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Holiday Feature! Jimmyjane Form 2- 12.09.09

jj00.jpg PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE! Who can deny pleasure? Jimmyjane recently teamed up with Yves Béhar to create the new FORM 2. Great design + pleasure? That’s pretty irresistible. Jimmyjane has just released FORM 2, the first launch of PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE, a groundbreaking new series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators designed by Yves Béhar and Ethan Imboden. So for this latest holiday feature Jimmyjane founder (and designer!), Ethan Imboden, has decided to take us behind the scenes, sharing some amazing pics and confidential sketches, of how this pleasure object came to be.

GIVEAWAY! They really aren’t kidding around when it comes to spreading Pleasure To The People ~ they have generously given us a FORM 2 for you as well! So for a chance to win, leave us a pleasurable limerick (if you are limerick challenged, be creative and pleasurably poetic?), in the comments of the feature, and i’ll pick a winner on December 16, 2009.

by Ethan Imboden



Yves and I talked for years about working on a project together, and it was important to both of us that we take on a rigorous design and development program. When the time came for Jimmyjane to expand its FORM line of vibrators, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to collaborate.


We started with only one assumption - that we would leverage the proprietary cordless charging system that I developed for FORM 6. This enables our vibrators to be both rechargeable and completely waterproof, unlike anything else out there. There is no leaky adapter jack, you just drop them on their charger and they’re good to go.


Jimmyjane moves fast, but we don’t rush our product development - innovation takes time… and tons of sketches, acres of foam models, hours of CAD and engineering arm-twisting. So far, Pleasure to the People has been over 2 years of focused work for Yves and I - and there’s more to do on FORM 3 and FORM 4.


Yves and I both travel a lot - the time zones get tricky, but the cell phones are always on. Meetings were often spontaneous - this one was at the end of a team dinner in the kitchen at a favorite restaurant.


The time we spend in our factories is every bit as critical as the time we spend in ideation. An idea is only as good as its execution.


For Jimmyjane this means we extend our attention to detail across every component - the materials (all medical grade), product, packaging, manual, marketing, customer service, and even an unparalleled 3 year warranty. We’re fundamentally reimagining a category of product that people assume to be cheap and taudry - so it’s that much more important for us to attend to every detail, and demonstrate how different the experience can be.


I’m on hand for our press checks - this one lasted until 3am. I love me some Heidelberg.


One more tweak of the colors and our printer was going to run me through the press head first.


For me, it all comes down to a simple belief: if anything should be beautifully designed and made, it’s the products involved in our sexuality.


It’s not a question of creating a look, it’s about offering an exceptional, new experience. As soon as we get that right, the rest follows naturally.



It’s always incredibly satisfying when a new product finally makes it into the hands of our customers…


…but we also always manage to have a good time along the way.

A few pics of how the packaging turned out from NOTCOT…







They really aren’t kidding around when it comes to spreading Pleasure To The People ~ they have generously given us a FORM 2 for you as well! So for a chance to win, leave us a pleasurable limerick (if you are limerick challenged, be creative and pleasurably poetic?), in the comments, and i’ll pick a winner on December 16, 2009.

Oooh and if you want more details ~ here are a few specs… - Twice the Intensity - dual motors, one in each ear - Flexible Positioning - for external and clitoral stimulation - Intuitive Controls - 4 vibration modes, 5 power levels - Cordless Recharging - simply place on charging base


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119 Notes

Jimmyjane knows a thing or two about masturbation
they style their toys with artistic creation
Bunny ears, you say? I have to wonder
How they would feel getting naughty down under.
Orgasmic indeed, turning my world asunder.

