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Holiday Feature! Incase Perf Snap Case + Giveaway- 12.04.09

main.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to Amanda in West Palm Beach, FL!

My iPhone has been clothed in the new Incase Perforated Snap Case the last few days, and i’m loving how incredibly light it is, yet nice matte black feel… and the perforations actually give it a little bit more grippiness! Well, for this feature and giveaway they’ve given us a little more insight into their inspiration as well as how much goes into the tools and manufacturing of these super thin simple solutions to iPhone cases!

Oh, and you get a chance to win the whole trio of Incase Perforated Snap Cases too! There is gloss white, matte black, and matte pink… details and feature all on the next page! giveaway.jpg

MAKING THE INCASE PERFORATED SNAP CASE! Feature & Images by Joe Tan and Markus Diebel


Incase took the design of our super-light, minimalist iPhone Snap Case and perforated it … making it lighter without sacrificing functionality. There are nearly 1,000 holes in each case.

Inspiration: inspiration.jpg

The first idea that came to mind was using a simple, geometric pattern. From there, we started exploring how to perforate our Snap Case with different shapes, scales and pattern densities, pushing the limits of what is possible to manufacture.
We start the tooling process with large blocks of steel and machine out the negative shape of our case to make a hollow form that is later injected with polycarbonate material. Because of the all-over perforated design ,the tooling process is very intricate and takes a relatively long period of time. Individual steel pins with varying degrees of curvature for each hole create the perforated design.


Once the tool is cut, it is then textured and finished. Following this stage of tooling, we shoot the first test shots in plastic, which help us to further debug and finalize the tool as well as the injection settings to create the perfect molded part for the production run.
Injection molding makes it relatively easy to perforate a pattern in one direction, but for the Perforated Snap Case, we were challenged with wrapping a pattern evenly onto a surface that contains multiple directions and very thin wall sections. Our goal was to keep the perforated pattern aligned regardless of the angle from which it is viewed. Because of the curves of the case, it became rather challenging to determine the best way to mold it.
For the injection molding process, we use hardened steel tools that are the negative (or hollow) form of our case. These are necessary for the mold injection of plastic that creates the positive case form.


Thin steel pins within the tool create the intricate perforated pattern of the case. When in production, injection-molded plastic flows under high pressure and temperature in between the pins. The challenge is to find the perfect balance—the pins cannot be too small, since that would cause them to break under high pressure; and the spacing cannot be too dense, as material needs to flow through the mold easily and evenly.


Since the perforated pattern runs throughout the case, multiple complicated tool actions are required to achieve a consistent pattern.




Here’s your chance to win a Trio of Incase Perforated Snap Cases ~ black, pink, and gloss white! giveaway.jpg Now, to get in the running to win them… leave a comment telling us what you love that has holes in it… i’ll pick a winner on december 11, 2009!

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368 Notes

My favorite thing with holes in it are pegboards… so useful!

----- Bekka 04.12.09 16:31

hmm… a holes in a glasses might look cool ;D

----- adri 04.12.09 16:32

I love my girlfriend :)

----- Raymond Hatfield 04.12.09 16:32

donuts have holes in them. i like donuts!

----- Mitch 04.12.09 16:35

I have a crocheted blanket that my grandma made me when I was little that has holes all over it, but it’s one of my prized possessions. :)

----- Jasmine 04.12.09 16:36

the all natural honeycomb is my favorite thing with holes in it!

----- Rosanna 04.12.09 16:37

Interesting idea, but wouldn’t dust collect in/under these holes like crazy? I have enough crud collecting underneath my incase cover already. with all these holes, it’s going to turn my phone essentially into a dirt collector.

----- David Ngo 04.12.09 16:40

Knocking whiffle balls into the universe while eating doughnuts thinking about how I hope Obama’s healthcare plan doesn’t have any in them!

----- Matt 04.12.09 16:40

I love apple, maple, bacon donuts (from Dynamo)! :D

----- Justin R 04.12.09 16:45

Donuts of course…..but donuts holes are equally loved!

----- Jim 04.12.09 16:51

The lies I tell. Full of holes.

----- Jeremy 04.12.09 16:57

Fences with interesting things behind them.

----- B. Seward 04.12.09 16:59

My husbands head.

----- AndreaJ 04.12.09 17:02

I have been looking for cases for my iphone for some time. I have a hardcase but it broke when it fall, and I used softcase that is too flimsy and get dirty easily. I am looking for a stylish yet light and durable one, but there is none in the market, either too heavy or way too much arts on the case of some wierd colors. This is simply perfect, simple and nice and durable….now my iphone can breathe :P

----- Chee 04.12.09 17:03

Ok, my previous comment is irrelevant, I just read the sentence correctly this time :P
The thing that I love with a hole in it is definitely my coffee cup.

----- Chee 04.12.09 17:05

Those are wonderful!

----- Paige 04.12.09 17:10

iphone jack for sure!

----- Lucas Lund 04.12.09 17:14

I am going to have to go with the holes filled with glass in my camera lens!

----- MikellJ 04.12.09 17:17

Things I like with holes in them: Swiss cheese, properly made doors, comfortable socks, space (black holes) and people.

----- Randall Tabula 04.12.09 17:38

Well… I really love the hole that is the earphone jack on my iPhone, but that’s only ONE hole… Got it! It’s the holes on my earbuds! The ones that deliver sweet sweet music to my ears when I need to escape my surroundings… Or maybe the holes in my coffee-press… well now I can’t decide again…

----- Ainslie 04.12.09 17:39

“Suppose that you are standing on the surface of a planet. You throw a rock straight up into the air. Assuming you don’t throw it too hard, it will rise for a while, but eventually the acceleration due to the planet’s gravity will make it start to fall down again. If you threw the rock hard enough, though, you could make it escape the planet’s gravity entirely. It would keep on rising forever. The speed with which you need to throw the rock in order that it just barely escapes the planet’s gravity is called the “escape velocity.” As you would expect, the escape velocity depends on the mass of the planet: if the planet is extremely massive, then its gravity is very strong, and the escape velocity is high. A lighter planet would have a smaller escape velocity. The escape velocity also depends on how far you are from the planet’s center: the closer you are, the higher the escape velocity. The Earth’s escape velocity is 11.2 kilometers per second (about 25,000 m.p.h.), while the Moon’s is only 2.4 kilometers per second (about 5300 m.p.h.).
Now imagine an object with such an enormous concentration of mass in such a small radius that its escape velocity was greater than the velocity of light. Then, since nothing can go faster than light, nothing can escape the object’s gravitational field. Even a beam of light would be pulled back by gravity and would be unable to escape.” Ted Bunn
Black holes!

