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Holiday Feature! ISO50: Scott Hansen + Giveaway- 11.27.09

iso501.jpgUPDATE: Congrats to Ben of Bedfordshire, UK!

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!! To kick off the holiday season, i’ve decided to do something a little different this year. We’ve invited a few people and companies that we’ve grown to love over the years and inspire us constantly to share their stories, processes, and/or a behind the scenes look at their world and the amazing products that come out of it. Also, they love you guys enough that most of them also wanted to give you guys presents ~ so this year it’s about feature stories and giveaways! And i might not be able to resist and might make a few new gift guides or more products as well. Additionally we’re working on bringing back and cleaning up the gift guides of the previous years, since 99% of those products i’d still gift in a heartbeat! So i’m working and shopping this black friday, expect to see the new NOTCOT Gift Guide 2009 section evolve a bit over the next few days, its my fun sandbox to play with some new ideas…

First up! is the amazing Scott Hansen of ISO50. He has not only given us a peek into the way his breathtaking prints are hand made and cut in his studio… but also offered a generous bundle of prints and more for you to win! So take a peek on the next page for his story, as well as details on how to enter for a chance to win:

Included: Coastal Brake 12” (collection of remixes with a poster inside the album), Coastal Brake giclee, Ghostly 10 giclee, button set, Syv Triblend shirt (winner will pick the size, of course!)

As written by Scott Hansen himself ~ here’s a look inside his world! I am fascinated by the pics of how these posters come to be!


Feature & Images by Scott Hansen



I’ve been designing posters for seven years. I love that the medium has few rules. It’s a unique balance between art and information. Selling prints of my poster work usually means commercial printers using thermal or offset presses. But I’ve never been comfortable being that disconnected from the final product. I wanted to bring it in-house and have more of a hands-on role as an artist and create more of a connection between myself and the buyer. I wanted the end product to have a human touch, to feel more like a one-off than something that was run on a huge press 1,000 at a time.


After some research, I found that large-format ink jet printers and the Giclée process would best suit my needs. I was amazed at the quality and options this process afforded me as a designer. I chose the Epson 9900, which allows for up to 44” wide prints. This printer is capable of producing stunning output using a 10 color ink system; I’ve yet to see any other printing process that can match the quality.


I employ a lot of texture effects in my work so choosing the right paper was critical to reinforce the aesthetic of the design. I was very impressed with German firm Hahnemühle’s offerings, they create some beautiful papers with rich textures. I decided on the German Etching 310gsm as it had just enough texture without being overbearing and a good deal of weight to make the print feel substantial and durable.


I run the 9900 above my studio with the help of ISO50 student intern Alex Cornell. We typically print two up on to 24-36” rolls and then cut to size using a 51” Dahle cutter. A precision cutter like the Dahle is critical to the overall feel of the prints. A crisp, precise cut is a must when working with Giclées.


I felt like there was still another level of customization that could be achieved. I’ve always loved the idea of stamps, seals, and embossers and I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate these into the process to make these prints feel special. I had a custom embosser made using my logo that serves as an indelible stamp of authenticity for the pieces. This is stamped next to the signature and edition number on the bottom of each print.


The final barrier between the studio and the customer is the shipping process. I wanted this part of the process to feel just as detailed and carefully thought out as the rest. I found a way to package the prints that ensured safe delivery and a quality presentation. The prints are first covered by a sheet of pH neutral glassine paper which protects the finish from scuffing or wear. They are then rolled in kraft paper, sealed with pH neutral tape, and rubber stamped with the studio seal. This package is then suspended inside a larger cardboard tube so that it is not damaged if the tube is dented or bent during shipment. The tubes are each stamped with the studio logo. 


The end result is an experience that I feel maintains the fine art print aesthetic from delivery to framing. A product that takes digitally created work and places it squarely in the real world, something that feels permanent in a time dominated by all things temporary.


Included: Coastal Brake 12” (collection of remixes with a poster inside the album), Coastal Brake giclee, Ghostly 10 giclee, button set, Syv Triblend shirt (winner will pick the size, of course!)

FOR A CHANCE TO WIN: leave a comment sharing what you love/inspires you about ISO50’s work ~ and we’ll pick a winner on Dec 4th, 2009! (Winner will be contacted by email)

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654 Notes

i have followed scott for a few years now. his work and music are brilliant and have been a huge influence on me. the simple textures in his art are what i love most. simplicity and perfect execution of technique and design theory. plus his music is the jam. pbs, freaking the jam.

----- ryantheweave 27.11.09 16:27

Wow, these posters are gorgeous! My favorite touch has to be the embossed stamp. It’s the little things that do it for me!

----- Xue 27.11.09 16:30

I love the retro style combined with fresh new ideas.

----- John G 27.11.09 16:38

The thought behind his paper choices is enough to endear him to me through the end of time, even if his designs themselves didn’t do the trick. My adoration is, like, whoa.

----- Courtney 27.11.09 16:42

Simple, clean, excellent color combinations, firm lines, what’s not to love?

----- Tyler 27.11.09 16:46

ISO50’s work has a quiet perfection that seems to show up in every print. The prints are simplistic yet full of depth which is what I feel draws the viewer in, creating interest and curiosity. Defenitely something anyone would be stoked to have on their wall for many to enjoy.

----- Jared Kaufman 27.11.09 16:48

I love that he work reminds me of Pixar’s retro “futuristic” posters.

----- Justin 27.11.09 17:00

his visceral experience brought through a poetic imagery

----- Khoa 27.11.09 17:07

I like the clean lines. Also, the ghosts in the print give the illusion of movement. I like that.

----- Daniel 27.11.09 17:18

I love how his use of colors and texture to create an overall vintage feeling.

I’m also interested in incorporating design and music together, as both are my passions in life.

----- Andrea 27.11.09 17:27

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work, both design and music, for quite a few years now. I’m continually inspired by his ability to achieve an analog feel through digital mediums and how all his work has a decidedly vintage flair while still remaining very fresh and modern. It’s also been inspiring to see how his work has evolved over the past few years.

----- Jarrett Fuller 27.11.09 17:30

details are what catch my eye before everything else, and scott has certainly paid a lot of attention to it with his work for ISO50!

----- joanne 27.11.09 17:33

I love ISO50 minimalist designs… they have inspired some of my webdesign…
I would love to win!

----- Marco 27.11.09 17:35

Lovely design, tone, texture, attention to detail? If I was capable of explaining why I loved such things I would probably love them less.

----- Paul 27.11.09 17:46

Hansen’s clean and simple style, with such great attention to detail is what I love. His mastery of multiple forms of art (photography and printmaking) inspire me to explore more forms of art and self expression.

----- Philip 27.11.09 17:47

Given his loving attention to texture and an exacting execution of visual balance and form, what more could a appreciative print fanatic ask for?
The embossed logo element on the large prints and the purposefully imperfect stamping on the protective tube are subtle, but swoon-worthy touches I might add.

All in all, solid stuff.

----- Chris Earley 27.11.09 17:50

I love the simplicity and richness of the work.

----- Winnie Lam 27.11.09 17:53

Love the pictures! I love the thought behind the process and product - that there is research and comparisons done for the materials, deliberate decisions made about details, and the other touches that make each work unique and personal.

----- Jen 27.11.09 17:53

I am continually inspired by Scott’s amazing command of color.

----- Michael 27.11.09 17:54

I love the thought that he puts into each element of his design: paper choice, color, design…combine that with music and I’m sold! Here’s to being in my 30s and still putting concert posters up in my apartment.

----- JJ 27.11.09 18:02

I love how his work, for the most part, is so simple. He really is good at doing more with less, I feel. This may be why I’ve got 3 of his prints on my wall already.

----- Ronny 27.11.09 18:04

Quality handmade art made out of beautiful materials for great products! The world does not see enough of this kind of thing anymore. We need more and more artists and people like ISO5O if we want to keep the world and interesting and beautiful place to be!

----- Jake 27.11.09 18:05

Scott Hansen is THE reason I became a graphic designer. I saw the cover of computer arts magazine and it was history from there. His use of color, texture and imagery is comparable to no other. I hope to one day have a unique style like he does. His work inspires many people to strive to be better designers.

----- Michael Mahaffey 27.11.09 18:14

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes with Scott! I’ve loved his work for years. His insightful typography, fantastic eye for layout and detail, and amazing use of color are an inspiration.

----- Jay 27.11.09 18:19

I absolutely love the textures style of the work on the soft toothed paper. And the video of that printer is amazing. As an artist who works digitally myself I appreciate the techniques and aspects of his work. The ghost print is amazing, the subtle color differences read very well from a distance, drawing you in. Absolutely beautiful.

----- Sean Leary 27.11.09 18:20

I love the human touch.
And the fact that I had to look at the poster twice in order to see the number ten.

----- Kat! 27.11.09 18:21

I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look! I love Scott’s muted color schemes and overall style, but what really does it for me are the clever concepts executed in a way that is unique but not over-bearing. He has a finesse that few designers can pull off.

----- Ben 27.11.09 18:29

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS HERE::: This is a great jumping off point for inspiration around getting illustrations off-line - out of the on-line world and into the real world - will definitely check to see who has a Epson 9900 near me - also, Scott, thanks for the good word re: the Dahle cutter!

----- Mark S. Inman 27.11.09 18:33

I love the color palette Scott uses for his prints and the obvious thoughtfulness and dedication he has in creating his work. Fantastic giveaway!

----- Audrey R. 27.11.09 18:36

The scrutiny to the details is just fascinating. His realization of the whole experience his customers are involved really inspires me in my work.

----- Tyson Gach 27.11.09 18:40

I love this! Every picture reminded me of the print room at my art school. I’m inspired to try and use our 44inch Epson printer to do something fun like this. I also love the attention to detail, it gives me more to think about when I work on my designs for school.

----- Lindsay 27.11.09 18:41

Scott Hansen’s relentless attention to detail is what separates great designers from good ones.

----- Brandan 27.11.09 18:48

Sweet stuff. Like the shirt… and need more inspirational pieces for the wall of cool.

----- Matt P 27.11.09 19:05

Beautiful concept, and even more so in the finished project. Looove all of it so much.

----- Michael F. 27.11.09 19:10

Scott Hansen has a unique, simple and exceptionally creative art style that inspires me to draw and paint. His Shirt designs are simply amazing, the ISO50 is the epitome of the type of art I enjoy. Great give way NOTCOT. Thanks

----- Michael 27.11.09 19:11

I love the colors and the simplicity! Not to mention the detail.

----- Allison 27.11.09 19:13

Scott’s work has been inspiring me for years now. The color schemes are incredible and the retro feel to his entire body of work is the finest around…His blog is top-notch and insightful…I proudly wear some t-shirts of his and would LOVE a print on my wall. Thanks for the continuous inspiration ISO50.

----- CaseyJon 27.11.09 19:13

His posters make me think of his music and of the boy who introduced me to his work.

----- Ashley 27.11.09 19:18

Scott has managed to straddle that fine line between retro and original. Great, consistent style.

----- Darrel 27.11.09 19:26

i love the subtle recursion seen throughout all his work; whether it be ghosties or even the name ISO50!

----- jackie 27.11.09 19:26

the cleanliness of his work is just atonishing, i find it hard not to get inspired by it.

----- Samuel V. 27.11.09 19:27

OMG! I happen to absolutely LOVE ISO50’s work! I love the simplicity and fluidity of his work. In fact, his Ghostly International print is my twitter background! (http://www.twitter.com/ghostsandstuff). I love/am inspired by anything ghost related (a weird fetish of mine) and ISO50’s ghost print blew my mind when I saw it. Even his name, ISO50, is awesomely creative- one of the slowest film speeds. I love modern, simple yet elegant designs and I think that ISO50 embodies just that.

----- Cameron Johnson 27.11.09 19:29

I remember years ago slowly going through scotts portfoilo listening to the first Tycho music and knowing that one day I wanted to be a designer. Scott has inspired me in many different ways. Tycho was even the first mp3’s I ever bought online. It feels great listening to his music and looking at his work and I hope that one day I am up to his standard of design, even possibly work with him…

----- Liam McDonald 27.11.09 19:29

More artists should use such simplistic designs.

----- Andrew Smith 27.11.09 19:39

I love how Scott wants to be in the printing process instead of sending it out to a print company. It just makes his work more meaningful to know that he sees the job through from beginning to end. Many of us don’t get that opportunity.

----- Lara 27.11.09 19:45

i love that his work is sometimes on the edge of dirty, a little smudgy in style or in color… but at the same time it’s really clean. it’s precise. kind of like fixing your hair for 20 minutes to give it that ‘i just woke up’ sort of look.

----- beth 27.11.09 19:46

I just can’t get over his extreme attention to detail. Everything is considered and the end result is totally worth it!

----- Ross 27.11.09 19:51

I wasn’t born in the 70’s (80’s baby), but when I look at the prints I think man, that was a good decade for me.

----- Sylvia 27.11.09 19:53

I love ISO50’s work. I bought my wife a few prints last Christmas. I also took the opportunity to buy myself a print and a copy of Past Is Prologue. Talk about a soundtrack for a great work day.

Scott’s blog has been a great source of inspiration and new music for me off an on for the past year and a half.

Thanks for sharing your world with us Scott. Keep kicking butt and stamping your name at the bottom, :)

----- Burton Posey 27.11.09 20:10

All art feeds off of and inspires other art. After four years at art school I can say that when a graphic designer takes inspiration from not just the world around them but also the other mediums such as photography and fine arts, it can bring the work to a whole different level. Scott’s work has a special touch that incorporates the feeling of many different mediums and his style and way of going about creating things is really inspirational.

----- Jessica 27.11.09 20:17

It is an enjoyment how ISO50, Scott Hansen works display the very definition of a designer’s goal to attain throughout their career…by elegantly utilizing the idea a “Few words make a statement, many make none” and doing the same with his works in line, icon and illustration. This is a hard learned, earned and beautiful accomplishment(s) by Scott Hansen. The ability he has demonstrated to design fresh art and continue compete in today’s fast paced market inspires me to continue my pursuits as an artist, in hopes one day I will be able to accomplish the same.

----- Noelle 27.11.09 20:24

It’s dudes like Scott that remind the rest of us why we got into the business, and then promptly run laps around us in the quality and execution of his art.

I feel like another voice in a sea of praises, but it is enough to make a man jealous.

----- Garrett 27.11.09 20:25

Sure, wouldn’t mind picking up some of this stuff free. I like the Ghostly International poster for some reason, maybe the extra detail in coloring some of the ghosts in the block to keep it from looking like one big cut-and-paste job.

----- tudza 27.11.09 20:32

def love the colors and retro style!

----- jennifer 27.11.09 21:03

I have loved Scott’s design and his music for years. I remember when I bought Sunrise Projector the first day it was available. I was really sad when it was destroyed in an accident involving water and dorm living. Fortunately I had backed it up to my computer long before.

That album, hos following albums, and Jakub’s selection of music on the iso50 have helped me through a few creative dry spells.

----- Andrew 27.11.09 21:09

I love seeing his blog posts pertaining to older design. He finds interesting artifacts from days gone by, manuals and catalogs that some might not give a second look unless some stops and makes them consider it. You can see his influences but you can also see how he uses those influences to put a new spin on things.