I’ve actually heard of the Form 2 recently, and it looks so cool! That has to be one of the funkiest and neatest looking adult novelties. The pervert *and* tech geek in me wants to try this out! Thanks :)

----- Amber 09.12.09 03:33

pleasure to the people! to each their own
your body is a temple. and yours alone

dual motors make it twice as nice
with cordless loving for that solitary vice

the ‘little perky’, Form 2 makes you moan

----- TwistedSifter 09.12.09 03:40

There once was a man named Trevor
Who lived a life of homosexual leisure
He used a vibrator
Along his equator
Because it gave him lots of pleasure

(No homophobia intended here, it was the best I could do. :P)

----- David 09.12.09 05:16

The weather outside, its a-freezin’
And oh no! Its the holiday season!
But its easy to shop
For a gift that won’t flop
Give your gal the FORM 2 for self-pleasin’.

----- Anissa 09.12.09 06:27

The form 2 brings pleasure anatomical
In space that is quite economical,
But the good ones I’ve seen
So seldom are clean,
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

----- Breanna 09.12.09 06:34

My boyfriend is living in China.
As a lover, he couldn’t be fina.
But when he’s far away,
With myself I must play.
Please help me and my lonely vagina!

[i’m from new jersey, so the second line rhymes in my head. additionally, this is 100% factual. also, please keep this as anonymous as possible… i fear googlers. thanks!!!]

----- christina 09.12.09 06:38

There was a jolly rabbit running around
And, between you and me, he was only a runt
But then came the fox
And busted his nuts
So that’s why the rabbit is jolly throughout

----- Oigen 09.12.09 06:45

There once was a girl from Wateree:
Her beauty one could plainly see,
She went out to play,
and to her wallet’s dismay,
Found some boys do not f*ck for free!

----- L. E. Martin 09.12.09 07:18

not too limerickly inclined, how about a haiku…

a cute vibrator
my wife would be so happy
I bet I’d get laid!

----- matt 09.12.09 07:22

It’s time to break out the champagne
To celebrate FORM 2 from JimmyJane
Stimulation times two
More pleasure for you
It’ll make your self-lovin’ insane.

----- Andrew 09.12.09 07:27

the vibration is making me sway
making my p***y pay
its better than a d**k
its making me stick
I could use this thing all day…


merry christmas.

----- lisa 09.12.09 07:33

There once was a girl who was plain
‘Til she was given a pink JimmyJane
It gave her a rise
Couldn’t stifle her cries
The pleasure just scrambled her brain!

Ooh la la!

----- Jax 09.12.09 08:15

Hello, I have a prepared a limerick so I may win this splendidly designed product! Here it is:

All I ever want for Christmas is,
A sensual toy that goes ‘bzz, bzz’,
Small in its size,
Potent in thighs,
My man isn’t exactly a whiz!

----- Vanessa 09.12.09 08:57

Said a diffident broad named Jude
The first time she saw a man nude,
“I’m glad I’m the sex
That’s concave not convex
For I don’t fancy things that protrude.”

----- Robmat Butler 09.12.09 09:04

A design you truly can treasure
With features both fancy & clever
it’s easy to see and I’m sure you’ll agree
this creation blends beauty with pleasure.

----- Jonathan 09.12.09 09:12

There was a young husband called Dan,
who is his wife’s number one fan,
Since their very first date,
He’s thought “boy, she’s great!”
Then he spotted this contest - “Oh man…”

A FORM 2 would be just the best,
it could cause such an orgasm fest!
She’d love the sensation,
t’would cause her elation -
She’d surely think I was the best!

----- Dan 09.12.09 09:20

My nerves and exacto blades are wore thin,
my stacks of sketches form a mountain.
But my deadlines are met,
I can kick back and not fret,
please give this designer a FORM 2 for pleasurin’!

----- Grace M 09.12.09 09:24

My fiance` is in dental school.

For Christmas my dear,
you’ve been twice as nice.
I know school isn’t your only vice.
Being a dentist can sure be rough,
Enjoy working on this tooth in the buff! :)

----- LUKE 09.12.09 09:35

There once was a woman from philly
who inevitably felt a little silly
she had no sex toys
and had trouble with boys
so she tried for a jimmyjane willy.

----- jen 09.12.09 09:40

There once was a girl from Dunblane
Who met three old ladys in a train
She was easily led,
And did as they said,
And she became very insane.