----- matthew Ready 04.12.09 17:39

My underwear has holes… but I’m not particularly happy about that.

----- Philip 04.12.09 17:41

I love my french press, and I hope it loves me too.

----- Colby 04.12.09 17:50

I definitely like iPhone Cases with perforated holes in them. As well as shoes with perforated holes. Now they will match!

----- MichaelH 04.12.09 17:57

You know those nasal strips with mini holes to help you breathe? Yeah, those.. they put you to ease. Which is exactly what this case will do. Won’t have to worry about dropping it and my white 3GS isn’t fully covered, so it can breathe, too.

----- Atif K 04.12.09 18:01

I love emmental cheese, it definitely has holes in it!

----- John 04.12.09 18:11

very cool…i like the idea and it looks good….

best thing with holes….hula hoop

----- jim 04.12.09 18:12

MmmmMMmm There’s nothing I love better than Amish-made swiss cheese, and that’s got tons of holes.

----- Matt S. 04.12.09 18:18

Probably a straw, I mean its basically just one long hole.

----- Nate 04.12.09 18:19

I love drinks…(non-alcoholic, i.e. coffee, smoothie, etc.)
So I would say I love straws! but do you really call that a hole?

----- Yuan 04.12.09 18:20

Black Holes!

----- Matthew Ready 04.12.09 18:26

That one pair of really comfortable underwear that i have in my closet that i refuse to throw away. Full of holes.

BTW. Really like this case. Finally a case that’s both ornamental and useful.

----- Jake Martin 04.12.09 18:33

The hole wide world!

----- Tim 04.12.09 18:48

I love these holy cases… (hint, hint).

----- Jess 04.12.09 18:51

Keyrings! I love keychains… especially nice ones :)

----- Brad 04.12.09 18:54

I love Twitter but it does have some A-holes on it… Does that count perchance?

----- Snatch 04.12.09 19:02

A well-made cardboard box with perfect little holes is a promise of impending fun. Whatever is inside is alive and breathing and ready to be experienced.

----- Perry Holzknecht 04.12.09 19:07

keyholes and peepholes and pineapple rings and drop-stitches

----- Audrey R. 04.12.09 19:23

golf ball dimples

----- Rich 04.12.09 19:39

snap me! it will go perfect with the iphone for hannukah for my wife!

----- matt 04.12.09 19:50

doughnuts? ;-)

----- Matthew 04.12.09 19:51

My house. I love all the “holes”, like windows and doors. Natural light ftw!

----- Zac 04.12.09 20:05

Swiss cheese

----- Ron Hollatz 04.12.09 20:07

I love…my heart…but it has a hole in that would be filled by owning such a beautiful and functional iPhone case. I would even pass on my good luck by re-gifting one (or two!) of the cases. Thanks!

----- xina 04.12.09 20:15

Devilishly worn out socks, resembling a cloth-like slab of swiss cheese.

----- Michael 04.12.09 20:23

Either cheese or my favorite pair of jeans.

----- Tyler 04.12.09 20:25

It seems everyone around me has holes in their heads…
And I only surround myself with those I love.

----- Terrie 04.12.09 20:39

I like seeing through lenses, have different perspective!

----- Emily 04.12.09 20:54

my spring court tennis shoes!

----- kelsey 04.12.09 21:44

The beautifully simple case on the G5 Mac Tower

----- Matthew K 04.12.09 21:50

i love swiss cheese!!

----- Rich 04.12.09 22:10

Shopping carts!

----- James 04.12.09 22:19

I love mesh shorts. There’s something OH so wrong yet so right about them. Just sayin…

----- Long Tran 04.12.09 22:29

mesh tank tops! ha! I think I have a matching outfit with long tran.

----- amazingamazing 04.12.09 23:06

My daily breakfast: Cheerios! :)

----- Vivian 05.12.09 00:12

I love the look of these cases, and reducing the weight is a great idea. Very interesting process they go through as well.

I love the natural holes found in cork and pumice stones like lava rock. Nature is so cool!

----- Chelc 05.12.09 00:30

golf ball!

----- Nir Tober 05.12.09 01:19

Mmmm… After deliderating for a while, I suppose I like holes as in mysteries. Those pieces of information that exist for us to solve. In a sense it makes life worth living, it gives us drive. Like when we were kids filling in the wood shapes in the default kindergarten toy wood-shape-filler-toy. Later on, filling in the Lego walls on our knight’s castle. Yea mystery holes…

----- Jon 05.12.09 01:56

I love my 3D glasses with the lenses punched out :P

----- Maggie 05.12.09 02:02

cHOLEcalciferoL (one of the D vitamins)

----- joe mckay 05.12.09 02:02

I love sewing needles!

----- Diana 05.12.09 02:08

This is the one and only iPhone Case! So beautyful!
Greets from Switzerland, Roman

----- Roman 05.12.09 02:24

Stamps are a favourite of mine and not least because of their perfect perforations - a pristine sheet of perfectly perforated postage stamps - pure pleasure!

----- Emma Hopton 05.12.09 02:27

now the back of my I-Phone can breath! thanks to all those little holes :)

----- Virginia 05.12.09 02:42

I WANT ONE :) :) Peace Love Respect

----- Jesse Delao 05.12.09 02:54

My favourite old t-shirt which I have turned into a pillowcase! It used to be my boyfriend’s; it’s to remind me of him since we’re always apart.. The shirt has holes but I’m glad our love doesn’t :P ohGod that’s so cheesy.. but yes. I think that’s my most prized holed possession :D

----- Jo 05.12.09 03:35

Now I can drool over my phone without having to worry about flooding it. jaj! and if you use soap you can wash your clothes with it aswell..

----- Ikzy 05.12.09 03:53

That’s easy!!! Krispy Kreme donuts!! YUM!

