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Holiday Giveaway! Fred Superpack!- 12.08.09

fred1.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to Katie in Winchendon, MA!

Ready for another giveaway??? Well, our good friends at Fred have put together quite the bundle of fun for you! For a chance to win the following: Stone Cold, Hopside Down, M-Cups, Saltside Out, Ice Invaders, Twist & Spout, Birthday Candelabra, Sword’oevres, Mix Stix, Bubble Scrubber, Food Face, and Cookeys! Leave a comment with the happiest thing to happen to you this year for a chance to win! I’ll pick a winner on the 15th of December 2009 ~ take a look at all the goodies up close on the next page!





















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751 Notes

Happiest moment this year is when I got my little Puppy Pocky who was inside a gift bag. The top was open btw!

----- Diane Hutchinson 08.12.09 02:49

The happiest thing to happen to me this year is the conception and (almost) completion of www.digital-kiss.com.

On the 14th Dec 2009, at a location anywhere in the world, I will impart upon the winner of the auction a kiss that has been saved for a whole year!

In addition to this exciting, innovative, inspirational, slightly controversial artwork, as this is my dissertation piece I will gain a MA in Fine Art. (smile)

Festive cheers to you, Notcot.

Kind regards,


----- Amanda DeZilva 08.12.09 02:53

Being chosen as one of a handful of food bloggers who got to meet Marlene van der Westhuizen and attend a fabulous multi course lunch prepared by her. Even though I was meeting all these ladies for the first time, we chatted and got on like we’d know each other all our lives. It was a really great experience.

----- Nicola 08.12.09 03:03

Happiest thing: my girlfriend accepting my marriage proposal. Second happiest thing: getting the zoo confirmed as the wedding venue!

----- James Pollard 08.12.09 03:04

I got selected to take a trip to Veil, CO with a bunch of awesome people! Snow-tubing!

----- Blair, aka Trader Tiki 08.12.09 03:09

The happiest moment of 2009 was getting a job for the first time in 2 years… wow that felt amazing…

----- Mark 08.12.09 03:34

Happiest thing this year. Sharing emotions with my girlfriend. Without them there would be nothing.

----- Jesper Rasmussen 08.12.09 04:01

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was to find out that what we had thought may be Leukemia in my 19 year old daughter, was in fact something very treatable. That was good enough to last me years!

----- Jenna Taylor 08.12.09 04:04

The happiest thing this year was leaving a job that made me miserable!

----- Kelly Caldwell 08.12.09 04:21

SO MANY happy things happened this year amongst a tidal wave of negativity, I cant just name ONE! Here goes (forgive me for the rambling):

1. I got married to the man of my dreams!
2. My mother in law beat cancer!
3. I have been inspired to quit my job and in 2010 I will be starting a new creative business!

Thanks for the all the great creative inspiration NOTCOT! Love this blog x

----- Andrea Eaton 08.12.09 04:43

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was escaping from the rigid academic/education system to focus on drawing what I really like! :)

----- Ashlyn 08.12.09 04:43

I moved one step closer to graduating!

Only one semester left!!!

----- Lucas Lund 08.12.09 04:43

I rediscovered my love and passion for music. Ever since, I’ve been going to a show just about every week and am starting to play again after not touching an instrument in years.

----- Jen 08.12.09 04:44

Although I graduated from high school and started college in Switzerland this year, the happiest thing that has happened was keeping in touch with my sister. While we are both growing older and living our own lives, we are also growing closer and becoming better friends even across countries and oceans.

----- Beth Romagnoli 08.12.09 04:44

My happiest moment this year was going to the oncologist and finding out that I was ALL CLEAR. After 8 years, not even a biopsy was needed. I think I danced in joy for about a month, and even now, 6 months later, I’m still grinning like an idiot. Let’s face it, ALL moments that you are alive and healthy and loved, are good moments.

----- Wendy 08.12.09 04:52

My happiest moment this year was going to the oncologist and finding out that I was ALL CLEAR. After 8 years, not even a biopsy was needed. I think I danced in joy for about a month, and even now, 6 months later, I’m still grinning like an idiot. Let’s face it, ALL moments that you are alive and healthy and loved, are good moments.

----- Wendy 08.12.09 04:55

Happiest thing was being able to go 2 week to Paris with my girlfriend despite the current restrictions in my country to use dollars or euros. Dream come true :)

----- Rinaldo Maldera 08.12.09 04:56

The happiest thing that happen to me this year was to get a car as a surprise birthday gift from my dad who never really does this kind of stuff!!! It was very emotional and a mark in my life.

----- Gabriela Oliva 08.12.09 04:58

The happiest thing this year that happened to me is that my dream to become a food writer became true :)

----- Eglė 08.12.09 05:04

The happiest thing ever: I got a very cute and pink niece! She’s so lovely! And the best thing is that she was named after me. What a great homage!

----- Camila F. 08.12.09 05:05

The happiest moment for me this year… Hmm. I guess this sounds cheesy, but I went to visit my boyfriend in California and the airport was one of the ones where it’s so small that people can still wait right at the gate. I didn’t know beforehand, so walking through the door and being able to run and hug him was amazing!

----- Xue 08.12.09 05:09

2009 was a hard year for me. My mother started out the year very ill, my fiancee and I were on bad terms until he left for boot camp and I made yet another pilgrimage to an inpatient therapy center. But after all was said and done I realized that I’ve made more progress this year than any other before it and having made it through all of that the coming year is going to be wonderful by comparison. The moment I saw through all of my discomfort to the road ahead was one of the best of my life, let alone the year.

----- Betsy Ross 08.12.09 05:12

Getting my girlfriend back on this side of the world!

----- Thomas Lees 08.12.09 05:30

the happiest thing to happen to me this year has been the discovery of an urge to bake that i never knew existed!

----- andrea 08.12.09 05:32

Returning to Virginia Beach and spending a relaxing weekend with old and new friends.

----- Fei-fei 08.12.09 05:36

Happiest thing to happen to me will be the surprise to unwrap the gifts I’ll receive for Christmas :)

----- Vinh 08.12.09 05:39

Happiest moment was seeing my friend “Californian Christian’s” reaction to a frozen pool in North Carolina at breakfast. He got up and screamed and immidiatley ran to fetch his G.I Joe action figures (1970’s from his childhood). We all gathered poolside as he placed them on the ice and we all took pics.
I then turned and asked “Do you travel with your dolls?” he responded “Always…..but I rotate, Star Wars & G.I Joe…”

----- Jessica Ochoa 08.12.09 05:43

The happiest thing that has happened to me this year was finding out I got an interview at Cambridge University and on the same day my boyfriend told me he loved me! :)

----- Jess 08.12.09 05:46

After eight years of dating, six of which were long distance, I married the love of my life in August of this year. By far the happiest thing that will EVER happen to me!

----- Ryan 08.12.09 05:51

The happiest thing to happen to me this year happened on my trip to Israel this Summer. I got into a car and realized after 3 miles of driving on the freeway that I had left my cell phone on the roof, and it had flown off. There was no way I was going to find the phone, and I gave up hope of finding it then and there. When I arrived at my aunts house an hour later she was having a conversation on the phone with some woman. While my Hebrew is not that great, I realized she was talking to someone about my phone. Apparently, this woman’s housekeeper found my phone on the side of the road and called my aunt to find the owner. Why this story made me so happy is not that I eventually got my phone back, but that I was in a foreign country, and had all but given up on finding my phone. To know that there are people in the world who are genuinely good really strengthened my faith in people; and reminded me, even though it might be cliche, that doing something nice for others is infinitely more rewarding than doing something for yourself.

----- Nicole 08.12.09 05:55

My mom had been ignoring a problem with her hip for a few years, and she finally agreed to go to the doctor about it. She had to have hip replacement surgery, but she recovered in record time, is so much happier and has no more pain!

----- Angela 08.12.09 05:58

The happiest thing that happened to me this year is the birth of my baby niece! She is the best little thing in the whole world and I love her.

----- Betsy 08.12.09 06:13

happiest thing- got engaged to be engaged (we made a certificate- with the promise that a ring is someday in our future) to a man that is fulfilling my dreams everyday (cheesy but true!!)- even my dream to be one of those cute couples that have a design blog together and make things for each other. i make endless cookies in return.

----- danika 08.12.09 06:13

The happiest thing… that one boy. Or my mother telling me that even if I wasn’t her daughter, she would adopt me.

----- Allison 08.12.09 06:13

I dropped Law School. Best decision I’ve ever taken.

: )

----- Sabino . 08.12.09 06:14

my 30th birthday! that was a lot of fun with many good friends!

----- Adrien 08.12.09 06:14

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was a trip I took to Delaware with my boyfriend. We picked Delaware completely randomly and had the most fun ever.

----- Jill 08.12.09 06:15

I got engaged!

----- justin 08.12.09 06:16

the happiest moment of my life this year was, hands down, when my wife closed on her business property that she had been working to get for 2 years. after many brokers and real estate agents and lawyers and sellers and lenders - all painting a very dismal picture of starting a business in this ecomony - she signed the paperwork to start building her dream. i couldn’t have been more proud or any happier in that moment.

----- Steven Schmid 08.12.09 06:18

Happiest thing this year for me has to be finally getting hired full-time! After being contractual for 2+ years and hiring freezes and god knows what else. Finally have some breathing room salary-wise, and affordable health insurance for both my wife and I!

----- Brian 08.12.09 06:18

The happiest thing that happened to me this year hasn’t happened yet… hopefully it will once i win this competition…

----- THOMAS 08.12.09 06:20

What an amazing and fun collection!!!! My happiest moment of the year was not only buying my first house, but turning on the DISHWASHER for the fist time. I have never had one, and it is AMAZING!!! It makes me smile every time!!

----- JB 08.12.09 06:21

The happiest thing happen to me this year is that I finally meet up with the backpack of my dream (TAD’s LiteSpeed btw) after over a year’s wait, and it’s well worth it!

----- I Hsuan 08.12.09 06:22

I finally finished (and survived) my studies! after 7 years I can now start doing what I love.
But the happiest thing actually came after a lot of bad things. Simply, after all the hardships, me and my girlfriend still love each other and will stick together (hard times brings the best moments sometimes)

----- Nicolas 08.12.09 06:22

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was moving into a tiny, old gypsy love-nest with my dream boy! We are happy as clams—but we don’t have a bubble-blowing dish scrubbie…it’s the last thing we need to make everything perfect! xo

----- Sarah H. 08.12.09 06:24

while on a walk with my kids, they stopped to talk to someone i hardly knew. this serendipitous meeting led to a new job i love. thank you!

----- francesca 08.12.09 06:25

I got 3 Ermis Awards! (Greek Advertising Awards) :)

----- Vaso C. 08.12.09 06:26

happiest thing on 2009: got a dog named Draco.
he loves playing video games with me.

----- Naysa 08.12.09 06:27

I met an incredible woman, and for some reason she really likes me. She lives with three guys and another lady. It’s a mad house. I’m gonna give them some Mix Stix as a household gift. Booooyaaa!

----- Adamnshame :-) 08.12.09 06:29

Going back to my hometown, Hong Kong, after 4 years of college in Rhode Island. Awaited by a big table of Authentic Chinese food and my mother’s cooking. so much joy for all my senses.

no more school food please!

----- Mariana Chan 08.12.09 06:29

The happiest moment I have had this year was getting back together with my fiance. Realizing you have found the one you are supposed to be with is really a great feeling. I highly recommend it.

----- Danielle 08.12.09 06:30

Happiest thing to happen to me was getting married to my amazing wife and having Morris Men perform at the village hall reception. Old men dressed in bells and ribbons, prancing and whacking sticks on the best day my life…brilliant.

----- Adam King 08.12.09 06:32

The highlight of my year was willing an Applied Arts award! I’m super-psyched to be recognized.

----- Andrew 08.12.09 06:32

The happiest moment was when I got my work into an art gallery for the first time!

----- Leslie 08.12.09 06:33

the happiest thing to happen this year was signing my first lease, using money from my first real salary, from my first real (dream) job. all before i can legally drink in the US. now i just need some rad stuff for my new apartment!

----- Jon 08.12.09 06:34

Having my mom recover from a series of brain injuries. Talk about stressful…

----- Rachel 08.12.09 06:34

Running through Paris with my sister, sitting on a random curb out of exhuastion, then looking out to see the EIffel Tower lit up and sparkling. We looked behind us to find huge columns… We had found the Pantheon!

----- Liz 08.12.09 06:36

I switched from PC to Mac. Happiest Girl Ever.

----- Mary 08.12.09 06:36

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was having my first college degree sent home and seeing it framed on my parents wall a few weeks later.

----- Nicole 08.12.09 06:37

The happiest thing to happen to me this year would be, without a doubt, having my favorite band ask me if it was cool to use one of my illustrations for a shirt design. I was as giddy as a school girl.

----- Davel 08.12.09 06:37

Happiest things! :)
(1) The birth of my second son
(2) The purchase of my first home
(3) Knowing that my Father is Cancer free, for 3 months now.
Many things to be happy for!

----- Bill Bergmann 08.12.09 06:39

My husband built a backyard rocketship for our kids (and me!) Check it out at: http://tinyurl.com/ycrrg4b

----- Sandra Denneler 08.12.09 06:41

My happiest moment is yet to come! On December 20th I pick up my boyfriend’s Christmas present, something he’s been wanting for a very long time, and I can’t wait to see his face when he see’s his new friend Ace, a funny little, fuzzy little gray Chinchilla! I can’t wait!

----- Bailey 08.12.09 06:41

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was being able to run a marathon with my mom

----- Rudy 08.12.09 06:44

The Happiest thing to happen to me this year was recording and printing a CD for my band. Quickest project completed so far!

----- Mike 08.12.09 06:46

2nd happiest thing to happen to me this year: getting my window seat reservation at the New York Grill - Park Hyatt (in Tokyo [Shinjuku])
Happiest thing: my girlfriend said ‘Yes!’

Thanks for a year of wonderfullness, Notcot!

----- Rav 08.12.09 06:49

The happiest thing to happen to me this year would be seeing my father and my grandson on a business trip. I haven’t seen my extended family in a couple years due to a move of 2000+ miles. This also meant I missed the birth of my grandson. Earlier this year a business trip brought me within a couple hours of family and we were able to spend some time together. Nothing like family to bring out a smile…well, and the goodies in this superpack. This giveaway is jammed packed with products to help liven a party…

----- Chris 08.12.09 06:50

Happiest thing to happen all year is to finally move in with my boyfriend of three years and to score a sweet loft together. I’m so very lucky to be able to wake up next to him every morning…

----- Milan 08.12.09 06:52

I’m obligated to say that the happiest day would be the birth of our daughter, because what kind of parent would I be if that wasn’t the happiest day? A close second: moving her out of our bedroom and reclaiming the ability to get dressed with the lights on.

----- Kim Love 08.12.09 06:53

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was finding out that the sickness I was feeling wasn’t Cancer… it was the cold all my other friends had given me :P Oh, and moving-in with my girlfriend.

----- Will Hobbs 08.12.09 06:54

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was falling in love with my best friend of 5 years. Steve and I had been best friends for a long time and one or both of us had always been in a relationship so we never had the opportunity to date. Finally we both found ourselves single, and I found the love of my life. No relationship has been so effortless or meaningful. We now live together and are saving for a house :)

----- Breanna 08.12.09 06:55

The happiest moment this year was when I pick my son up from daycare and he was so excited to see me. His eyes got real big and he let out a shrill then came running full speed and topped it off with a bear hug. It made me happy…

----- Ernesto Olguin 08.12.09 06:56

I get to show my work at a DIY craft festival (the City of Craft) as an installation artist and as a result I get to visit Toronto for the first time, in two days….before last year the furthest east I had ever been, was the Cyprus hills in Southern Saskatchewan.

Last year I moved to Saskatoon and now this is the furthest east I have ever been. I’m kind of sad that I won’t see Manitoba…..but, I guess I will look at Manitoba threw the window, as I fly to Toronto.

I hope to win because, I don’t own any of my own kitchen equipment and this stuff is useful and awesome.

----- shanell b. papp 08.12.09 06:56

Has to be when I drunkenly hopped a fence to go illegal skinny dipping in a public pool with my friends, then got chased out by the cops. Shortly after, I walked a pretty lady home.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

----- Cole Bastedo 08.12.09 06:57

Spending time with Allison. ^_^

----- Tom 08.12.09 06:57

After six months of unemployment, I was finally able to land a job! Couldn’t get any happier than that.

----- Marshall 08.12.09 06:58

Happiest moment of this year was having the chance to photograph my first wedding- fabulous bride and groom, great location- start of a new career!

----- Kelly 08.12.09 06:58

The happiest thing that has happened this year is moving in with my bf and saving $300 on rent (which is now used towards cooking appliances and food).

----- Julie 08.12.09 06:58

Best thing: have my family all together for Christmas and receiving a piano.

----- Miki 08.12.09 06:59

I got to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday!

----- Jeremy 08.12.09 06:59

I got an amazing job at a Broadway theater in Chicago. I got the call on my birthday which was a double whammy. I was so happy because I’m college student and the shifts are so perfect that they don’t interfere with my learning time.

I get paid to watch musicals and plays!

----- Andalib Z 08.12.09 07:00

so far… i was happy to see my friend’s dog recover from a severe disease.

----- jessie 08.12.09 07:01

I happened to put my hands on Fred’s FOOD FACE after it was sold out from all the sites I checked.
So Now I have to put my hands on Fred’s other cool stuff

----- Gal 08.12.09 07:02

The happiest moments of my year are just around the corner… watching people fall/slip in the snow is one of small joys of my life that brings a smile to my face. I laugh at nothing harder than this.

----- Joshua Blaylock 08.12.09 07:02

The happiest moment this year, by far, was getting whisked away for my birthday by my wonderful husband. We stayed at a wonderful hotel and walked along the canals near by, then ate breakfast at this beautiful little hippie vegan restaurant where he proposed 2 years before.

----- Amy 08.12.09 07:03

All of 2009 I waited to start law school in Fall. I then realized within two weeks that my personality definitely did not fit into the law school mold, I needed more creativity, more thoughtful expression. So, the happiest thing of 2009 was leaving law school with my head held high, and, amazingly, 100% of the tuition back.

----- Mina 08.12.09 07:05

I got a job! And luckily, its stable! But I think the happiest thing will come on Dec 25th when my husband will actually be able to spend time with his family (and not stuck in the hospital as a resident surgeon!)

----- KT 08.12.09 07:05

Happiest thing: I learned how to ride a bike over the summer, I’m 21 :)

----- Sylvia 08.12.09 07:06

seeing my niece smile for the first time.

----- Courtney 08.12.09 07:06

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was when I finally became an “adult” and moved into my own apartment!

