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Holiday Feature! Rocket World + Giveaway- 12.02.09

rocketworldmain.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to I Hsuan in Taipei!

Oh how i <3 Rocket World. But most NOTCOT readers should know that by now. Patrick Ma is definitely one of the guys to look up to when it comes to putting your passions first and finding a way to grow an amazing company pulling in all of them as diverse as they may be… from a military background to a love of toys and eye for fashion… add a great design sense, some business savvy, and an impeccable attention for detail… surround with a bunch of great people. And poof Rocket World and TAD Gear! SO i’m thrilled to show off this special photoshoot they’ve done for us to showcase their new jewelry pieces! As modeled by my favorite plushie bear, Titus. (I couldn’t resist, so snuck in a few picks of my Titus at the end of the post to share with you too!) Oh, and they too love you guys enough to want to giveaway some of their gorgeous new pieces…

The giveaway: Sterling Silver Mean T-Skull bead and Pineapple Grenade necklace. Details on the next page! rocketworldgive.jpg

Rocket World’s New Jewelry Modeled by Titus Plush
Feature & Images by Stephanie Inagaki


Our team at Rocket World believes that all humans have an inner fuzzy for things that are blindingly cute. Plush Titus, the first figure of our plush series is just that. But watch out! Many are fooled by his ultimate cuteness. If you ever cross the line and beat up on poor defenseless animals, he’ll come after you and take your skull as his prize. Titus might even rally up the IWG troops to kick some human butts … and some of the other mates aren’t as forgiving as Titus is.


From his history as a space crusader to riding vespas, going into combat and being James Bond, Titus is a jack of all trades. He has also been working hard in the studio, casting a new sterling silver jewelry line of Mean T-Skull beads and Pineapple Grenade necklaces.


Titus enjoys some of the fancier things in life and accessorizes with class. He suggests hanging the bead on some lanyard, in your dreadlocks, off your keychain or if you’ve got a crafty edge, you can make a bracelet out of several skulls.


Can you guess what he’ll be next? We’ll give you a hint: As leader of the Astro Krieg team, Titus has already been in space. However, at this coming San Diego Comic Con, Titus and his team will “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

p.s. Just had to share a few quick closeups with you of the incredibly soft and cuddly (yet potentially vicious. maybe.) Titus that Rocket World sent me! And with the awesome velcro, you can not only velcro his hands together, but if you had a bunch you could make them hold hands or make a chain of skulls too…. something to think about. And the belly button and tooth are a nice touch… titus.jpg


The giveaway: Sterling Silver Mean T-Skull bead and Pineapple Grenade necklace rocketworldgive.jpg For a chance to win ~ leave a comment sharing your biggest adventure of 2009! I’ll pick a winner on Dec 9th, 2009!

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180 Notes

Finding out I’m going to be a father!

----- Shawn Parkinson 02.12.09 16:13

My biggest adventure of 2009 was packing up a bag and leaving for spain to go try cooking school and a new sport in Ibiza, I plan on doing a big travel adventure every year, that will help me view the world with new eyes.

----- leila 02.12.09 16:14

I am working on a masters! I quit my old, steady, well paying and secure job, for a long term sub position at a school! It pays quite a bit less, it isn’t permanent but it was a great opportunity and being happy to get up in the morning and love what I do is worth more than anyone could ever pay me!
I’m not sure that is the biggest adventure…
…Or the one to come, the lady I am subing for comes back in two weeks so I’ll be sans job.
Here’s to adventure!

----- Gyna 02.12.09 16:18

My biggest adventure of 2009 was definitely moving cross-country. I moved from Detroit to Omaha and left my friends and family behind in the process. Since then, I’ve been trying not to go crazy in isolation, which has been an adventure in and of itself. Also I’ve been baking. Lots of cookies.

Lots of cookies.

----- Jenny 02.12.09 16:37

I’m a student in a co-op program, which means I work every other four month period. 2009 brought two new work experiences in two new cities. It was a lot of hard work, but an INCREDIBLE adventure!

----- Jen 02.12.09 16:38

my biggest adventure this year was moving from PC to Mac :D

----- Colin 02.12.09 16:39

Packing up everything I own, putting it into a giant truck and moving 600 miles to Los Angeles…all without having a place to move into yet! Got a great loft in DTLA after 5 days and nonstop stress and searching. Scary stuff!

----- Justin Sullivan 02.12.09 16:47

My biggest adventure is moving across the country on my own. I grew up in a fairly small city and from the age of 10 I knew I wanted to grow up to be a chef. After completing high school and one year of college at the age of 19 I knew it was time to take the plunge and really pursue my dream. Within 3 months of deciding where to go I packed up everything I had and left to move to Arizona to go to Culinary school. The day before I left I took in my car for very minor repairs and when I got it back they had destroyed my transmission and the car was not worth repairing. On the way to Arizona it took 3 days in a cramped car with a very upset pet rabbit. I got to see many neat things on the way like in Amarillo Texas and the 70oz steak place. I also got to see many other famous places along rout 66 like The Blue Swallow motel. After all the days of driving but we had finally got there. The movers was scheduled to meet me the next day. The never called and wouldn’t pick up the phone. After days of calling the said it would be there the next day and that went on for the next week. After being 9 days late on the last day my family was there to help me unpack the movers finally came. Almost all of my boxes where completely smashed and a few things were damaged but I finally got everything put away. After that I had to go and buy a new car, after many days of looking in 110 degree heat and a really awful sunburn. As well as frequently getting lost with my GPS that liked to take me in the middle of the desert on a dirt road and telling me I have reached my destination. I had finally found a car. It ran awesome…… for the first few days. After it started having problem. I had taken it back to the dealer and after a few days I had called and they said they didn’t know yet. After a week they finally found out the problem and ordered the part. It took them another week to finally fix it. Sadly I did not get it back in time for school starting and was having to bum rides to school. But after everything it still was completely worth it and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It was a emotional roller-coaster that lasted over a month straight but I love where I am living and I love school and would most likely be the biggest adventure I have been on in my life.

----- Rachael E. 02.12.09 16:47

my biggest adventure was getting lost and the state park and then finding my way later at carlsbad, we were just scrawny teenagers in a new city.

----- Winnie Lam 02.12.09 16:49

The biggest adventure I had, had to be a reception of a wedding. It was downtown in a fancy apartment complex lounge on the top floor. Very New York-y for Wichita, KS. Obviously, there was alcohol involved and chaotic dancing around. Since it was on the top floor, a lot of people wanted to try to get on top of the roof and ventured out to the outdoor area to smoke and find the ladder/stairs up. I followed some people, but ended up not paying attention when they walked back inside and ended up choosing the wrong door to get back in. I ended up on another floor which was dark except for a few dim lights around. Since I was pretty drunk from all the champagne and wine, my eyesight wasn’t exactly straight. I looked around and saw caged fences all around in nooks of the floor. I wandered around the floor trying to figure out what was in there and how to get back to the party. Once some of my friends figured out I was missing, they called asking where I was. “I’m on some floor. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m pretty sure there are CAGED. PEOPLE. UP HERE. Come find me!!!” Once they found me, one of the guys who lived at the complex turned on the lights, and little did I know it just ended up being a storage unit. : )

----- Michelle A 02.12.09 16:50

My big adventure for 2009 was really pretty tame. After the past few years of scuba diving around Komodo Island, traveling for 5 weeks in China and white water rafting in Indonesia….all we managed for 2009 was a measly scuba diving experience in the local Texas lakes. Now, keep in mind, the visibility in a Texas lake is close to zero so its still an experience to dive in algae thick pea soup like lake conditions. But here is to hoping for something more elaborate for 2010!
I think I need the Pineapple Grenade necklace for inspiration!

----- Terrie 02.12.09 16:54

Sneaking into a casino and stealing all of its money from the underground vault with a team of robbers, sneaking in and out by pretending to be a swat team. All of this was to avenge an ex team member who stole the gold from a previous job in Italy in which he killed my father while we were celebrating the successful job.

