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Holiday Feature! O-No Sushi Giveaway- 12.18.09

greensushimain.jpg Andy Bell is probably one of the awesomest people i’ve met in 2009 (yay, sdcc?) ~ and his red and blue sushi’s sit sadly in their boxes by my desk inspiring me daily. So you can only imagine how ridiculously giddy i’ve been photoshopping the behind the scenes pics for this feature where he gives us a look into not only how they came to be, but also a chance to giveaway one of the much coveted GREEN O-NO SUSHIs!!! Before they are even available (you can buy one in january, but you’d better be quick!)…

So if you’re ready ~ go see the making of feature as well as details on how to win one of these awesome little guys + some stickers too on the next page!

p.s. we got a sneak peek at the green ones at SDCC


Feature and photos by Andy Bell


Apparently when you have several hundred boxes that say “SUSHI” on them imported by a company named “DEAD ZEBRA, INC” they are more likely to be held at the port for additional inspection! But the second shipment of the red edition of O-No sushi figures is finally hitting shops this week. The green edition will be available in January 2010.
The idea for these little guys came from a print I did a few years back:





The original sculpt of the tentacle on the sushi was made using real rice! But (obviously) rice dries out and changes size/shape. By the time the master was cast, the prototype sculpt had become rough and jagged, not very appealing and certainly not at all like real sushi rice! We had to re-sculpt that accessory to “plump” out the rice!



The biggest challenge was getting sushi take-out style packaging made specifically for this project. The toy factory had never worked on something so off the wall package wise. We contacted several vendors who sell actual food-grade sushi trays, but either they were the wrong size, or the minimum order was in the tens of thousands. We ended up having to make a custom tray and cover set, which was recently revised on the new edition to fix a few small problems with the original. Getting the packaging I wanted added several months to production, and the factory begged me to do something more traditional, but for me the presentation was as important as the figure itself.



And here we have the final product! O-No Sushi ready in green. Available for purchase in January 2010, but you have a chance to win one early here on NOTCOT!






So if you’re ready for a chance to win a limited edition green O-NO Sushi before its release, leave a comment with what food is your guilty indulgence. You know the type… the thing you know you shouldn’t have any more of, but you just need one. more. bite. (or sip!) Last chance to enter will be Dec 25th (yes! christmas!)

Here’s a peek at the stickers that Andy’s included for you! greensushi7.jpg

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346 Notes

Mom’s hot and spicy homely chicken curry. Kills my throat but oh so good :)

----- Licheng 18.12.09 18:23

I love grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. Mmmmmmmm.

----- Jenny! 18.12.09 18:24

Awesome sushi! My greatest food indulgence (aside from sushi) would prolly be bibimbap. It’s an easy meal to come up with when you’re lazy to cook - tastes awesome too!

----- Reena 18.12.09 18:24

Oh my! How cute! Guilty indulgences… everything?!

----- Joanna M 18.12.09 18:24

It’d have to be some sort of rice dish, I love rice :)

----- Russell Beswick 18.12.09 18:26

The SULTHANI/SOLTANI plate at any Persian restaurant… Order it and you are treating like a god…

----- Kat 18.12.09 18:28

Mint chocolate chip ice cream!
Mmmm~, YUM!!!!
I just can’t resist another bite….

----- Freckles 18.12.09 18:31

..that will be.. peace of cake ice cream ben&jerry’s… deliciooouussss..

----- norma 18.12.09 18:34

foie gras is my guilty pleasure

----- edgar 18.12.09 18:39

5 guys burgers are the win!

----- Tim M 18.12.09 18:43

me? oh yes. i’ll have a nice tall glass of tanqueray and sierra mist cranberry splash on the rocks. what’s that? yes. hahaha! just keep them coming, thanks.

----- Steven 18.12.09 18:43

Cool critter. Great inspiration. Next will have to be Gingerbread men or better yet Gingerdead men ;)

----- Matt 18.12.09 18:52

French fries with mozzarella cheese and brown gravy Mmmmmm

----- rob losito 18.12.09 18:54

Ahhhh yes, the guilty indulgence! Would have to be vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate cocoa nib bar crushed on top of it and topped off with a light dusting of malt….OMG…I’m drooling, I’ve got to go…bye!

----- darren 18.12.09 18:56

Chocolate macadamias are my guilty pleasure. Once a box is opened, it doesn’t last very long.

----- Dean Tanaka 18.12.09 18:56

Dirty eggs and bacon. all the grease and fat. damn…make your heart stop…right after your mouth orgasms.

----- Cason 18.12.09 18:57

viteks “Gut Pack” - a waco texas original. a to-go box filled with fritos, chopped brisket, beans, sausage and cheese - then doused with bbq sauce. like the name leads, its unruly filling and full of delicious heart attack guilt, but oh so good.

----- ryan weaver 18.12.09 19:00

I live a few blocks from an In n’ Out. It takes all of my willpower not to eat there every day.

----- Jon 18.12.09 19:01

Foie Gras! The process is too cruel. But it’s so good!

----- Ron Cruz 18.12.09 19:01

First Off Andrew Bell is a genius! Or maybe just a mad scientist. Either way, incredibly talented :)
Stuff I CANNOT live without Marshmallow Fluff & Nutella on WonderBread. disgustingly sweet, sugary and gooey. But Oh So D-E-licious!

----- Paula T 18.12.09 19:02

I think my guiltiest indulgence would have to be KFC.

I almost never eat fried food, I’ve had better fried chicken, heck I’ve made better fried chicken, but if KFC’s made available, I’m all “No no no nom no nom nom nom…”

----- Christopher Clark 18.12.09 19:02

I’m guilty of eating too much ramen!! I know it has a lot of msg but It just tastes so good and so easy to make!

----- Renee C 18.12.09 19:06

I have to say : «Whoopie Pies caused his dead» are the words that should be written on my grave stone. I mean, it’s just that D-E-L-I-C-O-U-S !!

----- Étienne Richard 18.12.09 19:08

Can’t get enough hot cheetos!!!

----- Bryant Panyarachun 18.12.09 19:10

Oatmeal Cream Pies, they’re like little crack addictions in fatty pie form, mmmm.

----- Melanie Bee 18.12.09 19:11

Hawaiian Kettle chips- specifically BBQ flavor. Mmmm…

----- Ryan C. 18.12.09 19:11

I don’t even have to think about it.

Soft Baked Cookies! I just love having something sweet when ever I can I’m leaving for college next month so I really have to watch myself in the cafeteria.

----- Mikayla 18.12.09 19:12

Okay I admit it… I’m not proud… but I have a beef jerky problem… which is why I try to only buy it a few times a year…lol. Also, I hate sharing awesome sushi rolls. I get defensive with the chop sticks.

----- Mikell Johnson 18.12.09 19:12

fresh otoro nigiri mmm

----- Winnie Lam 18.12.09 19:15

My guilty pleasure is actually sushi… I’m a big guy and when I order sushi I don’t just order one, two, or three rolls, I’m in the double digits, can’t have enough, but when I finally get up from the table, I feel STUFFED!