----- britvarama 27.11.09 21:14

ISO50’s prints are crisp and nostalgic. His “Ghostly 10…” print reminds me of Pac Man, and I love Pac Man. I would love to win this prize pack.

----- Harrison 27.11.09 21:18

love the color. love it.

----- laila 27.11.09 21:33

The consistency of quality and creativity is amazing!

----- Bill 27.11.09 22:07

I adore the colors…and how all of his stuff looks retro and futuristic at the same time.

----- Stephanie 27.11.09 22:08

this is some really fantastic stuff! the artist is new to me but his attention to detail and investment to the final product is refreshing. His design is crisp, clean, and really fun to look at. And, i love love love his printing techniques. The results are stunning!

----- Paul Brown 27.11.09 22:16

I discovered ISO50/Scott Hansen/Tyco about two years ago while looking for new music. When I discovered that Tyco wasn’t just a music artist but a graphic artist as well, I was thrilled! I’ve followed his work both musically and visually since!

I firmly believe that Scott Hansen is one of the people bringing back to life the retro minimalist style and merging it with the clean, simple and modern feel of today. His work inspires me greatly as a current graphic design student, and I’ve taken cues from him in developing my own work. One being at this link: http://jdragz.deviantart.com/art/Williams-Exhibit-Poster-09-117063091

His work is a way to think outside of the box, and apply reworked old solutions and current solutions into new solutions that’s only inspiring the future. He’s brought into context what I feel minimalism has lost. You don’t need bright colors on white with Web 2.0 gloss to be effective, and ISO50 proves that.

----- Jeremiah 27.11.09 22:36

I am absolutely in love with the simplicity. Everything has its place—there are no flashy, overdone graphics, which really allows me to appreciate his work in full; even the poster tube is fantastic. Color choices are awesome too! Good job, Scott!

----- Jessica Elle 27.11.09 22:37

Subtlety and grace. He is a real talent.

----- JohnWayne 27.11.09 22:38

the combo of music and design is a great mix that keeps me inspired week to week.

----- gabe 27.11.09 22:43

It’s the colors, the colors and the colors…
they are so,…

Love them

----- Maeker 27.11.09 23:00

texture, texture, texture. the way the ink sits on the paper on that close-up shot of the ghost print is beautiful.LOVE the embossing.

----- janete 27.11.09 23:15

Im a printmaking major at SCAD in atlanta, and my family has a long history of design and printmaking (i basically grew up in a print shop) I love how Scott really brings printing and poster making to a new level. I also really like his sense of design and his attention to detail. I’m OCD so i can really appreciate all the work he puts into everything he does, especially the packaging, paper choices and the embossing. He really takes everything and makes it his own! His process and designs really inspire me and encourage me to keep pushing myself as an artist.

----- Scottie 27.11.09 23:32

I love his use of color. Totally inspiring.

----- Casey 28.11.09 00:14

I’ve always loved the music from Tycho. It is beautiful, just like the artwork that Hansen creates. It is a very cohesive, yet diverse package of art. I commonly listen to the music when creating my own art and graphics.

----- Brandon S. Adkins 28.11.09 00:45

Simple bold imagery and typography and a genuine passion for what he’s doing goes into making Scott’s work so desirable. All of those small additions - the stamping, the signing - show someone working with a real strong knowledge of how to enhance an item without going over-the-top. Subtle and brilliant.

----- James Pollard 28.11.09 01:12

Me + that t-shirt + those buttons + those posters on my wall + listening to Costal Brake = Cooler than The Fonz.

----- Domza 28.11.09 01:16

People like Scott serve a very important role, they set the bar that the rest of us have to reach for. I love his work because I find it a great motivation, to see some truely beautiful work. At the moment i’m study Multimedia in college and have found it difficult decide which medium to persue as a speciality and I think seeing how Scott has been able to connect with people through his designs and their human touch may have given me the nudge I needed into imaging and design. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it, connecting with people.

----- Graham 28.11.09 01:26

I just love the fact that it isn’t just the end result that is inspiring, but the whole process, from picking paper to the packaging process. It’s like flying around the world to buy the most aesthetic flour (think about it…) in order to make your cake taste great. Plain awesomeness. And… taste-bud-explodingness. I need some cake.

----- Ben Kremer 28.11.09 03:21

I really like the simple, elegant design of his work. Plus, embossed anything = awesome!

----- Bob Kieffer 28.11.09 03:32

Scott’s work makes me nostalgic for a epoch I never lived in.

----- Mario 28.11.09 03:58

I love the feel of his prints, the colours give them an aged yet passionate look.

----- I Hsuan 28.11.09 04:08

Oh man Jean, what a fantastic look into Scott’s work!! I had the great opportunity to hear him speak at OFFF a few years ago which was really wonderful. Scott has been an inspiration since I was in design school and his work is really phenomenal. Of course, I don’t have any of his posters on my walls…yet.

----- Danny 28.11.09 05:20

ISO50’s work is most inspiring to all of us. The romanticism and the timeless choices of typography and textures should be lessons for all contemporary graphic designers. All this, along with the great music taste are definitely things that we can only be addicted to. Can’t wait for all future experiments and outcomes..

----- Panos 28.11.09 05:28

its new york city.

----- Lap 28.11.09 06:46

I like ghosts.

----- Callum 28.11.09 07:30

Scott’s work just makes you feel cudfuzzly inside like eating a warm bowl of macaroni underneath a thermal blanket. Bravo Scott. You’re a winner.

----- Rob 28.11.09 07:31

These are great

----- Luke 28.11.09 07:57

i love the handmade touches. also, the digital work really has texture and feeling.

----- rich 28.11.09 08:33

Elegant, detailed and startlingly beautiful.

----- Zachary Watson 28.11.09 08:35

Love the level of detail, it really completes the pieces. Everything from the embossed stamp to the mark on the shipping container.

----- Tim M 28.11.09 09:15

What has inspired me… The simple yet complex work that is truly beautiful. It helps inspire me to create and design but always reminds me to keep things simple.

So thank you for the post and inspiration


----- Jason Pfaff 28.11.09 09:16

The color is so vibrant and subtle at the same time!

----- Drew 28.11.09 09:20

Subtle, stylish and inspiring. The thought put in to the small details really takes this over the top and separates it from the mainstream. The fact that the poster also reminds me of “Space Invaders” (that i used to play when i was a kid) makes it absolutely brilliant!


----- Jo 28.11.09 09:26

my office is covered with iso50 posters, i wear the tshirts (love the 1976 on gray triblend)… i read the blog constantly- I’m obsessed with iso50!

----- josh miller 28.11.09 09:30

This is a wonderful contest! Thanks Notcot! I really like ISOSO’s usage of texture and distressed elements.

----- Franchesca 28.11.09 09:32

I love the branded shipping tube

----- Matthimself 28.11.09 10:00

Attention to detail invokes a beautiful combination between the subtleties of vintage and quality decisions within the organizations of space, and into the quality and texture of the paper, the stamp on the poster tube. All of these things together have created a body of work destined to be a collector’s item.

----- catherine 28.11.09 10:33

1: every detail matters. And 2: I want to touch all of it.

----- Shara 28.11.09 10:49

Been following Scott Hansen’s work since I stumbled upon his website a couple years ago. Love his retro-modern style and look up to him for inspiration.

----- Carlos T 28.11.09 11:42

attention to detail. execution.
brilliant craftsmanship from start to finish.

----- MattyVisco 28.11.09 11:52

Discovering Hansen’s work was one of the biggest motivators to learn screen printing for myself. His use of color and the amazing quality of the finished pieces sets the bar for all other designers out there to call themselves artists.

----- Nicole 28.11.09 11:57

Scott’s collaboration with dusty brown many moons ago was how I got introduced to his work - first from the deep house / minimal downtempo music scene in the bay area, and then later via tycho. I’ve always loved how the music and the art work complimented each other succinctly. The level of details he puts into making a modern medium like print feels organic goes beyond most graphic artists today. This article, as well as other lectures he has presented at various conferences, exemplifies his desire to share not just the end piece, but also the process. His work inspires those who finds beauty in small little details.

----- thaniya 28.11.09 12:31

texture and paper quality. I love paper.

I have one of his posters. it’s a pleasure.

----- emily 28.11.09 13:21

Wow Scott Hansens work never ceases to just blow me away. The level of detail, the colours, and quality is so inspiring for me and I’m sure plenty of other designers. I had no idea the effort that Scott put in to make sure his pieces were custom and consistent with what he is aiming to achieve. Pure awesome!

----- Tyson Faa 28.11.09 13:25

tycho sounds like my memory

----- Myles Marshall 28.11.09 13:37

I love his work because of his love of modernism.

----- Jayson 28.11.09 13:50

I love how he combines clean modern graphics with old-School themes and then adds a rougher edge through his paper choices and added textures. He’s truly brilliant.

----- Dylan 28.11.09 13:51

i like clean lines of course, but what i like best about your work is the exceptional choice of colours. yes, the colours really got me. it’s those colours i would never pick myself, but when i see them i wonder why. man, you’re big!

----- jan 28.11.09 13:52

I never thought of buying a poster before I saw some of Scotts work. Keep up!

----- Nikola Subic 28.11.09 13:54

His work has soul. Aspects of his work take you back to a time and place whether it be real or fantasy. Have many of his prints and tshirts. A big fan here.

----- Morgan 28.11.09 13:54

ISO50’s work taps right into what I consider beautiful. The simplicity of his designs is easily my favourite aspect but I love his sort of “non commitment” to colours. What I mean by that is his retro style that everyone seems to refer to; he keeps colours nice and muted to give it that soft, natural quality. I simply love it.

----- Tyler Hauser 28.11.09 13:55

I love the colors.

----- Nir Tober 28.11.09 13:55

I just love Scotts ability to to take the best out of retro and aged beauty and mix it into something new, beautiful and subtile. Also he manage to be “the whole package” and don´t take any shortcuts.

He is a great inspiration

Morten Marius

----- Morten Marius 28.11.09 13:56

It’s the colors. They’re perfect.

----- matt 28.11.09 13:56

Scott’s personal attention to every last detail in the production and final output really give every piece the feeling of a keepsake.

Every step of the way is considered and it shows in the end!

----- Russell 28.11.09 13:56

I love the overall style and attention to detail that Scott uses in all of his work

----- Seth Clark 28.11.09 13:59

i really like your individual style – the colours, the typography, the ideas.

----- jan 28.11.09 13:59

I am currently a first year graphic design student and I have been following Scott’s work since I was in the 9th grade. I first discovered him through his music project, Tycho. I loved everything about his music, and then I saw his designs. There’s just something about the way he works that truly inspires me, I love everything about it. Scott is the reason I’ve had my ambient music projects in the past, and why I have chosen graphic design as my career path. He has such attention to detail, and an amazing sense of typography and color.

----- Charlie 28.11.09 13:59

I love the earthly, organic feeling I get while checking out ISO50’s music and print work, design. It’s truly human, a part of nature, making something beautiful and passing it along. I hope I win, but even if I don’t, thank you Scott, I love what you make, and I love how it makes me feel.

----- Ryan C 28.11.09 14:00

Being a big fan of boards of canada i stumbled upon tycho and that led me to iso50. Love your work because of the analog touch to it!

----- Johan Rosell 28.11.09 14:01

I’ve followed Scott for quite a while. His music, in combination with his music provide one unique atmosphere that cannot be matched by any other artist. This last summer, i was on a ship that was cruising through Alaska’s glacier bay. For a full day, i was standing on the bow of a ship listening to Past is Prologue on my iPod while looking at the most beautiful mountains and glaciers. It created what i would easily call the most surreal and beautiful day of my life. It wouldn’t have been possible without his music. I am a film-maker, and his music inspires me when writing films. I’m also a graphic designer, and when i need some inspiration for design, looking at his work usually gives me a couple of ideas for color variations and styles. He is a truly great artist.

----- Todd B. 28.11.09 14:05

I am an amateur designer and check Scott’s blog about every day. What inspires me about ISO50/TYCHO is that he has put his whole life into what he does. He has his own original music, photography, and artwork in an awesome package. Then he writes about the behind-the-scenes thinking and shares his ideas, leaving a lot of transparency for amateurs like myself to understand his process and motivation.

----- Grant 28.11.09 14:06

I love the style Scott uses with all his work. I love how his music and art come together to delight the senses. His use of layers inspiring, and I hope to have some pieces decorating my living room along with awesome shirts he does as well.

----- William 28.11.09 14:09

Scott’s work in itself is amazing but what I’m truly interested and inspired by is what he’s done for the design community by giving so much back. It shows just how a designer should be.

----- Shelby White 28.11.09 14:11

Color..style..detail. All perfect.

----- Shawn 28.11.09 14:15

scott’s attention to detail and commitment to both the process and the quality of the result is really inspiring. it’s rare that someone has the creative vision and the ability to execute as well as scott does (both in his design and music).

----- mark 28.11.09 14:16

Design is about passion. Scott has that passion, inspired through classic designs, creating wondrous pieces of work. Sparking inspiration and creativity in others.

----- Mark Adamson 28.11.09 14:18

Love the handmade feel.

----- Alec 28.11.09 14:20

I wont lie, to say I am inspired by Scott Hansen is an understatement. What his work is, to me, is a delivery of simplicity, vernacular composition infused with modern technology and a style that is executed in a way that is not only unique but involving. That is an inspiration, but it also drives me.

----- Jameson 28.11.09 14:21

As a fledgling designer, Scott’s consistently solid works inspire me most. Also, his color palette is to die for.

----- Matthias 28.11.09 14:21

I find Scott’s work as ISO50 and Tycho truly inspiring. I am fascinated by the level of detail Scott puts into all his creative pursuits, leaving us with beautiful music, prints and a great blog that allows me to feel a part of his world. Keep up all the great work and come to the UK to share further!

Mat, Brighton, UK.

----- Mat Hay 28.11.09 14:24

his attention to detail & strong graphic ideas.

----- gwood 28.11.09 14:25

I discovered Tycho’s music through a friend, and when I purchased “Past Is Prologue”, I also discovered some of the greatest graphic design I’ve ever laid my eyes on. There is a familiar feeling I get when looking at Scott Hansen’s work; a feeling of nostalgia. His designs are so warm and inviting and feel slightly antique while mind-blowingly modern and original. Hansen’s body of work is so vibrant and never dull, always evoking wonderful emotions. I’m constantly looking forward to more warm music and design to bask myself in from ISO50.

----- Josh 28.11.09 14:25

Scott’s design are inspiring cause the way he prints his music into them, the electronic beats are in there, you can see them in every poster, every line speaks to you, they tell you what his music is about. The retro style is perfect ‘cause he is giving his music part of it too, the modern with the retro, they complement eachother. I work in the music bussiness too and he has being really inspiring to me. He is an amazing artist, having his own vision of what music looks like to him.

----- Melissa 28.11.09 14:27

How integrated and connected scott is to every bit of his work: from the production, design, and packaging everything seems to feel like him, as opposed to an anonymous source.