----- Philip q 02.12.09 16:57

Lemme think… Went on holidays with my dad and one day he wasn’t feeling very well and fainted while he was standing up, so he kinda busted his mouth on the drop. I found him and had to drag him out to the restaurant close by (note that I’m 5ft and he’s quite taller than me) and then wait around with him while the dudes called an ambulance (he was awake and feeling fine then, just still bleeding from his mouth). And then i had the adventure of braving the hospital system and all it’s flaws…blah. It was a pretty wild night.

----- Beatriz 02.12.09 17:09

This year I went to jail for the first time in my prudish 27 years, lost my job…was at an all time low. Learned a ton from it and am now doing better than I ever have. R O L L E R Coaster!

----- Carla 02.12.09 17:10

I backpacked Europe! A few friends and I packed up our packs and took off for Munich. We stayed in hostels (when lucky) and in train stations/ on doorsteps (when not so lucky). But that doorstep night was worth it when we had front row seats to see the sun rise over the Mediterranean. It was a very adventuresome and exciting experience that I will always remember. I’ll also remember the fines from the Italian transportation people and the police arresting the man next to me in the train station, followed by the same police making fun of me for using the men’s room when the lady’s room was out of order. Oh, the stories!

----- Rachel 02.12.09 17:10

Despite tough times we decided to buy a tiny piece of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and start planning to build our first home. Our 2 girls are SO excited - it means they can finally get a puppy :) Their joy and excitement makes all the stress and sacrifice of this process worthwhile.

----- Warren 02.12.09 17:16

My entire year has been an adventure! Certain circumstances caused me to leave school a year early and move back to my home-town in NC (Mostly living in friends’ dorms, to avoid having to stay with my parents.), where I started working for myself doing iPhone dev by contract. That in turn caused me to go to WWDC where I met a few people who I kept in contact with after the conference was over. One of those people offered me a full-time job in Texas. Now, I drove through the Texas panhandle once when I was very young, and that’s all I know about it; I don’t know anyone but the guy I met at WWDC in Texas. But, being young and impulsive I accepted the job and nearly-blindly drove to where I am now.

So, my year has covered college life, the real world, sneaking around security at a private Uni, both US coasts and the southern border.

----- Izzy 02.12.09 17:19

My biggest adventure of 2009 was graduating from my BA, moving my entire household to another country and starting my MA! *im gana think twice next time before i decide to change country :P* -but everything was an extremely fun adventureee-

----- Dafni 02.12.09 17:22

My college roommate was married this year. He was my roommate for 3 years and we had far too many stupid adventures in college, involving rock climbing, crazy mountain bike rides and road trips around the South-West. In college he was really shy with the ladies so I was happy when he announced the upcoming wedding, despite the fact that I’d have to fly from Hawaii to New Hampshire (HNL to O’hare is a really long leg, let me tell you) for five days of wedding mayhem. He anointed his senior cousin and myself as co-chairs of the chaos committee and with his other cousins, we got it done. Boy, was it painful. We were up to 0230 the night before the wedding; not engaged in some sort of bachelor party, but rather writing out the seating chart (yes Dave, you need a seating chart. Trust me on this one). On my way to the ceremony, with 125 pounds of melting ice in the trunk, he calls me up and says, “dude, I need a belt”. so off to the local K-Mart for a cheap black belt. The service was officiated by The Rev, who was the father of one of our other crazy college friends. So he and his wife, The Doc, flew out to NH and he officiated. Sadly, I didn’t get to hear the ceremony (evidently the Rev told some pee your pants funny stories about his son and Dave and myself) as I was helping the caterer (BBQ anyone?) carry the food into the tent. Wisely, I decided to spend that night at a hotel as his in-laws was spending the night and none of them had a full set of teeth and I could swear I heard banjo music playing!
Day after the wedding, I drove into Vermont at 85 MPH, listening to NASCAR on the radio (NASCAR is insane) and got to hang out with my cousins and decompress from the insanity.

----- Chris 02.12.09 17:23

Biggest adventure? Exploring Rome this past spring with a group of almost complete strangers and coming back to the states with new friends that I still keep in touch with now, freshman year in college.

----- Kim 02.12.09 17:27

Biggest adventure was becoming a new Dad. Sleep deprivation and being out of your comfort zones need military precision and organisation, neither of which I had but will work towards!

----- Raztus 02.12.09 17:30

i got so drunk i start singing and cumbaya, at the bar. and later that night i felt badly.

----- Luis Fornia 02.12.09 17:34

When I went hiking in a rain forest and camped out through the night.

----- Mr.Dingles 02.12.09 17:34

Falling in love!

----- Domi 02.12.09 17:34

biggest adventure… HMM! Let’s call it the ongoing adventure of trying to not work that 9-5; trying to not wake up everyday and do something for someone else, someone you neither know nor care about; trying to be happy and be happy trying to be happy! FOREVER! Ahem, yes, the ongoing neverending story adventure.

----- eddie yu 02.12.09 17:35

2009 brought many ups and downs, but the biggest adventure was falling in love - sadly with the wrong person! Damn, they’re cute but they’ll just break your heart. Those grenades could come in handy some day!

----- Anna 02.12.09 17:40

My biggest adventure of 2009 was make my student cry during their 1st day of design studio class

----- kvyong 02.12.09 17:42

Trying to live as a unemployable Architectural graduate

----- lindsey k 02.12.09 17:44

my biggest adventure of the year has been buying a house in the down economy and turning it into my own little slice of heaven… not there yet. Skull fanatic! Love their stuff!

----- Matt P 02.12.09 17:59

How can one state emphatically that they’ve had their biggest adventure of the year when the year has 29 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes to go? My biggest adventure of year might have yet to be…

----- Ben 02.12.09 18:14

My biggest adventure of 2009 is
Toronto —> Brussels —> Ghent —> Paris —> London —> Milan —> Parma —> Florence —> Venice —> Rome —> Toronto in 3 weeks. AWESOME!
Another big adventure is 170lbs —> 140lbs —> 170lbs from Dec 2008 —> Dec 2009 BOOOOOOOO~!

----- Andy Yu 02.12.09 18:18

I would have to say my biggest adventure this year was falling in love for the first time.What I initially thought would be a fling blossomed into the grandest thing that has ever happened to me. It’s still grand, even if he’s left me in California for Duke University. It’s really been a year long adventure. Our first anniversary will be this coming January.

----- Vy 02.12.09 18:20

Applying to grad school: The adventure that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. (Yeeeesssh)

----- Xue 02.12.09 18:23

My biggest adventure has been buying my first house with my wife. Lots of work, but really worth it.

----- Jeremy 02.12.09 18:25

I traveled to a prospect college in Rochester. RIT. YAY!!!

----- Collin Banko 02.12.09 18:30

My biggest adventure was that lindsay lohan made me crash my car. no seriously.
My biggest adventure was graduating college and moving to hollywood. I graduated in Graphic design form the university of Utah and then moved to hollywood. (huge change). but wait it gets better. I’m here my first week eager to see my first celebrity sighting. so im driving home and see paparazzi so i look over and see Lindsay lohan. (gross) But I couldnt stop staring at the train wreck that was in front of me. Little did i know the light had turned red in front of me and I was the only car still moving. ran into the back of another car. during the police report they were asking what happened. So I told them i hit the car because i was staring at lindsay lohan. they all laughed. I was a winner that night. Damn you lindsay lohan!

----- Nike Chapman 02.12.09 19:02

Biggest adventure of 09… Getting laid off of work, leaving West Palm Beach FL to move back to Charlotte NC with my parents again and dating a girl in New Mexico.

