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Holiday Feature! Hard Graft + Giveaway- 12.01.09

hardgraftmain.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Julia in San Francisco!

Loving these holiday features, it’s been SO much fun to get a look into the worlds of some of NOTCOT’s favorite brands and designers this year. They’ve been awfully kind to pull together pictures and stories to share with us amidst the crazed holiday season, AND add giveaways too? All of these folks are pretty special to us! Today James over at Hard Graft gives us a visual peek into a Day in the Life of Hard Graft. I want their life! We couldn’t bear to tarnish the amazing pics they sent over with text ~ the pictures certainly speak for themselves, so take a look into their stunning austrian studio on the next page!

Also ~ today is the debut of their brand new X Sleeve + Add-On Pouch! Isn’t it stunning? Guess what? You can also WIN IT! They have one to giveaway to us! giveaway.jpg

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF HARD GRAFT Feature & Images by James Teal

























For the Giveaway, Hard Graft has generously offered us one of their brand new X Sleeve + Add On Pouch Combos! (The X Sleeve + Add-On Pouch. This will be a limited edition combination for the holiday season and will be available only up until Christmas.) giveaway.jpg So! For a chance to win, leave a comment with whether you name your devices ~ and if so, what you call them. (Laptop? Netbook? iPhone? Blackberry? Hero? Camera? ~ my macbookpro is NOTmbp) I’ll pick a winner on Dec 8, 2009!

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549 Notes

of course I name my electronics! My laptop is Roger, my iPod (before she died, poor thing) was Betty, my camera is Herman. I have yet to name my new cell phone though, I’m thinking of straying from the Roger Rabbit theme and calling it Daisy.

----- Jessie 01.12.09 14:17

iPhone: Mr. iPhone
He enjoys formalities.

MacBook Pro: Pinky
No, it doesn’t have a pink cover or Incase sleeve… it’s just a cute name.
“Oh, I have to go finish a report on Pinky.”
“Who is Pinky?”
“My MacBook Pro.”

iPod Classic: Just “iPod”
iPod doesn’t get love like back in the day before iPhones.

The Sartorial Architect aka Monique Monita

Oh, and if I had a camera his alias would probably be “voyeur” because it’s wrong.

----- The Sartorial Architect 01.12.09 14:24

hey, that is the perfect bag for my laptop, camera dan ipod, can i have this please…..*puppy eyes*

----- adri 01.12.09 14:27

I attach a box to my machine names: Mediabox, Workbox, Portabox.

----- Max B 01.12.09 14:28

I have been obsessed with the Hard Graft sleeves since the first time I saw them on NOTCOT—they are so beautiful! I pretty much drool every time I look at them.
I do name my devices, in a sense, although I mostly call them by petnames. My phone is always Roonil Wazlib, and I usually just call my Macbook “Baby”, because I’m very protective of it, although I think its real name is probably Agatha.

----- Liz 01.12.09 14:32

What a great giveaway! I call every one of my gadgets my babies…because they really are that precious to me!

----- Geek in Heels 01.12.09 14:34

I call my laptop Lappy :o)

Happy holidays!

----- Tommy Shih 01.12.09 14:34

My iMac = “Boss”
My MacBook Pro = “Travel 1”
My iPod Touch = “Alarm Clock” [original I know :)]

----- George 01.12.09 14:40

What is a piece of technology without a name?

Laptop is Simon (as in Alvin, Simon, Theodore - because Simon was the smarty pants). I-Pod is the “Musichole” because some things go in there and never find their way back out. Cell phone is Willie Mae, because I appreciate the contradiction. Wacom tablet is Frank. Just Frank.

These sleeves are beautiful, wonderful designs!

----- Sara 01.12.09 14:40

My Macbook Pro (the olde style) is called “MuhBuhPuh”, my iPhone is called “HiPhun” & my camera is “el Snappér” :)


----- George 01.12.09 14:40

iphone = Macberry

----- Jamie 01.12.09 14:42

Great giveaway, these sleeves are gorgeous! and I like to refer to my macbook pro as Nigel :)

----- Jessica 01.12.09 14:43

No names for our devices, but my wife would adore that gorgeous X Sleeve for her MacBook.

----- Ed 01.12.09 14:43

My laptop is called Laptopinator, my camera is called “SnappySnaps” & my iPhone is called “PicklePeeg” and my nano is called “JingleBox”…

Would love to win! :)

----- Charlie Knibbs 01.12.09 14:43

All my gadget’s are officially named Will’s -gadget name- such as Will’s iPhone, Will’s MacBook Pro, Will’s iPod.
Very simple but I hope I still get a chance to win the great HardGraft gear!

----- William 01.12.09 14:44

I call my iPhone the “handheld typo generator”, and my macbook air “tin toy”

Happy holidays!

----- Jamie S 01.12.09 14:46

my macbook is called Mack Bouquet, and it’s unprotected. I am afraid it will contract a communicable disease.
my moleskin is always in close proximity
my external hd
my iphone that i will now name Scratchy

----- Chris 01.12.09 14:46

Wow, okay this looks awesome. Lovely pictures, do they actually work there? Hope to have a job in a place like this one day…

Anyway: my iPhone is iFoo, my micro USB Stick is Minilicious and my ext. HDD for Time Machine is Zeitgeist.

Happy holidays everyone!

----- leo 01.12.09 14:47

My Compaq, Vista powered, laptop is simply called my “Piece of Sh*t.
My G1, Google phone, is known as my “Googy”.
And my happiness device, a.k.a. Puppy Dog, is known as Niko :]

----- Mark Anthony Lugo 01.12.09 14:53

I share a macbookpro with my husband and i’d say we named it ‘lucky’ by now. We’ve dropped it many times, I spilled water on it AND dried it w/ a hair dryer … sigh, that thing of beauty is a workhorse. And Our iPod touch is my husband’s ’ baby ’ ( other than me of course ! ) …

Happy Holidays!

----- Genie McChane 01.12.09 14:54

I name my devices, my ipod is named after a cockatoo my family had when I was a child, my phone is named after my favorite dog as a child, etc.

P.S. I love that girls sweater!

----- James 01.12.09 14:56

I usually name stuff.

For example my CD carrying bag is called the pouch, but as in a kangaroo pouch, we have a different term here. The gps pda is called the robot chick, even had a strange camera carrier I called the third tit :)) Also, my portable hard drive and its enclosure really look like a turtle so i call it the turtoise.

It’s fun giving your electronics names, makes you feel more attached to them, and therefore take more care of them

----- Adrian Tache 01.12.09 14:57

I love the sleeve of goodness! I want my stuff to get all felty
My laptop’s name is: Lüdwig
My iPhone’s name is: Fantom
My iPod’s name: Axel
My Wacom Tablet’s name is: Buddy… b/c it goes everywhere with me.


----- Philip 01.12.09 15:00

I don’t really name my devices, I do however drive a 1989 dodge caravan and her name is “Van-essa”

----- tyson faa 01.12.09 15:00

I call my Macbook Pro - Sheila, Apps-a-plenty or honey-a-go-go!

My ipod mini which is blue, is called - smooth blooz

----- Jonathan 01.12.09 15:01

ooh nice!

I have a 13” macbook (late 2008 aluminum unibody model) and I call my computer phatlewt. :]

----- jeff lin 01.12.09 15:04

Macbook Pro is called - Coop (from Hanging with Mr. Cooper)
iPhone changes name every time I have to reformat it - Gordon, Gordon II, Axel, Waffles
mmmmnnn waffles

old G4 iMac is called ‘Raffers’ cos it has that long craning neck like a giraffe

----- James 01.12.09 15:05

Funny enough this was a topic of discussion over at my blog yesterday. (http://thegirlblogger.com/2009/11/30/anthropomorphize-this/)

I named my car Betty and my bike Delilah, but my electronics are nameless… if I win this then they’ll have to be named to be worthy of the beautiful Hard Graft cases!

----- Adri 01.12.09 15:08

Um yes!

When my Macbook is good… I call her baby. When she is bad… we don’t speak

----- Jason 01.12.09 15:12

That side X band is money! Especially with the extra sleeve…

I usually refer to my MacBook as “My Man!”: think Denzel Washington in American Gangster. Sometimes he’s a friend, sometimes I’m not sure if I can trust him, and sometimes I want to subtly get the point across to him that I don’t like working with him and I just might off him in a public place if he’s not careful.

----- Ryan T 01.12.09 15:14

The Hero is called The Hero and the iTouch is called The Pod. It makes them unique but recognisable, sums up exactly what they do but doesn’t detract from what they are.

That is The Bag!

----- James Pollard 01.12.09 15:14

So my Mrs., bless her independant heart, has horded every birthday gift card, cash gift from Christmas’ past and loose change for the past 3 years. Why? Because she hates credit cards and wants to buy her own macbook and iPhone. These sleeves would be the best gift to help keep her new friends warm.

----- Alex 01.12.09 15:15

My computer is Bambi, that is it.

----- gilberto 01.12.09 15:17

My shiny new MacBook: Wyatt
My old computer: Nate
My replacement iPod: Tod II (first one was iPod Tod)
My hard drives: Isobel and Elise
My green iPod shuffle: Kermit

Oddly haven’t named my phone. We’ll see!

----- Ben 01.12.09 15:18

I don’t name devices. I call my MacBook “Mac.” I call my iPhone “iPhone.”
But my car has a name! Her name is Gertie :)

----- Masako 01.12.09 15:21

I named my computer Lovemachine. So naturally, when I got my iPod, I named it Lovebox.

----- apolicious 01.12.09 15:25

I call my macbook baby mac, while my boyfriend call his laptop grandpa pc. It’s so giant compared to my tiny computer and look ancient even though we bought it at the same time.

----- Renee Bradbeer 01.12.09 15:25

i call mine baby.

----- Desi 01.12.09 15:25

I’m not so original with most of my names:
Mr. Lappy - home laptop
Lappy 2.0 - work laptop
iBitch - iPhone that likes to misbehave
Ichapod - iPod

----- Tamara 01.12.09 15:26

My home computer is Liquid Gold (The OG), work computer is Liquid Gold the Younger, iPod 20GB is Liquid Gold’s Cousin and iPod nano is Liquid Gold’s Cousin Twice Removed. Oh, and my DSLR is Liquid Gold, Bitches. They’re a big, happy family.

----- Austin O. 01.12.09 15:28

My MacBook Pro is ‘Swiss Cheese’ and my IPhone is ‘baguette’: they go well together

----- Alex 01.12.09 15:28

My first Ipod was named Mallow because it looked like a home made marshmallow. Mallow was stolen, and replaced by a black one named BM (Burned Mallow). My music collection eventually outgrew BM, now I have a silver iPod classic called The Tin Man.

----- Julie 01.12.09 15:29

My iPod Touch is currently iPod Squeeze, but it used to be Muninn before a reformat. My MacBook is Huginn (Huginn and Muninn are a pair of Ravens that fly over the world and bring information to Odin - I’m a bit of a mythology nerd)

I have two hard drives on my PC - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They’re the only ones left from my Shakespeare naming phase, with my first iPod Classic being Yorick and Fortinbras for my old Mac Mini.

----- Michel McBride 01.12.09 15:30

I name them when i first get them and it asks you to. instead of “michelles computer” “michelles ipod” etc i name them things like Lilith(netbook), Dert(ipod), Tiny(Camera), and so on.

Usually in the end though i just end up gendering them, like when i get angry at my macbook i call it Mister in a stern voice. .. .think it was all those years of spanish and gendering inanimate objects.

----- Michelle 01.12.09 15:31

MacBook Pro: Duncan
Cell Phone: Don’t have a smart phone so I haven’t gotten around to naming it
Ipod Touch: Kenneth jr. (dead Creative Zen was Kenneth Sr.)
WD My Book: Enrique Martini
Memorex notebook drive: John McCalister

----- Max Suckle 01.12.09 15:31

The naming convention for my machines seems to be entirely based on whatever the first desktop background they get is.

To that order:

My MacBook Pro is named Paryus (which was the name of an illustration I did in college, which spent the longest time on the desktop)

The iMac I used when I started working was named Lego Death Star, due to its desktops of tilt-shift lego-starwars photos as its background.

My current machine is Captain Sunshine, thanks to a panoramic background from the Venture Bros.

My other tech follows a different naming convention.

For example, my Roomba is named Bertram, mostly because there is something really pleasing about yelling “DAMMIT BERTRAM!” at a confused/stuck little house robot.

Yeah, I’m not helping our plight against our future robot overlords.

----- Andrew S. Parnell 01.12.09 15:32

Oh I have names for just about all my fav devices. My Desktop is named Marduke. My iPod is GodPod. And every laptop I’ve ever owned is named Betty. Currently I’m on Betty v5.

----- Jacques Benter 01.12.09 15:36

i call my Imac “big mac”

----- margaux 01.12.09 15:38

I used to name my computers, but they all literally died suddenly. When I bought my MBP I decided not to name it: 1 year and 7 months, and still counting!

----- Manuela 01.12.09 15:38

my mac mini is minime :)

----- edgar 01.12.09 15:39

Wow! These sleeves are styling! My family of electronics… allow me to introduce my powermac - “ole trusty”… my iphone - “vida”… my work blackberry - “dingle-berry”… my first gen ipod mini - “broke!”… my sketch book - “king”….

----- Scott 01.12.09 15:43

Macbook pro: Nigel
Ipod: Cranston

----- Daniel Snyder 01.12.09 15:44

The Hard Graft cases are hotness incarnate. The case would look so good wrapped around “Harold” (my MacBook Pro) that it makes my fingers tingle thinking about it. He likes to be dressed in understated yet stylish cases such as this. I believe the side case would be a good fit for “Harold’s” girlfriend “Agatha” (my Amazon Kindle) keeping her safe and warm in the harsh DC climate. Then of course my Blackberry “Dingle” would get jealous and “Matilda” my IRobot Roomba would be positively green with envy and eventually want new covers of their own.. :-)

----- Saeed McClure 01.12.09 15:44

I called my 60GB 12” PowerBook “Lil Cutie” and my 120GB Rugged external HD “Lil Fattie.”

My new 15” MacbookPro? “Lil Homewrecker.”

----- Daisy 01.12.09 15:45

The only thing that really has a name is my MacBook Pro, which is called “Lifeline” :)

----- Brad 01.12.09 15:45

my ipod’s name is fred.

----- Ashley 01.12.09 15:46

I once had a WD Passport which lived in a mitten in the absence of a proper case. I named it MittenDrive. Though it has since lost its mitten, the name stuck.

My computer is named bubbles and my printer is named Pie. Not sure why on those two, except for that pie is delicious.

----- Tatiana 01.12.09 15:47

Can’t say that I’ve ever named a gadget. Though I do name my toes.

----- Tom 01.12.09 15:47

Love it.

My Macbook Pro is ‘Gorilla’. My iPhone has no name. I can’t name something so vital in my life.

----- Scott 01.12.09 15:48


1. Car - 2010 Corolla [http://fwd4.me/6ZX] It’s too pretty to be masculine, but not graceful enough to be feminine. Its name is therefore Metrosexual.

2. iPhone - Mr. Jeeves because it is always there and never disappoints.

3. iPod - Prom Date because yeah, you like them and you use them, but they rarely end up being your first choice (i.e. iPhone).

4. Laptop - Teal Toshiba named Mr. Dinosaur. Venerable and greenish in color… but oh so often its haunches are bigger than its peanut brains.

----- Jen 01.12.09 15:49

My Macbook is Ellsworth. My iPhone is Bahar.

----- Dobbs 01.12.09 15:50

For no apparent reason, I named my iPod the high-tech tape deck.
I didn’t think so much people gave names to their gadgets, might have to baptized my Macbook Pro and that lousy laser printer of mine just now!

----- Gabriel 01.12.09 15:51

Best sleeve I’ve seen so far. And I’ve been sleevin for years.

----- Ryan 01.12.09 15:51

Of course I name my devices. Each time I get a new laptop (once every few years) I pick a naming scheme from some piece of literature I’ve enjoyed recently for the computer and peripherals.

My last laptop was Wintermute (from Neuromancer, by William Gibson), with Sendai (iphone), Armitage (flash drive), and Straylight (digital camera).

My latest MBP is Encanis (from The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss), with Chronicler (external HD).

----- Zac 01.12.09 15:52

My Mackbook is called GNARNIA and my i-pod is called KARATE PUNCH.

----- adam romero 01.12.09 15:54

I have to be honest that I’ve never named my electronics. (Then again, my stuffed animals are generally named after their species: bear, dog, bunny… so it would be strange for me to start naming things suddenly.) I do have a particular attachment to my laptop, which has a smallish foam heart sticker on it as a result, and I’ve been feeling that my car needs a name, but no names for my inanimate objects as of yet.