----- bunnyb 05.12.09 04:40

I love the hole jokes.

Q: Why do men have a hole in the end of his genital?
A: To get oxygen to their brain!

----- Andy Yu 05.12.09 04:44

Favourite things with holes in, hmm… swiss cheese!

----- Josie D. 05.12.09 04:45

Hello from La Rochelle; France !
I ‘m really crazy about this new design for iPhone cases ! ! !
It’s just like carbon-made fibers.

----- Cyril 05.12.09 05:09

My shower head. Best thing with holes in it EVER.

----- Thomas 05.12.09 05:16

These cases look awesome and are,most importantly, of high quality!


I would love to dress my 3G into SUCH a black snap on case from the InCase company.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! *hugs*

Name: Pobeda
E-mail: pobedochka (at) gmail.com

----- Pobeda 05.12.09 05:20

I love Swiss cheese and my socks! They both have huge holes, but I can’t live without them!

----- Camila F. 05.12.09 05:32


----- Cleg 05.12.09 06:06

I love the holes in lacrosse mesh… and when the ball goes from those holes straight to the holes in the net, GOAAAAAAL.

----- Anders 05.12.09 06:10

I love my Merrell water shoes, so comfy to wear on hot summer days!

----- I Hsuan 05.12.09 06:10

I like the rabbit hole in the story of “Alice in the wonderland” because it bring her into a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures!

----- kivrin82 05.12.09 06:32

Walls. Walls with holes take you to a different place.

----- James Pollard 05.12.09 06:36

My pretty kitchen strainer!

----- wolf 05.12.09 06:38

Parce qu’un trou est un projet!

----- Walt Presley 05.12.09 06:41

Swiss cheese…..yum

----- ashley 05.12.09 06:57

I love pinball machine holes! especially when the ball gets into one hole and comes out from another :)

----- Mariana Chan 05.12.09 07:02

Rings! I can’t wear enough of them.

----- Kendra N. 05.12.09 07:18

I’m a nerdy minimalist. My favorite kinds of holes are black ones.

----- Mike 05.12.09 07:26

All I have to say is thank god clothing has holes. I just don’t know how we’d wear it otherwise.

----- Brian B 05.12.09 07:28

my plans have holes in them… that’s what keeps life interesting!

----- aileen 05.12.09 07:34

The story I will have to tell pertaining to why I need to keep all 3 cases for myself instead of sharing! That story’s full of holes.

----- Julie 05.12.09 07:54

I love the hole in the top of a bottle of scotch on a cold Winter’s night. ^_~

----- Tom 05.12.09 08:00

Donuts, of course. And my iPhone.

----- Doug Dossett 05.12.09 08:04

Definitely my nose.

----- Lars 05.12.09 08:14

my favorite thing with holes would definitely have to be my salad spinner. Once I had my hands on one and I started spinning the water off of my salad leaves, I’m quite sure I could never go back to the diluted dressings of yester year.

----- Taryn Zychal 05.12.09 08:16

my snowboard has holes in it for my bindings to screw into so my feet stay attached to the board while cruising down the hill. This case would help protect my phone when I fall into a hole of awesomeness created by a mortar shell that blasted out of a hole in order to do avalanche control so that I dont become a hole in the universe!

----- Allannn 05.12.09 08:18


----- grace 05.12.09 08:33

my ears & nose! i love decorating my head with jewelry.

----- JK 05.12.09 08:39

So simple, so nice. I’d love to have a matching white one.

----- Chris 05.12.09 08:39

Very cool cases. I like the look-the perferations are a nice contrast to the sleek surface. I’d hope that the case would be lighter and make it easier to hold the iphone in your hand.

----- Adrianne 05.12.09 08:42

Lifesavers, by far the best holes~!

----- anissa 05.12.09 08:45

Ah, B-movies…so very full of holes.

----- rem 05.12.09 08:50

I love the pink one, I personally like things that are perforated. I love that he used the Nike sneakers as his inspiration. Those sneakers are great!

----- Alexis 05.12.09 08:52

swiss cheese!

----- Amy 05.12.09 09:02

It’s important that my iPhone can breathe! She’s important to me, also I want it to be looking as stylish as possible and these do it!

----- Trae Hauser 05.12.09 09:05

What do I love with holes in it? A baker’s dozen of donuts!!! :)

----- Stacy B. 05.12.09 09:10

the answer to the question what i love that has holes in it is really simle: donuts! there’s nothing better with a hole…

----- sarah 05.12.09 09:32

My tongue! I got it pierce almost 15 years ago while I was in the Military (even though it was against the regulations). I’ve managed to keep it all during my years in service and after I got out. I’ve continued working for the government as a civilian and will be working in DC now but throughout all this time both in and out of uniformed government type jobs I’ve managed to keep my tongue piercing even though it’s not exactly allowed. It’s the one thing I still have left from a time in my life when I was really happy and having a great time with good friends and keeps me from feeling like I’ve become a total government clone!

----- Saeed 05.12.09 09:36


----- peter 05.12.09 09:40

I love my perforated black Nike dunks with GReen laces…The NEw York edition. Holes make everything better with more comfort and breath-ability. LOVE LOVE these iphone cases

----- Dominic 05.12.09 09:48


----- Miguel 05.12.09 09:49

I have worked in plastic injection and I can understand how it is so hard to design a die that is both functional and ascetically pleasing. Being an engineer I love it. Weigh reduction without a compromise in protection.


----- Tryg Koren 05.12.09 09:56

They must be in there so my baby can still breath

----- Simon 05.12.09 09:56

I do like the cases themselves. The holes break up the pattern and probably feel really good when holding the phone. Anyway, GOOD WORK INCASE!

----- Michael Stern 05.12.09 09:58

My philosophies on life.

----- Warren 05.12.09 10:08

The human heart.

----- Harrison 05.12.09 10:10

I love my records!

----- Desiree 05.12.09 10:13

the cardboard box i have to live in to afford my iphone bill has holes in it, but I CAN NOT live without my iphone!

----- michael Wiltbank 05.12.09 10:14

I love cloth. I mean if there weren’t holes we’d all have sauna suits on and that would get stinky quick.