----- John 18.12.09 19:20

Handrolls… at kaisen kaiten in Costa Mesa, CA. Soft shell crab’s the best, looks like deep fried alien….Game over, man.

----- anselm hii 18.12.09 19:22

It would have to be a Double Bacon Cheese Burger from the Habit, and being a vegetarian It really messes with my head.

----- keno 18.12.09 19:26

Haagen Dasz Rocky Road Dazzler [:
Rocky road ice cream+ hot fudge+ oreos, topped with whipped cream.
probably 2000+ calories. mmmm

----- Jaime 18.12.09 19:31

Cheeseballs. Ugh! So good.

----- Tiffany 18.12.09 19:37

A couple of things actually… first, there’s this shop near my house that does this amazing cake with condensed milk and jelly and omg, it’s so good, I almost at half a cake in one sitting, when everyone else around me ate a slice, at most. Then there’s nice, warm, buttered up scones… and so many other things!

----- Beatriz 18.12.09 19:41


Guilty Pleasure: Ferrero Roche.

----- Kat! 18.12.09 19:46

Entenmann’s Marshmallow Cake is the best ever!

----- Ryan 18.12.09 19:46

Chicken and dumplings
it started with my moms. Homemade from scratch and made with gizzards and black pepper. Now that I am married to a wonderful cook she has stepped it up. Talk about chicken that is so fresh and tasty and full of juice. I still don’t know how it is prepared. Now take that and add it to the fresh dumplings. it is D-E-Licious! To be honest i try to get sick just because it is the perfect cure for any cold or zombie cough.

----- Mike 18.12.09 19:49

My guilty indulgence would be lengua tacos.

----- Richard Saguin 18.12.09 19:49

Speckled Jawbreakers are my guilty indulgence. I don’t like the other ones, has to be the white ones with different color spots, I would spent my last cent for one. I love them so much I got one tattooed on me.

----- cherieshipwreck 18.12.09 19:53

peanut butter and jelly. addicting, really.

----- Collin 18.12.09 19:56

Deep fried Japanese food. Karage. Tempura. Katsu.

----- Brad 18.12.09 19:58

I actually have a strange addiction to brown sugar. Seriously, I eat the stuff by the spoonful. I always wonder how much I can eat before I get sick, but so far I haven’t reached that point. I even sprinkle some on my ice cream with some chocolate syrup.

----- rustedhalo 18.12.09 20:06

the green is a cute new addition! would love to have it sitting on my desk with the rest of my yummy breakfast and sushi figurines.

oh, and katsu curry is my guilty guilty pleasure!

----- laura 18.12.09 20:06

oh god, i’m vegetarian at heart, but really an ovolactopescatarian in practice. i loves the animals, but am in a constant struggle because i find them so delicious. so my guilty indulgence is unagi, or eel sushi. sorry slimy little guys…you will always haunt my dreams.

thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics & commentary on the making of o*no…so awesome!

----- rob 18.12.09 20:13

dried mangoes.

----- Rosanna U 18.12.09 20:17

…this looks awesome~ i want one~~

my guilty indulgence would be chips and chocolates~

cant get enough of it~….

----- K 18.12.09 20:28

Indulgences… Well anything from smittenkitchen.com, but particularly the browned butter rice crispy treats. They are way to easy and taste sooo good!

----- Toni 18.12.09 20:33

Ok, for me, it’s those yummy bit-sized snickers. Not the fun-size ones, but the little mini ones. Somehow I think that if I eat say, just three or four, it’s much less damaging than an actual snickers bar (which is probably five, but I would definitely feel terrible indulging in that!). The bite-sized ones are so darn cute and mini, and tasty!, and I can’t help it…!

----- Michelle 18.12.09 20:34

I lived in Portland awhile back & while there I discovered what is now my favorite guilty pleasure food. Cheri’s calls them “stuffed hash browns” & I call ‘em Heaven On Earth. So you take some hash browns, add sour cream, bacon & chives, fold them in 1/2 & then melt cheddar cheese on top. Amazing stuff!

----- Lauren 18.12.09 20:34

i am addicted to peanut butter brownies.

----- Leslie 18.12.09 20:36

Fried ice cream. Ice cream alone is not at all healthy, but to then get it fried and drizzle some white chocolate and raspberry sauce on top— I’m just asking for a heart attack! ^_^ great giveaway! Andrew is the awesomeness!!!

----- Saki 18.12.09 20:46

I’d have to say Chocolate cake.

----- Alex drilone 18.12.09 20:54

It is weird that I’ll sip maple syrup…straight from the bottle when no one’s looking?

----- Tom 18.12.09 20:54

Food / snack wise my guilty pleasure is definitely Reese’s Pieces or Nutter Butters. Drink / soda wise it’s IBC Cream Soda, it’s so damn fresh!

----- Brian B 18.12.09 20:56

My guilty food is that cheap, not real Chinese-Chinese delivery you can order and have delivered to your door. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. I order it whenever I’ve had a really crap day or when I’m feeling especially lazy and want to reward myself without getting off the couch. Steamed dumplings, extra spicy general tso’s chicken, pork fried rice, eggrolls and sometimes some moo shu pork. Oh yeah, good eatin’. It’s not like this stuff is chuck full-o saturated fat and sodium or anything. Nope, not at all…

----- David Sanacore 18.12.09 20:57

Italian rainbow cookies!!! I can’t stop eating those to save my life, maybe if they
weren’t so delicious I could haha!! Last time I bought a pound of the
they were gone in a few hours!!

----- Rob Ingellis 18.12.09 21:03

Besides sushi of course, it would have to be foi gras.

----- Ron Hollatz 18.12.09 21:05

Love simple toast.. made just right in my old toaster with the broken hinge and served on super fine china with hand churned butter. The best!

----- alan 18.12.09 21:09

A Mocha!

I love them, could fund a small country with what I spend on them, and I think they might make me a diabetic one day!

----- Samuel Schimek 18.12.09 21:09

It would have to be Burritos. Any kind really.

----- Josh 18.12.09 21:12

I love eating Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch and drinking a good cold beer while I’m sitting on the couch naked playing Halo.

----- Matt Menefee 18.12.09 21:12

I can’t stop myself from indulging in anything that can act as a vinegar vehicle; french fries, fish, chicken tenders, pizza, mmmmm. Even when my mouth has been chemically cooked, and my lips start swelling in rebellion, that vinegar is just soooo good.

----- Lucia 18.12.09 21:27

crispy rice tuna sushi… yum!

----- Vince 18.12.09 21:28

Woot.. that toy is damn cool.

----- Santos Gonzalez 18.12.09 21:33

cherry garcia ice cream. sometimes i eat it until i’m sick.

----- cj 18.12.09 21:34

ohhh the most guilty of pleasures… tootsie rolls. in the morning, in the night and all points in between.

----- nad, the mayor of nadtown 18.12.09 21:34

Cold Stone Pumpkin icecream (w. caramel, pie crust chunks, & whipped cream). If they served it year round…I’d have a real problem. I’m a sucker for anything “pumpkin,” actually, even though I know most of it is fake. *sigh*

----- Megan 18.12.09 21:42

Angel food cake… Plain! Tastes like marshmallows. Amazing.

