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ninjamain.jpg UPDATE: Congrats to Rose in Huntington Woods, MI!

Shawnimals never ceases to bring a smile to my face. I mean, little plushie ninjas. Who can resist that?!?!?! It’s a Ninja Empire for sure… from the early days of the Wee Ninja ~ to Pocket Ninja ~ to a whole town of ninjas… and a Nintendo DS game even… i’m so delighted and honored to announce his latest amazing ninja announcement just before NINJA DAY (yes, Dec 5th, this saturday. prepare yourself!), NINJA OF THE MONTH!!! Seriously. I kid you not. You can magically have ninjas appear in your mailbox monthly. Perhaps the awesomest yearlong gift yet? So YES, you get a chance to win a year long subscription of ninjas… AND Shawn was nice enough to let us peek behind the curtain to see where ninjas come from… ready to see inside the studio? Peek at potential ninjas in the making? See the next page….

UPDATE: the NINJA OF THE MONTH page is now up! ninjaofthemonth.jpg

SHAWNIMALS’ NINJA OF THE MONTH CLUB! Feature & Images by Shawn Smith

Ninja Day is only two days away. It kind of sneaks up on you. It’s one of those holidays you can celebrate any time, really. But if you celebrate it as “Wee Ninja” Day, then lots of Stealth Hugs and cookie-eating should take place.


Just in time for Ninja Day, here’s a sneak peak of our latest creation: Ninja of the Month! It’s an exclusive club that grants you access to 12 -count ‘em 12 - limited edition, handmade plush Ninjas in all manner of shapes, sizes and colors.


On the first Wednesday of the every month, Ol’ Master Ninja will reveal the newest Ninja, and teach you about its abilities at Ninjaofthemonth.com. Each comes with a signed and numbered tag, special accessories and a special character button and sticker every month! There are also super secret surprises that will show up in your mailbox and inbox. Are you Ninja enough?



The identities of the ninjas are a secret, but here’s a sketch that gives you a sneak peak at some of ninjas that will be a part of this limited edition release:


And here are some parts of future ninjas in the making:


Here’s the team brainstorming the next top secret awesome ninja:



So there you have it. Ninja of the Month Club is coming… this giveaway really is the gift that will keep you going until NEXT holiday season. Wow. Right? I totally want a ninja a month… ninjamain.jpg For a chance to win, leave a comment about how you’ll be celebrating NINJA DAY! And i’ll pick a winner on Dec 10th, 2009.

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306 Notes

i will make myself “disappear” for a day!

----- HAO 03.12.09 12:28

Man this is awesome!!!!! I will be spending Ninja day dressed in all black with a luchador mask on, prowling through the neighorhood with my trusty grappling hook.

----- Jason Olivo 03.12.09 12:28

i’ll be celebrating a ninja party at home with all my shawnimals plushes dressing a ninja code, having tea and cookies and deciding new places for the forthcoming ninja habitants in the room.

----- david 03.12.09 12:29

I won’t celebrate. A true ninja doesn’t leave his guard down.

----- Chris 03.12.09 12:29

i’ll be spending ninja day fighting robot zombie pirates, so an army of 12 ninjas will be most handy.

----- Bryan Dunn 03.12.09 12:31

I’ll be celebrating Ninja day in true ninja fashion. IE: no one will know I’m celebrating… until it is too late.

----- Andrew S. Parnell 03.12.09 12:32

I will be celebrating Ninja Day with my five year old Daughter watching an old classic like American Ninja I & II.

----- Toby Davis 03.12.09 12:33

I shall be creeping stealthily and doing ninja.. things. Perhaps with a raccoon nunchuck.

----- Sam 03.12.09 12:33

I’ll be spending Ninja day sneaking up behind people with peg legs and jump kicking them in the ass. Ninjas > Pirates!!! Plus making tin foil shurikans. Just because.

----- Brad 03.12.09 12:34

This will be my very first Ninja Day celebration, but I am going to gather friends together and make shureiken cookies. Definitely going to play Ninja Town for DS and snuggle with some of my Shawnimals ninja plushies! :D

----- Kelly 03.12.09 12:35

For Ninja Day, I intend to celebrate by wearing all black, only allowing people to see my eyes as I vanquish them, and refusing to speak to anyone who looks even remotely like a pirate on that day.

----- Courtney 03.12.09 12:36

I will come into the lab to perform an experiment and ninja myself out before I am noticed.

----- Patrick 03.12.09 12:37

I will be out fighting all the other ninjas celebrating Ninja Day.

----- Sarah 03.12.09 12:37

For ninja day, I will not drive anywhere… or even walk anywhere. I will STEALTH everywhere. “Stealthing” is the art of getting from one place to another without alerting ANYONE of your presence. I will dress all of my belongings in a black mask and give them all honorary ninja names. I will watch ninja films and eat “nincho’s” and cheese.

None of my ninja friends will come over because, after all, you can’t truly “ninja” at a party. Sup, my ninja?

----- Jasmine 03.12.09 12:40

I celebrate Ninja Day every year by killing pirates.

----- Robert 03.12.09 12:40

I Will be spending my Ninja Day by playing Ninjatown on the DS and mastering the ways of the ninja! There will be plenty of Stealth hugging going on and possibly some wee-ninja star throwing. I will then vanish in a cloud of smoke wondering what great ninjas i can expect to come throughout the following year! :)

----- Evan Maroun 03.12.09 12:40

I’ll wear all black and hide in the shadows, awaiting the approach of my opponents so as I can attack them with hugs XD I will be an awesome hug ninja on Saturday and nobody will see it coming! Bwahaha

----- Jacalyn 03.12.09 12:40

Ninja Day will be honored by getting some Shuriken magnets.

----- edgare 03.12.09 12:44

I will celebrate by eating nothing but pot stickers the entire day.

----- Nina 03.12.09 12:46

I will be watching a Sho Kasugi Ninja Marathon. Starting with Enter the Ninja then Revenge of the ninja and finally Ninja III: The Domination.

----- Rob Losito 03.12.09 12:47

Ninjas know no celebration. I’ll spend ninja day honing my sick katana skills.

----- Xue 03.12.09 12:48

I will be practicing the ceremonial dance of the neen-ya.

----- J. Kyle 03.12.09 12:50

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you

----- Heather 03.12.09 12:52

to tell you wouldn’t be very ninja would it….

----- courtney 03.12.09 12:52

A ninja does not reveal their celebration strategy… however, I can say it may involve some ninja star cookies.

----- Nicole 03.12.09 12:55

I will be stealthily cruising around using my Ninja Navigator: http://tinyurl.com/y8dxb6r

----- Christian 03.12.09 13:01

By making sure no one suspects I am a ninja by wearing bright colors, standing around in the sunlight and giving hugs. I will be a reverse ninja (revinga).

----- Jonathan 03.12.09 13:01

Fear the shadow! I’ll be celebrating neen-ja style from shadow to shadow… pow wow!!

----- Pamela Lin 03.12.09 13:04

I will wear black all day, and lurk in the shadows. STEALTH!

----- Carlos 03.12.09 13:06

I’ll be sneaking up in front of you.

----- Matt 03.12.09 13:06

I will be celebrating Ninja Day by becoming a shadow ninja and hiding from my wife and daughter for the day!!!

----- SEAN 03.12.09 13:07

I will be a shapeshifting ninja and assume the form of an elderly man

----- James L 03.12.09 13:09

I will spend the day hiding around corners, under desks (at work) and any where else I can find then jumping out at unsuspecting people and scaring them. Then afterwards warning them about the dangers of ninja attacks and how to prepare themselves better. I will be a walking (or, rather, hiding) PDA.

----- Gyna 03.12.09 13:13

I’m going to dress as a ninja then get really drunk and pretend I am a ninja… I’ll also bake a Ninja Cake (It’ll look like a ninja!!!)

