little guys can bring. ShadeElaine just got the blue chick from GRSF and made a little video for me to watch, and the addiction has begun… i think i might need the skull one who has a coin operated panda (see the many images after jump)
ShadeElaine’s Vid

Two Dancing
Skull Dancing

Here are the main links to check out: Even if you don’t know japanese, explore like crazy… each page is worthwhile, and filled with amusement.
Tomy Kigurumix (animals) + Tomy Kigurumiman (people) + CollectionDX

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Hammer Bank

gmail.jpgToronto store “UP TO YOU” pointed me towards this great “piggy bank” they carry… that is coins+piggy+hammer minus the piggy

Yea basically is a hammer shaped coin bank, where when you need to retrieve/spend/empty your account, instead of taking a hammer to it, you simply grasp the wooden handle and break accordingly.

Looks like fun. I don’t know if i could resist the temptation to break it long enough to save up to even buy another hammer bank! Great gift idea?

1483 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-778-6487

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Strobe LED Night Toys

nighthack.jpgStarted with a hunt for an led-fiberoptic frisbee i saw in a store… ended with STROBE LED FOOTBAGS! and FRISBEES! Well those and the Jugglo Atom Ball which just made for a mesmerizing picture. There isn’t much more to say about them that the imagination can’t fathom on it’s own. The possibilities are endless. In the dark. All the colors. Flashing. (your choice fast or slow) and you can Throw it, Kick it, Bounce it. FUN. NightHACK for insomniacs like me.

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Face Crushing

16036.CBA343DF.jpgThere are stress balls, and then there are Cao Maru Stress Balls by Makiko Yoshida. Sometimes you just need to smoosh something, or someone you know who overworks and programs far too long needs to. And some of these little faces are sure to aggravate you to want to make you squish it more (good hand strengthening, help fight the effects of typing too much?)…

made of an extremely pliable polyurethane resin, these soft-heads can be squeezed, squashed, squished and squushed for stress relief throughout your busy day. the packaging claims:”it is safe if throw it in a quarrel by husband and wife because it is very soft (but, we cannot recommended to do so)”

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magnetoids.jpgpos_small.jpgUberORBS. The name says it all. “Mysterious Toy, Obvious Attraction”.

They chirp. They whirrr. They are mysteriously irresistible! Magnetoids seem simple enough - two finely polished, high powered, oval shaped magnets. Each is about 2.5 inches long. But pull them apart, toss them in the air, bring them next to each other - and they enthusiastically come to life!
Driven by powerful magnetic attraction and repulsion, these space age looking ellipsoids continually strive to stay in perfect balance with each other. This magnetic balancing act results in a wide variety of mysterious chirping noises that are at once both unnerving and mesmerizing.
Whether they’re being used as a desk toy, stress reliever, science experiment, or magnetic oddity, you’ll find that humans are as attracted to the Magnetoid ellipsoids as they are to each other. Magnetoids are set to become the hottest new stress relieving gizmo - sure to find their way to a desk near you.

Additionally, these things make fun sounds as well as crazy “tricks” which you can view in many little videos. Also, heed the ThinkGeek warning. (see after jump). UberORBS

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Designer Vibrations

sextoys.jpgThese are not new, but i felt somewhat ridiculous when i finally discovered who designed them. In AZ Central

The Bone, a 9-inch wedge of resin shaped like a hipbone, made by Tom Dixon, the British design guru, was in fact a vibrator. As remote in appearance from the “marital aids” hawked at pornography shops as an Eames chair is from a straw stool, it was displayed under glass. There is the Mojo, a breast-shaped massager by Marc Newson, the designer of the Lever House restaurant; and the rechargeable Pebble by Mari-Ruth Oda, a stone-shaped plastic vibrator ergonomically contoured to fit in the palm of one’s hand.

Fascinating, designer goods for all one’s needs… and beautifully shaped enough to look like a centerpiece, or sculpture to leave out. Thanks DesignBoomers for helping me realize who designed these.

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Out of Context

3fe60d85.gifThey are slightly twisted, somewhat amusing, and a great use of old imagery and clipart. A pity they’ve stopped making more daily, but the archive just amused me. And my apologies for not finding much the last few days, life got, well busy for a little bit there. So here, have a laugh, indulge your slightly darker side, then back to the real world. With_Gusto

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Ok I need this. This and an ingenious way to keep it safe in the form of a nice looking coffeetable piece people can play with… It’s ferrofluid… here’s the science side:

A ferrofluid is a stable colloidal suspension of sub-domain magnetic particles in a liquid carrier. The particles are about 100 Angstroms in size, and are coated with a surfactant to keep the particles from clumping together (even when a magnetic field is applied). By volume, a ferrofluid is about 5% magnetic solids, 10% surfactant, and 85% carrier. When no external magnetic field is present, the magnetic moments of the particles are random, and the fluid is not magnetic. When an external magnetic field is applied, the magnetic moments of the particles orient themselves almost instantly to the magnetic field lines of the external source. When the magnetic field is removed, the particles go back to random alignment very quickly.

A lot more amazing pictures after the jump… only 25$ for a 50mL bottle from WonderMagnet (but do pay attention to the hazards, such as to clothing and skin exposure) If anyone else was at Siggraph in SD a few years ago, i think there was an example of something similar to this in the innovative technologies section on a much larger scale, it was the booth that was always crammed with people completely mesmerized.

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