*notcot - 11.17.05 , 18:26 -

Bumble and Bumble Xmas

Bumble and Bumble have the BEST hair products, and some great graphic and webdesign, i admire their clean line of products and visually stunning imagery. Loving these holiday giftboxes, a fun gorgeous box of styling/hair products to create Big Hair, Glamour, Texture, Updos and more…

*notcot - 11.08.05 , 00:37 -

Owls of Wisdom

owlnecklace_med.jpgIt is pretty, but different. It just tickles my fancy this strange very exhausting night. At only 25$ i’m not sure why i haven’t just bought it yet. It is sterling silver on a flat tigereye gem on a sterling chain. Nice one good bumblebee

*notcot - 11.01.05 , 20:49 -

Heart and Cross Bones

HEARTBONESYGOLD_DETAIL.jpgThis encompasses my feelings on love right now Well and i’m usually more of a silver kind of girl, but with all the dualities in this necklace, i’d wear it happily anyways. Subtle, but edgy. Love it to death tonight… happy Dia De Los Muertos… Anyone have links to a main site for Juliana Eshaya’s other pieces beyond the 28k series at Ron Herman?

*notcot - 10.31.05 , 22:31 -

ISO 50

I’m exhausted tonight. Much energy and effort going towards Charles&Marie, so go check them out. But last night and today i’ve fallen for ISO50 and his music as Tycho… chill and fun and got me through the busy-ness. But take a look at some of the great poster prints and shirts available!

*notcot - 10.27.05 , 18:16 -

All New Air Jordan

Elizabethtown shook my world the other night, was in quite a mood, and with a friend got bored and went to see that flick, unknowing that it begins with such a tragic $1 billion failure by a product designer working for 8 years on one shoe for an Oregon “shoe company” (can we say Nike)… but that aside…

I was excited to recieve an email from Michael diTullo who is a footwear designer for the Brand Jordan division of Nike… Take a look at this new Air Jordan DJ Bag (incase he and you did not know, i have somewhat of an inexplicable obsession for bags)… which he and fellow designer Alan Strak designed for the “Rare Air” line. The bag holds an impressive 45 records as well as a laptop, and has pockets specially designed for needle boxes, headphones, and ipods. Brilliant. Their attention to details is also a major turn on, including the elephant print and micro perf leathers, custom brushed metal hardware, and vintage Jordan logos. Look for this bag in April for $180.

*notcot - 10.26.05 , 22:39 -

Freudama und Sodele

freudama.jpgI fall in love with boys, but… not as hard as i do for certain graphics and ideas. Freudama und Sodele had me with both… i love their graphic design aesthetic, and the idea of locking these great designs as slide film images locked into various materials. Not to mention their story… i love a good artistic love affair…

united by friendship and a similar taste
in art and humour, freudama & sodele started out in summer 1999. they
design and make contemporary jewellery as well as other small objects, drawing from both parties different educational backgrounds. one might see their work as mini art, as lovable oddities or as roguish

They kind of remind me of the stories of Charles and Marie. I know i’m such a sappy romantic when design/travel/big ideas come into play.

*notcot - , 22:34 -

Dementedly great.

What more can i say that these shirts don’t already. I feel like both of these encompass *me today. Cute. Check out the others at Modern Planet, but these are the best.

… oh and the “three guitars” rock too.

*notcot - , 22:27 -


Indeed i amuse easily, but strangely recontextualized bits of levels/thermometers/compasses just seem playfully useful. Never know when you’re not sure which way you’re headed and a clean little ring can guide you through? Or when you’re burning up in a meeting… and everyone can see it b/c it is on your necklace? Or when you just feel a little “off” the level will help set you straight. Ahhh. Individual Icons goods as promised in last post.

*notcot - , 22:10 -

Think of when…

mc_think.jpgPerspective is the key. and in this case, placement is the key to creating the perfect context to keep yourself in check when it comes to money matters. First post of a few to come on Individual Icons wares that i have fallen for tonight.

*notcot - 10.22.05 , 14:07 -

Happy Halloween Approaching

ghostshirt.jpgI’m not a huge fan of halloween. But this shirt does a nice subtle job of being dressed up, without having to really be dressed up… as long as you end up in enough dark places to have it show up… or black lights. yum.

*notcot - 10.07.05 , 16:47 -

Boutique Buzzzzzzz

Boutique Buzz… From the fine minds of Isabella Fine Lingerie in Chicago and design firm The Killswitch Collective… comes what we’ve all been longing for, what notcot only imagined someday it could become… the ultimate national boutique portal… creating community, accessibility, and opening up your world to so many places to visit and things to find. Please click below to see more info that they sent me regarding this fun new endeavor…

--> to more images

*notcot - 09.20.05 , 01:38 -

Halo Effect

org_08P0_tall_lrg.jpgIt is such a nice product of Origins and it makes you “glow” in just the right way.

This lightweight pearly potion casts an ethereal aura over skin to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Use it to give cheeks a glistening gleam. Make browbones subtly beam. Glistening Mica shines a luminous light on facial features while taking focus away from fine lines and flaws. Rosemary soothes. Sage smoothes. And the uplifting aroma of sparkling citrus makes you feel radiant inside and out.

It’s playfully uplifting, from the outside in, and vice versa =) and on that note, to all readers who noticed the lag the last two weeks in posts, and my attempt to bribe you with new finds that make me happy. My apologies. Life kicked in full gear. In good ways and bad… but i’m back. And its nice to post again.

*notcot - , 00:51 -

RedFlower scents

First things first, this site is worth going to simply for the loader and how it transitions into the menu. Moving along, i simply adore the soaps and the perfection of spheres in nice dishes, in square boxes, making such beautiful gifts. Not to mention the scents available in all of their products… Italian Blood Orange line brings me back… and French Lavender, and Egyptian Chamomille, Himalayan Larch… Must go find some tomorrow, bathroom needs a makeover.

*notcot - , 00:35 -

Sharp’s… for men, and down there.

I am in love with this logo, and tempted to get the panties/tank with that image on it… But personal obsessions aside… this was one well marketed/graphically clean site and brand worth looking at… for the ladies (see this barber blog entry for women down under)… and a great gift for the guys. I particularly like the Covert Carry-on for random boy gift, coming in a great bag by Triple Five Soul, and an assortment of great looking products, perfect for that secret weekend runaway you don’t give him a chance to prepare for before takeoff. As they say “Maintenance matters”, and who can stand a guy who doesn’t at least care a little about maintance when no one else is looking?

*notcot - 09.05.05 , 13:41 -

Nail Brush

nailbrush.pngRead up on Berlin-based brush company Die Imaginare Manufaktur (The Imaginary Factory)… fell for their playful tongue in cheek designer brushes, particularly this “Nail Brush”. These projects range over the last few years, and are dreamt up variations of how one can push the boundaries of what a brush is. The London Design Museum store carries quite a few of these designs, be sure to also check out the Jaws brush and the Shoe brushes (which naturally come in a red heel and a black mens dress shoe).

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