----- Xue 18.12.09 21:42

My most guilty indulgence would have to be deep fried candy bars. Any kind will do. Just don’t forget that dusting of powdered sugar!

----- Lucas Lund 18.12.09 21:43

I love pizza sooo much that if its in front of me I’ll eat a whole pie.

----- Danielle 18.12.09 21:44

Gotta be Lombardi’s pizza. They could keep bringing it and I’d keep eating it. Good stuff.

----- Dave 18.12.09 21:47

A donut at Sweetpea vegan bakery, every Saturday (donut day!)

----- Susan Kelley 18.12.09 22:05

mmm i love hot wings they are so spicy so it burns but cause it burns i eat them faster and faster and cant stop till they are all gone

----- david 18.12.09 22:10

cookies…. simple yet classy, chocolate chip cookies

----- eric 18.12.09 22:11

Cheap curry. Specifically Narvratan Korma with nan bread and cucumber raita. Gulab Jamun to follow, and I always eat one too many of those and feel ill afterwards! Thus, guilty pleasure.

----- Lauren M. 18.12.09 22:13

Guiltiest Pleasure is fast food french fries. The cheap stuff thats drenched in old used oil. nom nom nom nom nom!

----- Ron 18.12.09 22:21

Peanut butter and Nutella brownies with chocolate chips and nuts. They are so so delicious and I love making them.

----- Allie 18.12.09 22:23

Cheap chinese food. Mall cafe, quick-takeout, whatever. Give me large quantities of sweet-and-sour chicken, fried rice, crab rangoons, egg rolls, pot-stickers, and more right away please.

----- Kevin Weddell 18.12.09 22:24

French fries. :| Add a dash of salt and a handful of pepper. Mmm

----- Nina 18.12.09 22:30

A moment pleasure in the mouth and a life time on the hips (shut up guilt!)
Cheese Cake, watching Golden Girls..of course.

----- Bogart Paz 18.12.09 22:32

favourite food….gotta be spaghetti with meatballs homemade style. Even better if someone else makes them.

----- Laura 18.12.09 22:37

Definitely Baskin Robbins’ Oreo & Creme Milkshake with extra hot fudge and whipped cream. I have one EVERYDAY & I would probably have two if that little voice inside didn’t stop me. LOL

----- M 18.12.09 22:39

Guilty indulgence = pecan pie! Seriously, I can eat a whole pie in ONE sitting. With milk. That’s like, a gazillion calories and I do it once a year on Thanksgiving. I otherwise refuse to touch it b/c I’ve learned that once I start eating pecan pie, I CANNOT STOP. Until I, literally, can barely walk. Food coma!

----- ellie 18.12.09 23:02

Hands down coffee. My reason to get out of bed in the winter!

----- Xtina 18.12.09 23:02

Something about pita chips and hummus…I can never stop!

----- Libby 18.12.09 23:34

i hate to admit this but mcdonald’s french fries mmmmmmmmmm zomg sooo yummy in my tummy!

----- xenia 18.12.09 23:35

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans is my guilty indulgence. I could eat them all day if guilty didn’t exist.

----- Cherilyn 18.12.09 23:40

spicy tako of course!

----- jordan 18.12.09 23:57

Well since its the holiday season…pumpkin pie!!

----- Stefan 19.12.09 00:34

chips of course… :)

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 19.12.09 01:23

PIzza… all forms of pizza.. that is my cryptonite

----- Christian Schaffner 19.12.09 01:28

Roquefort..little piece. It remembers first experiences of life..

----- Aiste 19.12.09 01:59

Bread Pudding…..

----- Brian 19.12.09 02:35

Guilty pleasure? Soreen Malt Loaf. It’s not so much the malt loaf itself that makes it my guilty pleasure, but rather the amount of it I manage to scarf down :(

----- Annelise Johnsen 19.12.09 02:43

That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!

I guess my biggest indulgence is hot chocolate or milkshakes. Either hot or cold version of a creamy chocolaty drink. The calories are something that I just don’t need, but I can’t give them up! I just want more delicious sips of sugar wonderland!

----- creativename 19.12.09 03:24

Cadburys Buttons combined with Marks and Spencer chocolate raisins

----- Eoin 19.12.09 03:26

I should stop eating chocolaaate!

----- Nuno 19.12.09 03:49

Looks bleedin’ awesome!! Very jealous of Mr. Bell’s awesome talent.

My favourite food indulgence: My mum’s Bread & Butter pudding.

----- George Mackay 19.12.09 04:07

Chilicheese and cheese in general! Don’t even have to have anything with the cheese I just eat the cheese.

----- Char 19.12.09 04:39

Nutella! nom nom nom

----- Chiara 19.12.09 04:44

My dad’s rustic style bone marrow soup.

----- Jaypee Vendiola 19.12.09 04:59


----- Steve M. 19.12.09 05:03

Guilty indulgence would have to be Roast Duck with pineapple, Chinese-style.

This is about as close to get to sushi these days; my intolerance to fish has rapidly escalated over the last 4-5 years, so I’ve had to give it all up now. Boo hoo hoo!

----- James Pollard 19.12.09 05:23

Soft sweet black licorice (or ‘zachte zoete drop’ in Dutch). Once I start, it’s hard to stop and most of the times I end up being nauseous.

----- Joris-Jan 19.12.09 05:28

fish sticks. I always want to eat one more piece. I guess somebody puts some highly addictive drug there.

----- Helen O 19.12.09 05:31

Foie Gras for sure, how could you not feel guilty but it tastes so good.

----- chris barrett 19.12.09 05:48

Oh my god, I am a huge fan of Andy Bell and I simply love this giveaway!!! :D I got both of his books and his work is just fun and creative!

My guilty indulgence would be marzipan :( Marzipan with a beautiful thin chocolate skin. I can’t get enough of it and I am SUPER glad I only get to eat it in the last two months of the year. I will be stopping by the gym very often in January

----- Mikki 19.12.09 06:02

white russians.. ugh.. must have another.. these toys are amazing btw.. so buying one as soon as i can find a link

----- Mike D 19.12.09 06:23

My guilty food pleasure? …deep friend marshmallow Peeps. or a deep fried Snickers bar. I only allow myself this once a year, during the holidays…generally enjoying with eggnog and a plethora of other fried things (if you’re gonna start the fryer up, might as well go nuts and coat all of your groceries at once. It takes a long time to heat up!)

----- Rae 19.12.09 06:27

Fried potato skins stuffed sour cream and bacon!

----- JB 19.12.09 06:36

Would have to be kumara fries from New Zealand.

----- Ed 19.12.09 06:39

chocolate chip cookies

----- clode 19.12.09 06:41

Sweet and Sara’s s’mores. I always cut them in half, intending to save the second part for later. Of course, “later” often ends up being about five minutes after I finish the first half. The marshmellow inside is just so mouhwateringly good!

----- Sarah Brown 19.12.09 06:48

Love this piece and the stickers are awesome too! I’ve got to admit… french fries are the thing that I absolutely cannot say no to… terrible I know… I will not be surprised when my future cardiologist informs my that the blockage in my artery is an actual undigested fry that I somehow ingested intravenously.