----- Robert Sandler 28.11.09 14:27

i love the warm, hazy tones in scott’s work. it reminds me of going on summer family vacations to tourist dive-towns along the florida coast and getting high on the airbrush fumes filling the souvenir t-shirt shops.

----- michael 28.11.09 14:27

If I were to describe Scott Hansen’s work, I’d say he’s managed to bottle up the quintessential style of the 60s and 70s, introduced hints of distortion caused by time, as seen in the colors and impurities, and fused it with style that make it relevant in 2009.

I consider Scott my favorite artist.

----- Devin Ross 28.11.09 14:30

The feeling I get from the Scott’s work is like a pat on the head from Auntie Nostalgia, and a kick up the ass from Uncle Technology when on a summer holiday as a child. They’re a great old couple that make you feel good but ensure you work harder all at the same time.
There’s some admirable attention to detail here that puts others to shame.

----- Tim Hickman 28.11.09 14:31

Scott’s work is truly inspiring. His music and graphic design retain an intelligent stripped back aesthetic . Less is definitely more, and that’s what I love so much about the prints, shirts and tracks. Was turned on to his work at Terrabyte III in LA last year and was automatically hooked. Keep up the solid work brutha…we need more true artists carrying the torch…

----- Ron 28.11.09 14:33

Scott’s work is consistently clean, pure and beautiful. I got into him through his musician alter ego, Tycho. His blog also features some incredibly well chosen music.

----- Noel 28.11.09 14:38

I have to say that I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work for many years. I’ve seen him perform live with Tycho here in Hollywood and I own one of his many posters. His work inspires me like no current designer today and his music compliments his work flawlessly and mysteriously. I would love nothing more for Christmas than to have the honor of carrying home this beautiful piece.

----- Bryan 28.11.09 14:38

Scott’s work has influenced me tremendously through the years. Listening to tycho’s music takes me through a wild imagination of what I’m able to achieve personally as a photographer. His designs are out of this world and i say this because something that looks simpIe in design takes hours upon hours to create. I know a lot of artists go through what is called an “artists block” and I’ve been able to get through these period of stagnant times with the help of his music. Its kinda of obsessive to think that i always listen to his music but honestly everyday is a new day and with the aid of a little tycho’s music and visit to his blog for breakfast or mid day snack helps boost my imagination a little more. I love the fact that his talents have been a part of my life for many years and has guided myself of what it takes to create amazing art from start to finish and to never overlook the smaller details from start to finish. Everything flows together beautifully and thats what inspires me.

extra cheese please

----- Alex Rapada 28.11.09 14:38

I’m not sure if Scott’s ISO50 work extends over to into his music but I feel like both his music and his designs reflect an appreciation for the abstract nature of aesthetic interpretation. Nothing in Tycho or ISO50 asks too much of your imagination. Sepia colors with smooth monotone geometric shapes, busy little drum beats beneath blippy bloopy synths ebbing and flowing. He’s good at tuning into the feeling of comfort that gentle organization gives.

----- Adam Peasley 28.11.09 14:40

I’ve followed Scott for the past 3 years and I listen to his music productions when im stuck for inspiration, if im just laying on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about life and when im out taking photographs listening to my ipod. His music puts me in a very vivid mindset and it makes me concentrate and for that I thank him very much indeed!

----- Daniel Farrell 28.11.09 14:41

What I love most about Scott’s work is the raw emotion evoked out of every piece, how you can almost feel the artwork as if it were breathing. What inspires me is the depth of detail, the time spent, and the all out creativity and care that is put into every ounce of the final product. Thanks and cheers.

----- Jeff Gardner 28.11.09 14:43

i am a huge fan of the tycho/iso50 aesthetic. i first stumbled across scott’s website looking for a t-shirt a friend of mine had. then i heard the song playing on the site and i fell in love. i bought the CD as well as the T and that was the beginning of my love for tycho/iso50. now i have been to 2 of his concerts. own probably 4 shirts, 2 posters, and have given his CD to countless friends and family members as presents. i love introducing people to new art and music, so i am constantly bringing up his name to others. through his concerts, and his blog, he has introduced me to other amazing musicians that i would have never even heard of it wasn’t for him… dusty brown, michna, eliot lipp, the list goes on and ghostly discovery is my favorite App. being an artist myself, he is very inspiring, and i love that he opens up his process on certain projects to his fans.
thanks for spreading the holiday cheer through this give away.

----- J.P. 28.11.09 14:43

i really dig the attention to detail and unique little elements that show how passionate ISO50 is about his work. The careful consideration of the printing process, from the right machine and paper, to the detailing of each print, to the proper packaging - all of it is a great example of how to do it right. And the fact that Scott Hansen has given a sneak peak into this process? Super cool of him, good job!

----- afterman 28.11.09 14:44

I really like the detail, the typography, the colors and also the vintage look of the works.

----- Rafael 28.11.09 14:46

ISO50 & Tycho is greatness!

----- Matthew Butler 28.11.09 14:46

What inspires me about ISO50 is how the color grading in the images bring out a soft emotion.

----- Elisha 28.11.09 14:48

Scott is basically a superhero.

----- Jordie B 28.11.09 14:51

Scotts work has been very influential on me since i started studying design a few years ago, the blog has been constant source of inspiration. i think its colors and textures of his that do it for me.

----- Rob Torrans 28.11.09 14:53

Scott’s taste in music matches his taste in art; both emitting that warm, pseudo-retro tranquility that gives me the sensation of floating in colour, a sensation I have not been able to find anywhere else. His music, website, blog, and portfolio is a collection of art and music where the line is sometimes hard to see. His artwork, while genuine and unique, seems as if its something you’ve seen as a child, playing with that wonderful feeling of nostalgia. Highest quality work.

----- kyle saunders 28.11.09 14:53

It took me awhile, but I finally realized that my favorite Ghostly artist was the same guy as my favorite print designer …

When Scott visited Seattle, I was absolutely ecstatic: http://tinyurl.com/iso50swonderfulworld

----- Irene 28.11.09 14:54

I like how Scott’s work has detail, and feels organic and aged, but is still minimalistic and straightforward (not just design for the sake of design). Scott also has an exquisite sense of colour, something that is quite rare.

----- Chris O'Donnell 28.11.09 14:55

INSPIRATION…is something that all people need especially artists like myself. Unfortunately, sometimes inspiration can be lost and it’s people like ISO50 who deliver that breath of fresh air through both audial and visual means. That is a remarkable ability.

----- derekluciani 28.11.09 15:04

Like most people above, I’ve been following ISO50 for quite a while now. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I loved his work so much, but I believe it has something to do with the way it makes me feel. The warmth in his design style and color palette, his use of typography… those things inspire me the most.

----- Leonel 28.11.09 15:04

In a world of glossy trends, Scott’s work is a breathe of fresh air. Organic yet calculated. Scott’s work captures a care-free world of beautiful elegance. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Scott at a New York show and he’s a gentlemen. Keep up the great work, Scott!

----- David Irlanda 28.11.09 15:05

Excellent style, and an appropriate ceremony for a digitally born piece.

----- Steve 28.11.09 15:09

I truly appreciate the loving attention to detail put into Scott’s work, from the print embossing and rubber stamped shipping tubes to his crisp type and computer design work. Plus his music rocks. Truly talented…

----- Sean McMahon 28.11.09 15:12

New to this site, but long time admirer of Scott’s work in both music and art. I’ve always loved his rich palette and expert hand with fonts. For me it’s also his ability to use negative space “correctly” that allows his work to transcend many of his contemporaries.

His music, like his design, feels like a true expression of self, with many intersections between the two. What strikes me the most is the use of old and new and the epic spaciousness of the compositions.

Beyond his design aesthetic, his dedication to the IS050 blog is unparalleled. Who else do you know who is consistently putting up thoughtful, original content (music and writing) on an almost daily basis?

This poor web designer would love to win some of these beautiful things, with the promise that they will find a home who appreciates them! But even if I don’t win, hats off to you Scott!


----- lauren 28.11.09 15:12

Been following Scott for some time now. He’s really great. I love the simplicity that some of his works has. I also love the use of browns, blues, and reds that he seems to like.

----- brad brown 28.11.09 15:14

Toronto loves your work! You know your art is good when even just small online photos take your breath away.
Can’t wait to see a piece up close.

----- Scott 28.11.09 15:15

i LOVE what scott hansen is doing to bring postermaking, such a mass-produced art back to the small studio. He is a true artist in my eyes in all aspects that he strives to be.

----- Trina 28.11.09 15:15

I love it all! What definitely inspires me is the whole handmade process.

----- Victor C 28.11.09 15:16

After i discovered ISO50 i became obsessed with anything design. So much so that i actually decided to be a graphic designer i constantly look at the blog for inspiration. I just love every part of ISO50.

----- Adam Dixon 28.11.09 15:16

Coming across Scott’s work back when I was in design school was something of an epiphany. His design aesthetic drove me to take my work much more seriously, and always push myself to always deliver the very best of what I am capable of. Kudos to you Scott, for all the inspiration.

----- mike w 28.11.09 15:18

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s audio and visual work for some time now and try and turn other people onto it often. I feel they’re both very connected to one another in their organic nature and the almost vintage asthetic they embody, conversely there is are modern influences as well to the sometimes sparse nature of the overall designs coupled with the electronic aspects of the music.

With regards to his prints, the detailed close-ups of some of the prints really amaze me in the attention to detail to some of the incredibly intricate patterns and textures that are often employed in the background away from the main subject of the image.

I think while immersed within the music of Tycho and examining the ISO50 imagery I find myself taken away to a sun drenched carefree place that many of us would often rather be.

----- Greg McCartney 28.11.09 15:18

Simple, but just right!

----- Aaron Colfer 28.11.09 15:19


----- Tomas 28.11.09 15:20

I follow him since 2005, i saw his myspace i found a incredible graphist designer. He makes pictures looks vintage as the best. I made 6 hours of car to see his gallery in toronto and that totally worth it. All the texture he uses are fantastic. He inspire me a lot.

----- Frédéric Garneau 28.11.09 15:20

Dude hook me up. I love Scott’s stuff!

----- Matt 28.11.09 15:20

Scott’s work just simply looks amazing, it’s retro yet fresh and always has you wishing you had thought of that concept first. I’ve just started a graphic design degree and ISO50 is a conversation I can bring up and everyone wants to be a part of. The ISO50 blog and Scott’s work has really drawn me into design more and more since I started checking it out, and I’m more inspired than ever to do my own thing and not be held back when experimenting with my visuals.

----- DJDrew 28.11.09 15:25

Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, ISO50 is one of my first destinations. The colors never cease to amaze.

----- Daniel 28.11.09 15:25

I love the connection between the audio and visual work, from album packaging through to live visuals. Everything’s obviously meant to fit together!

----- Dylan 28.11.09 15:27

I have many of Scott’s pieces and they make me smile everyday. I love his rich, yet simple style.

----- Eve Martel 28.11.09 15:37

I love the work of ISO50 and have been following Hansen’s work closely over the past few years. I think he has a fantastic synergy of analogue and digital aesthetic. Everything out of ISO50 is hugely influential.

----- Matt O 28.11.09 15:38

Scott Hansen’s ISO50 blog is what drove me into graphic design. I heard about it while in media studies and immediately switched to a graphic design program. I love the simplicity and elegance. His use of color always impressed me the most. I check the blog everyday - the posts always directly interact with my interests in the design community. The new shirt is incredible- I want! Thanks for the great inspiration Scott!

----- Topher Edwards 28.11.09 15:40

what don’t i love about scott’s work. it’s amazing. i think what attracts me most is the color. he makes some really nice color choices.

----- Desi 28.11.09 15:43

It looks great.
(I was trying to piece together something clever to say, but thought it would be best not to bs :D)

----- Vineeth 28.11.09 15:44

the fact that Scott Hansen is both a producer of phenomenal music and exquisite, thoughtful art is what I find most inspiring about the man. It goes to show that a person can be masterful in whatever many things he chooses, not just a one.

----- R M Pinti 28.11.09 15:44

What I love most about Scott’s creative output is the consistency between his design and music. He has come close to perfection in both mediums, and has succeeded in making them seamless.

----- Timothy Long 28.11.09 15:45

have you ever met someone who is aware of Scott’s work that isn’t completely smitten?

----- meagan 28.11.09 15:46

Let me feel like a winner.

----- NS 28.11.09 15:52

Wow, where to start? Beautiful color pallets, impeccable typography, an excellent marriage of raster and vector graphics, subtle textures and handmade touches. The work pays homage to design of the past with and still maintains a contemporary sensibility. With some dope ass soundtracks on top of it all, its pretty easy to get lost on the blog for hours at a time. As a recent grad who just landed my first full time gig, the Ira Glass interview Alex posted in September really turned my year around and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love ISO50.

----- JVBosco 28.11.09 15:54

I, too, have been following Scott’s work since about 2004 when I discovered his first album. It’s been great to see his style change and become more refined over the past couple of years. The most recent work is just stunning and really shows how his style has evolved. Can’t wait for the new album, either!

(Side note: Notcot and ISO50 get me through the day :)

----- Ben 28.11.09 16:00

Beyond his work, I love the fact that I know almost nothing about Scott as a person. Allowing Art to be.

----- Aurel 28.11.09 16:01

Love Scotts work! Always been a huge fan of anything ISO50. He really knows how to achieve elegant design through amazing use of space, form and color. Can’t wait for Coastal Brake!

----- Troy Lehman 28.11.09 16:02

I love his use of patterns and color. Everything always seems wild and elegant at the same time.

----- Tom 28.11.09 16:07

ISO50’s work is futuristic nostalgia to me. The colours, the simplicity, it gives you the feeling that you are watching something unique.

----- Ingo 28.11.09 16:09

I love the use of colour to suggest a mood, and as always with ISO50’s work, the devil is in the details. I’m awesomely inspired by his design aesthetic and approach to imagery…and I’d love to get my hands on this giveaway!

----- Xander 28.11.09 16:12

What a great giveaway. Scott’s work has always been a source of inspiration.

----- JF 28.11.09 16:17

I first came to admire Mr. Hansen with Sunrise Projector. Saw him live at a bar in downtown Sacramento and have been obsessed since. Of course I love his design and the connection it has with his music. But recently I’ve come to admire how he has established himself as a brand and has released a variety of products. Yet at the same time, I still see him as a local artist and that makes me want to support him even more.

----- Drew Boyd 28.11.09 16:17

Scott Hansen has been a huge inspiration to me in my work. His attention to detail throughout the entire creative process is unparalled. Seeing his work has always made me aspire to be a better designer and to not gloss over the details even when I am sorely tempted to. He seems to be able to use this to create things that are a perfect blend of a time in the past when design was more rational and utilitarian and the current trends in texture and typographic treatment without ever overdoing any superfluous effects or anything which many of us designers are very guilty of over-indulging in. Kudos ISO50!

----- Natty Coleman 28.11.09 16:19

I love the fact that he uses clean, understated, minimalist details, and takes on a keen level of abstractism. Very, very lovely to look at, and hopefully to have!

Edward Wong!