I’d say that’s a pretty big adventure. Oh did I mention starting a charity too… Yeah… 2009 = My year of many little/big adventures called LIFE

----- Jason P 02.12.09 19:21

My biggest adventure of the year was working at a gold mine in Costa Rica for the summer. The adventure involved giant millipedes, scorpions, weird cave insects, jungle off roading, underground mining, heavy equipment, and explosives. All the things you need to get the blood pumping!

----- Ryan 02.12.09 19:34

My wife and I bought a house… well not “A” house exactly. It’s the house she grew up in from the time she was born until she was 16 years old. It still has the playhouse and the oak pit BBQ her Dad built. We repainted almost every room, re-tiled the master bath, Built a chicken coup for 4 chickens then hosted 31 family members for Thanksgiving. Yes, we had Turkey, NOT Chicken. It’s been quite an adventure.

----- Ryan Jenkins 02.12.09 19:36

Biggest adventure of 2009. Fly to Chicago for my 30 bday; well almost. 1st of I hate flying. Take off is good plane going smoothly, then the attendant is coming down the aisle telling us that we are turning around. We all thought that it was due to the bad weather that we could see out the left of the plane. 5 mins later the pilot comes on the speaker and says that we are having serious plane issue and we’re turning around (not the right thing to say a#@hole). 5 mins later comes on again and says we are not going to make it back to our origin, so we are making an emergency landing. He drops the landing gear in the air which sounds like death and takes a nose dive to the ground. We begin to circle around for the next 30 mins (which I found out later, that he was dumping fuel), before we finally made our decent to the airport. After we landed, we saw the pilot and he was sweating bullets. Spent the night at a hotel, took a 4 hour train ride home the next day and picked up the car from the airport. Almost didn’t make it to 30. To this day we still have not gotten our money back for the flight. Never fly American Eagle!

----- Michael Kelly 02.12.09 19:37

My biggest adventure of 2009 was standing up for my beliefs in a protest for gay rights (I’m a supporter of gay marriage).

----- Libby 02.12.09 19:59

Starting a new career! Pretty exciting stuff…perhaps not traditional, Indiana Jones-style adventure, but for me it’s a big step forward!

----- Brian Peter 02.12.09 20:03

My Biggest adventure hasnt happened yet. (I got laid off earlier in the yera) But the best adventure of 2009 was going to a good friends wedding on the beach. It was Beautiful, amazing and very fun! That was definitely the highlight of 2009.

----- John G 02.12.09 20:10

My biggest adventure would have to have been when my partner sent me to fend for myself at our local fresh food market here in Melbourne, equipped only with a list and her lovely Catherine Manuell Desgin Market Trolley. What on earth is a Kipfler?

----- Matt Ryan 02.12.09 20:10

time spent in central america, freedom fighting guerrilla style with a deceptively innocuous looking bear. teeth were lost.

----- asha 02.12.09 20:39

I went on tour with my band! I was the only girl the whole tour and I had to prove that I could keep up with the boys. One month of staying up all night driving, exploring creepy haunted venues, meeting some of the craziest people (like the drug lord who gave us an insane vintage guitar because he didn’t know what it was), and of course rocking out on stage and showing that girls can do it just as good as (if not better than) guys can.

----- etaK 02.12.09 20:43

At dusk, my wife, a couple friends, my daughter and I were driving back to our campsite just outside Selous wildlife park in southern Tanzania. Snaking through the underbrush in our beat up Toyota Surf, we heard a gun shot and then a few minutes later came across a young male elephant laying in the road. We got out and it was bleeding from a neck wound. As we were standing next to it, two men stepped from the bushes. We jumped into the truck and quickly backtracked to the park headquarters a few miles away and rounded up a posse of 6 gun toting park rangers. When we returned, the men had disappeared, but the elephant remained and we spent the next few hours watching it die. It was the saddest moment in my life. That night, we woke in our tent to find two elephants standing just outside our window, watching over us.

Email me for a couple photos.

----- Cody Taggart 02.12.09 21:08

Definitely, going to NYC alone to see Fall Out Boy. I didn’t know the city at all, I’d spent pretty much all my money on my ticket and I’d never met a single one of the people I was meeting in person. I never do things like that. But I did it this time and I don’t regret it. I made some pretty good friends in those 24 hours.

----- Allie B. 02.12.09 21:12

just staying employed this year has been an insane adventure.

----- rich 02.12.09 21:39

I went from thinking that I was going to spend the rest of my life in the Los Angeles that I had lived in since childhood in April of ‘09 to packing up, getting rid of all my large possessions (bed, dresser, car, non-essential books), and moving to Vancouver, Canada to be with the boyfriend who is now my husband in May of ‘09.
Right now, every time we cross the border is an adventure. Hopefully next year I’ll have permanent residence status and will be on my way to becoming a Canadian citizen.

----- Lauren 02.12.09 21:41

My biggest adventure of 2009 would be..escaping this evil city of mine and go somewhere far far away!

----- Emily 02.12.09 21:57

Biggest adventure of 2009 that will always be remembered is my trip to LA. I went to compete in the big NACIVT tournament but left with so much more. Spent 1 week in LA with great teammates, great volleyball, loved the atmosphere/weather, loved the people and it was also the longest trip I have ever taken without family. I live in Toronto, Canada and went out there with intentions of finding a potential internship for my school internship component. I met 2 wonderful photographers who I can call my friends now. For me, the adventure hasn’t ended yet but has only just begun. I thought a week was long.. I’m going for 3 months… LA 2010 here I come… let’s see where this adventure will take me.

----- Rosanna U 02.12.09 21:58

Probably entering a back room in our legislature and going up a freight elevator into a huge warehouse.

----- Michael 02.12.09 22:09

My biggest adventure of 2009 was finally getting a Twitter account.

----- TonyKraken 02.12.09 22:27

in january of this year i silently decided to pack up a suitcase and a camera bag and purchase a train ticket from detroit to portland, oregon. i left without saying much to anyone, except that i was going to live in the west coast regardless of the fact that i didnt know anyone there and hadnt much of a plan. once i arrived in oregon i quickly went through thirty or so rolls of free film that various supporters mailed to me. quickly those thirty rolls became a hundred after living in thirteen different houses (couches, really) in a nine month period and embarking on various road trips through washington, oregon, and california respectfully. here i am now, sitting in my first bedroom in nine months with a kitten i adopted from the humane society, food stamps from the government, working a part time job and making photographs every day while i write about interesting things (and incredibly non interesting things) in my journal and keep myself busy until the next opportunity catches my eye (or at least until i can afford to develop all of this film.) it’s been an interesting year.

----- megan mcisaac 02.12.09 22:52

Drove 2250 miles from Chicago to Portland, OR with no job, no place to live… and I’m still here! My adventure is ongoing.

----- Joe Wasserman 02.12.09 23:10

Biggest adventure? Sorry, too busy working, but put me in the lottery for some fancy jewelry.

----- tudza 02.12.09 23:26

Mine would be travelling with a friend to Cambridge for a 3-day conference in March. We stayed for a week in UK, visited London, Cambridge and Leeds, took the Settle-Carlisle railway to visit northern Britain and saw some of the most beautiful countryside in the World. And one of the best thing is having my TAD EDC pack with me the whole journey!

----- I Hsuan 03.12.09 00:07

My biggest adventure was probably quitting my well paid job, leaving my workfriends behind and trade it in for college. It is hard to pick up the schoolrythm again after working fulltime non stop for 2 years. But I am so glad I did it, I am learning soo much. So every day is a big adventure for me, cause every day I need to prove myself to reach my goal(s).

----- Meikei 03.12.09 00:18

My biggest adventure of this year was joining the Samaritans, a phone based volunteer helpline (UK) where we provide confidential and non-judgemental emotional support to people who are experiencing feelings of distress, despair, including those of which might lead to suicide.
I wanted to give something to the community whilst being empathetic and I felt this was the best way possible. My biggest challenge of all was learning how to listen without giving judgemental advice like you would do as a friend.
Whilst it seems like a heavy burden to shoulder, it is very rewarding and I have met hundreds of wonderful volunteers who give up their time and support me as a fellow Samaritan.