----- Supan 19.12.09 07:00

My guilty pleasures are chips which are fattening and sushi which makes my wallet weep. The guilties attack in full force if I start going overboard.

----- Vicky 19.12.09 07:04

I make a sandwich called the cheese melty. From bottom to top, it’s wonderbread, mayo, buddig beef and american cheese. microwaved 25secs and served open face.

----- dave 19.12.09 07:22

Fudge. There is a nice little chocolate shop a few miles from the house. About once a month Mary Ann and I break down and buy a pound each. Chocolate for me, Maple Nut for her. Yum. Hardest part is making it last.

----- Scott B 19.12.09 07:26

Going round my mums and scraping the leftover cake mixture out of the bowl and off the spoon. Pure childish indulgence.

----- Doug Crumpler 19.12.09 07:29

KFC but not the chicken just the skin!

----- Neil "zro" Tattersall 19.12.09 07:30

Belgian truffles…I could eat the whole box.

----- Ashley 19.12.09 07:44

french fries with vinegar and aioli sauce YUM

bread, any and all kinds of bread. especially when warm and with a dish of olive oil and fresh parmesan

COFFEE (if that can be considered food, ha)

----- angela 19.12.09 07:54

That is so cute, yet very asian!

----- Nqduy 19.12.09 08:12

frosting right out of the can. So very bad.

----- Christina 19.12.09 08:19


----- sven. 19.12.09 08:21

Crispy fried bacon. I know it’s not good for you but it tastes so good.

----- Richard Kempter 19.12.09 08:25

homemade caesar salads. with (homemade) crutons and bacon and mushrooms. SO GOOD!

----- lindsay 19.12.09 08:30

My guilty indulgence is pizza!! I love pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

----- Angelica Haycook 19.12.09 08:38

I love this! I first saw pictures of it when they showed it at Comic-Con and thought it was adorable!

I’m a sucker for any chocolate or baked good…but I’m going to go with the wonderful hazelnutty chocolateness of Nutella. It started when I would “splurge” on jars of it in college. I started out spreading it on bread or crackers but eventually gave that up and just dug into it straight from the jar, with a spoon, chopsticks, or my fingers. And I could never quite put it down when I really should have…

----- Jen 19.12.09 08:39

That would be Baskin Robbin’s Pralines and Cream ice cream!!!

----- bunnyb 19.12.09 09:10

I can never seem to get enough Ethiopian food. I Order it eat till i’m full and there is still enough for a another full meal and I just keep eating till I am miserable. and I sit there just wishing I could take just one more bite.. and after a few minutes I do.. ugh, why did I do that..om nom nom nom.

----- Joby Cummings 19.12.09 09:25

BURGERS!!! i would eat them everyday if it wouldnt kill me.

----- Brian 19.12.09 09:25


----- kevin leung 19.12.09 09:28

Kouludia. They’re Greek butter cookies that my wife’s mom makes. One batch made on Thanksgiving typically yields about 100 cookies, 99 of which are gone by Christmas thanks to my lack of self control.

----- Keith Greenstein 19.12.09 09:38

foie gras.. soo delicious, such a guilty pleasure..

----- tiffanywan 19.12.09 09:42


----- Cameron 19.12.09 09:44

Anything with Chinese hand pulled noodles. I have a noodle obsession and hand pulled is he creme de la creme of noodles. I’m always surprised when I finish the whole bowl. At this point I shouldn’t be, but I always am.

----- Lauren 19.12.09 10:12

Ok…something that my husband dreads.

Bowel(large for mixing)+ Mom’s White Mexican Rice/Beans + A lot of Sour Cream + Mom’s killer green salsa = Bottle of Beano and sleeping on the couch.

----- Jessica Ochoa 19.12.09 10:16

my food heroin is definitely popcorn. don’t go to a movie and put the popcorn in front of me because its gone.

----- matthimself 19.12.09 10:18

Chicken Tikka Masala… Soooo goooood!

----- Linda 19.12.09 10:31

My guilty indulgence is the German Fanta. It’s got a different taste than the North American one. It’s not as sweet which makes it so refreshing.

----- Toby 19.12.09 10:37

Grilled cheese sandwich made with processed cheese and white bread. They’re terrible, but also how a grilled cheese is supposed to be.

----- Franke 19.12.09 10:37

korean tripple fried chicket — bon chon.

----- dima 19.12.09 10:40

I can’t resist eating gallons of my homemade gelato made with my 2 quart cuisinart ice cream maker, oh god I need some right now!

----- Edward Wong 19.12.09 10:45

It’s stupid but I’m obsessed with Ramon noodles solely because I can cook absolutely ANYTHING with them. I’ve eaten them in sandwiches, pitas, with all sorts of crazy extra toppings and if that’s not enough for you, they’re 20 cents a packet. It may be packed full of sodium but its so delicious and cheep idk how anyone can resist.

----- Kyle C 19.12.09 10:47

Hmmmm, I think it’s got to be Pimento Stuffed Olives. Even when I’m broke that’s where the last of my money goes.

----- Ian Wright 19.12.09 10:48

cheesecake and fried oreos

----- alexis 19.12.09 11:33

I enjoy eating different types of food, which is hard to sum up my top guiltiest food indulgence. When your stuck in a world where you can import anything of your liking to be deliver to your own doorstep, it a hard call to make. However my most guiltiest food indulgences is….candy especially when it contains caramel or rains with chocolate. I would eat it anytime and anywhere. I have a really big sweet tooth to satisfied. My second is melons,it heaven in my mouth. It very refreshing.

----- jeanette 19.12.09 12:05

Kimchi! So spicy but so good!

----- Brad 19.12.09 12:43

Taco Bell 7 layer burrito. I always know I’ll be running to the toilet 10 min after i eat it. But i still go on and eat them anyway… Lucky and unlucky for me since I’ve moved the nearest taco bell is now 3,176 miles away.

----- Judy 19.12.09 13:13


----- marco 19.12.09 13:14

Gonna have to go with pecan pie. It is ridiculously bad for you but there’s no substitute.

----- Mac 19.12.09 13:15

fried chicken.. it’s so good!! but oh so oily..

----- Jeff Lin 19.12.09 13:25

Animal Crackers. The ones with delicious pink and white frosting and little sugar balls that get stuck between your teeth. I get dizzy if I eat too many and that still doesn’t stop me from shoveling them into my mouth!

----- Ryan M C 19.12.09 13:35

mine would be southwestern egg rolls mmmmmm

----- Celeste 19.12.09 13:39

eggs……man do i love eggs….poached, scrambled, fried, sunny side up, over easy, omelettes, eggs benny, french toast, reuben sandwitches….eggs, EGGS, EGGS!!!!!!!

----- Matt 19.12.09 13:50

BUCKEYES!! Oh so delicious with their peanut butter and chocolate combo.

----- Ellen 19.12.09 14:15

the things i would do for a Klondike bar…

----- Mohit 19.12.09 14:16

Poutine! I can’t get enough of fries with cheese and gravy. Yummy!