----- Aaron 05.12.09 10:14

I love cheese with holes in it, but I may just be hungry for lunch.

----- Samuel Schimek 05.12.09 10:22

Perfect perforations!

----- JohnWayne 05.12.09 10:22

my heart.

----- Sam 05.12.09 10:25

I appreciate that Incase looked to masters of design such as Stark and Mark Newsom for inspiration and detailed the design and production process. It makes the layperson appreciate that the value is more than just the materials. Well done Incase and well chosen NOTCOT!

----- FJKB 05.12.09 10:27

uh bread, yum

----- Winnie Lam 05.12.09 11:05

perfect for the new year: an iphone colander… now i won’t have to go pasta free in 2010…

----- mark 05.12.09 11:07

My favorite t-shirts start out whole.

----- Patrick 05.12.09 11:13

My macbook pro!

----- Matthew Bowers 05.12.09 11:29

I love Jarlsberg Cheese

----- Ted 05.12.09 11:39

…favorite thing with holes is a well-made Baguette, hands down.

----- Kat 05.12.09 11:45

The Ozone layer

----- ERIC 05.12.09 11:46

a perforated ping pong paddle would be sweet!!!!

----- Joe 05.12.09 11:59

Strangely, the hole in my brain makes me feel comfortable. I guess not knowing everything gives me the opportunity to learn something!

----- Nicolas Vallet 05.12.09 12:11

my boyfriend’s head.

----- april_d 05.12.09 12:11

I love that is has holes! My play-doh designs will be all the better now. :3 Making tiny little hills is time consuming, this will help me make even more amazing creations
I could even make spaghetti, or some monster. Whoo!

----- Lisa 05.12.09 12:16

I’d have to say the best detail I love that has holes are my Marty McFly Nike Tres. Kevlar vamp is awesome. Lovin the cases, just got my gf an iPhone too

----- Tom 05.12.09 12:17

I loved the perforated speakers on my old PowerBook…so much fun to touch!

----- Emily Mabry 05.12.09 12:21

My guitar! Specifically, it’s sound hole.

----- Rachel 05.12.09 13:02

Improved flight. Kind of like those fancy golf balls.

----- Alec 05.12.09 13:08

I love marching band and drum corps. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any holes, but sometimes people are missing and the bands or corps end up with holes in their drill.

----- Wendy 05.12.09 13:10

wow all the holes i love have already been plugged…no way to win this one besides kissing some holes. My favorite thing with holes would have to be that incase’s new perforated snap case. that and the O’s in NOTCOT :)

----- Gabriel Molina 05.12.09 13:27

ya FACE!

----- Lee Waters 05.12.09 13:31

Mesh cut off t-shirts.

----- Pat Christie 05.12.09 13:32

mmm an everything bagel :)

----- sean 05.12.09 13:37

the words hole, perforated and incase!

----- leigh 05.12.09 14:15

the universe (black holes, worm holes, etc)

----- Stephe Kamykowski 05.12.09 14:25

I love the holes in my pocket (when they are big enough to give me some breeze, but too small for my iPhone to fall out of)

----- Gustaf Engstrom 05.12.09 14:30

The holes for my speakers on my mac book. :)

----- christina 05.12.09 14:35

the speakers of my macbook pro 17”

so large but the sound is so good!

----- Gabrielle 05.12.09 14:44

My lover’s heart…

----- julian 05.12.09 14:47

My head!

----- Myles 05.12.09 14:52

What I like with holes is a Tiger Woods Car crash/affair story because obviously his stories just have so many holes in them.

----- Sean G 05.12.09 14:54

The night sky, pierced with holes of light.

----- Heath 05.12.09 15:07

The holes in the window screen at my office. They let in the fresh ocean air.

----- Jared Kaufman 05.12.09 15:14

This lovely perforated stainless steel bowl!

----- Thomas 05.12.09 15:57

Crumpets :)

----- Joe 05.12.09 16:05

The black hole in my workspace under the counter…filled with everything I could never throw away because I *might* use it later!

----- Megan 05.12.09 16:19

Well… I recently broke my ankle and happily, my bandage is the breathable type. In this case, the “holes” are just plain practical!

----- lora 05.12.09 16:21

My favorite thing with lots of holes is the birther theory that Obama isn’t a US citizen.

----- Steven 05.12.09 16:40

My favorite thing that has holes in it is my logic. It keeps me on my toes.

----- Blake 05.12.09 16:45

My favorite thing with lots of holes is the birther theory that Obama isn’t a US citizen.

----- Steven 05.12.09 16:49

A lotus seed plant, it freaks the you-know-what out of me but I can’t say it’s not beautiful.


----- Amanda 05.12.09 17:15

pockets. i love having pockets. truly. [i guess pockets themselves are holes though]
also, finger pockets when i’m climbing. they’re rough but SO helpful.

----- kyechin 05.12.09 17:37

My girlfriend’s ears :)

----- Michael Harper 05.12.09 17:49

Although there are massive holes in it, I love my plan to become a successful and wealthy world class designer.

----- Matt Ryan 05.12.09 18:06

rings and bracelets rock with rings

----- Osa 05.12.09 18:14

i like the collander table by daniel rohr.

----- scot bailey 05.12.09 18:42

Swiss cheese of course, and my shower head the sprinkles magnificent warmth onto my body at the end of theses cold, cold days.

----- Jay 05.12.09 19:30

colander table by daniel rohr

----- Alan Nguyen 05.12.09 19:55

My ears! I get wear cute earrings!

----- Selina Wong 05.12.09 20:03

Arguments - it’s what every attorney looks for :)

----- Michelle 05.12.09 20:13

The thing I love most that has holes is probably DONUTS! (there is no UGH in donuts).

Also these cases look seriously great. And my wife would love the pink one!!!

----- Jay 05.12.09 20:19

I enjoy things that are written with holes, because it is enjoyable to tear them apart. By this, I mean that I like arguments with holes or stories with plotholes. Let’s hope there aren’t any in mine!

----- Eliana 05.12.09 20:51

My chances at winning this contest now that I’m number 18363324573 on the comments list…THEY’RE FULL OF HOLES! BAZING!!!

But I don’t love that…

Coolest thing I’ve seen lately with a hole is the Dyson blade-less fan.

