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Holiday Feature! BAGGU Duck Bag + Giveaway- 12.02.09

baggu1.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to Matt in Hoboken, NJ!

Another friend of NOTCOT and fellow socal native (although she’s in NY now, her mom/biz partner/designer of this awesome new canvas duck bag is still in La Jolla) ~ Emily of Baggu shares the story of how she and her mom came to start this stylishly simple reusable bag line… as well as showcase their latest foray out of ripstop nylon and into the classic canvas bag: the Baggu Duck Bag! I must say i wasn’t sure from the photos at first, but once i played with it in person, i’m smitten. It’s so soft, yet strong ~ just wide enough on the bottom ~ perfect length ~ and LOVE how it looks when you button it and hide the shoulder strap! Anyhow ~ see their story on the next page… and they too have been super generous with a big Baggu giveaway!

Giveaway! It’s a Baggufest ~ you can win one green duck bag, a set of green Baggu X3, 2 Baby Baggus, one small and one large produce baggu, one BIG baggu, and two patterned baggus. Giveaway details on the next page! baggugive.jpg

BAGGU: The Duck Bag Feature & Images by Emily Sugihara

BAGGU started in late 2006 because I wanted to give my mom a set of reusable bags for Christmas, but I couldn’t find any I thought were cool. When I came home for the holidays, I brought a lot of ripstop nylon from New York with me, thinking we could make a set together. We traced the first bag on the back of some used wrapping paper on Christmas night.
About six weeks later, my Mom mailed me a prototype. I made some small tweaks, but it was basically the BAGGU we make today.


Several years later, Mom is also behind our newest bag: the Duck Bag. Up until this point, everything we did was all nylon. We do all our product design with my Mom in California. When she sent us some samples she was working on of some backpacks we were developing, she included this simple canvas bag. It was a new direction, but it felt right, and we knew we wanted to produce it.


Just like our first bag, we only had minor changes to my Mom’s original design. We added an interior pocket, made the shoulder strap adjustable and picked colors. The secret of BAGGU is that my Mom is the brilliant designer behind the bags, we just make tweaks and choose colors.





In this baggu full of baggus ~ you can win one green duck bag, a set of green Baggu X3, 2 Baby Baggus, one small and one large produce baggu, one BIG baggu, and two patterned baggus. It’s a baggufest! baggugive.jpg To win ~ leave a comment with the strangest thing you’ve used a reusable bag for as of yet… and i’ll pick a winner on dec 9th, 2009.


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276 Notes

It would probably be from today, actually! I bought the grocery store out of all of their packages of chicken gizzards & hearts (I buy them for my dog, she loves them), and then I bought a giant bag of frosted flakes for me. Needless to say, I got weird looks.

----- Chelsea Bloxsom 02.12.09 02:20

A top… no joke. My friend’s top got messed up and ripped at a party so I cut the bottom of my cool-looking reusable bag and fashioned it into a top for her.

----- Kat 02.12.09 02:21

I suppose my strange use would be a garbage bag/recycling bin! (For things that don’t leak, of course..)
Even in the case of leaks or any mess, I throw them in the wash when they get dirty and they’re good as new.

----- Amy 02.12.09 02:23

I’ve used a reusable bag to carry non-reusable bags :D.

----- Joseph 02.12.09 02:31

I once used several reusable bags to form a pair of super stylish waterproof trousers to keep my jeans dry on my cycle home from work. Unfortunately they didn’t work and flew off mid journey. Not ideal.

----- Esther Procee 02.12.09 02:40

I have used a reusable bag to carry my cat to the vet. She’s obsessed with getting into boxes, bags, sticking her head in shoes…at least she was happy till she got there!

----- Lily 02.12.09 02:43

As a child, I used to carry my cat around in my grandma’s checkered reusable bag while playing make believe.

----- Chiara 02.12.09 03:57

I have transferred my old projector… well, that was quite a large one…. 20kg! :)

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 02.12.09 04:10

I have a biodegradable trashbag that I use to carry my laundry with. It’s green.

----- TonyKraken 02.12.09 04:23

I had used the reusable bag as my umbrella; at that time I just had a haircut and I didn’t want to mess it up, so I just put my reusable bag on my head and run to my car

----- Andy 02.12.09 04:31

Awesome bags!!! Strangest use for a bag….carrying my garbage out to my recycle bins. :/

----- Maureen 02.12.09 04:42

I have a friend who creates rugs out of old bags. But the most unique thing I have used a bag for is painting supplies…not nearly as cool as my friend :)

----- Kory 02.12.09 04:51

Was in central park all day with my dog and then wanted to meet some people on the UES for drinks. Whipped out my re-usable bag, and threw bailey (a mini dachshund in it) and off we went!

----- Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life 02.12.09 04:54

I’ve used one as a makeshift umbrella when I was caught in the rain.

----- Xue 02.12.09 05:00

My very favorite recyclable bag has grown old and now fashions a few small holes. Since I could not bear to part with it, it has now become a very handy hanging planter. It is remarkably good for airing the soil :)

----- Genevieve 02.12.09 05:06

I use a reusable bag as a lunch bag to work.

… not strange enough? Well, that’s all I got for now :P

----- Masako 02.12.09 05:16

I keep one reusable bag with me. It’s those ones you get from the a grocery store chain. Not the most compact bags! I use it for produce; I HATE using those plastic bags. (C’mon, do you really need to bag 3 apples?) And, there’s no recycling in my building, so I haul all my recyclables to work — where there is recycling! Co-workers think I’m nuts, but hey it’s the least I can do!

The strangest thing yet, I use reusable bags when I donate clothing. Maybe someone can use the bag too!

----- Elena 02.12.09 05:37

When caught in rain while cycling, I tied up the baggu bag and slip in under my coat as a replacement hoodie. Light and waterproof, it is sturdy enough to fight against Dutch wind.

----- Yuliani 02.12.09 05:43

I’ve used a reusable bag as a pot for my banana plant. Worked slick. ;P

----- Michelle 02.12.09 05:45

There was this Lizard under my bed - I had to catch him. After he bit me I decided to throw a reusable bag over the lizard. So I could carry the lizard outside and release him.

----- matt 02.12.09 05:46

i use recyclable bags for everything! i’ve got some weird comments from shop people when I’m buying clothes and refuse their (plastic) bag in favor of my reusable one.

----- kiera 02.12.09 05:50

Because I have one reusable bag in my bookbag all the time, I’ve pulled it out to keep my niece and nephew entertained (making hats, shoes, scarves). Now they want to dump the contents and wear the bag when they see one.

----- katie 02.12.09 05:52

I also used mine to carry my cat to the vet :) But since that is taken… Last year I wrapped all my christmas presents in re-useable bags. It was like two presents in one, with no waste!!

----- Lori Hale 02.12.09 06:02

I suppose the vomit of a friend.

----- Vinh 02.12.09 06:04

I used my Big Baggu to haul a bunch of stuff to the beach last summer. I’m still shaking sand out of it.

----- Jenna 02.12.09 06:07


----- John 02.12.09 06:09

Well, I don’t use the bags for particularly strange things, but people are always surprised when I whip a reusable bag out of my purse in strange places. You just never know when you are going to acquire something you want to haul home.

----- Cait 02.12.09 06:11

When it snowed last year I didn’t have snow boots, so when I went outside to let our dog out I would put reusable bags over my shoes and secure the top with rubber bands. Our bags are water proof so they worked well as make-shift snow boots.