----- Iris 19.12.09 14:32

Coffee. I’m addicted to coffee, and drink too much of it…

----- Vadim 19.12.09 14:41

since you said sip… mine is the 2002 AALTO wine from spain. So hard to find, so expensive when you do. But so dang good that once that bottle is open…

Well you know

----- Jason P 19.12.09 14:53

My guilty indulgence is ice cream!!! Once I started I just can’t stop!!! Help!

----- Camila F. 19.12.09 15:21

West Coast Burritos from Willies, Chipotle or Gezzo’s. Moe’s can jump off a bridge and take their cardboard tasting burritos with em’*

----- Chris Sandlin 19.12.09 15:31

Bacon! mmm… bacon… ahhh….. i want to live in a world of bacon. what an exciting dream that would be.

----- Mike Hua 19.12.09 15:58

mmm.. cinnamon+apple muffins.. a favourite of ever!

----- marikke 19.12.09 16:07

Oh…I love these vanilla cream-filled brioches that are at the bakery less than a block away. I try to walk past quickly, but sometimes they’re right there, in the window, making me want them with their creamy niceness.

----- Marla Good 19.12.09 16:08

HOT DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- c.dempsey 19.12.09 16:35

I don’t feel guilty about any of my indulgences, but I love chocolate cake.

----- Joe Wasserman 19.12.09 17:04

my guilty indulgence are reese’s mini peanut butter cups. the fact that they’re so small makes it easier to eat way too many. they’re so addicting! =]

----- michelle 19.12.09 17:41

I love my pork belly.

----- Arthur 19.12.09 17:56

Chocolate…. and more chocolate

----- tyson faa 19.12.09 18:15

I don’t even know where to start. bakesale betty’s fried chicken sandwiches. nom nom nom.

----- trina 19.12.09 18:48

strawberry cheesecake!!!

----- Hilda 19.12.09 19:47

These are sooo cute!
Every Saturday I go out for lunch and (over)eat Mexican food. Generally anything that is spicy and LOADED with cheese. Enchiladas, salsa, cheese dripping tacos…MMmmmmmm I’m still full. Then I exercise like mad all week so I can do it again. sad.

----- Teresa 19.12.09 19:49

Too many to name…but beer and sushi are up there!

----- Robert W. 19.12.09 20:28

C4 Sushi… tempura battered and deep fried spicy sushi roll. So delicious with a Shochu Tonic.

----- Jeremy 19.12.09 20:43

Mine has to be popcorn. I love popcorn a whole bunch. It is probably really bad for me, but I definitely eat it alot.

----- Jason Flack 19.12.09 20:44

fried foods are number one! also number one on my off-list. merry christmas!

----- Ibarra Padolina 19.12.09 20:48

after almost every dinner, if i’m at home, i end up eating another piece of baguette maybe a minute after i go home. i know, i’m full, but then i have to keep going…

----- sennett 19.12.09 20:49

“the big focker” from Big Bites in Austin, TX. nom nom nom!

----- Sungho 19.12.09 21:01

Toro! Nom nom nom!

----- Justin 19.12.09 21:01


----- Ben T 19.12.09 21:27

Mmmm… hot chocolate… sometimes I skip coffee in the morning on a cold winter day and go straight for the hot chocolate.

----- Max B 19.12.09 21:57

No such thing! All food is good and must be eaten in large quantities at all times of the day or night. Yum.

----- Jen 19.12.09 23:30

anything that is deep fried is my vice >

----- peggy 20.12.09 00:49

Carmel Crunch bars. Man I would spend 3 hours making them. SOO GOOD!

----- Melody Nguyen 20.12.09 01:04

pickles…i can finish a jar in one sitting =P soooo bad

----- Aileen 20.12.09 01:10

potatoes. all of them—chips, fries, mashed potatoes… mmm..

----- rena 20.12.09 01:30

well mine would have to be sour straps there these pink sour lollies that taste so yum

----- monica 20.12.09 01:42

Seviche Fish!!

Use 1 fillet of fresh as fish chop into strips alla fajitas, Take 2 whole limes chop a couple of chillies, 1 chopped garlic clove, a fist full of fresh coriander, a good pinch of crushed rock salt; Put fish in a container, squeeze limes over, throw in other ingredients, mix well. leave in Fridge for a couple of hours, serve in tortilla wraps or use Nachos to scoop the goodness into ones mouth! Cool thing is The acid in the lime cooks the fish no fuss and real good. Hmmmmmm!

----- Ruari McDowall 20.12.09 03:03

definitely SUSHI. I love sushi too much to ever say no.

----- Faye Farrales 20.12.09 04:25

Snickers definitely. The chocolaty goodness is irresistible and I can’t resist grabbing another, ever.

----- Madai Rodriguez 20.12.09 06:01

Another great piece! I am guilty of eating Rum Balls this time of year…even at work:)

----- Ross 20.12.09 06:34

Starbucks’ Blueberry muffins, i love them with all my heart, but i know i shouldnt have more of those, hehehe.

----- Luckita 20.12.09 06:50

Call me a typical Canadian, but poutine. There is something very satisfying about the combination of ingredients. I could eat a plate as a meal!

----- Huck 20.12.09 07:14

My mum makes an old fashioned cheesecake with cinnamon and nutmeg melted on top. It’s so creamy, melt in your mouth good that you have to fight the bloody relatives back with a rapier reproduced just for the occasion. The box said family food enforcer on it.

----- Virgil 20.12.09 07:56

Unfortunately, french onion dip. I could eat an entire container, and probably do it without any chips.

----- Deena 20.12.09 09:13

I love making french food - yeay for butter in copious amounts. Especially Coq au Vin. I could eat that for days, but there is a TON of butter and bacon in it so I should probably take it easy!
Or a Welsh Rarebit, though not at all french, really bloody good with tons of cheese….. yummy!

----- Kat Bret 20.12.09 09:21

Grilled salmon and tartar sauce! yummm =P

I am yet to try sushi,don’t ask why. =(
I’m totally looking forward to the experience! =)

----- Suraaj 20.12.09 09:21

Bits of crispy oilyyy pork lard!

----- Brenda 20.12.09 09:22

I love platano maduros and any other hispanic cooking done by my mama when im home from school!!!

----- Dan 20.12.09 09:32

Red wine. And white wine. And especially sparkling wine. And thin mint Girl Scout cookies (my mother is a troop leader, and gave me a case of leftover thin mints…. so dangerous, but so good).

----- Laura 20.12.09 10:30

bacon bacon bacon bacon BAAAACCOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!

----- Iza 20.12.09 10:36

i never refuse a bowl of boiled snails :3

----- souleimane 20.12.09 11:04

Sushi for sure! I can never stop eating it!
Even if I’m full I always try to squeeze in a few more pieces.

----- Scottie 20.12.09 11:55

Garbage plates!!! Macaroni salad, home fries, cheese burgers, ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce all mixed together.