----- sarah 09.12.09 09:57

There once was a girl with no toys
she was forced to play with all the boys
She won Jimmyjane
and after, she came
Notcot gave that girl so much joy!

----- Bernadette 09.12.09 10:01

My wife lacks no sexual passion,
But my penis can give her no orgasm.
No matter how big my penis grew
I could never get her coochie to spew.
I need a form 2 and do her tandem.

----- regan 09.12.09 10:13

oh my boyfriend is so funny,

he said, “it looks like a bunny!”

Then with a wink and a snicker

and the click of a finger…

he said, “so let’s take a strole

down your rabbit hole.”

----- Katey 09.12.09 10:42

It’s not that it isn’t quite charming,
And it certainly is quite disarming;
But now an innocent bump
Feels like his hand on my rump,
Sometimes it gets so alarming!

----- Caitlin 09.12.09 10:51

I’ve got a message for old Kris Kringle. 
The Form 2 massager will make you tingle. 
Two motors, you won’t put it down,
Rub a dub in the tub it won’t drown. 
It recharges which is good if you’re single.  

----- Michael David 09.12.09 10:57

My girlfriend would love this Form 2,
With a Form 1 she would even make do.
But a bunny with one ear,
would be quite queer.
Alas, two ears she will use for her cooch.

----- Phil 09.12.09 11:08

So out of a sudden a little shivering bunny
all alone in the woods on a cold cold night.
“Oh don’t be scared you darling hunny,
I’ll let you hide in my pants safe and tight!”
And the bunny said “Yes miss I’m comming!”
And I moaned “Oh yes I aamm…”
(apparently I’m limerick challenged :D)

----- Liisa 09.12.09 11:10

a feeling between her legs, she cant itch
her form one? its been left in a ditch
its soft rubber shell you can feel
for the tub, its got a good seal
too bad on her own she cant seem to afford one…

----- Eliot 09.12.09 11:20

If you love a good design
you want to be kind
and love a good note in her mind
pleasure her with a form 2 design

----- Alderaic 09.12.09 11:25

There once was a girl in South Orange… oh wait. Nothing rhymes with Orange.

----- Robin 09.12.09 11:49

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
but you need a little something delightful.
Your main squeeze is down the street
that’s covered in chilly sleet
so your trusty Jimmyjean will keep you from being spiteful.

----- Leah 09.12.09 11:51

Jimmyjane’s Form vibrates the most,
and I know that it’s not just a boast.
When it makes my lover scream,
it’s just like a dream.
And for that I’ll raise them a toast.

----- Trevor 09.12.09 12:12

Those jimmyjane boys are bright,
that size doesn’t matter is right:
(when i currently linger
with no more than a finger)
you don’t need to pack a flashlight.

----- Nikki 09.12.09 12:25

There once was a man from Nantucket.

----- Paul 09.12.09 13:18

“curves of hips
what i require
soft touch of lips
what i desire
lovers in arm
side by side
good luck charm
our hearts collide”

----- Javier Garzon 09.12.09 14:16

A tiny device with a pleasant sensation,
It sends women to ecstasy and pure elation,
A coma of pleasure extending to heaven
Nothing compares to it’s splendid vibration

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:20

In honor of SyFy’s Alice and Jimmy Jane:

The time is now,
yet I can hear you ask how?
Can this magical little Rabbit,
Break my little habit
And take me to my Wonderland…

(not the best but I had to try)

----- Jason P 09.12.09 14:55

Their was once a girl who was hefty
Loved unicorns, thought bowie was nifty
And now she begs please
On her hands and her knees
for the lovley little bunnies.

----- heather 09.12.09 15:02

Most evenings my lover is insatiable,
But my mouth’s muscles are not as sustainable.
Please give me the prize,
So she can look in my eyes,
While fucking on the kitchen table.

----- Michael 09.12.09 15:16

I don’t want to win one. We already own one. I would just like to say, it is an amazing toy.