----- Sara 08.12.09 07:06

Visiting Kennebunkport, Maine randomly last weekend and it also happening to be the town’s annual Christmas festival called “Prelude”. Apparently HGTV named it the 2nd best holiday festival in the nation, and I was not even visiting for that reason. Did not anticipate so much holiday cheer in one little town, brightened my Christmas spirit’s for sure!

----- Dana Kasten 08.12.09 07:09

Happiest moment? Seeing the notcot contests start up again! :)

----- Michael 08.12.09 07:09

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting laid off from my architecture job (though it didn’t seem like it at the time). It led me to be hired by my boyfriend’s graphic design company and to start a whole new career as a web-developer, which I am really enjoying.

----- Nicole Confrey 08.12.09 07:10

My family was playing a word game today when we needed to know if “erg” was a word. We looked in the dictionary and we found the following definition : About the force/energy that a moderately slow mosquito transfers when it collides with a forehead. This does not include the sting.”

----- Jo 08.12.09 07:11

going to seattle and laughing so much with old friends, my stomach hurt.

----- andrea 08.12.09 07:11

One day, while babysitting my adorable 3 year old nephew (who I call Buddha, because of his likeness) I was upset about work, stressed that I might lose my job. I was sitting on the sofa and he came up to me and gave me a big hug, out of nowhere, and said “I love you Auntie Kibby” I got a little teary-eyed, I hope I have a son as thoughtful and kind as my Buddha Baby!

----- Karen! 08.12.09 07:11

July 4, when my sweet little nephew was born!

----- Jade 08.12.09 07:12

Happiness - Spending time with the brother I never knew I had/ Getting landlord to lower my rent. Both of those things are good for my soul.

----- Kate 08.12.09 07:14

After sadness we had joy, wife got pregnant after three miscarriages, we will become parents on Valentine’s Day 2010.

----- Roger Penguino 08.12.09 07:14

The happiest thing that happened this year was seeing my shelter puppy wag his entire rear end when I told him he was going home. =)

----- Abby 08.12.09 07:16

I bought a condo and moved in with my boyfriend!

----- Jen T 08.12.09 07:19

I had my engagement proposal all planned, we’ve flown to Pittsburgh and I would propose in front of all her family/grandparents(she had no idea). Well she got sick that morning and the timing just wasn’t there. after giving up hope and postponed the whole thing, her parents helped me to get everybody together on our way to the airport and finally I was able to propose.
This has been the Happiest thing this year. woot writing this makes me smile.

----- sergio 08.12.09 07:19

My husband and I took the plunge and bought our DREAM HOUSE! We gambled it all and we’re so happy in it. It’s definitely scary, but what’s life without risk?

----- Emily 08.12.09 07:21

The happiest thing to happen to me this year? After 6 months of trying we finally closed on our house and found out that the health problems my mom was having were not cancerous! It was a hard year but in the end, a great year!

----- Amber 08.12.09 07:22

meeting some friends from college unexpectedly for dinner - spending all night cooking and eating and having fun.

----- dylan 08.12.09 07:23

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was getting accepted as a transfer student to my first-choice college after spending a miserable year at a college I hated, and then moving across the country to be at a college I loved. I grew up a lot and made amazing friends (who would really love to play with all of this Fred stuff).

----- Liz 08.12.09 07:24

happiest thing this year is seeing my daughter turn two on the 18th and hearing her scream with joy when she sees what we got her for xmas its going to be great

----- Alexis 08.12.09 07:24

waking up each morning is pretty joyous…

but the happiest day was probably immediately following accidental ingestion of prescription anti-depressants - is that disqualifying???

----- EJ Sherman 08.12.09 07:24

The happiest thing from 2009 was the adventure of starting my own personal projects and watching them take off! (oh…and a new puppy!)

----- Laura Belle 08.12.09 07:24

i still have a job, a husband, a house, and two well-behaved puppies. that makes me pretty happy.

----- bekee 08.12.09 07:25

My best friend and I rented an ATV and drove around the island of Santorini. Going abroad and being able to travel with spontaneity were my happiest moments of this year (runner-up was dancing on stage at a drag queen show in Madrid)!

----- Hannah 08.12.09 07:26

My happiest moment this year was when I scored my dream job. Even though I’m only 23 years old. Even though everybody keeps saying you can’t get a job these days, with the financial crisis and all. And I got it before I even finnished school.

Now I’m at work reading your blog. Happy.

----- Martin 08.12.09 07:26

happiest moment: when my best friend proposed :D

----- Walter E 08.12.09 07:28

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was making the almost-700-mile move from my Indiana home of 25 years to Washington DC to start a new life. I haven’t looked back since!

----- Emily 08.12.09 07:29

Hppiest thing this year… Celebrating 1 year of marriage with the love of my life, and closing the gap between me and my family (it was 1000 miles, now it is 5)! It’s a toss up!


I’m pretty sure that over half of these things would be PERFECT stocking stuffers for the hubs!

----- Brooke 08.12.09 07:29

after over twenty years of struggle the happiest thing to happen to me this year was finally deciding to go into therapy. which has also made this the roughest year, with many extreme lows and virtually no highs. up until two weeks ago i really didn’t think i was going to make it through, but now, for the first time in my life, i feel like i am a part of the world and i’ve got an entire future ahead of me. i can’t wait for the new year, and my life, to finally begin.

----- mieke 08.12.09 07:30

Settling down and buying a wonderful 1955 mid-century ranch house with my partner of 7 years, and the hope of turning the house into a home that we both love.

----- Jonathan Tieken 08.12.09 07:30

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was getting into my dream school, Columbia University. When I opened the link that lead to my acceptance letter I was literally dumfounded… I was silenced by happiness!

----- Ella 08.12.09 07:31

finally feeling at home in a “new” city that i’ve been in for almost a year: i’ve met some very solid people who have made an otherwise dull town fun. yay!

----- lindsay 08.12.09 07:34

love fred!! one of the happiest moments for me this year was to graduate top of my college class on my birthday! I got the announcer lady to make sure everyone knew it was my birthday :)

----- Amy 08.12.09 07:37

My boyfriend and I have decided that we’re going to stay together forever.

It’s pretty neato.

----- Beth 08.12.09 07:37

I survived appendicitis!

----- Natalie 08.12.09 07:39

Happiest thing? My awesome pal Melissa cruised my dating profile - okcupid ftw - and immediately rang me up to have me spruce it up to make appealing ‘n’ sexy edits. ;] I did the same for her. The punchline - which is pretty much the coolest thing ever - a guy that she’d hotlisted msg’d her IMMEDIATELY after we tweaked her profile, they went out on a date - BAM - magic. ;] So - GO Melis! Glad to help a good pal, huh?

----- mark s. inman 08.12.09 07:39

The happiest thing for me this year was that my husband and I finally moved into our OWN place!!

----- Candice 08.12.09 07:39

The happiest thing that’s happening this year is that I AM GRADUATING after FIVE YEARS in architecture school!!!

It’s like the sleep after one looong all-nighter!!!

----- Caitlin P 08.12.09 07:45

When my daughter told me, “Mommy, you are my BFF!”

----- Yoko 08.12.09 07:45

This year has been my happy moment. Landed a new job that’s practically a dream job, was able to relocate to a larger city and offer my wife and family some more stability, met a great new friend, delved much deeper into my hobbies, etc. Really thankful and happy for it all. :-D

----- Randy Hammons 08.12.09 07:47

Happiest moment to be- is to win Freds goodies :)

----- Linda 08.12.09 07:48

Happiest moment this year is when I finally landed a full time job as a Art Director,after being out of work for 8 months! I

----- Jzachly 08.12.09 07:52

Happiest moment was finding out that I probably won’t fail Astrodynamics.

----- Tyler Holmes 08.12.09 07:52

After trying so very hard to get a job and help my parents with the cost of my tuition, I ended up winning an advertising scholarship. I’ve never won anything, so that was probably the happiest memory from this year.

----- Lara 08.12.09 07:55

my happiest moment this year was finding out that i got accepted to grad school for next fall! london here i come!

----- Ashley 08.12.09 07:57

I made it through the year without health/life insurance and am still alive! Now just gotta make it a few more days and will be able to go back to my normal, dangerous life.

----- Yukaroni 08.12.09 07:57

So many great things… graduating college with a degree in ID, first grown up job, moving to a new city… But nothing compares to getting my first apartment… for me! No roommates, no nothing! Unfortunately, I literally mean nothing. I have a bed and a few chairs from my neighbor’s parents. I truly cherish whatever people can spare and this stuff is adorable, creative, and not a hand-me-down!

----- Megan 08.12.09 07:59

By the way, the zoo wedding sounds dope. Congratx to ya!

----- Yukaroni 08.12.09 08:00

happiest moment of the year ? hmm …

either getting a place with huge bursary at a private school to study history of art - the best subject ever. (leaping around the bathroom is a god thing to do when you recieve good news)

or maybe it was getting a proper photoshoot and getting the first pictures of me that I approve of !

----- Hazel 08.12.09 08:02

I’m publishing a picture book that I wrote and my 8 year old daughter illustrated. Developing the book together was an experience we’ll always cherish.

----- Kyle 08.12.09 08:04

I got laid off!
My old boss wouldn’t let me quit - as in, she told me that if I ever left her she’d make sure no one in the industry hired me. And this woman had the authority to keep that promise. So when the company deleted my job, what could she do? :) I even got hired that same day by her counterpart at another company who promoted me and gave me raise. Happiest day of my working life!

----- MSR 08.12.09 08:06

My happiest moment is gonna be spending first Christmas with my partner and new family member bunny Cocoa :)

----- Linda 08.12.09 08:08

I bought a 3D printer!

----- gregr 08.12.09 08:10

I finally got to see the love of my life after two whole years apart. Most couples in long-distance relationships usually meet every once in a while. We couldn’t. Not that we wanted to; but circumstances are crazy, and life’s a bitch. But somehow we got a lucky break. We managed to spend two weeks together recently. The most amazing two weeks ever. And just that’s enough to convince me that I’m sure we can sail through another two years if we had to (although I’m really banking on a shorter period this time!) :) I know it’s cheesy, and nothing grand compared to most; but it’s the happiest thing that’s happened to me all year. :) Merry X’mas everyone!

----- Jojo 08.12.09 08:11

The happiest thing this year is having graduated college during the great recession with a job offer at a company doing something i love.

----- Byron Chou 08.12.09 08:13

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was when I realized I am making a difference in the lives of my high school art students, helping them get art scholarships.

This stuff is sweet as balls! I need it!

----- MaryKate 08.12.09 08:13

First fashion show to debut my jewelry collection was this year! Having models wear star trek jewelry was a blast!!

----- Samuel Schimek 08.12.09 08:14

I got a new niece! After years of trying, my sister-in-law finally had a perfect baby girl!

----- Stephanie Fisher 08.12.09 08:14

the happiest thing that happened to me was moving to california

----- Jennifer Chong 08.12.09 08:15

Happiest Thing: Landing on my feet after university. After travelling, several spontaneous holidays and millions of job applications normality has finally been restored (for now)

----- Esther Procee 08.12.09 08:17

The happiest moment occurred when our entrepreneur team got selected to represent our university and compete against sixteen other universities in a huge nationwide competition. Were going to host a huge art exhibition like our city has never seen before, and Notcot provides the perfect inspiration. :P

----- Marcus 08.12.09 08:18

It was a rough year so I guess I’d have to say the kind words and support received from my husband throughout the year.

----- Wolfie 08.12.09 08:22

The happiest moment this year for me was renting a bicycle and biking around the lake in Madison, WI, stopping for a fizzy lemonade at Lakeside Fibers, and knitting in the sun.

----- Audrey R. 08.12.09 08:22

these items are awesome!

the happiest thing that happened to me this year was my nephew being born. and then every moment i’ve spent with him since then, watching him learn new skills and practice his dimpled smile. :)

----- kathryn 08.12.09 08:22

I would say it was the birth of my little sister!

----- Beatriz 08.12.09 08:23

This year i started a mobile guerrilla store with a VW hippie van (http://www.flickr.com/photos/gcolombiana/4150787424/)that sells kinda of all tour give away products.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New store!!

----- Mauricio 08.12.09 08:24

The happiest thing this year??? My nephew returning from college for Turkey Day. I’m only older than him by a decade or so, he’s more like a brother to me and this was the first time he’d been away for any length of time. My whole family spent the entire week just hanging out with him. *sigh*

----- Francisco G. 08.12.09 08:24

On January 9th, I brought home my first child. A daughter. I thought that was going to be good, but it really sounded just cheesy. Hmmm. Well, who cares if I win. I just want people to know my happiest moment was bringing her home.
I love you Hami.

----- Cody Taggart 08.12.09 08:25

best thing to happen to me this year? I turned 40 and survived! I still have most of my hair and no greys. Didn’t think I’d make it this far.

----- LD Moore 08.12.09 08:29

This year I got back in touch with a bunch of my old friends and it’s been amazing.

----- Ashley 08.12.09 08:31

the happiest moment this year was my best friends amazing wedding! i was so proud to apart of their day, plus it was quite the throw down.


----- meghanb 08.12.09 08:32

getting off the plane to see my family after over a year abroad…

----- Jay 08.12.09 08:32

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting to move in with my girlfriend of 3+1/2 years (we both moved out of the dorms and into an apartment).

----- Zac 08.12.09 08:32

my happiest moment happened during a sad period this year. i was depressed about my cousin being in the hospital with a brain tumor. to cheer me up, my boyfriend took my cell phone, took a silly picture of himself and saved it as my wallpaper. it was a very small gesture, but it made me happy and reminded to stay optimistic.

----- Cins 08.12.09 08:33

Best thing to happen to me this year was to see my adorable niece being born and my 2.5 year old nephew saying “I love you”! Amazing!

Btw: I’m totally going to get my nephew the “food face” plates. Those are absolutely fantastic!!!

----- tracy 08.12.09 08:33

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was a beautiful surprise wine-tasting trip with my boyfriend and my best friends.

----- Diana 08.12.09 08:34

The relativity of happiness overwhelmed me this year. The wonderous nature of small things that have brought me happiness in what may have been the worst year of my life: “Fruity pebbles” cereal on the morning of the first snow storm of the year, an accidental conversation at the park while watching a sunset, catching a crayfish and growing a ridiculous mustache.

Small things by any measure, but all the small things that bring happiness, spread out over a difficult year, bring glimmers of hope that the world is not out to get me and that there will be abundant happiness in the future.

----- jonathan 08.12.09 08:35

i was happiest this year when i won Gaga tickets on ebay. lol..well A ticket.. i read internet articles about how the show sold out in ‘2 minutes’. i freaked a little when thoughts of the just won tickets being a fraud went thru my head, but when it actually arrived at my door in honolulu hawaii, i nearly crapped myself. THEN since the bf is an airline captain, my airfare to the SF show was taken care of and the fact i was staying with a friend brought the grand total of the trip down to only the cost of the Gaga ticket…$80. im SO happy something FINALLY worked out. YASSS!!!
Here’s to happier times for us all in 2010!! xoxo aloha!!

----- travis 08.12.09 08:36

Ice Invaders! Spoon Drumsticks! I love it.

----- Lucia 08.12.09 08:36

Happiest moment for me was any one of several awesome moments of a first date that I had with a girl that I’d had a crush on for what seemed like eons! After a long night of whiskey, dancing, and carousing around the city, I had the BIGGEST grin on my face that I think I’ve ever had. Permanent lines formed on my baby face. Suffice it to say that the crush is still there and she still makes me grin like an idiot.

----- Liza 08.12.09 08:36

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting married to my beautiful wife!

----- scott 08.12.09 08:38

Happiest thing to happen to me this year was finally making it back to graduate school after a 6 year hiatus. So far so good. :)

----- Hope Stewart 08.12.09 08:38

I thought a 2.5 week trip to Greece this fall was the greatest thing that happened to me this year. However, getting a new puppy right after Xmas will probably top it!

----- nobuko 08.12.09 08:38

I finally found a job! And the office I work in is full of amazing smart people.

----- Lindsay VK 08.12.09 08:39

Happiest thing to happen this year? My in-laws gave me some cash to help get my freelance business off the ground!

----- Emily Mabry 08.12.09 08:41

I fell in love!

----- Peter L 08.12.09 08:41

realizing that happiness come from within, and only you can be aware and allow for happiness; so I stopped looking at the mirror and decided to embrace and indulge my inner foodie persona !

----- Janet 08.12.09 08:41

I figured out what my dreams are.

----- Emilia 08.12.09 08:42

Happiest part of my year? I FINALLY found my creative direction and where I want to go with my career. Something I have been searching for for a long time. Every day I live inspired and loving my work. I am extremely grateful, 2009 was EPIC for me creatively.

----- Sam Humphreys 08.12.09 08:43

Happiest moment for me this year: Driving away from the dealer in my first new vehicle (I have no g/f at the moment, or it would probably relate to her.)

----- Jes 08.12.09 08:45

Moving into my own apartment! :)

----- Tyler W. 08.12.09 08:46

I traveled a lot this year… so thousands of happy moments shared with my family and friends during all the travels. The best part of each trip? When I saw my building from the airplane and said to myself “Welcome home!”.

----- vanina 08.12.09 08:49

Getting a letter from the Head of the English department at the University that I attend asking me to change my major to English/Creative Writing because everyone loved my short story so much. I’m currently a Mathematics major with an English minor, and all throughout my high school career my teachers told me I was a horrible writer.

----- Amanda Scott 08.12.09 08:51

the happiest thing… finishing my first year of law school…

----- Ginny 08.12.09 08:52

Realizing that this is the oldest I’ve ever been

----- John Norman 08.12.09 08:53

I had my first publications and received an invitation from getty images to contribute with my work.

On december 11th is my 25th birthday, these goodies would be an awesome gift. fingers crossed!

----- Natalia 08.12.09 08:53

The day I received my first paycheck as a designer and am now able to support myself completely, doing what I love. 2nd place would have to go to the day I went with a group of friends bungee jumping.

----- Ky Lewis 08.12.09 08:54

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was successfully starting my business, Recycling Zychal, with no help from anyone! There are no jobs out there so I made myself a job upcycling umbrellas into fun things. I get to do everything I love; like work with animals, art direct photoshoots, sew and rescue broken umbrellas from the landfill. It’s probably the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life!

----- Taryn Zychal 08.12.09 08:55

The happiest thing that has happened to me thus far just happened last week. I broke up with my free-loading boyfriend. I’m free!!! As well…I no longer have to do his stinky laundry. THAT is awesome.

----- Mandy 08.12.09 08:56

I got married and then got pregnant!

