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Holiday Feature! Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers Giveaway- 12.17.09

speakermain.jpgJoey Roth takes us behind the scenes of his new Ceramic Speakers! 4 years in the making, these beauties started as an idea in college, only to be further developed in 2008, and now they are a reality! While i have yet to hear these myself, Gizmodo and Wired are already commending their “audiophile-worthy sound” ~ and personally i’m smitten by the combination of ceramic, wood, and cork ~ yes CORK! the way the plugs go into the cork before the ceramic is my favorite detail of all. Take a peek at the feature on the next page, including a super cute stop motion video ~ and he’s also giving away a set of these lovely speakers to one lucky reader! Giveaway details are here.

Also awesome? Check out this stop motion video showing you how the speakers work!

Feature & Images by Joey Roth


I started thinking about speaker designs in college — around the time I started working on Sorapot and thinking seriously about design in general. The objects that keep me sketching late into the night have always been tools for ephemeral experiences. These tools are exciting because they’re persistent, physical reminders of events that last only minutes. Their meaning becomes a dialog between my design and the user’s memories of tea sipped, music played, and the life experiences that these rituals recall.



Porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch aren’t typical materials for speakers. I chose them to create a harmonious contrast with the electrical components and to be as acoustically neutral as possible. The materials are minimally finished, left to add their natural beauty to the design. I worked with an audio engineer to tune and dampen the enclosures for the widest frequency range.



I designed the speakers and their Tripath amp to bring out the details that hide in every piece of music and give it its depth. They’re optimized for the digital files served by iPods and computers, and I’ve started using my own Ceramic Speakers with a turntable as well. Vinyl has changed my relationship with music. The format’s physicality encourages me to slow down and make a ritual of listening. Cut off from the infinite stream of free music, and forced to get up and flip the record over after a few songs, listening to an album becomes my activity instead of the soundtrack to my work. I would never give up my access to every song in the world, but my growing vinyl collection is a deep, rich counterpoint. I hope the Ceramic Speakers encourage others who grew up on mp3s to try vinyl too.


For a chance to win a set of Joey’s Ceramic Speakers ($495 for the complete system) ~ leave a comment by Dec 24th ~ sharing your favorite song that you can’t wait to hear playing out of them. winit.jpg

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1137 Notes

Oh my goodness, these would be fantastic for my partner! He’s a total audiophile & I’d love to gift these to him!!
What would I most want to hear on them — his songs, of course! Swoon!

----- Desiree Fawn 17.12.09 12:11

This things look amazing! Petty’s live It’s Good to be King would be ripping through those babies. :) Well done.

----- Jonathan 17.12.09 12:13

“Almost Love” by Nada Surf and the Air album “Moon Safari”!!!

----- tula@whorange 17.12.09 12:14

Julian Plenti- Unwind OR Games For Days

----- Josh Pearce 17.12.09 12:16

I would love to play Disturbed - Down with the Sickness through these.

----- Rob Losito 17.12.09 12:17

I would love to blare my Who Killed Amanda Palmer album from these! Leeds United first!

----- Mary T 17.12.09 12:17

My favorite song is probably the Crane Wife by the decemberists.

So DO want!

----- Chris Drackett 17.12.09 12:17

I can’t wait to hear Sugalumps by Flight of the Conchords on my new Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers.

----- Paul 17.12.09 12:17

as a self-described audiophile, i can’t wait to hear some good ‘ol jazz-hop from the jazz liberatorz. music makes the world go round.

----- trina 17.12.09 12:18

What a fantastic design! I would love to hear, Don’t Warn the Tadpoles by Spirit of the Stairs. What an awesome giveaway!

----- Amy 17.12.09 12:18

Wow these are awesome! And wow first post? Cool. I would love to hear Cafe Reggio by Isaac Hayes on these babies!

----- Mikell Johnson 17.12.09 12:20

The entire Darkside of the Moon album

----- Mel Hennigar 17.12.09 12:21

I’d love to hear David Arkenstone on these!

----- Sharon Howell 17.12.09 12:29

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division is the first song I play on ANY new piece of audio equipment I get. I’ve been doing this since 1994 :)

----- Francisco Gonzalez 17.12.09 12:31

Porcelain + Cork + Technology. Outstanding. Gorgeous. Genius. The first song I would play through these speakers…Built To Spill’s “I Would Hurt A Fly”. Definitely.

----- Christian S. 17.12.09 12:34

just pink moon by nick drake…

----- paolo 17.12.09 12:34

I’m drooling. I would play Les Savy Fav’s Rome and then pass out from awesome overload. I’d like to see Joey Roth make furniture too

----- Ellen 17.12.09 12:35

Hearing some electro-infused chiptunes from She or Trash80 would put a smile on my face.

----- Martine 17.12.09 12:37

Those speakers would look amazing in my new 1920s Crafstman Home. I’m thinking of decorating it with a bit of cool modern meets Hollywood Regency glam.

----- Kendra H. 17.12.09 12:37

I can’t wait to listen to disk 2 of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven,” especially the 19-minute second track. It’s an absolutely stunning and emotional opus of post-rock genius.

----- Mike B 17.12.09 12:38

i would love to hear the muse album on these!

----- Dee Patel 17.12.09 12:39

Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads on vinyl would be amazing on these! Swooon

----- jsunder 17.12.09 12:41

I would chop off my own legs for a pair of these. Then I would use them to blast the ‘I Have No Legs’ song from Kids.

----- John Ryan 17.12.09 12:41

Porcelain + Cork + Technology. Yes, please. Outstanding. Gorgeous. Genus. The first song I would listen to through these speakers would be “I Would Hurt A Fly” ( http://bit.ly/7plCl6 ) by Built to Spill. Definitely.

----- Christian S. 17.12.09 12:43

First song I can’t wait to hear WHEN I win these speakers will be “So What” followed by the rest of the Kind of Blue album…

----- Dan Wilkinson 17.12.09 12:47

I would love to listen to The Stone Roses “Tears” out of these speakers. Every crackle and pop would have new life.

----- Jon 17.12.09 12:52

I love listening to MGMT’s Kids while working, along with the rest of the album

----- Hall 17.12.09 12:58

I would listen to James Last featuring Zamfir’s “The Lonely Shepherd” (from the Kill Bill soundtrack). The panpipes are beautiful and haunting, and would sound gorgeous coming out of those babies.

----- Laura 17.12.09 12:58

Im all about the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits album. Many different styles of music on the same album. Fancy music for some Fancy Speakers.

----- Techboydino 17.12.09 13:00

“Paris is Burning” by Ladyhawke.

----- Sheila 17.12.09 13:01

Rufus Wainwright’s “Oh, What a World” =]

----- Sean Michael Ragan 17.12.09 13:06

I want to hear something from the White Stripes, maybe Little Bird.

----- ShawnConna 17.12.09 13:07

Oh that would def. be SSuuedio by Phil Collins!

----- MJJ 17.12.09 13:07

Is It All Over My Face (loose joints)- arthur russell. on repeat. definitely the right speakers for the job.

----- andrew 17.12.09 13:10

Kenichiro Nishihara - Consider My Love!

Kenichiro Nishihara - Consider My Love on YouTube.

----- Alan 17.12.09 13:10

When I first saw these awesome speakers, I immediately felt like listening to some Serge Gainsbourg :)

----- Malea 17.12.09 13:26

The Doves latest album, “Winter Hill.” The whole thing, all the way through!

----- Susan Kelley 17.12.09 13:31

I think Lenka’s “The Show” would sound lovely coming out of these :)

----- Jessie 17.12.09 13:31

I would listen to “Video Killed the Radio Star” - it is a classic, then maybe a very melodic song by Grizzly Bear.

These speakers are amazing, bravo on the concept through realization process.

----- Megan 17.12.09 13:32

Wow! Beautiful design. I’m in love with these speakers.
They’re the speakers I have waited for, the speakers that fate had me created for!

Hence, the only remotely appropriate song would be Louis Prima and Keely Smith’s jumpin’ rendition of “That Old Black Magic” by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer.


----- Jacob S 17.12.09 13:33

I would love to hear Cut Copy’s “Lights and Music”.


----- erik 17.12.09 13:34

OOOOH, swoon!
Can’t wait to hear Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain on these beauties…

----- lindsay 17.12.09 13:35

I would love to hear in the middle by Mat Kearney coming out of these speakers! please?

----- Daniel Brelsford 17.12.09 13:37

There are so many songs to pick from, but I also test sound systems with something bass-y. Perhaps I’ll take these for a run with Jump Up by Major Lazer.

----- Wesley Yendrys 17.12.09 13:49

I would like to hear “Two Doves” from Dirty Projectors coming out of those speakers

----- Dana Galbraith 17.12.09 13:55

I want these so I can give them to Dan at the Maker Shed.

----- John Park 17.12.09 14:05

Sonically, the song I’d most like to hear through these Joey Roth speakers would be Hall & Oats, ‘Out of Time’. That song has very clean dead spots, and I think these speakers would make the song pop.

----- Robin B 17.12.09 14:19

This is awesome! Great giveaway.

----- frank 17.12.09 14:20

the script - we cry
and i would love to cry with the speakers :)

----- Sebastian 17.12.09 14:21

anything by THE BAND. specifically, UP ON CRIPPLE CREEK would take these babies for a test ride reaaaaal nice.

----- eliot 17.12.09 14:22

Wow. They’re fantastic! I’d love to dance along to Louis and Ella’s “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” playing from them!

----- Ryan 17.12.09 14:23

I LOVE IT LOUD by Phunk Junkeez

----- JENNA 17.12.09 14:23

I will be playing “Goodbye L.A.” by Green River Ordinance as I actually go nowhere.

----- Nick 17.12.09 14:23

It will definitely be “All My Little Words” by The Magnetic Fields.

----- Lana 17.12.09 14:24

Current favorite I’d like to hear: “10 Bricks” off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.

----- zaraguin 17.12.09 14:24

I would listen to “Imitosis” by Andrew Bird.

----- Erica 17.12.09 14:25

I would cue up all the Radiohead albums, and hit random…I would hope that “Exit Music” would play…but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t.

----- Collin 17.12.09 14:27

How soon is now? - The Smiths The guitar rift would sound spectacular.

----- Jordan 17.12.09 14:28

No song can be played to christen new speakers other than Muse’s Knights of Cydonia.

----- Matthew Healy 17.12.09 14:28

I’d love to hear Ennio Morricone’s ‘Harvest’ from the Days of Heaven Soundtrack playing out of these.

----- Shane 17.12.09 14:29

I think I’d like to hear them playing This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by the Talking Heads (my current obsession).

----- Liz 17.12.09 14:36

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

----- Fei-fei 17.12.09 14:39

I’d love to test the bass on some awesome dub by Mad Professor, like “Kiwi Culture”.

----- Ed 17.12.09 14:41

I’d love to hear Becoming Insane by Infected Mushroom.

----- Zac 17.12.09 14:45

I would love to hear “Sexy Back.” Whoever sings that song has the voice of an angelic sex kitten… I’m sure she must be incredibly hot. Way hotter than Britney or Christina. She probably has great legs and a super body. Every time I hear that song it takes me away to a special place… where it’s just me and her… together.

----- Dan Ritchie 17.12.09 14:45

sunburn from muse or any song by muse :)

----- adrien 17.12.09 14:48

Great design, classy! I think Frog Brigade, & At The Drive In would kick ass coming from these speakers.

----- Carroll White 17.12.09 14:48

Cork, wood, and ceramic? Clearly these need to be broken in on something equally organic… I’m thinking “Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors” by William Elliot Whitmore.

----- micah saul 17.12.09 14:49

“Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (The Lionheart Mix)” by Florence and The Machine. It begs to be played on better speakers than the ones I currently own. Happy holidays.

----- Charlie 17.12.09 14:53

Anything Monsters of Folk!

----- alicia 17.12.09 14:59

Was going to go buy these at Propeller as a move-in gift for myself. Really like the feel of them.

----- Forrest 17.12.09 14:59

I would like to listen to LO-FI-FNK’s City.

----- Mari Suh 17.12.09 15:03

blood pt2 by buck65, sufjan stevens and serengeti

----- sennett 17.12.09 15:04

I would dance at the sound of somebody new by Georg Levin on my new Joey Ceramic Speakers

----- Nuno 17.12.09 15:05

I can’t wait to hear anything by the Fleet Foxes on these lovely Joey Roth speakers!!!

----- Cynthia 17.12.09 15:06

Nice work here - I would have to start these out with some early spoon album. Best,

----- Jonah 17.12.09 15:16

holy crap those are nice!

i would play my ultimate fave song ever: phoenix “if i ever feel better”

----- lauren 17.12.09 15:18

I would love to hear ‘Comptine d’un autre été’ by Yann Tiersen

----- Iris 17.12.09 15:18

Are you barking? This must be one of the best things you have given away so far, and you already had some really really good stuff.

Up until a few months ago the song would’ve been “The Last Stand” from the X-Men 3 OST composed by John Powell, which I love because it has everything a big orchestra can deliver sound wise; from tumultuous timpanis to pacifying piccolos.

But right now I’d play the song can’t get enough of: Amber Riley’s (Mercedes in Glee) interpretation of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from the Glee soundtrack. I’m more of a Metal fan, but her voice is magnificent.

----- Alex 17.12.09 15:24

I can only imagine what “Cosmic Love” by Florence and The Machine would sound like on these.

----- Mac 17.12.09 15:25

My first song I would play from these speakers would have to be Gravity-by John Mayer. That song encompasses so much in daily life. It’s just so deep.

----- Lucas Lund 17.12.09 15:29

Beautiful design; would be amazing to listen Blue from the Cowboy Bebop score.

----- Rafael 17.12.09 15:31

i would love to here ‘s Tonight’s The Kind of Night.

----- Kenny Mellman 17.12.09 15:34

It is hard to beat Billy Joel’s “Vienna.”

----- Miles Skorpen 17.12.09 15:39

I have a turntable with no speakers, so I would use these to listen to my vinyl star wars and last crusade soundtracks. Oh and REMS Automatic. Did I mention, on vinyl? Just checking.

----- matt 17.12.09 15:46

Love Vigilantes by Iron & Wine (cover of the New Order classic).

----- Jon 17.12.09 15:46

song of the moment: Snob Scrilla - Hardest Times… i’m sure it will sound great…and if i dare say… LOOK great.

----- Eldon 17.12.09 15:47

Mumford & Sons “Roll Away Your Stone”

----- Lucas Diaz 17.12.09 15:48

“Muscle N’Flo” by Menomena

----- Thomas Leischner 17.12.09 15:53

I would have to give the second half of the Apparatjik sample song Electric Eye the first use of these beautiful speakers.

----- Cory 17.12.09 15:59

Los hongos de Marosa by Juana Molina

----- Jessica 17.12.09 16:04

Without thinking I would play Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk ,than i would check them with other kind of music and would play Slagsmålsklubben - Brutal Weapons and than maybe Marina And The Diamonds Mowgli’s Road to do a bit of dancing in front of my laptop while talking on skype ;P

----- Sebastian 17.12.09 16:10

morning theft by jeff buckley. As awesome as hallelujah is - there is so much poetry and nuance and soul and sadness in every second of this song - it breaks my heart every time. A voice so fragile and precious deserves to be played at the highest quality

----- Dan 17.12.09 16:12

i know “Shabop Shalom” by Devendra Banhart, would be an excellent song…has a great guitar rift……

----- Elliott 17.12.09 16:21

Wow I can’t believe you are giving these beauties away. I find some Scandinavian calm in their aesthetics and material, so I would unlock their magic with the album () “Parentheses” by the amazing Icelandic group Sigur Rós.

The cold touch of porcelain, the majestic smell of birch and the soft calm of cork, translated to music… spare yourself the 6 minutes and 47 seconds:

Happy Christmas to all you lovely people and plastic penguins.

----- Marc 17.12.09 16:23

I love the style and design aspects of these things. I too love to make modern gizmos/gadgets with recycled and or unusual materials.

The first / best song I would play on these would have to be “Porcelina” by the smashing pumpkins… how fitting actually.

----- Nate Biroschak 17.12.09 16:24

They look really retro and chic so I’d love to hear la vie en rose :)

----- Pascale 17.12.09 16:27

‘cherry came too’ by the Jesus & Mary Chain, oh yes.
oh pleaseee please, let me win. i would love those speakers forever and one more day.

----- Carrieee 17.12.09 16:28

“merry Christmas from the Family” - Robert Earl Keen!

----- paul 17.12.09 16:36

I would love to hear, “The Christmas Tree is Burning”, by Holly Golightly, it would bring a smile to my face and warm up my ears.

----- Kevin Powers 17.12.09 16:37

i would love to hear the foxy magic of steve evans’ voice singing “Lost Mind”, off his album 2 Sets. heavenly.

----- rebecca f. 17.12.09 16:37

These look AMAZING! I’d love to blast No Children by the Mountain Goats out of them and sing along!

----- Xue 17.12.09 16:37

joy division - love will tear us apart

----- jason lam 17.12.09 16:46

I would love to blast Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and sing at the tops of my lungs along with it!

----- Daniela 17.12.09 16:53

It’s a pity that they would not arrive in time for me to play Trans-Siberian Orchestera’s Faith Noel through them without looking like a complete Christmas nut. Oh to hell with it, everyone already knows I am a nutter…

----- Brendan Moore 17.12.09 16:56

How about anything by James Brown or Stevie Wonder!
Thanks for the giveaway!

----- april 17.12.09 16:58

I’m a furniture maker and have been pondering making a set of speakers like this for a couple years. I’d love to win a set and play the latest La Roux album through them!

----- David 17.12.09 17:00

would LOVE to listen to ‘Genesis’ by Justice

----- kevin leung 17.12.09 17:07

Very cool, I would love to hear some Metallica out of these!

----- Diane Bassette 17.12.09 17:10

Cool speakers I have never seen ones like this before. :) NICE

----- Lisa G 17.12.09 17:11

these are sick. i’d go with a recent one, edward sharpe and magnetic zeros, home. great tune.

----- eggman 17.12.09 17:24

I would love to listen to the entire Either/Or album by Elliott Smith on these puppies.

----- Beth 17.12.09 17:24

The classic: The Eagles - Hotel California [Live] (the one from Hell Freezes Over)

----- Kittie 17.12.09 17:27

Michael Jackson “Beat it” for sure

----- Anne 17.12.09 17:29

the Hidden Acoustic Track by Hit The Lights.
it’s at the end of “make a run for it” on their album “this is a stickup dont make it a murder”
ahh, it’s so beautifully gory. lol

----- Jaime 17.12.09 17:31

I’d have to hear Mono’s Com through these beauties. Amazing design.

----- Patrick 17.12.09 17:34

“Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap! Or “Staralfur” by Sigur Ros. Both would sound lovely out of these lovelies!

----- Ben 17.12.09 17:44

I would listen to The Thrill of It All by Roxy Music. I will sit in front of these speakers and bathe in the harmonic ecstasy being reproduced so accurately by them. It is then, I will realize that I had not lived until that moment and will be cast into a into world of despair knowing all that is and all that will ever be can never amount to this experience. This is why, at the cost of an existential crisis, I am willing to bear the weight of the burden and beauty that is Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers.

----- Jose P 17.12.09 17:44

Wow those are just beautiful!!

What song? Hmmm…I would probably say anything by Robbie Williams, since I’m so happy he’s back and he’s all I’ve been listening to lately: )

----- Suzy 17.12.09 17:49

Feels by Animal Collective

----- Joe Wasserman 17.12.09 17:57

Blur- Boys & Girls!

----- Molly 17.12.09 18:05

it would most likely be While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

----- Al 17.12.09 18:05

Anything off Drunkards Prayer by Over the Rhine. They would have to sound awesome with a sultry female voice.

----- Ron Hollatz 17.12.09 18:26

Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix) - HEALTH would sound beautiful with those speakers! Ooohh man.

----- Michael 17.12.09 18:28

Massive Attack - Five Man Army

----- John 17.12.09 18:34

I would listen to La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier on these bad boys.