----- Conrad 09.12.09 15:23

The vibrating Jimmy Jane
could cause pleasure and pain
so please beware when giving it your granny
that she doesnt stick it in her… cupboard

----- John Norman 09.12.09 15:28

i have been a good girl all year,
so santa, in case i’ve been unclear:
i want that new toy
to enjoy with my boy
for a naughty fun time in my rear!

----- lindsay 09.12.09 15:29

Looks like a tooth!

----- Pat 09.12.09 15:58

Our first baby is now three weeks new
And the wife’s been a champ through-and-through
So please don’t cry “FILTH”!
When I boast she’s now MILF
‘cause she’s a “Mum that I’d Like to Form2”

----- paul 09.12.09 16:22

poetry is not my thing,
but winning this
would make me “sing”!

----- somerset 09.12.09 16:42

An adventurous girl from Gants Hill
Tried a dynamite stick for a thrill
They found her vagina
In South Carolina
And bits of her tits in Brazil

----- Chris 09.12.09 16:50

porange rhymes orange.

----- Tim 09.12.09 17:03

There was a young man named Gene
Who had a love-making machine
Concave and convex
It served either sex
And it played with itself in between.

----- Josh 09.12.09 17:10

There once was a pirate named Bates
Who attempted to rhumba on skates.
He fell on his cutlass
Which rendered him nutless
And practically useless on dates.

----- Abby 09.12.09 17:10

The sexy design, I’m sure
Conjures orgasms beautifully pure
The bunny will wiggle
My partner will giggle
In a heavenly post-coital blur

----- Kristina 09.12.09 17:14

i want it. i NEED it. in me. now.

----- gavin 09.12.09 17:22

An excerpt from “How Yves and JimmyJane Redesigned Sexy” by Dr. Sexeuss

Yves and JimmyJane, peering at the vibes we all know,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?”
“These have no style! They’re loud and so trashy!”
“They light up, flip around, are strange and so flashy!”
And they puzzled three hours, till their puzzlers were sore.
Then they thought of something they hadn’t before!
“Maybe vibes,” they thought, “don’t need to look like a porn store.”
“Maybe vibes…perhaps…could be something more!”

----- Beth 09.12.09 17:25

There once was a girl with a love of design,
With sleekness and pleasure both oft on her mind.
When she saw Jimmyjane’s bunny
Her girl parts felt funny,
And she really really wanted that vibe.

----- Abby 09.12.09 17:27

The JimmyJane Form 2’s so cute
It gives great pleasure to boot
With its two little ears
Producing so many cheers
I hope that I win this loot

----- mike 09.12.09 17:39

I wish I knew how to write lymericks. I’ve never been able to master it. If it were easier, this post would be breezier. Nevertheless you can still give me it. ;)

----- Joe Wasserman 09.12.09 17:43

Curves and shapes of tender skin
Slightest blush at innocent sin
Caving into an enthalling bliss
Mounting sensation reaches eclipse
and bodies quiver from pleasure within

----- Di 09.12.09 17:52

I love this idea!

There once was a man from Nantucket,
whose d*ck was so long he could suck it.
And he said with a grin,
wiping sperm from his chin,
“If my ear was a c*nt I could f*ck it!”

Lol, i hope that’s not too dirty! I still think it’s funny!

----- Katie Berry 09.12.09 18:50

Talk about a bunny that will keep on going and going and going and gooooohhhhhhing aaaaannndddd goooooooooooooooiiiiiinngggg aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

----- João Mendonça 09.12.09 19:08

Limericks are hard.
Sometimes they are made from card.
Sometimes they consists of PANDA BEARS.
Sometimes they go up stairs.
Sometimes they make me go “ARGH.”

----- Collin Banko 09.12.09 19:32

Flicking ears at her little body,
Truthfully they’re not all that naughty,
They made her feel good,
On that hard floor of wood,
So she had to be sent to the potty!

…or else she would have gotten things all over the lovely bamboo flooring!

HAHA! At least I tried!