----- Edward Wong 28.11.09 16:20

I stumbled upon Scott Hansen’s work several years ago and it really turned a light on in my head with my creativity. I love that his music inspires my design and artwork and that his design and artwork inspires my music. Thank you Scott for staying true to your art form and unique style. You have certainly started something great in my life and helped point my mind in an exciting direction musically. (and i hope it doesn’t make me too much of a freak, but I even have “roots” tattooed on my arm ha!)

----- Lucas 28.11.09 16:28

He produces VERY inspiring work!

----- Joe Montefusco 28.11.09 16:29

Scott Hansen is one of the greatest inspirational graphic designers of our time. Although ISO50 has not reached a level of complete familiarity amongst all designers his skills and his accomplishments have allowed him to reach a level of greatness. There is a certain genre of design in this modern age that takes on a nostalgic approach using desaturated color palettes and retro imagery. Scott Hansen has mastered this current aesthetic creating timeless designs and illustrations. I love how he uses several layers to give depth to the compositions he creates. Hansen gives tremendous attention to microaesthetics as well as macroaesthetics grabbing the viewers attention with his breathtaking designs and then pulling them in further to see the beautiful patterns. Hansen’s manner of presenting work is definitely worth mentioning as well. I absolutely love his paper choices for prints, printing techniques, as well as engraving, mounting, and displays at galleries.

His work has influenced the way I think and create my personal designs. I’ve always been very nostalgic and fascinated with retro things and then I discovered the ISO50 blog which has been an oasis of useful resources, inspiration, insight on current and past designs, and a great source of music and entertainment. I am a current graphic design student and I’ve gotten so many of my cohort friends hooked on his work as well.

His blog has even led me to create one of my own called Jetstream Projector. I’ve even featured his work (http://jetstreamprojector.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/iso50tycho/). The name of my blog was actually influenced by Tycho’s song called Sunrise Projector.

I really feel his work has had such a huge impact on my life and the way I see the world. I have a fresh, clear, and open mind appreciating the smaller things in life. I just want to thank Scott Hansen with complete gratitude because he has enriched my life. I really feel that he is curing the visual disease that consumes our world everyday. Keep ‘em coming Scott!

----- RAOUL 28.11.09 16:29

Scott projects the future of past in the present.

----- Pat 28.11.09 16:33

I LOVE how he uses muted colors rather than super bright or intense colors. Scott is the king of simple complexity (if that makes sense); he gives you a basic piece to look at and then you truly notice the DEPTH of his work.

This has inspired me to really push myself to give depth and feeling to my work. So that people can connect to my work visually and emotionally just like I do with Scott’s work.

----- Erik Coon 28.11.09 16:33

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s music (Tycho) for some time now. I had no idea he was a bigger package than just a musician after discovering the extremely well polished iso50 blog and accompanying beautiful poster prints whether they be just freeform or targeted towards one of his live performances. He’s also an SF native like myself… woot! I already pre-ordered the 12” Coastal Break vinyl but would totally dig getting this package of goodies. Great work Scott and thx notcot for noticing such a talented artist.

----- Drew 28.11.09 16:35

from the day i first saw iso50s work a few years ago, i love his use of colours. beautiful vinntag-inspired palettes and his use of texture makes it look so amazingly un-digital (but still modern in a way). his blog was one of the first i subscribed to, and it still inspires me everyday!

----- chris 28.11.09 16:36

What I love about Scott’s work is the subtle beauty he incorporates into his visual work and his music. He is able to artfully blend the natural and synthetic in ways that really catch my eye. I have been following his work for a couple of years now and he never disappoints. Thanks to NOTCOT and Scott Hansen for this awesome giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!

----- Justin McKenzie 28.11.09 16:39

I like the fact that after all the fame/recognition Scott Hansen’s received, he’s still a very humble guy. Oh yeah, there’s the whole talent thing in his work too.

----- James Hsu 28.11.09 16:42

Apart from being a complete ISO 50 fanboy, I can’t get enough of the delicious design that is Scott Hansen’s work. Favorite of all though, the play lists. I love them.

It’s a cool refreshing experience being served with the wide array of harmonies that the man offers straight from his website, straight from his heart. Into my ears. Into the bleeding heart that is my desire for inspiration.

A toast. A DRINK. To Scott. You are bad ass, and I hope you never stop designing. I hope you never stop inspiring.

I thank you.

----- Benjamin Gaskell 28.11.09 16:43

Wow, nice insight. I think the posters are fantastic, but just in the printing and packaging, I love the attention to detail and personal touches, but also the simplicity of the process.

I’ve done a little bit of printing on a smaller Epson printer, I’d be interested in the size of the space you guys are working in.

P.S. Like the shot of the rolls under the table.

----- Pat 28.11.09 16:51

I absolutely love Scott’s work. So much so that I actually gave his prints to everyone in my wedding party 4 months ago as thank you gifts. It was a huge hit. Incredible and inspirational.

----- Blake Knight 28.11.09 16:53

Love ISO work. Love the music, I’d love to win this set.

----- Michael 28.11.09 16:57

the warm colors

----- Char 28.11.09 16:57

I think Scott has mastered his style. It’s good to see an artist become a jack of all trades, but even greater to see the artist master one. Scott’s design nuances are now his own, and his brand is a great reflection of the time and dedication he has put into each piece. I not only respect his design skills, but also his yearning to keep the great aspects of the grid and European design as a staple of design long into the future. Truly inspirational.

----- Alex 28.11.09 17:01

Scott Hansen is one of the greatest inspirational graphic designers of our time. Although ISO50 has not reached a level of complete familiarity amongst all designers his skills and his accomplishments have allowed him to reach a level of greatness. There is a certain genre of design in this modern age that takes on a nostalgic approach using desaturated color palettes and retro imagery. Scott Hansen has mastered this current aesthetic creating timeless designs and illustrations. I love how he uses several layers to give depth to the compositions he creates. Hansen gives tremendous attention to microaesthetics as well as macroaesthetics grabbing the viewers attention with his breathtaking designs and then pulling them in further to see the beautiful patterns. Hansen’s manner of presenting work is definitely worth mentioning as well. I absolutely love his paper choices for prints, printing techniques, as well as engraving, mounting, and displays at galleries.

His work has influenced the way I think and create my personal designs. I’ve always been very nostalgic and fascinated with retro things and then I discovered the ISO50 blog which has been an oasis of useful resources, inspiration, insight on current and past designs, and a great source of music and entertainment. I am a current graphic design student and I’ve gotten so many of my cohort friends hooked on his work as well.

His blog has even led me to create one of my own called Jetstream Projector. I’ve even featured his work (http://jetstreamprojector.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/iso50tycho/). The name of my blog was actually influenced by Tycho’s song called Sunrise Projector.

I really feel his work has had such a huge impact on my life and the way I see the world. I have a fresh, clear, and open mind appreciating the smaller things in life. I just want to thank Scott Hansen with complete gratitude because he has enriched my life. I really feel that he is curing the visual disease that consumes our world everyday. Keep ‘em coming Scott!

----- RAOUL 28.11.09 17:01

love the retro colors and feel!

----- Amy 28.11.09 17:02

What inspires me about Scott’s work? Well to start I’ll use the coverall and say that his work promotes thought. From his music, to his art, his work provokes thought and introspection. As a web developer I often find myself listening to Tycho tracks while I work, a few of his prints sit on my walls of my office. Scott’s creativity seems to provoke my own creativity. Looking at his work, or listening to his music just makes me wonder “How can i stretch my own skills or capabilities.” The fact that his work is both great in its own right, and also so thought provoking that it can engage someone else’s creativity has got to be my favorite part of his work. His work is great, no other way around it.

----- Matt Propst 28.11.09 17:04

I think it begins with Scott’s color choices, they are fantastic and really pull the eye in. And once you’re in, you can appreciate the other aspects of his work: the typography, the use of pattern, texture, white space, and proportion which are all equally well done. And this article just goes to show that just as much attention is paid to the details of the production and shipping as is put into the design.

----- Nick 28.11.09 17:13

SInce discovering Scott’s work, I’ve been an avid fan. It reminds me of the best graphic work of my teen years. Plus, I have long lusted after that “Ghostly International” print!

----- Andy Jukes 28.11.09 17:14

I first found Scott through his music, which led me to his design work. I admire how he manages to create a consistent feel across ALL his output (design and music) while still not getting stuck in doing the same thing over and over. His work always feels like Scott Hansen/ISO50/Tycho.

----- Steven Jarvis 28.11.09 17:18

Scott Hansen makes everyone else look like wussies

----- Matthew Smith 28.11.09 17:26

The work is purely evocative .

----- Rob C 28.11.09 17:28

I like how Scott is always progressing in his design, refining yet never compromising.

----- Vaughn Hockey 28.11.09 17:32

we had the pleasure of meeting scott during the ghostly int’l 10 yr at Magic Stick. Scott is not only an amazing human being but his creations are not only visually stimulating but he is also an amazing musician creating some of the most stimulating aural landscapes to accompany his visual endeavors. we purchased several of his smaller prints and have been hooked on his design since. it is always a pleasure to meet an artist but it’s more of a pleasure when the person is just as amazing as their work! keep up the amazement Scott, your work moves mountains!

----- erika lindsay 28.11.09 17:43

As a graphic designer I am very inspired by his work. I also I am a huge fan of Tycho!

----- Matthew Bailey 28.11.09 17:46

I know nothing about design. ISO50 makes me feel otherwise.

----- Shamus 28.11.09 17:47

Scotts work makes me feel like I own a time machine. Summer of 76. Dig it.

----- colin 28.11.09 17:47

I love how he takes organic, natural textures and blends them with modern shapes for an overall nostalgic feeling. Colors are always well chosen. I also appreciate how much work he does—it can be very difficult to be different.

----- Anthony 28.11.09 17:49

Scott Hansen is one of the most inspiring artist alive for me, his work has a certain magic that can take you way back to a vintage time that’s simply amazing. The colors, oh the bright colors!, i can stare to one of his prints for a very long time. I think Scott is a talented artist and one of my top 5, both in music and in art, i always look to his prints and listen to his music for inspiration, and it really works! although i haven’t been able to achieve the level of design that he has i continue to get inspiration from his work, and i also follow his blog…He is one of the few people that can use graphic design to transmit a message, and that is not usual in these days…

----- Jesus Suarez 28.11.09 17:50

I first found Scot Hansen through a website awards site. His flash portfolio was featured and at the time I knew little about design as such an intriguing topic. I was younger and still hooked on bad ass beginner photoshop tutorials like metalic interface / lense flare / 3D orb / filter>render>clouds.
I didn’t know exactly what drew me to the content of the site, but I knew I hadn’t seen design this considered and precised elsewhere on the net before. ‘Madrone poster’ was my favourite, the aged affect was perfectly applied for me, not over the top with distracting crease wrinkles everywhere. Also there was alot of information, but composed in a fun way with such clarity. It led me later to his blog where I heard him mention grid design and other methods which I have now heavily researched.
Thank you Scott Hansen for pulling me out the wave of lense flare computer game forum sigs visual.

----- Matthew Lyons 28.11.09 17:57

Scott, iso50, Tycho…no matter what you call him he always creates something breathtaking. I first heard about his work through his music from the Ghostly Swim mixtape and ever since then I just keep following his work and telling my friends and peers about him. I’m an art student at George Mason University and Scott’s work is a large part of what keeps me in love with art and music. He’s unmatched and unparalleled and to receive this bundle of his AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL art and music would inspire me everyday to try and create great things like he has.

Sonically his music resonates and soothes like nothing I’ve ever heard before. If I win this bundle I will display his work in my house for everyone to see and I will play his record on full blast through my speakers and out the window so the whole block can hear. I NEED IT!!!

Thanks Scott for always being incredible and an inspiration!


----- Daniel 28.11.09 18:06

I like the mixture of minimalism, grids, and a ornamentation. A good mix of negative space and interesting art.

----- Dalton 28.11.09 18:15

I’m most excited about Scott’s use of color and, perhaps more importantly, the way the color is deeply woven into the textures. The result is an immediate emotional connection to the work.

----- Brent Olson 28.11.09 18:25

When I was a sophomore in college living in Oklahoma City, an ice storm came through the state and wreaked havoc on the power grid leaving 1.1 million people without power in below freezing temperatures. I was an ambitious graphic design student taking in information like a junkie in need of his next fix. I ended up leaving campus as the roads were shutting down to slide more than drive to a house with a small group of seniors who I had recently met. During the four days of creative seclusion, I was introduced to Tycho, ISO50 and the work of Scott Hanson. Tycho defined the mood of the weekend that is forever ingrained in my memory, and the start of the design firm that was formed. Our firm, REDHOUSE, dominated the production photography scene in Oklahoma City for two years before the four members of the firm parted ways to pursue bigger fish for better fishing stories in the years to come. Tycho was always playing at our photoshoots, and time and time again we introduced models and creative directors to our favorite music. These days I’m working as a photographer and constantly referencing ISO50 for inspiration, especially for color correction motifs. Without me even truly realizing it, Scott Hanson may be the most influential individual in my professional life.

----- Spencer 28.11.09 18:39

Knowing how difficult printmaking can be, I am stunned at the masterful results shown in Scott’s work.. if I don’t win, I will at least buy some :D

----- Joey 28.11.09 18:40

I’m not going to lie, I have constructed a diamond-reactor doomsday laserbeam large enough to turn New York City into a smoldering crater at the push of a button. If you do not comply with my demands, I will fire this laserbeam at 120 of the world’s highest commerce cities in order to take over the world - and there will be NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME HAHAHAHAHA!!

These are my demands:
1. That super sweet Tycho/ISO50 giveaway set.
2. A thousand sandwiches. Preferably PB&J or Egg Salad.
3. Fifty-three trillion dollars. I will accept cash, cheque, Visa/Mastercard, Interac, or Paypal.

Gentlemen, you have my demands. Reply before December 4th or FEEL MY WRATH!!!

----- Cpt. Klaus Von Evilburg 28.11.09 18:43

why i like his work,
because above all other work of graphic designers that i have seen, his inspires me the most.
i think the use of color is what drove me to start following his work.
weird to say this, but i am highly influenced by the generations before me.
their lifestyle, the photography, the way of life that everyone had - and the colors that Scott uses remind me of those important things that i strive to find in life.

to me, design is an approach to find a meaning within something, memories to be created and valued above anything else [a quality rarely seen in today’s disposable society] We buy products, and throw them out… never giving them a chance to be part of our lives. So the reason why i love your work… is because it inspires me to find meaning in everything I interact with, to create the most valued memory from my experience.

----- ieva 28.11.09 18:45

Scott Hansen’s work has inspired me from the moment I stumbled onto his IS50 shop a few years ago. I was struck by the beautiful retro feel that transported me into another space. The color palette and detailed execution sends me into a retro reverie. Nothing would like finer next to my parent’s day-glo yellow 1970s kitchen counter top or in a chic minimalist apartment than an ISO50 poster. I love, love, love his work, and the blog is a continual source of inspiration for me!