----- C. 01.12.09 15:59

My Zune’s name is Saturnine, otherwise I don’t like naming inanimate objects other than plushies.

----- Jacalyn 01.12.09 16:00

My iPod is iPod.
My MacBook is Computer.

----- Zach 01.12.09 16:01

My most frequently used gadget name is my GPS - Emily - because she is the only gadget that talks back.

I call my iPhone “my girlfriend” because it calculates my tips at restaurants , like my flesh and blood girlfriend does.

I have two laptops - Macbook Pro for play, thinkpad for work. The thinkpad is the tank and the mbp is new, to be named after is well marked and made unique.

----- Raja Perumal 01.12.09 16:03

My home iMac is named Toro. It inherited it from my older white iMac, hence being named after the white cat from Doko Demo Issyo.

The work iMac is name Brody. I’m not entirely sure why. (The server is Zoidberg… something about face tentacles and networking).

I’ve never been inclined to name my iPods or iPhone though.

----- Nathan 01.12.09 16:03

I call my iphone hot stuff, because it kind of turns me on :)
Love this company, the product evolution has been great!

----- Samuel Schimek 01.12.09 16:04

my electronics are named after pg wodehouse characters.
mbp - mac side = the inimitable jeeves
mbp - pc side = bertie wooster
500gb external hard drive = empress of blandings
120gb external hard drive = sebastian beach
nano ipod = the honorable galahad threepwood
cell phone = bingo little

----- adrienne 01.12.09 16:05

I don’t name my gadgets but if I had to I would name my iPhone ‘Paul’. He kinda looks like a Paul.


----- John Bootle 01.12.09 16:05

BTW i love, love, LOVE felt.
I have two 17” macbookpros. One is the original core duo, and is used as my studio computer (it and paint are great friends). While they both bear the name mbpro, I name their hard drives. The first is Penelope, and the second is Einstein after my favorite scientist. Although, for a time, my network name on my newer mbpro was renamd from CLTMBPRO to CLITBOOKPRO b/c my roomie hacked my system prefs and found it hilarious. I found out a month later. (my initials are CLT)
I have an ipod 5th gen black named RAZPOM (for my love of rasberries and pomegranates), and an iphone 3G white 16G named RAZZZY.
I also have another HD named razpom; it’s my back-up drive on my G5 tower. The boot drive hasn’t been named yet as I just had to re-format it.
My external HD connected to the new mbpro is nicknamed Poindexter (which is actually a family name many generations back!). Plus I just love saying Poindexter.
My lovely Subaru bears the names UBARU as well as Rattle-KABOOM b/c I tend to get rocks stuck under my heatshield which are very very noisy.
Pretty much anything else I own gadget-wise bears shortened brand-like names. For instance, my 35mm Pentax Asahi Spotmatic F is just “the pentax”, but then again my DSLR Pentax K20D is the DIGIMONSTER.
And I like to call my xbox360 the “glorified DVD player”.

----- Charlotte Terry 01.12.09 16:08

i’d love some of this beautiful felt

macbookpro,iphone,ipod,shuffle,headphones,maudio field recorder.

----- amelia winger 01.12.09 16:08

My laptop. I adore her. I fear her. I need her. We are inseparable.

Her name is Stella.

I am the animal to her technical proficiency. I am filled with lust that she obey me, and yet, and yet she sometimes makes her owns rules, however modest, and I always humbly defer to her wishes.


----- Daniel 01.12.09 16:09

My newly custom-built top-of-the-line pc: The Dream Machine
My newly semi-retired 5-year-old former-top-of-the-line pc: Old Faithful
My iphone 3GS: iphone.
You don’t expect me to name every electronic device I have, do you?

----- Arthur 01.12.09 16:11

my mbp is my maccy
my phone is my handy
my headphones are my stöpsl

well, handy is simple..as in germany mobiles are called handy and stöpsl is my very own slang i think..

----- sebastian 01.12.09 16:13

Love the bag, felt is my favorite!

My iphone is called: The Brain
My MacBookPro 17” is called Jet, even though it doesn’t make sense-its so heavy.
My Nikon would be called Broken if it had a name.

----- Holland 01.12.09 16:14

Most of my tech objects are named after older women that I love. I’m listening to music on Maggie Smith at the moment, while typing on Betty White. Sadly, Dame Judy Dench was just sent back for a replacement but I’m sure Meryl Streep’s going to do fine in her stead.

----- Cameron Christopher 01.12.09 16:15

My iPod’s name was Lola. Tragically, she was kidnapped and never seen again.
I call my cell phone Charles.
I am hoping to buy a Macbook Pro for college and have already decided to name her Stella.If I don’t get a Mac then I’ll need to come up with another name for it.
My penchant for naming inanimate objects doesn’t stop with my devices! For example, I’ve named my stuffed animal narwhal Narwhallace.

----- Vy 01.12.09 16:16

I have had a habit of naming any object I am close with since I was a kid. It started from just naming toys I enjoyed the same way i named my stuffed animals, except my brother would poke fun at me because I’d name stuff like my desk lamp (Lem, after Stanislaw Lem the author) and bike helmet (Julie).
My computer’s name is Felix, so naturally my iPhone is Felix Jr. My old ipod was just called “Beast,” which was short for Prehistoric Beast because it was a 2nd or 3rd generation one and HUGE (i got passed on to me from a friend.. remember when the scroll wheel on those suckers actually moved!)
I havn’t got around to naming my keyboard for some reason, but my wireless mouse was named Osito from the moment I placed my hand on him.

----- Mikey 01.12.09 16:19

i call my laptop … lappy…
Lappy needs a new home.

----- david 01.12.09 16:21

Everything I name is named HAL 9000.

----- John 01.12.09 16:22

Yes, absolutely.
My MBP is called Macula, my iPods were called Prince, King and currently Emperor and my phone is called Iron Man.

----- Thomas 01.12.09 16:23

My iPod Nano is named “slim” in my head, although I don’t think I’ve ever used it out loud.

----- Alex 01.12.09 16:27

I name only the electronics I form a bond with.

Usually my computer is called “stupid computer” in a fit of anger while waiting for AI to render vectors. I am fully aware of PEBKAC.


----- Aaron 01.12.09 16:30

just wanted to play, so i named mine right this now.
my mac book pro is now called
“TINKER TOY!” (remember those???!!!) or TT for short.
not pronounced titty, but T.T.

----- jaz 01.12.09 16:31

MacBook Pro = lil Mac
Motorola CLIQ = Blur
iPod = iKopper

----- Jim 01.12.09 16:33

my old blue ipod mini was Kitty Blu
my (RED) ipod nano is the Red Baroness
macbook pro is SpaceKid

and just now I realized my Motorola U9 is nameless! poor purple pebble :(

----- Ana Asch 01.12.09 16:34

my laptop is loptopy

----- Thomas 01.12.09 16:34

My Macbook Pro (if it have good sales this month) or my Powerbook G4 in multiple pieces (still works). Blackberry 9700 and a notcot pin for good measure…….

----- Michael Kelly 01.12.09 16:37

My laptop is Artemis (re: The Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer). :D

----- Jen 01.12.09 16:47

I’m not one to name inanimate objects - I’ve always felt silly naming my car or my computer. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not loved. I actually sleep with my Macbook Pro next to me in bed - plugged in and tucked under the covers (so it doesn’t slide off of the bed, of course).
…. Why, yes, I am single, how did you guess?
In any case, I love the laptop sleeve, and so would my laptop. :)

----- Michelle H 01.12.09 16:58

i do name them!

but usually just a short name of the product.

like. for macbook pro… macky.

or for imac.


please pick me!

----- Lux Lund 01.12.09 16:59

i love me some felt!
well the devices i ‘do’ have named are:
my desktop - powerHAUS (cause it’s a beast).
my TB external drive - BlackBox (if anything happens to me or my periph’s, the BlackBox will survive).
my iPhone - REBECCA ROMIJN JAMOS (play on my Mrs. Stamos and my name).

----- JAYSON RAMOS 01.12.09 16:59

My macbook goes by the name of Vladimir Borsky. My ipod is named after the great Franz Beckenbauer. And my sony camera is named Professor Snugglegruffs.

----- Rebecca 01.12.09 16:59

My cellphone’s named Phonie, although I also refer to it(him) as Brownie because of the colour.

The laptop’s Lappie although secretly I’d like to call it Merlin’s Book (of) Power (MBP). And the Book needs a sleeve :)

----- Licheng 01.12.09 17:05

i tend to name my technology in the vein of Phony McRingRing (you may remember him from such simpsons episodes as the one about the two area codes). so: routy the router, macky the macbook, etc. clever?

----- shana 01.12.09 17:07

I love HG products, and so happy that I am not the only one to name my devices!

Nintendo GOLD DS Lite - Link (no other gaming franchise moves me like Zelda)
Home 27” Imac - Gotham (a black abyss of screen, gargantuan in possibilities)
iPhone - Valkyrie (A leader in every sense, love my phone)
MacBook 17” - Eames (classic and beautifully designed)
B&N Nook - Atticus (after my favorite book of all time - Kill/Mockingbird)
Sony Camera Tx1 - Hicks (from a serious crush I had for years lol)

I name other things in my home as well, I find it personalizes them a lot more and I tend to take care of them better. It’s great to instill some life and joy in any objects around you.

----- Kimberley 01.12.09 17:07

My MacBook Pro is called “Copy” and my iPod is “Paste”. Together they form the an unstoppable duo known as Copy Paste. And they are looking for a warm home.

----- Kory 01.12.09 17:08

Hello! Here’s the list of names for my electronics…

MacBook: Mr. Bojangles
Nikon D40 Digital SLR Camera: Thurmen Murmen


----- Catrina 01.12.09 17:11

I’ll be honest I do not name my electronics. I do have a strange desire to name almost every other inanimate object I see. I named my car ‘Zero’ after the dog in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

----- Gyna 01.12.09 17:11

After doing some checking, my current collection of gadgets seem to all be named just “John”. My previous laptop was named, but upon being replaced, I think I forgot to give each a name.

----- John S 01.12.09 17:12

I don’t name my devices, but I do refer to my MBP as “the machine.” It harkens back to high school when I was a PC nerd!

----- Emily 01.12.09 17:15

I definitely feel the need to name some of my tech gear. I feel it makes them a little bit more alive in my head and helps to identify the tools that contribute most to keeping me doing good work and enjoying myself. Some of them even mean stuff.


My laptop is called “Consolation Prize” because it was purchased with some of the initial royalties I made on a software application. I ended up being cheated out of the deal through some gross immaturity from the man at the top and, in response to my lengthy email calling him out, I got one back that said “Enjoy your new MacBook Pro.” I decided to name it to reflect this simultaneously hilarious and angry moment.

Some of the other names likewise share a history. Sometimes I rename them to reflect a characteristic that has generated itself through use.

The DSLR: Love Affair
The Phone: Cog
The Laptop with Windows: Charlie
The Car: Mad Max

----- Chris Wronski 01.12.09 17:18

I love the X Sleeve + Pouch from Hard Graft. It’s stylish and practical.

I have been naming my devices after Casablanca characters for some time now.

My Blackberry Bold is referred to as “Rick(Blaine),” Macbook is “Ilsa” and the Desktop is “Victor.” My old blackberry was “Ugurte.”

I plan to keep the tradition going :)

----- Mark 01.12.09 17:22

Naming electronics is something I have always done, it’s how I get attached to what I own. The names for my iPods have stuck the longest. My Grandma bought me my very first iPod, the first generation iPod nano for Christmas the year they came out. However, before I got it on Christmas Day, my Grandma had my oldest brother put music on them and while doing so he named it Jefferson after Thomas Jefferson. Ever since that iPod I have kept the same name for the ones to follow (Jefferson II, etc).

Since my very first iPod and that name, I have since named all my favourite and most useful electronics after Presidents (I’m Canadian).

iMac - Kennedy
iPod touch - Jefferson III
Camera - Monroe
Wii - Taft
DS - Wilson II
PS3 - Reagan II
PSP - Nixon

Look at the names of all the past Presidents, there is such a great selection! The X Sleeve would be a fantastic surprise for the MacBook my girlfriend is getting for Christmas this year! Maybe I’ll convince her to name her devices after Prime Ministers!



----- Trae Hauser 01.12.09 17:22

my computers are like my sidekicks so of course they have names! i spend so much time with them that it seems natural to refer to them as matthias and günter. oh and my ipod is named georges. and i think they all deserve presents this year!

----- abigail 01.12.09 17:23

Oh man, another giveaway already? Nice! My devices are-

My white macbook, nicknamed Pigpen because it is *so* hard to keep looking nice
My Samsung Impression, nicknamed iPhone to drive my iPhone owning friends crazy
and of course my Panasonic Lumix digital camera that I use so much that it doesn’t get a cute nickname because it’s pretty much an extension of my body.


----- Betsy Ross 01.12.09 17:29

Wow…really love those felt sleeves! For some reason I do not name my electronics…and never really thought about it till this very moment.

----- Scott B 01.12.09 17:31

YES I name things and Yes I would like to compete along these awesome people for this Felt cool holder.

I call my iPhone: Oracle, as it hold the answers to my mostly everything.

----- M. Castro 01.12.09 17:34

my l3 ” macbook was for years simply white apple but since the recent midnight screen kiss with my road warrior pista i call her sexy. my nokia n 85 is so compact and busting with features that she was always penelope to me .

----- ushka 01.12.09 17:35

haha I totally name them.

iphone: selbie
canon camera: pepper (it has 2 names)
laptop: paprika

----- Amanda 01.12.09 17:35

My MacBook is “Pinky” (it does have a pink case)and my phone is “The Brain”

----- Lauren 01.12.09 17:37

i don’t name electronic gadgets as they tend to only stay with me for a few years before they get replaced. they are extensions of one’s self, and i find they don’t warrant a separate identity.

the one gadget i’ve named endearingly is the one that’s stayed with me for more than 10 years. my fender 1969 thinline telecaster reissue guitar.

her name? stella.

we’ve sung the saddest songs, played the hardest gigs, hit the hardest knocks.

perfect partners.

----- Sean 01.12.09 17:38

i loooooove my oldish macbookpro and ipod ….

macbookpro: my babyyy
ipod: Deafny Jr. (since i listen to my music on full volume :P )

----- Dafni 01.12.09 17:39

My usb drive is called Rhino because of the keychain I have on it. Since my laptop case is a hand-me-down from my dad’s, bulky and way too heavy, I call my laptop “Monster.” But it’s the only case I have and I’m too paranoid about not having a sleeve for my laptop. My cellphone is might at well have the nick name “Where is my cellphone?” because I manage to put it on a desk and forget. (Never lost it though). It’s fun but my friends and I call a shared camera Timothy because it’s the Canon xTi.

----- Christine 01.12.09 17:43

My Thinkpad T61p is mobil1, mostly b/c I like cars too!

----- Matt 01.12.09 17:44

I have a Macbook pro and I call it my lappy ( sometimes lappy 1697). P.s. I love Hard Graft just can’t afford anything of theirs.

----- Joash Dipert 01.12.09 17:44

I don’t have an iPhone,
I don’t have a Blackberry,
there’s only one thing that I need to carry…
and that’s my laptop.
Her name is MyLife, literally, no joke
I’d be lost if she ever got lost or broke
all the more reason for a protective sleeve
an attractive one too so my clients could see
then MyLife would be safe and I would be pleased.

----- Megan 01.12.09 17:50

Oh! So exciting! I’d love to win this!

I kind of name everything because then it really feels like mine. My iPhone is named Big Daddy (as in BioShock) and I had an ipod shuffle named Little Sister. I lost her, so I got another and named it Short Round (a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).

----- Mitzi Y. 01.12.09 17:53

I love Hard Graft, I have a super old I-Phone case from them that is from Etsy when they where going by Working Class Heros. I would Love to win a new home for my Laptop. I have a Macbook named Leslie Hall, an I-Phone named Jno Cook after a great teacher and artist.

----- Vanessa Sanchez 01.12.09 17:54

I don’t name my devices. Don’t need to.

----- ani 01.12.09 17:57

My PC is called Texas BBQ, because I love it so.

----- Matt H 01.12.09 17:57

i have a vaio named “Lennie”

named after the character from Of Mice and Men, because even though its big and strong its still slow.

and an ipod named “impossible”

because when i try to find it its nearly impossible

- jon

----- JonSok 01.12.09 18:00

I don’t name devices or tools or anything of the sort. After naming a car it gave me nothing but trouble. It wasn’t a nice name (Big Bertha), but it fit because I wanted a small(er) car. The car has been impounded, towed, stolen, recovered, inoperable, and in and out of garages in the 40k and 7 years I’ve owned her/it. But I will have her/it until she/it dies because she/it took me across the country and back without a hiccup… miracles are possible. So maybe I’ll name the Hard Graft bag so it can take me on adventures as well.