----- Anastacia 17.12.09 18:36

bette orton, sweetest decline. awesome design, btw.

----- berlinde 17.12.09 18:44

Can you imagine Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 in B Flat Minor bellowing through those? Whooweee. That’s what I would listen to with those babies.

----- Rebecca 17.12.09 18:44

I would love to hear Little Boots “Earthquake”… It makes me wanna dance. (=

----- Sara 17.12.09 18:45

Let’s hear Shari Vari by A Number of Names. Early Detroit techo would sound the best in porcelain.

----- Scott 17.12.09 18:51

Type of audio medium: Vinyl of course!
Song: Front Burner
Artist: Count Basie + Basie Big Band

By far the best jazz record I own.
Hope I can win these speakers!

----- Jonathan 17.12.09 18:53

I can’t wait to hear Soundtrack to my life…by Kid CuDi blaring from these speakers throughout my house. Indeed, good times!

----- Daniel F. 17.12.09 18:56

I’m ready to hear Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity.

----- James D. LaCroix 17.12.09 18:58

I cant really help myself keep staring at the speaker set!
To me, a perfect design would be simple, full of function and easy to use.
This set would be one of them
A song…..There are many but rightnow, my head is playing “love, love is a verb…”
by Massive Attack

----- Liam Zhu 17.12.09 18:59

Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky - Fall Be Kind EP

----- Robert Edwards 17.12.09 19:03

I’ve lusted after these speakers for a month. I’d love to listen to the Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes” on them.

----- Jared 17.12.09 19:14

Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix) - HEALTH would sound beautiful with those speakers! Ooohh man.

----- Michael 17.12.09 19:16

Simply wonderful on the eyes, clean and elegant yet bold enough to throw a knockout punch. . “Moonlight Lady - Albert Hammond” :) !!

----- Dylan 17.12.09 19:17

The first song I always play on a new stereo setup or on a new MP3 player is Spanish Key (Miles Davis).

----- Ben 17.12.09 19:22

Beautiful Design. Would love to hear what Robert Plant’s Big Log sounds like through them.

----- Scott B 17.12.09 19:23

Please Don’t Go - Barcelona
Kuroshio Sea - Vimeo

----- Collin Banko 17.12.09 19:32

Break on through- The Doors


U don’t know- Jay-z w/MOP (Blueprint 2)

I would treasure these things.

----- J Alexander 17.12.09 19:42

heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs followed by more of their songs.

----- Julie 17.12.09 19:47

“Paris 1919” by John Cale. Weighty and gorgeous like those speakers.

----- Laura 17.12.09 19:48


also check out my blog, its awesome too!

----- Byron Chou 17.12.09 19:51

Awesome looking speakers. I’d listen to “Rusted from the Rain” by Billy Talent

----- Aaron 17.12.09 19:56

I would listen to Bat for Lashes’ “Two Planets”…lots of sounds to pick out..esp with these speakers!

----- Bethany Mahre 17.12.09 19:58

I’d LOVE to hear Louis Armstrong’s version of “La Vie En Rose.”

----- kacia 17.12.09 20:04

Zoë Keating’s Sun Will Set — beautiful depth and resonance. I bet it would sound *gorgeous* on these.

----- Laura 17.12.09 20:07

yes please!— probably start with ghost face killah’s -daytona 500 … and finish with a little neon indian-

----- chris meyers 17.12.09 20:08

Awesome speakers! I’d have to go with “Staring at the Sun” by TV on the Radio.

----- Jason 17.12.09 20:10

A very low-fi crisp ‘Islands’ by the xx

----- romy nina samuel 17.12.09 20:10

The new minus the bear track would flow outta of these things nicely. Plus having just signed a lease in NYC, I’m broke and could use a little music in the new place.

----- Jon 17.12.09 20:32

i love joey’s work, the soropot is beautifully designed as are these gorgeous speakers…i look forward to hearing them someday soon…i would want to listen to something atmospheric : perhaps, sia singing “breathe me”…or anything she did with zero 7.

----- dominique 17.12.09 20:35

Sunshine Smile by Adorable

----- Robert W. 17.12.09 20:47

“Disco 200” by Pulp…. try and tell me that song isn’t great to dance around your room to!

----- Mikey 17.12.09 20:52

Really great-looking speakers. I’d probably play Bad Romance out of them :)

----- Powen Shiah 17.12.09 20:58

I cant wait to listen to ‘Benny and the Jets’ when I get this thing!!!!

----- Ander 17.12.09 21:01

Would love to hear ‘The Season’ by The Dodos.

----- Alek S 17.12.09 21:03

“i put a spell on you” sung by the beautiful and late, nina simone.

----- Jasmine 17.12.09 21:16

Amore per Tutti - Original score by Nino Rota for Juliet of the Spirits, Nino, Juliet and a glass (bottle) of red wine.

----- Bogart Paz 17.12.09 21:27

I would suggest that the correct answer—as far as I can tell—is “The Beatles - She’s Leaving Home.”

----- Brian 17.12.09 21:28

I’d be relaxing it with Raein by Ólafur Arnalds. The piano and violin would sound fantastic coming out of those on a rainy day.

----- Gideon 17.12.09 21:38

im looking at buying a new record player, play some vinyl on these would be great! probably along the lines of son house - grinnin in your face … something with warmth.

----- jesseh 17.12.09 21:45

those look really neat, i’d love to hear some classical pieces from them, like beethovens fifth synphony

----- richard lew 17.12.09 22:01

Henryk Gorecki’s third symphony, the first movement - Dawn Upshaw’s voice would be absolutely haunting, even more than it already is. Imagine being able to hear every nuance in the crescendo from the muted bass beginning to the climax of the entire symphony! Its half-hour of meditation is sublime on any set of speakers, but with every new listen another life-changing experience, it deserves to be heard as quietly and solemnly as possible. A cup of tea, and I’m set to sit and listen for fifty-six minutes of absolute aesthetic pain and beauty.

----- A. Meacham 17.12.09 22:05

I would listen to Daft Punk - Phoenix, that song would show me if these speakers ARE the best.

----- Max Vega 17.12.09 22:08

My mom got me hooked on Josh Groban’s version of “Ave Maria” and we think it would sound absolutely beautiful with those speakers! Also, happy holidays everyone!

----- Kylene 17.12.09 23:12

I’d be jamming to the heads will roll a-track remix by the yeah yeah yeahs for sure!

----- Duncan 17.12.09 23:23

Definitely Kero One: Keep Pushin’. No doubt about it.

----- Michael Hsu 17.12.09 23:41

Aerosmith - I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

----- Mikki 17.12.09 23:46

Too Drunk to Fuck by Nouvelle Vague

----- eunice 17.12.09 23:53

Anything by The Books.

----- Amanda Curti 17.12.09 23:57

Jimmy Smith - Root Down (and Get It) :)

----- Alex 18.12.09 00:07

I’m not sure whether Canadians may enter, but just in case: ‘My Old Friend the Blues’ by Steve Earle.

----- ikkinlala 18.12.09 00:19

the obectified song:

El Ten Eleven
“I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool”

----- Nico 18.12.09 00:46

I would want to hear Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You” on these speakers on Christmas, yes please!

----- Chau 18.12.09 00:51

hoe cakes mf doom

----- tom 18.12.09 00:51



Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”

Tasteless, yes, but it’s a fabulous song.

----- James 18.12.09 00:56

I’d love to hear some Tool through these beautes maybe rosetta stoned, but also some led Zep would be pretty sweet!

----- GOODY 18.12.09 00:58

those were made to play People are Strange! Jim Morrison would sound even better on rainy days*

----- joaquim 18.12.09 01:01

My song would 100% be Kasmir by Led Zeppelin. Just the thought of sitting back listening to that with on these speakers send shivers down my spine.

----- Adam Richardson 18.12.09 01:03

Take Pills by Panda Bear

----- Andrew 18.12.09 01:03

Dave Holland’s Herbaceous and a bunch more acoustic jazz.

----- Orion 18.12.09 01:07

Seeing as it’s Christmas and I’m in the UK, may I suggest Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’?
I like contrast between the earthy, soft tone of the speaker set-up and The Rage.

Awesome speakers by the way.

----- Paul 18.12.09 01:07

i would love to hear them play many things but i guess first would be the east village opera company’s rendition of Nessun Dorma opera + electic guitars = win!

----- maggie 18.12.09 01:08


----- François 18.12.09 01:08

If I won this amazing system I would definitely listen to St. Vincent - “Paris Is Burning” -tys

----- tyson faa 18.12.09 01:12

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

----- Martin M 18.12.09 01:17

that’d be buffalo springfield - flying on the ground is wrong… fragile and trippy neil young + luv. mmm.

----- liv 18.12.09 01:19

My favourite song of all time as to be “Lover you should’ve come over” by Jeff Buckley.

From the lyrics to the melodic composition everything touches me.

----- Guilherme Rosa 18.12.09 01:19

the gathering - travel

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 18.12.09 01:21

Be your own by One self

----- matt 18.12.09 01:24

i’ve done by myself the munny’s speakers ..
but i’ll litterally Kill , Kill !!! for a pair of those speakers :)
best regards from Italy

----- Gianluca N. 18.12.09 01:26

Ceramic sound - sounds so special! Would love to her “Halt mich” from Philipp Poisels’ Album “Wo fängt der Himmel an”, or, of course, Birthright from A-Ha… can’t stop singing it ;-)

----- Marius 18.12.09 01:29

I would definetely want to hear this Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub. Merry Xmas guys

----- Alex Micu 18.12.09 01:29

Wow! these look amazing! The first song i’d play on them would be Norwegian Wood by the Beatles. Dunno why but they give me that up close and personal feel! Love ‘em!

----- Tim Geraedts 18.12.09 01:44

First choice, Romantic Rights by Death from Above 1979. Great song!

----- Rex Smith 18.12.09 01:46

Atmosphere - Modern Mans Hustle

----- Elias Nordblad 18.12.09 01:51

I don’t know how well these do with bass, but my favorite song ever and the first I test all my speakers and headphones with is 8 Steps to Perfection by Company Flow

----- Ryan 18.12.09 01:51

I’m thinking Sunday Morning by K-Os

----- Jeffrey 18.12.09 01:54

Wow ! I’d totally like thoses ! I’d love to play some Justice on that or some good soul vibes like Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova (and all the old vinyl I got home.. ahhh sweet music)

----- kinji 18.12.09 01:54

Take Pills by Panda Bear

----- ben 18.12.09 02:01

SKOKIAAN by Louis Armstrong with Sy Oliver 1954 (parts 1 and 2).
Warning:It’s contagious.
P.S. Now we just need someone to make a mixtape of all these great songs.

----- Itamimasu 18.12.09 02:04

\\*/// “That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!” by Sufjan Stevens \\*///

----- Thomas Howlett 18.12.09 02:05

Wow these speakers are wery beautyful. If i had a set i would love to hear the balcony with The Rumour Said Fire flowing from the white ceramic


----- Martin M Sorensen 18.12.09 02:06

I have never seen such a great design. He is an artisan, not only a designer.
Inspite of the results, this is certainly an ode to the simplicity of beauty by itself. I would like to listen Gorillaz - Demon Days.

----- Marios G. 18.12.09 02:07

Jose Gonzales Heartbeats would be nice to hear.

----- Aivo 18.12.09 02:08

It would have to be Sycamore Trees (feat. Jimmy Scott) by Angelo Badalamenti from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me ost…just to hear Jimmy Scott’s amazing voice…

----- Jerzy 18.12.09 02:16

I would listen to The XX – Crystalised.

----- Christian 18.12.09 02:17

argh. sweet these…
more unfortunately, as i am welding und building a little amplifier for my girlfriends kitchen - and i have to admit that i love the design of this one (although it could have been built symmetrical!


----- mateus 18.12.09 02:17

hummm, I can´t wait no more to listen to “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera, the most exciting song ever!

----- Edmar Brusque 18.12.09 02:23

Hmm tough question.

Don’t talk (Put ypur head on my shoulder): Beach Boys

----- Graeme 18.12.09 02:24

Otis Redding - (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay

----- Gijs 18.12.09 02:26

…the first track I would listen to on these beautiful speakers is my favourite song,’Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith.

----- Daniel 18.12.09 02:27

Bunch of Pop punk music, that’s for sure, BUT Ben Folds would be amazing on these.

----- Jack 18.12.09 02:28

Bleeding Love (Acoustic Version) by Leona Lewis is the song I would love to hear through these speakers. The raw emotion that the song and singer has would be an amazing experience.

----- Cherilyn Yip 18.12.09 02:30

defiantly going to put on some nate king cole or sinatra…just classic

----- Jon 18.12.09 02:33

I would have to go with something with bass. Maybe some Thunderheist, Freddie. That would be awesome.

----- creativename 18.12.09 02:38

Of course the whole “Portishead - Dummy” album and the deep bass from Massive Attack’s Song Teardrop

----- Kai Weber 18.12.09 02:38

I would be playing Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell on repeat. Until this mess we´ve made of the world is turned around and headed in the right direction, Jonis beatiful images of mans view of nature still rings true to my ears. (maybe even more so, if played on speakers made of natural materials:-))

----- Kristian Pedersen 18.12.09 02:42

These are fabulous looking, another hit from Joey.
Personally I wouldn’t mind hearing Rusty Nails on them from Moderat, certainly one of my favorites of this year.

----- Renze 18.12.09 02:51

“How To Disappear Completely” by Radiohead.

It’s an all time favourite song, but the first time I played that song vinyl it came over with so much more spine-tingling depth and an amazing warmth. It sounds as though these speakers would be a wonderful upgrade for that feeling.

----- Ben Ward 18.12.09 03:00

I want one! My song would be… Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Take Off Your Sunglasses

----- Josh 18.12.09 03:01

“Tour Along The Potamic” by the Dirty Projectors. I love all of the sounds in that song.

----- Adam 18.12.09 03:14

I think I’d play “Still… You Turn Me On” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The guitar in that song is sick and perfect to test a new system.

----- Bailey 18.12.09 03:15

Lou Reed Perfect Day from Transformer (1972)

Just A Perfect Day,
Drink Sangria In The Park,
And Then Later, When It Gets Dark,
We Go Home.
Just A Perfect Day,
Feed Animals In The Zoo
Then Later, A Movie, Too,
And Then Home.

Oh It’s Such A Perfect Day,
I’m Glad I Spent It With You.
Oh Such A Perfect Day,
You Just Keep Me Hanging On

----- amelia winger 18.12.09 03:15

I’d love to hear ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica, that meaty drum lick at the start followed by the juicy bass and ripping guitar would be phenomenal.

----- Mete 18.12.09 03:17

This is where I bare my soul for a guilty confession; the first thing these speakers would be forced to expose the universe to wouldn’t be my usual taste in techno, dubstep or house but a soulful classic like some Aretha or Martha and the Vandellas full of life and with an upbeat tempo I could prance around the house to with my spasticated private dance moves :D

----- Mark Jacob 18.12.09 03:17

When I was a teenager and just getting into music I always got A Talking Heads album at Christmas time. So i think their song Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place, would be the perfect first song on these beautiful speakers.

----- Eric 18.12.09 03:21

that would be “On Planet Off” from “The Notwist” :)

----- Sebastian Brink 18.12.09 03:22

I would like to hear Dj Shadow’s This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way) with this beauties.

----- Hendrik Granna 18.12.09 03:25

I would love to hear Elliot Smith - “Bled White” coming through those absolutly amazing speakers.

----- brad 18.12.09 03:28

I would love to hear “The End - The Doors” or “Money - Pink Floyd”

----- Mikael_sachs 18.12.09 03:31

Timorous Me - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

----- Chris Gabriel 18.12.09 03:37

I would definitely have to play Sinnerman by Nina Simone. Its an amazing 10 minute song of piano, her awesome voice, clapping,… find out for yourself, it’s just a great, great song that deserves to be heard through powerful, beautiful speakers.

----- Megan 18.12.09 03:40

yawny at the apocalypse - andrew bird

----- mei chan 18.12.09 03:49

I would love to listen to Spoon’s “Everything Hits at Once”. LOVE IT!

----- Camila F. 18.12.09 03:50

I would play “Whole lotta love” with Led Zeppelin.

----- Martin 18.12.09 03:51

Matias Aguayo’s ‘Rollerskate’ would be just perfect with this beauty.

----- Chris 18.12.09 03:53

Wow, what an amazing system!

The first song I’d want to hear on it is Nutshell by Alice In Chains…
Beautiful sound…



----- Roy Zohar 18.12.09 04:04

J.S. Bach, The Brandenburg Concertos

----- Lowi 18.12.09 04:08

WHAT ELSE IS THERE, from Royksöpp… would be the first song to start the soundsystem

----- Alberto Matallana 18.12.09 04:11

Amazing! I’d listen to ‘Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Remix)’ by Scuba!

----- Ben 18.12.09 04:16

I think the first sound out of these would have to be from a cello. Eric Friedlander’s Dream Song would do the trick, followed by Ernst Reijsleger. The songs paralyze me.

Love the speakers by the way. The world needs many more objects with that much warmth.

----- Ryan 18.12.09 04:19

Awesome speakers… I’d listen to Sugar Free Jazz, from the album Ruby Vroom by Soul Coughing.

----- Luis 18.12.09 04:19

I’d like to hear my favorite Tool song “Reflection” with this speakers.

----- Helen O 18.12.09 04:20

I wouldn’t be able to wait to play Miles Davis & Charlie Parker - A Night in Tunesia on these truly stunning speakers!

----- Victor W 18.12.09 04:24

Sweet speakers to listen to Miles Davis’ Kinda Blue.

----- Vurtcat 18.12.09 04:24

Nah,nah,nah - you all got it wrong…Radiohead, “Reckoner”. These speakers would do a song like that justice. Love, love, love these.

----- Sarah R 18.12.09 04:30

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust

----- Hazel 18.12.09 04:33

Grizzly Bear singing Two Weeks.

----- Cody Taggart 18.12.09 04:40

“Placebo Effect” by Siouxsie & The Banshees! *fingers and toes crossed*

----- Yous 18.12.09 04:43

“Placebo Effect” by Siouxsie & The Banshees! *fingers and toes crossed*

----- Yous 18.12.09 04:43

good luck by basement jaxx

----- jan 18.12.09 04:47

Daaaaaaaamn! doeb dishhhhhh these are fantamawestistic! Well done on
getting to finished stage. Honestly brilliant.

if i can listen to “Absolute Power” (MF Doom - Born like this)
my ears will bloom into St. Joseph’s lily’s as it is my favourite flower and
smells like pure bliss, i can only imagine how beautiful the sound will be through Joey’s Ceramics.

----- Jacupano 18.12.09 05:00

los federales by signal hill. beautiful speakers!

----- Dwight Song 18.12.09 05:05

Ping Island- Lightning Strike Rescue Op by Mark Mothersbaugh on The Life Aquatic soundtrack…

----- Rick 18.12.09 05:11

Hmmm…I’m thinking “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game”. The original Marvelette’s version or the Massive Attack-Tracy Thorn remake.

----- Lee C 18.12.09 05:18

“ponta de areia”, by wayne shorter on his “native dancer” album

----- José Pereira 18.12.09 05:23

Halo - Depeche Mode

----- edmund dorf 18.12.09 05:23

I havent heard this song yet but I already know it will be the best song of 2010. “Seduced and Abandoned” with Magnetic Fields, I would love to hear that song on these speakers!!!

----- Gustaf Engstrom 18.12.09 05:26

Phoenix - Love like a sunset!!

Absolute audio satisfaction.

----- Danny 18.12.09 05:27

“Vexed and Glorious” by Kenna would sound amazing coming out of some great speakers!!!

----- Danielle 18.12.09 05:27

Guitar and Video Games- by Sunny Day Real Estate

----- Dane 18.12.09 05:33

awesome combination of materials, I wonder how they sound !?