----- LILY Kiang 03.12.09 13:13

I’ll celebrate Ninja day by **giving myself away** to my friends and family - cooking dinner, getting them on the phone to chat and catch up, sending notes ‘n’ cards by hand, etc…

----- mark s. inman 03.12.09 13:14

I will be folding several small and large origami ninja stars!

----- Cheryl 03.12.09 13:16

I have to go to the dentist that day. I take a valium and use the laughing gas when I go to the dentist because I want to punch them in the face and then run away whenever they come near me. Classic fight or flight response. But the drugs take care of that now, so I can just drift off while dreaming of ninjas.

----- april 03.12.09 13:17

I will creep into my office, late. I will be dressed in black, entering the cubicle in my usual stealthy manner. My boss will have a crisis of some sort which will send me into my calm hero-like workmode. Just when he thinks the company is doomed, I will jump out and save the day. My boss will promote me, and I will go home to lay in a bed full of Shawnimals, like a true ninja!

----- Liv M 03.12.09 13:20

Like my training and the full extent of my ninja powers, my ninja day activities must remain a mystery.

----- Jen 03.12.09 13:21

So obviously playing ninja burger is included in the celebration. There will also be stealthy pranking of coworkers, and sneak attack hugs for friends and family.

----- jen 03.12.09 13:22

I’ll celebrate Ninja Day by bringing all of my Ninjatown S1 figures into my corporate office. Everyone will crowd around and laugh—but I know they’re just jealous ;)

----- bk_bk 03.12.09 13:24

I will spend Ninja Day showing why Ninjas PWN pirates. No parrots, peg legs, eye-patches, drunks, colorful raggedy clothed and/or smelly people will pass by my hiding spot unscathed. A sticker stating ‘Ninjas PWN Pirates’ will be the only indication of where I struck my lethal one fingered tap.

----- Stephanie Yang 03.12.09 13:25

I’m going to celebrate ninja day by playing my ninja town game all day long and taking photos of my ninjas in epic places like hanging from a ceiling shimmying down to steal more ninja star cookies!

----- Kevin Han 03.12.09 13:25

i am going to dress in my native garb, and go from rooftop to rooftop, kicking villain butt as i go!

----- Lux Lund 03.12.09 13:25

I will spend ninja day as all ninjas do. Unseen.

----- Scott 03.12.09 13:29

I’ll spend the day getting in [sanitized] $300 and [sanitized] with an owl costume.

----- WaxWolf 03.12.09 13:34

I will be eating pie. Ninja’s LOVE pie.

----- Kim D. 03.12.09 13:38

I celebrate Ninja Day in the shower with my pocket scrub! Scrubbing myself waiting your amazing toys!

----- Gianmarco 03.12.09 13:39

I’m going to be like your shadow, you know i’m there, but you won’t notice me.

----- nancy 03.12.09 13:40

On ninjaday I will put on my ninjaoutfit only to give everyone else super stealthy hugs and leaving happy people in my trails. Secretly i will crush my enemys with my cookiemilkfu style and make them happy! I am a ninja who fights justice with happynes, may i be able to fill the world with joy!

----- Robin 03.12.09 13:42

of course, I cannot comment on how I will spending the day, or where I will be.

----- aileeninja 03.12.09 13:42

Ninja’s never take a holiday. I will be celebrating Ninja Day at the dojo honing my skills so that I stay deadly and strong. I may appear like a potato shaped woman with under-boob sweat, but that is just a ruse to hide my overwhelming BAMFness.

----- Candace 03.12.09 13:42

I will be inventing different ninja vanishing cloths. I can never seem to hold the patterned ones up right…

----- Vivian 03.12.09 13:47

Party time…with everyone doing the ninja shuffle, drinking some green tea and throwing some shurikens!!!

----- Elaine 03.12.09 14:01

I will Celebrating NINJA DAY by Dressing up as a Ninja & Have Dinner with my Pink Ninja!

----- Rainer 03.12.09 14:05

I’m going to blackmail someone into getting me into the Ninja of the Month club.

----- Jordan 03.12.09 14:07

In honor of ninja day, I will finally buy the travel chopsticks I’ve always wanted.

----- TonyKraken 03.12.09 14:09

Since I will be practicing the ninja arts that day, i will be everywhere, but nowhere and planning stealth ways to surprise the enemy.

----- Veronica 03.12.09 14:12

I’ll be ninjaing at work.. or will i? ;)

----- jeff lin 03.12.09 14:12

I will spend the day stealthily watching episodes of Ninja Warrior.

----- Amanda V. 03.12.09 14:17

i will celebrate ninja day by gathering all of my various ninjas and i will have them battle wee devil & flying devil. the ninjas will obviously win since ninja day is an advantage to them.

----- niki 03.12.09 14:18

I’ll be celebrating Ninja day by using my Kung Fu star flying skills and taking down a pirate! Arg!

----- tracy 03.12.09 14:34

for ninja day i’ll organize a ninja walk-a-thon to raise money for less fortunate ninjas.

----- deb 03.12.09 14:39

I’m going to celebrate by inviting my ninja friend’s over and practicing our drunken fist! Then, with the help of new ninja’s every month we will vanquish all evil! >-_-

----- mark 03.12.09 14:51

Starting my ninja lessons I bought online for only 12 easy payments of 19.95. Sorry no CODs.

Its a Ninja thing

----- Jason P 03.12.09 14:59

The same thing I do everyday….ninja for life!

----- Julie 03.12.09 15:05

I think you might be a Samurai in Ninja clothing . Looks like you are trying to trick some of the untrained Ninja into a trap. A true Ninja would never tell what he or she would be doing. You move but I move first.

----- Andrew 03.12.09 15:08

Once I finish studying for my Japanese final, I will bake cupcakes with ninjas on them as part of an early birthday celebration (my birthday is the 9th) and then have a cupcake/tea party with my pocket ninjas!

----- Rose 03.12.09 15:11

This ninja day I will celebrate it by stealthily having a party at night with no music, no lights, no talking and every one hiding in the shadows, waiting for the enemy. Only true ninjas will know where the party is because I cannot send out invitations or the enemy will attack!! :D

----- Brian Rehmann 03.12.09 15:13

i will dress up like a ninja… sneak into my friends rooms at night while they’re sleeping… and leave them a note (with a ninja star pierced through it).. saying “buy a shawnimals ninja now. or else.”

----- SARAH 03.12.09 15:20

for ninja day, I will be dressed as a ninja. I will eat cereal… in stealth.
*shady eyes*

----- Collin Banko 03.12.09 15:25

By dressing up in super comfy black clothes, sneaking around and tackle-hugging friends and family with killer ninja hugs!

----- Kim D 03.12.09 15:25

Ninja day will be celebrated in ninja fashion of course. This includes dressing in black, shurikans, trees, tea, stealth and more that cannot be shared.

But the reason this gift would be awesome is since everyone knows about the feud between ninjas and pirates, my friend saw a pair of starcrossed lovers, a ninja and pirate who mergered their lifestyles and she would most appreciate this gift

----- Maggie 03.12.09 15:26

I will be spending Ninja Day by giving everyone the scary NINJASTARE, yeah, THE ninjastare! Then I’ll challenge worthy opponnets to Ninja Battles.

----- Zoe Gurda 03.12.09 15:28

By sneaking up on all my friends and karate chopping them!

----- Joe Wasserman 03.12.09 15:41

I think we will celebrate it by watching episodes of Ninja Warrior, or as my four year-old calls it, Ninja Oreo.

----- natalyn 03.12.09 15:45

I will use throwing stars instead of email to communicate with coworkers.

----- Susan Kelley 03.12.09 15:47

i love wee ninja i love the yeti ninja

----- evan 03.12.09 15:48

I am going to spend Ninja Day with visiting family while having a few of my Ninjatown mini plush on me. (like on my DS)

----- Rafael 03.12.09 15:55

i will be throwing shuriken around

----- Winnie Lam 03.12.09 16:10

My friend would love to know about this!

