*notcot - 03.07.06 , 16:17 -

Butterfly Rings

Ok, one last Mixko for today. These felt butterfly rings are adorable, colorful, and affordable. At 4 pounds a piece, you could certainly manage to have a few to go with each outfit. And on silly details, it kind of looks like the feeler comes out from the butterfly and wraps delicately around your finger. Love that there are a few species of these cute felty butterflies as well.

*notcot - , 15:52 -

GOAL - tee

goaltimg.jpgWe love Mixko (remember the incredibly thought provoking lamps and candles and the Spray Can Top Stool?) Well, Alex Garnett did a line of Mixko FOOTBALL (euro football/soccer) gear that pushes the boundaries. This shirt is just great, simple on the outside, but when it’s GOAL time, and you need to pull your shirt over your head and run around like a maniac, you are good to go. (Or as Alex mentioned it is “for brave women”)

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PinPops! Freaks, Bush Poison, Wooly saving, and all knowingness. What more can i say. Pins. Here.

*notcot - 03.03.06 , 03:18 -

Upper Playground

upperplayground.jpgHoody hunting tonight while i can’t sleep… always on the look out for that elusive perfect hoody, or for the inspiration to come up with my design of the perfect hoody (which definitely changes with the wind). Rediscovered Upper Playground tonight, and noticed this 220 SF Bus Hoody my ex used to have… always did have a thing for that hoody, forgot it was by these fun walrus folks in SF. Also my attraction to vector/abstract/organic images like this bird just made me show you that one as well!

*notcot - , 03:00 -

Animal Tees

sometimey.jpgAnimal theme today. Hand printed tees by “and sometimes y” (i could only find her myspace, but she’s an LA local!) These two tees were cute though, and they are available over at ChocoSho. Bear and Coyote, how native american spirit animal themed?

*notcot - 02.28.06 , 14:28 -

Frozen Peas

peas.jpgTiming is everything, and products submissions follow that rule. I happen to be sitting here answering emails and phone calls, and in came Frozen Peas email about their new jewelry/wallet line… and while i’ve been veering away from featuring too much handmade/crafty wares, this dinosaur graphic grabbed the 5 year old within, and i had to put it up. Also these screened wooden two sided necklaces are so simple, yet adorable and perfect for that hippy/earthy style that is back this season.

*notcot - 02.23.06 , 23:22 -

Miss Bibi Minis

Wow. French theme tonight it seems. Miss Bibi has some incredible miniatures - and again following the trend of the moment - precious metals forged into mini weapons/tools/objects as earings/rings/necklaces. In addition to these tiny shoes, guns, chandeliers, there are saws, charm necklaces of tools, hatchet looking weapons, magnifying glasses and more. Her design site is equally fascinating, filled with stop motion animations, slightly dark, slightly playful, mildly creepy. This line apparently takes its inspiration from “Cluedo” (yes yes, that detective game). “…they will please anyone with a dry, dark, irreverent humor and a taste for Monte Carlo’s luxury” [Monte Carlo being the designer’s hometown]… *noticed this one on the coolhunter, and on a side note, they are looking for tv personalities all over the world to do the “cool hunter tv show”… any comments on that?

Shade Elaine has started me noticing all the scissor/razor/gun/sword/knife miniature necklaces lately… and they really are popping up everywhere you turn, so does this means DRY, DARK, IRREVERENT HUMOR is in? It’s a sad, dark world. So if dark and dry is trendy, does that mean the anti-trend followers have to be bright and happy?

*notcot - 02.20.06 , 23:28 -

Vampire Bands

bittersweets.jpgRobin Adams makes the ultimate irony in her Bittersweets NY collection… we’ve shown you some of her pieces before and while we are still huge fans of the silver and gold versions of those plastic cocktail swords and vampire teeth, Shade Elaine and i simply can not get over these adorable little vampire teeth bands… and they separate! (yes it comes in the pair) Can you just see them as the new “best friends forever” charm that kids would break in half? Or as *gasp* a goth/edgy/funky/sleek promise ring set? A unique take on the wedding band? The possibilities are endless. 140$ for the silver pair, 230$ for the gold.