----- Anders 01.12.09 18:02

I have named all my devices, it started after seeing Garden State and Natalie Portman’s character’s hamsters named “Jelly and Peanut Butter”. Now we continue to name everything after jams, jellies, etc. They are getting a little more refined as time goes on, but I think we’ll always name devices in this theme, it’s become a part of our life now…

iPod shuffle: Jelly
iPod nano: Peanut Butter
iPod nano 2: Marmalade
Sony Ericsson k790a: nutella
iPhone: Fireweed Honey
iPhone 2: Quince Paste


----- Shawn Parkinson 01.12.09 18:03

I name my electronics after characters in my favorite fictional works. Right now, a good portion of them are named after characters in “The Importance of Being Earnest”. My iphone is Cecily, my laptop is Bracknell, and my original ipod was named Earnest.

----- Chloe Castro 01.12.09 18:03

Panasonic DVX100b: Etienne, aka Stephen (partly after Buscemi)

MacBook Pro: Silver Surfer

iPhone: Pocket Lifesaver

Canon Powershot camera: Memory-Maker

1.5 Tera-Byte SeaGate FreeAgent External Hard-Drive: Olivia

----- Jenny 01.12.09 18:05

My Macbook is named Guido.
Guido gets stuff done.
He would look oh so dashing in snuggly felty goodness.

----- Cori 01.12.09 18:08

I name my Mac electronics, just because the little buggers ask me to so politely. I’ve had a succession of iPods called Sputnik, now an iPhone named Schuypod as a play on my last name, and my SmacBook!

----- Lindsey 01.12.09 18:10

While I do not name my own electronics, my friends tend to do it for me. My phone is Margarita, appropriately named because she gets the most use after I have had a few. In a different direction, my camera is named Dubya because he’s a little slow.

----- Scott 01.12.09 18:11

I’ve only named my iPods—Theo and Margaret. The other electronics I just dote upon as if they were real people. :)

----- Benita 01.12.09 18:12

I have since referred to my old laptop as a DarthBook G4 , on account of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith being eternally jammed in the cd/dvd drive. I mean the movie still plays, and so it has sort of become an extra feature in the computer.

----- jovencio 01.12.09 18:19

My LaCie hard drive “growls” a lot. I’ve named it Buddy. =D
My MacBook Pro is called Pro-ie.

----- Collin Banko 01.12.09 18:22

My first gen iPhone is named Geezer. Everything else is nameless unless they stop working. Then they have all kinds of names. :)

----- Lauren 01.12.09 18:26

I’ve got a new MacBook Pro that I call “VHS” and an iPhone 3G called “Obsidian”.

----- Seth 01.12.09 18:34

dont have a name for my iMac but i suppose /
The Black Hole / would be a rather fitting name!

----- Mike 01.12.09 18:38

I recently got married and changed my name to Smith. Completely generic and common. I like to joke with people when they ask my name that it’s pronounced “Smythe” although spelled Smith. Thus, I’ve named my iPod Smythe.

----- Erin Smith 01.12.09 18:39

I name my gadgets after transformers. Soundwave, Megatron, Rodimus, Starscream.

----- Dan 01.12.09 18:40

I don’t really name my devices, but I sometimes call my MacBook Pro “puta”

----- Lewis Winkle 01.12.09 18:41

I name my iPhone - God….. cause it sees all and knows all…. and is my life saver.

----- Shaena Cooper 01.12.09 18:42

i don’t typically name my electronics, but i suppose if i were to name my ipod, i’d call it tolstoy because i have a quote by him engraved on it. i’d name my holga camera, barbie since its made of plastic. my laptop edward since i put a fang decal on it. and my BB, rizzo since its got a pink cover on it.

----- annie 01.12.09 18:42

I call my 15” MBP The End aaaaand

My HTC Hero is The EndDroid!

----- D N 01.12.09 18:44

Surely I am not the only one who wishes their job was to come up with the names for Ikea products.

Macbook: Kram (the original Kramfors)
Thinkpad: Kramfors (Kram-force, because its packing a booty)
Ipod: Docksta (the docta of storing my tunes)
Palm Pre: Unni Slinga (where I speak the sling-slang)

I was given the 2unfold for my birthday over a year ago. Many of my friends and family chipped in to purchase it for me, because they know how much I loved hard-graft. I really wish to accesorize.

----- Jeffrey Watson 01.12.09 18:48

Much loved macbook is called Roboboy.

----- Stephaine 01.12.09 18:51

laptop=fuzzy because i need a fresh hard graft sleeve…

----- ricky 01.12.09 18:52

I’m so excited, this is the first time I have posted anything to your site! While the designs you provide are amazing I have never felt the need to comment on a particular item (although, the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was a bit tempting). However, when I saw this item it was love at first site! I have had my MacBook Pro for over a year and I always have too many papers to go with it, since I freelance its obviously important for me to keep everything organized but I have yet to find the perfect one I actually want to buy (and something that shows a little personality!). Just throwing some thanks your way for making it possible to keep designers on edge. As far as namecalling goes I would have to call my MacBook…Bank, cuz it’s my moneymaker!

----- Stephanie 01.12.09 18:54

Macbook Pro: Shiny
iPhone: iPorn
SLR Camera: The Big Guns

Those Hard Graft sleeves are GORGEOUS

----- Audrey R. 01.12.09 18:58

My old laptop was pufferfish, my current is sunfish, our imac is swordfish. I like my fishy computers, but don’t name any other devices.

----- Julia 01.12.09 18:59

Laptop is Audrey, after the Audrey Kawasaki gelaskin on the cover. Ipod is called Choons.

----- raztus 01.12.09 19:03

My MacBook Pro is named Jiminy Cricket…he is my conscience…

----- Jasper 01.12.09 19:12

MacBook Pro: Ol’ TrustyClunk

iPhone: FixGitter

Canon 5D MarkII: My Preeecciiiooouussssss

Molskine Sketchbook(s): San-CommandZ

----- Mikell Johnson 01.12.09 19:16

I have a 15 in macbook pro.

my macbook pro’s name is “refund” cause my apple his a bite in it

----- Brian Oh 01.12.09 19:16

I don’t name all of gadgets but, I call my Mac desktop Graphix since thats what I use it for and I feel the “x” makes it hardcore

----- Dana 01.12.09 19:31

Macbook: Don’tDropMePlz.

----- morganne 01.12.09 19:34

don’t name my computer.. but i do… add name my computer baby!

----- jennifer 01.12.09 19:35

OOOU those are sexy.

i actually DON’t call my devices by name. BUT if i won, i might just have to (to keep upu with the sexiness of the felt, of course). i might even have to get a new macbook pro and name her Goddess.

----- lindsay 01.12.09 19:36

iPod = sweetie pie
external hard drive = honey bunch
PowerBook = sugar bear

They’ve always been so sweet to me!

----- Timothy A. 01.12.09 19:38

I seem to have a weather-ish phenomena theme:

iphone = snowball

macbook pro = snowstorm

shuffle = red tide

rusty jeep = the bundle (as in: bundle up)

work blackberry = dehydrate

My devices have been named for a while, but I’ve just moved to Michigan from SF. It’s my first real winter in about 8 years and it’s cold. Supposed to snow tonight…

----- Carissa Carter 01.12.09 19:38

I only name the name the analog guys, the Pentax is Gustavo and the phonograph is Che’.

----- Ruiz, Derek S 01.12.09 19:39

Hullo! I tote my macbook around everywhere I go! His name is ‘Mac the Knife’ (Sinatra).

My iPod Touch… I lovingly call “iPod, therefore I am”.


----- AndieJael 01.12.09 19:45

oh. my. word. I absolutely LOVE Hard Graft! I have been drooling over their products for about a year now - I heart felt, and their stuff is just amazing!! I would be so super stoked to win this one :)

Unfortunately, I do not name my devices. First off, I don’t have many - I keep it pretty simple. BUT my job is a manager for a laser cutter at an architecture school, and I named the machine BigRed, I guess that counts!

----- Amy 01.12.09 19:45

Laptop: Burt
Blackberry: Dip
Headphones: Socks
Camera: Lorenzo

Happy Christmas!

----- Sharon 01.12.09 19:47

I love the Hard Graft products. So simple and clean looking.
My Blackberry is named Huckerberry, my computer is Compy-tator, my iPod is named George, my camera is Snappy, and though it’s not technically a device, my car is lil’Blue. As much as I love my devices, hopefully next comes a little fluffy friend to name!

----- Huck 01.12.09 19:47

My ol’ clunker of an ibook g4 is called EVERYTHING.
She deserves the best and this sexy sleeve is it.

----- meghan 01.12.09 19:49

I’ve never really personified inanimate objects either, closest thing being “my precious [insert object]”

----- Christina 01.12.09 20:00

Well, my laptop is William, for some reason.. not sure why. My old ipod, that I don’t use anymore was called Mini-me but after a series of moments where he died for a couple of days and came back to life suddenly me and my friends ended up dubbing him Jesus..

----- Beatriz 01.12.09 20:05

I name lots of things,

I call my mac, son of lady, because it’s in a pink case, with magrite’s Son Of Man on the front, with the apple as his face,My Guitar is called Alberta after a Steely Dan Song , my bicycle Gulliver, My Phone I call Charlie, and my latest artwork i’ve named Toby.

So many people have yet to post, I probably won’t be Chosen anyway.

Good luck finding a winner it must be a tough job.


----- clea vanmiddlesworth 01.12.09 20:16

Hee I do nickname my gadgets as they are kind of very essential in my life. Kind of like a very helpful pet without the hassle of the excrete and food requirement just an electric plug will do.=p Here goes the names.

Blackberry- Nagger-always nag at what are all the things i need to do

Laptop- life/death -I found loads of good things like good news(life) or bad things like awhole load of project waiting(death)

Camera- the beauty eye -I feel like the camera is my second eye that improves the real image

ipod- pea pod -where i get food from the music in the pod

----- Febe Chong 01.12.09 20:19

So, personally, I never name any of my devices. I just like to tie them all together with related wallpapers and themes. I’m much more into the visual harmony.

However, my father insists on naming every nameable piece of electronics he has HAL9000. You can imagine the fun I had when I was home for Thanksgiving and he wanted me to find a way to conenct his new desktop (HAL9000) with his netbook (HAL9000) and his printer (HAL9000) on the family’s wireless network (HAL9000). Sigh.

----- Jeremy 01.12.09 20:19

iPhone = iFerris… but my daughter calls it ‘the toy’

----- Susan 01.12.09 20:22

Toshiba laptop: w4rb00k
(somewhere along the line I became fascinated by l33t….)

iPod Touch: Brian’s Rock Machine! OMG!

Made sense at the time? Plus it’s fun to see such enthusiasm out of an inanimate object when you plug it in to sync on iTunes.

No idea why my electronics are nerds and teenage girls, but maybe I’m a bit nostalgic?

----- Brian Peter 01.12.09 20:29

That sleeve is so fuzzy and strappy.

iPhone: Ippette
Macbook Pro: Love

----- Colby 01.12.09 20:35

My Nokia E51: Slim [as in “Pickens”]

----- Ben 01.12.09 20:37

My netbook is named Grimace, after the purple monster. My ipod shuffle is nicknamed baby raccoon. Mostly because raccoons are cute and sweet. And also because they pump out sweet music to my auditory meatus.

----- Derek H 01.12.09 20:37

My Computers and gadgets are named but rarely spoken (for some reason; too nerdy perhaps). Named after computers from novels or movies: HAL, WOPR, Wintermute, Joshua, Alpha 60, Mother, Alfie, Deep Thought, Vulcan 3, Colossus, MCP, EPICAC (from Player Piano, and the name of my electric piano) etc. etc. etc. (from just looking around the living room and bedroom right now); usually with numbers after the name signifying storage (Alpha 60 is my old 60 GB ipod; Colossus 1000 is my 1TB backup drive; Media server is Mother-500; Previous Dell laptop was HAL 120 (also needed to be destroyed to stop it’s evil ways); Joshua 300 is my current macbook. Not the most original but surprisingly easy to remember…and equally as dorky.

----- Jake 01.12.09 20:57

MacBook Pro, MiMacII
Lacie USB key, MiKey
the little addiction that is my BlackBerry Storm, MiBerry
ipod shuffle, MiShuffle
ipod touch, MiTouch

----- Tony 01.12.09 21:01

My Macbook Pro is Pita because it’s been nothing but a pain in the ass since upgrading to Snow Leopard.

----- matt 01.12.09 21:09

Holy how much do I want to win this! I know I’m not alone, but I don’t name my electronics I just call them names when they don’t work. And since I don’t have anything else to say that relates to this post I will sing you a song in the falsetto voice of Will Farrell in Elf singing to his dad the first time he met him:

“I’m on NOTCOT and I’m singing, I love felt and leather together and I’m singing to youuu, I love you, I love you, I looovveee youuu, I love you…*awkward silence*…NOTCOT is my favorite!”

ps. I apologize if I crossed the line, I just drank two 5 hour energy bottles for the first time and I have such zeal for life at the moment!

----- Chris 01.12.09 21:09

my iPhone is named big boy, while my iMac answers to the name Edward.

----- Mag 01.12.09 21:09

I used to name all my computers, but then along came the MacBook.. I’d go through plastic MacBooks so fast I never got a chance to get attached to them.. I’m on unibody now, and I’ve thought of going back to naming my devices, but never really found any good names for them.. Any suggestions?

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 01.12.09 21:12

When you plug your iPhone/iPod into your computer it asks you to name it and me having not a strand of patience when faced with an Apple product put down the first name to come to mind - “Freddy” - my second iPod being “Freddy II” and my iPhone “Freddy the third”. I never actually call them by these names but I do imagine that my iPhone, in his free time, will sip cognac and wear trousers while my iPod 120GB runs on the treadmill and my iPod 40GB sulks around with a bottle of whiskey.

----- Jenn 01.12.09 21:19

Oh why did you have to ask for names? Mine are admittedly very lame but dear to my heart regardless…I’m not sure if I can put them out there…Okay quick like a band aid: My ipod is Gary. And yes that is after the snail in Spongebob Squarepants. Wow, that looks about as horrible written as I thought It would. I can’t help myself though. I love him.

----- Jessi 01.12.09 21:27

Hah, though I don’t actually assign a name to my laptop I do call it “inspiron-ey” its a Dell inspriron e1705. You have to pronounce it like ‘pepperoni’, preferably with an italian accent.
My MP3 is just ‘music’ and my phone is just ‘phone’.
I know sooooo unimaginative. and I consider myself very creative and artistic…….

----- Terrie 01.12.09 21:28

the classic shortening for me, lappie, cammie, celly.
not that awesome - I know.

----- chelsee 01.12.09 22:04

All are Gods by many a name,… and deserve such worship.

----- Matthew Ready 01.12.09 22:08

all the products are so well executed. it is a pleasure to see them all and I wish the folks at hard graft the best!

----- matthew harrison smith 01.12.09 22:12

I call my netbook ‘Snowflake’—it’s small and white…unfortunately it does heat up quite unlike a snowflake.

----- Joanna 01.12.09 22:26

I’ve always had a thing for naming servers after communist dictators. My computers, on the other hand, have always been named for some small strange animal (like cicada, or loris - don’t ask) or characters from classical literature (I have a soft spot for Lysander, though I did once name a router Cleon…).

----- Susan 01.12.09 22:29

hmm…. now i have to think up names of my inanimate objects. darn why didnt i think of any sooner! dearest macbook and phone…

----- rache 01.12.09 22:40

ok, so i name my computers and items after me. My laptop is called goo. which is a nickname i got short for magoo.

but the best was when i named my sisters ipod while i was visiting her at college. she is not the most techie of people so when she saw that it was named pookie she thought it had magically named itself. she couldn’t recal itt being named before and suddenly it had a name and personality

it wasn’t till weeks later i told her and she lost it laugh that she knew it was me

----- maggie 01.12.09 22:43

I don’t really name my devices, but all call my macbook pro my “baby”… saving to money to get it was a whole “expectancy” period and I protect it very much, so..

Happy holidays!

----- andrea 01.12.09 22:44

I call my Laptop ‘kuttykarupan’ - tiny black one in Tamil and my phone ‘phoney’.