----- Laura 03.12.09 16:10

Since we probably have the largest collection of Shawnimal Ninjas and other creatures, Ninja day will be a huge event. We’ll have to rebuild our Shawnimal shrine. The shrine can be seen on Flickr under user thotfulspot.

----- Ron Hollatz 03.12.09 16:12

I’m definately going to have to go out with some friends, dressed as different ninjas, ol master ninja, wee ninja, baby and turd etc, and go into town, cause some chaos and do a bit of clubbing (in a stealthy manner of course) Niiiiiiiinjas ^-^

----- Lizzie 03.12.09 16:21

I will be pouncing on people all day. Silently massacring one person after the other until my ultimate ninja-osity had been recognized across the ninja nation.

----- Chelsea 03.12.09 16:25

On NINJA DAY I shall defeat all the wee devils of NinjaTown like wee ninja would.

----- Emily 03.12.09 16:25

I will spend my Ninja Day in the ceiling panels at work. Every hour or so I will drop down and put a co worker to sleep with a flick of the wrist… then… I will disappear back into the ceiling. Oh yes… it will be grand…

----- @JustinRampage 03.12.09 16:27

I’m going to celebrate Ninja Day by playing a totally extreme game of “Ninja” with my friends and then by drawing ninjas for the entire day. And I’ll get out my plastic ninja sword too! It’s pretty intense.

----- Dani 03.12.09 16:28

i will be dressing up as a ninja (not that i need to dress up because i already am a ninja) and running around sydney climbing on walls and such

----- micheal green 03.12.09 16:31

Every day is Ninja Day! :)

----- Kiku Collins - Ninja Princess 03.12.09 16:32

I shall be spending it making ninja star cookies, and recreating the entire region of ninjatown out of legos.

----- Brendan 03.12.09 16:32

You won’t know what I’ll be doing for ninja day. A true ninja would never tell.

----- Dana 03.12.09 16:32

Can’t say I’ll celebrate Ninja Day- I won’t know it’s here till it’s too late.

----- Kayla 03.12.09 16:36

I’ll be celebrating, for sure, but you’ll never see me.

----- Matt 03.12.09 17:02

On ninja day I will stay in bed all day sleeping. Even ninja’s need a day off!

----- Jennifer P. 03.12.09 17:18

My ninja day will be spent performing random acts of kindness and being just all around mischievous. In a sneaky manner, of course. I will plague the pocket’s of civilians with candy! And I will also tie their shoe laces together. For the mischief part. It’ll be a day filled with candy and pranks. Yeah, ninja day will surely be an event you won’t soon forget. (If you live within ten miles of me, that is.)

----- Lisa 03.12.09 17:26

I’m going to play ninjatown all day on ninja day!!

----- Steve Black 03.12.09 17:40

Ninja costume party!!!

----- Rachel 03.12.09 17:40

I will be watching some ask a ninja and practicing my 5-point exploding heart move!

----- Beth 03.12.09 17:54

Hold on. Before I start. I have to preface.
I am currently on a bus. In the MIDDLE of Canada. And as it turns out, to both my pleasure and surprise, there is the INTERNET! MAN ALIVE! How on earth have we come so far from our days picking ticks from one another’s backs all day (though sometimes we do through back) to getting the internet Literally all over the world. Holy cow.

Anyway. The Reason I am on the bus is to head back home to Toronto for a big family type non-denominational (christmas) party thing. Which happens to fall on the fifth. But, in light of this recent news. I need to do Something. Now, Naturally I cant tell you my whole plan, but even the best ninjas need a place to brainstorm. No better forum than here. Among my ninja Brethren and Sistren.

Step 1: Dawn a pair of jetblack onesees (no bum flap for fear of getting caught on something)
Step 2: Wear sneakers overtop of my footies.
Step 3: Put on a suit. Gotta look the part for a party.
Step 4: Blueprints. Fortunately, it is at my parents house. I know the ins and outs. Home turf advantage here
Step 5: Hidden weapons. Mostly comprised of straws and bits of lint that I will fashion into a smoke bomb when the need presents itself.
Step 6: Find target. The most likely one? The sister… A clever and suspicious foe who is constantly on guard for waverly brothe… Ninjas.
Step 7: The approach. Unseen. Unheard. Blending into the abyss of the party
Step 8: The decoy. A cleverly placed piece of micron-string fastened to a lone wineglass. (Filled with water. One wouldn’t want to leave a trace)
Step 9: When attention is drawn? UNDO THE PONYTAIL!
Step 10: Escape. How? Well, you might assume my smoke bomb would be handy, but that is just a fool’s reaction. This bit is what I will have to keep secret. For it is not the attack that needs be concealed, but rather the flee. The return from a successful mission that really need be hidden from prying eyes. My base you ask? Well. A ninja cant give everything away.


----- Matt 03.12.09 18:03

I’m going to secretly bake ninja cookies for my family. So secretly they won’t know I ninja’d half the batch.

----- Holly 03.12.09 18:08

I will celebrate Ninja Day by not being seen by anyone anywhere. Even my own reflection.

----- Megan 03.12.09 18:09

I will be celebrating by leading my ninja warriors into battle against the vigilante crime fighter shadow hare of cincinnati.

----- Amber K 03.12.09 18:29

I’ll celebrate ninja day by moving stealthily around. everywhere.

----- amanda 03.12.09 18:29

I work in a research lab and everyone thinks I’m a bit strange any ways. But then again, we’re all mad scientists. So why let people change their minds about me?

For Ninja Day, I will bring my wooden boken and dress in full keigogi and hakama to work.

----- Hiroki Yanagihara 03.12.09 18:40

Well, how else would I celebrate ninja day but by putting up my ninja-star coat hangers and wreaking a bit of havoc?

----- Susan 03.12.09 18:55

Gonna ninja it out at Art Basel in Miami.

----- Cynthia 03.12.09 19:05

I’ll wear a headband, eat pizza, and yell “Cowabunga!” any chance I get.

----- Audrey R. 03.12.09 19:15

I’d spend my time laughing at friends who think that Pirates are cooler. Pirates? Oh for god sakes…

----- James 03.12.09 19:27

a true ninja keeps her secrets

----- karen 03.12.09 19:28

I will be perching my pocket ninjas on my lump o’ land and playing little interactive stories with them.

----- Jill 03.12.09 19:31

Recruiting Ninjas. I will need one special leader for each month next year, both to train underlings and carry out missions (like cool design things). I have heard that Shawnimals Ninjas are of great skill and cunning. In fact, two of them guard my room with impressive results.

----- Amy 03.12.09 19:37

For Ninja Day, I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday one day late. You know you’re getting old and sad when you have to spend your birthday working and doing laundry. I could really use some ninjas in my life. :)

----- Barbie Anderson 03.12.09 19:48

i will eating all the party dessert because there will be “NINJA’s DAY” special treat! because i know…there will no ninja would attending this event! ha ha ha finally the day is mineee!!!

----- dara 03.12.09 19:58

Shhhhhhh! I am a ninja, thus the monthly reinforcements would be greatly appreciated!

----- Dana 03.12.09 20:10

I will spend Ninja day protecting Unicorns :)

----- Austin 03.12.09 20:11

Why, being a tshirt ninja, of course!

It’s easy.

----- Brian Peter 03.12.09 20:14

Hmmmm, Ninja Day… I will somehow spoil my ninja cat (he’s a very talented ninja, don’t you know) and go out with friends for ninja like activities. Like… well, actually, I’m not sure yet but we’ll think of something.

----- Allie B. 03.12.09 20:17

I’ll be kung fu fighting… nananana na na na na.
I’ll be fast as lightning… nananana na na na na.
I’ll be a little bit frightening… nuna nuna nuna nuna.
I’ll fight with expert timing… nuna nuna nuna nuna.
And my wife will pee a little in her pants.

