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Sole Searching…

985-170333-p.jpgI never expected a pair of shoes to express what i am feeling textually. I’m a girl Sole Searching. For shoes, and in life in general. But the shoes are so-so, i just think it’s an interesting idea that Kenneth Cole took their ad campaign so far… in a good way. Nothing like some good, bold, blunt statements in print. I’m a barbara kruger fan through and through, while a picture is worth 1000 words, a few more in text often add the desired irony/sarcasm/not-so-obvious. Shoewawa

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60’s Frames

image1l.JPG.jpgSweet. I just like them. To look at. Maybe not to wear. I love this image, great color, fun size, timeless look (ok maybe that’s a little of a stretch). Thanks BagLady

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Patagonia. Sorry.

48271_459.fpx.jpgI love Patagonia. I love their older model of the Atom Bag. I have always wanted one of their messenger bags. It has just never been perfect enough. And i thought that had ended today…

Enter: the brand new Half-Mass bag… i go to A16 to buy a sleeping bag, and with their extremely personable knowledgable staff, i get shown the brand new line of Patagonia Messenger Bags. WOOHOO, it was gorgeous, (i love that dark chocolate color… their name not mine)… EXTREMELY light for a padded multi-compartmented computer bag… so what could go wrong?

I bought it. 79$ not bad at all… until i tried my computer in it.

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Shu-Shu, Baby

lv_shu01b_df.jpg“Shu-Shu, Baby” is what Sinatra inscribed on a make up case for Uemura. This article chronicles the rise of Shu Uemura from the 1962 “My Geisha” to Marilyn Monroe… all the way to the new SF Fillmore store opening on Weds.

Additionally the SF Gate describes the work of Ai Yamaguchi (seen in this image working on the mural) and her relationship with Uemura from her sponsorship of her first solo show in LA after being part of the Murakami Factory…

Surrounded by fog, she’s accompanied by girls with teal manga eyes representing Japan’s seven gods of good luck, all paddling through shallow waters dotted with blossoming lotus plants and reeds, which is what Yamaguchi imagined they would encounter beyond landfall. The journey has transformed them all, and they will undergo more change upon landing in San Francisco, Yamaguchi said.

The characters are apparently on a journey to find strength, and the makeup and brushes in the store will come to further transform them. She also uses shimmering gold swirls to represent changes in time as well as allusions to the gold rush which she “studied in school”. Fascinating read… continue here.

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Oh, you pretty things…


Okay, I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly jonesin’ for some jewelry. I think perhaps this A.V.Max ring is to blame for setting off the craving, and the fact that it is backordered for a few more days is making it worse! This ring can be purchased through Girlshop.com.I usually don’t like gold or gold-toned jewelry, but this one is appealing to me anyway. Costing only $18, I wonder what it’s actually made of..?

Some more jewelry I’m lusting after is made by Small Things Designs. They make stuff that’s more like what I usually like: silver and simple. It’s also very elegant, and I like the contemporary symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.

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French Veggies…

les_champions_04.jpgFor the “french vegetarian” in my life Not to mention this cute shirt is on sale for 14$ at the moment (and it comes in green as well). There is also a great GRRR sound of music-esque shirt and an “i love tofu” one that could be cute. OOOH the Les Champions Vegetarian print also comes on a hoody. Menu Design Found via Insurgent Muse

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Screw Ring

195094] Ring corkscrew.jpg This stimulates me visually. That is the only reason i am posting it (well that and my recent thing for bottle openers and corkscrews of unique design). It doesn’t seem too practical. Or have a cool way of storing/hanging. Reminds me of those IUD’s from sex ed.

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Aspirin Link

13-1022.jpgIT OPENS! Can’t you see being in a meeting? or a horrible dinner? or a mind blowing concert where you happen to be in a shirt shirt that needed cufflinks? Anyhow, they are so subtle yet detailed. If they didn’t open and hold pills or whatever you want to hide inside, it wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating an idea.

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Sexiest Store on Earth?

aff2.jpgIndulgences, everyone has one… or two or three… Intimissimi was one of mine while in Milan. That simple/cute/affordable lingerie store that was on practically every other corner… the offshoot of calzedonia (socks and stockings and such). They have nice basics and adorables for occaisions, all cute while still keeping a very italian feel to it.