----- Laura 01.12.09 22:44

What a gorgeous case.
Currently I have a old nokia mobile, ipod nano and a hp dv2700 but if I were to get this I think i would have to upgrade some of my tech as it is too good for my nokia.
Please please please give me an excuse to ditch this brick of a phone

----- Quinn 01.12.09 22:54

My MBPro is Lovemachine, the iPhone is Agent. Together we ride through San Francisco on a bicycle cnamed Arrow.

----- Julia 01.12.09 22:55

I don’t name my devices! I’ve never been able to think of anything suitable…

----- Joe Wasserman 01.12.09 23:00

Actually, I never name my stuff. Why? Because of a lack of originality. But i call my car Miss Pissy, because something always happen to it. always. It brakes, engine is not working and blah blah :)) Yep.

----- Eglė 01.12.09 23:06

This is ridiculous, can I just be entered? If I must, my iPhone’s name is Eugene, and my Macbook Pro is Ferdinand, as in Ferdinand Magellan. :)

----- Doug May 01.12.09 23:16

i call my laptop “laptop” in a very friendly way :P

----- christine 01.12.09 23:34

my laptop is broken :-(
but christmas is coming, so i will buy a new one. Its like a present from me..to me..and i think that’s a great idea..so the name of my new baby is not sure yet..but time will bring the name..andmaybe this very, verrrrry cute bag!

----- Claudia 01.12.09 23:58

Laptop (HP): Livelihood
External HD: M1919 (300Gb capacity HD borrows WWII .30 caliber squad support MG name)
Phone (Nokia 6700 Classic): Aalto
iPod 4G: Jesus (Was resurrected with DIY replacement HD after original flat-lined)

----- Twon 02.12.09 00:07

For sure I name all my devices, and as they are now part of me (I am becoming more of a bionic man each and every day) all my devices get the name of my alter ego bucca + a unique identifier so that I may identify them and route the information accordingly.

----- Anthony Buccellato 02.12.09 00:10

I’ve named my workstation Gord II (it means “proud” in my native language). II because #1 died of old age.

----- suzi 02.12.09 00:11

After calling my first computer I bought as an adult the cheese (it was one of those 50kg wedge shaped emacs) its smaller, more refined successors have been named haloumi, mozzarella and brie accordingly. As well as the backup drives. It made sense at the time.

----- Ally 02.12.09 00:11

I name my ipod Vasily, and my computer Fifi. My PS3 is called FatMan.

----- EugenS 02.12.09 00:14

my macbook is called judes (after my girlfriend) :)
my iphone is julius (after my favourite japanese fashion brand)

not creative i know but i can say that i LOVE ‘judes’ without getting into trouble or weird stares!

----- peggy purnawan 02.12.09 00:15

I call my iMac “Blythe”,
my Macbook is named “Spike”,
my iPhone answers to the name “Sydney”
and my iPod is called “Helmut”
and my new case for “Spike” will be called “Shaun”, because it’s out of 100% pure new wool felt like Shaun the sheep :)

only by the way:
the very interesting names are given to my four harddrives…
they are called: “Hannibal”, “Faceman”, “Murdock” and “B.A.” (or “Mr. T”) like the “a-team” boys.

so long… waiting for “Shaun”… like his shepherd…

----- Mika Sinn 02.12.09 00:19

I call my MacBook Tracey and my Ipod touch Anna

----- Klemens 02.12.09 00:27

laptop is Fred George III (or just Freddy)in which I recently repainted neon green.
external hard drive is Ferguson
mp3 player is Ignacio

I have a thing for very lofty sounding names.

----- Tiffany 02.12.09 00:36

my computer’s name is phallus because i’m the only one that turns it on.

----- tony 02.12.09 00:38

My Ipod classic is named Ipodre, because he is the father of all Ipods.

----- TonyKraken 02.12.09 00:52

I call my iPod “Berta”!

----- Dirk 02.12.09 00:58

Wow, Hand Graft’s pieces are always so lovely. I remember when they were called Working Class Heroes and sold their goods on Etsy. I regret not getting one of their cases back then.

Anyway, my devices are named after a combination of redheads and singers (some fall into both!).

iPod: Clementine (from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
First USB drive: Jenny (Lewis from Rilo Kiley)
Laptop: Neko (Case)
Second USB drive: Emily (Haines from Metric)
External hard drive: Polly Jean (aka PJ Harvey)

If I get a new device, I’ll probably name it Florence after Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. She’s got gorgeous red locks!

----- Anne 02.12.09 01:08


MacBook Pro is named = “Hurry up u piece of shit!!! GRRRR…. noo, sorry macky, didn’t mean it, take u’r time!”

Ipod touch = “touchy feely”

Canon Ixus 870 IS = “Goldie Hawn”


----- Tarik A 02.12.09 01:31

My Laptop is called Laptok
My iPhone = iPon because of my aunt..when i bought it she asked me “what is it? iPok (iPod) or an iPon”

----- Sebastian 02.12.09 01:48

When I got my very first iPod (old white brick, 20GB) I named her “MiniMasa.” Then, I got a 12” iBook, which I named “Pedro the ‘Puter.” I didn’t really get creative with any of the subsequent iPods until my iPhone, “Miss Thang.” My Macbook right now is called simply, “‘Puter.” Silly, I know, and I can’t pinpoint why I have such a penchant for naming my tech.

----- Masa 02.12.09 02:05

Ever since my old compaq crashed and burned (almost literally), i’ve decided that maybe i need to refer to my new macbookp with some extra respect, just in case. so now, he’s “sir” or “mr.mac”, depending on how the conversation is going.
my ancient 70s bike (with one functioning gear out of five) is “baby” - i feel he deserves some love after all he’s been through.

----- Ammu 02.12.09 02:20

I named my laptop: WORK

My BB: Ringu

----- Kat 02.12.09 02:24

my laptop is called schlepptopf…

----- sarah 02.12.09 02:31

Always good to give the devices a little bit of personality. My desktop is called Hope, and my iPod is Grace. Well, Grace III now the last two have died!

----- Giles 02.12.09 02:36

I should start naming my Gadgets, I’ll start by calling my Toshiba Yoshi.

----- Luis 02.12.09 02:42

My Blackjack II is secretly named Tova, and my lap top is Finnegan. It seems to suit their personalities well enough. My next thumb drive (Virginia died a terrible death in a jeans pocket via a washer accident) will be named Bashevis, because I keep all my stories backed up on thumb drive.

----- Lily 02.12.09 02:52

My old phone: SAM or SUNG?…because I was using the two-sided Samsung mobile phone :p haha
My current phone: NOKIANG…because I am currently using a NOKIA phone (NOKIA + Yee Kiang which is my name)
My office macbook: er MACBOOK NOT PRO..because it’s very slow..haha
My camera: LEICA LEICA…because the name Leica is just fun to pronounce
My iPOD: IPOOT…just sounds better

----- YK 02.12.09 03:07

I always name my technology!

My black Macbook: ‘Maha’ (Sanskrit, for ‘the Great’)

My photographic gear (Canon 450D) is ‘Sam’ :)

My iPod: ‘Luci’ :)

----- Vidya 02.12.09 03:12

Well, I am 29, I am from Italy, I have a little grey cat called Apu, an Ipod Touch called ToccoPod and an old Samsung mobile called Nino. I am still undecided about a good name for my Sony Vajo laptop, even if when Windows Vista make me mad I call him in several, unpolite ways.

----- Gianmaria 02.12.09 03:20

my name is lea and i’m from austria. i have a macbook pro, which i call sissi - my iphone’s name is franz and usually they’ve got a good connection going ;) plus, i love talking to franz a lot and sissi and i have heaps in common!

in case you haven’t heard of the sissi (i know.. sounds terrible in english) movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia2gFy8v42U

btw it’s really a pitty there are no hard graft things for sale in vienna, only 1h away from where they’re produced. can’t wait to get one..so hopefully this works out!

----- vanilleah 02.12.09 03:40

My devices are all generically called “my baby” as if they were my children. I never let anybody hold them, I’m overprotective towards my offspring.
Last week I accidentally dropped my phone, I was so sorry! I kept asking him if he was alright.

----- Chiara 02.12.09 03:49

No, I don’t name mine. I guess I call my work laptop “pain” - does that count?

----- Spencer 02.12.09 03:52

ipod, macbook, thx!

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 02.12.09 04:07

things u hang around with so many hours per day, need to have an identity.
so, of course they´ve got names!(if for example the Laptop doens´t work, it´s better to scream “Henry!!! What´s wrong with you????”
my longboard: Peter.
my laptop: Henry.
my car: Neni.
my handy: Berta.

So please, let me win. i´m a poor grafic design student, my laptop henry is my best friend, so i´d love to give him a present for christmas. i think he´d love the new dress, hm?

----- Nike 02.12.09 04:24

Iphone: “Phone” - No need to be cute
Laptop: “Rollins” - School laptop
Moleskin: “Future Ideas of America”

----- Bradley 02.12.09 04:28

my labtop : ‘he’
my iphone : ‘she’

----- Jin 02.12.09 04:33

My Blackberry is named Blueberry: after having my wisdom teeth pulled, and clearly still under the influence of the anesthesia, I insisted on seeing my “Blueberry” and the name stuck ever since.

My Camera, Canon powershot sd780 is named Chillah’ because its all black, very small, and just likes to kick it’

My Macbookpro is named Killah’ because it’s one of the greatest devices made.

----- MeganLeigh 02.12.09 04:36

My naming of devices seems to be random. I have to get to know them first. At the moment, the only thing that has a name is my thumb drive, oddly enough. His name is Marvin.

It is time, though, to christen the mac. Must think on it, and well.

----- Christina 02.12.09 05:06

Oh my god, this is felt heaven!

I have a laptop named Lola!

----- Camila F. 02.12.09 05:27

Macbook Pro Laptop: Metallica
Camera: Dotty (because she’s a Canon rebel)
purse camera: Ruby (cute lil red Canon)
Phone: Don’t steal me.

I teach graphic and fine arts in Philly and my camera and phone are always in my purse. They were stolen last year off my desk, so my new ones read, “Don’t steal me because you are better” on them.

----- MaryKate Mela 02.12.09 05:33

I don’t name my own devices, but i do refer to my boyfriend’s iphone as “your other girlfriend” when it interrupts our special moments :)

----- katie 02.12.09 05:56

I own a Mac Book Pro and I named it “desunote” (japan pronunciation of Death Note) - somehow, it kind of fits.

----- Vinh 02.12.09 05:59

my laptop is called piggie, my ipod is ipiggie and my camera is piggiecam.

----- denise 02.12.09 06:04

I have named my Macbook Air, “Lola” and my iPhone is “Marvin”. I have been wanting to get a Kindle DX recently and have been toying with the name “Caroline”, but I wont know it for sure until I see her when I buy! ;)


----- John 02.12.09 06:13

I like to refer to my imac as The Rt Hon. Reverand Ebeneezer Nibblegoggin Esq.

My Camera is called Bob.

----- John 02.12.09 06:16

I named both my iPod Touch and my new iPhone 3G.

My iPod’s name is Alexis, because it’s sleek, stylish, sexy, fast, refined, and a lot let cheaper than getting “a Lexus”

My iPhone 3G’s name is Lafawnda like from Napoleon Dynamite. She’s bigger, sexier, black, more powerful, ever so inviting, and always there for me when I need her.

----- Matt H 02.12.09 06:22

After years as a straight-laced engineer using UNIX and PC’s, I’ve recently changed to an independent creative career. Of course, I just had to purchase my first MacBook Pro (10 days ago) to aid me in my endeavors. You’ve now inspired me to give her a name, so I hereby christen her Katharine in honor of the always talented, witty and intelligent Katharine Hepburn.

----- Lisa Tressler 02.12.09 06:32

Well, of course, my wife would be all over this pouch for her magic poptart (iphone).

----- Nicholas Rezabek 02.12.09 06:40

My Macbook - rightfully named Pinky
My iPhone(1st Gen) - named Brain
My Panasonic LX3 - no name

----- Greg Ounjian 02.12.09 06:47

butterlies in my stomach I love this bag. my laptop’s name is Toto because of its maker- Toshiba, my ipod shuffle’s name is Skippy - because it always skips my favourite songs my phone’s name is D.D.- Drop Dead - because it suddenly goes dead on me…lol… :)

----- Esli Alovi 02.12.09 06:55

I don’t have nicknames for my devices, but often address my laptop as “Beast”, especially when it’s misbehaving.

----- Aprille 02.12.09 06:57

i love these pouches! i do not have devices to fit into these pouches yet but would name pouches instead of devices: maxi, mini, and mini-mi. they are perfect for my hubby and his second wifey the inglorious i-phone!

----- wifey 02.12.09 06:58

i call my macbook savor, it has saved me from depressing moments.. on different occasions, providing creative strategies. & possibilities for the future. love my pro.

----- Nestor J. Dutan 02.12.09 06:59

I don’t have nicknames for my devices, but do often address my laptop as “Beast”, especially when it’s misbehaving.

----- Aprille 02.12.09 07:00

I call my macbook savor, it has saved me on depressing moments, on different occasions. Providing creative strategies for future possibilities. Love my pro.

----- Nestor J. Dutan 02.12.09 07:03

I save the anthropomorphism for my vehicles and, instead, prefer to assign nomenclature for my gadgets based upon words/phrases I utter most whilst using them…

MacBookPro = Silver
iPhone = F*ngAT&T
Canon DSLR = Sweetheart
Lamy fountain pen = Hancock
iPod shuffle = P.O.S.
Rhodia notebooks = Oranges
Laptop/Camera bag = Homebase

----- Blue 02.12.09 07:05

I’ve named my iTouch JAGpod

----- Jonathan 02.12.09 07:09

I call my macbookpro “the Iron Lady”,
she just amazing!and she definitely takes a certain spaces in my life, she’s part of it, i couldn’t live without,

pretty scary if you ask me!

----- Pieter Casteleyn 02.12.09 07:17

my Macbook is called Steve.. after the god himself. Rest of my gadgets remain nameless.

----- dee 02.12.09 07:25

I spend like, 80% of my time glued to my desk, so if I didn’t name all my devices like they were my friends, I think they would soon become my enemies. So I named them after characters in my favorite comic book, Dorohedoro. Heard of it? Well, look it up cuz you’re missing out. My laptop is Ebisu, iphone: Kai, external hard drive: Kikurage, and my iMac is named Johnson after a giant, humanoid, cockroach.

----- rem 02.12.09 07:25

I call my Ipod michaelpod. My macbook pro is called smurfette.

----- Michael 02.12.09 07:27

I like to name my devices after their places in my little ‘technological family’. My 1st gen MBP is Mama, with Papa being my external HD backup, and my iPod being Baby. The cellphone is the Black Sheep of the family!

I also name my bikes; The White Shadow (a white 70s bike named for the 70s TV series) & Hound Dog (named for the Elvis song!)

----- Meryl Friedman 02.12.09 07:30

I named my iPhone ‘i Fon’ (efon) Remember when Urkel would change to Stephaaaaan well thats how I felt my phone was like now that it could do a million things. I also named my Roomba ‘Roombie’ and it’s my little pet.

----- Lorenzo 02.12.09 07:33

Of course I love naming my gadgets and stuff around me!

My Mac tower is I Like “Turtle” (with Turtle icon)

my Iphone is Bao Bao

and my 2Tera external drive is Gnoccho JonOhNo (I combined my best friend’s name- Kyoko- with Gnocchi which I love to eat, and John who is my musician friend whom I always say “Oh No!” but i love the pun on John and Yoko Ono — i think it’s a bit of pun :)

----- Agnes 02.12.09 07:37

My first computer had a name. He was called “snake”. That was because he was a PC and never worked. He eventually caught fire and I lost my art school portfolio 2 months before graduation. Lessons learned so now I don’t have a “pet” name for my beautiful Mac. I just refer to it as “my baby” ;)

----- tracy 02.12.09 07:39

My MacBook and iPod are like the children I will never have haha.

iPod - my baby. she’s always by my side, i fall asleep with her, and i freak out when i think i’ve lost her.

MacBook Pro - sadly no name, but I guard it with my life… I have had the new MacBook Pro for almost a year and have not bough protection for it yet! but, the screen is SPOTLESS because whenever someone moves to touch it i yell out a slow motion “noooo”. very effective, but annoying i’ve been told.

----- Ella 02.12.09 07:44

Yes! My iPhone is named Howard the Duck!

These products are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us!

----- Natalie Marion 02.12.09 07:47

My MacBook Pro - Mother
My PC - SAL 9000
Old PC - HAL 9000
Camera - 1984
Of course! :)

----- Saladin 02.12.09 07:51

I name my computers! My desktop is Lloyd, and my laptop used to be Justin, but the harddrive failed and when my bf was reinstalling it, he renamed it Mothership.

