*notcot - 10.09.06 , 21:49 -

LV Monogram Groom

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Groom line… looks a lot like Tintin ~ a very vintage bellhop styled tintin, and equally adorably styled animations for their flash intro for the line. Noticed it walking past the Century City store window the other day (check out the pictures below). Also more images screenshotted from the flash and photo of the product line. I guess they really are in love with this illustration that looks painted over the old styled monograms?

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*notcot - 10.06.06 , 22:07 -

Circle Jewels

Sleek, pretty, mesmerizing, fresh? Fell for Circle Jewelry Designs today ~ enough that i know i found them from another site, but while over working managed to lose track and simply had the Circle site open in a tab for hours… The middle one grabs me the most… quartz crystal on the sides, around your choice of blue topaz, peridot (shown), citrine (shown), iolite, amethyst , or garnet. The first ring has moonstone. The necklace (kind of reminds me of those candy buttons…. its the mini hemispheres, isn’t it?) black onyx and sterling silver pendant on 18 inch black onyx, frosted quartz, and sterling beaded necklace.

*notcot - 09.30.06 , 21:57 -

Borba Margo

Borba Margo, it’s a British line. Had a bit of trouble finding much info, so feel free to enlighten me. Noticed their “Break Up” keyring over at Colette, and since there was no explanation of the name, my imagination ran wild and noticing i had the keys from some ex’s apts and my old apts on my keychain for some reason, felt like theirs was symbolic of a break-up where the heads of those keys strung together represent pasts not to revisit. From what little i know of the brand… Colette gives us this: Borba and Margo produce objects that in their own words “cherish human desires and fantasies revealing something essentially magical.” So while googling them… also came across their collection at Rendez-vous Paris, and the Large Safety Pin purse and necklace/purse were quite fun as well.

*notcot - 09.27.06 , 01:25 -

Brooks Salzwedel

Brooks Salzwedel makes some gorgeous resin belt buckles (remember the smoggy cityscape?)… well just going through NOTCOT archives, i checked out the site again and noticed these two nature themed ones ~ loving the sunrise/set behind the bird, and the squid… the layering of the resin creates such mesmerizing depth in the buckle.

*notcot - 09.18.06 , 00:22 -

Headline Shirts Review

I received some shirts from Headline Shirts, and first impression was WOW it is SO SOFT… and proceeded to make everyone around feel them. (Honestly i have a hard time believing these really are american apparel, but apparently they put it through some secret softening washes, and they magically get transformed into shirts you’d live out of)… then comes the laughter at how brilliant their poignant shirt designs are. [Seen above is the “Operation: Lets Bomb Some Shit” with a map of Some Shit below].

Based in the Mission (yes, the one in SF) ~ this line was started in ‘04 by Chris Gorog and creative, Jake Ginsky. What started as a Stanford B-school project quickly grew into a high quality entrepreneurial adventure ~ filling a void in the over-saturated tshirt industry providing provocative designs (both visually and intellectually) based on current news stories as a means for informed consumers to express their social and political viewpoints. Where many have tried to poke at this niche, few have done it nearly as well - the quality of the shirts as well as the designs (on multiple levels) impressed me more then i expected. Not to mention, how brilliant is their “tag”, which is printed inside the collar? Double Scotch icon - love it. See more shirts below!

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Madewell = J.Crew + ???

There have been hype and rumors flying around about Madewell, which just opened its second store (ever) in Century City Monday ~ and despite their terribly blah website, went and took a peek today. For those who don’t know this is the brainchild of Millard Drexler, the former CEO of Gap who joined J. Crew in Dec. 2003, and yes, nearly everyone who walks in there asks “Is this by J.Crew?” and the answer is “Yes, but we only share a CEO, Madewell has it’s own distinct feel.” to which i heard a few “Ah yes, it feels like J.Crew.” and they walk away and poke at more clothes. To put this in shopping context for you, this store is placed across from a sleek simple Bloomingdales’ facade, next to it is Abercrombie and Cole Hann, and to the other side of Abercrombie is its relative, J. Crew on the corner. Abercrombie is blasting music, and has it’s attractively chosen representatives out front, and then you see Madewell, with its transplanted East coast brick facade and what feels like an Old Navy meets Dawson’s Creek meets a very crammed space? So for those who are curious, and got little from the look book they have online, a few shots below. They have some interesting wall displays, had to show you the cutting board and artsy panel they put up.