----- Luke M. 09.12.09 20:26

There once was a girl named Leeser
Who could find not a man to please her
She entered a contest by NOTCOT
Just so she could get hot
And have the new Jimmy Jane tease her

----- Lisa 09.12.09 20:45

Duel motors make it hum,
Secondary to make you come.
If your kids do chance to find it,
A length of floss between the fingers,
Demonstrate a new procedure.

----- Ernest 09.12.09 21:13


----- Bastian 10.12.09 04:44

What is a limerick? Is it the same as a poem?

I cannot write well, but can I be a vibrator winner anyhow? Please.

----- brian 10.12.09 07:33

Designed over wine and dinner
Form 2 looks like a winner:
Catholic wife wants to know
If south she does go,
Does that make her a sinner?

----- Ray Saunders 10.12.09 07:47

This vibrator is so refined,
So powerful and well designed,
Made by Jimmyjane,
Even works in the rain,
So PLEASE let it come blow my mind!

----- Molly 10.12.09 09:42

she probably wants jewlery or sweater
i think a form 2 would be better
clothes can get old
and you can tire of gold
but nothing’s better than the gift of pleasure

----- chris 10.12.09 10:52

My girlfriend can’t come
and I’m g-spot dumb
So please do us a favor
and send us a savior
and we’ll celebrate by having some fun!

----- mark 10.12.09 10:57

There once was a girl who was not very coy,
But what she really wanted was a boy.
She tried really hard
and her heart became scarred.
So it would be for the best to just get a toy.

----- Drew 10.12.09 11:21

Behar’s works can really make spaces.
His ideas take people more places.
And now with Imboden,
They’ve got folks explodin’,
They’re puttin’ more smiles on more faces.

----- ScottD aka TabascoElvis 10.12.09 11:29

There once was a girl named Sue,
whose goal wasn’t exactly new
an orgasm she needs
at lightening bolt speed
but she wants it from a Form 2

----- Delyse 10.12.09 11:53

My favorite new toy’s called Form 2
I’m delighted with what it can do
I’ve played with it hard
In the house and the yard
But my mom wants it back when I’m through

----- Ottnott 10.12.09 17:41

i’ve developed a quite naughty habit
it’s so bad that i’ve broken my rabbit!
this beauty from jimmyjane
would sure ease my pain
and i sure as hell promise to blab it!

----- Alice 10.12.09 18:13

There once was a site called notcot
with holiday gifts it was fraught
with a blog and a snap
in a few hours flat
limericks flowed and abounded.

Definitely not the best one here, but at least I tried. ^_^

----- Zac 10.12.09 18:33

I’ll circle around my tit
Then bring it down to my clit
Pure joy
From a toy
I won’t be able to quit!

----- Julie 10.12.09 22:26

Of things in the sack I’m a bit shy
But always and willing to try
A toy sounds like fun, I think I’d like one
Please tell me that I have won

----- Ryan 10.12.09 23:54

This poem should be comical
but in the same time refer to anatomical,
what if it is not so funny
yet i want that bunny.
So, make me do some gymnical!

----- marikke 11.12.09 00:57

On Christmas Eve, Santa always hops downtown,
With the only toy he uses that deserves a crown,
Keeping the FORM 2 sliding side to side,
That’s the only way Santa knows how to ride,
Spreading the joy of sinful pleasure,
Stuffing every hole with all kinds of treasure,
Jimmy/Jane has the secrets to easy living,
The FORM 2 is the gift that always keeps giving.

Cheers, this took longer than I thought!

----- Erwin John Labra 11.12.09 08:37

Jimmy Janes’ Form 6 currently blows my mind
Even if from behind
Tried it on my friend
Who it did certainly send
and now we have trouble leaving the back nine

----- Wolfie 11.12.09 09:31

I am horrible but possible…please give me one.