----- alex 20.12.09 12:08

I could make buckets of cupcakes, they’re fun to share and nyom nyom

----- Vickers 20.12.09 12:13

red velvet cupcakes from auntie em’s kitchen in eagle rock,ca so good but so bad for you

----- miguel 20.12.09 14:08

my guilty indulgence most people find absolutely disgusting is black licorice candy i just can’t stop eating it!

----- EmB 20.12.09 14:11

Coffee (or cawfee), I indulge in 3-5 cups a day.
It has gotten to point where I just like having a warm up in my hand, not really needing the caffeine.

----- Kevin J. Su 20.12.09 14:28

Chocolate or vanilla covered pretzels :]

Me and my fiance devour them by the bag.

----- Sean Monaghan 20.12.09 14:56

The last slice of pizza that’s been sitting in your fridge for 3 days… :P

----- Mac_Skeem 20.12.09 15:04

Besides Finland, Denmark consumes the most coffee per citizen in the world. Yet, it seems I drink more than anyone I know.. I drink it to wake up, I drink it to socialize, I drink it to relax during the evening.. 8-12 cups a day..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 20.12.09 15:53

my fav is salt and vinegar chips and Caramelo chocolate, mmmmm

----- Tim nolan 20.12.09 16:24

I love to put honey on my mac and cheese. My roomie got me hooked, and I know it looks so strange, and its probably not the best, but I can’t help it!

----- Alisoni Macaroni 20.12.09 17:02

peanut butter and pickles. sounds gross but it’s sooo good.

----- Tara 20.12.09 17:20

Cheese. No matter how recently I’ve eaten or how much I’ve already had it seems that the block is whittled away to nothing before the day is out. My favorites are mozarella and parmesano reggiano but even a block of sharp cheddar in my grasp will make my day (and ruin everyone else’s downwind of me…)

----- Betsy Ross 20.12.09 17:25

A Cinnamon Dolce Latte’ from Starbucks. I worked there for two years, and had way too many to count until I found out the calorie content was through the roof!

----- Joshua Ballard 20.12.09 17:41

strawberry koala’s march cookies. delicious, asian, and as of 2008, melamine-laced.

----- david 20.12.09 17:47

Tiramisu cake…just one more bit then i’ll put it in the fridge….hold on another bite….wait, just a lil bit of the junk pieces on the edge….ok seriously, one more bite and i’m done…Oh, I ate it all….

----- Chau Nguyen 20.12.09 18:11

i love potato salad (or any salad with mayo in it). when i visit my mom, she makes potato salad by the gallons. i single-handedly take it down ::shame::

----- Josh 20.12.09 18:38

Oreo McFlurrys!!! I know I know. But it had to be said, they are so good, HA!

----- Danielle 20.12.09 19:02

Human flesh curried stew! So delicious! A lot of trouble kidnapping and hiding but totally worth it!

----- Hugo 20.12.09 19:23

very very spicy soon dobu with banchan

----- bhavna 20.12.09 19:29

I grew up in eastern Pa so my guilty pleasures are Tandy Cakes (from Tastey Cake) and Turkey Hill iced tea.

----- Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy 20.12.09 19:34

Uhg, there are these mint-chocolate bars that appear at any Holiday party my sister attends that I wolf down by the pan-full. Gotta love it!

----- Brian Peter 20.12.09 20:26

mmm… chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate!

----- Ginny 20.12.09 20:57

CHIPS AND SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Otis Baldwin 20.12.09 21:06


----- Otis Baldwin 20.12.09 21:07

my guilty indulgene is fish. i love all fish, in all manner of preparation. and therein lies the problem for a person who tries to live and eat sustainably.

----- natasa 20.12.09 21:16

My guilty food pleasure has to be Smartfood popcorn. I can have a whole large bag in one sitting without a blink of an eye. Soooo goood.

----- Selina Wong 20.12.09 21:40

I want one so bad!!!

----- Antoana 20.12.09 22:32

I love snack food, so almost everything is a guilty indulgence! Pringles though are something that I can’t have just one of!

----- Emi 20.12.09 22:55

Ok, so about the food, it definitely is apple crumble with custard… It really is not a good idea to leave me alone in a room with a whole apple crumble!

----- Antoana 20.12.09 22:58

Favorite guilty pleasure food-wise is spicy peanut sauce. Christmas day is also my birthday, so i’ll be serving appetizers of grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce hot enough to bring tears to the eyes. My 62-year-old digestive tract will just have to deal.

----- Anne 20.12.09 23:03

My guilty food pleasure is hands down chicken fried bacon. I only get to have it whenever I visit family in Texas, but hot damn it’s mighty delicious (and heart attack inducing).

----- VInce 21.12.09 00:19

seeing how a live abalone being cook infront of you .. imagine the heat going through em .. YikESSS

----- jee hoe 21.12.09 00:39

Peanut butter & Banana Sangwich.

----- Aaron 21.12.09 00:40

Pecan pie.

----- James 21.12.09 00:45

Sour cream and potato chips. Dipped in chocolate sauce! Orgasmically yummy by themselves, and together….I’m in heaven. Each will give me a major sore throat on its own, and the calories? don’t get me started.

I can’t stop myself though….aahhhhhh!

----- alas! my dear 21.12.09 01:30

Great to see the development work. Guilty pleasure has to be Haagen-Dazs, Pralines & Cream. Amazing stuff : )

----- Ian 21.12.09 04:46

Um…Dear food God, I have a confession to make. Last week I ate a bag of prawn crackers…every day. I can’t stop thinking about them. They haunt me in my dreams. Big round crackery shaped monsters running after me, taunting me to bite into them. I just love how crunchy they are and their amazing taste that isn’t really anything like real prawn! Please food god…give me the strength to ignore the 10 bags of prawn crackers I have stuffed in my cupboard. I need to just get through one day…one day! without them. Thankyou ^_^ x

----- Siany 21.12.09 04:56

It has to be Little Debbie Nutty Bars & Yoo-Hoo.

----- Paul 21.12.09 05:09

It’s got to be sandwiches made from Christmas dinner leftovers…. There are just so many great combinations out there!!

----- Alan 21.12.09 05:23

Can’t get enough of the chocolate croissants from the French bakery. Flaky buttery chocolatly mmmmm.

----- tonyF 21.12.09 05:40

green tea mochi ice cream. yummm.

----- alexia 21.12.09 05:56


----- Nick Saunders 21.12.09 05:59

Sushi Tempura, of course!

----- Wolfie 21.12.09 06:44

Reeses Peanut Butter cups.

----- Phil 21.12.09 07:53

hush puppies…especially with seafood…just can’t get enough ;P

----- Gemma 21.12.09 08:05

mac n cheese pancakes.. mm

----- Lilly 21.12.09 08:34

Banana bread french toast peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are my downfall. Yes that is all part of one sandwich, and quite a mouthful to say, not to mention gone in one mouthful as well!

----- Liz Holland 21.12.09 08:35

cheesecake… i can’t get enough.

----- regan 21.12.09 09:19


----- Steven Hasegawa 21.12.09 09:38

Chicken and Waffles with hot sauce butter and syrup.