----- Eric 05.12.09 21:12

I love old school computer paper with preforated edges… And the jewelry that I use to make with the tear away sides.

----- Zacharoo 05.12.09 21:29

Mmmm Donuts… ^_^

----- Collin 05.12.09 21:43

the perforated holes gives it a tough, badass appearance, yet it is still sleek and elegant

----- stephanie 05.12.09 22:00

lite-brite is the best thing ever with holes

----- Derek 05.12.09 22:07

i love cakes, you can create as many wholes as you want in them!!

----- Jane Ventura 05.12.09 22:07

My favorite thing with a hole is a good stencil.

----- Kat Bird 05.12.09 22:44

I love how swiss cheese has holes in them.

----- Emily 05.12.09 22:51

My tuba. For realz!

----- Jason 05.12.09 22:54

my black retro rotary dial phones! love it every second ;)

----- desaturated 05.12.09 23:05

love everything incase!

----- Richard C 05.12.09 23:28

I love my ass

----- Shaena Cooper 05.12.09 23:35

I love a sponge. A sponge is full of holes, but it holds everything it needs. Just like my iPhone. You slap a case on there, and even if the case is full if holes, It’s brimming with nutrients. It’s like a sponge. It just gathers information, and I can wring it out anytime and get all the info the world has to offer… But I wouldn’t like to keep a sponge in my pocket. That’s what makes this case so cool. I got no problem keeping an iPhone wrapped in light weight holes in there.

----- dan connor 05.12.09 23:43

I love a sponge. A sponge is full of holes, but it holds everything it needs. Just like my iPhone. You slap a case on there, and even if the case is full if holes, It’s brimming with nutrients. It’s like a sponge. It just gathers information, and I can wring it out anytime and get all the info the world has to offer… But I wouldn’t like to keep a sponge in my pocket. That’s what makes this case so cool. I got no problem keeping an iPhone wrapped in light weight holes in there.

----- dan connor 05.12.09 23:44

the eiffel tower :D

----- toasted 06.12.09 00:29

My favorite “chose” with holes in it is a “Passoire” that we use to seperate the boiling water from the pasta. Its a wonderful invention bcos it makes everything easier… :p

----- raimana 06.12.09 00:38

Love it! I always store a picture, train ticket, car park ticket or cash inside my iPhone case…I love the idea of being able to see a Roy Lichtenstien / Marc Newson version of whatever is in there….simple things.

----- Christian Eldridge 06.12.09 04:32

i really like the packaging. it’s sleek as heck!

the perforated appearance is literally sexy; it reminds me of fishnets but on my phone!

----- chris 06.12.09 04:56

my cat’s nose!

----- Chiara 06.12.09 06:07

The expression “holy moly”, I say it way too much. Happy Holiday’s!

----- Rachel Thomas 06.12.09 06:09

gummy lifesavers!

----- kailyn 06.12.09 07:15

Holes…I’m just sayin.

----- Scott Gladd 06.12.09 07:43

My heart has some holes
Opening, closing, pumping
Just inCase love strikes

----- Ethan 06.12.09 08:28

Bagels, cheese and my G5!

----- Robert W. 06.12.09 09:05

A brick of Jarlsberg!

----- Ansis 06.12.09 10:12

OK, not my favorite but I’ll mention the hole in the head of the person at Incase who thinks $12 is a reasonable fee for ground shipping from their web store. I really like this case and I’d buy one right now but that’s just silly for something that weighs a couple of ounces with packaging. Maybe I’ll win the contest since it’s the only way I’m going to get one unless another vendor starts selling it. :)

----- Dylan 06.12.09 10:13

My speaker grilles, which have the most amazing perforated design.

----- Steven 06.12.09 10:55

My favourite thing with a hole in would have to be…….. erm my old bic that Iv chewed a massive hole in!

----- Steve 06.12.09 11:38

My business card.

----- James D. LaCroix 06.12.09 12:17

Swiss cheese!

----- Jaime 06.12.09 13:30

Antique books that have worm holes in them. The patterns are always very interesting. =)

----- Fernando 06.12.09 13:36

I love my SKIN! Sweat comes out of the holes in my skin to cool me down! Super HANDY perforated goodness!

----- Mac_Skeem 06.12.09 14:02

holes at the end of the sleeves of my hooded sweatshirts… for my thumbs to poke thru

----- Robobby 06.12.09 14:04

My ideas….unfortunately they often have holes in them!

----- Matthew Pham 06.12.09 14:05

My bright white perforated leather Chuck Taylors! Only sneakers I keep in their box ;)

----- Lindsey 06.12.09 14:34

swiss CHEESE! all the way

----- William 06.12.09 15:10

peach gummies!
i should probably say something witty or sentimental, but those sugar-coated goodies are bliss!

----- marissa 06.12.09 15:32

salad spinner
otherwise i would have watery salad soup :-(

----- James 06.12.09 15:56

My favorite thing with holes in it is a colander. It’s so useful for many things. Cooking, pretend knight helmets, laundry, plant holders, and much more.

----- creativename 06.12.09 16:07


----- Timothy Rowan 06.12.09 16:08

I have a hole in my hand….
That’s why I never have any money to buy stuff like this ;)

----- Anthony 06.12.09 16:38

Coats! Or cardigans. Or shirts. Buttonholes are some of my favourite things, especially when you’re dealing with a handmade garment, rather than machine stitched buttons and buttonholes.

----- Jon Crowley 06.12.09 17:25

This case is so offical letting the sleek Apple design poke out through this thin force field = awsome!

----- Adam 06.12.09 17:29

they combine with my tennis puma ;)

----- Christian Ocampo 06.12.09 17:44

Something smaller than my “otterbox” is a must, and these look like they will do just fine.

----- brad 06.12.09 17:58


----- Justin 06.12.09 18:18

CROCS!!!! just kidding.
My acoustic guitar for sure!

----- Brian 06.12.09 19:04

My Superdry jacket. It came with holes in the sleeve cuff for the thumbs to poke out, so bottom part of the hands can stay warm.

----- Andrew 06.12.09 19:54

The best thing I like with holes in it are my speaker sticks made by apple! They add fun to my boring computer!