----- Liz 02.12.09 06:12

Hi I really like these bags and would love a chance at winning one.

I’ve used a reusable bag for a lot of things, even to carry water in (it was made of oil cloth) and on my head to keep water off of it in the rain.


there is a lady who will give out free bags to those who promise to use them in place of plastic, and take a pic, its a cool art project and she’s a great blogger check out the many uses of bags on her site,


----- amelia winger 02.12.09 06:17

I just like to wear them on my head. kinda like a hat. more like a bagat

----- eric 02.12.09 06:30

i’ve used a reuseable bag to sustain the life of (previously) potted flowers before.

----- joanne 02.12.09 06:39

I carry them with me everywhere, so they serve as trashbags, laundry bags, knitting bags, diaper bags- basically any time I need some kind of receptacle my reusable bags come to the rescue!

----- Kendra N. 02.12.09 06:44

Wow, I feel so comforted that I’m not the only one to use bags for clothing in a pinch! I’d have to say that the time I duct taped my fused plastic bag over my sunroof (whose closing panel inexplicably flew out while I was driving) was the most strange.

----- Betsy Ross 02.12.09 06:51

it’s very handy when you’re caught in the rain without an umbrella. we’ve also used it to hold dirty laundry while traveling. i keep two in my purse at all times.

----- Audrey R. 02.12.09 06:56

I’ve used them as beach bags in the past. Especially with all the cute, colorful, and patterned ones. Nobody can tell its for my groceries as well.

----- annie 02.12.09 07:01

I don’t know anything terribly strange that I’ve carried in a reusable bag, but I did cut plastic grocery bags into strips and knit a reusable bag out of them! That one gets some curious looks!

----- Libby 02.12.09 07:04

I’m on the same page as Lily. My cat loves getting into my reusable bags. She’s pro-environment! Mrow!


----- Natalie Marion 02.12.09 07:12

tree pot… my tree pot broke and there were soils all over the place! so instead, i used my reusable bag as a tree pot. pretty cute lookin.

----- JENN 02.12.09 07:19

tree pot… my tree pot broke and there were soils all over the place! so instead, i used my reusable bag as a tree pot. pretty cute lookin.

----- JENN 02.12.09 07:20

I use them everyday to transport gym clothes, my lunch, books, laptop, etc. Not too strange, but I do also reuse plastic bags and I’ve used those over my socks, under shoes to “waterproof” my feet for snowshoeing. It works surprisingly well.

----- Susan Kelley 02.12.09 07:35

I’ve used a reusable bag as a “shower cap” when it rains in South Florida to protect my hair from the humidity. Don’t know if it’s the strangest thing but works like a charm although people have a tendency to look at me oddly. I think they are just thinking “why didn’t I think of that” ;)

----- Tracy 02.12.09 07:36

I take them with me when i do laundry at the laundry mat.
socks go in one bag, underpants in another.

i use them for pretty much everything. carrying library books, packages that need mailing, groceries, knitting, as a purse, to tote work home. i get the strangest looks when i use them at the hardware store though.

----- michelle 02.12.09 07:44

The strangest thing i had to use a reusable bag for was to carry dirt all just by itself to my home, people were giving me strange looks as I passed by!

Edward Wong.

----- Edward Wong 02.12.09 07:46

I use my reusable bags for everything - often to carry students’ papers home for grading! Nothing too odd, but sometime I will throw shoes in one, roll it up, and stuff that inside my purse.

----- Jen T 02.12.09 07:50

My little sister is 10, and had beautiful long curly hair. A few months ago she decided to give her hair away to locks of love, and I took her to the hair dresser. After the hair cut she was crying because she didn’t like the way her hair looked short and she wanted to keep a long lock of her hair to remind her of her old hair.. the only bag I had in my car - reusable bag… I no longer use it for groceries.

----- Ella 02.12.09 07:50

I use the Reisenthal shopper tote as my gym bag. So many different compartments for everything I need to bring to shower after a workout and the key ring on the outside is a perfect place for my lock.

----- Jess Peters 02.12.09 07:52

love the baggu design, crazy variety! I use my current reusable bag for pretty much everything….craziest thing i had in it was… pomegranates perhaps…

----- Alex 02.12.09 07:56

used a reusable bag as a shower. Filled it with water, hung it from a tree and it slowly seeped out allowing just enough time rinse…but no repeat!

these look awesome btw!!

----- katie 02.12.09 08:07

well not a reusable bag, but I re-used plastic grocery bags to make a rug, by braiding them together. It turned out pretty cool and it’s still in my kitchen!

----- Kelsey 02.12.09 08:07

The strangest thing I’ve used a reusable bag for is probably carrying stuff for my 3D class. One day I got on the train to school with my bag stuffed with a bucket, petroleum jelly, sponges, and lots of LEMONS!

----- Laura 02.12.09 08:18

I use my “green” bags every time I go to the stores because they give you $ back for your own bags, so I keep them in my car. I have had to use them recently when we took our students on a field trip to lug our art supplies around the city to do street photography, and architecture drawings. It’s not wild, but it was fun.

----- MaryKate 02.12.09 08:20

As weird as it may sound, I’ve used one to transport a pig’s head. I didn’t have anything else to do it, so I used what I had.

----- EugenS 02.12.09 08:21

I have used them as a hair cover in rainy weather!

----- Erika 02.12.09 08:24

Actually, I use my reusable bag to carry around my hair highlighting supplies…a not so green friendly thing.

----- Laura 02.12.09 08:24

I’ve put them on my feet as mock rain boots when I needed to wear open toe shoes and go out. Then I took them off when I could :)

----- mel 02.12.09 08:25

I tied three reusable bags (actually baggu bags that I had purchased for my wife) together in order to make a parachute for my niece’s science project. Her class was learning about and designing impact safe packages/devises and they were testing the designs at school by dropping the packages (containing an egg) off the school roof. The three bags when dropped off the roof acted perfectly (the egg didn’t break) as a parachute and my niece tied for first place with the most creative design.

----- Matt 02.12.09 08:26

I recently left my car in long-term parking at the airport, and when picking it up I discovered that my windshield had started to leak. A lot. And it had rained while I was gone. A lot. Thankfully, I keep reusable nylon bags in my car, which served as a decent, somewhat waterproof seat cover for the two hour drive home.

----- Sara 02.12.09 08:27

a live chicken from a portuguese farmer’s market back to my homestay mama!

----- lauren 02.12.09 08:33

I used a re-usable shopping bag to pick up ostrich egg shells from an African Art Gallery that were then going to be hand painted and given out as sponsor gifts for a charity event. I remember thinking it was strange when someone called me and asked what I was doing, and had to tell them, “I’m picking up Ostrich eggs”. :-)

----- Danielle 02.12.09 08:33

I have a huge selection of reusable bags in my home. I can honestly say that reusable bags have turned into my purse collection. I’ve use many of these bags as my purse.

----- Elaine 02.12.09 08:37

Technically it was my friend, but it was my bag. He used it as a basket (term used loosely) on his scooter. Unfortunately he never returned it.

----- Dill 02.12.09 08:38

I’ve used a reusable bag at work to carry around waters to pass out to people. Also to carry super expensive camera gear that is usually protected in strong cases. It’s easier to grab out of a bag!