----- Yelle 18.12.09 05:35

“Grace” by Jeff Buckley

----- Alfons VH 18.12.09 05:43

Oh right now this is Dave Matthews Band - Spoon from the 1998 album. And its actually mainly for the banjo solo. Its over pretty quickly but its totally woth it! (+ Alanis Morissette sing the last verse)

----- Raphael 18.12.09 05:43

Cue up Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial by the Hellacopters on the turntable and crank it it up

----- tony F 18.12.09 05:44

I can’t wait to listen to Frédéric Chopin’s Ballade No. 1

----- Jan Kersting 18.12.09 05:46

The first track I’d put on with these beautiful speakers would have to be “The World Is (Below the Heavens..)” by Blu & Exile. Heck, I’d run the whole dang Below the Heavens joint.

----- Brandon 18.12.09 05:48

The Fountain Soundtrack.. the end.

----- Jason 18.12.09 05:50

‘Song 4’, Sigur Ros

----- Leo 18.12.09 05:50

These ceramic speakers are super nice! If I were to win a pair I would have no doubt as to what song would be played first (and it wouldn’t be Ravel’s Bolero, as good as a first song that would be) - it would be something understated, simple and beautiful, but also mental -


YEAH! (this song is insanely brilliant, but it is not on youtube, I heartily urge you to seek it out, it’s crazy good!

----- Alistair 18.12.09 05:50

i would love to hear me some Mozart Requiem on these cuties.

----- Nathan 18.12.09 05:52

I recently got a new turntable , but need some new speakers..instead of the old cd book shelf ones I’ve been using…these would be perfect. What would I listen to? I’d like to hear? I’d like to hear my LP copy of Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters, specifically “Chameleon”

----- Jared Nagel 18.12.09 05:52

for these speakers are so authentic, the first song i would listen would be “Night In Tunesia” by Charlie Parker and Miles

----- Jip Warendorf 18.12.09 05:54

any song by Spiritualized !!!!!!!!!

----- Mark Pechlivanos 18.12.09 06:04

Graze by Animal Collective

----- spacewolf 18.12.09 06:04

Graze by Animal Collective

----- spacewolf 18.12.09 06:05

Ok the only songs I can think of that would do these justice are Talking Heads, Burning Down the House or This Must Be The Place…

----- Jonathan McC. 18.12.09 06:05

I’d listen to Paris Combo - Living Room first, then probably switch to classic Jazz including plenty of Django and Grappelli. Thanks!

----- Martin J. 18.12.09 06:05

Mr Jones by Counting Crows :)

----- Joanna Montgomery 18.12.09 06:09

I think “Christmas Rappin” by Kurtis Blow may be a great time appropriate song to start off on a rad set of speakers like this! Would love a pair!

----- devin 18.12.09 06:15

Hands down I’d listen to the entire Soul Coughing discography, specifically ‘Rolling’ on the album ‘El Oso.’ Mike Doughty is a fantastic man.

----- Brian B 18.12.09 06:15

I fight dragons! ” With you “

----- mark 18.12.09 06:16

Would love to hear some Josh Wink coming out of these… really test out the depth provided by the ceramic construction!

----- Tatiana 18.12.09 06:19

the beats that my husband created while in college & law school

----- marsha 18.12.09 06:23

I would definitely try out the song Passion by Blackalicious on these sweet sweet speakers.

----- Shawn 18.12.09 06:24

Going to throw on some magnolia electric company on vinyl. really get into it.

----- ben 18.12.09 06:26

“Under my thumb” by the Rolling Stones would flow beautifully out and around my newly refurnished room.

----- Nestor J. Dutan 18.12.09 06:28

it’s ridiculous how badly i want these speakers!

----- Ted Low 18.12.09 06:30

Would love to hear “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” by the Stones on them …

----- Eric R 18.12.09 06:30

It would be “Dos gardenias” by Buena Vista Social Club. I do wonder what the bass and piano lines really sound like.

----- Mateo 18.12.09 06:30

Jimmy Eat World ~ Last Christmas

My friend’s phone accidentally called me. I texted him “I think your butt just called me” he replied “you should be honored that my best part called you”. :)

----- Tim m 18.12.09 06:33

Kings of Leon, this sex is on fire. :)

----- Wolfie 18.12.09 06:34

tom waits - swordfishtrombone

----- Bartal Djurhuus 18.12.09 06:34

Don’t break my heart…Billy Ray. I bet these speakers can make everything sound better….

----- mark 18.12.09 06:35

I’m thinking Sunday morning, newspaper, coffee, and Miles Davis on vinyl.

----- Craig Cuff 18.12.09 06:37

O Del Mio Amato Ben by Donaudy … sung by Dennis O’neill

or Lydia by Faure… the version sung by Gerard Suzay

or Alejandro, Telephone or LoveGame by Lady Gaga… and sung by Lady Gaga.

----- Josh 18.12.09 06:37

Foo Fighters - One by One

----- David 18.12.09 06:38

Matroshka, The Ornament by Dredg

----- Eric T 18.12.09 06:40

I dont know about my favorite song but blasting out Sleigh Bell’s “Crown on the Ground” would be pretty awesome out of these speakers. Besides, Sleigh Bells even sounds like a Christmas band name so I think it’s appropriate for a Holiday Giveaway.

----- Kyle R. 18.12.09 06:40

I’d probably listen to the entirety of “A Passion Play” by Jethro Tull…

----- Adam 18.12.09 06:42

I can’t wait to hear “Hoppípolla” by Sigur Ros playing out of these beautifully designed speakers!

----- Linda 18.12.09 06:45

Mmmmmmmm I would like to play my usual morning coffee of Bone Thugs n Harmony “E. 1999 Eternal” album.

----- Morgan 18.12.09 06:46

I’d listen to Fever by Peggy Lee
These speakers deserve the best of old school sexy.

I am an architect / designer and my dad is a custom home audio consultant we’ve both hoped for speakers this classy for a long time. I only hope they sound as good as they look. Only one way to find out….

----- Erin 18.12.09 06:47

Onde - Ludovico Einaudi

----- Roberto 18.12.09 06:47

I can’t wait to hear Slayer - Mandatory Suicide on these.
Why yes, I am the only thrash metal fan on NOTCOT.

----- Todd Stewart 18.12.09 06:49

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads

----- RP 18.12.09 06:49

Amazing design, truly stunning. I’d love to listen to Crystalised by the xx on these ceramic speakers.

----- Adam 18.12.09 06:51

my honey used to dj a lot - now it is the occasional party and often in our attic for me and our puppy while i knit or sew. his speakers are enormous and old and so unnattractive in our tiny attic - i would love to hear him play with something a little prettier and space-appropriate. first song: son of a preacher man [dusty springfield [[his remix]]]

----- lauren michele 18.12.09 06:52

No Aloha by The Breeders.

----- Leon 18.12.09 06:54

Paris by Friendly Fires!

----- Erik Johanson 18.12.09 06:56

Duh people!
No brainer!
Always test your awesome new speakers on a little Stan Getz!
I’d even go mainstream and put on Girl From Impanema…

----- Liza 18.12.09 06:58

I’m so stuck on Fever Ray, I doubt I’ll be able to move on if these arrive.

----- joseph 18.12.09 07:01

Most anything Stereolab. How bout “Percolator?”

----- Jason 18.12.09 07:03

I would have to say “Happiness: We’re all in this together” by This Will Destroy You.

----- Ky 18.12.09 07:03

“Home” By LA-based Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros would sound ridiculous on a pair of these.

----- Aaron 18.12.09 07:04

I would enjoy about anything from Mates of State coming through these. If they are half as nice as the Sorapot then I bet they sound wonderful.

----- Micah 18.12.09 07:04

The sunparlour players: ‘If the creeks dont rise.’ Although I would love to get the speakers, I really just want you to listen to the music. I tried to find a direct link to the song, but the best I could do was the whole page: http://www.myspace.com/thesunparlour.
A simple trip to myspace. Probably a lot to ask. But it is worth a shot.

Alternatively. ‘The Well’, by Smog. He has he most incredible voice.

Alternatively^2. ‘Poor Jackie” by ManMan. The singer sounds like he has been eating gravel since birth. Amazing band. Amazing song.

Enjoy life.

----- Matt 18.12.09 07:06

These would be the perfect medium for listening to Batcat by Mogwai. Absolutely blasting!

Merry X-mas though to everyone at NOTCOT and elsewhere!

----- Clemens 18.12.09 07:06

I am thankful there are such great designer out there to produce such beautiful artwork!


----- Jzachly 18.12.09 07:09

mother by danzig

----- Seth 18.12.09 07:09

mother — danzig

----- Seth 18.12.09 07:10

Very awesome design. I would love to delve into your design concept and try out verious found items using your elements… Comes to mind: clay pottery, vases, old instruments, cannisters, etc.
I would love to hear an audiobook from them, I would imagine that the resonance would lend itself well to the spoken voice. Perhaps “The wizard of OZ” or “the chronicles of Narnia.”

----- Ben Bates 18.12.09 07:11

the tain by the decemberists

----- Luke 18.12.09 07:11

I’d party like a rock star listening to “party like a rock star” by the Red Elvises (a.k.a. - your new favorite band)!

----- Ryan 18.12.09 07:12

Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse. Usually there is just one part in a song that I can call my favourite, but I love this song through and through.

----- Huck 18.12.09 07:14

i would listen to anything by Los Campesinos! Welsh indie rock bands are the best!

----- Allen Read 18.12.09 07:17

I would love to blast some Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance through these! Sweet ;)

----- Gemma 18.12.09 07:19

Cup of tea, awesome red leather club chair, rainy day, and Wake Up by Arcade Fire playing on these speakers…perfection!

----- Jenn 18.12.09 07:21

After seeing these babies a while back, I imagined playing throwing one of my Tom Waits LPs and playing “Shiver Me TImbers.”

----- Alex Jacque 18.12.09 07:21

Singapore by Tom Waits

----- Simon 18.12.09 07:23

Obviously Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” is the only appropriate way to christen nice speakers. Otherwise the speakers will just make gentle sobbing sounds because they’re so upset that’s not what’s being played first.

----- mark 18.12.09 07:25

Great design!

John Butler Trio - Ocean (Live at Federation Square) My favorite guitar solo song.

----- kalvis 18.12.09 07:27

These are so beautiful. The first song I would listen to is “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out, as I lie on my carpet.

----- Veronica 18.12.09 07:27

holy?! these are massive!

if im not too hypnotized from their beautiful design , id have some a tribe called quest bumping in the background…midnight mauraders fo’sho.

----- Blueyedben 18.12.09 07:27

I would love to hook these up to my record player and play “The Firebird Suite”by Stravinsky. I imagine it would sound just like an orchestra.

----- Nathanial 18.12.09 07:28

Love these speakers. I would surely go straight to my Beatles collection.

----- Jeff 18.12.09 07:29

Dmb spaceman would be great to try out on these cones. Heavenly tune.

----- paul 18.12.09 07:31

My wedding song: Billy Bragg & Wilco’s California Stars

----- mike 18.12.09 07:32

“The XX” would be great through these.

----- Robert Preslar 18.12.09 07:35

Feel Flows by The Beach Boys

----- liz 18.12.09 07:37

Bring ceramic back.

----- Catherine Newman 18.12.09 07:37

I would really play “Dust” by Van Hunt

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 18.12.09 07:38

“Blue in Green”

----- Lindsay Graham 18.12.09 07:41

I would have to pick “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambataa and Soul Sonic Force.

These speakers look amazing.

----- Jesse Scroggins 18.12.09 07:42

I would love to hear “The Good Doctor” from The Protomen’s second album, “Father of Death,” their Mega Man based rock opera!

“Men sleep tonight with hands of bone. They will awake with hands of steel.
And with these hands we will destroy. And with these hands we will rebuild.
And we will stand above our city, rising high above the streets.
From tops of buildings we will look
at all that lies beneath our feet.

We will raise our hands above us,
cold steel shining in the sun,
and with these hands that will not bleed,
my father’s battle will be won!”

(Makes me want to cry from the awesomeness!)

----- Tom 18.12.09 07:43

I was so tempted to read all of the comments but I don’t have time. These speakers look amazing. I would have a tough time deciding what to play first. Maybe some rad jazz by the Bad Plus or the Boom. But then again, something extremely dancey and righteous like Le Tigre would be amazing coming from these. Or Dvorak. Or Florence and the Machines. Oh god, I just want to listen to my entire music collection - they’re so beautiful!

----- Heather 18.12.09 07:46

Maybe not my favorite song of all time, but at the moment. Eisley’s “Ambulance” would sound so sweet coming through those. And if I won them I’d have no excuse to not buy my new turntable. So win-win.

----- lara 18.12.09 07:46


----- Dennis Chow 18.12.09 07:47

I can’t wait to hear Crushed Bones by Why? from these beautiful speakers.

----- Nick Sugihara 18.12.09 07:48

I would love to hear Astor Piazolla’s “Tango Suite” played by SoloDuo. That would be amazing!

----- Nathan 18.12.09 07:48

“funky squaredance” by phoenix!!

----- April 18.12.09 07:53

blast on The Sounds - Rock’n Roll off the Living in America LP and I’ll catch ya on the flip side!!!

----- GABE 18.12.09 07:54

Something as classic as these need to be next to my iMac so I can rock to “All Along the Watchtower” by Hendrix when I need to be in the creative zone.

----- Ricktor 18.12.09 07:57

Requiem by M.Ward That song makes me feel invincible!

----- David "Rooster" Claytor 18.12.09 08:03

Gorgeous minimalism! I’d love to hear “Powdered Wig Machine” from Desert Sessions IX-X on these.

----- Nate Hammer 18.12.09 08:03

My favorite song right now - that I can’t wait to hear play out of these sweet speakers - is “Empire State Of Mind” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

----- Heather 18.12.09 08:04

It’s a tie: “the kids” by mgmt or “jungle” by elo. Merry christmas!!

----- Jade 18.12.09 08:06

‘Iron Lion Zion’ by Bob Marley

----- Ian Slattery 18.12.09 08:12

I would love to hear Moby - Porcelain in these, so gorgeous!

----- Lorenzo 18.12.09 08:15

MMMM…I imagine Pink Floyd’s TIME, from Dark Side of the Moon would sound incredible. Nice work. Thanks!

----- vegaschris 18.12.09 08:16

ooh, these are gorgeous! i can’t wait to hear sufjan stevens bouncing out of these speakers. his music never gets old, and i can almost hear each horn and flute prancing and clanging out of these lovely speakers.

----- kathryn 18.12.09 08:19

Cool Design. I would love to blast some music through them.

----- Vadim 18.12.09 08:20

I’d play my DMB record that I haven’t played yet. Those speakers would be perfect!

----- mikecpeck 18.12.09 08:21

Absolutely love the design of these porcelain beauties! It would seem fitting to listen to the hypnotic melodies of Porcelain by Moby.

----- Brad W 18.12.09 08:23

i’m pretty sure that ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd would sound great with this set!

----- Angelo 18.12.09 08:24

Tom Waits’ “Heart of Saturday Night” album would be superb.

----- Caroline Mills 18.12.09 08:25

Anything by Pinback! -

----- Tommy Kern 18.12.09 08:26

A Girl Named Tennessee by Needtobreathe

beautifully designed speakers btw….

----- Tim 18.12.09 08:26

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison for sure. Bringing the Old to the New.

Its Myself & my best friend’s life song. It played at every significant event in our lives from our first day play school (kindergarden) to childbirth & to the present when I left the UK for Canada last year. It would make me smile & bring back some amazing memories & not to mention sound amazing on your speakers. ;)

----- Kandy Boulden 18.12.09 08:26

My favorite song is Ben Harper´s Not Fire, Not Ice

----- Gabriela Oliva 18.12.09 08:26

Nadja - Stays Demons

----- KATE 18.12.09 08:27

I has to be Moby’s ‘Porcelain’ first up.
You can say what you like about the chap but there’s no doubt he has made the best ceramic themed tune.

----- English Will 18.12.09 08:28

I would listen to “Life in a Glass House” by Radiohead!

----- Alex 18.12.09 08:28

All Star - Smash Mouth
a real feel good song and i think it will feel even beter through a set of Joey’s Ceramic Speakers

----- Sid 18.12.09 08:31

I would listen to the whale years, by mountains, because they are so organic sounding and so are those speakers!

----- Paul Bennett 18.12.09 08:31

All Star - Smash Mouth
a real feel good song and i think it will feel even beter through a set of Joey’s Ceramic Speakers

----- Sid 18.12.09 08:33

Curious about how these sound. The first song would be The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home”. Thanks much.

----- Rayhan Hasan 18.12.09 08:33

I wonder how “Ticker-tape of the Unconscious” by Stereolab would sound on those amazing look speakers? Well, anything from “Dots and Loops” actually but have to start somewhere.

----- Cobalt 18.12.09 08:34

“Beyond the Sea,” by Bobby Darin. All the recordings I’ve found of that song are flat, so I’d love to hear these puppies give it some warmth.

----- Brad 18.12.09 08:39

My personal favorite is Lonely Day from System of a down.

----- Mihály Baki 18.12.09 08:39

“after the rain” by john coltrane.

----- andrew 18.12.09 08:42

I can’t stop listening to The Roots’ “How I got over”, these speakers would likely add to that can’t stop.

----- Eddie 18.12.09 08:42

Hmmm, for audiophile level quality I’d have to go with classical. Perhaps “Deus Irae” from Verdi’s requiem.

----- Adam 18.12.09 08:44

How is it possible to pick just one song?!?!
classica- Mozart’s requium
rock- Queen’s Don’t stop me now
coutnry/blue grass- Avett bros’ November blue
indie- Harvard’s Ghost

----- leslie 18.12.09 08:45

Well, Lenny Kravitz - If you can’t say no (Zero 7 remix) is hard to beat for me.

----- braindance 18.12.09 08:45

in my home it’s all Steely Dan…all the time…I would LOVE to hear “Deacon Blues” coming from these porcelain G-ds…

----- Linds 18.12.09 08:46


----- James 18.12.09 08:47

I would listen to Cassandra Wilson “Run the Voodoo Down”

----- joel gaona 18.12.09 08:47

Can’t wait to hear Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley from these beautiful speakers.

----- Mike 18.12.09 08:48

Wild Horses by the Stones

----- Mike Olson 18.12.09 08:48

Hard to Concentrate by the RHCP

----- Alec 18.12.09 08:49

ok. i will stop trying to say the wittiest thing to say to win these superb speakers — i would first put on hoppípolla by sigur rós. i can hear it already…

----- carrie 18.12.09 08:49

Hold it… wait for it…

In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

BTW, this post is a great way to get a snapshot of the music tastes of your NOTCOT reader base!

----- Jason @e2q 18.12.09 08:50

The song that seems the most appropriate would be “Porcelain” by the Smashing Pumpkins!

----- Laurent 18.12.09 08:51

My favourite song coming out of these would be Claire de lune, by Debussy, played from my record player. It would be pristine!!

----- Jes 18.12.09 08:55

Scars - Basement Jaxx featuring Santigold

----- chris burns 18.12.09 08:56

I think the answer here is obvious: Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA.

----- Baller Status 18.12.09 08:58

“No Children” by the Mountain Goats, they’re amazing.

----- Nicole Demers 18.12.09 08:59

I would kill to hear “Mogwai Fear Satan” piping out of these little lovelies in my apartment. What a gorgeous set of speakers!

----- Colin Sproule 18.12.09 09:01

‘Belle’ by Al Green. Sexiest song ever written.

----- Mateoa 18.12.09 09:01

I am an avid music listener (and player)! These speakers are amazing and I would love to hear John Lennon’s Imagine on them. Its a song where quality is apparent.

----- Rachel 18.12.09 09:05

Sufjan Stevens, the Michigan album!

----- JB 18.12.09 09:09

Simply, David Bowie - Space oddity. playing on my turntable.

----- joash dipert 18.12.09 09:12

I’d want to hear the 1812 overture

----- Ryan 18.12.09 09:12

i would play 40 day dream by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros just for the first 5 seconds… loud!!