----- Kelly 03.12.09 00:25

Travelled to vietnam over summer break from college. It was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been in. While I was there I rode a moped through their ridiculous traffic and breathtaking scenery to an ancient temple site. It was the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken. Then I got lost on the return trip and had to find my way back to town with hand gestures and bad pronunciation. Took me a couple extra hours, but it was well worth it.

----- Kaeo 03.12.09 01:08

I went Erasmus to Granada, Spain! It was my first time living and studying abroad. I met people from all around the world, it was crazy. It is true what they say, it’s the best year of your life, inside me everything has changed. And I fell in love with a guy I met there, we’re planning to move in together as soon as we have a job.
Sadly, I’m suffering from EWS syndrome now :(

----- Chiara 03.12.09 03:27

Wearing my heart on my sleeve and going after the woman I love.

----- Jasper 03.12.09 04:09

My biggest adventure of 2009 would be rock jumping in Croatia! I never thought I could do it, but I really did it! It was amazing! Dubrovnik rules!

----- Camila F. 03.12.09 05:34

I got engaged, some say that is an adventure.

----- justin 03.12.09 05:58

Getting my Philadelphia school students scholarships to art school…I guess it’s their adventures to come, but I feel it, too.

----- MaryKate 03.12.09 05:59

My biggest adventure was a secret trip I took to Japan. My parents thought I was away for a week interviewing for a job, they had no idea i was 12,000 miles away enjoying fresh sushi!

----- Matt 03.12.09 06:11

My biggest adventure was facing my fear of the open ocean and taking a vacation cruise with friends, on arrival to Jamaica a taxi driver asked us if we wanted to take a raft down a river. Thinking is was a blow up raft I agreed only to find a “gondola” made from bamboo and a man named Vivienne with a stick of bamboo for his oar to guide us down the river. Vivienne fell off our raft shortly there after singing “everything is gonna be alright”, but all turned out well, and for all the hilarity, kept my mind off my phobia.

----- Danielle 03.12.09 06:19

2009 was a very tame year for me. I spent a lot of time indoors making art! But last week I went to Chicago for the first time ever to see my fiancee graduate from Navy boot camp. I got to see the Art Institute and wander the streets of a new city while anticipating my sweetie’s return to the South and our upcoming marriage which I suspect will be a great adventure indeed.

----- Betsy Ross 03.12.09 06:26

My boyfriend and I embarked on a crazy Northern Cali road trip to see the Redwoods-one day…7 hours in a car…one romantic picnic… tons of car games…and utter exhaustion-it was perfect!

----- Ally 03.12.09 06:30

My biggest adventure was my first group session of holotropic breathwork. I hadn’t participated any holotropic sessions before nor any group breathwork of any kind. And since it is a really powerful method to bring yourself into an altered state of mind, it was quite an adventure! I had read about it a lot and knew what to expect, but I was still amazed how intense it was. Basically we would lay down in a dark room with our eyes closed, specially chosen drum music pounding away, my partner (a very nice elderly man whom I had never met before) sitting next to me ready to support in any way needed; and just concentrate on breathing as fast and deep as you possibly can. The body and brain get to have much more oxygen and energy than they are used to. That awakens a powerful flow of energy, the healer inside in a way. I’m not going in the details right now, because it’s a really long story, but it was definitely one of the greatest experiences in my life. I did not travel as far in my mind as some of our group, who visited faraway galaxies or swam with the dolphins or relived their birth, but I learned sooo much about being human. Sitting for my partner afterwards and just watching the others breathing was also one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. People can get really really emotional when breathing. And later on sharing all our experiences and thoughts… It was just amazing, how open and sincere and loving we all were, and the fact how we all got answers to our problems from within ourselves… There was lots of difficulty and pain for some, we all came through it stronger and wiser. It was just the most powerful experience of how beautiful, wise and powerful we all are, truly divine in fact. And I am deeply thankful to the whole group. I’m just happy to share the experience and perhaps get someone interested in holotropic breathwork (it’s actually a scientific method invented by Stan Grof), but honestly - I wouldn’t mind having that cute scull bead hanging in my dreadlocks :D

----- Liisa 03.12.09 06:40

My biggest adventure of 2009 was getting married to the love of my life.

----- Alex 03.12.09 06:52

I went to the Philippines all by my lonesome to meet family I haven’t seen in 18 years (basically since I was 9 years old). Arriving at the airport was the hardest part of the adventure, when I couldn’t recognize a single face in a sea of tiny filipino people. After that, reconnecting with my family was easier than I thought.

----- annie 03.12.09 07:32

My biggest adventure of 2009 was changing my first dirty diaper ever. Now one might not think this is an “adventure” but let’s put this in perspective. I’ve somehow gotten away with not changing one in the 36 years of my existence. Additionally the “change” was for a 2.5 year old nephew who packs in a punch of an explosion. So yes, that was my biggest adventure and I’m happy to say I survived although I hope I don’t have to do it again anytime soon. ;)

----- tracy 03.12.09 07:41

It was Saturday 12 September 2009.

Myself and my girlfriend Natalie set out from our west-Paris hotel quite early on our first full day in the city and made our way to Montmartre. We took advantage of the warm, bright morning to go and take a wander around the (in)famous Montmartre cemetery and see the even-more (in)famous Moulin Rouge before deciding to make our way back into the centre of Paris.

We made our way to FAUCHON (a NOTCOT-inspired discovery) and after working up an appetite from admiring the incredible range of cakes and sandwiches on offer, treated ourselves to lunch to takeaway. From there, we strolled through the busy Saturday lunchtime avenues, making our way towards the river. We stopped by the Galeries Lafayette department store, admiring the incredible window display installations by the remarkable David Lynch. Another short walk, and we were at the bank of the Seine. We took a seat by some luxury yachts opposite the Eiffel Tower, basking in the warm sun and enjoying a most luxurious lunch, in the most romantic city in the world.

Our morning had been perfect; so I sealed the day so far by getting to one knee, pulling out the diamond ring I had had carefully hidden on me throughout the morning and asked Natalie if she would marry me…

She accepted. The biggest adventure of the year ended then and the biggest adventure of my life began.

----- James Pollard 03.12.09 07:47

My biggest adventure was driving in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We survived!

----- Stephanie F 03.12.09 08:03

This year has been an adventure for me. I lost forty five pounds and ran half a marathon. I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month, and this winter, I’m being promoted and have to move to a city where I don’t know anyone.

----- Brian 03.12.09 08:40

Biggest personal adventure… three of my college best friends and I reunited for our 10 year reunion together in Liberia, Africa. We went to visit 8 orphanages and spent 10 days serving, loving, crying and laughing with children! It was the adventure of my life! I had never been to an impoverished country and was moved beyond words!! We decided that it was important for all of us (we are now all fathers of young kids) to experience true servanthood so that we could better know how to serve our families and ultimately how to serve and give to those less fortunate. We are planning on returning to Liberia next summer and hopfully take our wives and families! Liberia was a country that embraced happiness and valued personal relationships. The children were filled with amazing joy although they had very little. I want my children to experience true joy (joy not from toys or movies).

----- Josh Phillips 03.12.09 08:49

Well, I bought this rocket kit for my little cousin for his birthday this last month, but it was just too cool to pass on, plus once I opened it I realized it was actually big enough for people to travel in, so I figured, “My rocket has finally arrived!” and started to build the thing. I finished by following the manual, but added some extensions and redid the interior to fit my daily lifestyle needs. I built a mini-ramp towards the back, a sewing room off to the side, and I sound proof music room behind the cockpit. Once my additions were finished, I fueled her up and got all the supplies ready for an extended trip into space. But something was missing, I needed a travel companion! I was sitting on a park bench pondering how I could avoid traveling alone, when this boy skated up to me and said “Hi! You don’t have a cigarette by any chance, do you?” Oh man, were my problems solved and adventures ready to begin. I invited him along in my new rocket ship and he obliged, grabbed his guitar and ukalailea and I my keyboard, our skateboards, and all the fabric I had and we jumped in. The countdown began and we left the atmosphere. Oh the things we’ve seen and the incredible beings we’ve shared space with! I’m writing you from the edge of the Milky Way, we’ve been exploring here for about a month, but we figure it’s time to check out other galaxies and raise another glass to a new place and new brothers! Even after all this, I feel like I’ve barely just begun! Cheers, Earth, Happy 2010!