----- ani 02.12.09 08:53

You have the perfect giveaways this year!! I absolutely love baggu and was just going to purchase a few - but now I’ll wait to see if I can win this stellar package - that would be incredible!

The strangest thing I’ve used a reusable bag for would be to carry a few woodchucks to a party - I didn’t have any cardboard six packs!

----- Amy 02.12.09 08:54

A legit Donkey.

----- Zach Mueller 02.12.09 08:55

I use my reusable bags as luggage:) Rather than taking a huge carry-on bag or ugly backpack or even a suitcase, I’m on the road traveling to somewhere different each week so just tossing what I need in these bags has made my life retain a bit of it’s sanity and saved my arms from huge, useless bags!

----- Nikki 02.12.09 08:58

Hi! I’ve got some baggus; I use one of them (my old white and blue marine stripes) as a gym bag. Sometimes I also use baby baggus as a gift wrap for a book, a dvd or small stuff (a kind of double gift, what’s inside and what’s outside being as much enjoyable!). Baggu also have saved me replacing my forgotten umbrella over my head in the rainy days.
In a less poetic use, baggu saved the car seat from the attack a friend car illness :D

Sorry for my english, hope everything is comprehensible!

Balthazar from Paris (In french Baggu/Bagou means glibness!)

----- Balthazar 02.12.09 08:59

I have used reusable bags to carry (10) bubbles tubes and a bubble machine [the small one]. My friends and I go to the bridge and we turn it on. When people see numerous bubbles and don’t know where they come from, they get cheerful. Bubbles make you happy especially thousands flowing in your direction. Making the world a better place- one bubble at a time. =] oO0o0O

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 02.12.09 08:59

storing my sewing and crocheting stuff hidden away from prying eyes. I get a lot of remarks about being an old lady trapped in a 24 yr old’s body.

----- jen 02.12.09 09:00

Hey there - I’ve made fun stuffed toy race cars for my lil grandson out of Trader Joe’s reusable bags - his mom thought they were a hoot and we hung it from the ceiling in his room!

----- mark s. inman 02.12.09 09:02

I use reusable bags to pre-measure batches of cement and sand for my concrete! Makes my process much more efficient. When I have my mold ready for a tabletop, candleholder, pendant lamp or whatever I am creating that day, I just grab the pre-measured bags and start mixing!

----- april 02.12.09 09:09

I have a reusable bag with a hole in one corner that makes a pretty good watering can — fill it up with water and carry it around the garden as it slowly leaks!

----- Dan 02.12.09 09:18

I have been having issues with my computer (desktop) and got tired of lugging it back and forth to work but is is a small tower that fits perfectly in a (large) reusable bag so I cut holes to run cables through and now it never leaves the bag. “Blue screen of death? No Problem! rip out the cables and go!” :)

----- Christina 02.12.09 09:18

I don’t know how unusual it is, but I used my reusable bag to carry more reusable bags I purchased from the grocery store. Meta!

----- Jen 02.12.09 09:19

I was stupid enough to wear heels in the rain and ignored the fact that the shoes were smaller. I arrived at school and couldn’t walk anymore so I cut up my bag and rubber-banned them around my ankles as “bag shoes”. Hurrah for comfort and waterproof!

----- Tracy 02.12.09 09:21

I have Reusable bags hanging all over the place, they hold, hats, belts, more bags, fabric, magazines, scarfs and gloves, you name it. They’re like little decorative hanging shelves. I Love Reusable bags!!!

----- Jillian Endebrock 02.12.09 09:22

I was out shopping one day and my daughter’s pram broke and as I had so much to carry I managed to make two reusable canvas bags in to quite a nifty snug sling for my 4 month old, she loved it! But my back didn’t!

----- Kate 02.12.09 09:25

A shower cap when I was in a fix…. hehe.

----- Drew 02.12.09 09:27

to move my turtle from the old apartment into the new.

----- A.V. 02.12.09 09:29

I had to use a reusable bag as a pseudo hat/umbrella when it was raining - from my car in the parking lot to the grocery store entrance…

----- Stacy B. 02.12.09 09:31

Everything! Buy I guess the strangest would have to be my lab equipment and lab mice. As a grad student in biology, I need to bring back and forth a lot of equipment/food/stuff for mice. And I have housed them while in their vented boxes in a reusable bag because I was running out of hands :D

----- maria~ 02.12.09 09:39

I’m currently using a set of reusable bags as a makeshift filing system for my school paperwork.

----- Teri 02.12.09 09:39

I moved three months ago and since my old lease ended after my new lease began, I spent three weeks moving little by little carrying everything in reusable bags and stopping at the new place after work. I ended up only using one box on the official moving day.

----- Sara 02.12.09 09:42

So after enjoying a wonderfully long 3hr Sunday brunch with bottom-less mimosas, a reusable bag from Trader Joe’s was the first thing my wife reached for to empty the contents of her stomach in my car as we were heading home. Apparently we decided too late that that was waaay too many mimoas.

Pretty gross. Even though it’s been cleaned and bleached, I still refuse to use it.

----- JD 02.12.09 09:52

I love ~upcycling~ all that plastic into yarn! you can cut it into strips and knit or crochet with it. works really well for outside doormats.

----- Phu 02.12.09 09:54

i use it for my groceries.. and to take recycled paper home from the office.. but that’s not too strange!

----- Jennifer 02.12.09 09:56

I used it once to hide a 2gal bucket filled with compost on the nyc subway on my way to the farmers market to drop it off… it was stinky sorry if you were on the subway card :)

----- Austin 02.12.09 10:01

I once used my baggu bag to collect mini coconuts around the beach!

----- William 02.12.09 10:10

canvass bags are awesome and sustainable.

----- Naysa 02.12.09 10:22

My reusable bags hold everything from plants and groceries to papers I’m grading and tests. Students never look twice at a ‘grocery’ bag, and are always surprised when their work comes out of one. I also kept 2 beta fish (seperately!) in them for my baby cousins as a surprise.

----- Bernadette 02.12.09 10:35

Last spring I used 10 reusable bags for moving Mulch to my little garden. I just moved and didn’t have anything else. They worked great and I just washed them with soap.

----- Vlad Gorshkov 02.12.09 10:35

I tried to use one of my bags as a towel once… it didn’t work very well.

----- Jake Sepulveda 02.12.09 10:40

I used a reusable bag as a garbage bag in my dorm room for a year—forgot to buy a trash can and never got around to it! It worked beautifully.

----- Liz 02.12.09 10:49

To return my mother-in-laws wig to her….

----- Wolfie 02.12.09 10:53

I went to the park with my friend after shopping at a super market,
We were playing with the swings… and she kinda flew off breaking her arm.
I called the ambulance but i knew there was a GP round the corner.
I ripped one of the recycling bags and used the handle part of the bag to supported her arm with it.
So we made our way to the GP and waited.

O me oh my :)

----- Vivian 02.12.09 11:04

A bandage! Me and a friend were biking from the grocery store, and they fell of their back and sliced open their arm. It stopped the blood until we got some stitches in it! :)

----- Jordan 02.12.09 11:07

I’ve carried 20 or 30 pounds of rocks around in a reusable bag.

----- gregr 02.12.09 11:12

I guess I haven’t been terribly creative with my bag usage - love to use them as reusable trash bags or even a quick lunch bag occasionally. I usually manage to forget them when I go to the grocery store, though, but they get put to use elsewhere.