*ShadeElaine - 02.18.06 , 21:44 -

For your eyes only

guerlain_liner.jpg What is this thing? Is it a vial for storing poison? Or maybe it’s a little concealed weapon for when you want to stab someone discreetly. And why am I only imagining deadly uses for this thing? Well it’s actually just eye make up by Guerlain Paris in a sweet package. So it’s not so deadly, unless you use it to create looks that kill.

“Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner :: An exceptionally elegant eye makeup innovation, this ultra fine, loose powder, with a touch of iridescence, can be applied as an eyeliner using the wand applicator or applied as an eyeshadow using the brush.”

UPDATE: Just poked at the real deal at sephora today, it’s not as fun as it looks, cheap plastic… if it were metal and glass it would be a whole different story. Also the gold on the plastic was all scraping off already as well. And as a liner, wasn’t a fan of the texture. Great idea, bad implementation…

*notcot - , 17:16 -

INDIE - (joe’s)

Indie - another newbie on the high end denim bandwagon… but i’m not complaining. Just did some research and these are another product of Innovo Group who owns Joe’s Jeans. Indie’s biggest highlight is probably its price point being set at a “reasonable” 80-100$ range, versus Joe’s - Paper Denims - Sevens - Citizens - True Religions - Rock and Republics - you know the types that goes for closer to 200$+… So i took a quick pic for you of the great bird embroidery i fell for, and the cut is a great casual fit that reminds me of the joe’s but keep in mind you do get what you pay for with the denim.

Graphically speaking, i’m loving the playful nature of the tags and visuals… but what is up with their UFO fetish? I guess we will have to wait and see on that one. My one complaint however is the button - its a pain to do/undo esp quickly… the rose petals aren’t smooth so it tends to catch. You can check out more images of this particular pair at RAW.

*notcot - 02.14.06 , 09:03 -


furla.jpgMmmm something magnetic about this purse that just pulls me in - as does the font of the FURLA logo, go figure. The past keeps returning, and luckily for us some of the retro that works its way in actually starts to look better. The lines of the handles are beautiful and nice playful fabrics… So stuck in my head. I hate it when objects crawl into your mind and take over for a short while… i guess thats how you know you’re a designer - or a shopper - or worse, a deadly combination of the two. -Thus ends the early morning rant- Also, i think the attraction may have something to do with my love of tessellations from early childhood.

*ShadeElaine - 02.13.06 , 16:02 -

Cuts like a knife

razor_necklace.jpg Continuing with what appears to be my growing love for dangerous things dangling around my neck… This is a sweet necklace by Analogous Jewelry of Brooklyn, NY, available at Rare Device. And as the site says, don’t worry, it’s not sharp!

*notcot - 02.10.06 , 08:55 -

Tank Farm

Hey you, i assume you’re used to my post spurts after days of silence (b/c i am probably out running around, living my life, exploring the world, finding new things to share with you) - so here is another… I love this dragon, because it is so reminiscent of what i remember the jaberwocky seeming like when i was a kid. And i love dragons - mythically bizarre gorgeous dragons. Also the smiling skull and cross bones - it makes me smile. Straightforward enough. So enjoy and check out more of the clothing by TankFarm. Reading about their company story is inspiring - the two brothers started out as a record company, but their shirts were outselling their music… as everyone says, baby steps… right? Do what you do, see what works and where it all takes you. Notcot is currently trying this philosophy.

*ShadeElaine - 02.07.06 , 01:09 -

Falcon Clutch

falcon_clutch.jpg We are loving this cute bag by Mikey Toledano that seems to combine M.C. Escher with a retro-modern clean look (if that makes sense). I found this bag on Girlshop.com, and now I can’t stop thinking about how many things in my closet (casual or dressy) it would go so nicely with. *sigh*

From the designer’s site:

Mikey Toledano graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 with a degree in fashion, and currently resides in Manhattan. All of her handbags are made of the finest leathers, furs, wools and velvets, and are inspired by everything from 1930ís Hollywood glamour, to modern life in New York City.

*notcot - 02.02.06 , 21:31 -


pins.jpgAhhh Ex-Boyfriends. Meredith Keller’s collection got emailed to me - and i fell for the robots… well the heart broken robots and the robots that are cheeky enough to think chicks dig them. And granted i am a girl and i do dig robots, real boys are still nice at times. Check out the rest of her Ex-Boyfriend merch in shirts, barware, buttons, and even duct tape wallets…

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