The limerick packs laughs anatomical
In space that is quite economical,
But the good ones I’ve seen
So seldom are clean,
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

COPY AND PASTE thanks to wiki :D

----- Chle 11.12.09 10:14

My boyfriend is eager and game
But proclaims that sex toys are lame
With this sexy form 2
He will get a how-to
Please his woman without any shame

----- Natalie 11.12.09 10:47

Out of sight in a drawer it does live
Pleasure to the eye it just doesn’t give
Jimmyjane saves the day
With design, shows the way
My willpower will be strong as a sieve

----- laila 11.12.09 15:21

beneath the sheets
you feel the beats
of the drum
with your tongue
num num

----- Alexander 11.12.09 16:14

Black mascara,
Lashes curled.
Constricting corset,
Perk up the girls!

Soft skin,
Sultry walk.
Look the part,
Talk the talk.

Bubbling champagne,
In frosted glass.
Dance and sway,
Shake that ass!

Satin sheets,
Roses of white.
Celebrate with
FORM 2 tonight!

(Limericks obviously aren’t my thing.)

----- Caitlin 12.12.09 00:10

“VIBRER v.i. (lat. vibrare, agiter)
1. Etre soumis à une série d’oscillations, à des vibrations.
2. Etre touché, ému.
3. Traduire une certaine intensité d’émotion. “

En 1905, page 452, volume III, le Petit Larousse annonçait déjà l’arrivée de FORM 2.

----- lara 12.12.09 03:27

Wow it’s verrry big
And it’s totally dark blue
Could it really be..
The latest Form 2!

----- Nancy 12.12.09 10:22

Sue slept around like a whore
to her, every man was a bore,
till she met Dan
who came up with a plan
that kept her returning for more.

Dan gave her a toy that looked plain
Sue thought her joy she must feign
but the buzz was so strong,
when combined with Dan’s dong,
it felt like a speeding love train

----- Dan 12.12.09 14:06

There once was a girl down in Philly,
Who felt it starting to get chilly.
Please send a form 2
To warm her igloo.
It’ll make her giddy and silly.

----- Erin 12.12.09 17:56

how can you achieve pleasure and joy?
knowing the difference between a toy and a boy….
the boy can be fun…
but the toy gets the job done!

----- whitney h 12.12.09 19:14

A beautiful girl
Dark, long hair to curl
Needs this toy
Since her boy
Lives far and loves said girl

----- Justin 12.12.09 19:18

It sat wrapped under the tree
A little surprise just from me
JimmyJane helped me out
Form2 made her scream out
“How great this New Year will be!”


It started when I was away
A message arrived the next day
JimmyJane was a savior
Form2 caused new behavior
And now it’s her best form of lay.

*Wishing this Christmas for both Naughty and Nice.

----- JimmyJames 13.12.09 13:49

Pop it in your slot
Without getting caught
Feel the thrill
Thats short of a drill
Wait till you scream
And then you’ll cream
It’s all the rage
What will you gauge?!

----- Marty 13.12.09 14:14

here are a couple….

“Oh what, oh what is a twat?”
said the virgin without too much thought
But the Jimmy Jane form 2
was a gift from her beau
that taught her twat a lesson unsought.

“Waterproof?” You may very well ask,
But listen, and take it to task:
Though mine fell in a bucket
Whilst I tried to fuck it,
It didnt shock me from snatch to ass.

----- Liz 13.12.09 18:47

The bunny is best
For a quick, painless de-stress
No creatures were hurt

----- James 13.12.09 22:49

Form 2 looks as good as it feels
both your eyes and your vag it appeals
masturbation oughta
include underwater
and two motors make it ideal

----- Caroline 14.12.09 01:10

JimmyJane makes nice toys
for all the naughty girls and boys
So instead of coal this season
how about a form 3 to please them?

----- Lara 14.12.09 08:29

Oops, typo, form 2. :(

----- Lara 14.12.09 08:30

My man parts can’t make her ‘gasm
so we need to find something to make her spasm.
Seems the only thing that could give her pleasure
is a bunny shaped vibrator.