----- Robyn 06.12.09 20:22

My silver sneakers. I’ve worn completely through them and have to find a new pair :(

----- Michael 06.12.09 20:36

Straw. Can’t imagine it without holes

----- Georgina 06.12.09 20:41

Because i know that when the french roaming circus comes to town, I can strain my single serving spaghetti in the car on the way to the big top.

----- brandon 06.12.09 21:47

dvd’s in particular today, belle du jour.

----- Maggie 06.12.09 22:05

a flyscreen!

----- Elisa G 06.12.09 22:29

My favorite holes are the ones in the sides of my head. I love hearing stuff!

----- Jessie 07.12.09 00:05

Perforated Snap Case contest:
What I love that has holes in it:

Arguments to buy any phone other than the iPhone.

----- Jim 07.12.09 00:56

swiss cheese. o_0

----- elle 07.12.09 01:22

Its got to be my vegetable colander, and its also a helmet

----- Daniel 07.12.09 02:01

Holy iPhone case Batman! I want one!

----- PGM 07.12.09 02:59

“HOLE”iday ;) a hole in my working time :P

----- Bastian 07.12.09 04:45

My favorite thing with holes is a strainer.

----- Paul 07.12.09 05:25

Makes me want to actually buy my girlfriend an iPhone now!

----- Zach 07.12.09 06:06

what i love that has holes in it: myself. *rimshot* - also, honestly, this case. i was looking at buying the pink one this morning, believe it or not. maybe i’ll hesitate a moment, just to see if i get lucky :)

----- karlaanne 07.12.09 06:08

Mr. Potato Head has holes.

----- Laura S 07.12.09 06:30

The new Star Trek. So many plot holes.

----- Emmanuel 07.12.09 06:31

Jesus. Everybody loves him. And some Roman put holes in him.

----- Peter L 07.12.09 07:46

I love my Phoenix, AZ t-shirt. It’s yellow and has a gun-toting, cartoon “Cowboy Lion” under an AZ sunset pictured on it. Check it out: http://www.thesinginglizard.com/images/phxshirt.jpg

I’ve had it since I was a little girl and I wear it regularly despite the paint splatters and numerous holes.

----- Mandy 07.12.09 07:50

My favorite thing with a hole … is my clownish looking coffee cup. It gets me out of bed in the morning with its awesomeness.

----- Brigitte 07.12.09 07:52

I would have to say my favorite thing with holes in my Lite Bright !

----- Aaron A. 07.12.09 08:14

my teapot

----- joe 07.12.09 08:16

I happen to like my beads that I make jewelry from. They are fun to use, and also make people happy with they recieve them as gifts.

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 07.12.09 08:30

The ozone layer. Totally.

----- mly 07.12.09 08:48

Bottle opener

----- Jamie 07.12.09 09:05

Swiss people.

----- Tim 07.12.09 09:07

I have an all white Armani leather wristband w/ worn holes all around it. Had it for years. Love it to death

----- Shpree 07.12.09 09:08


----- nich 07.12.09 09:11

i’ve always got no luck, be it giveaway/luckydraw but I still wanna give this a try cause the pink and white is so pretty and december is my birthday month!! haha.

----- genlethu25 07.12.09 09:11

Contest: what I love about the perforated Design is that it reminds me of those old plastic carpets with the same design on the bottom. I remember always flipping the carpet over and walking on and laying on the little spikes because they felt good against me. This case brings back those memories and although I wouldn’t lay on it I probably would spend an adequate amount of time pressing the cases on my skin. That is why I love this new design!

----- Cody Castro 07.12.09 09:17

The holes in my pocket! All the money flips directly to cool stuff like incase sleeves!

----- ALEX SHEENY 07.12.09 09:26

I love Obama’s idea of healthcare for everyone…it has holes.

----- Joel 07.12.09 09:29

I love the holes in the Os of NotCot.Org

----- Zaren Courtenay 07.12.09 09:33

I love… gauged ears, classic vinyl, and other people’s cups. Last but not least my ass, reminds me… have to get a new one!

----- CL 07.12.09 09:43

My excuses. I sorry Iam so late because….

----- Ben K. 07.12.09 09:47

my purple DQM dunks… in perf suede… yassir!

----- Timothy Smith 07.12.09 09:59

Screen doors and hammocks!

----- Xanderpants 07.12.09 10:01

i love the hole in the pencil sharpener. it is both feminine, and extremely dangerous if indulged incorrectly.

----- Ambica 07.12.09 10:12

donuts wouldn’t be donuts without the holes! that and from the holes you get donut holes! yum! a case like that would protect my iPhone from all my sticky fingers!

----- Franelo Ayran 07.12.09 10:19

The hole in my favorite t-shirt!

----- elle_pinky 07.12.09 10:36

WAFFLE FRIES! I just love the way you can dip it in any sauce, and not only does it stick to the fry, the sauce is IN THE FRY. How could you go wrong?!

----- MARKREMARKS 07.12.09 10:40

My favorite holes are in the pockets of my favorite pants.

----- Russell Bongard 07.12.09 10:40

i love these speakers: http://www.thinkofthe.com/products/speak-er.php


----- Becs 07.12.09 10:54

hula hoops, fruit loops, and baskeball hoops.

----- OreganO 07.12.09 10:56

my fingerless winter gloves! perfect for texting on my iphone since the touchpad doesn’t register otherwise..

----- Kelly 07.12.09 11:04

My lucky socks. As hole-filled as they are lucky.

----- Ryan 07.12.09 13:07

What an amazing idea! LOVE IT. I’ll be inline to replace my current Slider case. Super cool, nice work.

----- Jason Ling 07.12.09 13:14

Bagels are definitely my favorite things with holes!

----- Diana 07.12.09 13:21

keyholes and donuts and guitars. :-)

----- Kristina 07.12.09 14:21

Karl Lagerfeld style driving gloves :).

----- Mikayla 07.12.09 14:27

I love spacetime, with its hypothetical wormholes.

----- Jeremy 07.12.09 14:43

The best cheeses and breads always have plenty of holes.

----- Matt 07.12.09 15:17

Donuts, I love donuts. I even love donuts holes!