----- Jesse Hamilton 08.12.09 08:57

what a happy year its been, had my first solo photography exhibition and got accepted into a local art collective! I also quit smoking in the past week to reserve my new years’ resolution for one that is a little more fun to conquer!
love NC & FF
-kt e lehman

----- katie lehman 08.12.09 08:57

Happiest thing that happened to me this year: When I found out my father did not have cancer.

----- Aaron A. 08.12.09 08:57

The happiest thing that has happened to me this year was the inkling of a feeling that I am starting to finally figure out who I am as a person and an artist. It has taken a while, but I feel more secure and definite in who I am and what I do.

----- Dana 08.12.09 09:00

I adopted a tiny little kitten from the local SPCA. Her mother was part of a zootherapy program for inmates in a prison. The prison couldn’t keep the kittens around so they gave them to the SPCA. Now my kitty’s 1 year old, likes to cuddle a lot and likes to stay close to me when I sleep.

----- Chan 08.12.09 09:00

I’m not sure what the happiest thing this year would be - there wasn’t one distinct one. So I’ll give a sappy response - every time my husband walked up behind me and gave me a big, gentle hug…. : )

----- Aprille 08.12.09 09:02

I’m happy I was able to scrape by this year. So many others have not been so lucky.

----- -A 08.12.09 09:03

The happiest thing for me this year was really just becoming happy. It took a lot of work, and I’m still working on it, but it’s been a great year that I’m truly thankful for.

----- Jen 08.12.09 09:03

Well, i just got married at Aug. 12th 2009. :D

----- Hendrik G. 08.12.09 09:03

Hello! The happiest thing to happen to me this year was to get married to my best friend AND be granted English residency as a result! Love in London. Does it get better? Yes, yes it does if you win the Fred Superpack giveaway! Please! :)

----- Vanessa 08.12.09 09:04

meeting my amazing girlfriend jessica was by far the happiest event of this year.

----- jake talley 08.12.09 09:04

witnessing the inauguration of president Obama live in DC!

----- bryan 08.12.09 09:07

The happiest moment of my year was realizing I could be happy anywhere I was… It’s all about learning to appreciate what is around you and not taking those things for granted.

----- Beth 08.12.09 09:09

The happiest thing to happen to me was keeping my job, even though I was on the cut list of a 90% workforce reduction. I worked nonstop that week building some Karma points and got saved. Now I can browse NOTCOT at break time from the security of my cubicle.

----- Nikki Y. 08.12.09 09:10

Happiest Moment….
Moving out, Getting a job and getting to do what I love everyday!

Also tied for first place, My second time celebrating christmas and actually having money from such job for presents! Also Im in charged of decking the halls, which is awesome!

----- Nathan 08.12.09 09:11

The day I brought my new puppy home was the best day of the year. When I met her for the first time, she walked right up to me like she knew me. I scooped her up (all 2 lbs of her) and didn’t let go of for the next two hours. She is now 10 lbs of naughty puppy, and I have to chase her down before I can snuggle with her.

----- Melanda Criss 08.12.09 09:12

the happiest moment would be adopting my two kittens from a shelter. their mother was a stray hit by a car and birthed prematurely at the vet. luckily 5 of the 6 kittens survived, my own 2 being some of them! even though they’re just pets, mercutio and icarus are oftentimes the happiest creatures in my life, and they’re great destressers from a busy semester!

----- maggie p 08.12.09 09:12

Being told by the company I work for that they want to work with me so I can become the whatever I want to within the company, and knowing that I can go anywhere in the world with this job when my husband and I decided we need to get the heck out of Toledo, Ohio by June 2010!!

----- Claire 08.12.09 09:14

The happiest moment of the year was getting married!

----- Lea 08.12.09 09:19

I got married to Craig!!

----- Mia 08.12.09 09:19

Seeing my father make it through surgery.

----- Tristan 08.12.09 09:20

My happiest moment was selling a pair of concrete and steel to someone who didn’t bat an eye at the price and brought her interior designer to take a look at our stuff. This happened the very first time we offered our work to the public for sale! Great day!

----- april 08.12.09 09:22

The happiest thing to happen to me was picking up and moving to San Francisco.

----- Kat 08.12.09 09:24

I fell in love with my friend!

----- Drew 08.12.09 09:25

I finally got to replace my broken-down car with a brand-new one!

----- Spencer 08.12.09 09:25

Happiest moment this year would be my birthday because my friends were there to celebrate with me and they surprised me with my favourite cake!! I did not have my hopes high in the turn out of friends because it was a work week and many of them are really busy but they took time off just for me!

They even got me the present that I wanted the most which is a Fisheye Camera No.2!! my friend ordered it online and it was delivered to my house which was a huge surprise!! And they got me a Crumpler camera bag for it too!!

My past birthdays has been rather disappointing but for this year, I am happy to say that my birthday was the happiest moment for 2009!! = )

----- Priscilla 08.12.09 09:27

My happiest moment was the birth of my first son, Oak on May 8th. He is officially 7 months old today, loves sweet potatoes, his stuffed billy goat named Gruff, jumpy games, Audrey Kawasaki, and Miles Davis…

----- seth 08.12.09 09:28

One of my happiest: My sister and I, city-dwelling, nautically uninclined hiker-camper chicks, took our two sons houseboating for a week this summer. Ever see a kid’s face while he’s looking at the night sky from the upper deck of houseboat in a massive Canadian lake? Awesome!

----- Monette 08.12.09 09:28

The happiest moment for me this year was the first time our new baby girl smiled at me!!

----- Mikell Johnson 08.12.09 09:30

This is a tough one. It’s been a pretty good year, work wise, personal wise. The happiest thing eh? We just adopted a 3 yr. old, 3 legged cat named Darwin. He’s ridiculously cute and well mannered. When he wants something, but doesn’t want to be super pushy, he says “meep meep” like when someone is imitating a cartoon car horn. It always makes me smile.

Happy Holidays everyone!

----- Lee Gainer 08.12.09 09:32

the happiest thing to happen to me this year was that i GRADUATED, finished my undergraduate career. now, to figure out what to do with this art degree in hand…

----- trina 08.12.09 09:32

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was passing my Masters exams and rewarding myself with a trip to see my family.

----- Patricia 08.12.09 09:32

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was getting back in touch with the deep bond my mom and I shared. I went a little off my rocker and did some things that I’m not proud of and that made her hurt. I’m so happy that I got a chance to redeem myself and make amends for the rift I caused. We had several months of a true return to the closeness we had had for my whole life, and that will forever make me smile to remember.

----- Erin 08.12.09 09:33

The happiest thing for me this year was graduating with high marks after an arduous year of personal and professional setbacks. No matter what has happened throughout the year, they can’t take that diploma away!

----- Jennifer 08.12.09 09:33

2009 eh? Happiest moment will be winning this awesome FRED pack!

----- chris 08.12.09 09:36

My happiest moment was spending good quality time with my family in Canada. I never get to do it enough and was thrilled to share their company in person!

(Funny enough - I gave lots of Fred gifts to them when I was there!)

----- Adri 08.12.09 09:39

I bought my first brand new car!!! Achievement! Excitement! Definitely a happy day :)

----- Stacy B. 08.12.09 09:39

The girl I like saying that she likes me too…it’s now been almost a year, and these would make a great christmas/birthday/anniversary gift!

----- Stefan 08.12.09 09:40

My happiest moment this year was getting engaged to the love of my life!

----- vanessa sanchez 08.12.09 09:40

My happiest moment this year was getting engaged to the love of my life!

----- vanessa sanchez 08.12.09 09:40

The happiest thing for me was get down off a mountain after getting trapped in the snow…. almost worth doing again just for that feeling!

----- Matthew Marsh 08.12.09 09:41

Happiest moment of the year was being able to visit with my father for the first time in three years! Being able to visit with him in NYC was an extra plus!

----- Aaron R 08.12.09 09:43

I asked my boyfriend what was the most happy moment for him this year and this is what he said:
When you planted the flower in my shoe.(yeah, I did that…) I would have been angry if it was anyone else. But I was’nt because it was you.
Guess receiving this answer made my … year :) (we are recent couple ;)

----- Elvin Ali 08.12.09 09:44

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was the birth of my nephew Jaxon! He is the sweetest and cutest baby! You’ll see in the pics (check out the url) how ridiculously happy I look as proof! hehe :D

----- Heather 08.12.09 09:45

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was to fall in love. What made it better was that it didn’t work out but the fact that I was able to feel such elation and excitement after years of battling depression made everything I did and felt electric from that point on, even the miserable days are better as there’s energy to my emotions now and I’m not the jaded wreck I once was.

2009 was the year I took my existance back and finally turned it in to a life and it’s all thanks to a mental girl breaking my heart.

----- Michael 08.12.09 09:47

We got a puppy!

----- Caleb 08.12.09 09:47

Realizing there was something wrong with the school and not my son. Best moment this year, hands down.

----- Danica 08.12.09 09:49

For me, my Dad coming out of a horrible bout with Sepsis.

And then seeing Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap wear a Sepsis shirt.
My dad is so hip it’s sick.

----- Zoë 08.12.09 09:50

The happiest was the arrival of a super-sweet foster kiddo. Next year’s
saddest will be when he goes home again! In the meantime he really needs some funny face plates… .

----- Speck 08.12.09 09:54

Im a really happy, im travelling to berlin for holidays to see my boyfriend.

----- Agustina 08.12.09 09:56

Driving four hours to see that my dad was indeed ok even though he had just had a massive heart attack was the happiest thing that happened to me all year.

----- Sara 08.12.09 09:59

One of the happiest moments of the year for me was reading in bed with my husband in our hotel room in Manzanita, OR, with the fireplace going and the curtains thrown open to the raging storms over the Pacific Ocean. Impossibly cozy!

----- Susan Kelley 08.12.09 10:00

Falling in love again

----- JSunder 08.12.09 10:01

The happiest moment I had this year was realizing who I am as a young woman and finally knowing what I want out of life.

----- Briana Apruzzese 08.12.09 10:07

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was stepping off the airplane and seeing my boyfriend for the first time after being away for months!

----- Christina 08.12.09 10:08

realizing the meaning of life… to help people who need it

----- nikkyt 08.12.09 10:08

I got a new doggy this week! He’s a rescue and he’s super nice and sweet! thanks NotCot!

----- Cory 08.12.09 10:09

Being able to buy my eight year old daughter the puppy and the reaction she had!

----- ryan 08.12.09 10:12

Happiest moment of the year was my wife and I getting our first house after months of dealing with foreclosure and short-sale nonsense.

----- Nick 08.12.09 10:12

Happiest thing, in many years…. I entered a ‘healthy life’ contest and I was chosen to appear on the cover of a local health magazine. I’m 41 and have never felt better, so bring on another birthday!!

----- LOLA 08.12.09 10:12

Being able to buy my eight year old daughter the puppy and the reaction she had!

----- ryan 08.12.09 10:13

Being able to buy my eight year old daughter a puppy and the reaction she had!

----- ryan 08.12.09 10:13

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting married, followed by purchasing a new home!

----- Amanda 08.12.09 10:13

Happiest thing: Getting Married on August First this year!

Our wedding was planned on May 10 but my wife to be had a stroke 5 days before and we had to cancel all our plans and were in the hospital instead- and I had to be away from her at work for 3 months during recovery- we finally were able to tie the knot in August! Happiest day of my life I think, so it definitely qualifies for this year :)

----- Donny Epp 08.12.09 10:14


I work as the Creative Director at a Portland non-profit. I visit NOTCOT almost daily looking for inspiration and interesting finds to help get my creative juices flowing.

I can be quite obsessive about something, especially when I have got my mind made up about something I want, nay, need to have. So when a friend negotiated 25% off a Black Belstaff Trialmaster Waxed Cotton Jacket for me on Black Friday at a local retailer, I was almost beside myself! I have been obsessing about this jacket ever since I saw one on a trip to Vancouver BC last year, and found out it has been worn in several movies. It is very expensive and with my non-profit salary, I was unable to afford one at full price.

In my opinion it is the greatest jacket ever produced, and I plan on giving it to my children (if I ever have any) one day. Several vintage versions from as far back as the 50’s are selling for up to a $1,000 on Ebay!

So that is my happy story. I know there are m ore important things in life than this jacket. Friends and family truly make me happy, but I’m sure you can relate to wanting something so bad and finally getting it.

Well, I’m looking at my jacket hanging up right now and it’s making me happy as we speak. I suppose if this story of jacket obsession and eventual realization leads to me winning a gift pack of fun stuff, then I be all the happier!



----- Danny 08.12.09 10:17

The best thing to happen this year is I got a job!

----- Courtney 08.12.09 10:17

I finally got on the right anti-depressant medication. My life has changed, I’m a whole new person. First time I can truly say I’m happy. I can start to live my life again.

----- Kelli 08.12.09 10:17

Finishing a half marathon with my dad!

----- Molly 08.12.09 10:22

happiest thing that happened to me this year was getting to see the olympic torch relay begin! the 2010 games are being held in my home city so its a very exciting time!

----- lauren 08.12.09 10:24

The happiest moment of my year was when my baby boy Alex said my name:) Yeah, the sound of mama from your baybuh is the sweetest most exhilerating thing that’s probably ever happened to me this year! I have tons of happy memories from my road trip from Washington to Michigan (in a tiny JEEP)

----- KellieOxie 08.12.09 10:30

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was my first trip to Hawaii and visiting filming locations of LOST.

----- Brad Moist 08.12.09 10:38

LOVE! Happiest making thing ever!

----- Gina F. 08.12.09 10:40

The happiest moment of the year occurred November 29, when my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy— my first nephew, Isaiah Martinez.

----- Rebecca 08.12.09 10:40

The happiest moment of this year for me was adopting a bull terrier.

----- Wesley Hill 08.12.09 10:41

Having a surprise birthday and blowing out the candles with friends like family and the man I love. Those were all firsts in my life and definately the happiest moment of my year.

----- Stephanie Toppin 08.12.09 10:43

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was picking my 2 year old daughter up from her first day at nursery.
I was nervous that she may of been crying because we’re close but when I saw her through the window, dancing in a tutu around the other kids, I knew she would be ok.

----- Simon 08.12.09 10:44

Despite my thorough planning, I somehow ended up at the wrong airport at 5am, when my flight was supposed to leave a 6:30 on my return from my first trip to Europe. The airport I ended up at was tiny and there was no one was working so early in the morning. My happiest moment was when I accosted the lone Italian taxi driver who magically appeared outside the airport and I made it to the correct airport and caught my flight with just a few minutes to spare.

----- katie 08.12.09 10:45

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was finishing a triathlon after having lost some weight and getting into shape for many months.

----- Anne C 08.12.09 10:50

I married my best friend. :)

----- Liz 08.12.09 10:50

Realizing how fortunate I am that I haven’t had to attend a funeral for anyone in my family (extended family and all), and thus how much I appreciate having each of them in my life.

----- Bryce 08.12.09 10:51

The thing that made me happiest this year was a moment of realization where I looked at my art and saw that focusing on it has finally gotten it and me to a point that myself of two or three years ago would have envied. Very cool.

----- Lucia 08.12.09 10:52

favorite present was going to the enchanted village in massachusetts. I havent been since i was little. it was the best time i have had all year.

----- kaitlin 08.12.09 10:57

The happiest thing for me this year was changing jobs. I love working hands on with kids again!

----- Sarah 08.12.09 11:00

the day i decided to quite my job as a sales assistant to finish school. im graduating in two weeks! :)

----- samantha dalrymple 08.12.09 11:01

the happiest moment of my year was not an extraordinary day. it was summer, laying in the sun, with the best friends around anyone could ask for, and realizing that the warmth from them on that day would carry me through this and countless other winters.

----- zoey 08.12.09 11:01

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was realizing that reading blogs ,making friends online and sharing ideas can actually change my “real” life and my “professional self” in ways I could not imagine. It’s a great journey so far.

----- Mateus Prado 08.12.09 11:04

The happiest thing that happened to me all year was taking a trip to New York and getting my photo taken in front of The Royal Tennenbaums house in Harlem. It wasn’t about the house or the movie really, it was because I was finally on vacation visiting friends after dealing with a long and agonizing stint of bed bugs.

----- Kelsey Can 08.12.09 11:05

The happiest thig that happened to me this year was having my uncle and grandpa both beat cancer, and on a completely separate note, learning that my rabbit Puppito snores!

----- Eryne 08.12.09 11:06

I got engaged this year! That was happy…

----- simon 08.12.09 11:10

I bought a puppy :) He’s brought nothing but sheer joy and orneriness to my life ever since!

----- Kara 08.12.09 11:11

I fell in love! Sorry to be all mushy & cliché, but there it is — the happiest thing to happen to me this year. I also moved into a great new apartment in the city & started writing again. 2009 was pretty great, I’d say.

----- Rebecca 08.12.09 11:12

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was my huge physical and emotional leap that happened overnight at the end of July. I raised over $1000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and walked 20 miles overnight in my best friend’s honor. A night I will never forget!

----- Tammi J 08.12.09 11:12

The happiest moment of this year was when I found God in my heart…
The Hindu Gayatry mantra blew up my mind and released my soul, I was crying from happiness and feeling God with me, in me..

----- Julie 08.12.09 11:12

My happiest moments were definitely finding out when I got both an internship, and then a job… in the “year from hell” as some people call it! With so many people unemployed, an me still in college, it was so surprising!

----- Brad 08.12.09 11:17

The happiest thing that happened to me this year is that after 4 years of not keeping in touch, my grandfather finally reached out to our family again this year. Thanksgiving felt like a turning point… things are going to get better from here on out.

----- Kate 08.12.09 11:22

Early this year, I met a boy at a conference afterparty. Three months later, I flew to Sweden to visit him, and I never left. We’ve been living together for six months now, and things continue to be fantastic every day. It’s hard to pick a moment that’s happiest. Maybe that night we met, though I didn’t know it at the time.

----- Heather R. 08.12.09 11:23

Happiest moment this year is when the 6th pregnancy test my wife took showed positive and I came to realize I’m going to be a dad!


----- Aaron 08.12.09 11:26

the happiest thing to happen to me this year is that I got engaged!

----- Ryan 08.12.09 11:28

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was my love story: My boyfriend and I dated all throughout college, but ended the relationship because we were young and silly. Over three years went by with very little communication. We graduated, grew up and moved to opposite ends of the country. He emailed me out of the blue, we began chatting and talking on the phone, and he flew me to see him. GAME OVER :) After a few short months of flying back and forth, and him giving me the cutest puppy in the world, I moved across the country and we’re living happily ever after in a city I adore.

----- Sara 08.12.09 11:28

The happiest thing to happen to me in 2009 was welcoming an adopted cat named Fetus into my home.

