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SHIRTS and stuff.

Right… so before you get mad that i neglected readers for the day ~ and here come the excuses. Well i needed a tech break. So no computer all day - yes treo though. BUT, i have been up and at it - everywhere from Home Depot to Anawalt Lumber to Glass Cutting/Manufacturers to Screen printing supply shops and then some. And then my makita, hand saw, and i went at it… and built a silk screening press. We don’t mess around here, check out my day’s worth of work up there, its pretty, for a press… and the best part for you?

SHIRTS! and HOODIES! and BABY goodies! and SCARVES! And TOTES! Panties? We don’t judge, unless it simply doesn’t fit, we’ll probably try it… well, possibly. If you want them. Figure whats the fun of being able to buy just ONE of something from American Apparel and then offering people the chance to have only white shirts, etc. So to everyone who missed round one for the Bored Girl Shirt, she’s back on the market… and our resident was-once-bored-but-now-is-busy girl, Shade Elaine is allowing me to offer you her newest creation PIRATEBRONTO! So i’ll be printing them in those colors (so black ink) ~ but lets get creative.

Check out the American Apparel Catalog, let me know what color/style you’d like, and lets make this happen! For a limited time only. Maybe. Drop me a line at jaw-at-notcot.com with your desires. Shirts will go for 20$, all other special requests (aka the fun stuff) are up for discussion. There’s no such thing as being out of stock if we make it when you order it. (only short on time perhaps)

If nothing else, buy one so that i can do more manual labor on a daily basis to balance out my overwhelming amount of screentime. ~ and because everyone knows there are pirate people and dinosaur people, but what about the piratedino people? (see here)

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Tiffany & Co. + Gehry

Guest Writer, Colin Rundel - Last Tuesday we had the privilege to join GenArt and Tiffany&Co at the launch of the new Frank Gehry Collection at their store over in Century City. Love him or hate him, Gehry is undoubtedly one of the most well known architects of our time, with claims to fame like the Disney Concert Hall here in LA, and the Guggenhein Museum in Bilbao. This new lines seems to pay homage to some of his classics, using similar lines and themes - from the playfulness of the Fish collection to the bent shapes of Fold. Even the loopy and complicated pattern of classic Gehry sketches are captured in the intricate connections of the Torque collection. While not everything has the same dramatic impact, this line does an incredible job of merging the simple beauty of Tiffany&Co. with the architectural form of Gehry to a great effect and is well worth viewing in person.

[NOTCOT note: While you may be accustomed to his pieces being of a different scale, i found it fascinating seeing how these pieces really felt like mini pieces of art ~ sculptural and architectural in nature ~ that contrasted well with the human form. Think a little piece of Gehry to light up your next outfit. Our personal favorites from the collection were those bangles and rings!]

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… Sliced Bread

The Wonder Collection by Sarah Troper is better than sliced bread. The rings actually ARE sliced bread - white, with the wonder colored dots inside - and there are even ends to this loaf! And the matching necklaces are adorable as well - a MUCH more unique twist to those BFF snap a heart in two give one to your friend necklaces of our childhoods. via .org by *43.

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You’re Invited - Bittersweets

Ok New Yorkers - if you dont have plans for Saturday July 22nd, now you do. Announcing Bittersweets New York’s Grand Opening Celebration! This incredible line is finally ready to open doors to the first Bittersweets NY Jewelry Salon. In collaboration with Dollhaus, they are presenting Relapse, a rare series of punk rock photos by John Santanello. Your personal invite is after the jump. Spread the word.

I’m sure by this time you’ve also noticed that Bittersweets has sponsored this month’s gallery tags ~ we’ve been big fans of Bittersweets here at NOTCOT, and even featured these gorgeous works of Robin Adams in Noted #001, and you probably remember seeing our posts about them here and here. So its a pleasure to introduce you to some of her newest pieces - Mano Cornuta Cufflinks, Unicorn Horns, Rocketships, Serpent Tongues with pearls, and even a new version of the Monkey Skull… more to come.

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Lemon Twist

Who needs screenprinting? Not the folks at the San Francisco based label, Lemon Twist. They have these hand-(spray) painted tshirts that are sort of 80s, sort of DIY, and cooler than those airbrush tshirts from the 80s & 90s.