----- Ben 02.12.09 11:27

Definitely using my German grocery bags from Plus! to transport materials for a mad scientist display… they were stuffed full of animal skulls, creepy old medical tools, and even a pickled shark in a jar.

----- Lindsey 02.12.09 11:41

not that strange, but i use them to carry a pile of books with me everywhere i go.

----- kathryn 02.12.09 11:48

I haven’t once used a reusable bag for anything, this is why I need to win this one sooo bad!

----- Brian 02.12.09 11:50

I used several Baggu’s to transportset-up items to my best friend’s tiny, out-door wedding! I love Baggu’s and can never have enough!!

----- Christina 02.12.09 11:55

I haven’t used reusable bags for anything exciting but I did braid old plastic bands into headbands and bracelets!

----- Liz 02.12.09 11:56

I used two reusable bags to transfer my two cats from an old apartment to a new…..they were not fans of this unconventional use.

----- Steven 02.12.09 12:11

Love this bag, will be perfect for all of my school gear.

----- Alicia 02.12.09 12:35

A rhubarb tart!

----- Jade 02.12.09 12:39

I use recycled bags for everything, including carrying unfired pottery to and from the studio, lugging student’s sketchbooks to museums, and transported recycled materials to the classroom from upcycled art.
If I got these bags, I would distribute them to my 9th grade studio art students (there is only eight of them) to promote greener practices.
I love the colors by the way.

----- Sarah 02.12.09 12:42

As a child, I use plastic bags as sledges when the snow covers the slopes in my little italian town…over and over and over—>reusable, even if not as bags!

----- Paola 02.12.09 12:50

To carry a bowling ball and copius amounts of toilet paper across a college campus.

----- Ally 02.12.09 12:53

I am aDorkeded to reusable shopping bags and picked up the penchant while living in Seattle. I chastise others into doing the same by displaying my rockin collection each supervaluvisit. I have carried everything from Thanksgiving ingredients to my actual baby and all his accoutrema in the bags and I would be like totally honoured to wear your ducky bag everywhichwhere I go!

----- KellieOxie 02.12.09 12:54

I once used a reusable bag as a hat when it was really windy and my ears hurt.

----- Katie Jo 02.12.09 12:57

I’ve used my reusable bags to take plants from my college apartment to home during the summer and long breaks. I just put a pot inside of each bag and voila! no dirt spilled in my car! And it’s a lot easier to carry since I can take two plants each trip, rather than carrying each plant with two hands.

----- Ashley 02.12.09 13:02

Oh, that’s terrible, but I used a reusable bag to carry a dead bird I found in my garden! So sad!

----- Camila F. 02.12.09 13:04

I’ve used mine as a backpack to carry home the goods given to me at the dentist. If you sling your arms into the holes and as long as its not too much stuff, it makes it pretty easy to transport things on your bike! alot easier than putting it on the handle and hoping it wont get caught in the spokes!

----- Taryn Zychal 02.12.09 13:16

Embarrassing to say but I once used my reusable bag to pick up my dog’s poop. Needless to say it wasn’t exactly reusable after that.

----- jessica 02.12.09 13:19

The strangest thing I’ve carried in a recyclable bag is my field kit for an archaeology/dig project I volunteer for. I need an easy way to carry water bottles, brushes, trowels and the like that’s easy to wash when I get out of the grit and sand.

----- Adri 02.12.09 13:33

i have two cats, gatsby and edward. gatsby is a bit older and i adopted him first. unfortunately, when edward came home with me, he had an upper respiratory infection (adorable sneezes) that the vet had thought gone and he gave it to gatsby and they both needed to make a trip to the vet to be checked out and get their prescriptions.

as edward was quite new to the household, i only had one cat crate which i put gatsby into (he’s pretty large and there was no way they’d both fit. edward, tiny and black and sneezing, went into the reusable bag that i had received at a library opening the week before and while i got strange looks from the vet staff, he loves sitting in that bag to this day.

----- lauren michele 02.12.09 13:34

I used a red reusable bag for my dog’s halloween costume this year. He was a superhero and the bag turned out to be a brilliant cape!

----- Amanda R 02.12.09 13:52

Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve used my re-usable bags for anything terribly interesting. My cats LOVE them and as soon as I get my groceries out of them, they become cat beds for the evening (or until I re-claim them). I also have used them for giving Christmas gifts! Considering I don’t like wrapping paper because of it’s inability to be recycled, its nearly perfect! :D

----- Jacque 02.12.09 14:14

I actually have two weird things. First off, for a personal art project last year. I used a reusable bag to make several replicas of my arm, about 12 most with saran wrap tho. Secondly I made a cool mask for a mannequin in my art room. :]

----- Sean Monaghan 02.12.09 14:14

I used a reusable bag for awhile as a work bag, carrying my laptop, lab books, and papers.

----- Jim 02.12.09 14:17

leaves… don’t ask….

----- Courtney 02.12.09 14:19

The strangest thing I’ve ever used a reusable bag for would have to be kitten rescue. My girlfriend’s cat had kittens the mom ignored half of them so to keep the little guys alive we put them in the bag wrapped them in a towel and took them to the vet.

----- Jared Kaufman 02.12.09 14:20

40lbs of homemade galbi (korean bbq) marinade…it still smells like galbi!

----- Jen L. 02.12.09 14:30

Poor crafter that I am, I’ve cut up a reusable bag and made it into a plushie. Can’t promise I won’t do that again… (Well, maybe not with a Baggu.)

----- Vivien 02.12.09 14:59

Back when I was at UCSD, I used to climb down the cliff and spend most of my days doing homework and reading on Black’s Beach. One time, my friend and I saw a kid trying to fill a hole he had dug with water. His tiny bucket was really not doing the trick, so we decided to empty our reusable Trader Joe’s bag of the picnic we had brought, and filled it with seawater and helped the kid fill his fortress moat with water. It was silly, but fun, and we all had a good laugh at the end.

----- masa 02.12.09 15:42

as a bag holder for plastic bags.. that’s reusing them, right?

----- sarah 02.12.09 16:00

Probably the strangest thing was my best friends panties, enough said.

----- Michael 02.12.09 16:01

I teach English language in Spain and I like to show my students real objects to learn vocabulary so for example last week to teach about technology I loaded my Baggu with a mouse, keyboard, usb-drive, dvd, iPod, headphones… My students loved the the class and the Baggu!

----- Fila11 02.12.09 16:03

i’ve used the bags for tons of things. most recently on a road trip to carry all my “stuff to do in the car” while others drove.

----- jenn B 02.12.09 16:09

When i was a kid my mother used these nylon reusable grocery bags. My sister and i on a rainy days would go out to our trampoline and pour dish soap on it. Then we would put the nylon reusable bags on our feet synch them to our ankles with elastics and slide and jump around making bubbles. It was the cooolest thing when we were kids, don’t know how safe it really was though… ha ha

----- Emilyb 02.12.09 16:10

Right now one of my bags is holding a battery charger, two batteries, a power saw, power drill, and light along a few hand tools and a set of bits. Mine have also carried mulch and dog food and one always has a sewing or knitting project housed in it.

----- Nik 02.12.09 16:13

a huge pan of unbaked dessert (baklava) to a friends house to be put into the oven. dinner was good that night =)

----- karin x 02.12.09 16:15

I’ve used a black plastic bag from the liquor store… first it held my beer, then my wallet and keys, later it kept me dry walking across a rainy parking lot.