----- Melanie 08.12.09 11:29

It didn’t rain (despite the 60% chance) on my beach wedding!

----- Laura S 08.12.09 11:31

best thing to happen this year was seeing U2 in concert again. I know that sounds lame in comparison to other people’s great days, but for me this was Epic!!!

----- Karla Anne 08.12.09 11:33

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was coming in contact with my father and half sister. I had never talked to my father or sister until about a month ago. It happened to be a very emotionally exciting experience.

----- Christi 08.12.09 11:34

The thing that made me most happy this year was learning to knit and crochet so I could make gifts for all my friends who are having babies soon! I’m happy with my newly learned skill and proud of my handmade gifts!

----- Melanie 08.12.09 11:39

the happiest moment for me are mostly the time when i get back from a mountain and chill , eating food and drinking beer . :D

----- rini sugianto 08.12.09 11:42

We gave up trying to conceive after 2 years, and decided to adopt a puppy instead. Right after we brought her home, we found out a baby’s coming on the way. Though raising a energetic puppy and taking care of a pregnant woman wasn’t easy, the moment my new born daughter was born washed all that away. It was the best thing that happened this year, she was the best thing that happened to me ever.

----- Ken 08.12.09 11:44

I got married to the most amazing woman this year. That is hands down the happiest thing to have happened to me this year.

----- Alex 08.12.09 11:45

The happiest moment of my year was when I woke up five years after my last chemotherapy treatment, officially cured.

----- Ryan 08.12.09 11:45

The happiest thing to happen this year was finally finishing our bathroom remodel - with our own two hands! YAAAY!

----- CapreeK 08.12.09 11:46

My happiest (life re-defining, eye-opening, spirit-lifting) moment(s) this year was realizing that there really are genuine, kind-hearted people in the world AND being lucky enough to have one find something special in me. Cheers!

----- Lindsey 08.12.09 11:47

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was meeting a wonderful man who loves me very much :-). Sorry for the sappy comment, but it’s true, I am so lucky to have him!

----- Kimberly Poor 08.12.09 11:48

cheesy i know - but i am just happy i am alive and get a chance at this crazy thing called life… and that is the happiest thing - every day, every month, every year…

----- shelley.b 08.12.09 11:50

The happiest thing to happen to me this year actually occured last night! My baby brother Justin came home from Iraq for two weeks of R&R. Seeing him last night was by far the happiest I’ve been all year, as he had been gone for so long. I couldn’t stop hugging him! I’m so proud of you Justin!

----- Katie Lupien 08.12.09 11:52

Happiest Thing: Still being happy despite the fact that I am less accomplished then most of the people who commented on this post. Wait 5 years the tables will turn once I get my MBA, buy my first home, live happily ever with my yellow lab, and continue to make drinks with ice invaders ice cubes.

----- Vanessa 08.12.09 11:52

The Happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting an A+ with the most difficult Anatomy&Physiology Professor at college.

----- Wyley S. 08.12.09 11:54

My best friend moved to the same town as me! I am so happy to have her nearby now. Hooray for friends!

----- Colleen Hill 08.12.09 11:55

This year, I learned (after many trials and errors) how to love myself. My clumsy, nerdy, artsy luckless self. But the best part about it is that once I learned to love myself, so did he !-! The love of my life ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!

----- Heather 08.12.09 11:57

The happiest moment of my year was:
…when we graduated from college with my boyfriend…
… when our bird Coquito joined our family…
…when many of our projects started to become reality…

----- Luciana 08.12.09 12:00

The happiest thing to happen to me this year? Definitely entering college. My parents are extremely strict so this is one of the first times in my life to actually hang out with friends “outside” of school. I’ve already met so many fantastic people. I couldn’t be any happier right now because of it. :)

----- Victor C 08.12.09 12:02

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was seeing my family for Thanksgiving after a whole semester of college and not seeing them. :)

----- Wendy 08.12.09 12:13

The happiest thing to happen to me all year is still happening right now! I am figuring things out and crawling out of my emotional hole, and realizing that the man I love still loves me back, in spite of everything.

----- Kate 08.12.09 12:14

Happiest happening of the year: Finding a one-bedroom apartment that I can afford on an increasingly part-time salary. No more cramped studio for this guy.

----- patguy 08.12.09 12:15

decorating cup cakes with friends and family. edible art. empty of calories, but full of fun and yum.

----- eug 08.12.09 12:15


----- Chiara 08.12.09 12:16

My Happiest moment is everyday, I wake up, and have the chance to make that day the happiest of my life, have a wonderful husband, a wonderful daughter, and my parents are always there for me, I get to work on what I love to do(and get paid for it), I’m healthy my family is healthy, what can be happier than that every day. Every day of my life is the Happiest moment of the year!

----- Tania Fischer 08.12.09 12:16


----- Harrison 08.12.09 12:16

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was finding the perfect dog at the Animal Shelter. She was in a kennel with 4 big puppies who pushed her aside and jockeyed for attention, leaving her barely noticed in the back. She had been there almost a month, so she was in her final days. Raggedy, matted and scrawny, nobody paid her any attention at all. I got her home to discover a marvelous, sparkling personality. She has golden curls that shine like honey in the sunshine and tons of energy and love. She’s the kind of dog that makes everyone around her smile - friendly, inquisitive, playful, and just plain deadly cute. As it turns out, she is a Schnoodle pup (Schnauzer/Poodle) and smart as can be. That’s my Edie, the new love of our lives!

----- Anissa Michelle 08.12.09 12:24

It was in June. After moving into our first “own” home and all the head aches that go with it, my wife and I had dinner in our little dinky and hardly green back yard. Salsa music from our neighbor, dogs running into each other and all kinds of stuff, and the bluest sky. White wine and my wife. Happy.

----- Mark 08.12.09 12:25

I got engaged during an anniversary trip to san francisco.

----- Lillie 08.12.09 12:28

I got a really big raise in a year where most people weren’t getting any at all, so that made me pretty happy.

----- Jared 08.12.09 12:28

The happiest thing to happen to me in 2009 was seeing my best friend after 16 months away from her! She came to visit me in Amsterdam. It was her first visit to Europe, so I got to relive the excitement with her.

----- amy 08.12.09 12:39

My 2yo Neice, Josie, visited with my sister and her husband for a week. After they left, my sister told me that she would wake up every few days and ask where Justin was ‘where’s Just?’. when my sister called to tell me, I was pretty darn happy.

----- Justin R 08.12.09 12:41

learning that my littlest was not super ill after many sleepless nights of concern. yay! so happy!

----- tracy 08.12.09 12:44

I just read all the answers so far, and as an emotional person, I started to cry from happiness :D World is such a nice place, and people can be so beautiful. I just hope these wonderful gifts go to whoever would be the happiest about it! :D
My happiest moments this year have been probably realizing, that real selfless love does exist. I have always been kind and helpful to others, and now I feel like I’m getting my reward for it, in the form of sincere positive energy, help and love, no questions asked, no judgment, even when I’m grumpy and tired and my problems are silly :) Everyone deserves to know what that feels like! :)

----- Liisa 08.12.09 12:48

I took my very first trip overseas to Austria & Germany this year. :D

----- Nina 08.12.09 12:50

The happiest thing for me this year? Finally realizing that being gay is not something that I should hide =D

----- RMJ Lee 08.12.09 12:52

seeing life

----- jarin 08.12.09 12:54

My two year old daughter, without prompting, said, ” I watch Star Wars? ” How do I say no to that? Good times.

----- Stephen 08.12.09 13:01

the happiest thing this year was getting into the ocean after 10 years of talassophobia (fear of the ocean).

the second happiest thing was my new-found love for dogs through my new boyfriend.

I have been missing out in so much! Now, not anymore! :D

----- ana asch 08.12.09 13:06

I finally started a company. Something that I’ve always wanted to do….forever. Now, let’s just see if it works! Hooray for entrepreneurship!

----- Brian Peter 08.12.09 13:07

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was that I started to dance ballet again and lost a whole bunch of weight, as well as quitting smoking. It makes me feel better = happier!

----- Loraine Hale 08.12.09 13:11

meeting and partying with a group of vacationing Irish all summer long.

----- thomas 08.12.09 13:14

Hey guys!

the happiest thing that happened to me this year is that my family has finally decided to visit from Germany. Been in Cape Town, South Africa for 7 years now and all I needed was a soccer world cup to come to South Africa and two days after the announcement my bro bought some flight tickets. Mom and sis are coming for Christmas. whoohoo…

Also opened up our own design company! = happiest thing #2

----- Florentine 08.12.09 13:15

I met someone. Truly a happy moment(s) indeed.

----- Collin Banko 08.12.09 13:24

when I finally bought my Nikon D60. That made me SO happy

----- mark 08.12.09 13:25

I took a leave of absence from the job I’ve hated for years!

----- Gordon 08.12.09 13:29

I took a leave of absence from the job I’ve hated for years!

----- Gordon 08.12.09 13:30

The happiest moment of my year was buying my first house!

----- Jenna 08.12.09 13:31

I got great tickets for the Taylor Swift concert in April 2010!!! Happiest moment ever :)

----- Tiffany 08.12.09 13:33

My dad, who has been ill, is now back to good health! Yay!

----- Erin M 08.12.09 13:33

Got accepted to the MAS!!

----- William 08.12.09 13:36

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was the moment that I realized I can be self sustaining and I can live on my own without help from anyone =)

----- Emily Hendricks 08.12.09 13:37

I started working at Challengers Comics + Conversation on Friday afternoons this January. It’s been so wonderful to go to a job that I actually like going to. They even made me vacuum and I still like it.

----- Donovan 08.12.09 13:37

The happiest moment for me this year was landing my dream job at Nau clothing. My co-workers are the best people in the world and I come to work with a smile everyday. Blessings.

----- Libby Smith 08.12.09 13:39

Having the best laugh ever.

----- Paul 08.12.09 13:42

My happiest moment for this year involves my cat - who`s classified as a `shy` cat who we`ve had for almost 3 years now - she`s adopted; not only finally trusts me enough to stroke her at any time, but also slept a full night on my bed cuddled up on me. Granted it`s only the one time for the sleeping, but to finally gain the trust of such a wary abused cat and make a difference means the world to me :)

----- Abby 08.12.09 13:42

Besides this contest?
Happiest moment…
Getting a great job, and Boyfriend.
rebuilding my life and settling into my apartment.
All of these would be a great addition!

----- Scottie 08.12.09 13:44

Though I could think of several happy things that happened to me this year, like being able to spend more time with friends and family, getting good grades in school and being able to accept myself as I am and began to dress better and not letting my size hold me back… BUT One stands out, is when I applied for a volunteer program for this hospital. I had to go to a group interview and I though I did pretty bad since I don’t like speaking in front of people that much and I had to write 3 essays for the application. Then news came and I found out that I got accepted! So I went to training and pretty soon, the manager of the company emailed me to tell me that she thought I stood out during training. And that made a difference, because I believed in myself more. And not only am I gaining experience at the hospital because my major is nursing, but I also get to help people in the hospital. So yeah! if you have a dream or a goal, don’t give up because someone or something might surprise you in the future.

So, that was one of the several happy things that happened to me this year.

----- Francis 08.12.09 13:44

My happiest time!

Yesterday - my dream internship was extended into a dream temp job (for six months!) meaning I can quit leaving the dream of living in my parents house, and can move out!

All of this stuff would be a dream for my new year!

----- Daisy 08.12.09 13:45

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was the discovery that you can find family in your friends.

----- Kevin 08.12.09 13:52

I was the happiest I’ve been in a long time when I spent a couple of days within the city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Relaxing on the rocky coast, drinking all the Euro-beer I could, and most importantly: EATING FRESH GRILLED OCTOPUS (OMG!) all while enjoying an Armani fashion show would be the top happiness in my life so far.

----- Mag 08.12.09 13:53

The happiest moment of my year was three days ago—when my youngest brother got accepted into Drexel University. Never have I felt so proud.

----- Sarah Elizabeth 08.12.09 13:54

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was crossing the finish line with my mother for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk! I am so proud of her! :)

----- Celeste Manner 08.12.09 13:55

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was that I got chosen by my university to study popular music while living in Accra, Ghana for five months!! I’m gonna need that ice cube tray!

: D

----- Laura Cunningham 08.12.09 13:57

The day my roller derby team realized we really do work better as a team than as individuals.

----- LB Slip 08.12.09 13:59

The best thing to happen this year:
I’ll visit my father’s family in Nicaragua again, after 3 years without seeing them.
Two more weeks and i’ll fly from cold germany to hot Nicaragua!

----- Tito R. 08.12.09 14:04

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was a series of wonderful people during a difficult time. I was really sick and the people around me simply said, “Don’t worry we’ll take care of you and help you out until you get better.” Thanks all.

----- Kassia 08.12.09 14:06

my new kitten!!

----- lizzy 08.12.09 14:06

My happiest moment was recently. My boyfriend was eating chocolate covered raisons in bed. A little while later, he leaned forward to grab something and I saw 2 gross brown smears on his back. I thought our (generally well trained) dogs must have pooped in the bed, and that Nick had sat in it. It was hilarious. He quickly pointed out that he must have dropped a couple raisons which rolled behind him and melted; however, I laughed until I cried. And it made me so happy!

----- Stephanie 08.12.09 14:09

The best thing that happened to me this year was getting a job in the same city as my boo, and having the possibility of owning a doggie. Even if I don’t yet, at least I have the possibility.

----- Caroline 08.12.09 14:10

this past weekend my mom got remarried after being separated for over a decade. i’ve never seen her so happy in all of my life. also, our small family just got huge!

----- drew 08.12.09 14:14

The happiest moment for me this year has to be when my Neighbor decided to give her kidney to my dad who has polycistic kidney disease. Because of her he is doing so much better!

----- Shaena Cooper 08.12.09 14:16

After four years of long distance first over the Atlantic, then over the Pacific, my partner & I are in the same time zone henceforth… sunny, artsy Melbourne Australia.

----- April 08.12.09 14:16

I won a Fred Gift Package from NOTCOT! :D

----- Diana 08.12.09 14:21

The first time my baby brother told me he loves me. :)

----- Syifa Sjah 08.12.09 14:24

Best thing to happen to me this year was also the most stressful. Spending three days in the hospital with my best friend while she was in labor. Thinking either her or the baby wouldn’t make it for three days, finally on wednesday afternoon she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. My goddaughter has changed my year, and changed my life.

----- Amber 08.12.09 14:25

I’ve had a GREAT year! Engaged on Valentine’s Day….married in July….finished graduate school in December!!! I love 2009!

----- Erin 08.12.09 14:26

Happiest moment of the year: Getting an unsolicited photography job from an organization I really respect off of my flickr account. Recognition is always nice. Unexpected recognition is even nicer!

----- Beth 08.12.09 14:29

i got a job that pays no money (literally) writing bios for dogs that nobody wants to adopt. i couldn’t be happier.

----- jessica 08.12.09 14:31

The happiest thing that happened this year was the total of it :

- Finding a girlfriend
- Beginning to live with her
- The baught of my Canon T1I
- The starting of my company
- Having a lot of contracts (and I mean almost too many, well.. never too many but a lot..)
- The retirement party of my Dad
- One of my four brothers became a new dad, then I am an oncle : YEAH !
- Little moments in life that you can take a bite off :D

T’was a good year, ohhh yeahh !

----- Etienne Richard 08.12.09 14:31

The happiest thing to happen to me this year has been watching my niece grow—I was present at her birth in January, and I’m lucky enough to live with her, so I get to see her discover the world! Each day is new and exciting for her, and she is amazing to watch.

----- Libby 08.12.09 14:33

I found an onlineshop which shipped me to Estonia a snowboardjacket that I wanted for so long. I usually dont get what I want because I live in Estonia. Please make me a winner so I can enjoy the rest of the year and maybe the next one also.

----- Allar Pani 08.12.09 14:33

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was when I adopted a kitten from the humane society. It’s such a great feeling to have her in my life that I hope to get her a friend in the new year. She has an unique personality and she is adorable when she is so proud that she caught her scrunchy ball.

----- Amy Miller 08.12.09 14:34

The happiest moment I had is… well I can’t really say. Everytime I spend time with my friends is the happiest moment. If its to party, gaming, eating, drinking, anything! I’m the happiest when i’m with them and meeting new friends. :)

----- Denise 08.12.09 14:34

happiest thing this year: my cat Speck making a full recovery from surgery!

----- Dan Springer 08.12.09 14:34

finally taken seriously like a real artist and gotten a title for a summer job as ‘design consultant’ straight out of art school,

eat your heart out J.U.L.

----- Robyn 08.12.09 14:43

Happiest thing to happen to me this year, is getting married! It was an amazing event up in Guemes Island north of Seattle. so much fun!

----- Terri 08.12.09 14:50

In July my 51 year old mother had a massive heart attack. With no family history of heart disease, no high blood pressure, or cholesterol issues this was a complete shock to us all. THANKFULLY, she recognized the signs and reacted immediately by calling 911. I’m happy to say that she has fully recovered and made us all realize how short and precious life is. I’m extremely thankful and happy to get to spend another Christmas with my dear sweet Mother!

----- Lacey Patterson 08.12.09 14:54

When I bought my Mac Book.
Meeting my future wife… a close second :-)

----- Jason Pfaff 08.12.09 14:56

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was seeing the sun rise over the buildings in New York - as an Australian, this was pretty special!

----- Kristy 08.12.09 15:02

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was when my 75year old grandma told me she was dating! This relationship gave her a new strength to live, after my uncle od’ed and passed away. She is a new person now!

----- Fez 08.12.09 15:05

the happiest ive been is when my husband came home from deployment. I love to cook and bake so I was blissfully happy when he was once again in our living room drinking a beer and I was cooking for him again. Nights in are always the best at our house.

----- Anna Shown 08.12.09 15:06

My happiest moment was finding out my devastatingly unrequited love wasn’t so unrequited…and we’ve been dating for six months today!

----- Leigh 08.12.09 15:12

the happiest thing this year hasnt quiet happened yet, but will soon! i have made the decision quit my job, to move to canada, and study illustration!
my boyfriend is coming too, mostly to snowboard, and his sister/ my good friend will travel and chef across canada with us, one big happy family!!

----- brigid 08.12.09 15:14

Happiest thing? Family holiday in Fiji, long lazy days in the water teaching my daughter to swim

----- Raztus 08.12.09 15:15

Happiest moment was right after I finished installing my work in my first gallery exhibition. It’s only a student show, but my friend and I bought some expensive Belgian beer and frolicked in the streets.

----- Gen 08.12.09 15:19

The two happiest events this year were celebrating our five year wedding anniversary with my husband, and then adopting a French Bulldog puppy (named Avada Kedavra) a few months later.