----- cody taggart 03.12.09 20:24

I will be eating some canned ravioli, watching old Bewitched episodes
and then getting a pedicure at the spa, and taking my master’s poodle out to the groomer’s.

At then end of the day, someone will die from a ninja star.


----- Joy 03.12.09 20:33

I will just be ninja!

----- andrea 03.12.09 20:34

we will celebrate by releasing @OperaNinja as a backstage twitterer during the final performance of Vancouver Opera’s production of NORMA on Dec 5th!

we are soooo on board for ninja of the month, who will be our honoured guest at all our productions for 2010 (our 50th Anniversary)!

----- ling 03.12.09 20:36

I’ll be dressing in all black, and slip through the shadows!

----- Jen 03.12.09 20:49

I plan on starting the day of with a nice glass of san pellegrino aranciata. After some time to reflect, I may go for a quick run to get the blood flowing. After that, its off to my desk for some graphic design. That night I will give thanks to the ninja.

----- Harrison 03.12.09 20:50

For Ninja Day… I’ll try not to end up like this dude: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/17/ninja-impaled-on-fence-in_n_361185.html

Yeah… that won’t happen to a REAL ninja like me ;D

----- Steph Y. 03.12.09 20:53

I will be playing with my Plastic Needlepoint ninja.

----- Beth Seguin 03.12.09 20:54

My college roommate taught me how to make a ninja mask by tying a t-shirt around your head and looking out of the neck hole. Instant Ninja! It’s rad.

----- Jessi 03.12.09 21:03

You’d never know because a well trained Ninja never reveals himself!

----- Santos 03.12.09 21:04

I will hunt down the “ninja assassin”

----- Danielle S. 03.12.09 21:32

training up my secret army of ninja kitties… but shh! don’t tell anyone.

----- Julia 03.12.09 21:40

I will be celebrating ninja day by training outside my hut and defeating wee devils with my mad ninja skills :-) like i do everyday.

----- Katey Carney 03.12.09 21:42

NInjaNik will be stalking the NinjaKat twins to determine their nefarious plot to gain the mystical knowledge of the magic food box in the kitchen. This is an on-going challenge.

----- Nik 03.12.09 21:52

i will get up from this computer and go swing a sword around in the back yard.

----- rich 03.12.09 22:24

I will be celebrating Ninja Day by attending a Ninja Parade (and just standing there not seeing anything or anyone go by, because obviously who can see a ninja in motion?)

----- Geek in Heels 03.12.09 22:33

Before I ninja’d my way into college, I promised my pink Ninja that I’d keep her safe, and to make sure I hired a Wee Ninja bodyguard for her. With all the Ninja out celebrating on Ninja Day though I’m going to have to stealth my way back over there for awhile. There’s a group of rogue bandits that have been waiting for an opening like this for a long, long time, you see… But a true Ninja will always be there to save the day!!!

----- WNPIII 03.12.09 22:45

I’ll celebrate Ninja Day by enacting a petition to grant the little fellows a day off work each year; and full employment benefits, including subsidized moustache grooming and throwing-star insurance.

----- Natalie A 03.12.09 23:15

I shall celebrate stealthfully.

----- Terrie 03.12.09 23:29

I’ll be celebrating by sneaking around work and school. NO ONE WILL SEE ME COMING OR SEE ME IN GENERAL. I’ll blend in with my steath. Then have a sneak attack on some people! Ninja day is the best day of the year :]

----- Denise 04.12.09 00:02

I will celebrate ninja day by being a secret ninja assasin. I will be hiding in the shadows to wait and hunt down the bad guys. ;D

----- Meili 04.12.09 00:07

I will be celebrating Ninja day with none other than my bunny named Ninja!


and here’s Ninja in his ninja hideout:

----- Miranda 04.12.09 00:16

I’ll celebrate it by making sure that nobody can find me. NINJA STYLE!

----- EugenS 04.12.09 00:39

I’ll be watching Ninja+Assassin while in ninja garb with two of my friends. But of course, if I was a more crafty ninja I wouldn’t tell you what I was doing. You’d find out after it happened. And you’d be dumbfounded by my use of shurikens, caltrops, smoke powder, and a Jack Nicholson cut out.

----- Robin 04.12.09 00:59

I will spend the day out ninjaing my cats

----- Nicole 04.12.09 01:16

I will be celebrating by distributing free shurikens… to the face.

----- vu 04.12.09 01:20

since arson is the primary form of sabotage practiced by the ninjas (see reference here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninja) i would be all arts and craftsy and make a cute little castle made of school supplies. decorate with it with rainbow stickers and glitters, leave it somewhere where people could see and adore, and then i would burn it. i would sabotage random peoples happiness for that day. no one will ever know..

that or i could easily just curl myself into a ball and remain motionless in order to appear like a stone.

----- samantha 04.12.09 01:21

You can´t see me or my name because I´m the best ninja around… Oh wait, you can see me… nevermind… I WANT SOME NINJA!!!!

----- João Mendonça 04.12.09 02:36

I’ll celebrate this day by hiding myself behind a street post and screaming at random people: BEWARE OF THE NINJA!!!

----- Camila F. 04.12.09 02:56

I will practice my shinobi-no-jutsu and shinobijutsu skills all day long. And maybe take a little shake break

----- Anna 04.12.09 04:35

ninja napping.

----- tiffany 04.12.09 05:37

I will celebrate Ninja day by working all day long… or will I? That’s the true skills of a Ninja.

----- Miche Dwenger 04.12.09 06:13

Im actually in a couple of those pictures … u just cant see me!

----- Sam Foster 04.12.09 06:43

I will spend ninja day being as stealthy as possible.

----- Malorie 04.12.09 06:54

I plan to creep up behind people and startling them such that they say, “Where did you come from? You’re like a NINJA!”

----- Jen T 04.12.09 07:00

I will celebrate Ninja Day by being at work, playing Ninja Town on my DS, annihilating Flying Devils in the Dark Forest, all while eating Ninja Cookies.

----- Kevin 04.12.09 07:02

I LOVE NINJAS!!! To celebrate I think I’m going to make some ninjas out of clay and some devils AND HUTS ALL OUT OF CLAY!! & probably play some NINJATOWN FOR ADDED FUN!!

----- Alex 04.12.09 07:11

I will be hugging my ninja. :)

----- Jane 04.12.09 07:18

Who’s a ninja here?

----- Kenzie 04.12.09 07:19

i will be causing general and silent havoc with my never-to-be-trusted ninja cohort in the North Side.

----- Derek 04.12.09 07:36

I think I’m going to watch a bunch of kung fu movies on Saturday then. I had no idea there was such thing as ninja day.

----- Lara 04.12.09 07:42

I will be killing you soon

----- Ed 04.12.09 08:01

I will be so stealth that even I myself won’t know what I’m doing!

----- Caroline 04.12.09 08:22

I will celebrate ninja day by dancing in the shadows without ever making a sound or being discovered.

----- lukas 04.12.09 08:42

Celebrating by wearing black top and jeans, using a dark scarf to cover most of my face and going Christmas shopping. I will try to evade security by hiding in clothes racks. It’s going to be great. I hope I don’t get arrested though.

----- Josie D. 04.12.09 09:02

I will be decorating my tree with many micro ninjas!

----- Lori 04.12.09 09:56

New favorite holiday!! I will insist upon a Ninja-off to claim ownership of each individual monthly Ninja… The most stealth and choppy Ninja wins!!! (There’ll be my husband, 7 year old daughter and myself competing. And it’s every Ninja for themselves!)

----- Deneen 04.12.09 10:06

i’ll be celebrating ninja day by watching ninja assassin!

----- Karen 04.12.09 10:11

I will be at Unique LA! using my awesome ninja shopping skills to get the most sneakiest and devious handcraftiest goodness for the holidays!