----- Diana 02.12.09 16:24

dude everything to carry books, groceries, and once a makeshift kite thing when i was bored

----- Winnie Lam 02.12.09 16:53

I used my reusable bag to collect rocks down by the creek that I wanted to paint stuff on and put back down by the creek. The bag carried the rocks both ways. I like imagining what people think when they see a rock painted like a frog in the middle of nowhere…

----- Terrie 02.12.09 17:05

Baggu is my favorite company of all time. I have 3 Baggus and a Duck Bag already, but I’d love more more more!! The strangest thing I’ve put in my Baggu so far is a bunch of unpackaged raspberries from the Farmers Market. They stained my baggu! I had to wash it immediately. Luckily it’s machine washable!

----- Meg 02.12.09 17:23

I not only use reusable bags when I buy stuff, but also to haul stuff around! One of the weirdest things I’ve used one for is to help re-organize / relocate my wig collection. I have about 16-20 wigs. Yeah, I’m that cool.

----- Kristi ST 02.12.09 17:41

i love baggu

The strangest thing I’ve done. I use them as gift bags instead of the paper ones :) a lot more useful and will actually be re-used!!

----- ashley 02.12.09 18:10

i’ve used a reusable bag as a parachute like device… not a good idea.

----- Collin Banko 02.12.09 18:27

a few months back my boyfriend and i were living at his parents house and just HAD to get out of there and one night a room opened up at a friends house. so completely box-less we whipped out all of the re-usable bags we owned, and we were able to packed up everything!

----- erica 02.12.09 18:34

The strangest thing would have to be putting my baggu over my head and tying it to protect my hair in a rainstorm. It never rains in San Diego, so I wasn’t prepared, but I always have my baggu with me.

----- Desi 02.12.09 18:40

Hair. I went to the hair salon to donate to locks of love. They cut of the 10 inches or so and they didn’t have a bag. So I pulled one out of my purse and we put the hair in it until I mailed it out. I did have to give it a good shake when it was all said and done, but the bag worked great.

----- Valerie 02.12.09 19:07

the most unusual thing I’ve used a reusable bag for? I reused a reusable bag to make another bag. I cut the hole out and because it was so large I made it into a little change purse.

----- Lauren 02.12.09 19:12

While waiting for my delayed flight in LaGuardia, I laid it flat on the leather seat beside me and used it as a pillowcase.

----- R. Quizon 02.12.09 19:14

While in Africa, I used one as a towel… then hat… the bag. All in one day

----- Jason P 02.12.09 19:23

Sewed donated blue and green bags together into a sphere and filled it w/helium to resemble a large earth, as part of an environmental awareness campaign.

----- Geoff 02.12.09 19:30

My friends and I went to a dollar store and bought $60 worth of toys, toiletries, mittens and socks and such, and stuffed it all into my giant reusable bag. We were packing Operation Christmas Child boxes for Samaritan’s Purse, an International Relief organization that brings shoe boxes packed with gifts to children in need around the world. It always feels really strange spending THAT much at a dollar store. :)

----- Jen 02.12.09 20:00

The strangest thing I used a reusable bag for is quite embarrassing. When I was in college getting ready for a party, I ran out of socks like a typical college dormer would. So I scrunched up two plastic bags and cut off some pieces because it lumped up too big and stuffed my bra with them.

----- Scarlet 02.12.09 21:24

Dear lord I love these bags. I take them with me everywhere and use them constantly, especially the farmers market. I recommend them to everyone who asks, and people always ask when I take them out of their little pouches.

Probably the strangest thing my bags have held is the frozen blueberry & beef sausages I carried all the way home from the farmers market. They were delicious.

----- Lauren 02.12.09 21:57

OMG I loveee these bags. One of the strangest things I did with my reusable bag is to use it to cover my butt up when I sat on bird poop or when I got a stain there…since the bag I had has a very long shoulder strap, it works perfectly! haha

----- Joyce Tse 02.12.09 22:09

The strangest thing you’ve used a reusable bag as a luggage on my way back from Hawaii because my luggages ripped on my way to the check in, and i had to duck tape it too.

----- Emily 02.12.09 22:12

a couple of months ago, after the sun had set and the temperature dropped, i rode my bicycle to the humane society a couple of miles away just to look at the kittens. i fell in love with a little one, now named linus, and ended up adopting him. fortunately i have a basket on the front of my bike, but it was still dark and freezing outside and i had a decent trek home, but i had nothing to carry him in aside from the box they put him in and an oversized canvas grocery tote i had already in my basket. i ditched the bag, wrapped him up in the bag and rode him home. he slept in my basket the entire way home and we actually stopped at the grocery store a couple of blocks from my house where i proceeded to buy groceries and just walk my bike home with the groceries in the basket and him in my coat.

----- megan mcisaac 02.12.09 23:05

Just as a bag, unfortunately!

----- Joe Wasserman 02.12.09 23:10

I have used my reusable bags for almost everything. Best use? Probably to gift-wrap a bunch of other reusable bags to give to my -not very green- friend. She now uses them for shopping.. yay!

----- Andrea 03.12.09 00:35

the strangest thing i’ve put in my canvas shopping bag is probably children. specifically my two year old cousin Lily who insists on cramming her tiny body inside my bag and making me drag her around the floor. oh the joys of childhood.

----- Ana 03.12.09 03:22

Just a small quote for grocery last day, when I’ve said no to the plastic bag they offered me, the guy looked at my Baggu and said “Merci pour la planète” (“Thank you in the name of planet earth”). It was like a scream from the deep of the heart; I found this quite moving.

Balthazar still from Paris ; )

----- Balthazar 03.12.09 05:50

I use my re-usable Trader Joe’s shopping bag to store my vintage collection of paper Trader Joe’s shopping bags - in my trunk of course.

----- Ray Saunders 03.12.09 06:11

I have very limited storage space, so I use reusable bags to store various clothing articles (delicates and such) for my closet. This way I keep things organized, green for socks, blue for underwear, polka-dotted for bras—and I have a few of each type. They compact nicely into a box in my closet and I can tell from far away which bag is which, which = A+++.

I also keep a reusable bag of clothing in my car in case of disasters. I work for a disaster response agency and I need to be able to change into “disaster” clothing in case of anything from a single family fire to a larger wild fire/flood. You don’t want to have to respond in a pair of work-appropriate shoes, let me tell you that. *g*

----- Samantha 03.12.09 07:29

I use reusable bags every day at my job (I work at a local grocery store), but I don’t have one of my own, even though I like to think of myself as environmentally conscious. I even made a poster for my work reminding people to go get their reusable bags from their cars. I have seen people use boxes, old backpacks, strollers, old paper bags, and bicycle saddle bags to tote their groceries home in.

In terms of my own personal use, I once borrowed one of my mom’s reusable bags to carry the contents of my desk from my parent’s house to my new apartment.

----- Megan 03.12.09 09:20

Parachutes for GI Joes. I was easily entertained. :)

----- deep dutta 03.12.09 09:28

dog poo…I know, I know gross! I was walking the dog and forgot a plastic bag. That’s why they’re washable right?!

----- lauren 03.12.09 10:40

a grow your own unicorn toy. had it in this bag i used quite frequently for about 2 months before i remembered to take it out.

----- Julie_Gong 03.12.09 10:48

I get the strangest looks using my bags at Costco, but the strangest thing I’ve used a bag for is a shopping basket while browsing parking lot sample sales.