----- Jack 18.12.09 09:13

space oddity - Bowie

----- joash dipert 18.12.09 09:13

Horse Feathers - Curs in the weeds

----- Todd Bromley 18.12.09 09:14

Ok, I changed my mind….The Big Payback, James Brown.

----- JB 18.12.09 09:15

It’s Your Love - The Other People Place (aka James Marcel Stinson aka one half of Drexciya)


----- Jonathan 18.12.09 09:17

I would love to hear Ambling Alp by Yeasayer comin’ outta those gorgeous speakers!

----- Matty B 18.12.09 09:18

Erik Satie - Trois Gymnopedies

----- ryin kobza 18.12.09 09:21

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - The Sinister Minister

----- Aaron 18.12.09 09:26

A simple answer: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I know that some people may not consider that a song, but it’s a piece of music and to me it is the ultimate piece of music.

Beautiful, creative, perfect speakers for the same kind of song!
Even if I don’t win, congratulations on creating something so unique, ascetic, and useful!

----- Jake Sepulveda 18.12.09 09:27

i would love to blare little boots - “new in town” (the fred falke remix) out of these beauties - it’s my current theme song, as i just moved… these are so awesome!

----- Nico 18.12.09 09:30

Godspeed You Black Emperor! “Dead Flag Blues”


----- Ben Powers 18.12.09 09:30

christmas time is here: vince guaraldi trio

----- janete 18.12.09 09:31

I’d go with Beethoven’s 9th followed by Weird Al’s Genius In France.

----- Alec 18.12.09 09:34

Louis Armstrong, La vie en rose

----- Drew 18.12.09 09:35

How about anything recorded by Boards Of Canada!

----- Austin 18.12.09 09:37

I would really, really, really love to hear the Silver Jews song, “I Remember Me” playing out of these speakers.

----- Thomas 18.12.09 09:38

Nice work. A beautiful combination of smoothly sculpted form and articulated mechanics, clearly communicating how it’s conceived and assembled with each piece perfectly machined and made. Bravo.

----- Pete Larsen 18.12.09 09:38

Five Months by Parkway Drive. Followed by Refused Are Fucking Dead by Refused.

----- KYLE H 18.12.09 09:40

I would love to listen to Dave Brubeck “take five”.

----- Spencer G. 18.12.09 09:46

“My Girls” - Animal Collective

----- Brendan 18.12.09 09:46

“stay with you” by lemon jelly or one of my own tracks … gorgeous speakers!

----- phil collis 18.12.09 09:47

I’d like to hear some Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal come out of these!

----- Matthew K 18.12.09 09:47

Nice Latte Machiato in a nice white porcelain cup, legs up and put on Mocky with Music to my ears…from the nice white porcelain cups…

----- Anthony 18.12.09 09:48

These speakers are just beautiful… simple and elegant, right up there with the likes of B&W Nautilus elegance.
I can promise that if I won these speakers, as a jazz buff I would listen to one of my all time heroes, Dave Brubeck performing “Take 5” from his famous album “Time Out”.

----- Aaron R. 18.12.09 09:50

i love the combination of textures and materials very cool indeed
be nice in glass as well too see all the inside components

----- david valentine 18.12.09 09:51

right now? my favorite song would have to be edge of desire by john mayer.

----- Alyssa 18.12.09 09:53

The Man Who Sold the World, by David Bowie, as performed by Nirvana ignites my design juices anyday.

Abe Camacho

----- Abe Camacho 18.12.09 09:56

I’d have to go with the 2nd movement of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony… in the dark. Simply one of the most beautiful pieces of modern classical music ever written!

----- Leif Miltenberger 18.12.09 09:57

erik satie - parade

----- richard e. deutsch 18.12.09 09:58

i love how these evoke the image of tipped over beakers + cork stoppers, refashioned in some future wasteland from a box of found university chem lab detritus to satisfy the innate human need for another voice, melody. the simple cleverness of them begs for something with atmosphere & optimism - i’m thinking Wilco’s ‘Either Way.’

----- derek 18.12.09 09:58

a different and original take on speakers, nice……..
i’d start with ‘anybody seen my baby’ by rolling stones and then proceed with the rest of the 2l00 songs in my itunes

----- ushka 18.12.09 09:59

Wow, One song? Alright, it took me a while to think about it but, I’ve got it. The song I would love to hear come out of those magic sound devices of beauty is my favorite Sunday hangover song, “Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny.

----- Kelsey Can! 18.12.09 10:03

I can’t wait to listen to a recent favorite of mine, “Death”, by White Lies.

----- Max B 18.12.09 10:03

my prized hunky-dory David Bowie vinyl!

----- Frances 18.12.09 10:03

This looks awesome. I’d play any combination of Moby, Royksopp,The Clash, Sigur Ros, Bjork, some Mescaleros and some Straight, No Chaser Thelonious Monk. Did I say this looks awesome?

----- Pit 18.12.09 10:07

“Not that simple” by Dredg.. from Catch Without Arms, my most favorite album of all-time. It will be part of my wedding song repertoire :)

----- Evie 18.12.09 10:08

Ahir Bhairav - Ravi Shankar. I’d really like to see how these speakers do with playing Mr. Shankar. Other speakers I’ve tried don’t quite capture the atmosphere and the subtle tones featured in his work. I’ll be seriously impressed if they sound as good as they look.

----- Matt 18.12.09 10:09

They look amazing - I would love to listen to Passion Pit - Moths Wings

----- Josiah Jones 18.12.09 10:13

Ruben Gonzalez - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

----- Randi 18.12.09 10:13

oh man, how cool! I would play Zeppelin “Trampled underfoot”! Thanks for the chance to win these beauties!!!

----- Casey Jon 18.12.09 10:15

These things are beautiful! Craftsmanship and design at its finest. I’d love to be serenaded through them by The Ditty Bops’ “Wishful Thinking” as the rain comes pouring down outside.

----- Beau-Robert Metcalfe 18.12.09 10:15

I would love to hear to hear:

----- Otis Baldwin 18.12.09 10:16

Galactic Fun by Dam Funk… yeah.

----- Tiimo Schulze 18.12.09 10:19

I think these would be fantastic to bump out some Glitch Mob on, the Nalepa Monday remix is something that I’ve wanted to hear on something with excellent audio fidelity.

----- Po 18.12.09 10:19

These speakers are so beautiful in their simplicity. The white porcelain is so delicate looking and the cork is such a wonderful detail.

One of my favorite songs of all time, Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Or if I wanted to be a hipster designer I’d say Strobe by DeadMau5 or anything by Bon Iver.

----- Matthew Lisk 18.12.09 10:20

I’d love to hear what “Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven!” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor sounds like from these beauties.

----- Alex 18.12.09 10:20

I would love to hear any of the FabricLive mixes coming out of these gorgeous speakers (especially the FreQ Nasty mix)!

----- CapreeK 18.12.09 10:23

“Running on Sunshine” by Jesus Jackson*… This is a great “feel good” song that makes me want to dance, which I would do if I won these speakers!

*Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack Vol #3.

----- Alan 18.12.09 10:24

I was one of the first to have a Sorapot from Joey roth and I have been thinking about these speakers ever since I saw the concept. I wan to hear Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot played through these speakers.

----- Matthew Wunderle 18.12.09 10:25

Porcelain by Moby seems really appropriate.
It’s got a rich dynamic range (which would probably sound great in these speakers) and is one of my favorite tracks to boot.

----- Andrew M. 18.12.09 10:32

Phoenix :: 1901

----- Elizabeth 18.12.09 10:32

geneviève Jodoin’s “Tout c’que t’as”

----- Chihiro 18.12.09 10:33

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Shade of Blue.

----- Party Time Nate 18.12.09 10:33

I would dance around the living room in my socks to Pump It Up by Elvis Costello and openly wish for a pair of thick framed vintage glasses to accessorize with.

----- Lauren 18.12.09 10:34

just about anything from The Killers

----- edgar 18.12.09 10:35

Perfect design to accompany Explosions in the Sky’s - Great Death.

----- Bob Lewin 18.12.09 10:36

Through these beautiful teardrops, it’d have to be The Chameleons “Tears”.

----- damian 18.12.09 10:38

I would love to listen “hello hurricane” by switchfoot from that!!!!

----- Dan Yoon 18.12.09 10:39

First song would probably be Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate
followed by some Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Radiohead and most likely some Promise Ring
Although Im sure everything sounds good on these.

----- john lawler 18.12.09 10:40

I can’t get enough of my favorite Christmas-song-singer, Bing Crosby. His bass voice and that beautiful craftmanship, AND technology! The only thing that would make it better would be if we actually have a White Christmas in Atlanta this year!

----- Juliann 18.12.09 10:42

Very cool. Never thought of using ceramics.

----- GARY 18.12.09 10:46

If I hit play first: Sakura, sakura. Close my eyes, and envision myself back in kyoto. All that will be missing is the breeze, and the scent of cherry blossoms. (maybe a fan and some scented oils?)

If my fiance somehow was faster than I: He would play “Battlefield” by Panzer Ag. There is a base beat with such low frequency that many speakers cannot produce the sound.

----- Sonya 18.12.09 10:46

I wanna be the coolest kid on the block! Gimmie!

----- Darrough 18.12.09 10:50

I’d just stare at them cuz they’re so purdy.aww

----- Suraaj 18.12.09 10:53

My favorite song is “The End” by The Beatles. Remastered edition of course!

----- Oscar Tigwell 18.12.09 10:54

Marimba and Shit Drums by Moonface
That is what I would listen to.

----- Ethan Lech Charles Halko 18.12.09 10:55

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” The Beatles.

----- Cole 18.12.09 10:58

Less than jake - Science of selling your self short.

Because.. It makes me so smily that my face might fall off.

----- Simps 18.12.09 10:59

“No One Loves Me & Neither Do I” by Them Crooked Vulures

----- Marcus 18.12.09 11:03

I would love to hear ‘Parachute Woman’ by the Rolling Stones on these bad boys.

----- Carl W. Heindl 18.12.09 11:07

i would listen to “giant steps” by john coltrane [http://tinyurl.com/yr8hye]… the variety of pitch and tempo in this song are something i would love to hear coming out of ceramic speakers, although i can also imagine them to be coming out of an old crosley suitcase record player as well. the man is a musical genius. thanks for the great detail shot of the cork! it’s my favorite part too, mainly because i’m so interested in HOW it works!

----- Leslie 18.12.09 11:09

If I got them, I would hook them up to my turntable and play “To Here Knows When”.

----- Viktor 18.12.09 11:09

Defiantly ‘Surf’s Up’ by the Beach Boys, but the solo-vocal-piano version that is just pure Brian. Sublime.

----- Luke 18.12.09 11:10

I would love to hear Power Shower by Caspa and Rusko

----- Tim 18.12.09 11:10

Obviously, it’s “Ceramic Girl” by Flint, Michigan’s own Ready For The World. Oh Sheila, indeed.

----- Dave Wayne Daniels 18.12.09 11:15

The Middle East- Blood

Only these speakers could truly capture this song

----- Doug 18.12.09 11:17

Wonderful design. Love love. I would probably start out with some Animal Collective - probably ‘My Girls’

----- Christopher Andrew Culley 18.12.09 11:18

chet baker, almost blue

----- RJ Horeski 18.12.09 11:22

I’ll will dance my self silly listening to Quiet Little Voices from those Scottish lads We Were Promised Jetpacks…

----- Brandon 18.12.09 11:23

My favorite song is “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf …. I know it is old fashioned, but it is how love sounds.

----- Cori 18.12.09 11:23

Oh man. Those speakers are meant for only great music…Bach’s “Chaconne” (Partita #2, D minor) would fit the bill perfectly.

----- Kate El-Bizri 18.12.09 11:24

Carmen Miranda - I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)

ALAP (as loud as possible)

----- Rich Robinson 18.12.09 11:25

i wonder how “who let the dogs out” would sound through ceramic speakers.
amazing id wager

----- mark 18.12.09 11:25

In Dreams by Roy Orbison. Your speakers are swell guy.

----- Adam 18.12.09 11:26

I would love to hear the amazingly mellow Trentemoller Remix of Kasper Bjørke’s “Doesn’t Matter” through this setup

----- Matt O 18.12.09 11:28

“Heartbeats” - The Knife.

----- Tama 18.12.09 11:29

PANAMA - VAN HALEN would sound lovely on those beuties…

----- Iñigo Martinez 18.12.09 11:31

I would play ‘At the Hundredth Meridian’ by The Tragically Hip.

----- JRoy 18.12.09 11:31

Listen, everyone is choosing hip, indie, and trendy music to grace these sheik little ivory cones. Me, I’ll step outside the box and choose a tune that would test their “jamability”. Motorhead, Ace of Spades would do just that. I want to prove to coworkers that they aren’t just pretty repurposed coffee cups.

----- Randi 18.12.09 11:33

Wow…. I have been following Joey since the development of the Sorapot and have lusted after these since his original post on them. I’d love to hear ChaChaCha from Buena Vista Social Club on these. What a fantastic gift for me!

----- josh 18.12.09 11:35

Probably ‘She’s Lost Control’ by Joy Divison. A really in depth song to be played by high quality speakers. Or some straight up Ska for rocking out.

----- Aaron 18.12.09 11:35

i love these joey! i’ve never wanted to show wires so bad before, and in pink. sweet! ok, for first song to play on it… because they bring a smile to my face when i look at them, i’m gonna go with a song that does the same. -playful, let’s see. yes- gotta be “that’s not my name” by the ting tings.

----- chris 18.12.09 11:37

silver soul by beach house

----- gina 18.12.09 11:39

Living is easy with eyes close… Beatles - Strawberry fields forever and of course oldschool vinyl. Simply love this song.

----- jan Vyvadil 18.12.09 11:40

My collection of Rachmaninov Concerto 2 recordings.

----- Evan 18.12.09 11:40

“The Rainbow Connection” by kermit the frog… can’t wait to hear it!

----- Jung-Soo Choi 18.12.09 11:49

Something that beautiful needs a beautiful song. Probably New World Symphony.

Either that or some Mustard Pimp jams to test how hard those things can pump! :)

----- Brian Peter 18.12.09 11:50

Silly question. Bjork “All is full of love” of course. Im pretty sure they were made for the music video actually.

----- Xanderpants 18.12.09 11:50

- i’d definitely throw on Herbie Hancock’s HEADHUNTERS and listen to Watermelon Man as a first with these speakers. it may be the only song with enough fresh-funk to match this setup

----- Luke 18.12.09 11:54

i’d definitely throw on Herbie’s HEADHUNTERS vinyl as a first for this setup. Watermelon Man may be the only song with the fresh funk to match these speakers.

----- Luke 18.12.09 11:55

I have forever been looking for speakers to go with my dad’s turntable (passed down to me). He used to have these amazing box speakers that he made in when I was a kid, but they have since been destroyed by moves and time.
Would love to hear Cream’s “White Room” through these… grew up listening to them, along with Jefferson Airplane/Starship. Just the intro alone sounds amazing via record.
Especially like the cork detail with the ceramic - kind of makes you think the cork is squeezing out sound into the cables.

----- Charlotte Terry 18.12.09 11:57

Debussy has always moved me. It’d be stellar to hear ‘Clair de Lune’ or any of his works through those out-of-this-world speakers.

----- Taryn 18.12.09 12:02

i need these like yesterday…Effigy by Ministry is what i would blare!

----- Rick 18.12.09 12:03

Now that you’re Home by THE MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA

Sweet Jesus I swear that I love you, no matter what the chariot says.
I’m biased and by this I’ll judge you on weakness wrapped up in my own innocence
And I think that’s fine.

My God you look so much different. From mirrors you looked like fool.
And your skin taste much better with aging not sweet like it was back in our Sunday school.

Just wait, don’t go. We’re gonna see if this bad boy can fly
Just wait, don’t go. We’re gonna see if this bad boy can fly
We’re gonna see if this bad boy can fly
We’re gonna see if this bad boy can fly
Cause I heard that it can after all.

Now that you’re home won’t you rescue me?
I’ve been trying so hard to be good again
Now that you’re home won’t you rescue me?
I’ve been trying so hard to be good
Now that you’re home won’t you rescue me?
I’ve been trying so hard to be good again
Now that you’re home won’t you rescue me?
I’ve been trying pretty hard to be good

Well now that you’re home I can see again, I can see again
Now that you’re home I can see again, God I can see

----- Daniel 18.12.09 12:11

Final Solution by Pere Ubu… Yay!

----- Patty 18.12.09 12:13

something that should be listened to on an old record,
Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

----- Janak 18.12.09 12:14

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation, Am I the only one who wants to play classic-era Hip-Hop on these speakers?
Stretch out your legs, girl let me make you bawl,
I’ll drive you insane, drive you up the wall,
Lookin’ at your dome piece, very strong, stronger than prize, strong than Teflon

This song is begging to be played out of this system.

----- Stephen C. Neptune 18.12.09 12:24

owl city’s album!

----- Rena 18.12.09 12:26

Wow! My hands are shaking typing this I want these so bad…
Song? It would have to be the unreleased Mcbess (Dirty Pirates) song Wood. Have to get it pressed to vinyl somehow…hmmmm.

----- Daimian Lix 18.12.09 12:28

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. Listening to it now…

----- alexia 18.12.09 12:28

Brilliant design, has retrospective link to the old gramophone with performance that would delight any audiophile.

----- Mark 18.12.09 12:36

Wow these are beautiful!
I think that some classical music would be great on these!

----- Scottie 18.12.09 12:38

any david bowie but mostly changes

----- Ewen 18.12.09 12:39

Flashlight by Parliament. These speakers need some funk to blast.

----- Kay 18.12.09 12:51

MM it would be La Femme d’Argent by AIR, an awesome, inspiring and minimalistic song for some awesome, inspiring and minimalistic speakers. That would be worthy experience. Cheers

----- Samuel V. 18.12.09 12:57

I’d probably end up flipping a coin with my boyfriend: heads: Pavement’s “Father to a Sister of Thought” (my pick) and tails: Hank Jones’s “Memories of You” (his). We’d both be happy either way; these speakers are beautiful and I imagine they sound just as good as they look.

----- Andrea 18.12.09 12:59

I would like to hear The MeatLoaf Live Album on these babys

----- Josef Ploski 18.12.09 13:00

WOW! What a functional design statement. I need some speakers very very badly as I have some $3 computer speakers that I use as I go to sleep listening to music. This would be an incredible win…. too bad my chances are so low… :-( But something to remember in the future…

I would listen to Sparks By Coldplay… the original Coldplay.. the good stuff… and drink of cup of hot chocolate while watching it rain outside. Ahhhh.

----- Shelly 18.12.09 13:02

I think the inaugural song for those speakers would have to be “You Make My Dreams” (come true… oooh ooh!).

----- Megan 18.12.09 13:02

Vanilla Fudge “You Keep Me Hanging On” - Great balance of epicness, heavy groove and rocking. The wonderful whole sound of this recording would really shine.

----- Nick T 18.12.09 13:07

I’d really love to hear the live recording of Otis Redding’s “Shake” from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. It’s one of the most high energy performances I’ve ever seen video of, viewable here (starts about 25 seconds in) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHXutgxpjgU

The whole performance is astounding and the album that combines that performance with Jimi Hendrix’ is one of my favorites of all time.

----- Jonathan Kramer 18.12.09 13:09

I would probably put on “I Am Not a Robot” by Marina & the Diamonds, because of the dynamic sound, pitch differentiation, and badass-ness

----- Casey Kuhn 18.12.09 13:11

La Noyee by Yann Tiersen would be fantastic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duGbgrv9LRE

----- Talia 18.12.09 13:16

I’d throw on the album “Lust Lust Lust” by the Raveonettes . Their “wall of sound” 60’s flair suits the aesthetic of these little gems perfectly.

----- JohnWayne 18.12.09 13:19

My first listen on these speakers would be: Maggot Brain - Funkadelic. Exceptional.

----- John W 18.12.09 13:19

“Don’t Be Scared” - Andrew Bird - _Weather Systems_ - awesome.

----- kristi 18.12.09 13:21

Men at Work - Overkill. Ohhhh but yes!