----- Taylor K 03.12.09 09:02

Getting myself to SF to see a band whom I have admired and adored since high school. When the band appeared and started playing, I felt so liberated.
It’s been about a week and a half since the concert, and I can still feel the bass and drums thrumming through my feet.

Awesome stuff.

----- Andrea 03.12.09 09:58

Learning to deal with death unfortunately, a very intense and interesting adventure. ;)

----- Wolfie 03.12.09 10:06

My biggest adventure this year was meeting up and having a chance to travel around NYC with my favorite artist Yoskay Yamamoto.
I met Yoskay at LeBasse show [originally they’re a group of talented artists from LA] in NYC and how cool was that to see someone whom I admire his art so much. I suggested him to go to the Guggenheim museum on the next morning, which he liked it. Then we went to Starbucks, and a good Japanese ramen house at St. Marks - 8th street. He was friendly to me, and I felt honored too, because I would never hope to meet my favorite artist and talk to him in real life like that. He even did a sketch at the art show, which i still keep it as a part of the cool memory.
Also, it’s true that an adventure is only special when we are with the right people and feel good about it. Simple enough, good time!

----- Gui 03.12.09 10:45

Last year, I spent quite a long time researching the marble patterns and types that were used to create the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. I had never been there and the reference pictures provided could have been better. After months of hard work, we ended up creating something beautiful and extraordinary for a movie that we were working on.

This year, I actually went to the Memorial, which oddly seemed like I’d been there before. It was amazing to first be there in CG and then again in real life. I think I prefer the real life version better!

----- Drew 03.12.09 10:51

My biggest adventure this year started Jan 1 2009…I got engaged! We started planning a huge wedding w/ all of our frineds and family. Well, that got old realy quick so we dropped everything and headed to Las Vegas! Our falmily and close frineds joined us of course but I am so glad I didn’t fall into the bridezilla thing and go all out. Las Vegas we so much fun and I wouldn’t chage a thing!

----- Tami 03.12.09 10:54

Biggest adventure? Buying our first house. Starting searching in August, have been in escrow for 68 days (was supposed to be 45 days) and still aren’t certain if we’re getting the house or not. Difficult seller, issues with our realtor and lender, and slow reponses from everyone involved. Tenants weren’t given notice when they should have been to close as contracted, given extra time to find a place, and they still weren’t ready to leave when the fumegation company showed up! I wish they’d justgased them out ;-)

If all goes well, or even halfway decently, maybe we’ll have a house next Friday. Or will cancel the sale and try again next year :-|

----- somerset 03.12.09 11:02

I’m biggest adventure this year would have to be my new job. I got laid off at Christmas of last year. I was angry at first, but in the end it opened a new door in my life. I found a better job with much nicer people. Life is grand!

----- @JustinRampage 03.12.09 11:53

My biggest adventure this year began when I lost my apartment on Halloween. I have been rambling ever since. So many good people and several new friends.

----- Vincent 03.12.09 12:01

i joined a band fronted by two aliens from a far off star who have been visiting earth for the last 6,000 years.
in their studies of earth they learned that music and dance is a good way to get in touch with humans. that’s why they started a band that could help the people feel good and let go- when they are finished with their goal of spreading good vibes to at least 12 million earthlings they are allowed to finally go back home to their star- so it’s kind of a big deal.
they wear masks because they don’t want to frighten anyone with their vacant saucerlike, self-illuminating alien faces-it would be too distracting.
the aliens were living in new york city but now they live in berlin because there is a high concentration of other aliens there for them to mingle with.

----- ion kaiser 03.12.09 12:04

My biggest adventure was learning to ski! Sort of silly, but I’ve lived in the northeast my whole life and never learned because it seems scary. After a few lessons, I worked up the nerve to ski on a real mountain in Vermont. I fell a ton, and it was tough, but it was a lot of fun, too!

----- Jen T 03.12.09 12:09

My biggest adventure of 09’ was being a stay at home mom for the first time! But I still love miniature grenades & skulls & anything Rocket World! :)

----- Rachel 03.12.09 12:10

No big, exciting adventures for me this year, just small unusual ones, seeing the “non-historical DC”, having a severe sinus infection in vegas, and getting lost on the wrong side of chicago… just to name a few…

----- courtney 03.12.09 12:50

Biggest adventure of 2009: Putting together a costume for Halloween - The Middleman! I spent some time finding the Ike Jacket (which luckily came with pants, becuse it had to be tailored) on eBay. Oop - boss coming - I got a VERY cool futuristic shot gun laser thing @ Big Lots - $7!

----- mark s. inman 03.12.09 13:19

My biggest adventure is when I packed my back and say goodbye to my friends and family to be here in the united states. It was exciting moment but at the time it’s also the saddest moment too. The weather where I am from is really hot but here is snowing which I have never seen it before. I would say it is really exciting and is the biggest adventure for me :) I wish who ever reads this, have a great everyday and holiday :)

----- hawk p. 03.12.09 13:50

biggest adventure this 09: got married to a soldier, moved to Italy soon after, driving in the super small streets, with super crazy drivers, and eating my first FRENCH FRIES and SAUSAGE PIZZA!!!

----- Catherine Cruz 03.12.09 14:21

Graduating from college and trying to find a real job has to be my craziest adventure so far. Everything from cold calls, unemployment agencies, job finding websites, monster.com, to finally landing an interview and getting an internship. It’s not paid, but it’s the start of my adventure into the real world.

----- Vince 03.12.09 14:23

My biggest adventure this year has been house swapping in Paris with someone I have never met. My friend and I found someone online that wanted to visit New York the same time that we wanted to go to Paris. When we arrived, our Parisian swappie left us a bottle of wine and a note that said “Have a great stay in Paris.” Honestly, I couldn’t have had a better 1st Parisian experience. We had a great time, we didn’t have to pay for a hotel, the apartment we stayed at was awesome!

----- Sarah 03.12.09 14:50

working at a major car design studio!

----- Mike 03.12.09 15:40

I traveled to the Philippines for work and took a side trip to Palawan. I’d poo-poo’d the “beach vacation” because what would I do? There are only so many pictures to take! Then I discovered relaxing in the water. Awww yeah.

Immediately after I flew to Japan with the worst sunburn I have ever had. Carrying luggage up and down the one station without an escalator to the surface, running for trains (changing reservations at the last moment) and hopping from city to city was painful, heart-racing, and relaxing all at the same time. Nothing like a sunburn to slow you down. Nothing like worrying about missing a flight to speed you up. The craziness of Japanese cities helps, too! And winning my radioactive green pakupaku panda from the UFO machine!

----- Amy 03.12.09 16:26

My biggest adventure in 2009 happened this summer when a group of friends and I went backpacking for a weekend. The trail we follow changed elevation and scenery so often if felt like a new place the farther we walked. I sprained my ankle in the first four miles on the first day but I stuck it out for the rest of the weekend. I had to push myself to forget the pain and enjoy the sites which was an adventure in itself.

----- Dana 03.12.09 16:38

My biggest adventure of 2009……

Letting my jaded heart fall in love.

----- Libby 03.12.09 16:45

My biggest adventure of 2009 was when my friend natalie and i took an impromptu road trip in august from indianapolis to montreal canada to eat at a really nice restaurant called au pied de cochon. we left about 30lbs heavier

----- Amber K 03.12.09 18:33

My biggest adventure of 2009, being pulled on stage at a club by an 9 ft tall drag queen and shaking my money maker and taking off my shirt.

