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Core77 is my hero.

gameteaser_main663x320.jpgPak-Lite_9volt.jpgCore77 is my hero this week. Because they found this great article in the NYTimes on those crazy tiny LED flash lights that just clip onto rectangular 9Volt batteries that i blogged about ages ago… and i love hearing the stories about the design behind the goods. AND they blogged LEGO STAR WARS! which was my secret indulgence that i had trouble admitting i was enjoying thoroughly when my friend kept pulling me into co-op mode in. use the force, shake down everything for money, and go find the disco dancing while being a lego wookie… and hop around as a one legged C3PO.

p.s. best quote on the pak-lite “It successfully served Mr. Henry’s brother as he hiked the 2,600-mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail.” Amazing.

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Target Flap Over

B0002XR9Q8.16._AA384_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgClassy, Simple, Sleek, minimalistically girly with a tinge of professionalism? and 24.99$ from target. This is a big deal… for me to be posting target, at the mention of this my friend just said “you? buy a bag from target?”… so yea i’m a bit of an anal bag elitist. See, at least i’m honest. And when it comes to laptop bags, i’m even worse, and spending range in the past has been pretty high, until i have resorted more to nice sleeves in sweet messenger bags (currently toting and old school brown worn leather JCrew number).

Anyhow back to the point, this bag looks pretty great, and hangs well over the shoulder. I’m debating whether to purchase it… PROS: Looks great, and i dont have a good for looking professional walking into a meeting bag. [it also comes in a great shade of red/green/white on black polka dots] It is also has a cross patterned quilting interior that seems sufficiently padded all around… nice leather accents/base/straps/cell phone holder on the side. CONS: um, where does the charger go? cables? ipod? clutch wallet? sketchbook?

So that’s my debate. To buy or not to buy? Always seems to be the question on this site? And after Target’s big move on the prescription bottle redesign, taking on big designers, and their great design for the masses ads… i suppose i’m not so surprised at this great little find.

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flightpod.pngDeutsch FlightWear iPod cases… cute iconography pulling from flying, with mix and match colors (ok simply red, blue, black). Cute idea, nice site graphics, nice chill music playing on their flash that i’m half awakingly listening to…

So far all the fun Deutsch sites i end up at have fun little videos of their products being featured on tv or some show. This one does too, crazy fashionistas with their ipod cases… watch the video. Also, it’s decently priced at 19 Euro.

Found this one on Gustomela. More images after.

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Transmitting TOOTH?

1470_02.jpgFascinating idea written up in Gizmag… Audio Tooth.

Recently on show at the London Science Museum, the audio tooth concept is set to expand dentistry well beyond the realm of fillings, extractions and canal work . A tiny implant consisting of a wireless receiver and a micro-vibration unit that uses bone resonance to convert digital signals received from a mobile telephone, radio or computer into vibrations or “sound” that reach the inner ear via the jawbone. This creates a totally discreet line of audio communication that can be heard by no one except the user - very useful on the floor of the stock exchange, in theatres, sporting fields, covert operations, or in a host of situations where fast and confidential exchanges of information are necessary.

Can you imagine what types of problems this could cause in schools where cell phones and mp3 players are already being banned? or combine it with an eye that shows what you see to others, while others talk directly into your head via “tooth”? A whole new world of problems for ETS.

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Tiniest LED Light

ss2005_pak-lites.jpgSo simple, so genius. On a crazier note, just when you think there is a blog for almost everything, you find out apparently there is. pocketlights.com Crazy. From flash lights to keychain leds to frisbees. But this is my favorite find.

The Pak-Lite LED Flashlight is a small, waterproof and super-efficient flashlight that snaps onto any 9 volt battery. On low power, one battery will run for 600 hours. The Pak-Lite will run for 75 hours on its high brightness setting. It is available with white, green, red or blue LED colors. Case color matches the LED color. The Pak-Lite also comes in a glow-in-the-dark body. The Pak-Lite retails for $23.99. The Glow-in-the-Dark Pak-Lite retails for $26.99.