----- Chris V 18.12.09 13:23

“With Arms Outstretched” by Rilo Kiley!

----- Tammi J 18.12.09 13:27

“Oh My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams

----- Becky 18.12.09 13:30

I think I would run Clapton’s slow-hand off the turntable. It’s a well-worn copy, the fact that it’s vinyl means someone paid for it (back in the day, atleast).. the laid-back sound and limited sonic range would likely match quite well with the size of these speakers. I think, however, they’d live in the kitchen with the netbook, where they are more likely to be seeeeeennnnn.

----- CowMan 18.12.09 13:32

“Dog Problems” by The Format YEA

----- Andrew Simpkins 18.12.09 13:34

‘Please Heat This Eventually’ by Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez

----- Gregory 18.12.09 13:36

“Me gusta tu” by Manu Chau

----- Sarah L 18.12.09 13:37

Royksopp!!! The Girl & the Robot!! ohh the madness, the insanity, the electro powerhouse that is Royksopp .. oooooo

----- Pern 18.12.09 13:37

These speakers are amazing! I want to hear Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

----- Bob F 18.12.09 13:38

For speakers this heavenly beautifull, the only song worth to hear out of their
porcelan bodies is the most special number in the hole world and infinity:


(ps I will pay postage if necessary)

----- Robert (from the netherlands) 18.12.09 13:38

“Hard Road” by Sam Roberts.

----- Conrad B 18.12.09 13:40

Please play tiny dancer?

----- eric W 18.12.09 13:49

Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

----- Zach 18.12.09 13:49

i would love to have these speakers to listen to some tom waits while drinking some whiskey.

----- nguyen 18.12.09 13:50

Wow,they sure are unusual, and nice!!!

----- Steve 18.12.09 13:53

seu jorge and his sweet portuguese while i sip on some delicious coffee beans

----- alex k 18.12.09 13:56

would love to hear luke vibert - we hear you

----- Jordan Burman 18.12.09 13:57

Car by Built to Spill.

----- Jon Lee 18.12.09 14:11

Awasome Speakers!!!…i love them and my husband would too, so this would be the perfect present for him !!! my song in it would be “alcoholiday” by teenage fanclub. Though i am sure that would be after my husband choice…Yo La tengo, of course…the song…Blue Line Swinger!!!!

----- marisa 18.12.09 14:18

Intro - The XX
They look fantastic.

----- Dora at illustrativo 18.12.09 14:19

I’d love to hear Debussy’s Arabesque through them. Adhma Jamal’s version is wonderful as is Dave Brubeck’s.

----- Joe 18.12.09 14:23

Singapore by Tom Waits.

----- Andew 18.12.09 14:26

Sigur Ros - “Glósóli”

The most amazing song I’ve ever heard from a contemporary artist.

----- Harrison 18.12.09 14:28

I can only think of Tom Waits, and it would be so good to hear him sing San Diego Serenade over this system.

----- bonks 18.12.09 14:31

I could use a set of outstanding speakers for listening to classical shakuhachi flute pieces. Since I’m away from Japan and studying on my own, I need some good sound quality to bring out the timbre of the shakuhachi and make it sound like a live performance. What could be more appropriately organic than speakers made of wood, cork and porcelain? I would definitely sit right down and listen to songs by my sensei!

----- Tyler 18.12.09 14:33

I would love to hear “Hands of Time” by Groove Armada coming out of these.

----- Ash Cheriyan 18.12.09 14:34

“Sorry” by Kyteman

----- Davy van der Zanden 18.12.09 14:37

* . …*.. .*. . . .*. . .* . . * ..* …. * .. . *
.. *. . .* .… . .* . … *. . .. * … .* . . * . .
. .*. .. . .* . .. . . .* . . . .. * . . * . . . . *

* . . . . . * . * . . . . * . . . . * . . . . * . .

Hard to decide…but considering it’s that
time of the year again..*.*…

----- Jin-Woo Aja! 18.12.09 14:47

when doves cry

----- brenda helgeson 18.12.09 14:54

Wow. “Yesterday” by the Beatles, on vinyl.

----- Aaron 18.12.09 14:59

“Swing” by Discovery!! The playful melody suits the aesthetic!!

----- TIM 18.12.09 15:01

Brubeck’s Take 5.

Scotch & Soda.

Eames chair.

Just missing speakers.

----- Jason Cassels 18.12.09 15:01

Int’l Players Anthem - Outkast

Would sound great!!

----- Byron 18.12.09 15:03

WHOA! yes please!

I think these would do best with some Mogwai.

I would probably put on Mogwai’s whole “Come on Die Young” album.

In fact i might go listen to it now

----- Andy H 18.12.09 15:03

Easy listening to Taylor Swift’s Love Story.

----- Arthur 18.12.09 15:09

omg thats supercool..
i wanna listen Normak’s Velodrome Pismo throuh it!

----- SaChi 18.12.09 15:12

It would have to be “Happiness Writes White” by Harvey Danger. Because winning something as beautiful as these would leave me in that same dumbfounded state.

----- jeff whitehouse 18.12.09 15:14

“Smells Like Content” by The Books. I have this song trapped on a vinyl waiting to be set free by these speakers. This is the only song i can think of to do these horns justice!

----- Taylor Ahlmark 18.12.09 15:20

There is really only one song I can hear these speakers playing perfectly and that is Beethoven’s symphony No. 9 choral) beautiful.

----- chris tillman 18.12.09 15:20

Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright and Mad World by Gary Jules i cant think of anything more beautiful to hear out of these speakers

----- will 18.12.09 15:21

This beautiful design would sound amazing with the Rolling stones, on vinyl of course.

----- Owen Hooker 18.12.09 15:23

For me it would have to be The Killers - Mr. Brightside

----- George 18.12.09 15:27

EASILY “Homesick” by Kings of Convenience. always aurally enjoyable, with these speakers, the song would be a joy visually, as well.

----- Tyler Tallen 18.12.09 15:30

I love the emotive appeal of these shapes in porcelin. The song would have to be the equally evocative “Abyss” by Karsh Kale and Anoushka Shankar

----- Greg M. 18.12.09 15:31

I’ll blast Jingle Bells.

----- Adrienne Gordon 18.12.09 15:31

Would probably play Mount Eerie’s Wind’s Poem album, assuming I don’t overlisten to it by the time I got some new speakers.

----- Matt E 18.12.09 15:37

would love to hear “two weeks” by grizzly bear from some awesome speakers.

----- Sarah 18.12.09 15:41

Raggae Christmas is my favorite

----- Milton Hicks 18.12.09 16:00

I would grace these speakers with the beautiful piano remake of Waves by Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)”

----- Rory 18.12.09 16:00

I would listen to Takagi Masakatsu’s Coieda album! It would sound magical (:

----- Brooke T 18.12.09 16:02

I would set these babies up so fast so I could hear “Diamond Dancer” by Bill Callahan!

----- Lindsey 18.12.09 16:02

This would be Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan. The combination of this song and this particular speaker set should be perfection I believe.

By the way, shipment to The Netherlands is no problem?

----- Arie 18.12.09 16:07

Those are soooo cute! I want to play my favorite charlie brown christmas song on there!

----- sina 18.12.09 16:07

See a Penny (Pick It Up) by YACHT. Funky beat, catchy tune, and with a nice mix of high and low frequencies, a true test of the speakers’ sound quality!

----- Garrett 18.12.09 16:22

The first song I would put on is Phoenix “Lasso”

It works great to get me into work mode. If I put it on right away I am instantly more productive, and I think some well designed ceramic speakers would probably help a lot too.

----- Samuel Schimek 18.12.09 16:28

I would love to hear La Sirena - Feist, a gorgeous blend a sexy vocals and stellar guitar (and I love porcelain!)

----- Jacob 18.12.09 16:34

I want to listen too “don’t stop me now” by Queen, with my son. I sing it too him all the time, and I feel he deserves a little quality increase. (He’s 8 months old)

----- Robert Hickey 18.12.09 16:36

I would love to hear The Mars Volta album Deloused in The Comatorium or any song by Major Lazer……

----- Elliot B. Johnson 18.12.09 16:39

I would really like to listen to TOMITA planets album (no vibration audio)

----- Bobby 18.12.09 16:42

The first song I would play would be “Vacileo” from the band Ojos de Brujo. A mix of hip hop and flamenco. Yeah!

----- Monica Calderon 18.12.09 16:50

Def “Tame” by the almighty Pixies

----- James 18.12.09 16:54

I would love to hear some Damien Rice - “The Blower’s Daughter” or “Cannonball” coming out of these things…

----- David Dugree 18.12.09 17:03

“Saint Simon” by The Shins, naturally.

----- Lizzy 18.12.09 17:05

P.Hux (Parthenon Huxley) “Wear My Ring” from his Kiss the Monster release.

----- Christine M 18.12.09 17:09

Girl stands still—Catherine Wheel. I can already hear it!!

----- Yoshio 18.12.09 17:23

sweet disposition - the temper trap

----- winnie Lam 18.12.09 17:26

Would love to hear All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.

----- Beatriz 18.12.09 17:28

Where to start? Radiohead? Roxy Music? Them Crooked Vultures? how about my first ever CD … Treasure by The Cocteau Twins … song … Persephone.

----- d1gger 18.12.09 17:35

takk by sigur ros would sound AMAZING through these speakers while looking oh so sleek and simple in my bedroom. simplicity at work!

----- andrew vicknair 18.12.09 17:35

I met a guy in North Carolina, Martin Chalk. We had a great dinner, good conversation, just a solid dude. Gave me a copy of his CD and it’s been one of my favorites for years.

----- Supan 18.12.09 17:40

Would love to hear the Avett Brothers - Paranoia in Bb Major with this sexy beast!

----- Abigail Yan 18.12.09 17:49

I’d have to listen to every song I own of course. All because of these awesome speakers!

----- Patrick 18.12.09 17:53

I’d have to go with ‘Departer’ off the new Katatonia record that came out this year - already sonically amazing, on these speakers, I’d be thrilled to hear it!

----- Stacy B. 18.12.09 17:56

Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen. So good.

----- Libby 18.12.09 18:04

I would listen to…Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major as played by Yo-Yo Ma. that or Ludovico Einuadi’s Ritornare. Probably the former.

----- Cason 18.12.09 18:05

I think Sloan’s From one chord to another. Though something more jazzy or classical might be more appropriate.

----- Scott Heinowski 18.12.09 18:40

One day it will be considered a classic - Bjork’s first solo album, “Debut”.

----- Nickolas S. 18.12.09 18:46

Springsteen, Racing in the streets, no question about it

----- Mackenzie Leighton 18.12.09 18:57

David Guetta ” Sexy Bitch”

----- Michael Smith 18.12.09 18:58

Artist:Chase & Status Song: Eastern Jam …….mmmmmmm Bassie Dub Step. Little Griminess for those oh so uptight beauties :P

----- Jimmy Stewart 18.12.09 19:02

O Fortuna - Carmina Burana !!!!

----- Étienne Richard 18.12.09 19:10

lionesse, by the white rabbits.

----- christina 18.12.09 19:13

I must choose “Time=Cause” by Broken Social Scene.

----- Mikayla Pryor 18.12.09 19:16

My favorite song I can’t wait to listen to though these awesome speakers would be Beautiful Day by U2. I can just imagine all the sounds coming out. Rich bass…

----- Raymond 18.12.09 19:35

Ray Lamontagne’s “Empty”.

----- Ryan C. 18.12.09 20:22

I love the look of these speakers - these would be perfect for my new home office! I would be super excited to play “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter :) Please pick me!!

----- Michelle 18.12.09 20:25

I’d play ‘Battle Without Honor Or Humanity’ by Tomoyasu Hotei from Kill Bill, the music would slowly build and I’d walk out of a room. I would do this anytime I have friends over, just to impress them but more likely when I’m by myself alone, because that’s how I spend my friday nights.

----- .Grace. 18.12.09 20:25

I thought about this for a second, racing through my favorite songs of all time, and the first one that came to mind that was “cinematic” enough to really sit and take a listen was, oddly enough, Moby’s “Porcelain” - Amazing how utterly appropriate this song would be as the the first sounds heard from these speakers! Oh, and they’re kind of GORGEOUS to boot! =)

----- Chase Houston 18.12.09 20:35

I would love to hear Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords

----- Tyler Nagayama 18.12.09 20:52

My Bloody Valentine’s Only Shallow. On vinyl.

----- alex 18.12.09 20:53

these would add some class to me bumping some classic Biggie Smalls! juicy of course ;)

----- Mikey C 18.12.09 21:04

Right now the top of the tops for these beauties would be Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Carries On

----- Ryan 18.12.09 21:17

Starky - “Hey Bang Bang”

So atmospheric, so dense, so rich, so haunting.


----- Simon Riehs 18.12.09 21:29

RJD2 - Ringfinger. These speakers look great, they’ll look better on my desk thanks.

----- Kevin Weddell 18.12.09 21:29

Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

----- Hiroki Yanagihara 18.12.09 21:33

I’d love to hear “100 Yard Dash” by Raphael Saadiq out of these.

----- Scott Harrison 18.12.09 21:34

ratatat wild cat!

----- dylan 18.12.09 21:34

ratatat wild cat! exciting (hope this didnt post twice)

----- dylan 18.12.09 21:36

Peach, Pear Plum by Joanna Newsom

----- Danielle 18.12.09 21:45

Well, it looks like to really enjoy these I’d have to invest in a turntable, which I’ve been meaning to do for some while now. And then I’d have to play a record. Given that I haven’t updated my LP collection in a few decades, I’d probably looking at slim pickings, but would likely toss on Sgt. Pepper that my dad gave me as a kid.

----- Darrel 18.12.09 21:58

One of my favorite songs, Andrea Bocelli’s “Time To Say Goodbye” would definitely be the first track.

----- Robert Zeman 18.12.09 22:04

I would throw on “Montanita by Ratatat!

----- Bobby 18.12.09 22:13

My favorite song is by Squash Gang Give Me An Illusion

----- Jannet Tseng 18.12.09 22:29

if they showed up in time for Christmas, the instrumental version of the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s ‘Christmas Time is Here,” followed quickly by their ‘O Tannenbaum’ to liven things back up a bit.

----- charlie 18.12.09 22:37

Sade’s new album!

----- Matthew Ready 18.12.09 22:37

“Whatever you like” by T.I.

Whatever I like… is these speakers!

----- Nicksy 18.12.09 22:40

My favorite song changes on a daily basis. I’m too much of a music lover but right now I’m loving Alicia Keys’ new album, The Element of Freedom. My favorite song off of that album is Pray for Forgiveness. It’s beautiful. So probably that.

----- M 18.12.09 22:41

The wall by pink floyd. the whole album.

----- chace 18.12.09 22:49

the entire album of “sgt peppers lonely hearts club band” by the beatles

----- JL 18.12.09 23:23

I would listen to Liliquoi Moon by Me’Shell Ndegéocello

----- alex 18.12.09 23:25

I’d love to hear Meditational Field by Susumu Hirasawa on those speakers. This song always makes me feel the wonder of the world around me and I think it would be a great way to experience these speakers for the first time.

----- Kaeo 18.12.09 23:37

“Rickover’s Dream” by Michael Hedges, although I, too, considered some Guaraldi: “Skating”

----- Mark/CharmCity 18.12.09 23:47

Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd. Is there any other choice?

----- Kirk Diedrich 18.12.09 23:56

i’m not going to lie, i’m going to rock out to some old school britney spears in my underwear

----- Samantha 19.12.09 00:08

Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, of course.

Love the look of those, brings to mind the earpiece of those really old phones with the crank on the side.

----- ottnott 19.12.09 00:19

“common people” by pulp, no questions about it

----- dima 19.12.09 00:26

Some classic Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven

----- Stefan 19.12.09 00:32

Can’t wait to hear Justice-Waters of Nazareth if I win these beautiful things

----- chris williams 19.12.09 00:56

metric - help i’m alive

----- sven. 19.12.09 02:11

your speakers are beautiful! i really like the clean simplicity of the design.
i would listen to Bjork, “It’s Not Up to You” on Vespertine.

----- steffany 19.12.09 02:22


----- RGBNERD 19.12.09 02:48

Telephone and rubber band by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra

----- Xaver 19.12.09 02:57


----- nicholas piranha 19.12.09 03:05

OMGZLDKFJ! Those speakers are freakintastic. I would first listen to “Reset” by MUTEMATH and bounce around the house spazmodically, flailing my arms to Darren King’s drumming. PLUS, it adds extra incentive to get a vinyl player so I can play MUTEMATH’s vinyl album to also enjoy on the nifty speakers!

----- J.WOO 19.12.09 03:24

Space Oddity from Bowie

----- Mar 19.12.09 04:18

My vinyl awaits! Chuck Mangione “Bellavia” needs to be listened to!

----- Sydney 19.12.09 04:44

Ho ho, I`m really curious to hear how does this sounds. Looks outstanding!

----- Zampik 19.12.09 04:51

I’d love to hear Leader of the Pack. Especially the vroom vroom part! Bet it would sound amazing.

----- Carol 19.12.09 04:56

Si loin, si près by Richard Séguin

----- Daan 19.12.09 05:00

I just wanna lie next to you
And you just lie and say next

Isn’t that the best line? It’s from some angry lesbian punk band, don’t know the name of the song but it gets the grammy for ‘lyric of the year’ from me.

----- ky2here 19.12.09 05:03

I Am An Illusion by Rob Thomas.

----- Tracey Byram 19.12.09 05:07

Defying Gravity from Wicked. Obviously.

----- Danielle 19.12.09 05:09

As winter just hit Berlin with snow outside at -14°C (7°F) i would play some warm jazz music like george shearings lullaby of birdland album, one of my all time favourites.

----- Jörg Schatzmann 19.12.09 05:15

‘How It Was Supposed To Be’ by Ryan Leslie

----- kye 19.12.09 06:28

Skyline > [08] Escapism > 004 - Intense - http://www.skylineweb.cz/

----- Zampik 19.12.09 06:34

“sycamore” bill callahan. beautiful!

----- Amy M. 19.12.09 06:43

After much pondering I have no doubt - the first song I’d listen to is “Gobbledigook” by Sigur Ros. Besides being an incredibly named song, it’s an absolute joy to listen to. Cheers.

----- Rob 19.12.09 06:44

These are pretty slick, i wonder how they sound? I think playing Tom Waits’ “Temptation” might be appropriate given my state of mind.

----- peter s 19.12.09 07:02

I would first want to hear “Straight to You” by Nick Cave. Followed by the Rain Dogs album from Tom Waits, then Thicker Than Water compilation, and theeeeen The Beatles’ White Album. After that some J.Dilla, followed by “House of Cards” by Radiohead.

Seriously?! These things would not stop playing amazing music if I had them.

----- Rae! 19.12.09 07:16

“Shackled Soul” by The Slew (aka Kid Koala) would be pretty sick fed through my tube pre-amp with these speakers.

----- Nicholas Valerio 19.12.09 07:39

WOW! Those are nice. I bet Explosions In The Sky’s Catastrophe and the Cure would sound stellar on these.

----- Chris 19.12.09 07:44

I would like to hear “Children of the Sun” by Billy Thorp

----- Todd 19.12.09 07:58

beautiful. i would play mesoptamia by the b52s first. and then lots more.

----- joe 19.12.09 08:00

to go with this clean design I would have to throw on some minimal // maybe Pantha du Prince, The Splendour, on vinyl

----- Matthew Bowers 19.12.09 08:04

coolest, most beautiful functional product that can fit in mid century modern decor. so in love

----- pking 19.12.09 08:07

ELP’s lucky man is always a good test

----- pauley 19.12.09 08:12

So difficult to choose a favourite song that I would like to hear on these really rather lovely speakers, but I think (after much deliberation) it would have to be Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook

----- Jane 19.12.09 08:46

Now these are something else… i loved the gourd speakers but those are next level…

I would play “meddle” by pink floyd , a song full of interesting sounds, i would be curious to hear how it plays out on them…

----- eric obre 19.12.09 08:53

French Navy by Camera Obscura would sound awesome pumped out of those.