----- Lydia 28.11.09 18:49

I’ve been following ISO50 for a while now and he’s always coming up with something fresh, something exciting. I remember when I bought his first LP, I didn’t take it out of my car stereo for days. I’m also a big fan of vintage photography and style, so his posters are always right up my alley. I think it’d be really cool to be able to see him in concert, but unfortunately, he doesn’t come to Los Angeles very much.

----- Matt Chase 28.11.09 19:07

ISO50 is one of my favourite blogs. I love Hansen’s work, but most of all I love that he lets us in on the process. That leaves me with the feeling that he has confidence in his work and a desire to encourage community and share knowledge in an extremely competitive field. Kudos.

----- Brad 28.11.09 19:14

such delicious color palettes and details!

----- rachel m 28.11.09 19:14

I love all the textures in Scott’s work. And the attention to detail.

----- Kevin 28.11.09 19:14

Scott Hansen definitely has his influences and he isn’t embarrassed by that. I like sci-fi too.

----- Yared 28.11.09 19:28

A couple years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the music of Tycho. This, of course, led me to the ISO50 website. I have always enjoyed Scott’s art style, it was a unique blend of retro styles with contemporary ones and it simply inspired me. Something about it was just.. different; in a really good way. His print work is my absolute favorite. I love the posters and have been looking into purchasing one for myself but they are out of reach financially. Hopefully I am chosen for this giveaway so I can finally get my hands on some of Scott Hansen’s work.

----- Dan Mowchan 28.11.09 19:38

I have been following Scott’s work for many many years now (since the days when he only had his portfolio up). What has inspired me the most about Scott’s work beside the obvious talent that gets showcased with each piece, has been the ability to set a unique trend. Before retro and texturized became a cool and popular trend to follow in design, there was Scott. As a designer myself, i always strive to achieve a certain style for myself, but through his music, art and photography, Scott has been able to find his own style and set a trend for many other artists out there. I must admit, i am often jealous of Scott’s work since he seems to do incredible things across multiple mediums, but i am thankful that through his blog, he has given me the insight to appreciate color, texture, layering, vintage images and composition, and the motivation to be a better designer. I feel a bit saturated today to see how many out there are following this trend, but i will always think of Scott as one of the forefathers.

----- Pablo 28.11.09 19:41

unbelievable use of simplicity and texture. pure genius.

----- Bret 28.11.09 19:50

This inspiring to me as a font and graphic design fan. This work is just simple clean and completely perfect. The fonts and colors were carefully chosen and couldn’t be better.

----- Michael 28.11.09 19:56

Scott’s work provides a classic appeal that never goes out of style. Timeless and simple.

----- Matthew Achariam 28.11.09 19:57

Flowing colors, melding design, and interesting subjects make ISO50’s work pure genius. For an inspiring artist and photographer such as myself, his work is a shining beacon of hope in this world of dying cultures and bad taste. His music is crafted in a way that you can listen to it 100 times before hearing each aspect and hidden element. I love the way his work seems to take a classic idea and make it his own modern concept, as well as contrasts of colors and the way my eyes seem to glide seamlessly over each print, and I find myself constantly moved and inspired by the his accomplishments in this very competitive industry. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the world of design and music and I look forward to hearing your new album in the near future.

----- Sam 28.11.09 20:00

Since discovering his work and music he has been one of those artists that makes me strive for greatness in what I do. For someone who lives on the other side of the country and whom I briefly met only once to inspire me like he has done is just awesome. To see another artist loving what he is doing and bringing such class to his profession make it feel so much more personable.

----- Brian Nelson 28.11.09 20:10

I love the way that all of Scott’s work, including his music, is so refined. There are so many parallels between his music and design. Both show that Scott pays very close attention to his textures, structure, and simplicity. He is a perfectionist and will always have a huge influence in all of my work as a musician and motion designer.

----- Justin Lawes 28.11.09 20:12

Scott’s work is clearly nothing short of amazing and has certainly been one of my biggest influences as to how I go about doing my own work. Which I think differentiates Scott from other artists. He’s made me view my own work in such a more critical way that, over time, I’m becoming more about quality than quantity. To really put in the extra time to create a product that in the end, is a win for everyone. And to influence me, and possibly others, not only on a visual level but on an ethical level that Scott is on is incredible.

Oh yeah, he’s also a brilliant musician. Now, I’m just waiting for him to come out with his own line of pasta sauces and take over the culinary world next.

----- Tim 28.11.09 20:25

I’ve been experimenting with graphic design for over ten years, since a basic HTML class in high school. I’m not formally taught, I can’t support myself with my interest, but I keep coming back to it because I like the idea of creating something digitally and then seeing it become something physical, something appealing. In college I used my hard-earned skill to advertise events, and now I use it to save my company money (so they don’t have to hire somebody for basic work).

I’ve been following ISO50 for nearly two years now, just appreciating what the company has produced. Scott’s article on typography helped me with designing my parent’s website, and some of his poster’s have served as inspiration for some things I’ve created from work.

Just wanted to say thank you to ISO50 because they’ve definitely impacted my life.

----- Samantha 28.11.09 20:26

ISO50 is one of my favorite blogs. Every time I read, I am inspired to do more with less.

----- Dave 28.11.09 20:27

ISO50’s design are tastefully simple and simultaneously elegant. I am drawn to the color combinations and the attention to detail. The look is both vintage and forward thinking in the fact that the latest designs ISO50 has rendered are increasingly sophisticated.

Scott uses great attention to detail from start to finish. I appreciate his hands on approach to closely tie himself to the the production, art, and buyer. This means a lot in the age of mass production and lack of community. I get the sense ISO50 is looking to create a community where ideas can be shared between artists and fans. The interaction is part of the process of creating and maintaing the aesthetic.

I enjoy the prints, t-shirt, and music I have ordered before. The latest materials in the post above (handstamped prints, signed prints, and labeling the shipping tubes) show he is taking it to the next level.

----- Craig 28.11.09 20:54

The work here is outstanding. Although it’s aesthetically beautiful, it is human. It makes me smile and there’s a lot to be said about that.

----- Mete 28.11.09 21:05

It all started with Tycho’s “Cascade” on the Ghostly Swim compilation. How does that sample go? “What’s here? But first, they have to find them.” I remember playing the track while driving from SF to Marin for a project with a colleague, and as we graced 101, just north of the tunnel, she exclaimed, “Hey, this sounds like it’s from the future.”

Since then, I noticed that most of the Ghostly International tracks I’ve gravitated towards have been Tycho’s. So I paid closer attention. One link led to another, and suddenly I was on ISO50, reading the posts, listening to the songs and compilations, and forwarding links. This is where all the good stuff was: I found them.

Scott’s design sense embodies everything I love about Ghostly, and he seems to have had a major hand in it: the look, the feel, the attitude. It’s simple and cool yet warm and quirky. But through his own music and design, he maintains his own identity. His feels deeper, with vibrant yet elegantly restrained textures. A lot of it pays gracious respect to things from the distant past, from our own memories, or more specifically, from memories we wish we had. But we know the truth. It really is from the future.

----- Erich Ian 28.11.09 21:29

Scott Hansen is not only an amazing designer, but the maintainer of an almost perfect blog. He is kind enough to share with his readers things that inspire him as well as give them quick glimpses of what goes into his work. I read it everyday.

----- Sean 28.11.09 21:31

I’m always excited for possible changes every time i read over the ISO50 blog. Dissonance resonates not only in the music, but even in the artwork.

----- Ben 28.11.09 21:45

This guy is easily one of the best graphic designers of my generation. I respect his art so much.

----- cdavis56 28.11.09 21:50

The work Scott does, is hard to explain how it makes you feel. Essentially I feel many things, happy, calm, relaxed. It all has a sense of peacefulness. I feel like I am in a different time, a different era. It is a beautiful experience

----- Branden Nakhjavani 28.11.09 22:02

Scott’s masterful yet prudent use of texture is especially evident when you view his prints in real life as opposed to the web. It’s no wonder some of his PSD files are pushing 4 gigs. He’s in my top 3 designers that inspire me. I’m sure a good number of designers work with Tycho playing in the background. It’s the only way I get crap done.

----- Wayne 28.11.09 22:08

I first found out about Scott through his music, under the name Tycho. I’ve since subscribed to the ISO50 Blog, and it quickly climbed the ranks to one of my favorite blogs. Scott Hansen’s eye for graphic design is amazing, and inspiring. And now that he’s got other inspiring people posting on his blog, it’s become apart of my daily routine. Keep up the great work Scott!

----- Jay Williams 28.11.09 22:18

Amazing stuff. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work for awhile. A very nice article and glad to see such attention to detail from the design and signature, to the packaging and shipping.

----- John Metcalf 28.11.09 22:24

The COLORS THE COLORS!!!! and the expressive use of photos!, and about a thousand other things!! : D keep up the awesomeness.

----- mjmurdock 28.11.09 22:30

Scott creates atmosphere. Visually. Aurally. Awesomely. Love it.

----- Jon Buda 28.11.09 22:34

It’s hard to say something about Scott that haven’t been told yet. With his great work and unique style he’s a source of inspiration for all of us graphic designers and art directors. If you ask me who I’d love to be alike in the future I’d answer Scott Hansen without any doubt.

Pleaaase send that bundle to Spain!! :)

----- Debbie 28.11.09 23:02

ISO50’s work carries so much potency in such simplicity. The aesthetic appeal and presentation is completely inspirational and beautiful. Scott has essentially created and found his own niche in the art and music world. A trailblazer for sure.

----- Jonathan 28.11.09 23:04

I found out about ISO50 a few years back and have been keeping my eye on Scott’s work ever since. I think the think that drew me and still keeps me fascinated is the retro colors and textures paired with the precise modern typography. I’m a huge typography fan and the way it appears in each of his posters is just stunning. Every peice just seems to have a perfect balance to it, like I could picture him staring at it for an hour and the end of it’s production, just looking for that one final tweak to make it complete.

Anyways, I’m a huge fan. VERY inspiring stuff. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the music. That just pushes his talent beyond comprehension though, so I typically try not to think of it. Amazing. We’ll just leave it at that.

----- Ryan Toyota 28.11.09 23:10

I love the color palette Scott uses. The shades of green blow me away every time.

----- David Ung 28.11.09 23:19

I love the retro style and the way the proceed to design.
Love their stuff.

----- Gal 28.11.09 23:19

love the color first, then shapes, lines, even the lights. always very inspiring retro-future look and feel. really appreciate that you share your design work with the music, and would be more if i can get that poster…:)

----- YUI 28.11.09 23:40

All I can say is: Droooooool

----- Josh 28.11.09 23:45

I love the peace that I experience each time I view art from ISO50. Scott’s work transports me to another age; to a place where the style of decades past flows freely. I am inspired by his seamless use of technology to create organic imagery. His works are both dynamic and aesthetically pleasing, from the basic themes down to the miniscule textures and details. Ultimately, I love his artwork for the same reason I love his music; it is simply beautiful, and I enjoy every moment.

----- Sean D'Entremont 28.11.09 23:45

I love his use of grids+structure. There’s a pattern and reason to his designs — something that can’t be said about many designers these days.

----- Abe 29.11.09 00:08

It’s obvious that Scott’s work is epic - but I especially admire him for his design philosophy. That is, to be involved in the whole process, from start to finish, having his hands on every detail. It’s incredible that the culmination of a work by Scott is so complete, especially when you’re listening to his music while looking at the album art he personally designed for it. It’s a complete experience, and it seems that designers seldom take such a passion to their work. As a student working on a Graphic Design BFA, this is inspiring to me.

----- Luke 29.11.09 00:14

The font, and the minimalism. Plain and simple.

----- Tom Dougherty 29.11.09 00:18

Scott’s work is like a warm embrace after stepping in from the gusty, isolated world outside — it’s completely real and beautiful. His use of colour and texture constantly astounds me and honestly, that cover of Coastal Brake is so incredibly hot that I want to make out with it.

----- Lexy 29.11.09 00:42

It’s the embossed stamp that inspires me most. It’s a throwback to a different time in which the more important the document was, the more tactile features were incorporated (stamps, waxes, metals, etc.)

----- James 29.11.09 00:53

warmth - home - visionary remembrance - all flow with grace & fluidity through all your forms of expression ..

----- Adrien sAne 29.11.09 00:54

I love the colors, textures, and overall feel of Scott’s work. I wish more musicians created their own artwork, there’s something really special about the ISO50/Tycho combination.

----- Brandon 29.11.09 01:13

Scott’s pieces communicate, besides the great minimalist retro look, all pieces have something to say. The shapes, colors and ideas he uses transform posters in masterpieces that are ‘eye candies’ and inspirational for every person out there.

----- Gisele 29.11.09 02:04

This retro style is about an era I was too young to remember consciously. For some unconsiously reason I feel nostalgia.

----- Manolis Fragos 29.11.09 02:12

What is great about ISO50 work is that music fits to the design. And the design do not follow trends, but it creates them. It’s like some kind of ranger - everyone are doing what they want, and what environment wants them to, but ranger sits back in the shadow, doing his job the way he likes. That’s how I see ISO50 style.

----- zx 29.11.09 02:23

It’s quite difficult to say one particular thing. I have known his woks for like 4 years. I also have his blog in my RSS feed, next to notcot ;). At the begining I liked just his use of colors, that Retro feel and also his music. Which is very pleasant. Over the years I believe his style evolved I think he started to give much more attention to details and their philosophical meaning. That can be very well seen on that poster he did for Obama campaign. Also his typography seems interesting especially lately. I couldn’t help it but had to stare several times for several minutes on back of his new Coastal Brake Single. He tends to use one or two fonts but hell what he does with them is somewhat inspiring for my own work with Typography.
His T-shirts …wel I have 4 of them, 1976 (on baby blue t-shirt) being my favourite. Everywhere I go my T-shirt is always appreciated.
So generally said He is one of my gratest inspirations.

----- M72 29.11.09 02:46

Glorified Nature - some people have a rare gift for rapid adaption, and from it inspiration to create. I like it a lot, it fits into contemporary well as well. To drop that would make it pure art.

----- George 29.11.09 02:46

Throughout the years of my musical journey Tycho has been one of the very few artists that could always amaze me with his music and furthermore exceptional art.
I’ve been following the ISO50 Blog for some time now and I’ve always enjoyed his eye for simple, interesting and epic design.

----- Jim 29.11.09 02:54

I’m a huge fan of Scott since many years. Love his retro-futuristic style, his use of color, and i’m also a fan of his blog, where i found about your giveaway. Hope i’ll have a little luck, but also like to wish good luck to all participants.

----- zahira 29.11.09 03:24

me please.

----- tim 29.11.09 03:25

High attention on details.

----- vesan 29.11.09 03:27

I really love TYCHO/ISO50, because sounds and graphic are just wonderful as a kind of osmosis.

----- Clement 29.11.09 03:39

The fact that he is a musician and a graphic designer - the two cross over in his work. The images are poetic and musical, and the music is graphic and evocative!

----- Dan Gilmore 29.11.09 03:39

…and ofc the consistency and thoroughness of his design output.

----- PER 29.11.09 03:50

Scott’s music and artwork has always had a calming effect on me, and I find each of them theraputic in their own way. I own all his music, as well as several prints and t-shirts. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

----- CARGOPLEX 29.11.09 03:55

This might sound cheesy but a few years back Scott made me realize just how important visual arts are for me. I can never be thankful enough for that.