----- Dana M 08.12.09 15:30

my new kid laughed for the first time

----- mikey 08.12.09 15:32

Happiest day of this year is when I win this because this year has been a slow year.

----- Brian oh 08.12.09 15:35

finishing grade 7!!! no more primary school wOOOt!!!!!!!

----- monica 08.12.09 15:38

finishing grade 7!!! no more primary school wOOOt!!!!!!!

----- monica 08.12.09 15:39

My happiest moment was when a new friend said I was the nicest guy she’s ever met. It made me blush and feel embarassed like I haven’t in a long time.
Very humbling. Thanks Emma

----- Marco 08.12.09 15:40

Happiest moment: finishing my 5 year engineering degree only to realize I want to be a graphic designer. : )

----- Penny 08.12.09 15:51

My boyfriend and I, who have been fighting and breaking up for two years, finally gave up the fight to be perfect and ended up perfectly happy. We’re planning to get married next fall. :)

----- Robin 08.12.09 15:52

After two decades of dreaming, my father was finally able to buy a Harley and take off to unknown destinations. Vicarious happiness, but still, quite palpable.

----- Ryan 08.12.09 15:54

happiest moment for me this year was when I went to pick up my new bmw e92 330i back in hong kong!

----- mike 08.12.09 15:56

The happiest day for me was seeing all the amazing design happening in Spain while I was in Europe for an art vacation.

----- Rose 08.12.09 15:59

The happiest thing to happen to me this year hasn’t happened yet. After a long year away from family and friends, I get to go home for Christmas. You never really know what it means until you can’t get there.

----- Lindsey 08.12.09 16:01

The happiest thing that happened to me this is graduating high school! I am finally in college and as happy a a clam. It was time to leave my high school and graduating was one of the happiest moments in my life so far.

----- Lauren 08.12.09 16:09

The happiest moment of this year has been just been able to be alive and close to the people that love me after having some awful things happen throughout the year.

----- Monica Calderon 08.12.09 16:14

happiest thing all year was when I realized that I could do something I thought I couldn’t! I wanted to change my life and health so I started running. If you have ever started to do this and you haven’t ever before you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard and it takes a lot of time a patience to built of stamina. But I stuck to it and it’s changed my life. And I never thought I could do it:)

----- Caelin 08.12.09 16:17

I finally got my first internship after working hard all year.

----- Eric 08.12.09 16:19

the happiest thing to happen to me this year? i woke up laughing the other day. :)

----- Tina 08.12.09 16:19

getting my friend back after being angry at each other for a whole school year

----- Winnie Lam 08.12.09 16:20

i passed my last final with a -A to finaly get me into business school after 3 years

----- christopher pereira 08.12.09 16:25

My happiest moment this year actually came on Thanksgiving Day. The night before, my dog became very ill. I took her into the emergency room where the vet told me that she was very sick and that the prognosis was not good for the long term. I was devastated and began preparing to lose my best friend. As a last-ditch attempt, the doctor tried a procedure and sent her home with me for the remainder of the night with the plan that I would return on Thanksgiving morning to see if it worked. If not, I would likely have to put her down. When I took her back she was already behaving much more like normal. Xrays confirmed that she had made a nearly-full recovery - the vet was amazed! A little medicine was all she’d need. It was a horrible scare that ended in a most thankful of Thanksgivings!

----- Andrea 08.12.09 16:26

My happiest moment of 2009 was when I climbed to the top of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Arizona at 5:45am on a ripe Sunday morning and realized that I am completely free…

----- Cate Cannavino 08.12.09 16:29

The happiest thing that has happened to me this past year has been to become happy myself. I graduated and moved to go to a new school. My new hometown and roommates and classes and everything about changing my life has changed me from a unhappy person in to a Happy person!

----- Olympia Showman 08.12.09 16:29

My father overcame a 5 year battle with cancer. He’s been “clean” for the past four months after his last round of Kemo.

----- dane 08.12.09 16:36

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was my daughter’s wedding she is so happy and I love my new son-inlaw

----- Patricia 08.12.09 16:43

My happiest moment was casting my 4 year old son in a TV commercial I directed, with no experience he was magic on the day, an absolute natural! Super proud Dad!

----- Marcus 08.12.09 16:43

Happiest moment of the year: falling in love with New York.

----- Milena 08.12.09 16:51

the utter success of the vegan Carl Sagan lemon cookies i made for my partner, whose Sagan somehow exceeds my own. the cookies had sagan’s face or quotes printed on them. she was beyond thrilled. with 6 years of marriage, the little joys resonate the longest.

----- J.D. Michals 08.12.09 16:53

Buying my first house!!!

----- Jeremy 08.12.09 16:54

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was finding myself living in California :)

----- chrispy 08.12.09 16:55

happiest thing to me this year my daughter left her loser boyfriend of 4 years and moved back in with me!

----- kas 08.12.09 17:12

Becoming an editor for my school’s yearbook and discovering my hidden love for design, typography, and colors.

----- Christine 08.12.09 17:16

The happiest thing that has happened to me this year was finding out my best friend luke, beat cancer

----- Jeff Cheung 08.12.09 17:18

Something that made my year was receiving a positively glowing annual review from my bosses and coworkers for doing a job that I love and have been trying my absolute hardest at and then celebrating with my fiance over a sushi dinner!

----- Corrin 08.12.09 17:21

just one happiest thing in my 2009-life?…
hmmm…too many…!

for now is chance-ing upon
‘What the world need now is LOVE’ by Lionel Richie
in my iTouch~shuffle..

*what the world (whoa whoa) needs now
is love (is love) sweet love

----- Artenlove 08.12.09 17:27

Just last October i was able to attend my grandmother’s surprise 90th bday in hK, although i had to miss one week of school it was all worth it! All my relatives were there it was like a family reunion~ last time i met my cousins from the states was more than 10 years ago.. so i guess that was the happiest moment for me this year :D

----- kat 08.12.09 17:28

I tried to pick and choose, but it has all been good! Even the rough times have ended up with a positive outcome.

----- Paige 08.12.09 17:28

For a while now, I have been looking at where I am with my life and realizing that I’m not where I thought I would be by now. Although, one day I started thinking about everything I do have. I got a new job at the beginning of the year, helping people, and it has freed up time for me to work on my personal design projects. I met a wonderful man and we are doing great in our relationship. I was able to finally able to afford a new car and for the first time ever get winter tires for said car. After years of waiting patiently to adopt a cat, I was finally able to and am hoping to get another one soon. I’ve moved to a new house and my family is happy and healthy. I realized this all in one perfect moment and that was the happiest thing to happen to me this year.

----- Amy Miller 08.12.09 17:59

Happiest moment of this year was when i was i proposed to my now fiance.
I spray painted a human heart in our “spot” and proposed to her. I surprised her so much, and then with tickets to one of our favourite bands for that day :]

----- Sean Monaghan 08.12.09 18:03

Happiest moment of the year: I was on my way down to my car after work and happened to get into an elevator with a new band we signed, about 10 guys dressed to the nines. All of the sudden they broke out into song!! They were all smiling at me singing, it was the most random and happy moment of the year.

----- Molly 08.12.09 18:03

the happiest moment in my life is when I know that I won a small contest.
small but it memorable cause it push me to stay focus in my dream. =)

----- mariska 08.12.09 18:19

The happiest thing for me this year was probably buying a bicycle. It has been such a great addition to my life.

----- Zach 08.12.09 18:28

I have two happiest moments… one was when i got accepted into Uni to do teaching after being out of school for 3 years… the other was just on friday… my boyfriend and I had been going out for 2 years… we had dinner at the casino and he presented me with a piece of gorgeous jewelery he had designed and got made for me… and then we walked over to the Green Day concert… my boyfriend doesnt like Greenday, but knew how much it meant to me… I’ve been wanting to see them for years and years….

----- Jade 08.12.09 18:34

The best moment of this year? After four years alone and sad, I met the girl of my dreams. Amy. WE met at random at a little coffee house in my neighborhood, our first date lasted for six hours and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long long time. YEAH!

----- Jake Sepulveda 08.12.09 18:34

i finally graduated! after a mere 5.5 years…..

----- carissamae 08.12.09 18:36

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was my daughters wedding. After a solid year of planning and making things for this day, it was a lovely ceremony followed by a kick butt party. Big fun for all.

----- Terrie 08.12.09 18:45

The happiest thing(s) that happened to me this year was that I began to learn how to enjoy the little things in life despite having being overworked. I began to notice the pigeons that are always on my window sill in the work place and the rainbows that appear on the sky due to the rainy season. And enjoying these little things and sharing it with my new loved one that I just met in the half of the year. To be able to open and close new pages in his book of life together with him.

----- Febe Chong 08.12.09 18:52

The happiest thing that happened this year was ending up with my girlfriend, Ashley ^_^

----- William Sharp 08.12.09 18:58

I left behind one dream to follow another (business school to Peace Corp)

----- Richard 08.12.09 19:02

The happiest thing has yet to happen, but I’m running my very first 5k run this Saturday. I’m incredibly excited!

----- Melissa 08.12.09 19:04

happiest thing this year - getting my driver’s license!

----- Sas 08.12.09 19:17

well here is a happy thought, I have just a week left of school, and next monday is my birthday! double presents!

----- Ryan DeHamer 08.12.09 19:19

The happiest thing to happen to me this year is meeting an amazing creative special someone, who motivates me constantly.

----- Desiree 08.12.09 19:25

The happiest thing this year was when I got to me my new baby sister, Tiana.

----- Edward Wong 08.12.09 19:28

2009 has been a grand year by far - I welcome into my life a new city, a new career, a tiny old-but-new home…but best of all, my fiance! None of this could have happened without his presence :)

----- Megan 08.12.09 19:31

The happiest day of 2009 was June, 7th. I was able to raise $200,000 for a children’s shelter and residential treatment center.

----- Stephanie 08.12.09 19:33

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was when I DM’ed for the first time.

----- Stephanie 08.12.09 19:52

This year my boyfriend about-to-be fiance left me abruptly, and the happiest thing to happen to me was to get strong and move past it, and experience the moment when I realized - it was all for the best, and I’m better off for it :)

----- Kimti Kumar 08.12.09 19:55

The happiest thing:
Riding the Superman rollercoaster at Six Flags Mexico City over and over again with my sisters.

----- Savannah 08.12.09 19:59

Simple pleasures make me happy. I distinctly remember go my my favorite brunch place in Philly, Morning Glory diner, after a 2 year absence. The coffee was awesome, the frittata hit the spot, the conversation was just right and I was completely content. Good times.

----- Fraser 08.12.09 20:15

My happiest moment this year was being told that my application for graduation had been approved.

----- Jessica P. 08.12.09 20:20

Happiest thing that happened to me this year was getting laid off! Now I don’t work for the man but with my man (my husband) in our own entrepreneurial rollercoaster/adventure. wooo ;)

----- Angel 08.12.09 20:23

The happiest thing that happened to me this year: spending time with my niece. She is just over 2 years old and has been critically ill since birth. She is great fun, loves to smile and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff but live in the moment.

----- Leanna 08.12.09 20:29

The Happiest thing that happened to me this year was when i joined my high schools soccer team and after we won our first game my dad said he was proud of me for the first time in my life.

----- Cody Tivo 08.12.09 20:41

everyone’s comments made me smile.

the happiest moment for me this year is that despite the natural tragedies, failures and regrets that came through my life and my family, were all celebrating Christmas together this year. complete and loved.

----- mimi 08.12.09 20:43

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was St. Patrick’s Day, the first sunny spring-like day of the year, when my now-boyfriend and I kissed for the first time. And that one event has triggered the majority of my happiness since.

----- Sam 08.12.09 20:57

I have admired at least five of these items at one time or another. Awesome prize!

The happiest thing this year was a family trip to Disneyland with our two little boys. It’s totally cheesy but they must have smiled for 72 hours straight. It was so worth it.

----- Honor 08.12.09 20:59

At the age of 27, after traveling the world for a decade, taking a lot of time to find out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing with my life, I’ve finally figured out where “home” is. I couldn’t be happier here.

----- Michelle H 08.12.09 21:01

Wow, the swordoeuvres are awesome! Lots of things can happen to you, but you can make them happen, too. Finishing my undergrad was the best thing that I made happen, but the best thing that happened TO me was a surprise, my first trip to NY!

----- Bernadette 08.12.09 21:31

i was oh so happy to confirm that i was finally going to graduate from my masters program and got a contract for my first full time job!

----- erica 08.12.09 21:32

Reliving your childhood by watching old shows from the 90s with friends!

----- Susanne 08.12.09 21:46

Wow, you’re going to have a lot of comments to read through- all the things on offer are really neat!

Well, the happiest thing to happen to me. I’ve been spending hours upon hours talking with a fellow who I’m head over heels for- except I live in Newcastle, Australia, and he lives in Seattle, in the US. We’ve known each other for about three or four years, but while we’d interacted over the internet, we’d never met.

That all changed in July this year, though- fancy my surprise when some friends organised for me to just happen to be near the airport one evening, and who should walk up and say hello!

Definitely the happiest thing that’s ever happened to me, let alone just this year. We spent three and a half absolutely dreamy weeks together~

----- Eleanor 08.12.09 21:47

happiest moment was when I realized in July that I had found the man of my dreams…funny thing is that he was right under my nose the whole time…took my cousin 4 years to finally set me up with his best friend…and even though we live 17 hours away from each other…he supports my hopes, my dreams and deals with my crazy behavior during my finals week. Who wouldn’t fall for a guy who sends you a Cinderella coloring book and a bottle of your favorite beer to relieve your stress during finals?

----- whitney h. 08.12.09 22:08

The Happiest thing that happened to me this year was becoming a godmother to the cutest little girl in the whole world!

----- Samantha 08.12.09 22:13

When my sister told me she is pregnant. She’s almost thirty and this is the first time.

----- J 08.12.09 22:25

My happiest moment this year was when my family (that I had to move away from a couple years ago) has decided to pack up and move closer to me! Second happiest thing - I have always wanted to create and sell art. This year I finally did!

----- Tracey 08.12.09 22:28

Happiest thing this year? About 2 minutes ago… Finding out there are actual “Ice Invader” products that make space invader shaped ice!
Brings back some good memories of happiest days of years past.

----- Jema 08.12.09 22:36

Being robbed. Yes i lost my material possessions but those days with no computer or tv were some of the happiest of my life, i almost regret getting them back.

----- Eliza 08.12.09 22:42

being able to spend holidays with my dad who, a year ago, was on the verge of death.

----- pamela 08.12.09 22:51

The happiest thing to happen to me this year is figuring out web code on my own. I’ve had many classes but the most frustrating thing is the every changing standard of web development. And this year, many times I’ve had to teach myself how to do PHP, AS3 and CSS. And I’ve been successful. The sense of achievement has been my happiest moment this year.

----- creativename 08.12.09 22:57

I had just returned from a day in Santa Fe and found the gate to my rented property closed as the landlord had let their small horse out to graze. As I passed my car through and re-closed the gate, the usually shy horse came out from behind some pine bushes and poked his head into the open window to give me a nose-bump, then galloped away as if he’d just pulled-off the best joke ever. Horses have their own sense of humor.

----- Eric Hunting 08.12.09 23:01

My parents raised me to love traveling. I’ve always had a goal to visit all seven continents. This February I checked one off my list as I had the amazing opportunity to visit Antarctica! Everything was so amazing: the ice, the penguins, the mountains, the glaciers. It was the trip of a lifetime!

----- Lizzy 08.12.09 23:02

I officially started my new job in January, and I’ve had a blast ever since..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 08.12.09 23:19

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was when my hubby surprised me with a holiday getaway to London!

----- bunnyb 08.12.09 23:27

Just being with my friends and family has been the happiest thing to happen to me this year!

----- Joe Wasserman 08.12.09 23:27

Our happiest moment this year was when we got to move into a great 100 year old apartment in San Francisco and got each other as new fabulous roommates! Unfortunately, we are broke grad students (paying crazy SF rent)so we would love to make these household items a part of our lives!

----- Candace and Elise 08.12.09 23:46

My happiest moment came while atop lush fields and inside a hot-air balloon this past august. The view, the silence of nature, and the fact that a moment after saying it couldn’t get any better, my boyfriend proposed :)

----- esther 08.12.09 23:46

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was being told by the right guy that I was in a bad relationship with the wrong guy. My subsequent break-up and rekindling a romance all stemmed from my happiness to find out he still cared enough about me that risking my anger was worth my happiness.

----- Dominique 09.12.09 00:04

I got MARRIED after 12 years to my childhood sweethear. We got married on a boat on a canal in a pirate themed wedding. Everyone had an awesome time especially the wench and her captain XXX

----- Kirsty Selkirk 09.12.09 00:18

I live in Pasadena, and the happiest moments would have to be spending time with my parents in san diego. I love them very much!

----- Hilda 09.12.09 00:43

after having a terrible breakup with a girlfriend of 7 years, we started talking again via design related subjects and the use of notcot was a huge part of our conversations. we got back together today, you have no idea how nice it is. not a cheap plug/butt kiss for notcot either

----- j kiff 09.12.09 00:51

My happiest moment was when I realized that its okay to fail at life. Because mistakes are facscinating.

----- Sharon 09.12.09 00:55

to find out that I have a super-great life and everything is possible (think about all the things you can do in just one life = amazing)!!!

----- lamarí 09.12.09 01:03

I now this gonna sounds cliché but it was when she smiles.

----- Georgina 09.12.09 01:06

It turned out that my favourite cousin’s wedding was on the day after one of my exams, and catching the earliest flight after the exam would have still meant that I reached long after the wedding. (Being that the wedding was in South India, and I was at college in North India). I was pretty upset about not being able to hang out with the family (surprisingly, we get along quite well!) Then. Day before the exam, the college authorities announce that the exam has been postponed - I rush to get the tickets rescheduled for earlier, but the ticket-office is closed. I call them up, to be informed that it’ll cost me a significant amount to change the date, until,wait, the rep checks something and says I can actually change the date with no charge! They had changed the timing of the flight I had initially booked on, so I could switch dates with no charge!And then, I plotted with my dad to show up unannounced the day before the wedding and surprise everyone! So in the end:
1. I got to attend the wedding
2. I didn’t have to pay anything extra for the last minute ticket
3. I surprised my mom and everyone else by showing up a day early! =)

----- Suraaj 09.12.09 01:29

Happiest moment of the year hmmm?
Working out how to make a poached egg in water…that was pretty profound.

----- Graham 09.12.09 02:02

Happiest thing to happen to me this year was to see my mom after several years of not being with her. She flew home to the Philippines in time for my grandmother’s birthday. I got to spend over a month with her before she had to fly back to Canada where she permanently lives.