----- Jen T 02.12.09 07:56

the mbp is named ‘my compüter’ , which is completely different than “my computer” the mac pro. Then, of course, we have nikòn, nikón, nikon, minolta, mamiya, rollei and holga.

Seriously, i don’t believe in changing their names just because i’ve adopted them from their birth parents.

----- holly 02.12.09 08:00

I have a note book. Analog. All paper. Some card. Bound it myself.
His name is Edwin. Sir Edwin fluffypants to those who don’t know him. He wont last forever. But I do love him dearly. I will make all of his successors in his image. Not a bad legacy for a notebook.

I have an Ipod. I got it for free. His name is Arthur. None of this Aardvark stuff though, I went regal. But Arthur King of the Brits was a bit too stuffy for my muted friend, so Arthur does him well. He is very modest.

I have a Macbook pro too. Her name is Rosie. You know the maid in the Jetsons? I thought it was fitting. Sleek, silver. Does my chores. Cooks me dinner. Keeps my entertained and rubs my shoulders just right. There is a caring side to Rosie, though she does complain at times. Her hard drive is called inner-space.

Finally, I have a flash drive USB stick thing. His name is Flashosaurus Rex. The King of all flash drives. Subtle. Sleek. But holds a whopping 56 gigs. Not bad for a stick of chewing gum. Eh?

Be well.

----- matt 02.12.09 08:13

My ipod shuffle is named Fluffy and my ipod touch is Fluffy II…

----- Mike 02.12.09 08:30

My macbook is DeLorean DMC12 and my iPod is Flux Capacitor. Which I think is pretty heavy.

----- Callum 02.12.09 08:38

iPhone name —> Jerry, as in “Jerry’s calling.”

----- Sabrina 02.12.09 08:51

I do not name my electronics, sadly. I don’t really name anything, not even my vehicles. I like it when people name there vehicles, i think it’s fun, but when I try, i just end up forgetting their name a couple days later. :( It’s so sad for me.

----- Jesgagnon 02.12.09 08:54

I was saying to my laptop, Cardinal Mehmet Polar-Bear, only the other day how he needed to tidy himself up a bit - you know, make a bit of effort, especially over the Christmas party season. My iPhone, Joey Nostrils Jr. agreed wholeheartedly but I was concerned to discover that he was intending on picking up a velour all-in-one over the before the end of the month!

I think we need to save Joey Nostrils Jr. from his velour nightmare and clothe him in an altogether more dignified felt finish.

----- Nick M 02.12.09 09:07

My iPhone is named Colin and to be cheeky I named my Samsung Jack John Hodgman!

My 15” MacBook Pro is named Miles and my 13” is named WorkBook Pro as it is for work!

I love all the Hard Graft products and lust after them daily!

----- Austin Grice 02.12.09 09:08

I call my Philips 42” 1080p lcd in the living = Mr. Broadcasteru!

“Hey I just bittorrented 1982’s The Long Good Friday.”

“Cool, let’s watch on Mr. Broadcasteru later tonight…”

----- mark s. inman 02.12.09 09:08

We call My Ipod touch the future, because i have all the answers right at the palm of my hand like i can read the future.

----- Doni DNGR! 02.12.09 09:14

i Call my MBP “Handsome”.

----- Nir Tober 02.12.09 09:22

So being born and raised in Hawaii, I name all my computers after islands or citys. Currently my macbook is “kona”, my external hard drives are Lanai, and Big Boy…ok that ones off but he is a Big Boy. Lastly my Wifi network is “Marlys Kingdom” named for my dog who rules the house.

----- Adam J. 02.12.09 09:22

macbook=phalange platform

----- Rebecca 02.12.09 09:31

Of course I name my electronic devices!

My desktop is called Pandamonium
My netbook is called PortaPanda
My ipod is called Pandapod
My phone is called Pandaphone.
Last but not least, my car is called Pandamobile.
I think there is a theme…

----- Drew 02.12.09 09:31

I don’t name my devices. It is a slippery slope on the way to sentient machines and I will have no part of enabling their rise to power.

----- Joe 02.12.09 09:37

my macbookpro, gringo, is named after the mustache it wears.

----- leslie ren 02.12.09 09:43

Kindle : Motoko
MBP : shes my baby :) and could use a nice flety home

----- Austin Murray 02.12.09 09:57

my ipod is named Jambox II
my macbook pro is named Lappy

----- matthimself 02.12.09 10:13

HP mini LIttle Vicky
Black berry 8520 : Atom (astroboy)
and Gerbil my actual moleskin :D

----- Walter O. 02.12.09 10:15

Is it bad that I named my MBP after my girlfriend’s best friend?

It’s named Pia btw…

----- Vince 02.12.09 10:24

I name my computers after British naval vessels from the battle of Trafalgar.

Laptop = Redoubtable
Desktop = Leviathan
iPhone = Revenge
ipod = Ajax

Pretty geeky if you ask me. I think I could live with one of those x sleeves.


----- Jeremiah Andrick 02.12.09 10:25

I don’t usually name my devices, but for no particular reason, every computer I have ever owned has been named Ted. When I made a long overdue upgrade to my current laptop, I named it Tedtron.

Also, my roommates and I refer to our coffee maker as “the fax machine,” if that counts…

----- Diana 02.12.09 10:26

I call my iPhone, my iSavior. It became everything I need lately and I am getting more and more addicted to it. My MacBook Pro is my ForbiddenFruit, because I rarely use it not, because my iPhone took it’s spot.

----- Vlad Gorshkov 02.12.09 10:32

I only name my bicycles, macbook, and one plant but for some reason not my other belongings/electronics.

Bike -> Stella
Macbook -> Buddy
Plant-> Octavius

----- Chihiro 02.12.09 10:49

hello and happy days of the holly to you all.

machine names, huh?
well, my iphone is saint teresita cos she saves my A all the time when i’m not around my lucha libre, paco (mbp). he’s pretty tough but too big to carry in my mittens. unless i had a little hard graft to slug it in. ;)

----- .d. 02.12.09 10:53

My 2 year old names my electronics and she’s still learning to pronounce stuff…

MacBook Pro - “Potobood” - She loves playing with Photobooth and taking pictures of herself. I sometimes wonder how someone so young can be so vain…

iPhone - “Daddypone” - She just turned 2 and has been using my iPhone for the last 12 months to watch YouTube videos of Barney, play games and take pictures. She sometimes calls random people too.

G5 - “Owwee” - she bumped her head on the tower and will now point at it and say Owwee to remind herself of the danger that looms nearby.

----- Jason e2q 02.12.09 11:01

Keepin it simple;

powerbook = {Money Maker}
ipod = {Dream Maker}
iphone = {The Horn}
NOTCOT = {my daily (more like hourly) dose of inspirational strength}

----- G 02.12.09 11:09

I name my devices. My desktop is Redo and my laptop is Undo

----- gregr 02.12.09 11:16

my ipod’s name is Toddy the iPoddy II. Toddy the iPoddy I passed away some time ago. I don’t know why but I don’t really feel inclined to name my Macbook Pro. My Volkswagen Golf is named VDub, real original, I know.

----- Grace 02.12.09 11:30

There are 3 things that i can’t live without:
1)My cell phone, a Nokia Xpress Music 5130 in blue
2)My ipod touch 3Gb
2)My Mini Macbook Pro
I’ve never named any of them and to think about it so sudden, i don’t know what I should name each of them because they are a part of my live, a part of me,myself. I thought of people that are part of my life or used to be, maybe I should name them after their names, but then I decided not to. Without this give-away-event, I wouldnt have realized how much i love these devices, they really are my babies, or more than that, they are there for me anytime, anywhere i need them, never judge, always listen, maybe this is weird, but i think it’s true. I ask myself how many nights I’ve been home by myself, just me, cell phone, macbook and the ipod touch, I would have been bored to death, lonely and pathetic without them. Therefore, I think I should name them, humanize them with the names I want to give to my unborn children ^_^
1) Nokia 5130: David the cell phone
2)Ipod touch: Mikey the Dj
3)Macbook: Zooey the lady

----- Chau Nguyen 02.12.09 11:40

My Macbook: My life.

----- pblee 02.12.09 11:51

my macbook pro is named “bee’s knees” for obvious reasons. my ipod is named “hiphoptimus prime” because i’m simple. i have a bike named “superbean”. I know that doesn’t fit the criteria but i wanted to include it.

----- Kyle 02.12.09 11:53

I call my laptop the silver computer and my desktop the white computer.

----- Heather 02.12.09 12:01

Love the sleeve, they always do such a good job. Very clean and dapper looking.

We actually name all of the computers in our office, in no particular order and no theme.

Imacs: Milo, SpeedyGonzales (speedy for short), and HighGloss
Mac Pro: Ellie
Laptop: Indie

----- Sean 02.12.09 12:04

I’d name them if I didn’t break/lose them so easily. Remember Charlie? I left him on the roof of my car :(.

----- JohnWayne 02.12.09 12:12

Car = Rula (after me grams)
iPod = Keith
Home Computer = Sweatpea
Laptop = Bastard (it’s a pc….)
Pet cat = Fishstick (do cat’s count as devices if they are your device of joy?)

----- Steven 02.12.09 12:15

I also call my Macbook Pro laptop my baby. It was a gift a couple of years ago and it remains the most expensive piece of technology I own.
My Ipod is called Music is Love. It was also a gift, but this time from my boss.

----- Sarah Meyers 02.12.09 12:18

actually as kid i named all my toys and plus animals just like me, but i numbered them Léïa-Fahé 1 (that was my white teddy bear), Léïa-Fahé 2 (my brown teddybear that records a message when you press on his tummy), and so on…

but since i “matured” now and realized my parents gave me a good start in the geek department by naming me after princess Leia in Star Wars, i truly felt the need to name all my devices and gadgets accordingly.

it started with my first ipod,
the mirror of my musical taste,
basically my soul mate.

i called him Han Solo.

…then came the rest

my usb key: Chewbacca
my home computer: Anakin
my old modem: r2d2
my router: c3po
my external hard drive: Wicket W. Warrick (the friendly e-wok)
my digital camera: Jar Jar Binks
my cell phone: Obi-Wan

the only thing that clashes is my laptop named Peach after the princess in Mario Bros. which is also my nickname

----- Leia-Fahe 02.12.09 12:27

My computer’s named “Stella”, and my iPod is “Come on! Just hang on until Christmas!” Unfortunately, I haven’t named my phone… yet!

----- Allison 02.12.09 12:30

Don’t name my electronics, but they’re all male for some reason. Oh, I named my first ipod penelope. :)

----- Jade 02.12.09 12:41

Of course one has to name their gear. My video cam is named ‘Snowflake’, my laptop is named’ Calinda’, thought I just realized I have yet to name my phone. Weird. Well here is to winning! Love Hard Graft’s work.

----- Paul 02.12.09 12:42

I named my pink vaio laptop PINKY:) and I love scouring the net for sleeves for her protection.

----- KellieOxie 02.12.09 12:56

I named my pc “Alvaruccio” and my ipod “Camilla” as the cow and the turtle protagonists of the italian version of “Ox tales”

----- Paola 02.12.09 12:59

I don’t name my devices, but I do anthropomorphize them with those funny inanimate characters stickers I got from ThinkGeek. Silly eyes and mouths for everything!

----- april 02.12.09 13:09

my iphone is “Flajoubalotamous” (pronounced flah-joob-uh-lot-a-muss) just because it’s really fun to say & it’s a word that sounds like a multi-facited animal — similar to my iphone, actually. i didn’t name my laptop or desktop but if i did, i would name my desktop “Dead” because…well, it is, and i’d name the laptop “Palimpsest” (or “Pal” for short) because it all laptops remind me my childhood etch-a-sketch that i used to carry around in my knapsack & no matter how hard i shook it, there was always a trace of image left on the screen. fortunately, my laptop computer screen doesn’t do that but the computer certainly leaves a trace of every action that i make leaving behind a history and record of use that can be uncovered if you know how. thanks!

----- Stephen 02.12.09 13:12

ah, the naming of inanimate objects… the most unfortunate name i’ve ever given anything was my last macbook named iocaste - never name anything you count on after a tragic greek character - it can only lead to heartbreak and tears.

i do name everything - my car is golfcart, my current macbook is cupcake, and my journal is vivienne, just to name a few.

----- lauren michele 02.12.09 13:24

I have enough problems with emotional attachment to my gadgets without naming them…

I was depressed for a week when I replaced my old MacBook with my new MBP.

----- J. Kyle 02.12.09 13:25

iPod = the Kenneth Farnsworth project
Macbook = haha, it’s still the honeymoon phase and I haven’t got past “my darling! my baby!”

----- Ashley 02.12.09 13:32

Macbook: MacGyver
iPhone: essential
iPod: iPod

Keep up the good work guys! Both you and the people @ Hard Graft. Happy hollidays!

----- Matt 02.12.09 13:42

device names: 13” MacBook Pro: shwynnbookmbp; ipod touch: shwynntouch; blackberry: shwynnberry; camera: shwynnshots. i’m not obsessed with my nickname, i swear. my partner and i have the same devices, so we have to distinguish them from one another!

----- sherwynn 02.12.09 13:52

I totally don’t name my devices, BUT I SOOOOOOO WANT THIS!

----- Myra Greenlee 02.12.09 14:09

I always name my electronics. my ipods all have rhyming names:

original ipod: IKE
Second original i pod: SPIKE
ipod nano: TYKE
new ipod classic: BLIKE (it’s black, so black + ike = blike)

Still working on a name for my new macbook pro…

----- rachel 02.12.09 14:27

I usually don’t name my devices. However, I do get harassed consistently for referring to my blackberry as a cell phone.
“Its a smart phone!” says the man I love, who insisted we look at the Hard Graft site for nearly 30 minutes.

----- Zoe 02.12.09 14:46

never named them before but here goes…

imac - frank (as in -enstein) - it’s 5 years old and, after losing its motherboard, was patched together a couple of times from other computer bits, but is still trooping along..

powershot - benji - faithful daily companion, always by my side..

pretty stuff, my friend…

----- eve sinclair 02.12.09 15:08

my laptop’s name is serendipity ;-)

----- denise 02.12.09 15:12

White iphone 3gs: Stevey
15 inch Macbook Pro: Stella
nikon d40x: big boy

----- Amanda Jean Miller 02.12.09 15:29

Oh man… I’ve been lusting over the Hard Graft stuff for a year or two now. They have such a nice a aesthetic and great material. Also, must make a trip to Austria!

----- Polina 02.12.09 15:30

I named my iPhone Jeff Phoneblum and my iPod touch Maximus Ipodius (RIP I dropped him in a pool). My computer’s name is Jeeves.

----- Alison 02.12.09 15:49

A weird one. My mother has christened all the iPods in my home. We are Spanish but we live in a northern region with another language as well. We are bilingual.

My mother understands nothing about technology and for her iPod sounds like hipo (hiccups in Spanish) However, in our Galician language hipo/hiccups is xalouco and that is the name for any iPod at my house Xalouco.

----- Fila11 02.12.09 16:08

my mac’s name is prototot. i also name my keyboard… penny lane.

----- Ibarra Padolina 02.12.09 16:13

My phone is called Flaky, because i tend to break it or lose it about every 3 months. So each new one gets the same name… they all flake out

----- Emilyb 02.12.09 16:16

Amazing product shots.

My Macbook Pro is “Captain Awesome”.

His sidekick-in-kickass, a 40gb iPod, “Little Awesome”, was stolen on the train. His replacement, an iPod Touch, is appropriately named “Revenge of Little Awesome”.

I recently got a non-work iMac for home, which acts as the hub for all the technology. It’s called “The Awesomecave”.

I also have an Verizon/LG phone. It doesn’t get a name.

----- Garrett 02.12.09 16:18

I absolutely name my electronics. Ipod is named Chesterfield and Macbook is named Auto-man.

----- Spencer Wilton 02.12.09 16:31

I named my laptop “The Dream Machine.” I am a designer and I seek inspiration through my laptop and it then helps me dream up the designs I create!

----- bryce 02.12.09 16:32

I have named my iphone James Westphal and my macbook Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.

----- Rex Smith 02.12.09 16:52

I didn’t think I named my things but was suprised to realised that I do, and don’t even realise. I of course, am Felonius B. So all my little helpers are spawned from the same family. Desktop is BigB, lappy is littleB, iphone is felonius phonius, ipod nano is microB

----- Felonius B 02.12.09 17:11

I named my Wii Hildegard and my iPhone Francoise. My Macbook Pro is nameless, but that’s because I would be too sad if someday he died.