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NorthFace Whistle

WOW. I love when you get your hands on a brilliantly designed product that is gorgeous and functions perfectly - and then you get surprised by some genius little detail. Like this WHISTLE - built into the clip that goes across your chest on this North Face Plasma 30 backpack. [please excuse the pic, and for a tiny bit more context, see below - i just bought my sister this bag, was playing around with it, the dslr was handy, turned it on myself, and the rest is… yea] My two favorite details in this picture are that the chest strap is removable/adjustable AND it has a whistle built in. You never know when you might need one, and it sure beats having another thing dangling from your bag - not to mention due to the adjustable/removable nature of this section, you can actually blow on it. Yes, details often fascinate me.

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Backseat Kiss

So cute. Monday… bit slow on the get go - but how adorable are there Backseat Kiss pieces? I like the little details - like they bothered to embroider little robots with hearts.

*ShadeElaine - 06.24.06 , 19:18 -

Inside a Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag


To me, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong (even though some of his stuff is really a bit nuts). There’s nothing terribly special about this bag… until you take a closer look at the lining. Looks like a regular old paisely print but there’s actually bits of skeletons floating around, like an arm here, and rib cage there. There are also skulls worked into the print. I think it represents us notcot folks pretty well (or me at least)… unassuming on the outside, perhaps a little (playfully?) sinister on the inside.

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Velvet Banana

Velvet Banana. “Extensive graphics, which arise as a musical performance. The designs pretend to express all the vitality and energy that emerges in the live concerts and songs featuring our favorite bands.” [They ‘pretend’? I think they DO!] The company name arises as a homage to the Velvet Underground and their Warhol Banana cover. And i’m loving the packaging.

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Day Lab Goodness

It’s been a while since a decent necklace post - and these over at Day Lab were oh so cute. So first we have the Trees of Giant Jewels. They also have great apples. And next is the Baby Octupus by Little Ghost Designs. Doesn’t it remind you exactly of this ancient post pic? And then finally there is the large Brass Octopus by Amy Shutt. It has some wicked eyes and tentacles…

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Eloise Headresses

DailyCandy had some beautiful finds today, so i couldn’t resist posting this one as well. Eloise is a West London designer who makes headresses and hats a real piece of art. According to her site bio, Eloise trained at Kensington and Chelsea College under the discerning eye of Kirsten Scott, previously of Karl Lagerfield’s milliner for Chanel, and she’s clearly mastered her craft when you take a look at the masterpieces above, which start at a mere 60 pounds! And you simply must check out the hats as well…

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More woody glasses - but not faux-woody like people are saying the Diesel ones are - I present iWood! [please try to overlook the faux-iPod typography]. Here’s an eco friendly line of woody sunglasses and cuff/bangle bracelets that are pretty fun. via DailyCandy. [and they mentioned “iWood founder and designer Steve McMenamin worked for Porsche Design before striking out on his own.”]

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Patagonia Tees

I know we feature a lot of smaller tee designers - but now and then bigger companies get it right - and these Patagonia tees seemed postworthy. There’s something about that whale i just love, and good colors, and extremely comfortable materials.

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Quick vent - how horrendous is it that travel and outdoor stores are always trying to sell you those lightweight travel bags for “when you suddenly need a tote bag” and the colors and styles LOOK like they came out of your pocket and took 5 seconds to design?

Well check out the new Lightweight line over at Patagonia… made of “extremely lightweight triple-ripstop fabric affords excellent tear resistance” - it feels a bit like that silicized cordura you can find in camping sections for stuff sacks and such. AND they all fold up into their own tiny pockets. Its the lightest bag/backpack i’ve seen in a while, especially where effort went into smart design. The Courier is messenger bag meets tote - inspired by the classic Buddhist monk’s bag. And the Tote and Backpack are simple, but have the essential extra pockes inside/on top.

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yesyes.jpgHow enthusiastic are you as a bride to be? Would a double diamond ring make you exclaim “YES! YES!” ? Check out this and a few other fun pieces over at Noisy Forest, their shirts have been featured at Commes des Garcons and Colette to name a few. And funky quote from their Finding Rabbit section - “Rabbit is an indescribable feeling, a kind of silly happiness that leaves you dumbfounded for the entire day, a spontaneous split second that changes your whole life’s events.” (???) “Have you found your rabbit?” [thanks Tan]

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