----- Ben 19.12.09 08:54

peg - steely dan. no question. just moved and my t-amp / mission speakers set up got destroyed. these would look (and sound) terrific in the new place! i think my girlfriend might leave if we continue to use the ol’ macbook as our sole source of audio entertainment!

----- chris 19.12.09 09:59

Ohhhh this is simple ‘Rid of Me’ PJ Harvey.

----- Jessica Ochoa 19.12.09 10:08

There is not only one song that I would love to listen out of this beautiful system. I would listen to my whole music collection and hopefully this will take a while. But of course one of the first songs I would put on my wooden Dual CS 5000 turntable(which fits perfectly in addition to this piece of sculpture in ceramic) should be “Stressed Out” by A Tribe Called Quest. Because that is the way I feel right now working on my diploma day and night and seeing no end. Afterwards I would listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole`s interpretation of “What A Wonderful World” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” because that is the way I will feel as a lucky man winning this remarkable speakers in those busy months.
Have some restful holidays!

----- martin 19.12.09 10:09

Obviously I’d want my first song to suit the occasion, so after hooking these hotties up and cranking up the volume… I’m going with Lonely Island’s “Jiss in my pants”

----- yosef shuman 19.12.09 10:09

Simply genious. Always refreshing to see things that stand out by sheer originality. Keep on Bro!

----- Atsu Kpotufe 19.12.09 10:11


----- EMMA L HORTON 19.12.09 10:15

Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks for sure!

----- Kora 19.12.09 10:19

E-Z Rollers - Lady Jam

----- viktoria 19.12.09 10:20

“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver

----- Ashley 19.12.09 10:27

Anger as Beauty by Hawksley Workman.

----- Franke 19.12.09 10:41

Dunwich by Electric Wizard

----- RyanB 19.12.09 10:42

I would dance my little heart out with We Have Band’s Honey Trap

----- Edward Wong 19.12.09 10:49

Tomato Song by PWRFL Power. His quick and light guitar would sound so nice with the cork in the speakers.

----- Kyle Cosio 19.12.09 10:53

Death Letter & the rest of the White Stripes Blackpool Lights show

----- Lana 19.12.09 11:02

These look great, we could use some top grade speakers

----- Angela J 19.12.09 11:04

This time of year, what I really want to hear is, ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’. It just kicks major ass over ‘Dominic, the Italian Christmas Donkey’, and I’m sure this would sound incredible through these speakers…

----- Dan Riley 19.12.09 11:27

700 comments? holy crap…welp, these speakers are prettty sweet…if I happened to win them, do make say think would sound good coming out of them…

----- josh 19.12.09 11:42

These look amazing! It was incredibly difficult to choose just one song, but I finally decided on “Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly, Feb. 24 1997” by Cursive.

----- Tyler Hauser 19.12.09 11:48

i’d love to hear my friends mix from these (preferably O.o 2), but for a specific song, its just got to be bump by spank rock!

----- Felice 19.12.09 11:48

My favorite song is Boulders by New Found Glory. I can’t wait to hear it out of these speakers

----- Alex K 19.12.09 12:14

“Make Love” - Daft Pnk

----- Greg 19.12.09 12:34

The National Anthem, from Radiohead
uhhh I really want to ROCK IT with this speakers! pleeeease

----- Ana 19.12.09 12:53

I would defently play “Lucinda” from Tom Waits Glitter and Doom
And that sure is a nice set of speakers!!

Andreas Nathan

----- Andreas Nathan 19.12.09 12:56

The National Anthem, Radiohead!!
uhhhh…I really want to ROCK IT on this speakers!

----- Ana 19.12.09 13:07

“Madame George” by Van Morrison. On vinyl, obviously…to be extra hipster.

----- Greer 19.12.09 13:13

“Madame George” by Van Morrison. On vinyl, obviously…to be extra hipster.

----- Greer 19.12.09 13:16

cool stuff…..

----- Matt 19.12.09 13:21

Man those are Crazy awesome! Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” would have to deflower those speakers for me!

----- Ryan M C 19.12.09 13:38

“Heavy Water/I’d Rather be Sleeping” by Grouper…sounds like you’re tied to an anvil underwater, and would be amazing through these speakers.

----- Molly 19.12.09 13:55

Karma Police from Radiohead. That long slow dying screech at the end gets me every time.

Fitter, happier, more productive…

----- Roger 19.12.09 14:15

i would listen to “Coyote” from Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin.

----- bl 19.12.09 14:19

So elegant! Just like Edith Piaf who’s “Non, je ne regrette rien” will sound sublime.

----- Valeria 19.12.09 14:33

All of my David Bowie CD’s, and favorite song is China Girl. These speakers are wonderful.

----- Ruth Bousquet 19.12.09 15:16

I’d want to listen to Ellis & Branford Marsalis’ rendition of “Maria” through it.

----- DJ Polstee 19.12.09 15:18

wooouw :) i would listen to the Lloyd Charmers - I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
this song through those speakers should be purfect :)

----- Andrius 19.12.09 15:26

I would love to hear Strawberry fields forever (demo sequence) from the Beatles anthology. There is something about Johns voice that’s just amazing.

----- Andy Gherga 19.12.09 15:36

This is a artzy way to have speakers in your home

----- Linda Lansford 19.12.09 16:02

I would love to hear KC Accidental by Broken Social Scene out of these precious speakers!

----- Anthony Flores 19.12.09 16:15

of course, serge gainsbourg, the complete discography.. perfect for these cold winter days…
or instead china girl by the evergreen bowie!

----- marikke 19.12.09 16:31

Really excellent design! I am wondering how Music for Airports by Brian Eno would taste coming out of ceramic.

----- Eric W 19.12.09 16:34

wow these are FIERCE.
i can’t resist but I’d really like to hear some holiday music on these babies.

Amy grant-Sleigh Ride, anyone?

----- Olivia 19.12.09 16:47

Since the contest ends on the 24th, AND given the fact that I am not yet sick of Christmas music, I’ll go with Harry Connick Jr.’s “(It Must’ve Been Ol’) Santa Claus” - from his When My Heart Finds Christmas album.

----- Ray Saunders 19.12.09 17:03

These are absolutely beautiful… I would love to hear one of my favorites played through them, Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite”; an amazing musical journey of life, death, and rebirth.

----- Michael Longenecker 19.12.09 17:07

Bob Dylan “Fixin’ to Die” ….Those are sweeeeeeet speakers.

----- Carlos 19.12.09 17:20

first song = dont stop believin by the Glee Cast!

----- Vivian 19.12.09 17:22

first song i would listen to on these speakers issssss come on eileen by dexys midnight runners

----- Jon W 19.12.09 17:23

staring at the sun - TV on the Radio

----- Nico Soto 19.12.09 17:26

Gorgeous speakers. I’d love to find out if they sound as good as they look with some German Girl by Lotus Eaters.

----- Maximillian 19.12.09 17:31

there would be nothing I would like to hear more than nina simone, feeling good come out of those to break them in.

----- kacy semma 19.12.09 17:49

remy zero - fair

----- debz 19.12.09 18:01

I would loooove to hear some Ratatat come out of these.. Especially “Shempi.” love when the beat kicks in…

----- Ben Poole 19.12.09 19:02

Wow. these speakers are perfection. I would love to put on my LP of Otis Redding live in paris and listen to, ‘These Arms Of Mine’.

----- Erik Mato 19.12.09 19:19

Stairway To Heaven - Long Version

----- Gary Murphy 19.12.09 19:21

These babies are beautiful

In honor of Iggy and the Stooges induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Search and destroy
Iggy and the stooges

----- Brian 19.12.09 19:33

CCR - sweet hitch hiker!! (or anything by CCR

----- Eva D 19.12.09 19:58

Riders of the Storm by The Doors.

----- Chee Wee 19.12.09 20:00

I’d play all of the songs in the world…eventually…one right after the other since those speakers look durable enough to go along for the ride.

----- Kim R 19.12.09 20:57

can’t wait to hear Echoes by Pink Floyd! 23min 31sec of ceramic bliss!

----- ibarra Padolina 19.12.09 20:58

“Jerk It” by Thunderheist fo sho. Anyone else is invited to dance with me to the song if I win :)

----- Sungho 19.12.09 21:04

i’d listen to Psycho Killer! yeah!

----- nate 19.12.09 21:18

Would love to listen to some Bach with these speakers while painting. The speakers on my Mac just don’t do his music justice.

----- Kacie Manzo 19.12.09 21:21

Rogue Wave’s “Are You On My Side” would without a doubt be the christening song.

----- Akilah 19.12.09 21:32


----- jessamine 19.12.09 21:36

I think I would have to listen to My Father My King by Mogwai. uch a variety of raw sounds,

----- Jamison 19.12.09 21:39

I think I would have to listen to My Father My King by Mogwai. Such a variety of raw sounds, to hear from such clean minimalist speakers. Epic.

----- Jamison 19.12.09 21:41

I can’t wait to hear No Such Thing by John Mayer playing from these speakers!!

----- Amber G 19.12.09 21:41

wow those look incredible,
i would love to enjoy some incubus on those guys

----- scott 19.12.09 21:51

It’s a cross between Miles Blue in Green to Radiohead’s OK Computer from start to finish. Most likely Blue in Green though. LIghts off with just the reflective light off the snow on the street streaming the window as the song begins….

----- Richard Agudelo 19.12.09 21:54

Friend or Foe by Menomena followed by The Harmonica Song by Helio Sequence followed by the soundtrack from Idea

----- Ryan T 19.12.09 22:21

Never Can Say Goodbye - Jackson 5

----- Justin 19.12.09 22:22

I would love to here “lite it up” on theas speakers. They look well engineered. Thanks.

----- Joanna 19.12.09 23:14

I would want to hear Here’s Your Future by The Thermals through these magnificent speakers

----- Ryan H 19.12.09 23:30

I want to hear superstition by Stevie Wonder.

----- Mike Wang 19.12.09 23:40

Santogold, “Creator”.

----- melaniezen 19.12.09 23:47

What song would I like to hear on Joey’s Ceramic Speakers? It would have to be “My Philosophy” by BDP… extended version of course.


----- Tomas 20.12.09 00:34

I can’t wait to hear Miloshs’ “The City” - it seems fitting as this song reminds me of San Francisco.

----- Brandon Gore 20.12.09 00:38

I would love to hear Paul Kalkbrenner’s: “Sky And Sand”, usually I am not such a fan of this kind of music but the song is the perfect test for a soundsystem!

----- Markus 20.12.09 01:22

Betterman by Pearl Jam!

----- Raztus 20.12.09 02:41

Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks!

Then Followed by a one of my “emotional favorites” playlist (on my music management software of choice) which features only the richest and colourful emotive soundscapes in my library such as experimental prog Mars Volta’s Viscera Eyes and sound rich disco like Daft punk then round down with the jazz genius of Humph by Thelonious Monk.

----- Ruari McDowall 20.12.09 03:28

A very cool design for the 21st century.

----- Mike Anderson 20.12.09 04:01

WOW, i’ve been waiting for this chance. I want to listen Gymnopedie by Erik Satie with this speaker alone in my room. Or any Regina Spektor’s songs to accompany me in my university final project while i’m working on it in studio

----- Akbar Adhi Satrio 20.12.09 04:19

Let’s put these beauties to a real test, QOTSA’s “The Fun Machine Took A Shit & Died”…amazing!

----- GILLES 20.12.09 04:43

I would love to listen to Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be. This is a great giveaway! Our home sustained major flooding recently and, while we were able to salvage all of our records, our speakers did not make it through.

----- Cee 20.12.09 04:46

My favorite is any song from Nightwish or Epica. It would be wonderful to listen to them through these speakers.

----- Damla 20.12.09 05:04

Damn, they’re beautiful! First song I’d listen to is Raw Power by Iggy & The Stooges!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 20.12.09 05:43

Holiday time is upon us, so I would probably start by listening to holiday music. After that time, then I would have to think about narrowing down the list of which song to play first

----- Susan D 20.12.09 06:47

Sweet speakers…me want!

----- Brian 20.12.09 07:30

“Wish You Were Here” -Pink Floyd

----- Jennifer 20.12.09 07:49

If I had these, I couldn’t think of playing something firm, I’d just cry..

----- Steffen 20.12.09 08:10

Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton

----- Deci Worland-MacKinnon 20.12.09 08:21

wow, you have had some great selections offered in this list so i have no idea how you will choose. best of luck on that. in my overview of the listings offered i truly had a debate between two albums of great significance from my library none of which were mentioned. so when it came to decide between them i went back and listened to them and to auditorily (not a word but it is a good one) imagine which would sound best and be more fitting to the design element of this audio system. so my choice based on that came down to kruder and dorfmeister’s k&d session and I would want that first listen to be on an early sunday morning when the light is just perfect and soft. the choice in close second was fila brazillia’s “mess”, it would definitely be the second listen. in case you havent heard them i would recommend them in any case for you to personally give them a listen.

since i have your attention i wanted to add that i love your site and i frequent it several times a week just to see new in design. i have also gone on to share your site with my students who now check it all on their own. one thing you posted that i loved seeing was shawn barbers work. i went to ringling and graduated with him, he was in illustration and i was in computer animation. he is a brilliant painter and one of the nicest people you could meet. i thought i would share of another illustrator that was actually in the animation department with us who also is just as incredible. he is definitely worthy of your praises and a posting here for others to see. his name is andrew jones and he is of the same caliber as mr. barber. you can see for yourself at http://www.androidjones.com/ and make sure you check out his self portrait per day for a year poster.
thanks again and i hope you have a great holiday! my name is vincent and feel free to contact me at my email.

----- vincent 20.12.09 08:23

wow! that’s cool! i do really want to hear ‘So True’ by The Black Seeds from those gorgeous speaker! that must be awesome!!!

----- Fri 20.12.09 08:33

I think these speakers look phenomenal. I would attempt to NOT bury them under mountains of paperwork, as is my want to do.

The first song I would listen to would be, “Take Five” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

----- Jeremy Tiger 20.12.09 08:40


----- Kelly N 20.12.09 09:04

I’d say something by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

----- Deena 20.12.09 09:05

“Brandenburg” (or just about any song) by Beirut

----- Kat Bret 20.12.09 09:25

Guns & Roses - November Rain

nothing less.

----- Tony Thio 20.12.09 09:43

I would love you hear The Mars Volta - Tourniquet Man. By far my favorite song by them, and what better way to listen to some crazy stuff, then on some crazy speakers.

----- Jesse Reynolds 20.12.09 10:11

Sleep by Godspeed You Black Emperor!, put those speakers to the test!

----- Chris Sanger 20.12.09 10:16

I’d like to drift off to another dimension with these monsters listening to Bark Psychosis’ Hex mmmm

----- Kris 20.12.09 10:28

These are amazing pieces of sculpture and style, I can’t wait to listen to 1901 by Phoenix!

----- Ben Kowalski 20.12.09 10:32

wow iam was doing a speaker project too at school. Great use of material. I would love to hear michael bubble’s “Quando, Quando, Quando”.

----- Henry L 20.12.09 10:35

I’d love to hear “Take Me Home to Hawaii” by the Brothers Cazimero on them. These speakers are eye candy as well as ear candy!

----- Bacallsmom 20.12.09 10:39

These would look and sound fantastic playing ‘Hallogallo’ by Neu!

----- Mike 20.12.09 10:51

Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys

----- Iza 20.12.09 10:56

nothing more than “out of sight” from Moderat

----- constantinos 20.12.09 11:11

“Million Dollar Bill” by The Echoes on 45.
Perfect speakers for the dusty soul hits.


----- Shaun 20.12.09 11:22

I love rock, but these speakers beg for some Chopin.

----- anne 20.12.09 11:32

dance me til the end of love, sung by madeleine peyroux

----- slowe 20.12.09 11:35

Any Lady Gaga, Phoenix, or Muse would sound absolutely amazing. But I would first break in these gorgeous speakers with a little “Empire State of Mind” Stephen Colbert-style, or Ninjasonik’s “Daylight” remix!

----- Jen 20.12.09 11:40

Love the design. I would listen to Andrew Byrd Fitz and

----- Frances Carty 20.12.09 11:46

“Time is running out” by Muse

----- Fabien 20.12.09 12:16

Its a toss up between “Ain’t no sunshine” by Bill Withers and “Tired of you” by Foo Fighters. Love the design for some strange reason it reminds me of “Lars and Ivan” speakers have no clear idea exactly why except these speakers would look very cool hooked up to their PA-21 Amplifier.

----- Saltynay 20.12.09 12:27

Alive by MeatLoaf at a very high volume level

----- Timothy Pedersen 20.12.09 12:36

Royksopp Forever (by Royksopp) - adds to the drama

----- Minna 20.12.09 12:49

metalica saniterium

----- david basile 20.12.09 12:53

I’d love to hear some good ol country on these guys.

----- Vincent Gruenbacher 20.12.09 12:53

I would love these speakers, the first song I would probably play on them would be by the Flaming lips, yoshimi battles the pink robots.

----- Alicia Love 20.12.09 13:30

Tom Traubert’s Blues by Tom Waits would be the first one to go.

----- Samuli 20.12.09 13:48

cool audio carrots

----- chris 20.12.09 13:52

a-punk by vampire weekend

----- miguel 20.12.09 14:12

I would love to hear Dave Matthews Band’ Crush on them. Thank you for the great giveaway!

----- Christine 20.12.09 14:19

“Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones played loud.

----- Theron Willis 20.12.09 14:27

I would like the Darkside of the Moon album

----- Gloria S 20.12.09 14:33

Modest mouse The view. You can’t possibly be sad while listening to ska and you make the best art work during it.

----- Sean Monaghan 20.12.09 14:56

Anything by Mason Jennings.

----- Jennifer 20.12.09 15:04

“Blackbird” as sung by the Beatles

----- Caleb 20.12.09 15:15

haha :D i would love to hear Everything’s magic by Angels & Airwaves

----- Celeste 20.12.09 15:16

Tank by Seatbelts.

----- Ryan J Gastelum 20.12.09 15:22

“Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

----- Mike Snyder 20.12.09 15:24

right now im listening to hide and seek by imogen heap and would love to hear them flowing out of those speakers :)

----- Leanne 20.12.09 15:24

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s “Brainfreeze”

----- Mbatty 20.12.09 15:41

Roscoe by Midlake

----- Thomas Burgoyne 20.12.09 15:41

I want to hear The Black Dog’s “Chesh”—some ethereal melodic techno, or maybe Portishead’s “Machine Gun”.

----- g 20.12.09 16:05

these look like they would be great to listen to the postal service’s ‘such great heights’ on. that song always makes me feel like i’m underwater.

----- christina 20.12.09 16:10

would have to be oceans by pearl jam, so surreal

----- Tim 20.12.09 16:22

possibly Lionel Richie “All Night Long” or the album i’m hopefully getting for christmas (hint to my boyfriend) from Fanfarlo!

----- nikki 20.12.09 16:28

Oooh, awesome. I’d play Buddy Holly.

----- Freeddie 20.12.09 16:50

I will BLAST Bon Jovi’s - You Give Love a Bad Name, the ultimate psyche up song!! Shot thru the heart! And you’re to Blame!…;p.

----- Tommy See tho 20.12.09 17:21

in the morning by junior boys

----- Tara 20.12.09 17:22

i’d like to listen to some phoenix - too young right NOW on those awesome speakers. love your site; thanks for sharing =)

----- sammy 20.12.09 17:24

Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong

One of my favorite songs of all time. It has a lot of bass range and electronic subtlety that would be so beautiful coming out clean and sharp.

----- Betsy Ross 20.12.09 17:27

so i am going to go against the grain of everyone who has commented so far.
PARTY IN THE USA by miley cyrus is my jam.

----- david 20.12.09 17:43

Fly me to the moon by Julia London_ I love this song and this version the most, so relaxing and peaceful. It’s my favorite song of all time. I’ve been listening to it 1 week repeatedly, hundreds time already, i’m totally addicted to it!!!! And the speakers are so chic, I’m very curious how its gonna sound like. My dad is a hug fan of the audio systems, he collects junk speakers, fix them, makes his own audio room, i would make him rate this set of speakers for sure if i was lucky to have it!