----- Drew 04.12.09 10:25

You’ll know soon enough

----- Rebecca 04.12.09 11:10

. . ( ninja actions are covert and thus classified )

----- Kristen 04.12.09 11:32

I’ll be spending the entire day secretly clutching the ceiling duct work in my office, watching the unsuspecting workers pass by below.

----- Josh 04.12.09 11:42

I will be celebrating by rearranging items in my coworkers cubicles to add some mystery to the daily grind!

----- Sarah H. 04.12.09 11:46

I will carry ninja stars.

----- Emily M. 04.12.09 11:58

I will practice walking like Ninja cat!

----- jennifer in sf 04.12.09 12:04

i’m going down town in a pirate suit.. yarr

----- Bartal Djurhuus 04.12.09 12:39

Open combat, espionage, sabotaging acts of war against myself and those I serve, infiltration of some kind…normal day to day ninjactivities.

----- Danielle 04.12.09 12:51

I will be celebrating Ninja Day by showing how better are Ninjas than Pirates like this! http://bit.ly/4Ijq7k

----- Khoa 04.12.09 12:57

Dress up as a Ninja and bake a cake!

----- Tim S 04.12.09 13:19

I will be roundhouse kicking jive turkeys and rapelling off gazebos from 12:00a to 11:59pm. You might ask, what if there aren’t enough gazebos to rapell off of? Don’t make me roundhouse kick you.

----- Brian 04.12.09 13:19

I will celebrate Ninja Day by staying indoors (aka cram for finals) during the day so I can rest and do recon at night. Of course, there’s a good chance that I may come across some pirates, so I may need to arm myself with pepper spray, or if worse comes to worse, several ego-bashing put downs. However, since this ninja will be out with her clan, hopefully no one will get too hurt.

----- Emi 04.12.09 13:31

Ninja Day should be spent like every other day in the life of a ninja, and I plan to do just that. Every good ninja lives by the Sacred principle of S… Stealth, Silence, Sneakability, Superiority, and most importantly, Skills. They maintain a life Shrouded in mystery. They must keep their bodies Supple. The Specialize in the element of Surprise. And a good ninja never forgets Snacks.

----- Alex 04.12.09 13:43

Oh, how to celebrate Ninja Day……let me count the ways:
1. Dress in all black (‘natch)
2. Slink, don’t walk
3. Hand-to-hand combat to be accompanied by “Jazz Hands”

And, since we’re celebrating, I will forego my usual stealth mode and instead give those around me some comfort and a sense of protection by announcing my presence with a “Relax, I’m a Ninja” button.

----- Brenda 04.12.09 13:50

Plushie stuffed things make excellent ninja training dummies. Especially for the ill-fated snuggle-hold, most secret of the ninja code of conduct.

I’ve said too much.

----- Jeff 04.12.09 13:52

I’ll be out hunting pirates!

----- Zma 04.12.09 14:07

I will spend the day by using my katana I got in Chinatown for $10 to open DVDs, spread my PB&J on sammiches and to get the mail.

----- The Emperor 04.12.09 14:08

ninja day = watching “beverly hills ninja” (starring chris farley) in my underwear until my wife forces me off the couch to buy a christmas tree and finish our holiday shopping.

----- justin p 04.12.09 14:36

First, when I wake up in the morning I will celebrate by making some yummy ninja pancakes with bucket loads of syrup and whip cream. Next, I will dress up as the super mega kawaii pink ninja and go door to door around my neighborhood screaming on the top of my lungs with bubbly excitment that its the best day ever because its ninja day!!! Next, I will plan an awesome ninjatastic party with fun games, cool movies, and of course dancing in a random crazy ninja style hee hee. Finally, I will jump in bed and cuddle with all my shawnimals ninjas dreaming about defeating all the evil enemies that torment ninja town and anxiously wait for the next ninja day!!!

----- Cayce 04.12.09 14:54

Wax on….

(Ninja Style)

…. Wax off

----- Jason P 04.12.09 15:06

I would celebrate by baking a coconut ninja cake and posing ninjas upon while dressed in an appropriately ninja way.

----- Susan 04.12.09 15:07

I’ll be celebrating by putting on my silent toe-splitted shoes and sneak around with my new ninja buddy ;)

----- Emma Jo 04.12.09 15:37

First of all, I will dress in stealth and go into the forest to train. Then I will have an epic battle with my ninja friends against the pirate scourge invading our territory. We will win, obviously, and then go back to the secret underground lair for ninja cookies.

----- Drew 04.12.09 16:29

First of all, I will dress in stealth and go into the forest to train. Then I will have an epic battle with my ninja friends against the pirate scourge invading our territory. We will win, obviously, and then go back to the secret underground lair for ninja cookies.

----- Drew 04.12.09 16:50

Wow…I can’t even begin to list the amazing things I will be doing ninja-like tomorrow…but I will be too lightning quick for you to even notice anyway, so it’s a moot point ;) A ninja of the month club is the greatest idea in the world!!!

----- Van 04.12.09 16:52

I would be the sleathest ninja I could be and spread the ninja fever as far as possible. With my ninja powers I would make ninja day every day.

----- NinjaLauren 04.12.09 17:10

I wear be wearing dark, fuzzy socks and sneaking up on my cats!

----- Colby 04.12.09 17:51

I’ll be celebrating by studying for my final (ugh)….at least I can enjoy the time afterward….

----- jim 04.12.09 18:13

I’m not going to wear black.
I will not sneak around.
My day will be completely normal… to everyone who passes by.
For that is the true ninja of the modern day.
Later, for some reason unknown to society, that ugly and pointless lawn ball will be missing from its pedestal in my neighbors front yard…

----- Marina 04.12.09 18:13

I’ll be celebrating my NINJA DAY by visiting my turtle friends and having pizza and talk about saving the world :p

----- I Hsuan 04.12.09 18:58

I would probably be completely irrelevant and completely the opposite of a ninja, pretty much my life story.

----- Michael 04.12.09 19:16

Fighting pirates of course!
And possibly eating chocolate…

----- Stephanie 04.12.09 19:37

I’ll do the Naruto Hand Seals to greet anyone I meet

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:04

Will use Ninja skills to evade coworker’s detection around town…having called in sick for a day one cannot *truly* leave the house…

----- Christina 04.12.09 21:04

When not training my ninja students, I will be secretly spending the night snuggled up with my ninja plushies, drinking cocoa, eating Ninja Cookies, and hopefully Ol’ Master Ninja will stop by too. :)

----- Megan-san 04.12.09 23:08

Wait, is this a trick to get me to tell you my secret ninja plan for Ninja Day? Because it won’t work! My ninja skills are too good!

----- Chelc 05.12.09 00:47

I don’t live in America, so I can’t buy all the stuff but I love Ninjatown because it’s so awesome. I already have ideas for new ninjas and if I win, all my friends wil be so jealous and I’ll carry around all of the ninjas all day long!

----- Ashfaq 05.12.09 02:24

i will be around, but no one will see me

----- samantha 05.12.09 02:30

i would celebrate by running around with my arms flailing around behind because thats how you ninjas run fast like the wind. yeah.

----- tina 05.12.09 03:37

i’d stealthily eat a cake.

----- rachel m 05.12.09 03:58

Haha! I didn’t know there was Ninja Day! I’ve told my friends so we’re going to meet up, have fun, a couple of drinks, talk about Ninja, watch some Ninja films and as ever, we’ve found a good excuse to play hide and seek on campus! :) Best Ninja wins!!!

Happy Ninja Day folks!

----- Achmad Sirman 05.12.09 05:03

I will “spread my wing and fly” while eating all the ninja star cookies before all the new ninjas can get them; assuming none of the new ninjas can fly or have similiar abilities.