----- Tracy Orozco 09.12.09 02:05

My absolute favorite moment this year was hearing from my boyfriend that he had found a job in Amsterdam! After being in a long distance relationship for years, it’s such a luxury to have him so close :)

----- Elsbeth 09.12.09 02:27

Going back home for Christmas,after three years of being away … Merry Christmas everyone,and Happy New Year!

----- David Opperman 09.12.09 02:33

Talking to Stephanie and laughing at Family Guy.

----- Luis R 09.12.09 02:35

My happiest memory this year was organising lots of surprises for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday and seeing his amazed look and big wild smile when each of them happened! Definitely worth all the efforts.

----- Delphine 09.12.09 02:35

The happiest thing that happened to me was when I came home from college the first time in awhile, my 2 year old nephew had missed me soo much that right when he saw me he ran and yelled “Auntie” and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever had, even if it is from such a small person. The most innocent gesture of love you can ever receive.

----- Mitch 09.12.09 02:38

My luckiest day this year was, when a guy in my favourite club, who told me he’d break my neck if I get in the way of his friend (who was making advances to a girlfriend of mine, while I stared at her), did NOT implement his threat :D

----- Marius 09.12.09 02:46

The best thing that happened for me in 2009 was I won my battle with cancer. I’m now cancer free :-)

----- Carroll White 09.12.09 02:55

I was forced to spend several month at my parents house living in a living room:) the place is 25 km from civilization, but to my surprise - I found it wonderful. I was just admitted to Masters programme at university in a beautiful European town, where everybody rides a bike. This year I also realized that a person whose by my side, is the one I want to spend my life with. All in all, the happiest thing is that there will be loads of happiest things!

----- Barbora 09.12.09 03:05

My happiest moment this year was finding out that we can always make many moments happier! :)

----- Lavinia Goes 09.12.09 03:38

My happiest moment for 2009 was finding out that my group of friends and some volunteers managed to raise close to $10,000 dollars from a self-proposed community project where youths like me could raise funds for a charity of our choice!

----- Victoria tay 09.12.09 04:06

For teh last seven years I’ve been in a difficult relationship. Every Christmas has been a difficult one because of arguing and because I knew I wasn’t really happy. Last year, at New Year, I made myself the promise to change my life. So I broke up with my girlfriend, started enjoying being single, met a fantastic girl and now, 5 months later, we are living together in a nice house and I can say I’m happy. I changed my life.

----- lamazone 09.12.09 04:28

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was being a stay at home mommy every day & seeing my little jelly bean grown!!

----- Rachel 09.12.09 04:37

happiest moment this year - to realize in which direction of design i want to go and now being able to work hard and perposeful on my idea of my future

----- Andrea Stief 09.12.09 04:38

Oh I just love Fred Flare! Everything they make puts a smile on my face.

As for the happiest thing to happen to me this year… Hard to pick just one thing, but being at the inauguration of President Obama probably tops the list (even if we were out on the Mall, over a mile from the Capitol). It had all the right things: friends in town from far away, parties, early morning walks among the monuments, hope, a sense of triumph, and also the bars were open until 4 AM.

----- Ashley B. 09.12.09 04:40

happiest thing: my brother getting married. in a bleak year, all of my family was together and happy.

----- kate 09.12.09 04:55

The happiest things was when a client pay a bill, a very big one, from 2004, a ball of oxigen for my little bussiness, we will keep working a year more.

----- Laura 09.12.09 04:57

I live in Scotland and in September I got to go home to NZ for a holiday. Not only did I get to see my family and friends but I was a bridesmaid in a dear friends wedding, got to meet two new nieces and one new nephew and became a godmother again. It was the happiest time of the year!

----- D Diack 09.12.09 05:04

Ok, I would totally share these with my friends! These are too amazing and hilarious to keep for myself! XD

My happiest day/memory of this year is meeting up with an old friend! I haven’t seen her for years and we didn’t stay in contact after we graduated from Highschool. It was amazing seeing her again and to talk with her. She has become a very good friend of mine and now we try to have a dinnerdate atleast once a month!

----- Mikki 09.12.09 05:21

when i met jon burgerman and he drew a doodle in my book and signed it :D such an inspiration

----- rebecca 09.12.09 05:42

the happiest day, was my 24th birthday. not only because of the birthday, but that i got a scholarship for visual design.

----- Ben 09.12.09 05:45

The happiest moment this year was the inauguration of Barack Obama - a positive vision of a hopeful new world. Whether is has been fulfilled or not is another story, but that vision has sustained my hopes all year long…

----- Clay 09.12.09 05:48

Mi papá venció el cáncer, que fue diagnosticado el día de mi cumpleaños el año pasado. Me fui de luna de miel después de casi 2 años de casada porque recién tuvimos el dinero, el mejor viaje de mi vida!

----- Emilia 09.12.09 05:57

The happiest thing that has happened to me, so far, in the year of 2010 is finally loosing my aunt to cancer. She wouldn’t give up and at 65, she had no intentions of leaving this world until 105. Even when there was nothing left of the woman, she still spoke about going out dancing as soon as she felt a little better, but I am happy to say she is in a better place now. Eating what ever she wants and still supporting me from the clouds.

----- Klaira 09.12.09 06:14

I finally got a job as a FULL-TIME Industrial Designer and was able to move up into more of the country and outdoors oriented part of my state which I wanted to live for as long as I can remember. And love love going to work everyday!

----- Matthew K 09.12.09 06:16

The happiest thing/moment that happened to me this year:

I’m a graphic designer. I graduated from a three year program this past May (2009) With the economy being the way it is, my entire class (including myself) was finding it hard to secure and internship. I had sent out many applications, all responses saying they either weren’t looking or had already filled the one spot they had available. Finally I emailed a smaller agency, 5 minutes later I got a call saying to come in for an interview! And after the interview he told me to start the following week! After interning for 3 months, I was hired on as a part-time employee, and 2 months after that, hired on full time. I have never been happier in my entire life. I found the job of my dreams at the age of 20.

That was (and still is) my happiest moment this year.

----- Jackie 09.12.09 06:18

Earlier this year we moved halfway across the country for my husband’s first post-college job and we’ve been struggling financially and emotionally. Our usual way of de-stressing was to take our dogs and go hiking, but out here even the parks are full—the trails are like city sidewalks, people are always on your heels—and most charge $ to enter. After months of searching everywhere for a place to enjoy nature and let the dogs run, we discovered a beautiful park hidden away less than a half mile from our home. Rolling hills, a clear flowing stream, towering trees, and best of all, we rarely see another person. The dogs sniff and bounce and grin as only dogs can, and this makes my husband and me smile and we hold hands as we walk through the woods.

----- Claudette 09.12.09 06:23

Happiest thing this year… finally moving to a place of my own. Now only if I had cool Ice cube trays and plates with faces on them…

----- Allen Read 09.12.09 06:24

I got to go back to my family!! : ) after half a year studying, and my favorite season of the year is coming and I get to spend my precious time with my friends and family.

----- Rena 09.12.09 06:26

happiest moment was when i decided to start playing music again. i’m a classically trained flutist and have always wanted to play rock music. now i have an all girl punk band and am playing in a rock band with my husband. so fun.

----- jacklyn 09.12.09 06:32

i got married to the boy who liked me when i was 17, but that i didn’t start liking until 24 :) BFF!

----- Vy 09.12.09 06:34

Happiest thing this year was a nice day trip to a small college town in Massachusetts with a very good friend for some foliage photography. We found street parking (metered) and stopped for lunch. After lunch, we had to feed the meter -the ones where you get a printed sticker. To our delight, someone had left their partially used sticker there in the dispensing slot. We had a free 1/2 hr of parking! It’s totally the simple things in life that create happiness :)

----- tiffanywan 09.12.09 06:41

This on time at work when we wrapping-papered (and covered in ribbons, bows, and gift labels) one of the bosses’ cars when he was in a meeting…MWAHAHAHAHA! Funniest day at work ever ;)

----- JJ 09.12.09 06:44

No doubt, new baby girl born – Ella Rae – her big sister Maddie is 15 years older than her. The big gap, means starting over and big fun, what a blast.

----- Raymond 09.12.09 06:55

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was getting to meet so many awesome people through my new job, and finally feeling like I belong here after moving a year and a half ago.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

----- Tiff 09.12.09 07:10

I got my second puppy, a beautiful little addition to our growing family :).

----- Mikayla 09.12.09 07:13

I can’t say there has been one thing in particular that made me me happy this year. It’s been a rough year at work and in my relationship. I have a boss that doesn’t like me and a workplace that is catty. I don’t know what happened yesterday but everything was just so perfect and happy at work. Everyone was in an excellent mood and I didn’t work with anyone snarky or catty. It was just a happy day and I enjoyed my work day for the first time in a very, very long time. I think that this day of inexplicable happiness is worth more to me than a single event to make me happy.

----- Huck 09.12.09 07:16

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was getting laid off from my job. It pushed me to go into business for myself and I haven’t looked back - it’s been great!

----- Nicole H 09.12.09 07:25

It’s so hard to pick the happiest moment this year! lets see, my brother got engaged!; my Honey and I moved out to the country!!; and coolest of all, i’ve started the proceedings of starting my own business!! I’m hoping that the year ahead can only get better!

----- mindy 09.12.09 07:29

Lets be honest i’ve had a number of wonderful things this year! I don’t want to choose just one or a few b/c there are so many. I have wonderful moments with my friends, my family, my work life, my artistic endevors. If i had to choose, hearing i love you from my other half, celebrating my father’s 81st birthday (i’m in my 20’s) as well as his retirement after 65+ years of work (my dad rules). College graduation, new jobBeing, and my man’s band being signs as well as having their cd released. able to look forward to things to come and tresure things from the past.

----- Leslie 09.12.09 07:31

My happiest moment this year was when one my articles on the G20 summit got chosen to be published and I won enough money to rehouse 40 homeless people. Greatest feeling ever =)

----- Nabila 09.12.09 07:38

I’m 25 and I got a new baby sister. Weird but very cool.

----- Christina 09.12.09 07:39

The happiest thing that happened to me was seeing a positive pregnancy test after 10 months of trying. We are so happy to be starting a family together finally (a baby girl, due in February!)- a family that would totally LOVE the food face plate!

----- Erin 09.12.09 07:53

Getting laid off from my job. I’ve been wanting to leave for awhile now to go pursue my career in dance, and I was slowly working up the courage to let go of all of my stability and security. Though getting laid off is never a good thing, it happened at the right time this time, and I’m pleased as a pickle to be moving in January to start dancing.

----- Kacia 09.12.09 07:59

The happiest thing in my neck of the woods was being awarded my first museum art show. It will be at the Brevard Art Museum in Melbourne, FL the last week of January. Now it’s time to make some Snowglobes!

Robmat Butler

----- Robmat Butler 09.12.09 08:16

summer vacation hands down :P

----- Bartal Djurhuus 09.12.09 08:33

finding out my mom doesn’t have breast cancer and falling in love

----- Devin 09.12.09 08:39

I found my favorite person, including imaginary ones. :)

----- Katja 09.12.09 08:40

Disneyland, one day, no lines, great friends!

A great cure for the heartbreak of the day before.

----- Jessica 09.12.09 08:49

After 10 months of postpartum depression and a horribly colic-y baby, my husband got a vasectomy and our child has finally grown out of it!

----- Jana M. 09.12.09 09:03

Happiest thing this year has been uncovering the true meaning of the word ‘friend’. An eye opening experience that everyone will at one point discover in life. I am glad mine happened now and not later in life.

----- dAviD 09.12.09 09:03

Two months ago, I got a job I love.

----- FiZ 09.12.09 09:14

Someone sent me a balloon in the post! it was a nice balloon

----- jacob avery 09.12.09 09:17

my HAPPIEST moment was probably turning 21. selfish - I know. Finally being allowed to buy my own alcohol and mix my own drinks (thank you liquirious!) AND being able to dance my butt off and RELAX between a full time job and a full time work schedule - PHEW.

----- julia 09.12.09 09:40

i check blogs everyday and it makes me happy to know people are still coming up with killer ideas….

----- tom myers 09.12.09 09:45

Happiest thing? Being done with grad school and having an awesome affair!

----- Ellie 09.12.09 09:58

in july, i flew to vermont - i spent two days mashing my feet in the forest mud and skinny dipping in ponds (it had rained for the entire month of june on the east coast). drove back to los angeles, while coming to the consensus with my brain of a huge art/urban installation sabbatical that i am going to make once i finish finding the land/money.

----- cat 09.12.09 10:30

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was seeing Obama get out of his car and wave at me. The reason it was so wonderful was partly because of the 8 hours we had suffered through to get to that point, and the fact that despite all that was going on in the world and all people had to do to see the man who was a symbol of hope for them, everyone was really, truly happy.
And I was one of them.
That was a moment worth telling my grandchildren about.

----- Sara Harmon 09.12.09 10:43

After a 24 year wait, I got another pug - it was time and he just happened into my life.

----- Paul 09.12.09 11:00

the happiest thing this year was for sure meeting jimmy lavalle from the album leaf… and he loved my dr. dre shirt!

----- zachyp 09.12.09 11:04

Happiest moment was when I landed the student assistant graphic designer position in my college - New Jersey City University. The first stone in my career! :)

----- LAUREN C. 09.12.09 11:35

the happiest thing to happen to me (and my dog) was that i got married to an awesome guy and we managed to get our very first house and move in the week after the wedding. and now my dog has a real daddy too!!! :)

----- Melissa Van Hoose 09.12.09 11:35

My happiest thing to happen to me was changing my job, getting my cat and finally have my love returned… on the same day!!

----- Rick 09.12.09 12:18

My best-roommates-ever and I renewed the lease on our party perfect apartment :-)

----- Emily Clary 09.12.09 12:18

I gave birth to my little boy.

----- Alejandra Zertuche 09.12.09 12:27

My happiest thing has to come

----- Paola 09.12.09 12:48

the very happiest thing to happen to me this year was losing my job. It was wonderful because my job made me miserable and the loss of it gave me the much needed time to launch my passion into a business- which is now a new job that makes me happy! And busy!

----- jessica lorren 09.12.09 12:52

The happiest time/moment this year was finding out my parents had narrowly escaped a falling ceiling in their living room. My thanksgiving started on January 5th.

----- Nadia 09.12.09 13:08

The happiest thing that happened to me this year has been starting college!

----- Kaitlin 09.12.09 13:09

The happiest thing that happened to me this year is I graduated from university! Finally! -tys

----- tyson faa 09.12.09 13:31

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was getting our puppy, Matilda. She’s wreaked havoc on our lives in the form of destroyed eye glasses, furniture, shoes, countless rolls of toilet paper and other precious items - but she’s a pure delight! Definitely the highlight of 2009.

----- Beth K. 09.12.09 13:34

Happiest thing that happened to me was a risk that paid off! I moved to NYC with no job at all, but thanks to some luck, support and very nice people..I got one!

----- Colleen 09.12.09 13:36

The happiest moment of my year happens everyday. After thirteen hour work days, group projects at school where no one else bothers to contribute, dealing with unappreciative bosses and coworkers, I get to come home to my sweet little kitten and the most amazing man in the world. They make it all worth it.

----- Laura 09.12.09 13:54

Playing in mud! Clay is so versatile and interesting, and I’m so happy to have found it again in 2009 after years and years of mud-free life.

----- Sarah Brown 09.12.09 14:19

Well first, i got this awesome job as art director in a great game studio(which, beside playing professional ice hockey, is my dream career!). Then, I just met my sweetest, my future wife and if the gods are benevolent, the future mother of my descent! All in all, talk about a great year!!

----- Fany 09.12.09 14:21

The happiest moment of this year for me was when I was flown to New York to be on the Tyra Banks show. The episode was on self-perception, and I had the opportunity to share my insecurities with girls all over the world who feel just like I do. It left me with an incredible feeling of satisfaction in helping so many others, letting them know that they are not alone.

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:25

it was when i won this kickass prize: a threeA Large Martin Big Red from a toy online blog. I was watching the video where they picked my name from a raffle. I watched it 4 four times to make sure I was the winner before I contacted them. The figure is awesome.

----- inso 09.12.09 14:30

i was most happy when i was imagining how i am going to decorate my non-existing yet apartment!

----- sarah 09.12.09 14:38

one of my christmas wish for last year is to find my true love.
i’m happy to tell you that the wish came true. =)

----- Diana C 09.12.09 14:41

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was when I visited my nephew who is 5 years old. Last time I saw him was when he was 3 years old and he didn’t remember who I was. He thought I was a sister of my 14 years old son!

----- tomyama 09.12.09 14:58

Many-a-happy-things-have-a-happened in these recent 365 days.
I have grown and in ways I have shrunk
I have celebrated and I have cleaned
I have told stories enough to fill a few books and been lucky enough to hear a library worth of adventures retold
I have dressed up and been extravagantly dressed down
I have been sad in my happiness and been happy in my sadness
I’ve had a great number of dark days followed by bright nights,
I have done things not too good and
I have done things greatly not too good,
Me and happiness are stuck in an ongoing game of hide and seek.
She hides and I seek, or vice versa
but we always find each other cause we both love the game

----- Zoe-theodora Kolonelos 09.12.09 15:03

The happiest thing that happened to me was jumping into the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla in July. Cold water + Great people = bliss.

----- Hazel Trimble 09.12.09 15:14

My happiest moment this year was followed by my most hilarious moment.

My happiest moment was when my new boyfriend organized a surprise birthday party for me, in cahoots with a couple of my girlfriends. They all knew how tough this past year had been for me, and wanted to do something special. That night, I found out how much my friends cared about me, and just how much my boyfriend loved me…

The hilarious moment came when I was opening presents. I was reading his card to myself with everyone watching, feeling all lovey dovey inside, when all of a sudden, I blurted out loud, “Who’s Dennis?!” He had written “I love you, DENNIS” on his birthday card to me and forgotten to change the name inside! (The card was a downloadable template from the internet.)

To this day, we all still tease him about it. :)

----- Anh 09.12.09 16:20

This year helped me realize what I truly want to do with my life. Priceless.

----- Lindsay 09.12.09 16:22

Happiest thing this year..

.. what made me happiest was simply playing in the snow in the park across from my apartment in England, with my boyfriend and our friends. Opposite to that is when we had to move out of our flat, and I had to move back to Canada.

But I still remember playing in the snow.

----- Sydney 09.12.09 16:27

After a 3 month business trip, my boyfirend returned from traveling on the other side of the world. My happiest moment was when I first spotted him getting off the plane when he returned.

----- somerset walmsley 09.12.09 16:38

The happiest thing this year was cooking three thanksgiving dinners for all different parts of my family.

----- Marni 09.12.09 17:10

i am foremost an environmentalist. but sometimes plastic is OK.