----- Jason King 21.12.09 10:03

CHEESE! any type. melted, cubed, grated! mmm!
oddly enough, it was literally my first word. lol
‘cheese’ creepy, or amazing.. i’m pretty sure the latter. ;D

----- Natalie 21.12.09 10:13

guilty indulgence? guilty for my wallet mostly… blue fin sushi!

----- John PV 21.12.09 10:37

A luke warm bowl of Daikokuya Ramen. Hunting for the last piece of noodle in chasu broth soup with ginger!

----- George Yoo 21.12.09 10:48

Oh that’s such an easy answer. It’s chocolate. This time of year it’s the dairy-free fudge recipe I just figured out (allergic to the cow juice). I could eat a half a pan at a time. So far I’ve managed to stop myself at 1/4 of a pan.

----- mari 21.12.09 10:49

Lately its been Chips, now for those are from Uk/Ireland, Chips aren’t ready salt chips, they are greasy fries i guess. Big fatty greasy, yummy CHIPS, salt and vinegar.. maybe a battered sausage or chicken wing. I quite, just after I finish my delivery.

----- Rob Dunne 21.12.09 11:21

Pork Belly!

----- Peter L 21.12.09 12:28

Sweet Potato Fries with Cajun Mayo, definitely!

----- Rina 21.12.09 13:10

I LOVE Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry’s. I’ll eat the whole container in one sitting.

----- Ty 21.12.09 13:25

it’s a cliche, but I’m a sucker for Ben and Jerry’s

----- Jen Goldberg 21.12.09 13:33

Muddy Buddies. I just can’t help myself.

----- Jessi 21.12.09 13:50

thrifty chocolate brownie ice cream, so good and so cheap. i love the stuff. in fact i might get some after work!

----- gilberto 21.12.09 14:40

My mom’s chicken liver pate is my absolute guilty indulgences of all times!

----- Dina 21.12.09 15:45

Raw Tuna. Anyway you like it, but RAW.

----- Eduardo Penafiel 21.12.09 16:05

An extra gooey grilled cheese sandwich will stop me in my tracks!

----- STU 21.12.09 16:23


----- Monica 21.12.09 16:23

My mum’s Stewed chicken, with some beans and Veggie fried rice! It’s the best and makes me want more and more (=

----- Sara 21.12.09 16:49

my chinese food joint has the best crispy beef. tiny shreds of deep fried goodness in a spicy sauce!

----- jessica z 21.12.09 16:53

The ultimate post-club snack… Poutine!!!

----- Jen Jen 21.12.09 17:18

Chicken tiki masala!! Soooooo good!!!

----- Jeremy 21.12.09 18:17

Turkish bread and dips i turn into some sort of hulk fiend with an insatiable bread addiction.

----- Jake 21.12.09 19:10

I can’t get enough portuguese sweet bread. It’s an egg bread that isn’t really good for you…but some turkey bacon and big slice of portuguese sweet bread is my favorite thing to eat in the morning….

----- Justin Wilcox 21.12.09 19:22

diet coke lime

----- Rich 21.12.09 20:27

I can’t do without pork belly. Especially off the streets of Taiwan. So fatty, but so yummy.

----- Dave 21.12.09 21:03

homemade cookies in its various forms -> dough, freshly baked, and cooled!

----- CC 21.12.09 21:27

Oh my, these are so funny! LOL! My guilty pleasure hhhhm there’s so many to choose from but I’d have to say the old school fruit or gum drop type candies. You know the type they sell in bags for like 50Cents or $1. My Grandma used to always have that type of cheap candy that me and my sister would sneak into whenever we were at her house. We always though we were being sneaky but she always knew what we were up to. Now every time I have the cheap gum drops or jelly fruit type candies I think about the good times I had with my sister when we would stay at my Grandma’s house.

----- Saeed 21.12.09 22:15

Any kind of sauce: ketchup, barbecue, mustard, spicy… I simply can’t eat without… Despite the fact that I got to loose some weight

----- No' Joke 21.12.09 22:34


----- Kynki 22.12.09 01:33

OH !! I love it !

----- Mouetton 22.12.09 04:23

JELLO…!! It wiggles, giggles and goes down easy. I once spent a week only eating jello (not good for the system) but still i love it. The new drink flavors just scream to be made into a shot.

----- Andrew 22.12.09 06:43

Caramel Popcorn… pop pop-pop poppopoppoppop

----- Mark 22.12.09 07:33

Godiva white chocolate, hands down. But any snacks that are sweet and salty will be the death of me. Why, oh, why!

----- Erwin John Labra 22.12.09 08:15

Home cooked: Beef stew, bougonion w/e you want to call yours as long as it’s got gravy i’m in.

Take out: Peperoni and cheese pizza covered with so much Frank’s hot sauce you can no longer see cheese.

----- Christina 22.12.09 09:20

Popcorn flavored jelly bellys. seriously.. can’t get enough of ‘em.

----- Jason 22.12.09 09:21

Velveeta Mac N’ Cheese… So bad and packaged and artificial, but oh so good…

----- Laura H. 22.12.09 09:52

if i eat a bit of sweets everyday, does it mean my guilty indulgence is steamed vegetables as i have them so rarely? (yet i be happy to have it!)

----- Michelle 22.12.09 09:55

my guilty pleasure is cheese! my dad calls me and my mom rats because we are almost always gnawing on a piece of cheese, my favorite is fontina :)

----- rebekah miracle krispi 22.12.09 11:36

Home made, from scratch, cinnamon/sugar covered doughnuts. Takes me back to about 3 years old, living in a big scary farmhouse. I would set by the woodstove and munch on fresh doughnuts and real hot cocoa while playing with my see-n-say…

----- Ben 22.12.09 11:46

J just can’t stop having oreo ice cream!!!Its an addiction

----- Syed Ahsun Zafar 22.12.09 12:33

I do really love dark chocolate :)

----- Vinh 22.12.09 12:41

bbq pork rinds

----- eliot 22.12.09 12:47

Bacon. My diet has changed much to fresh local produce but a good smoke cured bacon, fried, crisp, can’t resist.

----- Tony Drehfal 22.12.09 14:06

My grandmother’s chocolate chip home-baked family recipe cookies is my guilty indulgence!

----- Bridget D 22.12.09 15:40

Meat lover’s pizza or cookie dough ice cream!

----- SteveOramA 22.12.09 16:56

chicken wraps, cant get enough of them!

----- keefe 22.12.09 18:04

The spiciest, most mouth scorching buffalo wings I can get my hands on. I’d eat hot wings every day if I could and feel guilty every time.

----- Joshua Cooper 22.12.09 18:37

Can’t go wrong with spagettios!

----- Kevin 22.12.09 19:20

Dark chocolate covered almonds. I can eat them all day long and try to justify it with the health benefits that dark chocolate and almonds provide. They are so small, they can’t have that many calories.

----- Steve S. 22.12.09 20:17

indulgence: in Montreal, they kill for poutine, which is french fries smothered in gravy, with cheese curd sprinkled on top. It’s the ultimate beige food with the nutritional void to match. But oh, so addictive…er sick…er…just one more french fry……..!