----- Hiroki Yanagihara 03.12.09 18:42

Biggest Adventure of the Year: being by my boyfriend’s side during the dreadful month of April. In one month, it’s insane how many bad things could happen to a great person. My boyfriend worked for a well-known retail store (not to be named) and was going on his 9th year of service. First week of April he was fired from his company for a complete bullsh*t reason. The very same evening, he rushed his cat to the emergency animal hospital. Where unfortunately, Ocean passed away (RIP sweet kitty). Thirdly, not even two weeks later, and the day before our trip to Las Vegas, at his airbrushing job an air compressor dropped and cut his achilles heel. This resulted into surgery and crutches for three monthes :( The adventure in all of this was being there for him and having everything work its way out together. :) I heard of notcot through him, and he loves this site, and I would plan on giving this prize to him! In his dispense, this post is for him. Thanks for hearing my story! -LC

----- LAUREN C 03.12.09 19:00

Going back to school!

----- Christina 03.12.09 19:27

he and i met almost 10 years ago, when we were in high school. he was a shy but friendly sophomore in milwaukee, wisconsin; i was a study in homeschooling in upstate new york. the chat room we met in was for snowboarders. we clicked right away and became fast friends. our long instant messenger conversations led to many sleepless nights. instant message dings gave way to sneaky, hushed telephone calls.

we grew up together. we never went more than a few weeks without talking, except when he fell off the grid. turns out he was in jail. we got in touch again. emails, phone calls - this guy is my best friend.

we had relationships with other people. some were serious, some were not. we kept tabs. there was a quiet understanding - love - but we never spoke of it.

there were chances to meet - he was flying to ny, i was visiting friends in chicago. we missed each other every time.

finally, almost 12 months ago, we met face to face for the first time. he bravely boarded a plane and flew to meet me in florida (i’ve moved a couple times since then!). he was to visit for 2-3 days - but he ended up skipping his return flight and extending the trip to 11 days total. two weeks later, i was visiting him in wisconsin. another visit - and in less than 2 months time, there was talk of him relocating to be closer. he made it happen - and now we are making a beautiful life together.

we really like pineapple grenades. :)

----- sarah 03.12.09 19:59

My biggest adventure of the year would be getting trapped in an attic between 0300-1230 hrs in an office building while installing covert audio and video devices. Someone decided to come to work while I was working. Honestly who comes into work at 0300 hrs? To make it worse, the attic was creaky so I could not move. It got up to 100 degrees by noon. Ever wonder if someone is in your attic while your working? Lesson learned, hydrate or die (and bring a bucket).

----- Joey 03.12.09 20:02

My wonderful wife and I now live on one income. Although at times it’s a challenge we devote ourselves to simply living and having enough to be happy with. We’re focusing on what’s really important in life!

----- Richard 03.12.09 20:41

I spent the summer interning in New York city! It was great. And a huge adventure for someone that has never lived in a big city.

----- Jessi 03.12.09 21:00

I bought a discount ticket to Guatemala and went backpacking.
I also reconnected with my family, who I had barely spoken to in 5 years. I feel so much more whole, being part of a family again after all this time.

----- Annalise 03.12.09 21:28

My biggest adventure would be accidentally applying for a job to Sugar Bowl instead of Snowbowl. I am a student at the University of Arizona and I heard about Snowbowl from a friend of mine. It’s a ski resort in Northern Arizona. Not thinking, I filled out an application for Sugar Bowl (near Lake Tahoe, CA) and actually got the job! I drove all the way up to Lake Tahoe by myself, not knowing what to expect or where I was going to stay! I got caught in the middle of a snow storm which caused traffic to stop for at least 2 hours. I was told that I must put on chains. (It’s quite tough doing this by yourself in the rain with no help!) It was dark by the time I arrived and I was so lost when I got near the area, so I stopped and asked for directions at a local bar. I seemed to have found the employee housing for the Ski Resort and asked if I could stay in one of the rooms for the night in order to catch my breath take a break from the full day of driving. I proceeded to live at this housing for the next few months and work at a ski resort! My camera was stolen so all pictures are gone, but I have many fun memories and adventures in my head!

----- Robyn 03.12.09 22:05

I’m getting married!! :D

----- Mike Hua 04.12.09 07:25

my biggest adventure of 2009 hasn’t happened yet! just after christmas i’m going to ireland for a couple weeks to visit a friend and explore a country i’ve never been to before! it’s my first trip i’ve taken by myself, ever. should be an awesome way to spend my winter break off from school.

----- Ashley 04.12.09 08:20

I had pretty much the rest of my life planned out, until I got kicked out of graphic design school this year. Now, my entire future looks like an adventure. Scary and uncertain, but still: an adventure.

----- Maria 04.12.09 09:41

Free trip to Bogota for a week! Compliments of JetBlue. Was absolutely amazing - I def recommend every makes time to visit Colombia!

----- William 04.12.09 09:47

my biggest adventure in 2009 is the starting of my newest passion…photoshop

----- Jason 04.12.09 10:09

my biggest adventure was leaving the love of my life.

----- nami 04.12.09 10:42

It was the middle of winter’s chill when I heard the hallowed cry of the shadowy mountains, beckoning me to brave the icy winds and venture forth to their snowy peaks!! I reached, grabbed my pak - full with the items I deemed necessary for such a trek!! I trenched, trudged, tracked and PREVAILED!! Climbing stealthily to the top, my quest could not be thwarted. I was a tiger! And the mountain was my dragon. Defeated, the dragon bowed down its mighty head and allowed for my reign!


I wake up at my desk. It’s 11:30am and I’m day-dreaming again. If it were real, it would have been the best adventure ever.

----- HeatHeat 04.12.09 10:43

My BIGGEST adventure of 2009 consists of my boyfriend leaving for college in Chicago. While I stayed here, in Franklin, TN, a lonely woman.

We Skype a lot though. That was an adventure.


----- Angela Conners 04.12.09 11:14

My biggest adventure so far is living $30.00 a day interning. It’s been months since slaving for one of the world’s leading advertising agency, it keeps me on my toes everyday. Living in New York is very expensive but I’ve come up with a plan that makes it work. I’ve shared a room with a bunk bed, cut my bills in half with my other roomates, buy less junk, and be congnizant about living sustainably. Also keep the optimism alive!

----- Erwin John Labra 04.12.09 11:31

My biggest adventure was packing up and taking off to go out of state for a sibling’s funeral. Needless to say, this year hasn’t been all that great or exciting. :(

----- CherylA 04.12.09 12:12

Oh 2009 was eventful. I have two. One adventure was trekking through Egypt with three of my buddies. Smoking shiisha, climbing over ruins, midnight desert bus rides under a billion stars… pyramids are scary, hot, and smelly inside. Sheer terror for a claustrophobe. Adventure number two was getting engaged in san francisco to the love of my life. Well I suppose that adventure is just beginning…

----- Lilly 04.12.09 13:35

Biggest adventure: finishing graduate school (in two weeks) / going to a crazy demo in Germany, standing 10 feet from the water hoses (yikes) / dancing naked on a rooftop terrace with blasting music.

----- Ellie 04.12.09 14:15

my biggest adventure is when i get a free training of entrepreneurship from a biggest company in Indonesia :D

----- adri 04.12.09 16:44

My son born at home unassisted into my arms.

----- Jim 04.12.09 16:47

My greatest adventure of 2009? Love…

----- Colby 04.12.09 17:54

biggest adventure was getting engaged….very worthwhile and exciting….

----- jim 04.12.09 18:14

Adventure!? Ha! I drove from my home to my work, returned a number of hours later, and spent my day looking out the window for splashes of color or listening for an interesting noise. I did read some good books.