Anyhow, i digress. You can get the goods in the states now! Victoria’s Secret is opening the “Sexiest Store on Earth” according to their flyer May 25th at the Forum Shops at Ceasars in Vegas… showing exclusive never before seen collections including intimissimi, as well as Chantal Thomass (french couture lingerie designer) and an Adults Only intimate collection of Sexy Little Things (whatever that may mean?).Their grand opening events start May 25th… from freebies with purchase, to meeting Gisele.

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Low Clothing

lowhat.jpglowclothing.jpgLow Clothing… another Coachella find… with the blazing hot desert sun all weekend, this fun trucker hat was a godsend. Also check out their cute logo with the flying bird man? In lieu of a business card, they had stickers of the little guy, who now adorns my sketchbook. Something harry potter-esque about him, no?

As for the hat, something simple understated “fall” like about it, and nice color choices… also looking forward to their new site, especially so you can all see their fun shirts and other merchandise as well, if i recall correctly they have some nice animal/sketch-style shirts that were pretty sweet. Low Clothing

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Cardboard Robot

Cardboardrobot.jpgCARDBOARD ROBOT! (l-r) Total Recall (our governator), fuzzy antler hoody, Panic Is Your Enemy (Artic and Subartic Survival, Figure 15-3. Prevent snow blindness. /Improvised cardboard sunglasses), Greetings from California, Coolest Silkscreened/Cardboard chair yet.

So this is one of the Coachella posts, the guys from Cardboard Robot had a funky little irresistable booth out at the festival, and by the end of saturday night i caved and bought the Panic Is Your Enemy shirt, they are fun, they have more meaning than simply silly t-shirts… they started with an 8mm short film that focused on excessive age of technology.

In short, i love these guys! More reasons why? They have lots of shirts in girls sizes (too many a time we encounter great designs that either don’t have girl versions, or they don’t work well on a smaller scale). And anyone who can play in the digital age and still be passionate about the possibilities of X-acto knives and cardboard is high on my list. Cardboard Robot

p.s. did i mention they also have little buttons on each shirt? I’m a sucker for those tiny shiny buttons.

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Pubic Bling

580_0_LB0604-04403_back.jpgThank you, Google. For finding ads on Pubic Stencils to go with my post on men’s facial razors, and picking up on the implied use of such a tool for women. Not only did they find the use for such a razor on women, they took it a step further to link us to LoopNYC’s PerVersion Pubic Stencil Set complete with “bling” rhinestones [in the fashion of as-seen-on-tv Bling It On]

Who DOES this? Is it HOT? or Freaky? or just a hilarious present… or as they suggest, a “group” activity?

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cruzer.jpgBraun CruZer… “shave, style, trim, 3-in-1” Not being a boy, and having to shave facial hair, this was just fun looking design wise, has a sweet swivel styler for various countours, beard trimmer and floating shave head that looks funky/compact and they are marketing it for the outdoorsy sporty type. [Also cool you can just wash the whole thing]… but the fun reason why i’m posting it other than its aesthetic is it’s interesting site [see image below], it teachs you how to create different styles… i never really paid attention to how many styles of male facial hair there were, and their diagrams were nice and clean… you can even create “virtual styles” trying out shapes on an uploaded image of yourself.

So as a girl, with curiosity… i now wish i had a guy who would let me experiment with this… [kind of like Carl letting me pick haircuts and such at the barbers at GTA just to try them on]… or i suppose girls can use these too, and shape and style other areas.

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Metal = Value?

vampier.jpgBittersweet NY is sweet in that metallic harsh sort of way. Taking the cheap playful everyday and giving it a whole new level of value (not to mention the arm and a leg it costs to acquire it). Cute though, from left to right… we have the classic cocktail sword that many a mini drunken duel have utilized (you’re sure to win with the sterling silver one). Those not-even-a-dollar vampire teeth you find only at Halloween (very James Bond bad guy like). And a sterling silver earthworm bracelet. It’s tiny bit creepy, kind of pretty all at once. [oh and i didn’t even show you the maggots, but not such a fan of those in that squirmy but silver turn your stomach way].

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Sandal Opener

fanning.jpgOk this one goes out to Nik+Sheen, remember Cinque Terra. That bizarre night where somehow a few Bacardi Breezers literally on the rocks raised frustrations when not a bottle opener could be found, insane! i know.

So for extreme last resorts… and if you’re a boy, or a girl with heftier feet. The Fanning, by Reef : A fancy schmancy design for pro surfer goodness by a pro surfer… with the essential detail for a night out with the boys (or GIRLS!)… bottle opener on the soles of your flip-flops [grazie gizmodo]

OR you could go for the RING THING below.

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