----- Jeremy 07.12.09 15:23

I love the idea of the portable holes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

----- Tom Burns 07.12.09 15:50

I love donuts!

----- Anthony 07.12.09 16:15

I love my headphones, they have tiny holes in them that BLAST my music and get me through my work day.

----- Jenn 07.12.09 16:29

the MOON!!

----- Francesco 07.12.09 16:41

My squirrel salt and pepper shakers…if they didnt have holes how would I enhance the flavor of my food?

----- Nichole 07.12.09 17:21

I love the holes in my head… without them, my love is less sensual.

I love more because I can smell you.
I love more because I can see you.
I love more because I can hear you.
I love more because I can speak to you.

(and, after recently having a corneal infection, I really appreciate having these ‘holes’ and the ability to use them).

----- nathan 07.12.09 17:52

Have you seen the FOAM walls by OMA installed for Prada! They are beautiful example of things with holes in it!


----- Kate 07.12.09 17:59

I like the holes in my CDs. Current CD of choice, John Mayer’s Battle Studies. Also the holes in Honeycomb cereal… they can hold pockets of milk. So tasty.

----- Tara ~bunnyears~ 07.12.09 18:11

It looks like a golf ball :)
If it’s in silver, it’ll look like a Mac Pro.

Also the color contrast looks pretty nice.

----- Ben 07.12.09 18:23

the coffee portafilter on my beloved la pavoni espresso machine. no holes = no sweet sweet brown nectar

----- nik riviera 07.12.09 19:52

Buildings? How else would we get inside them?

----- Josh 07.12.09 20:03

My favorite holes occur in the urban fabric, as they give us endless opportunity to re-evaluate / improve on the existing.

----- EM 07.12.09 21:23

I love my vinyl records, my garlic press, sea urchin shells, and currently the humidifier.

----- holland 07.12.09 23:35

I love my black on black Nike Zvezdochka shoes. I scored them from an outlet in 2006. Not only were they marked down from $300 to $39.99, but they were the only pair on the shelf, which happened to be my size. Looks like these shoes played a role in the inspiration for the perforated incase. Meant to be? I think so.

----- Matthew 08.12.09 00:47

I love music. Vinyls AND cds. Music has holes in it :-)

----- Jesper Rasmussen 08.12.09 04:27

The hole in the old wooden door that shuts my office space off from the world and lets everyone who passes by peek in and me peek out.

----- Maya Nissen 08.12.09 05:06

nOtcOt, for sure

----- Hortense 08.12.09 05:25

I luv my citrus zester, it’s perforated rows of holes with sharpened rims :)

----- David 08.12.09 06:25


----- Jen T 08.12.09 07:17

My favorite thing with holes are Polo Spearmint Mints … and since I can hardly get any in Belgium it makes me like them even better when I do encounter them in a UK store ^^

----- Dries 08.12.09 08:02

Looks like my favorite pair of 80s glasses I used to own.

----- tracy 08.12.09 08:35

hads down, my favorite thing with holes in it is SWISS CHEESE!!!! i could eat it allll day long!!!

----- Francisco G. 08.12.09 10:17

My running sneakers have holes in them - 28 to be exact. I couldn’t live without them. They provide me with the balance I need in life… run, jump, play!

----- LOLA 08.12.09 10:18

Holes go with everything…like black…

----- Alice 08.12.09 11:06

I would have to say my old running shirts from high school.

----- Nick 08.12.09 11:42

a lovely Swiss cheese. I can taste it now

----- eug 08.12.09 12:31

i love skin.

----- jarin 08.12.09 12:57

My head. There’d certainly be a lack of functionality without it…

----- Brian Peter 08.12.09 13:05


----- eRIN m 08.12.09 13:35

My favorite thing with a hole is (redacted), especially when it’s (redacted) and all covered with (redacted).

----- Kevin 08.12.09 14:01


----- lizzy 08.12.09 14:03

Well its undoubtable, first thing that cam to my head has to be a cheese grater all those holes bringing you different styles of grated cheese.

well thinking about it there is also a sprinkler bringing you crazy shots of water on a warm summers day.

----- stefan Georgiou 08.12.09 14:09

my ears!

----- Darren 08.12.09 14:33

My 3 favorite pairs of work shorts all have a hole in the back pocket where the keys have worn through. Now my iphone, that needs a new case, falls out.

----- Scott B 08.12.09 14:41

My old (and I mean : OLD) Adidas shoes. I could be dead burried with them, plus they’ve holes so my foot are breathing a lot. :D

----- Etienne Richard 08.12.09 14:42

I love my tshirt…. it is my favorite one… now that it has holes, it is fashion and cool and would go perfect with this perforated case for my iphone…

----- Fez 08.12.09 14:53

Abandoned building in China Town. Lots of holes and interesting rooms.

----- J.D. Michals 08.12.09 17:03

I want these! They’re so cool!

----- Milena 08.12.09 17:06

mmmm, donuts….

----- Brandon 08.12.09 17:18

The Play-Doh tool that makes Play-Doh Speggheti

----- Jeff Cheung 08.12.09 17:27

my fave sweatshirt, for bummin around!

----- carissamae 08.12.09 18:35

telescope, a small hole to see a gigantic awesome galaxy =)

----- mariska 08.12.09 18:44

My iMac because without holes, it would overheat and i would not be able to read notcot!

----- Brian 08.12.09 19:41

Onion Rings!!

----- Kimti Kumar 08.12.09 20:14

The earths ozone.

----- Mr. Lee 08.12.09 20:44

I would use this to grate some cheese to make nachos. I’ll share them with all of you. And then I would put it on my iPhone. Yum, delicious nachoPhone.

----- Stephen L. 08.12.09 21:50

holes in the wall that electricity and water come out of.. so seemingly effortless that we sometimes forget it is a luxury :) luxuries are nice

----- catherine 08.12.09 22:56

ok so I know its odd, but the little tiny holes in my daughters playpen…the mesh is supposed to contain her…but all it does is allow her to stick her little toes in and fling herself over the top of the playpen and repel down the side…it’s actually quite interesting to watch the problem solving action of a 9 month old.