----- gavin 09.12.09 17:24

My happiest moment was watching the sun rise over the Great Wall of China without another soul in sight besides my husband. Hiking over the crumbling ruins of one of man’s largest constructions gave me such joy about the strength of nature to overpower man.

----- Kristina 09.12.09 17:31

My happiest memory over the past year was a successfully run charity event (it was a dance gala to raise money for a popular Canadian national charity) myself and the co-creator raised $1000 with. It doesn’t seem like much, but we’re two poor university students…she had the idea/contacts, I had the marketing talent. Not bad for a couple of poor folk. :)

----- Connor 09.12.09 17:52

My happiest moment was when I realized that it was possible to find happiness in one person.

----- Elaine 09.12.09 17:53

The happiest moment of my year is when I realized that I was genuinely happy for my classmates when they found success. Am I actually maturing? Weird.

----- Sandy 09.12.09 18:03

give me sperm to an ovule to create a beautyful little boy

----- mathieu 09.12.09 18:09

Realizing that I was running the coffe pot, roomba, and clocky at the same time - it was like having robot minions (yes, it’s been that kind of year.)

----- Laura 09.12.09 18:30

The best thing this year was finishing the disney marathon and half marathon back to back. Tired as hell for a fat guy and almost passed out but it truley was the high any human can experience. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

----- Andrew 09.12.09 18:31

Happiest thing… QUITTING MY JOB!! Bring it on 2010!

----- Jenny 09.12.09 19:08

A lot of things have made me happy this year, even though I’ve had a lot of setbacks too. I graduated from college, traveled to Taiwan and Thailand to attend my cousin’s wedding, saw Muse in concert, finally found a job (and get to work with my best friend, no less)… But perhaps the happiest thing has been getting the chance to volunteer teach ESL, and baking. Teaching ESL has helped me discover that I really enjoy teaching, and baking in my spare time is taking me one step closer to my goal of owning my own bakery. :)I am very happy.

----- Jen 09.12.09 19:25

Being accepted to art center college of design as a product design major, so that I can design thoughtful fun products like the ones you’re giving away!

----- Christopher 09.12.09 20:06

Let’s see…moved into new home, got married and had a baby boy all in one amazing week. I’m so tired but soooooo happy!

----- Tal 09.12.09 20:16

Happiness found me.

----- Jamie 09.12.09 20:31

when my friend called me and said she found two stray puppies with heart worms under an overpass and needs me to save one’s life - and i am now the proud housemaate of annabelle lee puppyface - the sweetest little pitbull mix you will ever meet!

----- sidney 09.12.09 20:52

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was being hired back after being laid off earlier in the year. Makes you realize that you can’t always take things personally because sometimes things have nothing to do with your own work and productivity.

----- Adrian 09.12.09 21:02

the happiest thing has definitely been finding out that the lump I’ve been avoiding getting checked is not cancerous! :)

----- Sara 09.12.09 21:18

The happiest thing for me this year was my mom being told she was cancer free. So happy that she can grow back her hair and stop spending days in chemo and radiation We have a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

I hope everyone has a great healthy coming year.

----- Danielle 09.12.09 21:52

Learning to love myself.

----- Jolyn 09.12.09 21:55

the happiest thing to happen to me this year was celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. granted, it was two months beforehand because he’s going to school in china for the year, so it was relatively bittersweet. but still, it’s been the best year ever.

----- christina 09.12.09 22:00

I got married and our officiant didn’t get arrested when he and a groomsman tried to burgle the hotel pantry at 2 o’clock in the morning. That’s a pretty happy day all things considered.

----- Lauren 09.12.09 22:02

Happiest thing this year… that would be when I got back together with my boyfriend

----- Lisa Vance 09.12.09 22:30

The happiest thing that happened to me this year sounds super cheesy and possibly even lame, but it is realizing and gaining personal growth. The best changes are positive changes.

----- TiffanyNgo 09.12.09 22:32

The happiest moment of 2009 for me was graduating from my Master’s program and starting a new one. This is because after spending time pursuing a clinical psychology career at the graduate level, I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m now getting my MBA in International Business and I couldn’t be happier.

----- Tamara 09.12.09 22:54

The Happiest Thing This year:
I finished making my first book from design to binding, and I feel so proud of how much I accomplished and learned along the way!

----- Alex 09.12.09 23:03

Im alive with a roof over my head. enough said.

----- Ryan Berlino 09.12.09 23:43

Happiest thing that happened to me this year was being in a community that will do anything to help others in need. Last March we had a bit of a flood where I live. It was so amazing to watch everyone pitch in where needed and just do what had to be done to save peoples homes and businesses. Going out and sandbagging for 9 hours straight, going home feeling exhausted but just happy that you could help and just itching to go help again. The sense of community was just amazing.

----- Alison Schaaf 09.12.09 23:53

My happiest moment was singing at the top of my lungs with my suitemates all completely off pitch and off rhythm but it was beautiful stuff - our random music seasons rock some serious socks off!

AND We need FRED ICE CUBE TRAY!! Our ice cube tray malfunctioned…

----- Jen L 09.12.09 23:57

Of the many happy moments I’ve had this year, the happiest by far was the simplest. For the first time in 5 years, out of the blue, on a particularly ordinary Thursday afternoon in June, I heard a long, lost sentimental tune whose title and singer’s name have long escaped me, playing on a special friend’s iTunes. The feeling was indescribable. Needless to say, my relationship with him has gone stronger than ever.

Thank you for the opportunity to relive that feeling again.

----- Ellen Bautista 10.12.09 00:27

For this Christmas season, I am happy to report that this year has brought me a new love (and now wife), the addition of a step son (who is 4 and a handful, but I love it!), I am friends with my Ex, I am healthy, though my wife is having some health problems, we hope to get this under control soon, my family is happy, my cats are fat, my house is clean, my electricity remained on all year, I have improved my ranking in Solitaire, I have 104 Facebook friends, I got 2 new tattoos, my teeth haven’t fallen out, I have not lost valuable time raking leaves, my family didn’t get H1N1, I started taking a multivitamin daily, my stress incontinence is less of a problem then it was at the first of the year, I have decided to switch careers (from a nurse, to a chef), the McRib isn’t back, I finally beat my 4 yr old at Mario kart, I get to play Santa this Christmas for my son, I tried to quit smoking 3 times and failed, but at least I tried, and most of all, everyday I feel like the most loved person on Earth ! Happy Holidays to all !

----- Heather 10.12.09 00:41

happiest thing that happened to me this year: the birth of my little son kai!
he just to lovely and making silly tings all the time…

----- sarah 10.12.09 01:40

I started my own blog his year and it has been going really god. And ummm the snow is finally here, i love snow!

----- Josh 10.12.09 06:03

First, LOVE this blog.

The best thing this year was my boyfriend’s marriage proposal. It was the most creative thing he’s ever done, and it was so sweet! He’s the best. Go here for pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2184812&id=18400429&l=739d83587a

----- Melissa M 10.12.09 06:05

the happiest thing in my life this year was having a dream in wich Zeus himself told me that I was ment to be the winner of this competition, then he sent me this url by mail and told me that he counts to send his cruel majestic golden cow on earth to bring discontent and disappointment during next year if his will would’ve been thwarted. don’t blame the ambassador, he’s the boss here.

----- Marta Muschietti 10.12.09 06:52

my happiest moment in 2009 was when a group of friends and I found out we raised almost $10,000 for a charity of our choice through a self-initiated 6 month community project! I am glad that our effort truly paid off!

----- Victoria T 10.12.09 07:08

The happiest thing that’s happened to me is life. I’ve gotten to do everything I’ve ever wanted, got an apartment, life with my best friend, cook delicious food, work, blog, design. Everyday has been unique and full of happiness!

----- Meg 10.12.09 07:16

Wow this is a great Holiday contest! (pick me pick me!)

----- Andrew R 10.12.09 07:25

the happiest thing in this year was this year itself.

----- marta mascheroni 10.12.09 07:34

happiest moment is when you know who your real friends are, real friends are hard to come by these days. My friends will stick by me thru thick and thin. Cheers!

----- Hana Aparejo 10.12.09 08:14

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was I quit my day job to pursue my jewelry making career full time! Now I am working all day at something I love to do and actually making my dreams come true!

----- Tiffany Nelson 10.12.09 08:18

Happiest Thing This Year:

I was sitting in the edge of my bed wearing my shoes an then came my 3 year old baby boy standing infront of me telling me with a really big and funny simle… Daddy, when I grow up, i want to be just like you !!!
I gave him a big hug and start to cry !…


----- Alex Mejia 10.12.09 08:21

I went on a medical mission to mindo ecuador, and the faces of the children for just taking an intrest on them is tremendous. More then anything all some of these children want is someone to hug them and its beautiful. Its not just the children either. There were old men and and women of all ages. They all showed such gratitued for the smallest action taken

----- Maggie 10.12.09 08:38

Happiest thing this year was win I won 2 awards for Bartending.

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 10.12.09 08:53

I made a 3.5 this semester!

----- kelly o 10.12.09 08:54

The best thing that happened to me this year was my father’s recovery from a 5 year ailment. i can’t wait for him to finally get to come visit me. and to now know he’ll be able to walk me down the aisle, dance at my wedding, and one day get to play with his grandkids. so thankful.

----- lauren 10.12.09 08:56

the happiest things this year : playing kick ball in the redwoods, becoming a home owner, and doing a back handspring on the lawn of the community pool even though i’m 40 years old!

----- lisa 10.12.09 09:13

Being an Erasmus exchange student in Copenhagen.

----- Gintare 10.12.09 09:16

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was having my family here in America grow! After my parents petitioning them in 1982 they are finally here with us. It took forever, but it happened! I can hardly wait to spend Christmas with everyone!

----- Faye Marie Farrales 10.12.09 09:35

Persistently squeezing out the last squirt from what looked like an empty bottle of Heinz ketchup. I love ketchup!

----- Phil 10.12.09 09:37

this year i dropped out of a strict religious school & decided to start actually living my life & doing the things i want to do in any way i can. it’s been the best thing that has happened to me not only this year, but in a lot of years. maybe all of them.

----- Katrina Pietraskiewicz 10.12.09 10:27

Plain and simple,
no fluff here,
I found the love of my life this year.

----- Lex Somers 10.12.09 10:36

The happiest day for me this year was back in June. I was flying to Sweden to see family but most improtantly to see the guy I fell in love with in about 6 days after meeting him. I was so excited and happy to be in his arms after a year of only speaking on the phone.

----- amanda joy 10.12.09 10:48

The happiest moment of this year was when I saw my girlfriend at the airport, after being apart for three months. Our smiles were contagious, and we hugged for the longest time just smiling (and well, there were some kisses involved as well!)

----- Santiago Casares 10.12.09 10:56

sweet! My happiest moment of 2009 was when I came home to be with my girlfriend!

----- Joash 10.12.09 11:44

Happiest event in my life, this year, so far - birth of grand nephew!!

----- patty yuen 10.12.09 12:06

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was owning an elephant, for a day.

----- Craig 10.12.09 13:07

Celebrating my one year anniversary with my wonderful new husband :-)

----- Christina 10.12.09 13:15

Spending time with friends

----- Caroline 10.12.09 13:38

i had lots of happy days this year but i think the happiest was quitting my job to write full time.. and coming home after quitting to my manfriend holding a little banner that said ‘happy first day of the rest of your life’ :)

----- katie 10.12.09 13:43

Happiest moment this year…
Well it all started when a couple of rubber tramps were passing through my city for one night on their way somewhere else.
They were outside my favorite bar deciding whether or not to go in as I was walking by. I gave them a once over (I don’t need any riff raff hanging out in my favorite spot) and said, “Yeah… you guys should probably come in here.”
They decided that if the Sheriff says so (for I was wearing a sheriff badge {not a real one} at the time) then they probably should. Little did I know I was inviting my future boyfriend in. After having a “passing through town” relationship for a couple of months and then not seeing each other at all for three months the happiest moment of my year was when that little vagabond stopped traveling and we moved to a new city together.
Now if we only had some ice cube trays…

----- J. Lee 10.12.09 14:26

The Happiest Thing to have happened in my life in 2009 was… finally making a decision to move across the country and follow my dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

----- Sasha Bracetty 10.12.09 14:41

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was Walter, the stray pooch that found his way into my home after his own family abandoned him at their forclosed home. He is a gift.

----- Erin 10.12.09 14:42

Hey, I just moved into my new apartment. My roommates are super creative, strong women. Very great to live with. They could probably be editors at NotCot :) I’m thankful that the flowers I’ve planted on the rooftop are blooming through the winter in San Francisco. And I got into GREEN Business school! :)

----- melaniezen 10.12.09 14:45

the happiest moment of the year was my graduation!

----- Sabina 10.12.09 15:24

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was the birth of my daughter, Ivy. Crazy to think that I can be called a ‘Mother’ now - also crazy to think how the overwhelming joy of holding such a precious bundle can make it so easy to cope with sleepless nights and intermittent crying. I feel like the luckiest person ever - and overwhelmingly happy and grateful for all that I have.

----- TheVeryBess 10.12.09 15:48

I’d like to think that the happiest thing to happen to me this year has not happened yet. I do anticipate an exorbitant amount of happiness after finals are over, but hopefully the crux of my happiness this year will not hinge on that. If anything the happiest part of this year just may be it’s end, and the beginning of another.

----- Emi 10.12.09 16:12

I got to be an extra in a Rob Zombie movie, and he was incredibly awesome in person! The scene I was in was with the guy who is one of the Geico Cavemen, who was equally as nice as RZ. So while that was one of the happiest few days in and of itself, it came to a head when RZ posted my art to his blog. Happiest Kate ever.

----- Kate 10.12.09 18:09

the happiest thing to happen to me thus far this year would be singing “this is the first day of my life” by bright eyes at my friend becky’s wedding. i got teary-eyed as she and her new husband walked down the aisle!

----- marissa 10.12.09 18:45

My happiest moment was rescuing a kitten and gaining a new friend in the process.

----- DRalls 10.12.09 19:20

My happiest moment this year was graduating from college!

----- k. elyzabeth 10.12.09 19:32

The happiest thing that happened to me in 2009 is being reunited with my best friend from elementary school, we talked for hours and are more close now then we were then.

----- Stephanie Bird 10.12.09 20:42

This year, the guy I’ve liked for over a year told me he felt the same :)

----- Jess 10.12.09 20:47

Well if I don’t win these, the next best thing that happened this year would be a few excellent vacations this year, some with friends, some with family, some spontaneous, some planned, BUT all deliriously fun!

----- Amy 10.12.09 21:06

My happiness thing is having a good job, having good family and having some very good friends~

----- Wing 10.12.09 21:31

receiving letters (the old school kind/snail mail) after coming home from a day of school brightens me up every time. i get them from my friends who live countries away after we met at an overseas camp, and reading the colourful messages makes my heart palpitate all kinds of sweet marshmallows and sprinkles.

----- .grace. 10.12.09 21:40

The happiest thing that happened to me is that to know that im part of a little girls life that is suffering from brain tumor and helping her fight.

----- Emily 10.12.09 22:46

the happiest thing happened to me this year is soon to come, i’ve been proposed to become a pastry chef and i’ll move to london soon with my boyfriend to live together, after a year sacrificing myself day and night to cook, 24/7, this is the greatest thing that could happen to me!

----- mikke 11.12.09 00:31

the happiest thing that ever happened to me has a name and than name is Rachel Mary Root. She is the best girlfriend in the universe. she makes me happier than can ever be summed up into a few words on a page. i hope everyone is as lucky as I am at some point in there life. she makes awesome cookies!!!! :)

----- Nicolas Ducot 11.12.09 00:47

Man, what WAS the best thing to happen to me this year? Was it successfully brewing my own beer with my best friend? Beating my best friend’s ASS in Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook? Was it somehow using a lot of superglue WITHOUT gluing my fingers together? No, it was getting laid off from a job I hated, and can now collect checks from the government. Ahhh, life is good.

----- Jonathan Yost 11.12.09 02:31

The day my visa application was accepted because I finally felt that there was nothing stopping us from being together.

----- Adina Daar 11.12.09 03:33

Well, That’s an easy thought,

This year I smiled again.
They tell me it’s quite noticeable…

Have a magical year, notcot and friends!


----- Roy Zohar 11.12.09 03:49

seeing my moms face while i walk across the stage in my college graduation

----- ed 11.12.09 05:10

Happiest thing of 2009 was moving to a new apartment and choosing my own wallpaper.

----- Dries 11.12.09 05:18

The happiest moment for was my mentor visiting me NYC and meeting her friends. One of them actually gave us this assignment to do which is a self accountability chart. It’s a to do list to get things done in different aspects of life (ex. home life, romance, school, etc.). When some parts doesn’t get accomplish, you have to have a conference by yourself and figure out what went wrong. I know talking about yourself sounds strange, but in a busy city sometimes you have to have alone time to be sane.

----- Erwin John Labra 11.12.09 07:50

The happiest thing to happen to me this year is saving a stray cat on a snowy day. Now she brings me joy everyday!

----- SnoopyMeow 11.12.09 08:06

The entire year has been one of the happiest things to me- i had soooo many amazing stuff that happened with me doing an MA in what i have dreamt of doing since my childhood year, being the cherry on top of the gigantic caaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!! can’t wait for the upcoming yeaaaaar!woooohoo! :)

----- Dafni 11.12.09 08:28

Happiest thing was moving to Brooklyn - of course, it wasn’t fully happy until the last box was upstairs.

----- Moriah 11.12.09 09:54

Everyday was happy…two babies smiling up at me. Warms my heart everyday. Thanks M & A for a wonderful year. Mommy loves you.

----- Chloe 11.12.09 10:10

my happiest moment was when I won that cool prize from NOTCOT… oh yeah, that hasn’t happened yet…

----- Ray Saunders 11.12.09 10:48

Living in COLORADO for the summer = Happiest time all year.

----- Ellen 11.12.09 10:52

What a fantastic prize!

One of the happiest days this year was being told by my doctor that my health was out of the red all because I had made life style changes. It feels great to have control and feel healthy!

----- Kelly 11.12.09 11:00

2009 was an incredible year for me. At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted to lose weight. Months later, I was fifty pound lighter, and fifty pounds happier. Since I proved to myself that I could do this thing that I had putting off for as long as I could remember, I wondered what else I was capable of. I thought back to all the things that I told myself I could never do, and began to tell myself that not only could I do those things, I would. I will write a book, a movie… I will create. The podcast I have always wanted to host is going live days from now. I have a job that I also dreamed of at an age that seems impossible. This is the happiest thing that has happened to me this year; realizing my life is what I make it, that perception is everything. I am becoming the man I always wanted to be. This was one of the greatest years of my life.