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Wacom Bluetooth UPDATE

Remeber when i was all excited that they had bluetooth Wacom Tablet in Japan(post) ? Well it’s about time we got one too! Wacom Bluetooth Graphire

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Ethernet Wearables?

superlooper2.jpgFirst things first, i wish this came in black. That being said, Its a nice idea, simplifying down an internet crossover cable into simply the adapter (and a keychain or tiny portable version) at that.

Or you could just carry the Ethernet Crossover Adapter on your keyring and forget about those stupid numbers. Along with our Ethernet Loopback Jack, the crossover adapter could just help you out of a tight network jam. And besides, having this adapter on your keyring quietly shows the world your status as a prepared geek.

Yea, a “prepared geek”… or someone who appreciates some of the finer details that make life easier at those unsuspecting moments? And see the Internet Loopback Jack below… i kind of like the colors/design of that one better… talk about a bizarre necklace. Hm or a new variation of those BFF heart necklaces you break in half and give half to your friend? They are two of a kind, and fit together nicely…ThinkGeek

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Apple Freitags

freitag.jpgFinally! I love these guys, their wallet i first found at MOCA, the bags, their BOOK is a constant source of disbelief and inspiration… the soccer ball, the punching bag! (that i will someday have)… cute shirts even.

In case you’ve been living in a design free cave for the last few years, Freitag are the truck tarp, seat belts, and inner tube recyclers, who reinvent these items into colorful unique high quality designer goods, started by two swiss brothers. And they even have a somewhat DIY section where you can make the standard messenger bags by choosing which parts of specific tarps you want in their online flash store.

Here is their new iBook and Powerbook line, sadly only white and yellow solid colors so far, but if they go nuts and do random tarp sections, i’m all over it. Freitag

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Micro-Steam ?

sharpoven_b.jpgvs. microwave? Sorry for the delay in posts this weekend, kind of wandered away from home a little…

Here we have the Sharp Healsio Water-oven (thanks to popgadget). While the name and idea were interesting at first, you must read more on the Sharp site about the science behind it (some interesting diagrams after the jump).

The AX-HC1 enables low-calorie cooking by roasting foods using water. It uses a Superheated Steam Generator to produce superheated steam at a temperature of approximately 300°C from steam heated to approximately 100°C. This superheated steam is sprayed onto the food, delivering approximately eight times more heat content than convection ovens, cooking foods such as meat and fried foods while causing excessive fat to quickly melt and drop away. For example, for a steak, the AX-HC1 removes approximately eight times more fat than cooking in a fry pan, cutting calories by approximately 13% (approximately 88 kcal). When reheating tempura or fried dishes, it removes oils contained in batter coatings, and for shrimp tempura, cuts the oil content by approximately 13% (approximately 58 kcal) compared to microwave heating. The AX-HC1 also has a salt reducing effect for grilled fish such as shiozake (salted salmon) and shiosaba (salted mackerel), and reduces salt content by approximately three times compared to cooking using a gas grill.

Check it out, it doesn’t possibly give you cancer from microwaves, it REDUCES fat and salt, and cooks all at once. And last i heard steam facials are still good, so the technology seems mild enough?

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Cable Yoyo

images5big.jpgFrom local Pasadena design group Bluelounge comes Cableyoyo.

Cableyoyo is a small, ultra-thin product with a big mission: to reduce cable clutter and bring order to your desktops or floors. Designed and produced by Bluelounge, Cableyoyo’s minimalist casing relieves the eyesore of unmanaged cords, and protects them from damage due to twisting and tangling.

I love how these are mountable through a knob that fits into the center of the square. And their images of the product are so enticing (take a look at more post jump). A clean simple solution for packing/travelling as well as mounting the cables at home for a discreet docking station. Black, Silver, and White and a mere 3”sq, they are as tiny as their 5$ price.