----- Dave 14.12.09 08:31

There once was a sexy new toy
designed to bring lots of joy
when my girl slipped it in
she winked with a grin
I won’t be needing you boy!

----- Robert W. 14.12.09 16:28

With two motors to drive me crazy,
Coming so hard to make my vision hazy,
I need a Form 2,
Hopefully from you,
So I can orgasm while being a bit lazy.

For my orgasms, I thank Jimmy Jane.
It’s their fault their toys drive me insane!
The Form 2 tis magic,
My life without tis tragic
I just can’t get it out of my brain!

The Form 2 is already well known by name,
With it, I could say I came and came.
Without it, I’m alone.
I could give it a good home.
Enough of this cat and mouse game.

----- Essin' Em 14.12.09 16:52

For the girl who’s a masturbator
No gift could surpass this vibrator
Men can be hit or miss
Hitting the clitoris
But Form 2 will assuredly elate her

----- Mark 14.12.09 21:02

There once was a girl from the cape
who had a tiny ache
along came a little rabbit who made her moan
who made her shiver and groan
with twice the intensity
as any man from university!

----- Steffany 15.12.09 10:32

There once was a lady from the Cape
Who had a little ache
Along came a rabbit who made her groan
who made her shiver and groan
with twice the intensity
as any man from university!

----- Steffany 15.12.09 10:47

young woman seeking a silent partner ;)

----- sydny axler 15.12.09 11:00

There once was a whore from Peru
Who filled her p**** with glue
She said with a grin
You pay to get in
And you pay to get out of it too

----- KC Rooney 15.12.09 14:09

She had trouble with O’s!
But as everyone knows
For work done down south
Form 2, not his mouth
Was her preferred method for glows!

----- LIZ 15.12.09 14:25

There once was a toy from Nantucket
It was small so many places to tuck it
If you give it away
To this reader today
I can promise that I’ll …. it

----- Justin 15.12.09 18:22

My clit was astonished to learn
That the buzz which was making her squirm
Was one vibe, not two
And entirely new
For JimmyJane’s toy I now yearn

----- KD 15.12.09 18:47

I mentioned this to my boy
he said, “Sounds like a mighty good toy.”
He worked overtime
to make one mine
This season will be one of pure joy

----- nikkie 15.12.09 22:01

I have read almost all of the other posts and have nothing to add that is either that well written or funny, I just want this thing!

----- J G 15.12.09 23:02

With a moan and a curl of her toes
She once again entered the throes
Of sexual bliss
So with a loud hiss
I followed Form 2 with my nose

----- ottnott 15.12.09 23:35

i just want to please her,
and words of gifts only tease her.
so let me give her the new jimmyjane
and her life will never be the same
with a bunny in place of ebenezer.

----- casey 15.12.09 23:52

Form 2 is designed to bring pleasure
To eyes and to panty-wrapped treasure
She melts when that buzz
Approaches her fuzz
And moans as I slowly undress her

----- BW 16.12.09 00:18

There once was a man from Kent
Whose **** was so long that it bent,
To save himself trouble
He put it in double;
Instead of coming, he went.

----- Tyler 16.12.09 00:37

Ze vibe, it must give penetration!
Said Doc Freud, with great indignation
Meanwhile his young miss
Was refuting this
With dual external vibration

----- Les 16.12.09 10:12

There once was a fellow McSweeny
Who spilled some gin on his weenie
Just to be couth
He added vermouth
Then slipped his girlfriend a martini

----- Michael Porter 16.12.09 10:29

My bits are in need of tingle
because this holiday season i’m single
this bunny would prance
in my holiday pants
until my christmas bell does jingle

----- delicatetbone 16.12.09 12:51

There once was a fellow named Tim
whose dad never taught him to swim.
He fell off a dock
and sunk like a rock.
And that was the end of him.


----- amelia winger 16.12.09 14:16

I’ve been meaning to hunt for a treasure.
To arouse and bring me great pleasure.
My other toys old.
It begins to erode.
I need something to use at my leisure!

----- El. 16.12.09 20:36

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