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*notcot - 09.06.06 , 02:51 -

Shop by Color

Here is an interesting event concept that just showed up in my inbox… Amex is having Colorista ~ basically each week you can get 25% off at participating LA and NY stores…. the interesting part? Each week you get that discount on items of a specific COLOR. As someone who is obsessively visually driven - i’ve been debating whether some kind of color sorting of imagery/posts for .org would be beneficial to anyone (other than being fun to play with, like that color sorter on etsy). So any ideas or opinions on the value of sort by color would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and this weeks color is RED for Colorista as you can see above. Fun imagery too…

*notcot - 09.02.06 , 01:20 -

SoftService Review

I introduced you to SoftService earlier here and here. And that green tee i was loving showed up in the mail yesterday! There is something far to amusing about a vacuum packed teeshirt - i must admit that it was rather anticlimactic when i made the first puncture with the knife and the shirt looked normal, as if it were merely trapped in plastic… BUT its a great shirt! American Apparel, with the embroidery and hand painted stripe. One thing i didn’t realize though - was i completely forgot there is backing when people embroider - so it looks fabulous, but remember you will feel that inside piece against your skin when wearing it. Also, each shirt is unique and limited edition with its own number - mine is 138661. More images and close ups below!

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*notcot - 08.31.06 , 13:53 -

Switch Rings

43 highlighted these new Switchrings at .org, that she just got, and the idea was far too cute - and when i went to explore further fell for their packaging and branding. They seem to function like the capsule toys (wouldn’t they be perfect in capsules?) - affordable playful colorful rings with swapable bits, and you have no control of the colors you get. They even have some with patterns - everything from skulls and flowers to crystals and bugs.

*notcot - 08.29.06 , 13:31 -

Cross Stitch It

Checking out new German/Spanish T site, SELEKKT, i found German Silberfischer that makes these incredible cross stitch pins (tvs! skulls that glow in the dark! hearts in rectangular speech bubbles!) Also loving their kids line of tees and bibs - not sure how baby food and stains wash out of cross stitch, but makes for a cute gift. And the error hat was just worth throwing in as well.

*notcot - 08.23.06 , 22:55 -

Harvest your boards

We’ve seen a lot of products come through recycling everything from fire hoses to toothbrushes and spoons… and purses out of old skateboards even. Well here’s a take on recycling skateboards that comes from Japan - and converts them into wearable pieces - everything from rings+bangles to blinged out necklaces and art. Harvest

*notcot - 08.22.06 , 22:42 -

Boontje Tatts

I don’t do pink. I don’t do temporary tattoos. But i do love all things Tord Boontje. And can’t go wrong with a gorgeous vector dragon and fairytale-esque rose design. And instead of tip-toe-ing around the gratuitous boob shot, thats a pretty sweet looking tattoo placement with a low cut shirt, and definitely not something i would probably have the guts to do as a real tattoo. So thank Neko for this great temporary tattoo she posted over to .org tonight. (Doesn’t she find the best stuff?) … oh, and i nearly forgot, it is called the Cut Here Tattoo, since you can cut and use whatever parts in whatever order your heart desires.

*notcot - , 20:56 -

Portable Lawn

Everyone needs a little personal space, and sometimes you need that in the form of a grassy rectangle… or astroturf blanket… or an astroturf blanket that folds up and hide around your messenger bag? There’s something about this design by Wiesengluck that makes me laugh a little, then think “Wow thats brilliant, i could have used that at the beach today”. How’s it stay on? “The bag’s special feature: by means of zippers on all four sides of the bag you can connect your own blanket in the meadow the luck lies with the blanket of your neighbor.” via DesignSpotter

*notcot - 08.21.06 , 02:56 -

Stella + Adidas

In our world of mashups - while it seems intuitive to say good thing + good thing = better thing, we all know that isn’t how the real world works, and it isn’t even THAT easy. But mashups are in right now, be it digital mashing between *anything and google maps, or the high end fashion designers with things like H&M and Target. One that i have been surprisingly taken by is Stella McCartney and Adidas’ combo - the website has some (while very flashy) gorgeous navigation and a very mysterious/ice queen/fairytale feel to it (something kind of little red riding hood, only in sleek gorgeous fitness wear, in the snow in the woods with wolves and such) about the collection. And this tennis dress caught my eye, because its great how she managed to transform that simple, layered luxurious feel to active wear.

Also - I am loving her logo being the little dots (reminds me of some old receipt fonts) and on the Stella McCartney homepage, they get eaten by MISS PACMAN! (if you don’t believe me, image after the jump)

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*notcot - 08.14.06 , 21:20 -

Heart Stuff

Free Tshirts over at Bank Of America - I forgot how silly shirts in cubes were - and how fun it was to open them. Also the fact that it says “I <3 Helping People”.

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