----- Meg 02.12.09 17:20

a bit embarrassing to admit that I have named my devices…
iPod shuffle: claudia
iPod: alabaster
iPhone: clarice

----- matthew 02.12.09 17:23

No name for my devices …. since they are not really personalize yet…
May be a little cover would help to personalize them ;-)
Great work by the way!


----- Audrey 02.12.09 18:20

my ipod is carlos. my notebook is carl. my mobile is unreliable.

----- asha 02.12.09 18:28

Mmmm… not I do not name my electronics, but i’ve named my boyfriend’s car Milton. BTW hardgraft makes an amazing product, i’ve been thinking of getting my boyfriend a sleeve forever now. this would be an amazing holiday gift. then he’ll have to owe me forever!

----- nikki 02.12.09 18:30

mmm my hard drive is called blue circles, usb big munky and small munky, and my friend’s pink blackberry we call pinkberry :)

----- Anne 02.12.09 18:33

Certainly do, NotCot, the names of my electronics are:
-Laptop is The Vault
-Iphone is MiniVault
-Girlfriends ipod is MiniLove
-Family Desktop is FortKnox
-Camera is The Canon

Not too silly, just purposeful, personalised and easy.

----- Guy 02.12.09 18:39

My MacBook Pro’s name is Cornelieus. He replaced my Powerbook Sorensen when his logic board failed for the second and final time. Cornelieus has a son in my ipod Cornelieus Jr. My two external hard drives are Ouroboros and Snake respectively. I haven’t ever named my cameras… perhaps because I feel like I couldn’t refer to them by first name… it seems almost improper to be so familiar with ladies and gentlemen of the older film generation, the Mrs. Astors types of my family. My phone is also nameless… probably due to my desire to not be seen as friends with it. My devices get names based on their personalities, I really can’t explain why each has the name they do. They speak to me and I name them accordingly.

----- Valerie 02.12.09 18:52

My Vaio has had so many problems that I have not had time to get to know and name it. I’m thinking about getting a Mac.
If I had to name my PC, I guess it’s name is Nancy (Sideways Stories from Wayside School: Ch. 28. Nancy—-Nancy (who is a boy) trades names with his girlfriend Mac (from the 23rd floor, who is a girl), but when the rest of the class hears about this they want to trade names as well.)

----- Emi 02.12.09 19:04

Haha, I totally have to name my electronics. My ipod is Funky Angus the Tune Box. My home MacBook is Vince Noir and my work MacBook Pro is Hans Gruber

----- Fraser 02.12.09 19:27

My ipod (a third generation) was named DaPod in June 2003. I guess they don’t make em like they used to because it is still going strong. The new ones seem to crap out after a few years.

----- Ryan 02.12.09 19:37

I call my PC ‘Mac’ because I’m projecting.
I call my iPod ‘Lost’ because I alway seem to misplace it.
I call my camera ‘camera’ because it takes pictures.
I call my phone ‘Frisky’ because it’s a touch screen.

----- Ryan Jenkins 02.12.09 19:44

The two devices I named are my iPhone and iPod Nano. Bebo is my iPhone which is named after the Ugly Doll. The Nano is Sylvester which was one of my favourite toys when I was a kid.

----- R. Quizon 02.12.09 19:48

my mac is known as getty, but don’t tell anyone.

----- rich 02.12.09 20:06

I’ve never named my devices, that’d be weird. But my washing machines is called Max.

----- Matt Ryan 02.12.09 20:07

Well, when I first got my laptop I named it deathstar because I had just started getting it operational. I now fear it.

My MP3 player is called little guy.

----- John G 02.12.09 20:17

I have a mac book pro 15” - and I called it THTHTMTH - (too hot too hold, too much to handle) hehe.

----- David Lee 02.12.09 20:27

My Macbook pro is Bender
My Iphone is, Devil Machine.. I hate it, but I need it.
My camera is the witness

----- Nico Soto 02.12.09 20:40

Macbook: Dingleberry

Ipod: Dingleberry Jr.

Girlfriend: Ms. Dingleberry

Cat: Louis Dingleberry III.

----- cody taggart 02.12.09 20:42

My husband works in IT and he is obsessed with gadgets. I don’t think he names them but I do have names I call them.

Mac Book: “The Mistress”
Ipod: “Infection”
Cellphone Droid: “Sound-Proof”
Camcorder: “Battle Damage” (I gave it to him when we were in Iraq, it has seen better days)

----- Josie 02.12.09 21:11

Brittany. I call everything Brittany.

----- James 02.12.09 21:15

I call my PC “I wish you were a Mac”
- A designer to poor to buy a new laptop

----- Wanice Meow 02.12.09 21:39

the iphone is name kyePhone. the iPod was name kyePod [but has since fallen out of use thanks to kyePhone] and the MacBook Pro is simple kyeBook. i’m really quite creative

----- Kyechin 02.12.09 21:59

My macbookpro is Charlie
My phone is Charlie
My teddy bear is named Charlie too.
Wait so is my ps3
I just love that name.

----- Melodykid 02.12.09 22:25

Yea, I named the iPhone “Ivory” (it’s the white one, and my wife’s is Ebony)
The iPod Nano is “Dead” (It’s NEVER charged because of the iPhone)
The Macbook goes unnamed
The Blackberry is named “Sucks” (it’s my work berry)
The Canon G10 is was “The Camera” but now it’s “The Little Camera”
The Canon 5D Mark II is now “My Mistress” because it makes the wife jealous!

----- Kristiano 02.12.09 22:40

I don’t name my gadgets, but I do enjoy jelling at some of the games on my iphone or macbook when I’m not able to get to the next level.

----- Alex 02.12.09 23:58

17” Macbook Pro: “Eve” (Inspired by using Razer accesories with the laptop, thus Apple + Snakes)

----- Alex 03.12.09 02:30

First I was used to call my Time capsule “Banquise” (in french ;) the piece of ice where you find penguins you see ?) and after, my MBPro Pingouin (french for Penguin), iPhone miniPingouin

Now I changed for something more green. my Network -> theForest / TimeCapsule -> theAncient / iPhone -> mushroom / MBPro -> squirrel ;)

----- Bastian 03.12.09 03:11

My wife calls my iPhone, “Sarah”. She calls the iPhone Sarah because I seem to pay more attention to it than her. (My wife’s assessment, not mine!) There is some element of truth to the assertion though. Like a mistress, I’m always sneaking off to check Sarah’s email, twitter, SMS, or play a game. And worst of all, I get really nervous when she picks up Sarah, just like you might if you suddenly find your mistress and your wife talking to each other at the bar. Will my wife learn some of my deep dark secrets? Will my mistress suddenly betray me? Are they laughing at me??? Oh, the gut-wrenching tension!

----- Alan 03.12.09 04:08

just love this design!

my macbookpro is called (m)iPrecious - offcourse, what else is it to me than that? :)

----- Anette 03.12.09 04:59

My MBP is named Moose and I’ve always called my iPods, Dopi.

----- Ian 03.12.09 05:11

Ii LOVE this company. i’m not just saying this…maybe i am.

my products change names:

sometimes my macbook is just my macbook, sometimes it’s the black box, sometimes it’s Fu***** thing, sometimes it’s I wish I were a macbook pro. you see, it’s all dependent on my mood, and of course the mood of my computer.

my iphone can just be my iphone, or where is that bloody thing? or when i’m not really trying, just my phone.

my shuffle is always my i should be running device.

my leica camera is called layaway.

the hard graft i don’t have simply has tags on my delicious account of shop and buy. but i bet i could come up with a pretty spiffy name.

ps. the new iphone holder is amazing!

----- carrie rodd 03.12.09 05:53

I do not name my gadgets as they tend to live as long as a my pet fish.

Last week’s sad loss was my MacBook Pro which fell to a glass of water. Actually, water seems to usually be the instrument of death.

I think a felt pouch would absolutely increase their lifespan. ;)

----- Genevieve 03.12.09 05:58

sorry…I have to work with that stuff…no time for names ;-)

but thinking on hard graft/austria and apple products…. names like “harry lime”, “holly martins”, “anna schmidt” or “major calloway” came into my mind

----- Nico 03.12.09 06:04

Our Mac doesn’t have a name, but it thinks it is called ‘Don’t touch that!” We have 4 kids, and equally nameless PC for them to use - the Mac supports business, hobby, and entertainment for my wife, so they are strongly encouraged not to use it!

----- Ray Saunders 03.12.09 06:07

After being very against the iPhone and speaking how “technology will ruin us all”…I went out and got the 3G S last night. I adore it. Haven’t named it yet. Can we have a contest to name my phone?
My laptop is another story. It’s the burden that follows me everywhere. If I was to name it, it would be called Bob. Bob is a slow Dell that my company loans me. Bob doesn’t like to do too much work. He’s cranky most of the time and between you and I, he is heavy. I don’t mean “big boned”, he’s just had way too many GBs and needs to shed some. Bob and I are taking a flight to Salt Lake City today. Bob is afraid of flying but has it pretty easy since I have to lug him everywhere in my beat up bag. Bob doesn’t realize though how important he is. If he oneday feels the need to self destruct, he will ruin me. Isn’t that terrifying?!?!

----- Susan 03.12.09 06:07

MacBook Pro: Fiar (misspelled ‘Friar’ and liked the results)
Cell Phone: Greg Ho (after my real estate agent)
Ipod Touch: Big Tone (After a singer I seem to like)

----- Beni 03.12.09 06:30

ha, what a great question! :D
well, let me introduce:
iBot - my ipod touch
sylekiisu (estonian for lapkitty) - my laptop
Mr Liebherr - my fridge, oh I just love him :)
tractor - my external hard drive :D

----- Liisa 03.12.09 06:48

I name all of my devices after characters from Wes Anderson movies. My external is Pagoda, my ipod is Mister Littlejeans, and my computer is Royal.

----- Steven Yenzer 03.12.09 10:08

my blackberrys name is leon.

----- wolf 03.12.09 10:08

notebook - Bertha
blackberry pearl - Lucinda
even though it’s not really an electronic, my car’s name is Jose

They all have their green cards

----- Trina Assur 03.12.09 10:13

macbook, ipod, cell; i dont have any nicknames for my gadgets

----- Bethany 03.12.09 10:20

iPhone: Mona
MacBook Pro: Lisa


----- Julian 03.12.09 10:37

Really nice! Also very much like the 3 function bag: http://shop.hardgraft.com/product/3fold-multi-use-leather-laptop-bag

----- David 03.12.09 10:49

My iPod is dance machine, I got it as a present to replace my wonderful mini that broke (the mini was slick), my mother had “keep on dancing” engraved on the back, therefore, dance machine. And my laptop (a new MacBook Pro) is Baby Bee, not too original, by it is truly my Baby and I think I love it more than I could love a man. hehe.

----- Sarah 03.12.09 11:20

I had a G5 tower at work named Skeeter. RIP.

----- Jeff 03.12.09 11:30

I love naming inanimate things! Usually when I get a new laptop, Apple throws in an ipod, so the pairings deserve complementing names: my last set was Prometheus (17”macbook pro)/Pandora (ipod). Now, I’m writing from Apollo (my 13”mbp) and am rocking out to Apollo’s Raven, my new black nano.
It’s also mandatory to name a car. My 94 Volvo inherited Selene from the previous owner.

----- Mike B 03.12.09 13:07

My iPhone is named Fred. Just because I like the name. My MBP is simply named “my girlfriend.”

----- Destin 03.12.09 13:11

my netbook’s tiny tiger and my macbook’s colossalyouth

----- tina 03.12.09 13:28

my macbook: Kenneth

my wireless network: Kyle

my ipod: monkey-dance-machine

my dog: chicken

----- Michaela 03.12.09 13:30

My names for devices are usually pretty constant, but have changed over time. My MacBook is ‘Snowflake’, after a short trial period being called ‘Yeti’. Unsurprisingly, my MacBook is an older white model.

I find the devices and objects I’m most attached to end up going nameless, because they feel more like an extension of myself. My convertable messenger / shopper bag, and my iPhone, fall into this category.

My printer, however, is called ‘that piece of s**t’.

----- Jon Crowley 03.12.09 13:52

i call my hard drive lady clap trap. for real :)

----- sohail akhavein 03.12.09 13:53


So my Powerbook is called “TIA” as in “this is Africa”, seeing that it was stolen the first day I moved to Cape Town, thrown over a wall, probably dragged over the ground and then “found” found by the police at the bus station around the corner of my place. Luckily it was returned to me by the police - probably only because the operating system was in German and no one could use my “German” as it was known back then…

So it would love to be covered in some soft soft material and strapped up all around to hide its bruises and to make sure no new ones develop! And it might not be know as the “German” anymore but it will still enjoy the bondage.. hahahahaha

----- Florentine 03.12.09 13:55

As a recent college grad, struggling in NYC, I am saving pennies and skipping my daily coffee to save money for my boyfriend’s Christmas gift this year. This is PERFECT for his new Macbook (also a recent grad, he can’t afford a case and his computer got banged up in his bag last week…he is so bummed!) If I won you would make my… YEAR! I have never won ANYthing in my life!

Oh yeah…so a name for his Macbook…we’ll call it Swine. A new disease (my bf is addicted to his Mac) that is slightly sick (from falling last week!) That’s my best…it’s been a long day @ work. :)

----- Samantha 03.12.09 13:56

I haven’t named any of mine. But I do question what they call me when I’m not around.

----- Micah 03.12.09 15:18

I name all my electronics. Thotfulspot is my laptop, Schminke is my file server, iphone is schmancy, iPod is schlurpy. I’ve always done this and really don’t know why. It does make my network interesting.

----- Ron Hollatz 03.12.09 15:39

My MBPro is called Paddington… no not really, I just made that up to win the gorgeous Hand Graft sleeve

----- Marc 03.12.09 16:13

I LOVE how the laptop sleeve lookes, very classy. I actually don’t nickname my gadgets and such, but since I am from Mexico I do call my macbook “La Laptop”, which sounds awesome.

PS I don’t know if it counts, but I call my samsung touch phone “wannabe Iphone”, it was given to me after my iphone was stolen.

----- Manuel 03.12.09 16:26

I always name my toys! My last laptop was called slimjim because it was so much slimmer than my first one. My boyfriend calls his PC beast so i named my new one beauty, together they are Beauty and the Beast.

----- Stephanie Mitchell 03.12.09 16:45

My MacBook Pro is named Scout, after my (freelance) design company.

My iPod died, rest her digital soul. Maybe she needs a name now, in iHeaven. How about iVana.

My iPhone’s name is Rupert. He ran away from home.

Let me know if you find him.

----- RION 03.12.09 17:11

Blackberry : boss
Laptop : brain
Camera : third eye

----- ITIR AVCI 03.12.09 18:01

I wish I could think of a name for am laptop but I know it is a girl :P

----- Christina 03.12.09 18:17

Ahhh, the HardGraft sublime creations! Plus the soothing though that I’m not the only one that names objects with personal names!
Macbook Air is “Mac-cho” (“cho” is an endearment suffix in Bulgarian” :) … this theme carries to other objects too and even to my cats ;)
At work my 2 xbox and 2 PS3 development kits are: Kamehameha, Daisy, Chupacabra and Fluffy, respectively.

----- Valeria 03.12.09 18:27

my macbookpro
i call it ralphie
i love the christmas story

----- steph 03.12.09 18:31

my macbookpro is DadofEllaMBP

Ella is my 5 month old. :)

----- matt 03.12.09 18:38

Camera (k20D) - Taxer, for pentax, and I feel like I’m constantly putting money into it.
Macbook Pro - Rasputin, he’s lived through all the tumbles.

----- Ryan Pendrick 03.12.09 19:14

15” Powerbook = ‘the big apple’
10” Asus Eee PC = ‘baby laptop’

----- Clare 03.12.09 19:19

My iMac is Cherry.
My macbook is Pi.

Hard Graft has my serious lust.

----- Christine 03.12.09 19:20

My MacBook Pro should be called ‘the Moneymaker’ from now on!

----- Matt Pierce 03.12.09 19:46

i named all my devices, yes indeed! they all are living things to me ;)
my green laptop name: meeneeme
my PSP name: R2
my LG slide phone name: D2
my SONY ERICSSON phone name: babybee
and my lost tamagotchi name: ms.eggdgie

----- dara 03.12.09 20:36

I call my new Macbook ‘500’ in recognition to my 500th post!

----- Richard 03.12.09 20:49

my laptop likes being called by his nickname, puter, please.

----- McKenna 03.12.09 23:59

I dont usually name things, but my mbp is called small. No moniker for my iphone though.

----- Ted 04.12.09 00:07

Yeah, I usually name my electronics. My laptop’s name is Harriet, my natbook’s name is Penny, and even my car is named Dorthy, after my grandma.