----- Chau Nguyen 20.12.09 18:03

the speakers look great - my first song through them will be Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear, the Fred Falke remix

----- Joe M 20.12.09 18:15

I’d like to hear “Take Five” by Acoustic Alchemy

----- K.R. 20.12.09 18:39

These are truly beautiful. I’d love to hear Hunter by Björk on them, though they look like something out of the All Is Full of Love video.

----- Arlo 20.12.09 18:45

AI would play some White Denim-that wonderful band from Austin!

----- Sherry Ann Abrams 20.12.09 19:06

Atlas Sound - Quick canal featuring Laetita Sadier. Loud.

----- Sonia 20.12.09 19:16

If I won these speakers I would listen to jardin de cecile by juno reactor

----- bhavna 20.12.09 19:32

Those things would sound great blaring “just like Christmas” by Low, best unknown Christmas song ever.

----- James 20.12.09 19:38

I can imagine listening to “When I grow up” by Fever Ray

----- Jake Wells 20.12.09 19:42

The design philosophy around these speakers is as beautiful as the objects themselves..i think that i would love to gaze upon this pair placed on my storage cabinet, drinking in each orchestration of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On deep into the night.

----- shannon 20.12.09 19:55

Wish me luck guys!! and listen to “no christmas for me” by Zee Avi. Happy Holiday, everyone!!!

----- Ridhwan 20.12.09 20:24

“Pumping On Your Stereo” By Supergrass!

----- STOA 20.12.09 20:56

I can’t wait to hear Leon Russell singing “Lady Blue” thru these speakers.

----- Deborah R 20.12.09 21:09

great design, both modern and stylish!

----- Daniel M 20.12.09 21:59


----- Antoana 20.12.09 22:33

Sufjan Stevens, The BQE, naturally.

----- natasa 20.12.09 22:46

It’s not my favorite sound, but I can only imagine the gorgeous guitar intro of Guns and Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” coming from these almost equally gorgeous speakers.

----- Emi 20.12.09 22:54

The first song I’d play would be Badlands by Bruce Springsteen!

----- Elizabeth 20.12.09 23:50

I think Passion pit’s “sleepy head” would sound extra fun coming out of those ceramic little pups…

----- nicola 21.12.09 00:10

my mother’s voice singing her korean hymnals. she has a very soft voice and is difficult to hear, but very beautiful when you do hear it!

----- hannah 21.12.09 00:14

Oregon Trail by Woody Guthrie. Nothing makes you remember how much you love where you’re from like having a completely rad album dedicated to it.

----- adrian 21.12.09 01:30

Tom Waits Temptation is what I want to hear out of these as they rock away on my desk top.

----- Stephen 21.12.09 01:37

These are mighty purdy.

----- Daniel 21.12.09 03:05

I can’t wait to hear “Happy” by The Rolling Stones. Awesome looking speakers!

----- Ross K 21.12.09 03:35

I would love to hear Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Very cool song!

----- Lynne 21.12.09 03:39

Absolutely in love with these speakers, just awesome! Robert Glasper, Y’Outta Praise Him

----- Karen 21.12.09 05:16

wonderful! can’t put any better words on it..

Oh, and I would really love to play “The wonders at your feet” by Dark Tranquillity on these.

----- Henrik 21.12.09 05:18

Oooh, these speakers are just made to offer up Jim Morrison. Riders on a Storm it is.

----- Alan 21.12.09 05:27

Interesting design; I’d like to hear them.

----- JRG 21.12.09 05:38

i’d love to chill out to Spirit by Moby.

----- Nick Saunders 21.12.09 06:12

“(How Will I Know) I’m Falling In Love Again” by Willie Nelson. From Phases and Stages… Yessir.

----- Adam Houghtaling 21.12.09 06:28

In honour of this fabulous design (which would look terrific on my desk, btw), I would salute Joey Roth… with Natalie Cole’s sweet 70s soul cut… JOEY!


----- Ian Gamester 21.12.09 06:33

I would kill to hear Mighty Mighty by Curtis Mayfield (Live @ Bitter End, NYC). I can’t imagine a more suitable album than Curtis/Live to break such speakers in with!

----- Kevin 21.12.09 06:49

some imogen heap would be awesome!

----- melanie c 21.12.09 06:57

I’d love to hear Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal” on these.

----- Chris 21.12.09 07:02

Psycho Killer. The Talking Heads (on vinyl, no less).

----- DJ 21.12.09 07:43

“Brainy” by The Nationals

----- Rachel 21.12.09 09:08

“One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. If that song doesn’t break the speaker nothing can. Happy Holidays.

----- regan 21.12.09 09:13

I’m walking on sunshine

:) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

----- Kelly 21.12.09 09:17

I would love to hear the day the music dies, because these speakers are bringing quality back to music and integrating art into the design as well.

----- Sarah Knaggs 21.12.09 09:26

all i want to play is chubby checker’s “the twist”

----- Robert 21.12.09 09:37

sun ain’t gonna shine anymore – walker brothers. loud.

----- matt t 21.12.09 09:49

those speakers would be a happy replacement for my old stereo set. I’d play Black Eye Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”

----- Anh 21.12.09 10:11

Want. You Remind Me of Home, by Benjamin Gibbard.

----- Marshall L 21.12.09 10:11

I have also been growing a deep love for my dad’s old turn table. Any one of the Tears for Fears albums playing, especially “Elemental”, would be unreal. If I went for the Ipod though, the first sound to crawl out of those speakers would have to be “My Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars. The cello in that song is incendiary.

----- Alex 21.12.09 10:15

Anything by Vampire Weekend because my 11 month old loves to dance to it…

----- mari 21.12.09 10:50

Oh man! Such a good question. I would start with a little Led Zepplin, “I can’t quit you baby”. Move to a little Black Keys, “10 AM Automatic. Slow it down with a little Radiohead, “Everything in its right place”. Then top it off with a little taste of The Roots, “Thought @ Work”.

To be honest it would end up turning into a two hour endeavor browsing my entire music library. New speakers are just a vehicle for me to rediscover a lost gem.

----- Mike 21.12.09 11:13

NIN - Closer. Love blasting this song. Would love blasting this song on these sweet speakers.

----- Kendra 21.12.09 11:28

great aesthetic to these speakers. love them. i would most definitely play my vinyl, and the song would be “angie” by the rolling stones.

----- darci 21.12.09 11:38

Van Lear Rose, Loretta Lynn.

----- Jennifer M 21.12.09 12:48

if they were on my shelf, it would have to be “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead.

----- David 21.12.09 12:57

I think some Sam Cooke would definitely be in order!

----- Jason 21.12.09 13:04

Please enter me in the contest :)

----- Courtney Johnson 21.12.09 13:17

I appreciate your patience in getting these from concept to market. I’ll bet they sound as sweet as they look! I’d say the first thing I’d want to hear out of them would be Changes by David Bowie. There are so many layers in that tune when you hear it on the right equipment. I recommend giving it a listen.

----- Anthony Mingo 21.12.09 13:31

Handel’s Messiah

----- Doug 21.12.09 13:33

Handel’s Messiah

----- Doug 21.12.09 13:33

Next trip to France would like to keep up with all of my regular tv shows.

----- Harriet 21.12.09 13:38

Wow. You can see the thought in every aspect of the design! And CORK? Love it. Songwise; The Almost’s Little drummer boy. Thought I’d show some seasonal spirit.

----- Jessi 21.12.09 13:53

there are so many songs i would love to hear come out of these conical objects of my desire… i think i would start with the monsters of folk’s ‘map of the world’ and continue into my musical journey with a little something by jose gonzales, only to round out the evening with sigur ros… i can has?

----- Kevin 21.12.09 14:06

just ain’t gonna work out - mayer hawthorne

----- tommy 21.12.09 14:13

i would throw on one of my old bad brains LPs first thing - probably “big takeover”

----- Ryan 21.12.09 14:18

Well, it just has to be The Smith’s ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’, neh?

----- Phil Harrison 21.12.09 14:19

I’ve been designing my own turntable stand and speaker set throughout college and I like to see others taking the time to make complete versions of the ones they’ve planned. It looks great!

I would listen to my partial Hawkwind discography as they give me a funny horn-from-space vibe, probably Black Corridor from the album Space Ritual.

----- Matt 21.12.09 14:30

I can’t wait to hear Radiohead’s “Reckoner” from In Rainbows.

----- Mike 21.12.09 15:24

I’d be blasting Passion Pit - Sleepyhead.

----- Frank 21.12.09 15:37


----- Nubia Mercado 21.12.09 16:14

sign me up

----- Donna 21.12.09 18:01

These are beautiful, love the natural materials- for the tune: Man with a Harmonica by Ennio Morricone

----- Cutter Hutton 21.12.09 18:28

I guess I’d blast Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europa Express” all day long, and switch to “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis at night.

----- Thiago 21.12.09 18:36

What a great look for my study! Thanks!

----- Rawson Coleman 21.12.09 18:44

I think i’d have to blast some Metric. Gimme Sympathy, perhaps?

----- Jeremy 21.12.09 19:06

Darkside of the Moon.

----- Charles Opperman 21.12.09 19:06

I would love to hear anything by JoCo (jonathancoulton.com) on these speakers. Would sound great!

----- Zach 21.12.09 19:06

First, well done! Gorgeous design and I’m pleased to see a small footprint that’s not ported. Were I to be so blessed to win a pair, I’d first audition Coltrane’s “Favorite Things”. I trust that the experience would be remembered…

----- Anthony Zotti 21.12.09 19:06

Beautiful speakers!

Love to hear the entire “Dark Side of the Moon” album.

Or perhaps some Stones: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

----- Neal N. 21.12.09 19:07

i would defiantly listen to nude by radiohead after all the beautiful speakers are practically nude themselves.

----- Jake 21.12.09 19:12

Wow. Those speakers look amazing. I would love to hear Brian Eno’s ‘The Big Ship’ From ‘Another Green World’ on these!

----- Justin Wilcox 21.12.09 19:12

Idol Talk performed by Sharon Apple composed Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus OST)

----- Peter 21.12.09 19:13

Daniel Cowman by Regina Spektor

----- Nick 21.12.09 19:25

Gotta hear “Take 5”

----- Michael K 21.12.09 19:31

Angeles by Elliot Smith would be my choice.

----- RossRobinson 21.12.09 19:32

I’d go with an entire album: MuteMath’s “Armistice”. If I had to pick a one, maybe their song “Clipping”..it’s such a beautiful song.

----- Matt 21.12.09 19:39

I really like the shape and how the different materials seem to work together. I wonder if they sound as good as they look! I’m thinking Murder By Death’s “Spring Break 1899” would be a neat choice to hear coming out of these.

----- Mike 21.12.09 19:39

I plan on listening to Archie bell and the drells on LP through these awesome speakers!

----- Evan Duvall 21.12.09 19:55

How about “Stairway To Heaven” as done by Gregorian…

These would be perfect with an iPod. They’re all pretty design and no substance. I’d take a good pair of powered monitors any day over these artsy-fartsy things.

----- Doc Wu 21.12.09 19:56

These are effortlessly beautiful. Hmmm… I think I would love to hear anything out of my classical collection or maybe some Sinatra or B.B. King.

----- J'Neil 21.12.09 20:08

I’d like to hear Louis and Ella’s “Dancing Cheek to Cheek”

----- Gloria S 21.12.09 20:13

These are great speakers! I would want to hear Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and Do That For Me by Robert Cray.

----- Susan Ledet 21.12.09 20:14

“Little Drummer Boy” Marlene Deitrich’s version… which still eludes me on vinyl… pah rrrrrrrrrrrrrumpa pum pum

----- jon carver 21.12.09 20:15

Dustin O’Halloran - Opus 12

----- David 21.12.09 20:25

I would listen to “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. Second choice would be “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd.

----- nomaded 21.12.09 21:14

“Black Magic woman” Santana

----- Warren A 21.12.09 21:14

“I Feel It All” Feist :)

----- CC 21.12.09 21:20

I would really like to see these on my sheolf.

----- ajhall62 21.12.09 21:29

I would love to hear Walk Don’t Run by The Ventures from those great-looking speakers!

----- Susan C 21.12.09 21:44

I would love to hear (SMOG) - “Let Me See the Colts” - thanks.

----- Randy C. Shelton 21.12.09 21:55

When my brother died in 1995 I inherited his vinyl collection, much of which I still keep to this day (I couldn’t keep it all there were thousands, he was a big dance music nut). My song would be She’s So High by Blur from that vinyl collection, that intro is worthy of the best speakers you can afford.

----- Tom Bell 21.12.09 22:42

I would be glad to blast: Empire of the sun : walking on the dream

----- No' Joke 21.12.09 22:44

i would love to get this for the holidays.

----- angelo 21.12.09 23:02

Jimmy Buffet all the time. Maui Time

----- Chris williams 21.12.09 23:02

I saw the review of these speakers on BoingBoing and spent the next few days wildly hinting to anyone who had the power to make my dreams of Christmas giftitude come true. I would kill for the chance to hear Magic Sequence by Memory Tapes on a pair of these.

----- Jon! 21.12.09 23:10

personally i would love to hear ween play “blue balloons” out of these puppies.

----- caleb knotts 21.12.09 23:25

Rachmanioff’s prelude in g minor, no not really, I’d crank up Pinto Pony by the Candy Snatchers.

----- Bill 21.12.09 23:35

the first thing i’d listen to is “duchess” by scott walker.

----- Gregg 22.12.09 00:15

“One Red Thread” by Blind Pilot

----- Isaac Alshihabi 22.12.09 00:43

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. It’d be epic.

----- Ron 22.12.09 00:51

My favorite song is “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters. I would love to hear that beautiful song out of the speakers!

----- Marilyn Wons 22.12.09 01:58

I would love to hear Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen.

----- Theresa D 22.12.09 04:05

I can’t wait to hear MIles Davis Autumn Leaves on these wonderful speakers!

----- Jerry Ragadio 22.12.09 04:42

Paradise by Sade. I have to say the speakers look truely magnificent. Awesome!

----- Ravi 22.12.09 05:35

Either “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys, glorious harmonies or “Windmills” by Toad the Wet Sprocket, deep bass and detailed guitar!

----- matt 22.12.09 06:04

Would like to hear “In the Jungle”, if that was the name, or it could have been called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

----- Harriet 22.12.09 06:26

I’m a voice-over producer for BioWare and I would LOVE to listen to our recorded VO coming out of these speakers!

----- Cake 22.12.09 07:01

I want to hear Duran Duran’s Hungry Like a Wolf.

----- Kristie 22.12.09 07:04

nothing says holidays like Frank Black’s “Headache”

----- jimm etters 22.12.09 07:44

I can’t wait to hear Carol of the Bells!

----- Sheila Hickmon 22.12.09 07:45

The most awesome song to be heard with these speakers would be VCR by The XX. Their sound has been really different and exciting to hear. So an awesome speaker like this, with an awesome song can only mean one thing - awesome music in the room for everyone to hear.

----- Eunice 22.12.09 07:46

Our Secret by Beat Happening, they just exuded cool when they first started playing. Their songs had that devil may care attitude. I guess that’s they lived it up to the fullest. Their recent stuff has gone mediocre though.

----- Erwin John Labra 22.12.09 07:53

I’d love to hear some classic female jazz on these speakers. Perhaps some “Stormy Weather” [Billie Holiday] or “I Loves You, Porgy” [Nina Simone] would set the scene.

----- Tom G. 22.12.09 08:17

I wanna hear Pattern Recognition by Sonic Youth! Gimme gimme plz plz plz?? So awesome!

----- Emma 22.12.09 08:30

These look sweet, perfect for Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #1!

----- Gary 22.12.09 08:42

Amazing Grace, by just about anyone

----- Faith 22.12.09 08:48

Hard to select just one, but it would probably be jazz

----- Mildred 22.12.09 09:04

I would love to hear Flying Lotus’ amazing remix track of Mia Doi todd’s “My Room is White”. You’ve created the perfect speakers to hear all the things I know I’ve been missing in this song.

----- Dee Adams 22.12.09 09:41

“Today” by the Smashing Pumpkins

----- Brian 22.12.09 10:05

That changes often, but right now it is a-ha “The Foot of the Mountain”. Thank you for the chance to win.

----- Dave 22.12.09 10:08

Roy Orbison’s Blue Bayou would sound quite nice.

----- Steve K 22.12.09 10:25

“live for today” by grass roots

----- Janis 22.12.09 10:36

I would love to hear Dave Friedland’s - Devil on these. They look pretty amazing!

----- Chris 22.12.09 10:46

whoa, these speakers are rad, i die. i would definitely blast me some “kiss with a fist” by florence and the machine while singing and dancing around my room.

----- rebekah miracle krispi 22.12.09 11:44

I can’t wait to hear United States of Eurasia by Muse on these!

----- brndncrlsn 22.12.09 11:44

Pink Floyd for sure!

----- vicki lorenz 22.12.09 12:02

I would love to have a party with music coming out of those speakers

----- Syed Ahsun Zafar 22.12.09 12:29

I see you have already received plenty of comments regarding the speackers, however, i am really impressed. I have been building boxes for speakers, in different places like entertainment centers, but you have a good idea here. I would put anything done by Mars Volta or Muse….they have a explosion of sound, all different types, and would like to hear the detail these speackers give! Thank you so much for a chance to win. I hope to try out your product, and pass on the tech.

----- David Lawrence 22.12.09 12:52

These speakers are beautiful. First song I would play: If The Creeks - Sunparlour Players

----- James 22.12.09 12:53


----- deb c 22.12.09 13:09

Would love to win this!!

----- hazel hunt 22.12.09 13:17

Thievery Corporation - Richest Man in Babylon, followed by The Doors - Crystal Ship!

----- getpalmd 22.12.09 13:26

I would love to hear the soaring call and response choral of Allegri’s Miserere. There is a purity in the music’s sound which would compliment the simple beauty of these speakers.

----- Tony Drehfal 22.12.09 14:14

‘Born in the USA’ by the ‘Boss’, Bruce Springsteen!

----- LeAndrew Taylor 22.12.09 15:12

“my girls” by animal collective

----- matty 22.12.09 15:16

bleed it out linkin park

----- Jennifer gersch 22.12.09 15:36

My favorite song that I can’t wait to hear playing out of them is Electric Car by They Might Be Giants!

----- Bridget D 22.12.09 15:37

If I win these speakers I would celebrate with “Paper Tiger” by Spoon.

----- Gavin Davis 22.12.09 15:48

These speakers are mad hot,they would make me the man!!!!!!!!!!

----- Antwan Lewis 22.12.09 16:33

Hot damn these look good! Fleet Foxes, Death Cab for Cutie & one for the family “Whole Lotta Love”…and how perfect they’d look perched on our Chocolate brown interior painted book cases!

----- danielle wiedemann 22.12.09 16:48

I want to hear Idioteque by Radiohead blaring out of them!

----- SteveOramA 22.12.09 16:53

Led Zep’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine will be blasting on them!

----- julieh 22.12.09 17:47

PLLLLEEEEZZZE, it’s bee a really crappy year, I just wanna whip out Mick & the boys and get my ya ya’s out!

----- fred bell 22.12.09 18:04

Coolest speakers ever! I need some better ones for my room…

----- Kevin 22.12.09 19:24

My absolute favorite song to hear would be Dungen’s “Ta det Lugnt” off the album of the same name. It has so many facets and styles within just the one track, and it gives me a sense of peace when I hear it, although electric guitar is used through most of the song. I feel like I discover something new every time I listen to it again.

----- Sara F. 22.12.09 19:25

I couldn’t wait for Dave Matthews Too Much that would be awesome!!

----- Travis 22.12.09 19:45

GOODNESS! those are wonderful…almost as wonderful as the Jackson 5 Christmas album that will be played from them!