----- Charles 05.12.09 05:38

Okay… so, where do I start?
1) I’ll wake up as a ninja and go watch ninja T.V.
2) Then, I’ll go eat some ninja breakfast (ya’ know… ninja cereal, ninja toast, ect.).
3) After that… I’ll watch more ninja T.V.
4) And then I’ll go to… a certain place… and do a certain thing… which can not be classified… that might involve a guy… who made me mad… and I MIGHT have to get revenge… (No it’s not going to the ninja bathroom)
5) When I teleport back home I’ll probably go to the ninja bathroom… (like I said before…)
6) THEN, I’ll go ninja train and work out for the rest of the day…
7) And now… ummm… how can I put this… really… honestly… I can’t tell you the rest of my day because… well… you know… the usual… If I told you I’d have to kill you!!!
So… have a happy ninja day and I know I’ll have a blood-spurting good time!!! NINJA TELEPORT!!!!

----- Burson 05.12.09 06:00

Okay… so, where do I start?
1) I’ll wake up as a ninja and go watch ninja T.V.
2) Then, I’ll go eat some ninja breakfast (ya’ know… ninja cereal, ninja toast, ect.).
3) After that… I’ll watch more ninja T.V.
4) And then I’ll go to… a certain place… and do a certain thing… which can not be classified… that might involve a guy… who made me mad… and I MIGHT have to get revenge… (No it’s not going to the ninja bathroom)
5) When I teleport back home I’ll probably go to the ninja bathroom… (like I said before…)
6) THEN, I’ll go ninja train and work out for the rest of the day…
7) And now… ummm… how can I put this… really… honestly… I can’t tell you the rest of my day because… well… you know… the usual… If I told you I’d have to kill you!!!
So… have a happy ninja day and I know I’ll have a blood-spurting good time!!! NINJA TELEPORT!!!!

----- Burson 05.12.09 06:02

Okay… so, where do I start?
1) I’ll wake up as a ninja and go watch ninja T.V.
2) Then, I’ll go eat some ninja breakfast (ya’ know… ninja cereal, ninja toast, ect.).
3) After that… I’ll watch more ninja T.V.
4) And then I’ll go to… a certain place… and do a certain thing… which can not be classified… that might involve a guy… who made me mad… and I MIGHT have to get revenge… (No it’s not going to the ninja bathroom)
5) When I teleport back home I’ll probably go to the ninja bathroom… (like I said before…)
6) THEN, I’ll go ninja train and work out for the rest of the day…
7) And now… ummm… how can I put this… really… honestly… I can’t tell you the rest of my day because… well… you know… the usual… If I told you I’d have to kill you!!!
So… have a happy ninja day and I know I’ll have a blood-spurting good time!!! NINJA TELEPORT!!!!

----- Burson 05.12.09 06:03

I’m going to plant a tree in memorial to all the ninjas that have been silenced by their stealthy profession for so long…

Then I’ll chop it down with a single headbutt and fly to work.

----- Dave P 05.12.09 08:13

OMG this would be the greatest Xmas gift - and the best way to celebrate NINJA day is go well go NINJA the restaurant and then run around the city all day dressed as a ninja

----- Alexis 05.12.09 08:55

I’ll put a ninja hood on every single statue I found in this city.

----- Jose-Luis Ayala 05.12.09 09:49

I’ll celebrate by sneaking up on my dog all day.

----- laila 05.12.09 10:52

Who needs Christmas… I have Ninja Day!

----- Paul Moore 05.12.09 11:21

I’ll be spending ninja day brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, reading three chapters from the magic tree house night of the ninja’s #5, studying for my spelling test on Monday, eat bologna sandwich for lunch, playing with my friend.. ninja saves the bratz doll from the T Rex, throw football with Dad until game starts, Watch game with him until I get bored then play my DS, watch I-CARLY, Eat stuffed peppers for dinner, maybe a popsicle, Take a bath, brush my teeth again, put on my favorite pajamas and get ready for bed at 8

----- Josef 05.12.09 11:54

No one will know. Afterall, I’m stealth as f*ck.

----- Akira 05.12.09 14:55

I’ll be doing what I do every other day of the year…be sneaky and take down the growing pirate population.

----- Kate 05.12.09 15:23

I will attempt stealth, but I’m too clumsy! Wearing all black works better for me on Ninja Day!

----- Amelia 05.12.09 15:23

I’ll wake up around 6, to punch out the sun so I can sleep until 2.(because ninjas do that kind of thing.)

----- Kristen Faber 05.12.09 18:21

Happy Ninja Day! I wore all black and was Asian - very ninja-like, I’d say. :) Shawnimals = awesome! What a cool giveaway!

----- Jen 05.12.09 18:22

I’ll dress as a ninja and walk around Milford Center stalking people I don’t know and peering in people’s windows :}

----- Danner Seyffer-Sprague 05.12.09 18:47

I’ll celebrate Ninja Day the way I celebrate most other holidays. Wait until a few days afterwards, and then buy tons of holiday-related candy super cheap! It works for Halloween and Easter, so why not Ninja Day?

Do you think they’ll have Reese’s Cups shaped like shurikens?

----- Jeremy 05.12.09 19:24

I’ll be celebrating by becoming a stealth ninja sneaking behind unaware fortunate ninjas with ninja love hugs!

----- Linda 05.12.09 20:31

A true ninja does not represent himself with such phony foreign ceremony. This day will be like any other for me. Working hard to truly understand the ways of the ninja and prove myself worthy of learning all Seven Steps to the Sun from my sensei. Evil is afoot and I must be fully prepared for the challenges that come my way.

Oh, and I’ll probably have an ice cream sundae break somewhere in there, too. I mean, really. Who doesn’t stop for an ice cream sundae?

----- Vincent Kukua 05.12.09 21:04

I’m not sure if this a thoughtful, intelligent, amausing comment (well maybe amusing), Anyway I made ninja shuriken cookies just like the game and me and the ninjas thought they were delicious. We then played ninjatown on the DS, and even had a sponsored dress as a ninja and raised money for charity. Then we returned to our huts and gave each other stealth hugs.

----- Chris H 06.12.09 00:57

I’ll recite lines from Karate Kid–ok, not really related to ninjas–with my coworkers because we love the movie!!!

----- Justin 06.12.09 02:01

I will go and fight aliens, vampires, pirates, robots and wee devils!!!

----- Forrest 06.12.09 04:27

NINJA DAY - Well, it’s now over and here is a chronicle of my adventure… The day began in ninja-sleuth fashion, sneaking down stairs making sure not to wake my two daughters (ages 1 and 4). Why you ask? Well, my daughter was turning 5 years old and I needed to prepare and build her dream-present… The Barbie Townhouse! Yes it’s over 3 feet tall and massive! But, showing her Ninja-Skills were better than mine, my daughter snuck up behind me and yelled “SUPRISE!” and scared me to death! I was caught! I had to think fast… the Barbie Townhouse was still wrapped in mylar plastic from being shipped to the house so I said to my daughter, “Look what just arrived in the mail!” (Luckily she didn’t notice that it was before 8:00 am long before the mail arrives.) After opening the package together screams of ethusiastic excitement echoed throughout the house. We built the Barbie Townhouse together and played together for over 3 hours! BUT, it doesn’t end there… My wife needed a break from the kids, so when the sun began to set I took both of my daughters to the Christmas parade in our local town… it was 24 degrees outside and we were bundled up to experience 2 local high school marching bands and Girl Scout floats and of course Santa himself! NINJA DAY created TRUE MEMORIES with my daughters!

----- Joshua Phillips 06.12.09 05:03

I’ll sneak in the shadows scaring the hell out of my cats stealth mode ;)

----- Chiara 06.12.09 06:03

I’ll celebrate Ninja Day by honing my ninja skills, avenging my master and later on imbibing large amounts of sake!

----- Robert W. 06.12.09 09:03

a ninja never shares information about her daily ninja-ings

----- Jacqueline 06.12.09 12:01

I will celebrate by finally beating Ninjatown!