----- Brian 04.12.09 01:46

I’ll just tell you my favorite:

my shuffle is “Sorted Bliss”

My goodness, so many comments/entries! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this beautiful giveaway…

----- Andrea 04.12.09 02:41

My MacBook is named Spica, my iPhone is Azumi, and my externals are Eon and Epoch.

----- Omar McFarlane 04.12.09 05:54

Oh right… and my ipod’s name is ipodlina.

----- Polina 04.12.09 07:19

my macbook is sadly annonymous!

----- alison 04.12.09 07:26

So, I have some things named:
My tower at work (obviously a mac) is Starsky.
My iphone is Alexander (after alexander gramm bell).
My canon camera is Obsura.
My car is a Cobalt and I’ve named him Hawk. (because he is agile and even if he gets a bit beat up he keeps going…Tony Hawk).

----- Betty 04.12.09 07:37

I don’t name mine, but I call my husband’s laptop his girlfriend, and his former bluetooth earpiece his borg. Thankfully, like Jean Luc, he has escaped from the borg!

----- Karen 04.12.09 07:54

my macbook is called “dinky”

----- Dom 04.12.09 08:10

My laptop is named: El Computador Magnifico

----- Lukas 04.12.09 08:39

it’s easyer to call everything.. just… thing. so, it goes like this:
Where is the thing?
Mum, have you seen my thing?

----- kostas 04.12.09 09:07

I always try to find unique names to call my gadgets. So far I’ve only named my portable USB drive, so when it shows up on another computer it can be easily identified. Cassius, I’ve heard of it before from Cassius Clay, the birthname of Muhammed Ali. Also there’s a band called Cassius, which I love. Other than that, it serves no purpose to name anything else.

----- Erwin John Labra 04.12.09 10:46

macbook pro: Lappy McLapperson (when he’s feeling extra sassy: Lap von Lappenwurst)

ipod: ein II

minolta camera: helmut

nikon D70: buster

boyfriend’s cameras: otto, magnum the minute, buzzy, sylvie

camera boyfriend wants: klaus

brother’s nikon D200: Dieter

boyfriend’s car: nico

my old car: gunther

GPS: gypsy

G1: smalls

…i’m starting to realize this is a bit of an obsession.

----- nami 04.12.09 10:58

My Desktop: BOB (I don’t even remember why anymore, I’ve just always renamed all my desktops to BOB right after I make a new one)
PS3: MCP from Tron (I’m a bit of a nerd plus I use my PS3 to access all the media in the living room)
laptop 1: Remy (the main one and I just really like that name)
laptop 2: LT
iphone: the I

----- Stephanie Y 04.12.09 11:00

let’s see, I can’t say my devices convey the most exciting of symbols, but personally hilarious nonetheless.
iphone- Spargel (asparagus in german)
ipod- Wooly Mammoth IV (a descendant of those who died before it)
laptop- Deus ex Machina (the god machine)

thats about it. I havnt really named my PS3 but it would probably be something along the lines of beast or destroyer.

----- Cody Tumblin 04.12.09 11:08

My macbook is my baby #1, My Camera is my baby #2, my blackberry is my baby #3. I have named my Mac Alison, because whenever i log into photoshop, my friend turned the voice control on to say “Hello Angela.” and My response was.. “Hello… Alison…”

----- Angela Conners 04.12.09 11:09

I used to, but electronics these days don’t seem to have the soul they used to…

----- Emily M. 04.12.09 12:02

My MacBook is called “Captain Awesome Pants”

----- Stephen 04.12.09 13:03

my cellphone: “found it”
my computer: “the box”
laptop: “lapburner” needs a cover!

----- JOHN 04.12.09 13:03

I’ve never really named any of my things, not even my car. Which might be the reason why it’s in the shop right now after being t-boned. Perhaps if I started naming my things, they wouldn’t rebel on me quite so often. On my list of things to be named: my 17” mbp, ipod touch, blackberry, and my civic.

Hmm…3 of those 4 things currently need to be taken in for one reason or another…

----- Anh 04.12.09 13:33

I name all the electronics in my life! My Laptops name is “Phat-machine II” and my external is “Slim-machine”. All mobile phones have been fondly referred to as “Cellie Tellie”. The TV’s name is Mike. My mp3 player is “Gum”. My PS1 is “P.S.” and my PS2 is “Prissy”.

Even my cars have names! The Corolla was Kora (RIP Kora) At the moment I’m borrowing my Dad’s car, TOM; an acronym for The Old Man (to my father’s dismay).

----- Amelia Chan 04.12.09 13:39

My computer is named: Lugosi (after Bella Lugosi—it drains power like Bella drained blood).
My bike is named: Beast of Burden—it takes me everywhere I want to go.
My record player is named: The Auditory Fountain (drink from the well of gorgeous sound).
My ipod is named: Mr. Not My Vinyl III

----- Allen 04.12.09 14:05

I refer to all of my personal tech stuff as “master”; considering that I seem to belong to them versus the opposite.

Eg- leaving the house
“where the hell is my blackberry! I cant live/leave without it!”

Teeny computers, i bow to thee.

----- Sean 04.12.09 14:22

i have two ipods— a clunky, white, first generation one that i named “good cat” and a sleek, black video one that i named “bad dog” (both are allusions to “lucky number slevin”…

the rest of my devices i name by HD size (boring, i know): so my ps3 is “40 gigger”, my mac pro is “300 gigger”, my mac book is “120 gigger”, my flash drive is “4 gigger”, etc. etc…

----- justin p 04.12.09 14:43

Laptop name: LightSwitch

----- Molly 04.12.09 15:42

I name most everything women’s names.
Hard drives: Allesandra, Susie Derkins, Layla, Sienna, Melrose, Ginger, and more
Car: I hate it—I call it the Fuckiss, sometimes the Fuck-Ass (Ford Focus)
Bicycle: Isabella
Bows: (I used to shoot archery professionally) Jenny, Elise, Adriana, Sophie, Luciella, Cicilia
Camera: Simone

----- Tyler Benner 04.12.09 15:51

Uhh, felt goods. Love it.

Call my MacBook = jBook . In remembrance of the now long forgotten iBook series.
Just call my iPhone my phone - concise and easy to remember.

----- Johan 04.12.09 17:05

My MacBook is named Big Maybelle.

----- Kaveh Haerian 04.12.09 17:06

my old hp laptop that recently passed away was named : gizmo
I just thought that it was a cute name for a laptop

my nikon camera name is: shutterbug

my nintendo DS is: killa

----- Eunice Choi 04.12.09 18:05

All my electronics are my children. They all get pet names, like beautiful, muffin, dollface, and pumpkin. My new MacBook Pro is a goddess, and I tell her how gorgeous she is every day. Also, I don’t know why, but all my gadgets are girls, except my iPhone. It’s still my baby, but it’s definitely a boy.

----- Vanessa 04.12.09 18:16

I wish I can nick-named my devices, but then I might called them with the wrong name (just like sometime with people’s name, lol!), I shall not make them angry… I just call them what they are, like PSP, PS3, camera, etc…

----- I Hsuan 04.12.09 18:54

named mine by electronic by pantone swatches

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:17

*sorry, named my electronic by pantone swatches

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:18

I named my mac book pro,The Double R, my external hard drive, The Great Norther, and my iPod, Agent Cooper. Any Twin Peaks fans here?

----- Rich 04.12.09 22:17

my fiancee got a dslr for her birthday and it was named ‘jija jija’ due to the sound made by the shutter when taking a picture! and it so happens that ‘jija’ sounds like the mandarin word for ‘talkative’…thus she probably has the only ‘talkative’ dslr in the world:)

----- emerson ang 04.12.09 22:39

My LaCie is cleverly named LaCie. Most of my machines have the default name “Trevor’s MacBook Pro,” “Trevor’s Mac Mini.” I usually call my girlfriend woman. Love the Hard Graft stuff.

----- Trevor 04.12.09 23:45

MBP /// biggie-lap
MBA \\ go-lap (my friends call it skinny)
iPhone /// There’s an App for that…

----- Dimitri 05.12.09 00:01

I named my iPod Peter, after the rabbit, a few months after my first iPod, Johannes, was murdered at the Apple Store. In addition, I’ve named my macbook Winston after the internet phenom cat. I don’t have a cat in real life and probably never will, but I like to pretend that Winston is my cat…except he’s trapped in the computer.

----- Jessica 05.12.09 00:07

I call Blackberries “Blueberries”. By accident, not on purpose. I just can’t help it. It makes me look like an idiot.

----- Katie Brown 05.12.09 02:50

macbook is ‘little buddy’

----- robert 05.12.09 05:07

my Macbook.. l’Blanc
My Blackberry.. l’noir

Most definitely my babies!

All c’est chic!

----- Lesley-Anne Buckland 05.12.09 05:31

my old 1.gen iphone is Starous (in english Oldster), MacBook Pro is MacBook Pro, iPod is iPod don’t have idea how to call them. Maybe “Gadgets names” book could help me ;]

----- Jan Vyvadil 05.12.09 08:09

I named my iphone its called the Great Messiah because I dropped in the toilet and it was day for 7 days and then magically turned back on and worked!

----- Alexis 05.12.09 08:57

What an awesome giveaway!

Macbookpro = mack the knife.

Happy Holidays!!

----- Jessica 05.12.09 09:12

I call my Pc = “Tarro”
My girlfirend’s iMac is “cutie”
my laptop is “ñau”

----- Jose-Luis Ayala 05.12.09 09:35

I never really name my electronics, though I usually call them nasty names when they’re hiding from me in my apartment, making me late for everything…

----- nick 05.12.09 09:51

miPhone, miPod, Mine’s Shiny = my shiny (used to be) new MacBook

----- Mine 05.12.09 10:57

My wife refers to my iPhone as “the mistress”

----- joe 05.12.09 12:03

27” iMac = TV
13” MacBook = macbook
PC = dust catcher
iPhone = iPhone

----- RGBNERD 05.12.09 12:26

I have a MBP and I usually call it Lappy (influenced by Strong Bad). I also have a iPod Touch that I have yet to name. This is a really cool giveaway!

----- Emily Mabry 05.12.09 12:32

The names I call my devices might not make it through moderation!
My blackberry pearl in particular gets called some pretty colorful things.

----- Eileen 05.12.09 13:15

My ipod Touch is, “Pinky”,
and my Macbook Pro is, “Brain” :)

----- Maggie 05.12.09 14:00

My iphone is named holmes
Solves all my problems…
Love my hard graft case for it too…

----- Steve 05.12.09 14:24

cellphone: Mudkipz
sandisk mp3 player 1/2: Thomas Jefferson I/II
flash drive 1/2/3: Alexander Hamilton I/II/III
flash drive 4: Myfanwy
creative zen vision: Pope Fitzwilliam
ipod touch: William Walker
old external: Gaeta
new external: Temrer
old laptop: Monkey D Luffy
current laptop: hey thar computar

Hilarious (not really) anecdote: I would often plug both Thomas Jefferson I and Alexander Hamilton I in at the same time, so in my mind these two historical personages were totally DUKING IT OUT through the medium of my laptop. And then Thomas Jefferson I froze and died, and I never laughed again.

----- Gabrielle 05.12.09 14:35

My Macbook is called Phil as it fills me in all the information I need and want to learn about.

----- Marci 05.12.09 15:40

My ipod’s name is Ozymandias from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem:

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert … Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed.

And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

----- liz 05.12.09 16:22

I have a blackberry and a macbook pro.

I generally call my blackberry, “where’d I put it”, and my laptop is lovingly called “please don’t break”. Microsoft tainted my faith in computers.

----- Connor 05.12.09 18:45

At first my devices are just simply devices. But using them everyday they somehow naturally take on names.

Beloved ipod = joe (after Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe)
Trusted cellphone = fido (because it’s always loyal like a dog)
Essential macbook = mr. roboto (because my macbook is always a gentleman even when it freezes)
Handy flash drive = jack (after The Stones’ Jumpin’ Jack Flash)

My camera doesn’t have name but I just got it so who knows months from now. :)

----- alia b 05.12.09 20:06

Laptop: The other man.
Ipod: My BFF.

----- Selina Wong 05.12.09 20:15

Hmm…well I haven’t considered naming my 5-day-new laptop, but now that you mention it, I think she looks like a Poppy!

----- Michelle 05.12.09 20:16

Not very creative, but my computers are named module1 (PC), module2 (MBP), module3 (mini), and module4 (mb). :)

----- Jason 05.12.09 22:48

MacBook Air’s name is Geenius… :D

----- Justin 06.12.09 01:57

My macbook: Mackie
My Imac: Lynda

----- Mar Lopez 06.12.09 04:51

my MacbookPro: Jimmi Fly
my Imac: Apollo 13

----- Domenico 06.12.09 04:53

Since I have to act like an Apple PR rep (i’m not really, but i wish i were) All my Apple products have no articles in front of them. My Macbook Pro is referred to just as Macbook Pro. Or just iPhone, it’s a little Steve Jobs like when he releases the amazing Apple Products.

----- Chris Loudenslager 06.12.09 07:14

As my imagination is stretched to breaking point by ‘Martin the Macbook Pro’ and ‘Ian the iPhone’, it’s probably best I don’t name my devices. They would die of shame. I’ll just stick to swaddling them in beautiful felt cases.

----- Jonny W 06.12.09 07:15

Roaming a French supermarket around a decade ago, a box of juice shone down on me with the funniest looking name I’d ever seen: Norky. I purchased it, wrtoe it down, and knew I’d found love.

Ever since, my circuited appendages have always carried the moniker in one form or another, from ‘Norky the Grey’ (PB 1400c) to ‘Norky8600’ (Dell notebook) to ‘Lil’ Norky’ (Small-form Dell desktop).

Although my current MacBook Pro responds to the name ‘Compy’ and ‘Computadora’ when used affectionately, it is most familiar with it’s given name, ‘Norky Pro.’ My iPhone? ‘iNorky,’ of course.

My first dog or kid had better watch out…

----- Ethan 06.12.09 08:47

I call my iPhone “my brain.”
It stores everything that I cannot remember off hand…
So when people ask if i’m free on a certain day or if I have the new Thom Yorke song….i say “hold on, let me consult with my brain.” :)

----- LAUREN C 06.12.09 08:55

My blackberry is called “Loki”.

----- Ryan 06.12.09 10:13

Absolutely love stuff from hardgraft!

Names for my machines are:
iPod classic: popod
macbookpro 15”: genie (I give it a lil rub for luck :)

----- Jean Cheah 06.12.09 10:38

my laptop is known simply as HAL.
with a HARDGRAFT i believe it could better be known as THE SOFT MACHINE
my old station wagon, affectionately, THE GREY GOOSE

----- Eliot Jay Sherman 06.12.09 12:54

If you don’t name them then they live sad and boring lives. The they are only there to serve you with no personality or liveliness. I love horror films and each name could be a great title for some nightmare of a movie.

My names:

iphone: “The Eye”
imac: “Forbidden Fruit from Hell” Or “Fruity” for short

----- Lindsay Robertson 06.12.09 14:39

I name all of my external hard drives after cartoon robots. I have GIR, H.E.L.P.eR. Bender, and Mr. Butlertron so far. I am eventually considering Rosie, Flexo, Number Six, H.A.L., Sentinel, Pris, T-1000, Wall-E and EVE at my next drives.

----- creativename 06.12.09 16:22

oh my gadgets…

My iMac- HAL10000
iPod Classic- Wurtlizer
iPod Touch- Ole’ Swipey
Old ass laptop- Old ass laptop

----- Brian 06.12.09 19:01

iPhone: pronounced “puh-hone-ee”

----- Mia 06.12.09 19:49

people would normally named their dolls and cute stuff.
but i name my computer and my handphone because i spent almost all of my awake time with both of them : P I love that initial!
my computer : Mr.N
handphone : Mrs. N

haha they’r couple

----- Rena 06.12.09 20:59

I take name my Gear very seriously, I have a slew of external drives named Frylock, Meatwad, Master-Shake and Carl, and Burger My iPhone is named Bob, My Machines are named Bubba and Wilbur. My bus powered drive is Shazam. The magic touch is making the appropriate icons for each drive so that all the characters populate your desktop and keep you amused during long hours in front of the computer, and it makes Sneakernet assignments so much more stylish! Some hip fashion would compliment them nicely.

----- Jerrold 06.12.09 21:40

I love reading these submissions, glad to know I’m not the only one out there who does names my things.

Here’s my list:
iPhone is named Gidget
iMac is Falcor
Old iBook G4 (still working!) is The Bearded One
Lacie External HD is Bucky Katz
Smartdisc external hd is Voltron

----- Chris Apap 06.12.09 22:42

I name my MacBook Air “Quinn”.