----- Travis B. 11.12.09 11:02

Happiest moment this year: birth of “great” nephew!!

----- patty yuen 11.12.09 11:03

I found the love of my life…the one man who has truly made me happy. He is the swoosh on my Nike dunks, the cigarette on my smorkin labbits and he’s the fluff that has filled that hole in my heart. That is what made me happy this year.

----- Elaine L 11.12.09 11:03

The birth of a baby girl—Iris Mariam—on May 23, 2009. The happiest day of my life!

----- Ryan Kashanipour 11.12.09 11:07

I have definitely had some happy moments this year….but there is still time to top them…and I DO love Fred Flare. *wink*

----- Jenny 11.12.09 11:24

My best friend and I moved to Chicago - she from Delaware and myself from San Diego. We just got a new place, but had not planned well and do not yet have jobs, or much of anything, so as of right now we are sharing a bedroom and a bed. IT IS SO MUCH FUN THOUGH! We build pillow forts every night and wake up giggling every morning, we prank each other and play with our mini dachshund. We are 27 years old, with graduate degrees, and had (and hope to have soon) very professional jobs. This package would add even more fun and happiness to our house. We’re just happy to be together and in Chicago (even though it was -12* with windchill today!). There is nothing happier in life than sleepovers with your best friend, no matter what your age.

----- MLvS 11.12.09 12:13

When I was making 15 dollars an hour tied to a 150 year old chimney fixing it. (go female construction workers!)

----- Rose 11.12.09 12:32

My happiest time this year was at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah last month when I got to see my entire family all in one room. Yes, we were all drunk and in formal wear, but that’s what we do when we’re together but we looked good doing it. Plus, I saw the rest of the family at Thanksgiving the next week, too! (more food…more drinking…good times…) It wasn’t a blockbuster year, but weeks like those and the crazy pictures that go with them keep me going.

----- Lindsay 11.12.09 12:46

This year for my birthday I really wanted a pair of limited edition hello kitty aesics shoes. But unfortunately they were all sold out by the time my boyfriend could afford them. Then after a ton of hard work and overtime, he wanted to get them, but couldn’t find them anywhere… so he ACTUALLY tracked down someone on ebay, contacted them personally and then paid $50 over the market value for them!!!! Best birthday present ever!!!! Can’t wait to see what Christmas brings!

----- Jenikah 11.12.09 13:59

one of the happiest things this year, if I had to choose one - is when we went to a wedding in Niagra Falls (Canada side) at a vineyard….the wine was good and plentiful….me and my date (husband of 7 years) made-out in our minivan…. ;)

----- Parakh 11.12.09 14:38

The happiest thing to happen this year…
For my first assignment at art school, I brought in a blank piece of paper in place of the assignment. I was referred to by the professor as “genuinely indescribable” and “an example of what the university needs more of.”
I had just forgot to do the work.

----- Elaina 11.12.09 18:45

I adopted a dog! He’s the sweetest little puppy in the world.

----- Blanketessa 11.12.09 19:23

I got married!!!!

----- jay 11.12.09 20:23

I got married!!!!

----- jay 11.12.09 20:26

the happiest moment this year for me? arriving in paris for the first time, stepping out from the subway at night and seeing the eiffel tower lit up before me. then popping a bottle of champagne and eating cheese and bread with two great friends underneath it.

----- steph 11.12.09 20:45

Happiest moment, getting my first paycheck as an artist without a day-job.

----- Alda 11.12.09 21:12

I have left behind all of my emotional and past baggage and have started anew, felt great and things just keep getting better.

----- Michael 11.12.09 21:35

Losing myself in Japan

----- Heather Lockhart 11.12.09 21:50

one day when i was questioning a lot of things in my life and feeling really down, i walked to my car after work and under my windshield wiper was a note from my girlfriend telling me all these amazing things and answered and assured me of all the things i had been questioning. so amazing!!

----- andrew vicknair 11.12.09 21:52

when my best friend became a flight attendant and signed meup as her guest.

----- c.dempsey 11.12.09 21:55

the happiest thing to happen to me this year, was for me to realize that the time for me to chase my dream is NOW!!!


----- aubrey sookram 11.12.09 22:21

Happiest moment of the year would be.. when I get this Fred goodies (hopefully & seriously) because this year’s been quite tough. Thanks.

----- Sanu 11.12.09 23:38

I got to bond with my dad; visit my brother whom I haven’t seen in about three years; and spend Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle whom I haven’t seen in well over 10 years, all in one fantastic week!

----- Caitlin 12.12.09 00:16

finally celebrated my birthday after a decade of not giving a hoot about it

----- Maiks 12.12.09 02:42

The happiest thing that happened to me this year occurred this September. My long distance boyfriend of six years moved across the country to live with me. We made it through the best of ups (the Army stationed me four hours away from him) and the worst of downs (the Army sent me to Iraq for fifteen months) but I was still terrified. But here it is December and we still act like newlyweds (although we aren’t yet married). I don’t think there’s a thing in the world that could make me happier. Even space invader ice cubes.

----- Phoebe 12.12.09 06:07

i think the happiest thing that happened to me was deciding i’m gonna just quit my day job! crappy economy be damned… i gotta go for it.

----- Betsy 12.12.09 06:08

Happiest thing this year? We rescued two dogs from the animal shelter and I love them, and they love being home with us!

----- Nick Willoughby 12.12.09 07:13

My happiest moment this year was going back home and seeing all my friends, family and dogs again!

----- Mariana 12.12.09 07:54

For me, the happiest thing that happened this year was successfully launching a support group for young adults with MS. there are no such communities out there specifically for young adults (that i’m aware of), and we have such different needs as we’re starting grad school, in the middle of careers, starting families, and we’re just as rocked by the Dx as anyone else - and have virtually no support. The other groups are extreme - either for newly diagnosed, or those that seem to have lived through these phases of their life already, so where do we go? Hopefully here! So, it’s still a rocky road, but up here in the PacNW, we’re at 40+ and growing!

----- a. jernejcic 12.12.09 09:58

The happiest thing that happened to me this year is when I was approved to defer my grad student loans for another six months - hurray!!

----- Michelle Rozo 12.12.09 10:11

The happiest moment of my year was when I got offered my first job after being unemployed for 9 months

----- Matt 12.12.09 10:40

the best thing that happened this year: i got more mature, finally rid of the job that never matched me and now i am looking forward to the adventures year 2010!

----- ju- lie 12.12.09 12:25

The happiest moment of my year will be when I win this contest.

----- Steve 12.12.09 13:12

The happiest thing to happen to me all year was a simple call from my doctor letting me know that my MRI didn’t show any progression in my MS. The call took less than 2 minutes, but I can’t think of anything better!

----- Amanda 12.12.09 14:29

Happiest moment of 2009 was getting my first apartment :) yay!

----- Ruth 12.12.09 18:31

I met a really wonderful girl! :)

----- Justin 12.12.09 19:16

happiest thing that happened this year was when i was riding a bicycle while getting lost in kyoto and not knowing how to speak the language.

----- Glo 12.12.09 19:39

happiest thing was when i got accepted to go to italy for a med/arts program. i’m still grinning about the whole experience. it was a mash up of just everything i love. :)

----- Leanne 12.12.09 20:57

Oh gosh… the happiest time of my life this year, other than hanging with friends and family…
That would have to be when I finally attended a concert by one of my favorite bands. Since they hail from Japan, a US tour is always a treat, and after far-away admiration for over 6 years, I saw them live. It was one of the times when I could just forget everything and feel the music pulse through my veins. It was so liberating.

----- Andrea 12.12.09 21:43

I moved from Tampa to Boston and am starting fresh in a new, exciting, and beautiful city. Hopefully I still love it this much in the winter.

----- Stephanie 12.12.09 22:48

The happiest thing that happened to me this year was cheese and chocolate milk. Even though the end result was quite possibly the most disturbing concoction ever created by woman, the mere fact that I could physically eat my two favorite foods made it AMAZING.

----- Jessica 13.12.09 01:27

This year has been quite a year for me. A lot has happened and changed but i have never been so happy in my life until just this year. This was the year my plan, seven years in the making have finally taken off. I am SO prod to say that this year 2009 was the year i official accomplished my goal of creating my clothing line!

Yes i know this doesn’t sound that impressive. However to me, this means the world. It is my hobby that I have finally decided to take into action. I can no only hope that every one loves my shirts as much as i do.

So 2009, you have been awesome to me. Thank you for letting me start up my line, and thank you for making this year the happiest year of all time! a2 clothing you are a pice of my soul…

----- Armen 13.12.09 01:36

My happiest moment was tattooing for the first time—and NOT messing up! ;)

----- Jess 13.12.09 02:03

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was the opportunity for me visit my grandparents who have disowned me for the past 20 years.

----- Saltynay 13.12.09 05:02

Met a lovely girl inauguration weekend.

----- Jason 13.12.09 07:26

The happiest thing this year was my puppy-dog, Wilson. He’s a super dapper frenchie who I love.

----- Anna 13.12.09 07:40

The happiest thing that happened to me this year is that I’ve come to terms with the fact that everything negative that’s happening around me is gradually pulling away and that I am closer to reaching my goals. After this year, everything will change, for the better.

----- Lisa 13.12.09 09:16

The most enjoyable time this year has been spent in the Warphaus, a warehouse/gallery at the University of Florida named after the Bauhaus. It has been an incredibly magical semester being able to make anything my mind desired, in such an open and beautiful space. I’ve met some amazing people that I hope to know for the rest of my life. Working in the wood shop and learning so much everyday has been amazing. I even found one person whom shares so many ideals and goals in life with me that it seems like we are meant to be team. Last Thursday (Dec. 10th) was our final show, everyone had been incredibly dedicated and seeing all of the work come together was amazing. I have been working so hard this semester trying to juggle calculus 3, physics with calc and my 9 credit art workshop. This semester I happened to be extremely inspired and created a complete hanging living room set out of used car tires/bicycle tubes/plywood and low cost steel hardware. Living with minimal sleep and lots of motivation has been incredible. Our final show went incredibly well, with a large turnout. My parents came up to see it, which was really fulfilling to have them supporting what I enjoy. It was truly exhilarating seeing people enjoy what I created, many of them taking pictures in the living room and relaxing and feeling comfortable in the gallery space. Life is going in the right direction now, All it took was little change in mindset and having a lot of creative space.
Maybe one day I can be featured on here.

----- Spencer G. 13.12.09 11:32

Completed my first Exhibition of work in Interaction Design at Dundee University, amazing turn out at the opening night and i totally believe this is where i want my life to go!
I moved into my first house with my buddies from uni, nothings better than having your own house (garage, garden and all) coming up with amazing projects/inventions through the late hours with the help of energy drink for which 2 of us are reps for! (so its all free ;))

Im so much closer to knowing who i really am and could be!
The designers life!

----- Marty 13.12.09 14:05

The happiest thing happen to me is 2009 is coming to an end. It’s a rough year for me, both work life and personal life and I can’t wait for 2010 to come. My boss will be on maternity leave for 3 months starting Jan 4, 2010 and I’m on my way of out the lousy job.

----- Trinh 13.12.09 16:54

The happiest thing to happen to me this year started out as the saddest thing to happen to me. I got laid off from my graphic design job and was initially crushed. However, I now see it as a truly joyous occasion because it made me jump start my own business, which was my dream to begin with.

----- Dawn Andres 13.12.09 16:55

Completed 20 years in the Air Force Reserves.

----- Tom V 13.12.09 19:13

One of two days… either the day I realized I have indeed learned how to work the abacus… or the day it nestled into my soul that everything truly will be alright eventually…

----- McKenna 13.12.09 23:03

My boyfriend of 1.5 years is different race than me and my parents are somewhat traditional, so I was hesitant about telling them about him. But earlier this year, I decided that it was time and bracing myself for the worst I broke the news. My parents were more calm, open, and accepting than I gave them credit for. I couldn’t stop grinning from relief. It felt as if they were accepting me. Thank you mom and dad.

----- Caroline 13.12.09 23:17

stopped completely sucking at design

----- cris 13.12.09 23:25

My happiest moment this year was reaching the base of Katchendzonga, the 3rd highest mountain in the Himalayas (totally unprepared for how cold it really was in Converse sneaks) after a 6hour hike, no sleep, bad food and an insane 10 day hike. Standing there, dwarfed by the world’s most awe-inspiring mountains holding hands with the man I love, and knowing that there is still so much good left in this world.

----- Jess 14.12.09 01:21

I hope this is in time!

The happiest moment for me was turning 30 knowing that i haven’t wasted my life but lived it!

----- Neha 14.12.09 04:11

Moving into my new home was the happiest thing to happen to me this year.

----- Paul 14.12.09 04:58

I discovered I can be happy on my own.

----- Dane 14.12.09 06:56

Happiest moment of 2009 was being hired by a company that I respected for a job that I’ve been wanting to pursue since college. After about a year at a dead-end job as a freelancer (with no benefits, obviously) and feeling like a worthless failure, this was what I needed when I was about to give up on my dreams.

----- April 14.12.09 08:12

The happiest thing to happen to me this year, is meeting and starting up a meaningful relationship with my amazing boyfriend.

----- jen 14.12.09 09:15

My happiest thing was successfully baking a pie for the first time ever!

----- gina 14.12.09 09:31

The happiest moment of this year is when my partner of four years moved back home after being away for a 1 1/2 years.

----- ellen 14.12.09 11:32

The happiest thing to happen to me this year was Thanksgiving dinner. Twenty two of my favoritest people squeezed into my lil’ apartment for an afternoon of savory eats, scrabble and pie topped with loads of whipped cream. There wasn’t much room to walk around - I would liken the atmosphere to a crowded subway car, but imagine a crowded subway car packed with all your friends. It was the sweetest day of the year for me.

----- Coco 14.12.09 13:10

My happiest moment occurred on April 3, 2009 - the day Iowa legalized gay marriage.

----- velvet 14.12.09 13:17

Not everything is made beautiful but everything has beauty. Seeing that, gave me the happiest moments throughout the year.

----- Paul 14.12.09 14:40

The happiest moment of this year is when my band played at the House of Blues.

----- Robert W. 14.12.09 16:13

My happiest moment of 2009 was giving my first lecture ever, which turned out to be very successful.

----- Yu-San 14.12.09 16:26

the happiest moment of 2009 for me was waking up in the Himalayas, surrounded by snow and towering peaks

----- Adrian Smith 14.12.09 17:28

I have a lot to be happy about, but the best single moment of 2009 was when we found our lost 15-yr-old indoor cat and could stop picturing the many ways he might be suffering and living his last hours or days alone.

----- ottnott 14.12.09 18:19

The happiest moment of 2009 was marring the love of my life on 8.22.09!!!!!!

----- Meegs 14.12.09 19:14

Hmmm…. Getting a really good raise?

----- Jennifer 14.12.09 19:17

My best friend asked me to be his girlfriend. Yeah, I’m pretty happy about that one.

----- Kim 14.12.09 20:05

Happiest moment…graduating from University…finally. And then deciding to go back to school for something I am actually interested in!

----- Samantha 14.12.09 20:28

Learning I can still make myself laugh, even when things are terribly, horribly, stinkingly awful.

----- Corinne 14.12.09 21:05

Moving to New York and getting a scholarship to design school.

----- Catie 14.12.09 22:25

I fell in Love.
And she did too.

----- Joseph 14.12.09 23:36

Baby Lulu, my favorite little benevolent dictator, was born!!! :)

----- Souris 14.12.09 23:36

I fell in love with winter.

----- Robert 15.12.09 07:44

The happiest thing to happen to me this year hasn’t happened yet. But it will in about a week so I’m calling it anyways. If I finish my college applications and come out the other side in one piece I’ll be ecstatic.

----- Mac 15.12.09 08:01

The arrival of my baby girl is the happiest thing to happen to me this year.

----- Ryan 15.12.09 09:15

Im just a big kid. I got bigger but my toys stayed small… finally these are big toy for big kids at heart!

----- sydny axler 15.12.09 10:58

Happiest thing to happen to me this year? My daughter coming to visit me from CT and bringing her new BF that I actually like a whole lot. Can I have 2 things? Finding this web site and maybe winning all the goodies that look fantastic BTW.

----- Lois 15.12.09 12:32

From couch potato to a running freak!
In April I was coerced into a 5K, by October the addiction was full blown -I ran a half marathon dressed as a Cloud.

----- KC Rooney 15.12.09 14:04

Luckiest thing so far this year was winning court side seats to a Lakers/Suns game!!

----- James N 15.12.09 15:59

Don’t know if it’s too late but the happiest thing that happened to me this year has to be mom’s interest in coming to church with me.

----- SINA 15.12.09 16:27

i was let out of the mental hospital from california pacific medical, after a 5150. the emt were stupid ass holes who were bored and wanted to take a perfectly sane person, and force her into a catatonic state. the happiest day was when i was released..after being in there for an entire week!

----- eve 15.12.09 17:18

happiest moment, was finding out my neighbors/god parents made it out of their house unharmed after our neighbors across the street set off fireworks on the 4th of July. Their house burnt completely, but they made it out safely because their cat wouldn’t let them go to bed.

----- r.whitney 15.12.09 18:19

I was re-acquinted with a great friend from long ago. I didnt realize how much I missed her, until we had lunch when she came to SF to visit a friend that had moved here about 6 months ago. We are both really happy it worked out.

----- John G 15.12.09 22:59

the happiest thing that happened this year is that i had two break ups in a month and i learned a ton about myself :) was hard at the time, but looking back now, i’m really happy about it!

----- Christine C 15.12.09 23:46

My happiest thing that happen this year is when i saw ppl wearing one of my products, and they seems happy with it. I’m going to make some more!!

----- Rahayu J 16.12.09 03:49

Happiest thing to ever happen to me this year: going to Disney World with my cousin, who’s pretty much like a sister to me. It was both our first time going… What they say is true: you’re never too old for Disney, and I don’t think there’s a happier place on Earth than that.

----- Rina 16.12.09 07:45

The happiest thing that happened to me happened shortly after the worst thing that happened to me. I was laid off work but then after only 1 week I was hired by a new company AND I got a raise! it was fantastic.

----- Brandon 16.12.09 10:05

happiest thing that happened to me this year?
buying and moving into my first home!!!! very happy moment

----- ashley 16.12.09 10:30

My happiest moment this year was the summer road trip I took with all of the friends I haven’t seen since I left for grad school!

----- Matt Dornback 16.12.09 11:45

Turning to find the love of my life kneeling to ask me to marry him. I love you Mr Awesome.

----- cStar 16.12.09 11:58

When my blind cat and dog became friends! thank god

----- Amanda Curti 16.12.09 23:58

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