----- Perry Holzknecht 04.12.09 19:04

every project is a biggest adventure!

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:06

My favorite adventure of 2009 was going to Vancouver, Canada with my family and friends. We went to the aquarium and shopped in the downtown area! Although it was only for 2 days, it was a fun 2 days trip!

----- Meili 04.12.09 21:15

My great adventure of 09 was getting through my last semester of college. ~J

----- Jessica P. 04.12.09 23:38

My great adventure of ‘09 was starting college. So far, it has been CRAZY and I absolutely love it. I miss my girlfriend and band at home, but apart from that, love every second of my time spent in college. It’s awesome. I know this probably isn’t as interesting as other adventures here, but it’s a big part of my life, and a whole new adventure for me. :)

----- David 05.12.09 07:26

I’m still in the middle of my biggest adventure. I was living in Puerto Rico and I got a promotion located in Washington DC. I had approximately 1 1/2 months to get stuff sorted out for the move, including shipping all my household goods and vehicle. I’ve packed up everything I own, which is all still in shipping and me and the dogs flew into DC with out being completely sure we even had a place to stay. I finally got in touch with the guy that was suppose to rent me a place to stay (during a layover) and got the code for the key box for the apartment. So now were here but still haven’t started my job, don’t have my vehicle or belongings yet and haven’t found a permanent home but I’m sure it’ll all work out :-)

----- Saeed 05.12.09 09:25

My biggest adventure of the year was my mom’s cancer. Fortunately, she beat it!

----- Phil 05.12.09 10:25

Biggest adventure? Definitely getting lost in Barcelona for most of the day, despite being mere blocks from our hotel! Speaking neither Spanish nor Catalan, we managed to get the best directions from a group of children through mime and interpreting facial expressions!

----- Amelia 05.12.09 15:27

greatest adventure was spending the week in labor and delivery ward and getting to deliver babies and see that the joy on the fathers face. Not so much on the moms face, because they are usually worn out by that point.

----- osa 05.12.09 18:23

2009 has been one giant adventure:
January was the start of my boyfriends deployment in Iraq after months and months of training; which for me meant moving for the 5th time in 4 years! After 10 lonely and long months, he made it back safe and we took off on the road trip of a life time! We didn’t plan anything in advance, just lived life day to day, minute to minute and spent a glorious 33 days all over the place! 10 national parks, 20 states, 9,000 miles and 2 oil changes, 7 bison traffic jam pileup in wyoming, 10,000 ft. mountain pass with no guard rail and a freak snow storm… countless and unforgettable memories!
And an added bonus, came home to find 3 acceptance letters for college in the mailbox!

----- Kate 05.12.09 18:26

i applied to college. quite the adventure if I do say so.

----- Collin 05.12.09 21:44

An Egyptian adventure with no iPhone to use! ;)

----- Justin 06.12.09 02:04

The biggest of adventure of 2009 occurred each and every day of the year when I woke up :)

----- Robert W. 06.12.09 08:59

I’ve been living with chronic back pain since Thanksgiving 2005, there’s a whole different story, and since I’ve tried everything imaginable to deal with the pain. It turned out to be Degenerative Disk Disease and year by year, MRI by MRI it continued to get worse. At the very start of this I decided I didn’t want to go through surgery. Everything you ever hear about spine surgery is always something turning out very bad.
Well anyway to try and shorten this story I finally decided to go talk to a surgeon, he told me I needed surgery. I didn’t like that answer so I kept trying other procedures that had a high risk of pain and a low risk of positive turnout. At this point my Doctor tells me there’s no options left, so I go get a second surgical opinion. Guess what, he says I need surgery. I like this guy better than the first plus he’s booked three months out, perfect, more time for me to back out. No pun intended. during the three months I try every other non conventional procedure anybody can come up with.
Now this may sound crazy at this point, but I was pretty sure that even after everything I went through I was going to cancel.
A month before the surgery I get hit by a car. Well now I start thinking surgery’s a good thing, especially after the latest MRI shows three ruptured collapsed disks. One level was so bad there wasn’t any disk left and my vertebrae is bone on bone. yep, time for surgery.
Well the surgery was about three months ago and now I’m slowly healing. So all in all my surgery is the most adventure I went through this year. I almost forgot to add that they go through the front to get to my back, my intestines, and anything else that got in the way was removed and set next to me wrapped in wet towels and I now have a 9” scar from just above my groin to a couple inches above my belly button.
Now maybe you can understand why I didn’t want surgery.

Thanks much for your time.

----- Russ McCabe 06.12.09 11:30

My greatest adventure of this year was overcoming depression without any help, being bullied every day… fortunately I am overcoming that. I also said goodbye to all my family to go and board at school in a different country. Those grenades would be useful sometimes!
Lots of love,
And Merry Christmas,
x x x

----- James 06.12.09 13:20

My biggest adventure of 2009 was a trip to the island of Crete in Greece for my honeymoon. A few things I learned while in Greece on my honeymoon:

1. Traffic lights and road lanes are mostly suggestions.
2. Yes, you should jump off that cliff into the ocean.
3. Homemade Raki “wine” is no joke!
4. Sarcasm is a global language…evidenced by your crazy inn-keeper.
5. A village with population 76 and amazing beaches is great for a honeymoon!

----- Eric 06.12.09 15:37

Returning from the beach I found, despite my warning of early return, that my wife had locked the house and gone shopping. With nothing to do I walked up to the roof, took out a book and just-purchased liter of beer, and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.

The beer finished, I went downstairs to see if she had come back. No. The doors still locked. Everything silent. Except for a curling of music through the bamboo forest. I followed this until I reached a senior citizen center, a small concrete building usually as quiet as my secured house, but today exploding with loud and happy old people. Some were running in and out with ingredients for cooking, others were sitting on benches eating squid and drinking soju, and the rest were spinning through the dust just outside the center.

As I walked past, the old man nearest me signaled I should sit down and join them. My Korean is poor, so I was hesitant, but the scene was so joyfully packed I knew there would be a sour knot of regret if I kept walking and was soon sitting next to him accepting glasses of soju and pinching raw squid to dip in the spicy pepper paste.

Fast forward. I’ve had five additional glasses of soju. A gentleman lifts the seat of his scooter and brings out a surprisingly decent bottle of scotch. I’m inside on the dance floor, grooving with old women to the Korean equivalent of Ricky Martin (this wasn’t as bad as it sounds). Just outside the day is hot and most life has become quiet and still, but inside everything is smiles and fireworks. Until…

One old man burns up into belligerence. Suddenly there’s screaming and a hand on my back pushing me towards the door and once in the sun it closes behind me.

I didn’t even check the locks when I got home. Straight to the roof, my earphones on, and I kept the dance going on my own. Unfortunately my wife was indeed home and, thinking I was still at the beach, growing very worried about the stamping on the roof. A few minutes later I saw some friends coming down the drive. I waved. They started laughing. The madman on the roof was only me.

----- Ryan 06.12.09 16:08

Learning to fly an airplane: I hate airports, but I will try anything once!

----- Emi 06.12.09 20:19

Going on a road trip for the first time with a girl friend.

----- Lesley 06.12.09 22:27

going to paris, and working with great guys from nouvelle vague. the studio, the making-the-record, walks on montmartre, nights in a great hotel. that was it!

----- ag 07.12.09 02:25

My biggest adventure of 2009 was getting engaged and married! It was very exciting!

----- Laura S 07.12.09 06:34

I had a big adventure this year… I call it my life detour! I went to NYC to enjoy the big city cause I’ve never been and always wanted to go since I was 5. I’m almost 20 now and found my love for shake shake there. Headed out to the Midwest to Chicago where to fulfill my life goal to see the Threadless store! After a lot of walking in the cold windy city I found it! I bought two shirts there before it hit the online store and got my threadless bag at last. Then after that I went to Argentina to to enjoy the weather (very nice) and culture. I wished I knew more people there to go party with though. Right after I went to Hawaii for some relaxation in the sun and beach. My friend needed some comfort so I flew out to Oahu to cheer him up and keep him company. Surprisingly there are a lot of Japanese people here… they mistaked me as Japanese a couple times. Then took a quick planned trip to Japan to see my friend. I finally had legit sushi and ramen!