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WACOM No Cables!

deskwork.jpgWacom launches a Bluetooth tablet (in Japan). Finally! Looks like it even comes with its own adapter for those without. I hope this means its a matter of time before we get one launched to the rest of the world. I’m all for lessening the amount of cables produced/carried around in our ever increasing tech driven lifestyles. More info in Japanese here. Via Gizmodo.

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iPod X GAS

meets03.jpgBeen posted before, but rediscovered in a hunt for the perfect iPod case: GAS graphic designer cases. Vol. 1 (perhaps this implies more to come.) So far imagery from Adorn, So_Me, Genevieve Gauckler, Kuntzel & Deygas, Will Sweeny, Mooog Yamamoto, Mask, The Boo’s, Ben Sansbury, and Perks and Mini. (If you don’t know at least a few of these its time to do some graphic design catch-up!)

Take a look at the images below to see how design of the actual case, it has a top flap that comes down over a black covering for the click-wheel ipods. It looks to be printed on a canvas type material.

Pics of my favorites after the jump as well as far more information and links. Grazie mille Jermacide + Hello-Friend

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Bluetooth Rolling Cam

sony.jpgBluetooth Sony Ericsson Phone Controlled Camera… beautifully designed, here is the new ROB-1 which is a three wheel phone driven camera that streams 15 fps video to the controller phone. At 2.2 pounds, running on Linux, and has incorporated night-vision… mobile surveillance is reaching a new level, and into the realm of everyday people.

Use your phone to drive ROB-1 around and check out the surroundings with the built-in video camera. When you see something interesting, take a snapshot. You can tilt the camera so it’s easy to get a frog’s perspective – no more crawling around on your stomach to take those hard-to-get pictures.

More imagery and links after the jump.

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Freefalling to Earth

WOW. Here’s one to really help your luddite paranoid conspiracy theorist friend prove his point to you. Or help you feel safe in your tech driven ever shrinking world. Your choice.

But look at that visual? What is this Freefall?

Freefall puts the wonders of satellite exploration at your fingertips, simulating the flight path of more than 850 actual satellites — Global Positioning Systems, GOES, NOAA and other unclassified orbiters used by amateur radio stations, weather services, search and rescue teams and more.

Simply put, it’s an incredible screensaver and program which allows you a better understanding of the world and our many satellites in nice 3D rendering videos of real time. Now if only we could see what the satellites saw or were processing, that WOULD be something… for now i will settle playing with this fun little prog, being mesmerized by the imagery and the options it allows. More NORMAL, less intensly overwhelming picture after the jump.

Found at CreativeGeneralist

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Luddite Rescue

bensranch.jpg First the idea grabbed me… then this image of a literal cowboy style ranch… it only get’s better as you visit Ben’s Ranch online.

Couldn’t have said it better than DailyCandy:

Luddite (luh-dyte) n. 1. One of a group of British laborers who opposed the development of textile machinery 2. One who fears technological change 3. You.

Only i’d switch ‘you’ maybe for parents, or friends of parents, or friends of friends… or anyone who’s tired of tech support, and you just can’t answer one more tech support session as a favor to whoever it may be…

So send them to the local luddite rescue:

Ben’s Ranch (benz ranch) n. 1. A new in-home service, owned by tech whiz Jonathon Fishman, providing support for all aspects of modern life, from laptop woes to BlackBerry queries 2. A tribute to Fishman’s ranching grandfather 3. That rare union of techie brilliance and interpersonal skills that you so desperately need. (Jonathon can actually explain things in a vocabulary you’ll understand.)

[ok so this is very LA, and does reek of it, but its an innovative and necessary concept, considering i dabbled with a group of web designers, paid a designer’s rate, to babysit the “Fat Actress” computer shopping… who know’s you might be able to tap into the niche in your city/town/farm/ranch]

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