----- shade 29.11.09 04:04

I love everything Scott does, from the designs he chooses and the incredible colours and textures to the way he tries to break the 2D barrier of the print with the 3d shapes of the embosser.

But I guess what really inspires me the most is his attention to detail. I remember one poster where it took him hours upon hours to tweak it just right, and the whole tube within a tube concept is just another step in that direction.

The hard work, the dedication to it, and the passion really for what he does are just so motivating and so fascinating to watch, the ISO50 blog is one of my favourites.

Alex’s work is also very interesting, even if he’s still a student, definitely a very talented young man and I even have the project he did for a faux film festival up on my wall somewhere (all the photos in the article) as a daily inspiration.

I wish everyone would take so much care of their work firstly and their customers secondly and here’s to you ISO50! :)

----- Adrian Tache 29.11.09 04:04

Scott Hansens finishing touch has always inspired me. His textures, grains and colour scheme is allways appropriate and his unique style continues to baffle me.

----- Aleksander Dahl 29.11.09 04:24

i love that it is unique. The simple print on the heavy paper looks perfect.

----- Fabian 29.11.09 04:31

I’ve always enjoyed Scott’s work because he’s such a fussy bastard, and doesn’t release anything until it’s done proper. Especially today, he exercises a lot of restraint in his work, and thinks things over.

----- Daniel Carvalho 29.11.09 04:33

I dig the low-key, desaturated-but-still-rich palette of colours.

----- Matthew Jarsky 29.11.09 04:38

I love the perfect balance between clean, purposeful lines and organic layers. Simply rich and lovely.

----- Chris Neylan 29.11.09 04:50

He is kicking it old school!!

----- Tarik A 29.11.09 04:56

An era gone by. I love it.

----- Steve M. 29.11.09 05:01

Wonderful! I’d be so happy to win! :-)

----- Christian 29.11.09 05:22

Scotts graphic work looks like the consequences after a bunch of swiss modernists attended woodstock. Plus his music is good, too. ;)

----- Adrian 29.11.09 05:23

ISO50 Is like Pop rocks and cola for the eyes!

----- Ciaran Spillane 29.11.09 05:45

His work is just amazing. That’s it.

----- Nilas 29.11.09 05:48

I want Scott Hansen to design the birth cards of all my future babies!

----- greet 29.11.09 06:17

I love the artwork but I find his Tycho music project is fantastic and inspiring.

----- Jose P 29.11.09 06:25

Inspiring because of destinctive style. Everything he touches becomes ‘his’ to an unmistaKeable degree.

----- bryon 29.11.09 06:25

I wanna win. I really wanna win >_

----- 242Paul 29.11.09 06:35

looking at the art of scott leaves me with a feeling of the wonderment of childhood, a hypnotic calm. it´s like staring at clouds passing overhead :)

----- john 29.11.09 06:46

I love ISO50 retro style and fantastic design. The whole handmade process is just amazing.

----- Camila F. 29.11.09 06:55

why do i love scott hansen’s work? if god’s in the details, then his artwork is a pantheon. it’s strange and beautiful and nostalgic and hyper-modern all at the same time.

----- Kris 29.11.09 07:08

This work is an inspiration for me, i love the colors/compositions of the images made by Mr Scott Hansen.

----- Thibault Pétrissans 29.11.09 07:13

Humor, a high level of craft, and style. Gorgeous.

----- Banning 29.11.09 07:17

I’ve been following Scott’s work for several years, watching him progress as a designer with each post. What impresses me most is his inherent knowledge of rightness; he knows when to obsess over the details, when to go a little crazy, and most importantly… when to stop.

----- Jason 29.11.09 07:19

I have been following the ISO50 blog for quite some time now, and I have to say that I am always pleasantly surprised by the awesome visuals that are featured on the blog, but mostly by Scott’s work, both as a designer and as a musician…

really, ISO50 is a blatant proof that good design is alive and kicking!

----- Artémis (TheMem) Psathas 29.11.09 07:31

I love the beautiful dichotomy of nodding at classic/retro design with severely forward-thinking text setting and a clear aesthetic vision in all aspects of Scott’s work! Thanks for the opportunity!

----- Matthew 29.11.09 07:40

I like his mad style.

----- Christian W. 29.11.09 07:42

So I just popped over to see if the gift guide was up yet, and wow. That Ghostly poster really caught my eye. I can see from the comments that a lot of people here were already familiar with Scott’s work - I was not, so thank you for introducing me to it!

----- Jen Taylor 29.11.09 07:43

I love your work and the good balance betwen modern and vintage. The mix of new graphics in old paper craft almost totally hand made to get really modern images.

----- Sergio 29.11.09 07:44

Wow, would love to enter my name into this. Scott’s art, music and style is unique, professional and inspiring. I never hesitate to share his name with like-minded people. Thanks;

----- Adrian 29.11.09 07:52

The patterns in the Ghostly 10 print create the same kind of hypnotic repetition that good minimal techno does as well. It’s always great when visual cues in the world spark audio ideas in the mind.

----- Brian Mertz 29.11.09 07:53

I am really glad to have discovered iso50/tycho. I enjoy everything that comes out of the studio, whether it is the colorful and engaging prints, t-shirts or the laid back style of music; it is all done with a quality that I can truly appreciate.

----- sam giberson 29.11.09 07:57

I discovered Tycho a few months ago when I started getting into Ghostly International and downloaded the Ghostly Swim Compilation. I heard Tycho’s track “Cascade” and I instantly fell in love and had to get more Tycho music. Long story short, through the Ghostly twitter I learn that Tycho is ISO50 (which is an awesome name to me being a photographer and such) so I follow him and start reading his blog and check out his other work and I just love it. His pieces go so well with the music that he creates. His pieces also give me a vintage 60’s or 70’s vibe to them. I also love that he has his art displayed in galleries and that he prints the stuff himself in his own studio instead of having some company mass produce them. I feel this Scott dude is a prime example of what Ghostly stands for promoting excellent electronic music and wonderful art.

I can also safely say that I like Tycho more than Boards of Canada. And Boards of Canada are pretty fantastic too.

----- David Kellman 29.11.09 08:01

very inspiring work and i’m happy to see Mr. Hansen gain further recognition!

----- joey 29.11.09 08:10

I’ve been following ISO50/Scott for a long period off time I’m always been struck by the way he seems to effortlessly combine all the various media he’s working in, all in his unique style.

His sense of mixing retro-futuristic elements into his personal contemporary style is unparralled and wideley influencial. The quality in his work is not only shown in the fact there’s a lot of people trying to imitate his style but his exceptional level of craftmanship is always shown trough the fact none can reach his level, no matter how hard they try.

----- Joris Docx 29.11.09 08:11

i love that this work is being given away!

----- rob day 29.11.09 08:18

Stamps and seals, that’s what does it for me. A return to aesthetic of ownership and pride—making your mark in the world, and using a symbol to express that. Goes all the way back to the glories of Aldus Manutius in Venice!

----- Mike 29.11.09 08:38

His work is awesome and it reminds me of my childhood.

----- Bojan 29.11.09 08:40

ISO50 is probably the most individual blog I have come across, showing a real personal taste into work from the last 50 years, and how this has reflected on his own work.
One of the best things that has happened to the blog recently is seeing Alex Cornell’s development aswell.

----- Maxim 29.11.09 08:41

Scott’s prints bring a wonderful warmth and style to my my home. People who come over are always taken by the color and texture. I wish they would let him sell the Obama print he designed. That was an amazing one too.

----- Sam Spiller 29.11.09 08:44

I’m new to Scott Hansen and ISO50. So far I love the details, the bright colors and the natural textures in his work.

----- candlebougie 29.11.09 08:58

i really like the retro feel in his work. this post also shows the attention to detail that clearly comes through in each piece.

----- enyap 29.11.09 08:59

In my very first intro to design class 5 years ago, my professor said to check out his site. Since then I’ve been checking the blog almost twice a day. The depth he gets within all the layers on his work is beyond comprehension. As well as the color choices always seem to spot on.

----- Aaron O'Brien 29.11.09 09:00

I’m a high school student actually, and while I’ve followed this blog for at least a year now I’ve also probably gone back through the majority of the archives to see all of the work I missed. To say it inspired me would be an understatement. I love design perhaps more than anything, and to me this blog represents just another medium. Besides showing off his work, which I love to see, I love the articles that give more insight into the process. The photography resources on this site gave me a huge boost of confidence, and since then I’ve been doing photography for my art course with a new outlook. The typography articles have also changed my perspective a lot too, I would love to see more of them. After the wave of those a month or so ago, I went about trying to design my own font. :P That just goes to show how amazing the work you have done is. Thank you!

----- Jon 29.11.09 09:03

Whenever I need to be inspired to make something I always check out ISO50’s portfolio before opening my photoshop. His stuff is beautiful but also has an almost tangible feel to it, like it’s been around for years in an attic somewhere. lol. A treasure! He uses vintagey aesthetics which really appeals to me because his works are at once sleak, modern, and timeless.

Having one of his prints at home would just be constant inspiration. Bliss!

----- Goldy 29.11.09 09:06

I found Scott’s design and music work just over two years ago, and moments after I stumbled across his website, I spent almost all the money in my bank account (being a broke college student at the time) on four of his prints and his album. I’ve been following his blog ever since, as it is a great creative resource and point of inspiration to me. Not to mention, Jakub’s music posts rule.

----- Dhruv 29.11.09 09:22

I love the throwback feel to his work. Blissed out and sunny Saturdays from the past. His music as well creates a nostalgic haze. Scott’s artistic aesthetic is one we should all strive for.

----- matt 29.11.09 09:22

The waves are ghostly in so many ways :)

----- Matthew 29.11.09 09:24

I like that Scott has been able to express himself with both print and musical creations, and both outputs seem to mirror each other so well. His design and musical works are always so consistent and thorough. It’s impressive and inspiring.

----- Brian 29.11.09 09:33

ISO50’s work inspires me by his use of color and textures. His pieces are fresh and forward thinking yet based on his colors and often times design elements I get a feeling that his work was constructed decades ago. I love it!
I also appreciate the amount and quality of work he pushes through. Each piece has his style while being completely unique.

----- chris 29.11.09 09:56

Scott Hansen has soul.

His visual work is beautiful but it does not stop there, it layers levels of perception in a way that is truly nourishing to the spirit.
The spirit of his music and of his art is most assuredly organic. His work is the junction point between the soulful but imperfect analog past and the technologically advanced clean precision of the future. By intertwining analog warmth and options that are afforded by modern technology Scott creates something that feels whole, which is hard to find in the cold technological isolation of modern design.

Scott’s music inspires something deep within myself, when i put it on, it purifies the room with holy texture and shows me the silence in sound. His music has become sacred to me like an album that has been the soundtrack for intense internal growth.
Each element of his work has been nurtured to its perfection. Scott’s attension to detail really gives his work profundity with a perfection that could be likened to a great classical composer. Scott and great classical composers use different mediums of creativity but they share the same inspiration, Love, which Mozart believed was the basis of every genius.
It is safe to say he is both my favorite musician and graphic designer. His work Oscillates worlds in a dream that only Scott Hansen could create.

----- Trevor Triano 29.11.09 10:01

I first started looking at Scott’s stuff in high school, when I had free time to enjoy learning about web design. I must have stumbled onto one of his blog posts from another blog linking to it. At the time - and even now - no one was writing about the things he was interested in: designs from a generation ago, materials and textures from before since the computer screen existed, aesthetics styles of different countries’ designers before the internet exposed everyone. It felt so refreshing and interesting when everyone else was talking about rounded corners, drop shadows, and aqua.

----- Tony Wong 29.11.09 10:05

It is all about color with Scott’s work. He has an understanding of color unlike anyone I have seen. Great work!

----- Darren Milligan 29.11.09 10:07

Tycho / iso50 : the purest form of inspiration tapped directly to the cortex of imagination. Thank you Scott. Cheers, mike

----- Mike delaporte 29.11.09 10:16

What’s great about Scott’s work is that its distinguished and has a lot of wonderful attention to detail. The vintage feel has always been executed wonderfully and he has really claimed a style for himself that is unmistakable once seen, a sign of a great artist.

----- Jake 29.11.09 10:18

I have been following ISO50’s work for over few years now. I love his design because of his originality and taste. The posters that Scott makes is always unique, and the color he uses is always well chosen. The most important part is that you can’t find these kind of poster out there!

----- Calvin Chan 29.11.09 10:30

Nice to see this featured on notcot! i love iso50, scott hansen & ghostly international!

----- Brian 29.11.09 10:32

Initially as a fan of Tycho, Scott’s music under Ghostly opened me up to a world of ambiance and other related artists emerging as some of my favorite music today. Over these past few years, the ISO50 blog has greatly influenced my taste in design, typography, music, and photography as a vast array of arts intertwined as Scott’s style.

As a young student, I’ve used one of Scott’s tracks “Dictaphone Lament” backing a video in one of my high school projects that went on to win the county show.

Checking the ISO50 blog routinely as one of the first things I do during the day, I greatly appreciate the work Scott puts into his blog and design, (not to forget the others who post with him, Jakub etc). These guys really define the lines of modern music and art, that I’m fortunate to have shared with me.

With regret, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Tycho live, although did almost catch Scott performing in Clearwater, FL six hours south of me from the panhandle. One day I hope with travel I’ll have the pleasure to experience a performance of his music, and a display of the ISO50 prints and design that have been my main inspiration as a multimedia major at Florida Atlantic University.

----- Alan LeBlanc 29.11.09 10:34

I just visited the ISO50 gallery display in Toronto, Canada, and was blown away by the quality of the prints. I couldn’t believe the amount of detail that went into Scott’s work, even after having seen the work on screen. Scott’s blending of design & music has inspired me to incorporate my love and skill in design to further my dream of doing music full-time.

----- Pat 29.11.09 10:35

I just love how deliberate the entire process is. There isn’t enough quality thinking in work today from start to finish.

----- Jason 29.11.09 10:36

Scott’s color schemes is what gets me the most. It’s always spot on. And there’s a sense of emotion in his works , that sets off memories of being a child in the seventies. Huge fan.

----- Lars Hedemann 29.11.09 10:40

Hi my name is Dakotah, I’m an artist from Houston, TX. First off I’d just like to say I really enjoy the nostalgic identity blended with new age processes I come find in your work. Through the visually stunning artwork of ISO50, and the wonderfully lush sounds as Tycho, a beautifully stable connection of design and art have been revealed to me. The past few years, Scott, you have really inspired me to pursue my calling as an artist. I can only hope to do the same with people who open themselves to my work as well.

Thank you,
Dakotah Lawler

----- Dakotah Lawler 29.11.09 10:45

I’ve followed Scott’s work for some years now, and make my everyday visit to ISO50’s blog which I deeply admire and love! and for the great music advises too!
Not that I could win at all, but anyway let give it a try!

----- pepe 29.11.09 10:50

Love less-is-more. Strong color palette, use of texture.

----- Rj 29.11.09 11:00

I love how Tron everything is. It must suck to have to read a millions comments.