----- Peter S 22.12.09 19:59

I’d love to hear the cover of the Smiths’ song “I Know It’s Over” by Rosewater Elizabeth. Stunningly beautiful song.

----- Steve Schafer 22.12.09 20:03

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto would sound nice on these.

----- Brian 22.12.09 20:27

ooh. cool speakers.

----- lucy tran 22.12.09 20:29

cello suite no. 1 prelude- bach
it would be amazing to listen to riveting music like that on those cool modern-like speakers.

----- melody ann 22.12.09 20:35

I can’t wait to play “Regime Change” by Disciple.

----- Phillip Fry 22.12.09 21:08

I can’t wait to hear Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird out of these. That is, if he finally lays it down in the studio..

----- Jess K 22.12.09 21:58

In the spirit of the season - Amahl and the Night Visitors

----- laila 22.12.09 23:01

The photo of the speakers propped elegantly on either side of a turntable reminds me of my friend Lydia, who introduced me long ago to Amon Tobin. I recently found his remake of Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground and I think it would sound sublime streaming from these lovely speakers.

----- Sarah 22.12.09 23:49

To be honest, there isn’t one song in particular that would have to be the first… It would really depend on my mood. I’m not as much an “audiophile” as others have claimed to be, but I wouldn’t say no to these sweet speakers either!

----- Sharon 22.12.09 23:59

untitled (turn on the bright lights album) by interpol

----- Ant 23.12.09 01:00

Wow - lots of enthusiastic comments here. I admit that I’m just a grandma with a nice turntable and lots of vinyl who’s feeling very Chrismas-y right now, so I’m going to say I’d first love to hear Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” through these marvelous speakers.

----- Gaye McGill 23.12.09 01:58

Only can say wow! These speakers only can be done by someone who really loves music very much. So good materials, minimal design… i´m in love notcot friends! First song i would like to play with them would be Needles and Pins by Jackie DeShannon, an incredible song. The second would be… Needles and Pins again, but this time would be the Ramones´cover, that´s fantastic. I miss Joey very very much… Thank you Notcot, really love what are you doing in the internet since you started. Ciao!

----- Eduardo desde España 23.12.09 03:07

nice prize

----- sheila veit 23.12.09 04:17

my favorite song that i cant wait to listen too is…
Forever and ever Amen

----- shirley 23.12.09 04:40

It has to be Pilot by The Notwist

----- Christian 23.12.09 05:17

Great Speakers. Bet they sound great. Let me win please

----- Roger Deming 23.12.09 06:45

I’d love to hear I’m In Love With A German Film Star by The Passions…… 12inch (of couse!!!)

----- Albellisimo 23.12.09 07:15

These speakers are perfect for some Andrew Bird. “Natural Disaster” would be the first track played.

----- Ryan 23.12.09 07:17

I can’t wait to play Efterklang’s “Mirador” !!!

----- Fumi Mini 23.12.09 07:22

So many to choose from. one that comes to mind is the Eagles “Take it Easy”.

----- Regina M 23.12.09 07:23

id like to hear Rollins scream kick out the jams from those beauties

----- josh 23.12.09 07:35

Teen Angst by M83. Epically loud.

----- Kyle LaMar 23.12.09 07:42

Dizzee Rascal - Freaky Freaky

----- Jillian Haney 23.12.09 07:45

Anything by Lynard Skynard will be cranked up with these. Thank you

----- Candie L 23.12.09 08:02

I would play Psalm 145 Live, Shane and Shane

----- Matt 23.12.09 08:10

Old White Lincoln by the Gaslight Anthem

----- Aaron Scamihorn 23.12.09 08:21

The Knife - Marble House PTR remix

----- Seth R 23.12.09 08:26

My favorite song is the Sea & Cake song “A Man Who Never Sees a Pretty Girl That He Doesn’t Love Her a Little”. Those muffled drums, that honey-coated guitar. They’d drip and flutter out of those speakers.

----- Ryan 23.12.09 09:02

I would blast delbert mcclinton on these groovy speakers

----- shelly spahn 23.12.09 09:12

I would love to give these beautifully crafted speakers a chance to play “Trouble is” by danish band Turboweekend! Check out their video and listen to one of the best tracks of 2009.


----- Benjamin 23.12.09 09:15

Such a beautiful design! I would like to play, on vinyl, Deodato’s version of Also Sprach Zarathrustra as it swells from a mellow, jaz riff to a full orchestral explosion of pomp and funky circumstance. The dynamic range, as well as the depth of sound would show well through these gorgeous speakers.

----- Michael D. 23.12.09 09:17

Those ceramic speakers are gorgeous. :D The song I’d love to hear on it.. maybe Saint Esmeralda’s Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.

----- Bonnie Mcafee 23.12.09 09:21

the smiths louder than bombs

----- John Rasmussen 23.12.09 09:59

Hocus Pocus « Smile » Featuring Omar

Hocus Pocus is a bit like a UFO floating through today’s hip-hop landscape: composed of 5 members, including the multi-talented producer, MC and DJ 20Syl , their music is made using real instruments (bass guitar, drums, Rhodes, Horns…). With an acoustic sound directly influenced by jazz, funk and soul

Enjoy! (Music Video can also be found at the following link)


And to all; Happy Holidays & Smile!

----- Lawrence G.d'Entremont 23.12.09 10:29

we will become silhouettes - postal service probably will sound amazing if played on high volume on the beautifully designed ears!

----- louis 23.12.09 11:02

I would love to hear “Love me Tender” by Elvis…anything Elvis. His voice out of those speakers….I can’t tell you what would happen to me!! :)

----- Sally Sundeen 23.12.09 11:18

I would love to listen to a nice acoustic version of Pearl Jam’s Black on this speakers!

----- Alejandro Ispani 23.12.09 11:35

Anything by Johnny Cash!

----- Sarah D. 23.12.09 12:14

I love these!!! Super classy! Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass would do these classy speakers justice!

----- Taylor 23.12.09 12:23

definitely the alikstae remix of the kpop song “you and i” by park bom =)

----- sahar 23.12.09 12:37

I think I’d listen to Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3. Any speakers that can handle that, from start to finish, are good in my books.

----- Christopher 23.12.09 12:51

I would love to hear SUNDIALING by CARIBOU with these bad boys!!

----- Dennis 23.12.09 13:09

Everyday by The Field!

----- Marc Espowood 23.12.09 13:14

i would lik to listen to Lloyd Charmers - I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More :)

----- Andrius 23.12.09 13:35

I’d like to hear anything from The Beatles with this

----- Arla 23.12.09 14:29

I would love to hear Bon Iver - Flume on these speakers. The simplicity of the speakers and the music would go well together.

----- Esben 23.12.09 14:40

I would love to hear River of Deceit by Mad Season on these bad boys, thanks for the chance!

----- Angela Winesburg 23.12.09 14:43

Could be really perfect for Bat for Lashes - Glass for example. A really beautiful object.

----- dotmick 23.12.09 14:43

I Can’t Help Falling In Love…Elvis Presley

----- denyse 23.12.09 15:21

I’m tuck in northern Michigan., up to ass in snow in the worst economy in the country with no job. a bitchy ole lady. and just these crappy computer speakers. What do you want me to do beg or cry? C’MON MAN I’M DYING UP HERE.

----- Jay Cowdery 23.12.09 15:46

If I could hear EELS by The Mighty Boosh playing out of those speakers, my head might explode. …But it’d be so worth it.

----- rem 23.12.09 16:07

I love to hear Kenney Chesneys “Out Last Night” on the speakers.

----- Fawn George 23.12.09 16:33

Thank you for being awesome. I would give these things a test run with “Pass the Peas” by Maceo Parker

----- Zac Weinberg 23.12.09 17:04

Awesome product! I’d love to hear DMB’s Crash on a pair of these. Merry Christmas to everyone commenting on this giveaway.


----- Simon 23.12.09 17:12

I cant wait to play Thom Yorke’s ‘feeling pulled apart by horses’, the mass multi-layering of genuis that is Yorke plus these speakers would have the potential to blow minds.

----- Jamie Hughes 23.12.09 17:21

I’d fire up a little Stairway to give them the break-in they really deserve!

----- Cory O'Brien 23.12.09 17:22

So just open fire when you hit the shore
All is fair in love and war
Hoist that rag!

----- Adam 23.12.09 17:29

Anything by Johnny Cash!

----- Joshua Hanlon 23.12.09 17:40

lotus above water by telefon tel aviv will sounds amazing on those. give them to me please

----- Joe 23.12.09 18:02

I’d love to hear Sleep - by the Dandy Warhols on these babies.

They’re so damn pretty (◕〝◕)

----- David Quinton 23.12.09 18:35

Jingle Bells.

----- BW 23.12.09 19:00

I can’t imagine how Louis Armstrong would sound through this. When the saints go marching in….melt. These are designed so elagently

----- Barbara Wilson 23.12.09 19:03

I love the sleek modern look of these, but even with how morden they are there is still a coll retro feel to them

----- Vicki Andrew 23.12.09 19:07

I’d love to hear Kraftwerk’s Autobahn on these speakers.

----- Jay F. 23.12.09 19:11

I would say anything by Disturbed or Maroon 5..Awesome giveaway thanks..

----- Tatum V 23.12.09 19:17

I would love to hear Arcade Fire “Intervention” coming out of these speakers!

----- Angela Gaffke 23.12.09 19:51

a thing called rain by jackie greene

----- christopher h 23.12.09 20:20

OMG! Love these speeks so much! I think I would go for some DJ music by DJ Z out of Chicago - a nice club mix fillin the room!! Thank you!

----- KB 23.12.09 20:48

The first song I would play on these bad boys would be DJ Shadow’s Number Song.

Hells ya

----- Albert Alejandro 23.12.09 20:57

wow nice

----- seth edwards 23.12.09 21:03

I would definitely listen to the first EP by The Stills called Rememberese which has some of my favorite songs. I think “Killer Bees” on that album would be the first song I’d listen to, as it has this gritty, hollow sound to it that I think would be best caught by the speakers.

----- Christie Kliewer 23.12.09 21:10

Single Ladies by Beyonce!

----- Stephanie Adkins 23.12.09 21:13

Hello dear sir or ma’am. I would truly love to win this prize. I know this is rediculous but I dare you to cheat and make me win. It would give you a thrill and it would make me richer. Why ever not? Well its up to you. I can only say that I love the show CSI like my friends elderly mother so I have become self conscious about admitting readily to being such a fan of the show. I am very gassy tonight.

----- shaina hecht 23.12.09 21:16

these are so unique - they’d make a great addition to my audio family

----- Rose Roberts 23.12.09 21:18

I want to hear Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire.

----- Chrysa 23.12.09 21:30

My Family room would be complete with those! I want them so badly:)

----- Mitch Samuels 23.12.09 21:39

These would be perfect for my hubby, and he could listen to his favorite piece of music - the 1812 overture! I’m sure it’d sound fantastic with these speakers!

----- Bambi M 23.12.09 21:41

Would love to win these! Thanks for the chance.

----- Jill H 23.12.09 21:42

I’m in the mood for some In Search of The… by Buckethead.

----- Zac 23.12.09 21:43

“I’m Waiting for the Man” by The Velvet Underground… a true test of sound!

----- Sean P Morrissey 23.12.09 21:54

Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence…so many songs would sound remarkable with these speakers.

----- gina 23.12.09 21:57

I’d love to dance around with “Boogie on Reggae Woman” blaring out of these…thanks for the giveaway!

----- JMARIE 23.12.09 22:11

I’ve been diggin’ Mayer Hawthorne and his vinyl junkie self’s ‘The Ills’. These would sounds more perfect coming out of those fresh looking speakers!! Thanks! -Anne Marie (=

----- Anne Marie Maniego 23.12.09 22:31

Wow, nice speakers!! I’d listen to golden cage by the whitest boy alive… da da da…

----- Shin 23.12.09 22:53

I would first listen to Broadripple is Burning by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. Definitely the version from their Daytrotter session.

----- Christina Drury 23.12.09 23:45

i cant wait to listen to ‘so happy i could die’ by lady gaga!

----- reeva 24.12.09 00:05

ozzie …… crazy train

----- lilshuga2001 24.12.09 00:36

My favorite song is Upside Down.

----- Dree 24.12.09 01:40

This is awesome!Anything by Johnny Cash!

----- dawn r. 24.12.09 01:42

I would love to hear Just Dance by Lady Gaga on these

----- Jessica 24.12.09 02:07

I would lvoe to hear some Lady Gaga coming out of these speakers. “Just Dance” would be fun to rock out to.

----- Jessica 24.12.09 02:12

I’d love to hear Three Days Grace but not just one song…all of them.

----- blueviolet 24.12.09 02:56

nice speakers ty

----- vivian 24.12.09 03:06

‘We All Fall In Love Sometimes” as performed by Jeff Buckley.

----- Lloyd 24.12.09 03:13

Love Me by Yiruma. I wish she’d still love me…

----- Brian 24.12.09 03:48

Speakers like this need the bass taken advantage of. I’d play “Who’s Your Daddy” by Benni Benassi.

----- J D A N A P 24.12.09 03:58

I will listen to anything by Tom Petty.

----- karen 24.12.09 04:50

I would love to hear “Walkabout” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The stereo effect would sound great through these speakers! Also, I hope to hear the sound of my new songs.

----- Zivan Bacujkov 24.12.09 04:50

My favorite song I’d like to hear out of them is Michael Jackson’s Beat It!

----- Gloria 24.12.09 05:31

I like them!

----- betty crawford 24.12.09 05:57

I would love to hear Sexy Back on these speakers.

----- Cynthia W 24.12.09 06:24

I would love to hear ‘movement’ by New Order o these babys! thanks!

----- arthur liu 24.12.09 06:43

Wow, these are GORGEOUS, truly a work of functional ART! LOVE ‘em!!!

The first song to be played through those beauties would probably be “3 Little Birds” by Bob Marley.

Thank you to Joey Roth and NOTCOT for this amazing giveaway!

----- Jes G 24.12.09 07:07

these are so cool
i would want to hear, Mortiis’ “parasite god”

----- sally wess 24.12.09 07:20

What an awesome set of speakers… Would love to blast Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” through them !!

----- Kevin W 24.12.09 07:26

“Sixtyniner” by Boards of canada …

----- theo alran 24.12.09 07:27

These look like amazing! I would like to listen to One of These Days by Pink Floyd!

----- kirsten 24.12.09 07:28

“Sixtyniner” by Boards of canada …

----- theo alran 24.12.09 07:30

very cool speakers! i have a friend who would love them!

----- Jennifer Jozwiak 24.12.09 07:31

I wonder how Keith Jarett’s moans and groans in his Carnegie Hall Concert would sound in these speakers.

----- pablo 24.12.09 07:34

i would rock out to ac/dc BACK IN BLACK :)

----- kathy pease 24.12.09 07:46

The song I want to hear the most through these would be Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica.

----- Tim Hughes 24.12.09 07:56

” Touch Of Grey” by The Grateful Dead!

madamerkf at aol dot com

----- wendy wallach 24.12.09 08:07

Rammestine — grrr

----- shay 24.12.09 08:10

With speakers such as these I’d listen to Antony & the Johnsons’ “Fistful of Love.”

----- Eirikur 24.12.09 08:30

I would be flabbergasted to hear Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill on your speakers.

----- Gary Costanzo 24.12.09 08:42

How very interesting. I would enjoy winning these.

----- James Fiddler 24.12.09 08:43

i can’t WAIT to play my alltime favorite song “Ecstasy” by ATB

----- Paige Steele-Rollins 24.12.09 08:45

“Baba O’Riley” by The Who…Come to daddy, speakers!

----- Steve M. 24.12.09 08:47

Very neat and interesting

----- Diane B 24.12.09 09:41

i would play mp3 of george w bush singing ‘white lines’… get higher baby.

----- Guy L'Orange 24.12.09 10:00

The first song I would love to listen to on these speakers is Bach’s Partita #2 in D minor performed by Hilary Hahn.

----- MatthewS 24.12.09 10:22

I’d love to hear Metallica on these!

----- Lori Walker 24.12.09 10:38

coming to america thanks

----- mindy 24.12.09 10:54

I’m not good with the technicals but the speaker’s design is so sleek I’m already drooling right now! But if there’s any song I would love to hear over and over again from that elegant piece of electronics, it would be The Luckiest by Ben Folds.

----- Carlos 24.12.09 11:00

I can’t wait to hear “Across the Universe” by the Beatles. Yes, a little mellow, but the intensity of sound would be divine. : )

----- Denise 24.12.09 12:02

awesome!!! i would play across the universe soundtrack

----- Maja Meza 24.12.09 12:33

Christmas Canon :)

----- Gianna 24.12.09 12:34

I’d love to hear Stairway To Heaven.

----- Lynne T 24.12.09 12:51

This would be such a great surprise to win.

----- michael woods 24.12.09 13:11


----- Louis Willhauck, Jr. 24.12.09 13:51

I would listen to “Black Swan” by Thom Yorke.

----- angela 24.12.09 14:53

Remember Me My Friend by the Blue jays or netherlands by Dan Fogelberg would sound amazing out of these

----- don 24.12.09 15:02

I can’t wait to hear James Brown’s “I Feel Good” blasting out of these beauties!

----- shay 24.12.09 15:06

THe ceramic speakers are awesome! I’d love to sit back and relax and listen to my favorite N.E.R.D. track, Lovebomb with it!

----- juls 24.12.09 15:13

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

----- kulraj 24.12.09 15:32

Eye of the Tiger

----- Pat Connors 24.12.09 15:41

Very nice speakers. I want to hear my fav artist of all time Elton John sing Rocket Man

----- R Hicks 24.12.09 16:51

YO QUIERO TACO BELL, I would also like these speakers! :)

----- Iliana Blair 24.12.09 17:26

I am obsessed with music. Most of my family were musicians for their professions and music was their sole job. I have almost 11,000 songs on my ipod and my dad has more than I do. I could never choose a single song I would want to listen to. They are way too many!

----- Chelsea Jordan 24.12.09 17:52

I can’t wait to hear Mazzy Star, Fade Into You coming out of those speakers!!

----- Jennifer M-I 24.12.09 18:06

Jimi Hendrix’s cover of All Along the Watchtower.

----- Andrea 24.12.09 18:35

I can’t wait to hear Born in the USA playing out of them.

----- Buddy Garrett 24.12.09 18:49

Thanks for the giveaway…Wow, what a very singular design. I would love to hear Monkey Gone To Heaven by The Pixies…or anything by the Smiths.

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

----- Brian E. 24.12.09 18:51

I want to hear Jummy Wayne’s Do you believe me know. I like that song. I love country.

----- Jeanette Huston 24.12.09 19:40

I’d listen to Paul Simon’s Graceland

----- Betty 24.12.09 19:40

Very sweet design ….. Its nice to see someone doing something different …. does the cork and wood effect to resonance of the ceramic at all ?
Diablo Swing Orchestra would be an interesting choice of music I think.

----- Mr Emerson 24.12.09 19:43

I would for sure play some Sam Cooke. The song “A Change is Gonna Come.” I think these speakers would bring out the soul of Sam Cooke’s music.

----- Anna 24.12.09 19:54

Bose beware…

----- Michael 24.12.09 20:01

I would love to listen to prince lets go crazy

----- Kerri 24.12.09 20:06

What would I most want to hear on them — his songs, of course!

----- Rajee 24.12.09 21:12

These are beautiful and I would be honored to hear “Methamphetamine” by Old Crow Medicine Show from them.

----- J Ketchum 24.12.09 21:28

I would love to hear all or nothing with small faces on these lovely speakers

----- Daniel Reinius 25.12.09 13:19

Would love to hear all or nothing with small faces on these lovely speaker

----- Daniel Reinius 25.12.09 14:01

this speaker is amazing, Im also design a speaker set for my final at college. big fan of Joe Roth’s work. i would like to play some of my audiophile collection(since its an audiophile speaker) and would like to hear the guitar from Zakk Wylde’s house of doom, it would be nice to hear from this set of speaker, if its just a moment.

----- Orisya Ricwaldi 26.12.09 08:16

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