----- Shawna 08.12.09 23:42

My very favourite pair of boots… they have holes in the leather where my foot creases… but they are about 5 years old and have been to the shoemaker for news soles at least twice. I cannot bear to part with them. Everything about them is perfect… except the holes… they are the imperfection that gives the boots character.

----- Magda 09.12.09 03:10

Polo Mints

----- John Norman 09.12.09 04:55

Bubble wrap has holes in it- RIGHT after it’s popped. That’s my favorite. What a delightful and addicting experience.

----- tiffanywan 09.12.09 06:50

bagels! I’m not sure how functional their holes are, but I can’t resist a good toasted bagel

----- Jessica 09.12.09 09:09

Favorite thing with a hole in it is my ‘Thriller’ LP. RIP MJ!

----- dAviD 09.12.09 09:10

BUTTONS! They are usefull, colorfull, have many shapes… They can’t work without holes in them and they are pretty cool to do anything: jewellery, crafts…

----- Caroline 09.12.09 09:47

the system.

----- pablo 09.12.09 10:17

the facade of my macpro has holes :] and boy do i love that thing!

----- zachyp 09.12.09 11:03

i love donuts! yummy!

----- bo 09.12.09 11:32

My heart… without those cases in my life.

----- Scotty 09.12.09 13:15

blue ray disks… i can’t survive without my movies… especially when they are such incredible quality!

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:29

Holland. People from Poland are called Poles, so Holland is clearly full of Holes.

Ha. ha. ha.

----- Marisa 09.12.09 14:56

Donuts. Always donuts.

----- deep dutta 09.12.09 15:00

I love the holes in my wife’s logic. Because even then, it is often more sound than mine.

----- Steve Gowin 09.12.09 19:56

There is a hole in my life…i need a case for my iphone :)
I love the choices of colors

pretty please

----- jeanaymeri 09.12.09 19:56

Swiss cheese of course!

----- Tali 09.12.09 20:20

My favorite thing with holes is cheese, closely followed by recyclable honeycomb cardboard. Gorgeous to look at, and a very sturdy material.

----- Adrian 09.12.09 21:05

My current incase just cracked and I’m still using it but it would be nice of incase to redeem themselves ;). I like the holes on old stereo speaker covers.

----- Benjamin 09.12.09 21:08

Holes, can’t seem to get them away. I must say it must be the holes on my leggings, stockings and socks. Especially big holes on socks.. you can’t help but laugh and feel almost SLIGHTLY embarrassed haha.

----- TiffanyNgo 09.12.09 22:39

I love the holes because I can now use my iphone as a cookbook/cheese-grater/lemon-zester. MULTI-TASKING!!!!!

----- Nate 09.12.09 23:17

What i love that has holes, My iPhone ;-)

A hole to plug in my earphones, to take me away…..from this reality, from the loud mouths on the train, this one hole helps foster some creativity in my brain.
And then when all falls down,….there’s another hole to blame, the one that recharges…it starts all over again!

----- Paddy D 10.12.09 03:01

Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.
Thank you

----- Miato 10.12.09 08:30

This design reminds me of the holes equivalent on a honeycomb. I’ve always love that natural geometric patterning. Talk about sustainable design, we should just holes in every material that’s solid. Saves space and money!

----- Erwin John Labra 10.12.09 09:34

Swiss cheese… yum!

----- Santiago Casares 10.12.09 10:59

I love architecture that manages to use holes as a major component of the design. A few I’ve seen around the blogs recently are Hotel Caldor in Austria, the Mikimoto building in Tokyo, and the Cadence home in India. Really great work.

----- Heather R. 10.12.09 12:42

golf courses

----- Landon 10.12.09 13:02

The universe?

Oh and donuts, of course.

----- Rion 10.12.09 13:11

My favourite thing with holes is my fiance’s skin. Its one of the many things i love about her, and its softness and warmth, and tiny holes for sweat and other things, make it perfect. But i also love the stencil that i used to spray paint something at our spot, to get engaged and keep this skin for ever.

----- Sean Monaghan 10.12.09 13:16

The mold reminds me of a waffle iron mixed with old school Nike running shoe tred. Therefore the case is super so sweet :)

----- Kevin Smith 10.12.09 13:16

definitely Jean Prouve´s metal doors, although I won´t ever have one since they cost around $300,000 each

----- gus 10.12.09 13:51

covers over speakers/headphone buds :)

----- grace 10.12.09 17:27

i love bubble wrap with a passion, it doesn’t have holes in it yet. the holes result from the popping of the bubbles which makes the most scrumptious sound, that and finding holes in awkward places in your pants always makes me laugh.

----- .grace. 10.12.09 21:51

35mm film is definitely my favorite thing with holes!

----- Kat 10.12.09 22:17


----- Jon T. 10.12.09 22:35

my nose.

----- Rob 11.12.09 00:07

my fav thing with holes is my rabbit hole.

----- marikke 11.12.09 01:00

My Aquapac bag has a big hole in it… Where I put my iphone when I go kayaking. Best thing with a hole in it that has no holes in it ever!

----- Brendan Moore 11.12.09 03:44

animatiooooon papeeeeeer!!!!

----- Dafni 11.12.09 08:33

Swiss cheese and French baguettes!

----- Moriah 11.12.09 09:50

most of my arguments…

----- Ray Saunders 11.12.09 10:46

The more there is of Perf Snap Case, the more there is of holes, but the more there is of holes less there is of Perf Snap Case !!! But i love it

----- kapsteur 11.12.09 11:55

Tiger Woods’ squeaky clean character! ::wink::

----- MLvS 11.12.09 12:03

Nuts. They have holes that grab onto bolts, and then keep things together!

----- Rose 11.12.09 12:28

like SERGE GAINSBOURG ” les ptits trous, le ptits trous…toujours les ptits trous”


----- ben 11.12.09 12:33


----- Jon 11.12.09 14:12

The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi is pretty amazing!

----- Bryan 11.12.09 16:51

Almost everything I can think of has already been mentioned here. It’s amazing how holes are somehow a human obsession. Anything with holes or anything that slightly revealing is intriguing, lures human curiosity, and being curious is very human. We like holes in any way. :D

----- Sanu 11.12.09 17:04

HOle reminds me to my friends…. and i love my friends :)

----- jay 11.12.09 20:22

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