----- Tom 06.12.09 13:08

I had to be very careful in the way I celebrated ninja day. Once again, “they” were watching… “they” are always watching. I was locked up 39 days ago. The “white coats,” as I’ve come to call them, used words such as “psyco,” “crazy,” even “looney.” They obviously don’t recognize a true ninja when they see one. So, for the majority of ninja day, I lay in bed, motionless to the human eye, perfecting my levetation skills and putting the final touches on my escape plan. It was very fruitful. WAIT!!! someone’s coming…

----- Kerry 06.12.09 14:31

immediately grab hold of some diamond studded ninja stars and deem myself NINJA GAGA

----- Mooni 06.12.09 16:22

I will be celebrating ninja day right behind you. All day.

----- Steve 06.12.09 18:23

As far as everyone else knows I will do nothing…but SOMETHING will have happened.

----- ravfladermus 06.12.09 19:11

Everyday is Ninja Day with my No. 1 Ninja…my son, as he is in constant training (he sneaks up on his toothbrush in ambush, as he should!). My younger son has assigned himself to be his apprentice, even if he is the object attack exercises…the future crop of ninja looks strong….keep them focused and centered with monthly offerings of ninja strength

[a mother couldn’t be more proud]

----- Parakh 06.12.09 21:13

Ninja day is my excuse to dress all in black, and throw plastic ninja stars around my house.

My roommates don’t approve, but that’s because they lack my training and dedication to the cause (read: I didn’t buy any extra plastic ninja stars for them). Ninjas work alone…we don’t share.

----- Connor 06.12.09 23:57

I will be celebrating NInja Day by throwing hundreds of ninja stars and smoke bombs.

----- Paul 07.12.09 05:30

I’ll be fundraising all day! So if I don’t win, there might be a tiny tiny chance I could buy a ninja subscription…..

----- Daphne 07.12.09 05:44

i will be having paper ninja throwing star battles with my sons

----- fern 07.12.09 06:50

bukaki party?

----- kristie 07.12.09 08:12

By giving a karate chop to anyone who crosses my path!! Hiiiii YAAH! :)

----- Rachel 07.12.09 08:24

I will take the day off from my normal ninja routine to go and see “ninja assassin”

----- Heather 07.12.09 08:34

I would untie peoples shoes without them knowing [I have done so successfully]. All black attire is a must but I will do so with stilletos cause my stealth is on point!
Oh yeah the night will have a ninja party! Where the invitations will deactivate when read. Oh how I am a great party planner!

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 07.12.09 08:47

…who told you about Ninja Day?

----- mly 07.12.09 08:51

I will be perfecting the art of the Bassoon, the Ninja’s greatest weapon of mass confusion.

----- Michael Wootton 07.12.09 10:43

I’ll practice changing channels on the TV from across the room with shuriken.

----- Alex 07.12.09 12:32

Dear Diary, December 5th: My birthday/Ninja Day

Today I woke up and removed my contact lenses from the sarin and ghost chili solution I have been storing them in, in order to build my immunity and ninja strength. I then made my way to the shooting range to scare the gun wielders as to my accuracy with shuriken throwing at 100+ ft. Finally I used my cunning and need for assassination by playing RISK with Gary Kasparov, Colin Powell and Lord Elron. Soon I would deceive every one of them by sneaking into Irkutsk (against my alliances) when the red forces hardly expected it. This turned the tide and the black ninja forces soon RULED THE WORLD! Mmm, it’s great to be 4 years old finally.


----- PrecociousNinja 07.12.09 13:56

I celebrated very steathly… it included, but was not limited to, smoke bombs, throwing stars, the power of flying, and beating up pirates.

----- Allen Read 07.12.09 13:57

I celebrated by smothering my friends with stealthy shawnimal ninja plush hugs! ^_^

----- saki 07.12.09 18:29

Celebrate by being even more stealthy then usual, I won’t even know where I am going or where I have been.

----- Josh 07.12.09 20:04

by throwing eight point ninja stars at “walker” texas ranger, of course!

----- EM 07.12.09 21:31

I will mysteriously disappear from conversations soon as I get my last word in and before the other person gets to argue.

----- Julie 08.12.09 07:01

Oooo, another occasion for me to wear my full body spandex suit. Something everyone deserves seeing at least once in their lives*.

*make sure you don’t want to see anything ever again, for the sight of it will make you go blind.

----- Conrad 08.12.09 10:01

like i spend every ninja day. doing nothing conspicuously. but still eliminating all the pirate scourge of the seas that i can.

----- Ryan 08.12.09 11:53

These are sooo cute! To celebrate Ninja Day, I want to dress my tomboyish little 1 year old in black and take photos of her as she climbs the sofa and jumps with the sound of Ninja music!

----- Yun 08.12.09 12:28

filling my ceiling with shurikens, hard to do with all the pencils up there.

----- eug 08.12.09 12:30

Well, Ninja Day was so sneaky it came and went without me noticing! So I guess I celebrated the day blissfully unaware of ninja, which is how they like it anyways :)

----- Loraine Hale 08.12.09 13:16

If I told you how I’m celebrating, I’d have to kill you. I’ll be around, you just won’t see me!

----- Sydney 08.12.09 14:33

No self-respecting ninja would ever admit to a Ninja Day celebration! haha

----- Leigh 08.12.09 15:05

I can only tell you there will be no witnesses.

----- Robyn 08.12.09 15:29

my churches youth group will be having a ninja night!

----- monica 08.12.09 15:45

Wow…lots of comments…… NINJA!

----- Joshua 08.12.09 15:46

On Ninja Day morning, I will not make pancakes because the syrup I just bought looks pretty suspicious. Now that I think about it, it might be the exact kind the Dark Forest makes! You can never trust sugary syrup! In the afternoon, I will make ninja star shaped cookies and green herbal tea just like the Wee Ninjas do. I will also stay hidden all day and practice different ultra secret moves like Candy Smoke Bomb, Heart Star Explosion, Fists of Tickle Fury, and many more. To top it all off, i’ll snuggle up with my ninja plushies and watch classic ninja movies at the end of a wonderful day.

----- Rhett 08.12.09 16:49

I will be celebrating Ninja Day traveling around invisibly throughout the world.

----- Patricia 08.12.09 16:50

I am going to celebrate Ninja Day with some freestyle walking and OG NES Ninja Gaiden action!

----- A Russell 08.12.09 16:52

Well, as far as I am concerned, every day is a ninja day. I guess that this specific day will involve more karate-chopping Chuck Norris without him knowing, as well as secretly lurking in people’s mailboxes.

----- Milena 08.12.09 17:15

I will celebrate ninja day as I celebrate every day. Beating down fools in my ninja style. Chucking my ninja stars at those that deserve my righteous wrath. Searching out evil, in the nocks and crannies of the large city while spreading my ninja love. I’ll be bringing peace, giving dollars to the homeless off the freeway ramps, and walking my dog buster. Hopefully I’ll be celebrating my new monthly ninja and hanging in my new babies room (if I win, he/she should have about 9 up before they are born). I’ll be balancing on rooftops, observing, and taking notes. Becareful, this ninja is watching.

----- william 08.12.09 19:12

In a all in one black leotard with throwing stars made out of card and tin foil

----- John Norman 09.12.09 04:56

My cat, Ninja, and I will terrorize my dogs with Ninja chops.

----- Nicole H 09.12.09 07:16

I’ll be celebrating Ninja Day by cowering in fear in a well lit room. I mean really… celebrate? Ninjas are infinitely more likely to strike on their own frikken DAY!

You’ve been warned.

----- Andrew M. 09.12.09 07:33

How will I celebrate Ninja Day? Simple - a movie marathon including the American Ninja series, Ninja Assassin, and of course I will be wearing my authentic split toed ninja outfit!

----- Robmat Butler 09.12.09 08:19

If I revealed that, it’d hardly be a ninja day celebration, would it? So I’ll be celebrating, but I doubt you’ll see it >.>

Like those ninja parades you don’t see.

----- Jessica 09.12.09 08:53

eyeskull and ms. eyeskull are spending Ninja Day snowed in! Basically doing odd jobs like mending our tabi, polishing and sharpening shuriken, and practicing being invisible.