----- somerset 03.12.09 11:06

I had to use a reusable bag to cover myself, go into starbucks and get a free coffee without paying and wasn’t allowed to leave until that happened. Thank goodness for the reusable bag because I was there for atleast 15 minutes before they gave me a latte for free. -tys

----- tyson faa 03.12.09 11:50

I haven’t used a reusable bag for many strange things, but at a farmer’s market I went to this summer I had the hardest time convincing vendors to just put my produce in the reusable bag. Every single one insisted on putting it in their plastic bag first and then in my bag.

----- Sarah B. 03.12.09 12:27

I crocheted some plastic grocery sacks (reusable for many things) into a more sturdy reusable bag that my partner now uses for carrying around his disc-golf discs.

----- Jamie 03.12.09 12:38

I’ve been using a canvas bag to schlepp my sewing machine to and from school. Probably not doing my shoulders and good, but it works : )

----- Lesley 03.12.09 12:56

i use my reusable bag to cart around my xbox to and from my friends’ house. they got the big TV, we got the xbox - match made in heaven.

----- Stephanie Mitchell 03.12.09 13:47

We use the bags for moving large amounts of coins from one area to another in our stores.

----- Christina 03.12.09 14:06

We use them as overnight bags for the kiddos:) Not very unusual, but definitely multi-purpose:) Lovely prize!! Thanks!
christinbanda at yahoo dot com

----- Christin 03.12.09 14:59

I’ve used mine as the airport checked luggage overflow bag (sir, your suitcase is 52 pounds). So I loaded up the Baggu with socks and undies and checked it in my overhead bin.

----- Micah 03.12.09 15:17

This is not quite strange but definitely useful. I use them to separate and sort my different sewing and embroidery projects. That way everything stays neat and together and I never have to worry about someone throwing away what may look to them like scraps of fabric.

----- Kim D 03.12.09 15:39

Back when I worked as an editor for a big publishing company, I once had to lug home from a conference $20,000 worth of book order forms (including customer credit card numbers!) I’ve never clung so tightly to a bag in my life! If only there had been a big dollar sign printed on the bag, I could have gone all out and pretended to be a bank robber.

----- Erin 03.12.09 15:41

a live duck that barely survived a dog attack and soon after, a dead duck.

----- allison 03.12.09 15:51

I used to store my chinese diet pills in a reusable bag and hang it on my closet door for 2 years, then one morning i told myself to stop using plastic bag when going grocery shopping, then I dumped all the bottles out (30 of them) and started using it as it’s supposed to be used and re-used. I was happy, and I’m still using it ^_^

----- Chau Nguyen 03.12.09 16:46

i use reusable bags for traveling one for underwear, one for socks, etc. then i merge them and use an empty one to separate dirty clothes on the trip home

----- Jenn B 03.12.09 18:32

The strangest thing I’ve placed in a reusable bag would be my mom’s poo. I had to take a sample up to the lab to test for C.Diff. She wrapped the speciman in a plastic bag, then I placed it in my reusable bag with an ice pack.

----- Christine M 03.12.09 19:24

I’ve used a reusable bag to hold a hamster… I had to sneak a pet into a dorm so I gingerly placed it in a box, and that in a Baggu actually…

----- Diana 03.12.09 19:37

i’m using reusable bag usually for rainy days. my reusable bags are made from waterproof material. it doesn’t matter what kind of bag i wear as long as i bring my reusable bag with me, i just covered my bag with my reusable bag, tied it up, and voilaaaa! no more wet wet wet case!

----- dara 03.12.09 20:11

Four puppies a bottle of rose’ and half a Tuna sandwich. All were delivered safely, washed down the rest of my lunch with a not so cold glass of wine.

----- Matthew Ready 03.12.09 23:23

I really like these bags. I’ve been racking my brain and can not come up with anything odd or unusual. People often look at me funny when I wipe out my bags. I use them everything including most of the ones mentioned already: carrying laundry, paper, lunch, travel, groceries, school/library books, etc. I did fill one with stew one time but that an accident.

----- Junebug 03.12.09 23:41

Gladly it was NOT a reusable bag……..One new year’s eve my boyfriend got so drunk he couldn’t stop throwing up……..all the sober people (or slightly sober) wanted to keep on having fun instead of holding his head….so we used the handles of non reusable plastic bag to put around his ears, and every time he leaned forward to puke the bag leaned forward as well and served its purpose!
Ears are great for holding bags:)

----- silvia 04.12.09 02:19

Good tidings! Yes, so where I live it rains very often and yet still I forget to take an umbrella with me all the time. In comes the baggu. A fantastic umbrella hat—- pull it over your head, hold hands, head dry!

----- Vanessa 04.12.09 05:47

One day my company had a party to celebrate moving to the top floor of the building, I was really broke plus drunk by then so I decided to steal the beers in the fridge. I managed to stuff as much as I can in my bag since the party was already ending. I got to the bottom floor and I was almost out of the door when one of the beers fell. Suddenly it smashed on the ground and rolled out of the bag, very embarrassing! The guards thought I fell since I was hunched running after it. But the good thing was none of my coworkers were there to see it.

----- Erwin John Labra 04.12.09 08:36

I’ve used reusable bags to hold a little of everything.
The strangest thing that comes to mind was transporting 10lbs. of cinnamon roll dough yet to be baked to a cinnamon roll bake off.

----- alison 04.12.09 08:42

I used reusable bags as luggage while bringing home baby #2. No prep time for second kid. Went in with what I had on and hubs grabbed what he could when it was time to come home.

----- Amy in Va 04.12.09 09:13

I don’t know if this is strange, but I often use them for dirty laundry when I travel. (Don’t worry, I wash them before I take them to the grocery store.)

----- rebecca 04.12.09 09:30

A wounded bird. I was taking my students on a field trip and they found a wounded bird. They insisted we take him to vet and all I had to hold the poor thing was my bag.

----- Rebecca 04.12.09 11:23

I have children, so I use bags for all sorts of strange things. Messy clothes, abandoned toys that they just *had* to bring along, half-eaten snacks…

----- Emily M. 04.12.09 12:00

I used it as a pillow.

----- Nir Tober 04.12.09 12:04

I used one for Mulch one time.

----- Stephen 04.12.09 13:06

I use a large reusable bag as a laundry bag — works amazingly. And of course I use reusable bags instead of a purse quite often (I have a bunch of non-descript reusable bags, i.e. without company logos and such. Oh and just bought a reusable cloth bag from a band I saw — new purse!)

----- Ellie 04.12.09 14:11

i used a reusable bag to a grocery store, with my mom.

----- adri 04.12.09 16:37

Once I used a reuseable bag for 1 pair of socks that I wore at a cold house for the evening…I just didn’t want the socks touching my nice purse!

----- Van 04.12.09 16:47

very cool bags…not really anything exciting, but I’ve used a bag for many many things including home redecorating..

----- jim 04.12.09 18:16

Great minds think alike - glad to see I’m not the only one who’s carried cats, played house, made clothes, or stored recycling in my bags. They’re also the best giftwrap ever. Bless the L.L. Bean canvas tote that started it all for me.