----- Aaron 29.11.09 11:03


----- Brian 29.11.09 11:07

My teacher in my first photoshop class introduced me to ISO50 and I’ve followed him ever since. He is a huge source of inspiration and I love the feel that achieves with his pieces. They truly are timeless.

I really enjoyed seeing some of his process above. His craftsmanship is exceptional. I love that he puts the human touch into his posters.

----- Taylor 29.11.09 11:09

I really like the way Scott Hansen put a retro and vintage touch in his artwork.I also enjoy all the playlists that are on his blog (a preference for flying lotus^^)…From a real fan

----- Maude 29.11.09 11:25

I love Scott’s minimalistic approach and use vibrant color combinations!

----- luuk 29.11.09 11:33

ISO50 represents a large part of what I look for in music/graphic design/culture sites. It is updated with a high enough frequency that I can check it throughout the week and be impressed with something cutting edge/ charmingly esoteric upon nearly every visit.

Two more recent posts that really intrigued me were 1)the photographs of (Norwegian? some kind of Scandanavian…) shipping containers and rusty/profoundly blue and white old-style lettering, and 2)the heads-up on Audion’s Hecatomb tour (which was really out there and touched on a refreshing dimension of DJ set visuals).

Many thanks for all you’ve done, Mr Hansen/Tycho; keep up the awesomeness!

----- superlative 29.11.09 11:36

Scott is a master mind of blurring the artistic boundaries between print and music. His work is so well incorporated and tells a great story.

----- Chris Campbell 29.11.09 11:38

your work is fucking amazing, so retro, detailed, inspiring, outstanding

its fucking good

and by the way,i bought one print from you, last week. i can`t wait to have it here in germany. I feel like a kid on christmas eve.

all the best

----- DIRKI 29.11.09 11:38

I came across Scott’s work 3 or 4 years ago while google image searching something else. Originally I was more interested in his music which I was lucky enough to see first hand last week in Toronto. His graphic work is layered and has just enough of a vintage patina that compliments the modern way he creates his art. The man is a double threat!

----- George A 29.11.09 11:41

I enjoy Scott’s aesthetic first and foremost, but what inspires my work and influences me is his ability to cover all bases from conception to final artwork. The way he runs his studio and is able to manage being a successful musician and graphic designer, constantly making great work in both realms.

----- Michael J. 29.11.09 11:41

yes !!!!! huge fan of these posters

----- Patrick 29.11.09 11:47

I’m a student at a small state run college in Missouri and I find myself checking out ISO50 on a daily basis to keep up on what he’s doing as both inspiration and a certain amount of motivation to keep up with what I’m trying to do. I’m not so worried about winning stuff really, more or less just thanks to Scott, Jakub, Alex and everyone else for all the inspiration and information over the last little while.

----- Keaton Taylor 29.11.09 11:54

I like how every detail is nurtured. Everything down to his signature is so well balanced and pleasing. Always love the type choices.

----- Sears 29.11.09 12:12

i love his design aesthetics. the fact that his music and his design work feed off from each other is simply brilliant. i want his brain. om nom nom

----- rico lajom 29.11.09 12:15

Herr Hansen’s work is fantastich!

----- Jon Scherer 29.11.09 12:35

Thanks for the interesting piece. There really haven’t been many interviews or articles about Scott which I find strange since he has been around for a while now and he has clearly inspired so many people. This was a nice treat!

----- John D. 29.11.09 12:37

When i came to SF, Scott was my first inspiration about art, music. I love his work, is very unique and at the same time intense. Every day I visit his website.I love the musics that them post there. And of course, “read” the genio Scott Hansen’s mind, is always fabulous.

----- Aline 29.11.09 12:45

I’ve only followed Scott for the last year and a half, maybe two, but something I’ve loved is the feeling of general nostalgia I have when I see much of his studio’s work. Something I try to include in every piece I make, both print and in my films, is a sense that people have been there before. A history in the piece, something that may have included them as well. Then I try to bring something new to the table inside that piece while they’re comfortable, maybe share an insight or something that’s important to me.

I feel inspired by Scott’s work, and I feel like he has helped me work to certain goals in that sense. There’s something so intense about people so immersed in their work, and we live in a golden age I think, of information technology. A renaissance of art and exploration as we never have had before where more people can afford a small studio. Where they can reach millions of people through their blog and inspire the masses. One day, I believe people will look back on the designers of today and feel the same nostalgia we do now, looking back on the work of the past.

Solid. Great contest guys! Please keep it up!

----- Brandon 29.11.09 12:51

Love how clean his work is

----- Marlowe 29.11.09 12:52

gorgeous precision, clean lines. the process is part and particle of the masterpiece.

----- Vanessa 29.11.09 13:01

seeing the ghostly show at the magic stick was truly amazing

----- Kyle Anderson 29.11.09 13:17

Scott has a unique craft for color combination and juxtaposition that creates a very beautiful, soothing mood throughout his work. I greatly enjoy how I’ve seen his style progress over the years yet still maintain the same essence throughout, and that essence of beauty is very important in life.

----- Brendan Bercik 29.11.09 13:17

Color combos and simplicity have always been the key to this man’s work. Love the Ghostly release!

----- Ritesh 29.11.09 13:18

ISO50 designs remind me of my boyhood home in Wisconsin—faded orange light that only comes in northern climes; soft edges; rich, graduated greens and yellows mixed in with hard brown earth tones; clear and cool in its finish. They evoke memories of many a fireside reading session, dreaming of better days to come. You combine the finished images with Scott’s thoughtfully layered music and, Voila!, the tones and tunes bring those better days into specific relief. Thanks for all you do, Scott, and everyone else who assists with the ISO50 portfolio…

----- Toben 29.11.09 13:27

i love how clean his work is and the colors are always very appealing to me

----- ASHLEY 29.11.09 13:28

I was first introduced to scott’s work in highschool, both his work as a designer and a musician, his blog continues to be one of my main sources of inspiration as a graphic design student. I hope to go into poster design and promotions and have drawn a lot of lessons from scotts work, like use of color and texture, of course i’m still nowhere near his level yet and am still working on my own style I feel his work has had an unmistakable impression on me and that his influence will always show through a little. Last year I even produced a book about his influences on me for a design studio, I got quite a few compliments on it.

----- John Grant 29.11.09 13:35

I am a sucker for rubber stamps. But it’s always nice to see a glimpse into the process of other designers. And his work constantly makes me feel jealous. ha.

----- Esther Turnbull 29.11.09 13:48

I grew up drawing with a pencil & paper so anything with handmade elements always inspire me. Nothing beats great, well thought design that looks amazing, but has those subtle details that can only be achieved with a personal touch. Not to mention ISO50’s work is so kick ass!

----- Jayson Ramos 29.11.09 13:50

I find Iso50s minimal style is what makes his work amazing. It shows that you don’t have to be Ed Hardy to design something to grab people’s attention.

----- Nick 29.11.09 13:50

Scott’s artwork is timeless, and his artistic voice is very strong. His colors, subject matter, and compositions are highly refined.

----- Erik Finsrud 29.11.09 13:56

Scott has impeccable taste. Brilliant typography. Incredible color pallets. Swoon.

----- Kelly Smith 29.11.09 13:57

The thing that makes Scott different to others is the passion for the whole process. We’re at an era now where everyone wants and expects instant quick results. He does his own way and takes control and full responsibility for his art. Designers and digital artist are now forgetting the importance of the pencil and other mediums to get a result. Although Scotts prints are digitally based, but great and unique, he makes up for in everything else. His dedication to making the whole packaging is very uplifting in this day and age. There is alot people could learn from him.

----- Elliott 29.11.09 14:00

I first stumbled upon Scott’s website via thefwa.com and was instantly blown away. I had never seen such a collection of work where every piece was as strong as the next.

Reading the ISO50 blog just makes me want to create, be it music or visual art due to the wealth of inspiring conent.

As a result of such content ISO50.com has become one of a handfull of blogs I read daily.

I currently own two prints from the ISO50 shop and I just love having them on display in my workspace.

----- Craig McLachlan 29.11.09 14:02

In an instant, his designs grab your esthetic heart and mind. All his designs know a sense of warmness and almost a sort of enlightment. Everything looks clear, but not clean.

----- Bas 29.11.09 14:21

I love Scott’s level of detail. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but if you happen to get on of his prints you’ll be happily surprised at how much work has gone into each print. Quite amazing.

----- Marc 29.11.09 14:33

Scott Hansen’s style of strong vectors accompanied with textured, organic layers allows his work to stand strong in a bustling design world.

----- Kristian Roebuck 29.11.09 14:35

My love for art and design has been growing over the past few years, and when I stumbled upon Scott Hansen’s work about two years ago, I started to really form my particular taste through his style and the examples he posts on his blog. It’s pretty rare to come across a designer that is as authentic as Scott. The work that he puts into each of his pieces is extremely apparent and has inspired me in more ways than one to truly care about my own work. It is also refreshing to be able to be a part of his community and participate in his blog. I just want to say thanks, Scott, for heading up this great movement.

----- Jay Gray 29.11.09 14:43

I love the incredible visual textures…from actual textures to the use of colour to the paper…rich and gorgeous work.

----- Justin 29.11.09 15:08

I just can’t not be drawn into Scott’s style. It’s always DRIPPING with character and I’ve alot of his work as inspiration into my own.

It’s also neat seeing him progress over the years (been following him since 2004), and the fact that his music matches up with his visual style is always a bonus.

----- Bryan Maniotakis 29.11.09 15:09

This is my first encounter with Scott Hansen and man his stuff really inspires me to go out and make some posters. I am studying graphic design currently, and it’s people like Scott who make me feel like I have made the right choice.

----- Alex Gennette 29.11.09 15:09

While a lot of design seems to be moving in a far less personal direction, Scott’s organic work comforts and feels right at home. His music always cheers me up.

----- andrew tomchyshyn 29.11.09 15:16

Scott understands what the best is. He utilizes the best tools and tactics to solve his design problems while working in a style he helped lay the groundwork for. It’s hard to argue that he isn’t a talented musician and designer, but there can be no doubts he takes great care and pride in everything he does. This is the quality that has separated him from the pack. Keep it up.

----- Zach DeBord 29.11.09 15:45

Im following scot for 2 y now, and I really love his work, I’ts inspiring how he allways put so much effort in small details. Keep up great work Scott in both music and design

----- patrick p 29.11.09 15:52

The first time I heard Scott’s music as Tycho, I was hooked. I dug a bit deeper and found that he also did phenomenal graphic design. The two seem to create a synergy together that feel so original and authentic… very inspiring. I will always be a fan.

----- Tyler 29.11.09 15:56

I love just about everything about scott’s work… they are a refreshing mix of retro and modern that i see tons of designers try and fail at. the colors, textures, compositions, type, graphics - everything, is very well thought out.

----- joe w 29.11.09 16:11

That stamp at the bottom. I love personal touches !
And I love that he pays attention to the texture of the paper !

----- Annie Y 29.11.09 16:12

Scott always knows exactly how much patina any field needs. Genius!

----- James Lucas H+ 29.11.09 16:13

Holy moly Scott you have many fans! Odds are, many have already stated this, but what I find most inspiring about Scott’s work is the integration between his music and design work.

----- Luke 29.11.09 16:15

I have been a fan of Scott’s work for many years. His use of texture, color, space, and typography is truly top-notch. The attention to detail, from process to product, never ceases to inspire.

----- Alex M. 29.11.09 16:19

A great feeling from the Ghostly International poster. Green like a Siberian fir.

----- Ryan 29.11.09 16:21

The printing on that 10th poster looks so good, It makes me think of little ghostly vitamins that I could take and become a time traveller. I would then travel forward in time and make sure that my comment would assure me the winning of the set so I could think of time-travelling vitamins every time I looked at the frame on my wall containing your beautiful work for such an intelligent label.

----- Zachs38 29.11.09 16:31

Mmmm some found textures and retro reminiscent color… that’s my isotope50. Throw in some top-quality jams and the experience is all-round complete.
The fact that Scott’s art/design works so closely match his taste in audible creation only enhances my love for him… er, I mean his work.

s.h./iso50 = bomb-squad. bomb-diggity-squadron.

----- Ryan 29.11.09 16:37

natural elements tagged with vintage sentiment drop me into a time so far gone and not yet arrived. the posters sound like the music looks. its walk in the digital woods, and the works suit every mood.

----- david c nix 29.11.09 16:59

What impresses me about scott’s work is his ability to take from modernist/post-modernist influences and “update” them to make them fit into the design of today’s time. His use of geometric qualities and color palettes are something that really inspires me!

----- Antonio 29.11.09 16:59

I’ve been a fan of the ISO50 designs for a while now… the retro futurism employed is top notch and seeing this post shows me the love and work put into the work. There’s a definite human touch involved, along with the retro leaning. It’s very nostalgic in a way.

----- Erik Northfell 29.11.09 17:05

What i love about Scott’s work is that it is effortlessly easy to be drawn in by the work. It is mesmerizing and inspiring at the same time. It reminds me of being a child on the way home after getting a new Atari game. The whole ride home my head was swimming on what the game would bring staring at the box art. When I got home..I was often times let down by the product. Scott’s game is life, and when you get home after looking at the packaging, everything is better.

----- erik k watt 29.11.09 17:30

I love scott’s visions in design and how he keeps things simple, but balance. I also love the colors he uses.

----- Alex 29.11.09 17:32

minimalist psychedelyeah!

----- Ibarra D. Padolina 29.11.09 17:41

The attention to detail and the use of colors, but still keeping things simplistic and clean are what grabs my attention the most in Scott Hansen’s work. The correlation of his music and his art are incredible. It’s almost as if he’s giving us illustrations for a great story he is telling.

----- Jayne McAllister 29.11.09 17:45

I’m a big fan of Scott’s design work and his blog. I’m most impressed that he can combine ambient and retro elements in designs that are clean and classic looking, too. Always good for inspiration.

----- Ehren 29.11.09 17:58

I came across your work through your Myspace page a few years ago and quickly became a fan of your artwork and music. I can’t explain it, but your designs and music mirror my personality to a T. I am always excited to see what you produce and am eagerly awaiting the next album. My copy of Past is Prologue has the most plays in my iTunes and that’s no exaggeration. I’m glad to see you have such a large and devoted fanbase. You deserve it.

----- Durden 29.11.09 18:15

Everything Scott Hansen touches turns to gold. He has an incomparable eye and ear for the aesthetic. As a writer and musician, I never fail to be inspired by Scott’s sights and sounds. Choice of colour + typeface = perfect.

----- Joshua 29.11.09 18:35

Wow, there a lot of entries! Well I’ll start by saying that I’ve been following Scott’s work (including his music) for around 6 years and I fell in love with his style the moment I saw it. NOTCOT and his blog are the only blogs I check on a regular basis for inspiration…like all day long and I know his is only updated once a day (I’m not going for brownie points, it’s just the truth).
What I love about Scott’s style is that it is purely Scott’s and totally original. I’ve seen tons of copy cats, including myself if I’m being honest. I study his work all the time to see how he may have done what he’s done. I’m not trying to sweat him too much, but there aren’t that many artists whose work I never get sick of. The same goes for his music. I’m blown away that he doesn’t have any formal training. If I win this prize or not I’m just happy to say a few nice words for him. I say that in the most non-stalkerish way possible!