----- eyeskull 09.12.09 09:04


my future company/band/empire/alter ego is Pablo And The Underwater Rescue Ninjas. abrevieated into PATURN.

so i will gather my rescue ninjas and will be unseen in the streets helping cats get out of trees, and do other nijaling things like tag my tag and write my name on things. probably do some notcot guerrilla advertising.

but if nothing goes on the ninjas and i will gather and shoot the shit about the old days in ninja thy life. followed by some team knitting.

----- pablo 09.12.09 10:25

I spent ninja day inventing kick-ass ninja-y moves with my friends.. for example ‘the praying mantis’, where you pretend to pray then karate chop someone until they get a dead arm, or the ‘sulking cobra’ where you act like a very sulky snake, then when anyone comes near you can attack them in anyway they want. We had this big old fight in the common room and got kicked out. True dedication..

----- Millie 09.12.09 11:12

same way I celebrate halloween, I will be myself.

----- Caroline 09.12.09 11:38

By gifting my fellow ninja friends with pocket ninjas.

----- Beth K. 09.12.09 13:36

My ninja day will be spent with my friends, all of us dressed as ninjas, watching our very favorite ninja movies, re-enacting the bad-ass fight scenes and trying not to seriously injure one another.

----- Natalie Lykins 09.12.09 14:33

i’ll be spending ninja day in stealth mode at work and then be off to celebrate a fellow ninja’s birthday!

----- tammy 09.12.09 15:13

I will be celebrating ninja day with a number of close friends, we are all getting together, taking gravity by surprise and having a lovely tea party on the ceiling.

----- Zoe-theodora Kolonelos 09.12.09 15:33

I’ll dress up in a red spandex full body bowie suit and tie two orange stingray chevrolet hoods as my wings. I’ll jump off my barn and swoop over the trees, looking for ninja spies. Don’t let them fool you. They use cuteness as deception, just like the sirens, puppies and Zooey Deschanel.

----- Meino 09.12.09 16:26

I celebrated Ninja Day. Chuck Norris is still alive. Barely.

----- Miguel 09.12.09 18:22

defending various honors worldwide

----- c. dempsey 09.12.09 18:51

My 13-year-old brother is a 2nd degree blackbelt. I am 22 years old… and I am goig to spend ninja day learning awesome karate moves from my brother. Also, he has not seen Rush Hour 2 (So I’m going to watch it with him). :)
My brother also loves pocket ninjas… and I tend to spoil him sometimes (he LOVES pocket ninjas and I surprise him sometimes with random pocket ninjas). - The latest one will be the forest ninja (the green one).
And if I won this “Ninja of the month” contest, I’d probably be a nice sister and split it with little brother ;)
Can’t wait to see the results! :D

----- Nicole P 09.12.09 19:40

I’ll be crouching and hiding and hiiiiiiiii-yaaaaaaaaing ALL day loooooong!

----- TAli 09.12.09 20:25

A competition has been announced, that asks the world today,
“What is it that you will be doing on this Ninja Day?”
Now, anyone who can answer the question previously stated
Will win a prize so valuable, no doubt they’ll be elated
This prize I speak of is unlike any other, some have said
For it is made of felt…and cotton…and mighty spools of thread?
What kind of ninja prize worthwhile would have, “soft,” and “cute,” in their description?
Why, the most precious reward of all, a Shawnimals Plush Ninja Subscription!
This contest will be fierce and grueling, but foes should be at bay,
For I shall sing a mighty song about my Ninja Day:

Now on this Day of Ninja there are two roads I can take:
The road of cuddly or of deadly ninja; for goodness sake!
Now deadly ninjas are composed of stealth, agility, and might,
The mere sight of ninja fight at night incites delight
On the other hand, the cuddly ninjas, warriors of their own
Can suffocate you in plush and love, and only cookie-stars are thrown
I must decide my ninja path before my Ninja Day begins:
Will I wield an alloy blade or eatable shurikens?
Now, wait a minute, I don’t have to choose between these fighters
I can take elements of both and make them bona fide-er
With a mask of velvet plush and deadly fists of chain
I’ll have the best of both worlds: I shall bring the love and pain!

Swiftly running through the forest, mountain, or the desert,
No one escapes my cuddly grasp, all rivals are inert,
But whenever an adversary foolishly challenges my views
I must ask myself, “on Ninja Day, what is a ninja to do?”
Do I use my cuddle-fists-of-fury or a sneak-attack with my stealth?
Well, obviously, I snap his arm, then nurse him back to health.
Now, I know this is not the ninja way, I should choose either cute or deadly
But I’m a hybrid ninja, and have a friend that was my enemy.
To conclude my Ninja Day, I did what all others thought was wrong,
I mashed together sweet and lethal, and managed to do it all in song.

To all who read my epic tale, and experience how hard I devote
There is but one, no, two reasons that I tell this anecdote.
The first reason that I write is to entertain with my ninja story,
But the second reason is that I really want and deserve the prize, so please, please, pick me.

----- Jake 09.12.09 21:02

I will be celebrating Ninja Day by attacking various daily injustices, such as hair clogging my shower drain and fuzz sticking to my top during an important powerpoint presentation.

----- Adrian 09.12.09 21:09

I spent Ninja Day practicing my kung-fu.

----- Jason 09.12.09 22:19

What I would do on Ninja day? But that would ruin my ninja sneak attack, in my full on white/pink ninja outfit. I might just have to use my mastered skills and snatch me a career and a whole lot of money right into the palm of my hands, as if these ‘possessions’ were a fly! That’s what you call.. ninja day! And then of course, kick some bad-boy butt and chill with the ninja-homies.

----- TiffanyNgo 09.12.09 22:43

I spent ninja day baking green tea shortbread cookies, then stealthily leaving them for my loved ones to find :) Never knew what hit them!

----- Constance 09.12.09 23:33

putting my 5 month old son in a nice ninja-suit!

----- sarah 10.12.09 01:42

My ninja day plans are confidential, of course. Did you know that Santa is a ninja? How do you think he gets in and out of those houses without detection…

----- LindsayE 10.12.09 04:51

Need one of those ninjas of the month cause a gang of ninjas kill my friends. Tnk u

----- ESVO 10.12.09 07:20

I left a comment before this, but it was too stealth to be seen.

----- Jeff 10.12.09 08:27

I will spend ninja day by being charitable during the holidays. I would first volunteer at the local soup kitchen, give toys to kids, and helping out pick up trash in my neighborhood.

----- Erwin John Labra 10.12.09 09:40

I’m a full time Ninja, so I like to take a day off on Ninja day. I’ll wear my fluorescent yellow sweats and cowboy boots…then head out around noon…will probably visit 7-11 for a slurpy and some bubbalicious.

----- Lins 10.12.09 10:43

I will be spending my NinJa Day using my exceptional proclivity for chopsticks training in the age-old art of capturing the ever illusive Musca Domestica Linnaeus out of mid-air.

----- Devin 10.12.09 12:57

I’m a kickboxing, Kill Bill/Bourne Identity-obsessed girl. But I’ll be celebrating today by kicking ass at the EA Activexperience Lounge in downtown San Francisco. w00t!

----- melaniezen 10.12.09 14:52

I will mostly be throwing shuriken biscuits to all my friends before sneaking off to slice up a pesky shogun and his annoying annual Christmas sofa commercials.

----- Ruari McDowall 10.12.09 16:04

I’m going to make a glow in the dark ninja suit!

----- Jenn 10.12.09 20:13

The only way to truly embrace the way of the ninja is to make a tub of popcorn and watch Enter the Ninja (1981)…

----- John Rossi 10.12.09 20:48

Hmm…maybe some wicked kicks and punches, but definitely a lot of HI-YAHing! Yeah, lots of HI-YAHs.

----- Amy 10.12.09 21:13

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