So my story. These days I’m living in Kathmandu, studying how kids learn emotion rules in Tibetan families. Black and red plastic bags clog up the KTM river, line the roads - I’ve seen kids tie them to string and fly them like kites. Not discounting the heartwarming ingenuity there, I always have an extra bag with me.*

For devout Buddhists, all books have qualities of *dharma*, spiritual knowledge. This means that they shouldn’t touch the ground, serve as coasters, prop up tables…. any of the typical spots you’d expect to see books in a grad student’s apartment. Special books get transported in beautiful silk wrappers to protect and honor them. It’s a truly beautiful idea.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, an incredibly well-read man with what amounts to a small private library. At the end of a long night of great conversation, he was kind enough to offer me the loan of several of his most treasured books. Thinking of the inside of my purse made me wince - crumpled tissues, biscuit crumbs - and my grocery bag (guilty-pleasure potato chips, ginger with the dirt still on) didn’t seem any better.

But Aha! There in the corner of my purse was my favorite bag, zebra-striped and still moderately clean. Books wrapped, the light of knowledge protected, all’s right with the world. Hehe. I guess my story is more esoteric than strange…

* Regardless of the competition, if the folks at Baggu ever need an on-the-ground contact for philanthropy encouraging reusable bag use in Nepal, just let me know!

----- Christine 04.12.09 20:17

as a helmet on a raining day

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:08

I’ve used a stack of cotton reusable grocery bags as a pillow when staying over at a friends house one time. He didn’t have a spare pillow so the bags were the next best thing.

----- Justin 04.12.09 21:56

Can’t say I’ve carried many strange things in a reusable bag. I’ve carried a lot of meals and many pairs of shoes in reusable bags…

----- Katie 04.12.09 23:29

my 18 month old! had to double bag of course but he wanted a cheap ride

----- xenia 05.12.09 00:01

Technically, I’ve used my best friend’s hat for a recyclable bag. I know it’s not a bag, but it did contain fruit, one onion, and a cheese stick. It was a recyclable hat.

----- Jessica 05.12.09 00:09

The strangest thing I’ve ever carried in my reusable bag is…other bags! I use a tote bag to carry all my reusable bags when I go shopping. ~J

----- Jessica P. 05.12.09 00:20

Some reusable bags from supermarkets abroad are resigned such beautifully with top notch material, I can resist to buy a few more for friends and relatives as gifts.

----- I Hsuan 05.12.09 06:06

Microphones, cables, effects pedals, audio interface, gaff tape…

----- Eileen 05.12.09 12:44

I can’t say that I’ve ever used a reusable bag for anything really, really strange, but my family, being a book-loving one, actually has a high reusable-bag turnover rate because we keep accidentally ripping them open with the weight of all the books we’re toting to and from the library.

----- Gabrielle 05.12.09 14:46

A stray cat that I found when I was walking to the grocery store. He was so cute I couldn’t just leave him there!

----- Alisoni Macaroni 05.12.09 16:25

I’ve used my Baggu bag to carry my dog in when i took him to the vet. by the way I used the Baby Baggu.

----- Rayleen P 05.12.09 17:20

My Baggu has transported some really awesome things in its time, but my cat wins hands down. Didn’t/don’t have a pet carrier, and she needed to get to the vet, so in she went for the ride of her life!

----- Nadia 05.12.09 18:27

My flip&tumble bag folds up into a ball that I like to toss around. Or just squeeze.

----- Jen 05.12.09 18:30

The strangest thing I’ve used a reusable bag for was to use it to protect my bottom from a wet bench after a rainy day.

----- Selina Wong 05.12.09 20:12

Weirdest thing…maybe not so weird, but definitely gross: dirty, sweaty clothes.

----- Michelle 05.12.09 20:23

They used to serve as GREAT beach bags back when I lived in Miami!

----- Jason 05.12.09 22:52

Can I vote?
Because I vote for the pig head and the Buddhist book guy.

Holds my school work, seemingly every single day of my life.

----- Kat Bird 05.12.09 23:20

I’ve used a bunch of reusable bags to buttress a glass tabletop that was laying angled in the trunk of a station wagon. :D

----- Justin 06.12.09 02:03

i used a bag to carry a rice cooker and some tom kha gai soup to school at midnight to rescue my poor classmates in studio from hunger and exhaustion! i

----- Mai-Chi 06.12.09 02:51

Sometimes I use them for carrying some packaging muck ups to show to my client.

----- Mar Lopez 06.12.09 04:55

trapping a mouse and transporting it out of my house.

----- Kailyn 06.12.09 07:32

Well seeing as basically all bags are reuseable, my Freight Baggage backpack’s strangest cargo was a combination of railroad spikes, an empty pizza box, rocks, a bottle of rum, sticks, a knit mounted deer head, and a mess of other junk that amounted to 50 pounds. It was for a Katamari-themed bike race here in Boston.

----- Heather 06.12.09 07:56

I’ve used a reusable bag as a hat to keep my head dry in a thunderstorm!

----- Robert W. 06.12.09 08:57

a bottle of fake blood, that i used for some scenes for filming. nobody got hurt. but the bag got stained.

----- Amy 06.12.09 09:53

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
i’ve buried my siblings pet hamster in a plastic bag.

----- Eliot Jay 06.12.09 13:02

Well reading the comments I couldn’t say I have carry strange things on my reusable bags. I only have used them for the common things, laundry, picnics, shopping, groceries, as a purse, to carry books, and lunch.

----- Alba R 06.12.09 14:29

I’ve always had a dresser but the house I’m renting now has a really small room that doesn’t allow for such a luxury. I use my reusable bag for holding single socks - my dryer or my german shepherd always eat at least 1 sock in every wash…so I have an entire reusable bag full of socks without pairs.

It’s so emo.

----- Eric 06.12.09 14:55

Somewhat similar to the cat lovers, my big reusable bag acts acts as a dog carrier among many other doggy uses.
When my dog was very small, a reusable bag lined with his blanket became an impromptu kennel. Now that he’s older, I take a particular reusable bag with me when I run errands on foot with him. When I need to go into a shop, the library, etc, that does not allow pets, I stop and my dog calmly climbs into the bag so I can carry him with the top partially zipped. He stays quiet as a mouse, with the exception of the occasional shnuffle. No one knows he’s in there and I don’t have to worry about him. The same bag also gets used to smuggle him into the college classroom I teach in. During finals, petting and playing with him is a great stress release for the students and he loves the attention. In fact, he likes it so much that he gets very excited anytime he sees me taking the bag out and tries to get into it if I put it on the floor.

----- Murban 06.12.09 15:05

Probably the time I went on vacation to Japan.

My sister threw up (many times, sadly) on the airplane, but we couldn’t figure out where to put the bags with the … vomit … so we just put them all in a reusable bag. We then took the reusable bag (with all the bags with the vomit) to the airport. Luckily, the bags with the vomit didn’t leak, so we just threw those away (and kept the reusable one).

----- Holly 06.12.09 15:18

Does kimchi from my Korean mistress’s mother count?

----- Ryan 06.12.09 15:44

Love Baggu, best of the reusable bags for sure.

----- Lindsay 06.12.09 16:29

After washing and hanging a couple of reusable bags outside to dry they ended up getting caught in a storm and collecting a good amount of rain fall. It was sort of a happy accident since the collected water was fed to some very grateful house plants. I was surprised that the bags did not leak at all.

----- Mason 06.12.09 19:28

The only two times I’ve used a reusable bag other than as a receptacle were as an umbrella/rain-shield and as a tourniquet. Both were pretty unusual, so pick whichever one you think is stranger.