Next? I don’t know yet but I can’t wait!

----- Khoa 07.12.09 07:02

My biggest adventure was moving in with roommates. It was really an eye opener. New Journey Jan 2010 moving in new apt with no roomies! Lesson Learned =]

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 07.12.09 08:41

My biggest adventure was when my husband and I went into the national forest to “reclaim” fallen Aspens. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to pick out some Aspens to make into candle holders. He was cool with the idea, so we looked around the forest and found a several wonderful fallen Aspens that the national park service had already cut into manageable logs. At the time, my husband and I weren’t sure if taking the wood would be “allowed”. We checked to make sure no one was watching us and ran the logs to our truck so no one would see. It was extremely silly, but an adventure at that!

----- Heather 07.12.09 08:46

Road trip to Iowa to witness my best friend’s *gay* wedding.

----- mly 07.12.09 08:55

What absolute novel and delightful gift ideas - I came across this as a “contest” - however find that your items are original and imaginative. Thanks for just being an original.

----- Penny Pickett 07.12.09 09:37

Biggest adventure… Meeting up with my best friend who I hadn’t seen in months and realizing that I was hanging out with someone who had become a complete stranger.

----- CL 07.12.09 09:49

Biggest adventure in 2009: Sand dollar hunting on the beach with my three year old girl. It was truly epic.

----- Russell Bongard 07.12.09 10:49

In 2009, My biggest adventure involved getting lost on the way to a bar called Montana West. The reason I was trying to get to a bar I’ve never been to that is approximately an hour and a half away from where I live? To ride a mechanical bull.

----- Jen 07.12.09 12:09

Leaving my job to work with my husband freelancing. So scary, but is a great adventure, every day!

----- Mikayla 07.12.09 14:14

*** Kudos to everyone’s comments these r frickin inspiring!*** My biggest adventure was having several real life dreams come true! It’s fantastic!

----- Chloe 07.12.09 14:24

My biggest adventure is going to seem a little bit bland, but it was my trip to San Francisco. It was filled with loads of toy shop touring, that included RocketWorld’s Headquarters! Patrick really is awesome and to win one of his new jewelry designs would be all types of great!

----- saki 07.12.09 18:33

Fighting the crowds of Chicago last weekend for a present for a friend. I won’t give all the details, about the American Girl Doll Store on the busiest weekend I have ever seen in the City, is not a good idea.

----- Josh 07.12.09 20:05

My biggest adventure this year has definitely been my engagement with uprising digital agency Signal Digital here in Copenhagen. Filled with constant challenge, change and emotion this was a big one for me.

----- Jesper Rasmussen 08.12.09 04:18

Buying my first home and taking on a new more challenging and demanding position at work all at the same time! But I also earlier in the year spent a few days in Rome wandering around and taking it all in. I guess it would depend on your definition of adventure.

----- Dana Kasten 08.12.09 07:13

Two words - Kidney stones. Oh boy was that an adventure.

----- Wesley Hill 08.12.09 10:50

I just had a new baby this year, and changing diapers are NOT the biggest adventure this year. My biggest adventure/challenge was learning to live with my newly moved in mother-in-law ….>_

----- Yun 08.12.09 12:20

new york city

----- jarin 08.12.09 12:56

My biggest adventure involved a trip to Vietnam - it was AMAZING!

----- Erin M 08.12.09 13:51

Well i live in Australia so my biggest adventure would have to be going over to facing island which is great for swimming but you have to get there first.we spent hours walking with eskys and bags, but when we made it it was worth it.we went swimming and slid down huge sand dunes.it was great but when we left we were burnt and in the Australian heat it wasn’t fun to sleep being burnt.

----- Monica 08.12.09 15:28

Biggest adventure, Had to of been being engaged. I’ve had weird dreams before my current girlfriend that i slowly figured out, and had weird dejavu. So with my proposal i made her a human heart at our spot. Which above me were ton of police and construction. So i had chances to get caught. But nothing went wrong, and i got in painted and left.

----- Sean Monaghan 08.12.09 18:05

my biggest adventure was my not-so-successful trip to pdx…crashed in mt and been recovering ever since!

----- carissamae 08.12.09 18:27

my super adventure was when I traveling around my dusty mess town alone with public transportations

----- mariska 08.12.09 18:35

My big adventure took two years. Got dream 6 figure commission, worked for almost a year on dream six figure commission, contractor declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay us for dream commission, I declared bankruptcy as a result. Wow, what an adventure. Looking forward to a wonderful and prosperous 2010.

----- Scott B 08.12.09 20:17

I am the offspring of refugees and the first generation of Cambodian Americans in my family. When I was 17 I joined the Marine Corps. I’m 4’10, 90lbs. I had to give back to the country that gave me life, freedom. When I was 20 I deployed to Iraq for 13 months, celebrated my 21st birthday in a tin can, caked in sand, clutching my rifle with my brothers and sisters.. best birthday ever.

----- Josie 08.12.09 21:16

I did a around the globe adventure in one afternoon with my finger (on a spinning globe in the office)

----- John Norman 09.12.09 04:58

i got a girlfriend and fell in love. i think that the best adventure ive been on yet!

----- pablo 09.12.09 10:36

I got lost in a book and found a bit of myself. Thank you book.

----- Caroline 09.12.09 11:20

the adventures are never scarce, never dull and never put aside. Adventure is daily activity. Adventure is what keeps the human mind healthy. The biggest adventure I have come face to face with this year, was traveling four hours north of the town I call home to reunite with a lovely lost lover of mine, she and I spent a night of adventure together. We welcomed two strangers into our world and spend hours venturing in the forest with them, climbing trees, laughing, laying in the grass, practicing the art of communication and touch. We all became the best of friends after watching the most exhilarating sunset any of us had ever been fortunate enough to feast our eyes on. Our night continued until it turned into our morning. we looked at everything, listened to everything and loved everything. The best adventures are often found in the simplest of things. A brief walk through the town can turn into anything and everything your mind is willing to explore.

----- zoe-theodora Kolonelos 09.12.09 15:30

This isn’t really an adventure, but I found it very exciting. I went to Boston to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. I was very hungry and craving french fries but none of the vendors had any left. I only had change in my purse and there was a Mexican vendor. Churros were for $2.50. But apparently the sign was long because it was eight churros for $3. I only had $2.50 in change. As in dimes and pennies and nickels. The vendor gave me ten churros for $2.50 and they were delicious. Best churros ever.

----- Anna 09.12.09 15:59

8 years ago a boy messaged me online to ask me about my website at the time. We started talking back and forth no romantic connection what so ever. Over the last year, I realized that I liked him and flew 3300 miles to meet this boy. We are disgustingly in love with each other and it has been a grueling adventure ever since. I’ve only met this man once.

----- Jenn 09.12.09 16:24

joining a hockey team!

----- c. dempsey 09.12.09 18:49

The biggest adventure of ‘09 must be the simpliest to others but grand for me. I started talking to a guy I was interested in. We were talking and I told him I have never rode a plane in my life. A month later he asks me if I want to go disneyland since I was going to roadtrip to socal soon. Instead, he tells me he’s taking me on a plane ride to socal and to disneyland. Now we’re together and planning a trip to Hawaii! SECOND PLANE RIDE!

----- TiffanyNgo 09.12.09 22:51

my biggest adventure of 2009? I designed and build my own yurt! Made completely from scrap wood and reusable materials. I also sewed a fabric cover for it, also out of reused materials. Then I lived in it, survivalist-style, in a desert for a week!

----- melaniezen 10.12.09 14:49

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