----- leigh 22.12.09 20:37

Taco Bell Chalupas. I know chalupas are unhealthy, like all foods at a fast food stop but, they’re just so good. Especially when you move out to a university where the nearest Taco Bell is 15+ miles away.Haha, yup.

----- Brian 22.12.09 20:40

Green Tea ice cream with dark chocolate dipped Men’s pocky and BLACK dark chocolate chips sprinkled on top!

----- Jess K 22.12.09 22:02

crab with butter. stomach capacity is of no interest when crab is in play.

----- laila 22.12.09 23:03

Mine is biltong. I love love LOVE biltong. It’s basically the South African version of beef jerky but tastes completely different (and soooo much better!) Unfortunately I now live in Canada, and it’s illegal to bring uncooked meat products through customs and it is exorbitant to buy online from those who make it here.

----- Sharon 22.12.09 23:54

Its got to be ginger nuts :P

I just can’t get enough, of the biscuits that is!

----- Bert 23.12.09 03:24

Cheese! But like proper cheese with some nice bread and a glass of red wine… Mmmmh!
Try to put some Mont d’Or in the oven with some garlic and white wine in it. Delicious winter food!

----- Delphine 23.12.09 06:46

founders kentucky breakfast stout, with a bacon and cheese fries hot god….im drooling now

----- josh 23.12.09 07:34

Give me a KFC Mashed Potato bowl and you’ll be my friend forever.

----- Kyle 23.12.09 07:39

mmmm…moms apple cake! i can eat it until i get sick, which doesnt take long since the cake has three cups of sugar in addition to the apples! sooo good!

----- deb 23.12.09 08:55

Right now, because of the season, it’s the candy cane joe joe’s from Trader Joe’s. Oreos, but with candy cane bits inside the cream…mmmm.

----- tammy 23.12.09 09:49

Malaysian Satay its just too easy to sit their chatting with friends engulfing tray after tray of satay in a Singaporean outdoor food market that when the bill comes a figure of 200+ sticks is hardly surprising. My personal record was 115 I had to stop as i ran out of money shall have to have another marathon sometime.

----- Saltynay 23.12.09 09:53

okay, here you go.
my guilty indulgence is roasted almonds in cobination with liquorice.
I latley tried it for the first time. It sounds awful but tastes very good.
plus you have two different textures comming together, which is alway very intresting if it comes to food.

----- Eichmann 23.12.09 10:05

Gnocchi with pesto sauce

----- Julia 23.12.09 11:25

My guilty pleasure is a spoon full of Dulce de Leche… any one that has been to Argentina knows what I’m talking about!

----- Alejandro Ispani 23.12.09 11:34

My guilty pleasure… my roommates alpha bits… SHHH dont tell!

----- Ruth 23.12.09 12:06

my guilty pleasure is “sam gyup sal” (korean fatty pork bbq) with “soju” (korean liquor). the two go hand-in-hand ~ plus, some grilled garlic slices and grilled kimchi (korean pickled cabbage) ~ oh so delicious!!

altho, seeing this feature makes me crave “ssan nakkji” (live octopus). squirmy but dipped in “gochu jang” (spicy red pepper sauce) = YUMM! haha

----- sahar 23.12.09 12:25

mashed potatoes with a sour milk, mmm :)

----- vatas 23.12.09 13:32

mashed potatoes with sour milk, mmm :)

----- Andrius 23.12.09 13:34

straight up whip cream :)

----- Krista Bacungan 23.12.09 13:44

bread + nutella + cold milk = ♥

----- dotmick 23.12.09 14:47

Starburst Jellybeans! Thank the gods that they’re only available around Easter time.

----- mikes 23.12.09 16:02

rice and mashed potatoes

----- albert 23.12.09 17:43

I think they took it off the menu, which makes me very sad (but probably makes my arteries sing with joy) but the fried macaroni & cheese balls at the Cheesecake Factory were really the best things ever. But since I can’t get those any more, homemade mac & cheese with balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over it will have to do!

----- Kat S 23.12.09 18:48

Chocolate, and not normally chocolate, like godiva dark chocolate raspberry truffles, or love letter raspberry chocolate. Yummy!

----- Rae 23.12.09 19:40

grilled hamburgers with lots of cheese and bacon and fried onions, served with gooey baked beans and greasy potato chips, and a cold beer.

----- nikkie 23.12.09 20:57

cheesecake is my killer indulgence

----- reeva 24.12.09 00:08

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. one is never enough

----- Richard Kim 24.12.09 00:09

oh sheesh, i’d have to say a huge bean and cheese burrito, with extra cheese, covered in colorado sauce.

----- Alec Wiens 24.12.09 01:55

Symphony candy bars are my hateful but divine guilty indulgence.

----- blueviolet 24.12.09 03:00

I can’t stop eating peppermint-stick ice cream. Its coursing through my veins as we speak.

----- Xanderpants 24.12.09 09:40

bonchon! (korean fried chicken)

----- Pong 24.12.09 10:23

Salsa!!! I’m entirely addicted. Esp. pico de gallo or tomatillo. I can make an entire meal out of salsa and even if my mouth is on fire and my lips are becoming chapped from the fiery goodness, i still will want more.

----- kate 24.12.09 10:34

My absolute terrible obsession is chili pepper infused chocolate. I only ever eat it at Christmas time because my family knows that it’s the number one stocking stuffer for me! It costs $10 a bar or so and it’s horribly fattening, but once a year I can’t really refuse! :)


----- Lori Hamilton 24.12.09 11:30

Crispy french fries dipped in mayo (or ranch dressing).

----- angela 24.12.09 14:57

Kashmir Dark champagne with oysters… decadently delightful, budgetly fearful.

----- Radu 25.12.09 01:09

fries classic crunchy fresh and salty but my god r thy fattening

----- Jasonb 25.12.09 08:42

Peanut butter and bacon sandwich… I know, it even SOUNDS disgusting…. but it’s amazing!

----- Brandon 25.12.09 10:40

mine would be chocolate fingers. Can easily finish off a pack or two.

----- Pete 25.12.09 10:42

Rich Rich Creamy Milky Ice Cream.

Such an indulgence but soo unhealthy.. haha

----- Luyba Zeylikman 25.12.09 14:04

Well during the holidays… EGGNOG. This gets especially bad when there’s brandy added to the mix. Dangerous on so many lactic gastro-intestinal levels.

----- Rion 25.12.09 16:33

My guilty indulgence would have to be fried Oreo’s. Although I know it is TERRIBLE for me it tastes so damn good, like Chocolate cake with a yummy cream filling.

----- Gabe 25.12.09 19:02

Oh wow, I think my guilty indulgence would have to be snickers and hot cheetos eaten together!! lol A weird combo I know!

----- Adam Guy 25.12.09 20:39

Guilty Pleasures, hmmm….One of two very disgusting things….. actually.

When I get down to the last pickle in the jar, I usually chug the pickle juice (mmmm kissably fresh pickle breath). Usually preceeded or followed by chocolate.

Or a salad of advocado, mango, banana, and macadamia nuts, covered in orange juice.

----- Jenny 25.12.09 23:43

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