----- Lisa 06.12.09 20:18

one time i had to safety pin two patterned baggu’s together to make a shirt when i was in a difficult situation. it turned better than i thought.

----- Autumn 07.12.09 00:45

I can’t say that my reusable bags have been used for anything out of the ordinary…I just use them for everything! My favorite use was when I wrapped a friends birthday gift in furoshiki style with an Envirosax bag.

----- ssdf 07.12.09 01:56

I have one which I bought after a concert of a german singer called finn. it has a drawing of him as a prince on it with the letters “The Best Low-Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own”. I love It so much that it´s my Handbag, Shoppingbag, Carry-Stuff-Bag, Laptop-Bag,… It looks already very used but still I keep on using it for everything. (might be a strange thing for people who rather use “normal” handbags)

----- lamarí 07.12.09 07:44

A picnic bas…bag. Holds a ton — including the blanket!

----- Pam Kautz 07.12.09 08:37

—a planter.

----- mly 07.12.09 08:59

I’ve used a reusable bag to eat food with. I had no eating utensils, napkins, and I didn’t want to touch my food with my bare hands.

----- Yesenia Espana 07.12.09 12:27

Antlers! I once went out in the forest with some friends looking for antlers that had been naturally shed. We found some! I was lucky enough to be able to take one home with me (in a reusable tote!)

----- Mikayla 07.12.09 14:16

a tourniquet on route to the ER.

----- Kristina 07.12.09 14:35

I once used a reusable bag to hide my new puppy from my boyfriend’s landlords. I had to get her up the stairs to his loft without anyone seeing…the bag was perfect!

----- Stephanie N. 07.12.09 14:36

Superhero capes for house cats!

----- Isabelle 07.12.09 14:45

Anything and everything, there is always one nearby.

----- josh 07.12.09 20:06

my baby with an overflowing diaper.

----- ceesay 07.12.09 20:34

Plastic heel molds, heel lacquer samples (for heels of women’s shoes), platform prototypes, insoles, outsole color swatches, leather snips, Italian crackers, bottle of water, mug for tea, instant starbucks & free clear rulers from the hardware/buckle factories in Italy all at the same time.

----- Nicole 07.12.09 20:44

I generally use my reusable shopping bags for boring groceries, but I do occasionally use one as a handbag. So I guess you could say the strangest thing I’ve carried in one is my life.

----- Nicola 08.12.09 03:08

I use a cotton bag for drying salad. Some arm spinning and there you go! Not to mention we dressed my girlfriend with reusable bags for a photoshoot once.

----- Nicolas 08.12.09 06:35

My reusable bag (from Wegman’s: worlds best grocery store) is my Water polo bag! It’s wonderful and I love my reusable bags!

----- Bailey 08.12.09 07:05

While baby-sitting, I used an oversized re-usable bag as a crib for my niece. My sister gets her to sleep by rocking her in her crib, so I hung the straps of a reusable bag apart from each other, and gently rocked her to sleep.

----- Andrew 08.12.09 07:27

I actually used a baggu bag to quite literally move fish from a drying out creek pool and helped them along down dream to the cove outlet. It held the water in just fine and the fish were safe and happy in transport!

----- Cyn 08.12.09 07:37

I use my reusable totes for carrying around my knitting project, which isn’t exactly a strange use but it works for me :)

----- Candice 08.12.09 08:46

Strangest use of bags - collecting non-reusable bags from my girlfriends father for use on dog droppings.

----- Wesley Hill 08.12.09 10:55

I’ve used reusable bags for lots and lots of baby food and of course diapers.

----- Christi 08.12.09 11:37

I use my reusable bag to store my breast pump, and I place the bag on my office desk and hide behind it during my pumping!

----- Yun 08.12.09 12:24

my 6 mo old. My baby bjorn was in the wash

----- eug 08.12.09 12:33

hat/umbrella. rome. don’t speak italian. frantic. tour guide. hillarious, resultant in inappropriate church laughing ;)

----- Holly 08.12.09 12:51

i use them to wrap gifts

----- jarin 08.12.09 13:00

Why…of course a dog poo picker-upper. I was desperate! :)

----- Erin 08.12.09 13:54

strangest? or perhaps most inopportune? I’ve used it to pick up dog doo. Okay, so I didn’t keep it after that. thus, I need a new one.

----- Terri 08.12.09 14:58

This will probably make you yawn, but the strangest thing I’ve used my reusable bag is to store yarn.

----- Patricia 08.12.09 17:00

sand! to remember the beach….

----- carissamae 08.12.09 18:30

I used my huge reusable bag every day to bring my assignments, laptop, clothes sometimes. it seems I got all my things mix all together inside it, it’s weird and nasty. but what can I do? I rather used it even do it mess and heavy than make a lot of junk plastic bags.

----- mariska 08.12.09 18:41

I use my green reusable bag to carry everything, clothes, my sheesha pipe, left overs for lunch, mail, stationary, my journal, my keys, mobile phone chargers…

----- Candice Basson 09.12.09 00:32

An Helemt

----- John Norman 09.12.09 04:59

I use my reusable bag to carry inside my bag. With no reason. Strange?

----- Laura 09.12.09 05:03

strangest…. well i use them for EVERYTHING, but my favorite thing so far is for my shoes and music when i had to move out of my sisters!! They had precious cargo and i love them soooo mucho!

----- Quiriat Portuguez 09.12.09 06:50

A small tree!

----- Nicole H 09.12.09 07:21

As a last minute halloween costume. lame i know.

----- Andrew 09.12.09 07:31

Rain boots. Wet, dirty, heavy rain boots.

----- Kacia 09.12.09 08:04

caught a ghost with a bag. then sucked in the air to make sure the ghost would die when i burped it back up.

----- pablo 09.12.09 10:35

fetal pig heart carrier.

----- Sara Harmon 09.12.09 11:00

hmmm. I guess I’m boring, I mainly use my bags for groceries!

----- Jenni O 09.12.09 13:01

My cat uses one of my reusable bags as a bed. She refuses to sleep in the $30 cat bed we bought her and instead sleeps in the bag I received for free after buying too many schools of taiyaki (stop by Sweet Breams if you’re in San Mateo!).

----- Laura 09.12.09 14:03

I used a reusable bag two weeks ago to carry a plethora of sex toys, as i had just come from a passion party that a friend of mine had thrown, and i had the bag in the car. so i used it to carry my yummy goodies!

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:45

as a hairband, cause i love the pattern…

----- Diana C 09.12.09 15:00

My brother and I would use ruined reusable bags as overalls when we were wee little children. When the bags our aunts would used time and time again for many purposes started to wear away, we would cut two slits in the bottom and hop on in, and run around in little makeshift play overalls and slip into a world of imagination just as easily as we slipped into the bag overalls.

----- Zoe-theodora Kolonelos 09.12.09 15:12

This one time, I used a reusable bag to bandage my boyfriend’s wounds when our car broke down on the way back to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania. He was trying to change the tire but ended up scraping his finger on tire iron. He’s a baby, and we had no bandaids. So I had to use part of the reusable bag to make him feel better. As well as a kiss.

----- Anna 09.12.09 15:55

I used two bags, one on top of the other, as wrapping for a present! x

----- Sydney 09.12.09 16:30

I use a reusable bag to wrap my shoes up in within my luggage. That way they don’t dirty my clean clothes!

----- Lindsay 09.12.09 16:57

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