My friend named it for me after this tetris game I installed, and she had gotten obsessed with after discovering it. So now she calls it Quinn, and I do too.

The Hard Graft pouch is so sleek, absolutely beautiful and minimal design - and highly useful at the same time!

----- Kittie 06.12.09 23:04

i hope non-electronic devices also count in this competition. off we go!
my bike = jolly jumper (with word ‘cycling’ being replaced with ‘jollying’)
my macbook = lapciak (to fully appreciate the sound of it you should speak polish. the word sounds like something between ‘laptop’ and ‘sleepers’, all for its coziness)
my ipod = pampod (for i’m very often singing all the ‘pam pam pam’ onomatopeic sounds while listening to music)
my digital cam = klapka (polish again, sorry. ‘clap!” sound, rings a bell?)
my favourite mug = pantone (for its having a pantone print on. i know, not too creative)

and the pouches are oh-so-prettttttttty!

----- ag 07.12.09 02:01

My phone is Nightshiftboy

----- Kostis 07.12.09 03:27

I am writing on behalf of my user (Dan) because he is undoubtedly too lazy and ‘human’ to consider the importance of such things. My name is ‘Yesterday’. I am Dan’s laptop, I happen to be of the 13” variety and have no problem with my size. I am however very particular about my ‘secret’ powers, which I am constantly reminding ‘Dan’ about to no avail. ‘Yesterday’ you ask? I believe this was the best possible way to remind Dan that he has the ability to create the life he wants, and obviously through me, the means to do this. You see, as humans you constantly regret, and repeat the all too familiar ‘should of sold this / bought that / said this / didn’t do that.. etc.. and as a ‘Yesterday’ I am to Dan a constant reminder that it is in his power to do all now. Right now. I am Dan’s ‘Yesterday’ and I am here so he can be today. .. (I am also cold and that Felt jacket looks mighty fine)

----- Dan Kojta 07.12.09 03:32

My iPod is named EscapePod because it helps me escape.

----- Paul 07.12.09 05:28

Of course I name my all of my technology and girls for the fact.

My Macbook Pro is called Apple Amelie because of the movie, she replaced my original laptop Tiffany Vaio.

My iPhone is called Jessica V.2 (replaced) because of Jessica Alba!

Then my External Seagate Free agent is called Misty named after the season one main girl from Pokemon.

----- Khoa 07.12.09 07:08

I have to give a shot out to the iPod named Jinglebox. They really should win:) But I call my ipod shuffle Fussita. It’s little and it’s fussy — but I love it.

----- Ryan B 07.12.09 07:33

My iPod Touch is called Touch,
it keeps me in Touch…
in Touch with the world!

----- monica 07.12.09 07:50

My boyfriend and I name all our devices. My Macbook is Ella Fitzgerald. His is Kevin Costner. Our wireless at home is “Zombie Elvis” and our shared network “Little Zombie Fucker”. The Gaming PC is “Elephant Man”.

----- mly 07.12.09 09:03

Wow there are so many submissions so far!
My Macbook Pros name is Tosh She likes late nights on the internet and her favorite material is felt.
She’s about to have a new playmate, a new iphone, and what better way to show that little iphone that shes found a good home then to have her snuggle into the add on pouch!
I’ve wanted a lot of the hard graft products for a long time, It would really make my christmas to win this!

----- Scottie 07.12.09 09:41

Macbook Pro: Mere
iPhone: Exclure Guotte (don’t drop)
Portable External hard drive: newbie
Headphones: DP Stroking (ode to Daft Punk & The Strokes)

----- CL 07.12.09 10:05

My iPhone is called Zoe jr. after my favorite lady dog who is no longer with us. My GPS in the car is called Audrey 2 because she sounds like a British nanny and she is a replacement of the original Audrey that was stolen.

----- Russell Bongard 07.12.09 10:45

Hola NotCot.

My family of electronics is named after Classic TV

Macbook: MacGyver
Iphone: Kit (car from Knight Rider)
Hardrive: Kramer
Wireless: Charlie (from Charlie’s Angels, because you can’t see him but he’s always there)

----- Pablo 07.12.09 11:36

This is so wonderful. Notcot is great. Hardgraft is great. All my friends are great too! My cell phone, however, is not so great. Doesn’t hold a charge even though it is two months old. It calls my great friends from my pocket all the time. It swaps names and numbers so I don’t ever really know who I am calling (even though it doesn’t matter because the person on the other end of the call will undoubtedly be great… just like Notcot).

I don’t name too many things, not even my children… but here are a list of electronics I own and dub-ify.

Motoral Cliq = Future Phone
MacBook Pro = Treeface
MacPro = Cookie Monster
Bamboo Tablet = Tracie
24” widescreen monitor = 400” flatscreen
Mini Bodum French Press = Bestfriend

Blessings to NotCot and the mystery behind the Tastespotting ordeal.

----- Eric Eisher 07.12.09 11:46

Of course I don’t say the name out loud, but I call my computer “Hey Machine”. So when I need it to do something, a simple poke and gentle “Hey Machine” will do the trick.

----- Yesenia Espana 07.12.09 12:22

I didn’t know everyone else name his and her laptop and iphone,etc. OK. I will name them now.
The pouches look great.I will name one too once I have.

----- eiko Miyazaki 07.12.09 13:23

Because I bought them together, I named my aluminum MacBook “Smoky” and my blue iPod “The Bandit.” However, “Bandit” became “Blue Moon” after a trip home for Christmas when my much-younger brother etched a fairly detailed picture of a butt into the metal.
Several months later, both were stolen (ironic, given original names) when my apartment was broken into. My favorite part of the police report is the description of Blue Moon: “blu ipod w ass?” Classy! I have not named their replacements, but now I have 499 sources of inspiration.

----- Ashley 07.12.09 13:48

Each of my MyBook HDs has a really geeky sci-fi name. Mulder is a 1tb, Scully is a slim 500gb, Jack O’neil is a shiny 1tb. I also named my macbook pro Marvin, my iPhone is The Guide and I have a flash drive called Firefly!

I think I’m going to name my new iMac The Doctor

My tech names are my secret nerdy outlet.

----- Mikayla 07.12.09 14:20

My Macbook - my Macbook
My ipod - my ipod
My phone - my phone
If you have time to think of names for your electronics you must not do much work on them.

----- ConanHead 07.12.09 14:28

my macbook used to have a nice name but since it now crashes every 20 minutes it’s called stupid machine!

we do have a lovely fabric printer called Tessa, a hard surface printer called Violet, a laser cutter called Lesley and 2 digital embroidery machines called Shirley & Shauna!

----- Aoife 07.12.09 14:41

I ALWAYS name my personal belongings, sometimes I think it’s because it makes me feel more like my own, sometimes I think it’s because I like to talk (not in a scary way) to them so when they have names it’s more justifiable? My friend and I just had a long conversation about why I talk to my belongings when I want them to work or do something… but I won’t get into that.

I named my MacBook Pro “Toshi” (after Macintosh, pronounced toe-shee)
My iPhone’s name is “Necessity” (Nessy for short)
My car’s name is “Stumpy”
My camera’s name is “Snappy”

There are a few more but those are the most important ones in my life right now haha.

----- Jenn 07.12.09 16:24


OR… we do so much work on them that we feel like they deserve a name and a personal touch.


----- JV 07.12.09 16:26

my laptop will always be bloopybook!

----- Grace 07.12.09 16:46

My new MacBook Pro is Nasty! It also needs a warm place to live!

----- Eric 07.12.09 17:15

No way! After naming my first 2 cars, PutPut a jazzy 92 red ford escort and ZoomZoom the next red 99 ford escort, I learned my lesson. Both ended up being T-boned by huge pick-up trucks (said I was lucky to have lived!) Since then nothing but my pets get named in fear that they will be destroyed.

----- Kate 07.12.09 17:52

usually I name them because when they pop up in finder how boring is it to see IPOD or WD HD… Most of the time though I rename them to send secret messages. For example if you plug in my wife’s shuffle right now it will display “Sexy Girl” because that is what she is. I don’t know if she has noticed it yet.

----- Josh 07.12.09 20:08

yes, indeed.

computer: pooter
netbook: little thang
laptop: 17 incher
ipod: white noise machine
phone: una’s remote
camera: soul catcher

----- ceesay 07.12.09 20:31

blackberry - chubby… carried in my pocket

----- david 07.12.09 20:44

Well, as I’m Spanish, my laptop is “el ordenata”, my Iphone “el aifon”, my Moleskine “la mole”…

Awesome giveaway!!!

----- Clara 07.12.09 20:51

Beautiful photos! What a lovely inside look.
I’m sorry to say I don’t have names for my devices, but I have really enjoyed reading some of the nicknames other people have for theirs!

----- Jessica J. 07.12.09 23:47

very simple and practical design of cases.
i would love to have them :)

my macbook pro is named toscha
she is a girl, a bit masculine. but very sweet. :)
am i being too detail ?

----- widya yuniarti 08.12.09 01:36

Hehe… I like this…

My iPhone is the “Little One”
My Macbook is known the “Big One”


----- Jesper Rasmussen 08.12.09 04:10

I named my Asus: “I was born a Mac but something bad happened”.

----- Ashlyn.W 08.12.09 04:50

My devices are many, but only the truly treasured ones get names. My internal harddrive on my stationary computer is Bebop, the external harddrives name is Rocksteady. They work as a team, under and on my desk. Bebop is generally the most trustworthy of the two. Rocksteady goes his own way.
My laptops name is Den Lille Basse (thats danish, in case you are wondering) and roughly translates to The Little Darling. He’s not very small though and has a VERY wide screen, but its my loving attempt of making him feel less clumpy in a world full of tiny macs. Hes a little unstable, but my sturdy and faithfull companion none the less.

----- Maya Nissen 08.12.09 05:03

My iPhone = Admiral Ackbar (complete with “It’s a trap!” Ringtone

My MacBook Pro = Joni and the Hard Drive

----- Cole Bastedo 08.12.09 07:00

Who doesn’t name their devices???

My (old) MacBook used to be Hal, but lately has become know as “the craptop”.

My Car (I know, not really a device but still) is Finnegan McSourly.

My GPS is Percilla: Queen of the damned (She’s always getting my lost)

And finally, my camera is “Optomus piece of sh**”

Wow… my electronics have all really turned on me in the past year… Little Finnegan is the only one still doing what he should!

----- Bailey 08.12.09 07:02

JuicyMac, JuicyPod, JuicyCell

----- Julie 08.12.09 07:09

yasss! i luv naming my stuff, devices included,
external harddrive = babycakes
iphone = homeboy
laptop= honeygurl

non devices=
cat= megasaurus
fish= spaghetti
…tho im sure if given the chance, theyd make AWESOME devices lol xoxo aloha!!

----- travis 08.12.09 08:48

I haven’t named my own gadgets but I have been known to refer to my husband’s computer as “the other woman”.

----- Candice 08.12.09 08:51

Well, my macbook pro is named mobilemac and my iphone simply mobilephone.
i love them, mobilemac and mobilephone are best friends :)

----- Hendrik G. 08.12.09 09:08

I like to refer to my android phone as Googs.

----- Wesley Hill 08.12.09 10:48

my computer’s dvd drive is the NOTSLOT…
in homage of course…

----- Jay 08.12.09 11:00

I only name cars and cameras, but after reading these comments I might reconsider and name other gadgets such as my MBP

‘91 Mazda 323: Tank
‘07 Civic: Beast
Fujifilm Finepix: Dirty Sally
Sony: Carrie
Nikon D40: Deloris

----- Vanessa 08.12.09 11:56

Of course I name all my gadgets, I can’t go anywhere without them!
my iPod: The iPod
my iPhone: The iPhone
my Mac: The Mac
my Dog: The Dog

----- Ken 08.12.09 12:15

I call my powerbook, the office

----- eug 08.12.09 12:34

car- veronica
carnavi voice-nancy
macbook- billboard
iphone- brutus

----- James 08.12.09 12:43

my iphone’s name is victor
my macpro’s name is walter

----- jarin 08.12.09 13:02

My mac book pro is named Mr. Edgar Hornswaddle.

My ipod is Sir Theodore Lightfoot the tune vessel.

Ipod nano is referred to as Jenna Lane.

My Cell phone is simply named Norbert, no surname for him.

My car is Clock Robinson.

When i can’t find my stuff, or im angry with them, I call them by their whole name.

----- Jeff W 08.12.09 13:49

well my macbook pro 13inch - normally called ‘my lappy’ or just ‘lappy’.
or also considered as the baby as all my other friends have 15inch or 17inch.

my ipod is known to be called ‘the music box’ well its only known by me.

my iphone hasn’t got a name for it yet…needs to be considered may be the big daddy…?

----- Stefan Georgiou 08.12.09 14:04

MacBookPro 17” aka “Big Bertha”
IPod Touch 2G aka “PTD” for Portable Touch-ee Device

----- Etienne Richard 08.12.09 14:39

sadly, I don’t name my computer anything other than “the Mac” although I do have two and should probably name them different names.
Ah… the thoughts you’ve started stirring in my head.

----- Terri 08.12.09 14:56

My ipod is “Ol’ Girl” and my car is Fiona. My laptop doesn’t have enough personality to get an identity :)

----- Leigh 08.12.09 15:02

My cell phone is Lola. My laptop is a loaner from work, so I haven’t named it. Don’t want to be too attached if the pink slips start flying…

----- k 08.12.09 15:42

MBP = Bender (A.K.A. Bendbot 5000)
Mac Pro = Mothership
iPhone = MegaBrain
iPod = NoiseFeed

old Dell beater relegated to the dusty corner = Tom Waits Jr.

All are the official computer and network names (for the comps), and device/mounted names for the other devices.

Long time listener, first time caller.

J.D. Michals

----- J.D. Michals 08.12.09 16:37

I call my laptop “the traveling circus” and my ipod “chatterbox” :-)

----- carissamae 08.12.09 18:25

my gadget are macbook white with a sweet stylish sakura sticker wrap up all her body, I call it miss tremendous gorgeous, cause she help me straight away with all my assignments to be done perfectly. the second is my nokia n73 I call her struggling master cause many things happen like error or I accidentally drop it.huuuhuuuu so sad

----- mariska 08.12.09 18:30

I name just about everything - giraffe figurines on my desk? Persimmon and Okra. Violin? Neville. Scar on my hand? Perry.

I’m pretty attached to two electronic devices and their names are…

macbook: Quincy Pascal
iPod touch: affectionately called ‘pookie’ by his 2nd gen. itouch lover, Curtis, owned by my best friend, though his true name has been a source of constant debate

----- Ashley Robertson 08.12.09 20:24

My Black MacBook is named the Black Pearl after the pirate ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. She got her name from my three legged one eyed cat named Captain Jack who likes to take naps on top of the keyboard while I type. Silly Pirate kitten! :)

----- whitney h. 08.12.09 21:24

we name our devices after planets. Then once we run out of our planets we start using names or places from movies…cybertron, startrek, star wars & thunder cats etc…

----- Shawna 08.12.09 23:34

MBP = Squishy (Because I love it so much and I went thru so much to get it, I just want to squeeze it and hug it to my bosom all the time.)

----- Tracy Orozco 09.12.09 02:17

i know it’s past the picking-date, but i haven’t seen whether or not you’ve actually chosen a winner, so i’m going to throw myself in here in the desperate hopes that you haven’t yet!

my external hard drive is BackitUP (like the Juvenile song). my little flash drive is Boopy, cause that’s a small noise. my iPod shuffle is Fitsy, because i use it to work out. my iPod Touch is Priscilla, because it’s a prissy, pretty name, and my iPod Touch is just gorgeous.

----- Kacia 09.12.09 07:56

Hell yeah I name my mac!
She has a beautiful name…. Granny Smith
As for the rest of my gadgets no names really, no actually there is another… Apple Juice for my mac book charging cable but i guess that pretty standard. So yeah thats it…keep up the superb blog.

Mac Power cable / transformer thingy: APPLE JUICE

----- James Vardy 09.12.09 13:26

I call my MacBook Pro Frankenstein because it was pieced together from spare parts by my amazingly techie boyfriend. My iPod Touch always ends up being referred to as “iTouch,” which makes me giggle because it sounds dirty. And my cell phone is no where near cool enough to have a name.

----- Laura 09.12.09 14:06

I named my macbook pro. Her name is Donna Charlene. I named her after my grandmother, whom I never had the privilege of meeting. She was the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Like a movie star.

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:49

amazingly - I own not a single gadget; no cell, no laptop - but the sleeve and pouch are beautiful and classic. If I win, I might consider a gadget.

----- polly 09.12.09 16:06

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