----- Chris 29.11.09 18:40

Great texture, great colors, amazing raised seal. I love it all.

----- Tom Venanzio 29.11.09 18:45

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work, both visual and musical, for years, ever since The Science of Patterns EP. In fact, I remember submitting the old iso50 portfolio site for Jean’s consideration for notcot.org…oh, it had to have been at least three years ago. Don’t think it got in, though :)

As for Scott’s work, I love the clean lines, soft edges, and warm colors of an analog/vintage palette. There’s something very nostalgic to me about the way his mind works, which is funny because he pulls his design elements from an era I have no firsthand experience of (sadly). You also can’t help but be inspired by a self-starter. Like Scott, I have no formal design or musical training; it just goes to show you that design isn’t something you learn by sitting in a classroom, it’s a way of looking at the world.

----- Evan 29.11.09 18:46

Great work….Scott’s style has been a huge inspiration for my yearbook students.

----- Koutsky 29.11.09 18:52

Nothing says amazing like an emblossed stamp. please let me have it!

----- TonyKraken 29.11.09 18:55

love the personal touches and the sharp simple design.

----- A.V. 29.11.09 18:57

scott artwork is amazing..i love his style and the color. really inspire me.

----- hafidz 29.11.09 18:59

i love the combination of different objects to create an allusion of something else.

it’s clever.

and beautiful.

----- Lux Lund 29.11.09 19:01

It is nice to know that Scott is a one man show. It gives other designers, like myself, assurance that you can do what you love!

----- Ron Jangles 29.11.09 19:31

I really dig the colour palettes used, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy deep down inside. The Coastal Brakes art is amazing. Keep up the good work!

----- Jesse Yuen 29.11.09 19:44

I’ve always loved Scott’s use of light flares, which give his pieces so much depth. Thanks.

----- Zack Travis 29.11.09 19:48

the work is simple and beautiful. i am inspired by the textures of the paper, the range of delicate color shifts and Scot’s ability to maintain a consistent feeling of love and dedication to his work from start to finish. bravo.

----- liz 29.11.09 19:49

I wish I could be him.

----- Aaron 29.11.09 19:52

When I look at Scott’s work, I feel at peace. The wonderful and the quiet embodied in colour.


----- Bradley Melle 29.11.09 19:53

The thing that has inspired me the most of IS050 is the multidisciplinary aspect. ISO50 has a seemingly endless amount of work that make me think “that’s really good, I wish I made that,” and that’s everything, not just design. That’s music, photography, web design, the whole shebang. I had been trying to decide which path to take in the creative world, but since finding ISO50, I have been taking steps to be a strong multidisciplinary designer/musician/photographer. It’s not easy, but having inspirational outlets like ISO50 definitely help.

----- Garrett 29.11.09 19:55

Yea, Scott’s work is awesome and so is his blog. I think it just boils down to his great taste in art and his dedication to the perfect result. The dedication is what inspires me the most.

----- Tyler 29.11.09 20:01

Breathtaking and inspiring work, nice touch on the embossed logo.

----- mike 29.11.09 20:20

I’m amazed by the simplicity in some of Scott’s concepts and how he’s developed complete themes out of them—the Svenska posters, for instance, and his obsession with 77 and 76. What great stuff.

----- Drew Kora 29.11.09 20:29

Scott Hansen has been a hero and inspiration to the way I look at posters, compositions and textures and typography. His use of vector graphics combined with raster images is what I love most. That and the way he incorporates gradients and textures into all his work boggles my mind. His work lines my walls,

----- Adriano 29.11.09 20:33

The thing I enjoy the most about ISO50 is how Scott combines music and art. He’s not just creating a visual experience but an ambiance. I think this makes it easier to immerse yourself into his work, and his message more palatable.

----- Lisa 29.11.09 20:34

I love how Scott uses type, texture and color (and sometimes photography) to create rich designs that are at once modern and reminiscent of another time.

----- Dan Rubin 29.11.09 20:38

Iso50 or Scott Hansen, has inspired me as a graphic designer and digital artist more than any other artist today. His seamless attention to detail coupled with a visual full body experience are always components you will find when a new piece has been released.

He keeps the fundamentals of design at the forefront while capturing you with the details and advanced computer techniques. Scott can pull from the past with his 70’s esque style and make it mainstream and edgy. I hope he continues to be inspired and create for years to come.

I didn’t even bring up the Tycho aspect.

----- Thain Lurk 29.11.09 20:55

Hey Scott,

Wow, Great to see so many cool responses.

Love the blog, prints and music.

Nice work.

Please come to Australia..

----- Joe 29.11.09 20:57

Iso50 or Scott Hansen, has inspired me as a graphic designer and digital artist more than any other artist today. His seamless attention to detail coupled with a visual full body experience are always components you will find when a new piece has been released.

He keeps the fundamentals of design at the forefront while capturing you with the details and advanced computer techniques. Scott can pull from the past with his 70’s esque style and make it mainstream and edgy. I hope he continues to be inspired and create for years to come.

I didn’t even bring up the Tycho aspect.

----- Thain Lurk 29.11.09 20:58

Whoa, this is magical

----- Jakub Alexander 29.11.09 21:01

The way he works as a designer inspires me and I could listen to his music for hours. I follow Scott’s work a while now, and I am a regular reader of his blog. What inspires me most is the way he opens his thoughts to the public when he writes about his work, progress, processes, disappointments, fears; and the music choice contributes to mine in a great way.

----- Michael 29.11.09 21:02

Less is More! ISO 50’s design let everything speaks for themselves. color typeface, layout, etc. sometimes you just need to pay a little bit more attention to the details to experience new inspiration.

----- Samuel Huang 29.11.09 21:13

The world portrayed in Scott Hansen’s work exists on the other side of the looking glass. It is an alternative reality where the future of the past blends with the present; where sterile, digital shapes, patterns and forms bleed and age like organic matter. It is a frightening world with a raw saturated beauty and many complex moving parts.

For me his pieces do more than inspire nostalgia, they make me feel the way I felt as a child first experiencing graphic design in the pages of my parent’s magazines and on the covers of their albums. I was attracted and intimidated by these images that were both familiar and strange to me, dazzled by their beauty and yet bewildered as to their meaning. As a child these pieces left me with a sense of awe and insignificance, Scott Hansen’s work does the same.

Although I know it isn’t true, I can’t help but imagine that the ISO50 prints must carry the same musty ink smell of that box of albums still sitting my parent’s basement. There is no better source of inspiration than actual emotion and the work of Scott Hansen makes me feel something which is why I love it.

----- Adrienne 29.11.09 21:13

ISO50 and the work of Scott Hansen has inspired me as a designer through amazing design and music.

----- David Stewart 29.11.09 21:23

Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I love ISO50s work – especially how his visual art somehow matches the look and feel of his audial art. His colors and type treatments are great. I always look forward to seeing new work. See you in NYC on 12/13 Scott!

----- Jeremy 29.11.09 21:35

The texture. The lovely, sexy texture of the prints that appears once you take a closer look at that fantastic artwork.

----- Alec 29.11.09 21:52

the precision is flawless.

----- henry 29.11.09 22:08

His creations lie outside the scope of ordinary beauty…simply stunning!

----- mariana mendoza 29.11.09 22:21

What I admire about Scott Hansen’s work is the energy and passion that he delivers. He is doing something he loves to do and the results mirrors to intelligent compositions. You would know what I mean just by viewing his blog site. Great job!


----- Crimsen joules 29.11.09 22:29

Inpiration: Attention to detail, incorporation of refreshing ideas, and a dash of class.


----- Agustin 29.11.09 22:31

you make pictures. and i like em. and if framing didnt cost a bajillion dollars id probably have it framed.

----- min maeweather 29.11.09 22:49

Scott’s work has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I first stumbled upon his website a year or so ago. I love how his work uses both “vintage” and modern aesthetics so perfectly together.

----- Tyler Miller 29.11.09 22:54

Scott Hansen has been one of my chief sources of design inspiration since 2005. Everything ISO50 creates is noteworthy, period!

----- Imar 29.11.09 23:14

What inspires me the most? That someone’s doing what they love, they’re good at it, and it shows.

----- Timothy Gruneisen 29.11.09 23:30

Scott Hansen’s (ISO50) work is simply amazing every time. The attention to details, colors and text placement show that everything has it’s place. Scott does great designs and music that is very inspirational for every upcoming designer, including myself!

----- Lorenzo 29.11.09 23:52

What can i say… I’m following Scott’s Blog for about half a year. Sometimes i just look to my screen and don’t read whats written, but just discover with my eyes what’s there to see.
I think, Scott’s work will be the main reason for me, to finally get a creditcard. When i got my own flat, there will be some of his posters, hanging on the wall…

Greetings from Switzerland
(no snow, just rain)

----- nic 30.11.09 00:00

Scott Hansen aka ISO50 is what’s one may call a complete artist for he doesn’t limit his expression to one mode : his visual and musical skills are for me the one expression from his sensibility which touches me deep.

----- Vincent 30.11.09 00:45

I always read the iso50 blog. The design inspiration, photography, technical articles and music all inspire me.

----- Matthew Haines 30.11.09 00:47

i have been following ISO50 for some time now - and each entry into his journals - allows for the mind to see more — for the imagination to roam free - and know that anything is possible - it sounds cheesy i know — but imagine - that everytime you open his site - you know that something out there inspires - colour - simplicity - style - vintage - its words — but through images — we see dreams — later days

----- Jessel 30.11.09 01:02

God is in the detail!

----- Luke Tonge 30.11.09 01:20

No one I know has such a good sense for color combinations as Scott has. and although most of the colors are stolen from the seventies, he’s a brilliant thief.

----- Patrick 30.11.09 02:07

one of the best, colours, shapes and atmosphere, in images and music. iso50 is in my daily check for 6/7 years… maybe a day in italy? ciao!

----- Paolo 30.11.09 02:10

I love ISO50’s seamless marriage of his music and his art— a display of synesthesia that humbles, inspires, and leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia.

----- Ian Mayhew 30.11.09 02:10

Scott’s work has always been inspiring. Clean, simple, absolutely beautiful. Visuals and music go hand in hand, very calm and attention to detail is gorgeous. Always tuned in to the wonderful collection on music. Pure bliss.

----- Bosky Cherin 30.11.09 02:26

His style has changed, hasn’t it? His progression as an artist is unfathomable. We are supposed to refine and hone our skills, but it seems that in no time at all hes gone from leading the way to outer-hemisphere-untouchable. When I first saw his recent prints (especially the Nocturnal ones) I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a nervous laugh, because I realized that Ive been spending so long trying to figure out his older stuff that, in some way I had buried my own creativity. I’m well aware that my best work is ahead of me, I can only hope it will ever stand up to Scott’s Vanguard.

----- oliver 30.11.09 02:41

I’ve been admiring Scott’s work for a couple years now. He gives a refreshing flavor to all of his pieces - his blending of raw and crisp is amazing. His blog is consistantly engaging with every current in music and design. Seems like a cool guy too.

----- DrewJ 30.11.09 02:44

ISO50’s work is amazing, I just came upon your blog reading the ultimate ears headphone unboxing post. I’m now subscribed to your feeds! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

----- Jeff Lin 30.11.09 03:34

Scott finds soul in technology, the ghost in the machine. As Scott suggests himself, texture is everywhere - whether in his music or in his design, there is a depth present that rewards repeated visits.

----- Rick Monro 30.11.09 03:40

brilliantly simple and elegant - it’s the little touches and attention to detail that I love most :D

----- willB0T 30.11.09 03:47

Scott has the a great way of adding his slant on timeless and classic colour combinations, typography and layouts. Seemingly simple at first, though deceptively so.. theres a beautiful balance of both restraint and freedom to his compositions. Consistently great work.

----- Matt 30.11.09 03:51

i’ve been reading the blog for awhile now and i’ve always found the work to be compelling. clean, simple, very considered, and always well executed.

----- nick 30.11.09 04:01

Like his music, his works has a certain feeling attached to it. It can never be describe in words, just dances with the colors of your feelings inside.

----- Muhd Nuruzzaman 30.11.09 04:18

Scott Hansen consistently delivers the top insights into design. His lifestyle and work are inspirational. An extremely good artist, in every sense of the word!

----- Nat Wagstaff 30.11.09 04:22

ISO 50 brings back the values and magic of a pre-marketed era. He sees no boundaries between disciplines and always displays a very emotional sensitive work. Brilliant!

----- rafael nascimento 30.11.09 04:50

A great insight to the print process behind the ever inspiring Mr. Hansen. Such attention to detail and use of stunning colour palettes and textures make his work so beautiful. An awesome blend/balance of organic and digital time and time again.

----- David Eunson 30.11.09 05:03

i admire the elegant simplicity of his designs. so jealous

----- kate 30.11.09 05:28

Its all about the little details that you may not notice but would certainly miss.

----- TheJeff 30.11.09 05:34

I love the human element he puts into it. This was a glimpse of his work. Hope I win!

----- Andy M 30.11.09 05:58

While searching the vast internet for new music to fit my tastes, I came across Tycho. The ambient and relaxed sound waves engulfed my senses and I was instantly attached to the sound. What made this experience even better was the astounding album artwork and posters that came along with the music. With a little searching I discovered that both the audio and visual elements were in fact the creations of the same individual! Scott Hanson is truly an inspiration to me, for I too am a growing graphic designer and musician. His brilliant use of color and texture go beyond most artist today and have even influenced my design strategy at school. To receive a single piece of this giveaway would be a treasured gift!

----- Wesley Meech 30.11.09 06:03

ISO50 has yet to fuck my wife, that has me pleased.

----- Cory 30.11.09 06:10

The proof is in the pudding and if I could eat IS050 then I would be a 600 pound man!

----- Lyle Hebel 30.11.09 06:27

Simply put: A wonderful color pallet.

----- Pete 30.11.09 06:27

I first saw Scott’s work on the cover of the first Computer Arts magazine I bought. It inspired me to put my foot forward into the design world. I’m now following my dream, studying visual communications. ISO50 posters hang above my computer to keep me forever on track of what its like to create great work that is loved by many. Thanks for your creativity, I am forever greatful…

----- Jethro Lawrence 30.11.09 06:35

I’ve been following Scott Hansen’s work for some time now and always find it inspiring and creative. I could stare at his posters all day. Having some of my very own would be outstanding!

----- Stephen 30.11.09 06:58

What I love about ISO50? Well, everything I suppose. The colours he uses, the typography, his music – it’s like he’s just made out of awesome.

----- Thomas 30.11.09 07:08

Awesome, thanks for sharing the process. I love his work, very inspirational.

----- clint 30.11.09 07:10

Although on the surface it seems Scott Hansen’s work is making response to the cultural freshness and optimism of the 1950s with colour schemes of the 1970s, a real look into his art produces a lot more depth.

Despite it’s quite clean graphical style the personal, very natural touch that is evoked through his printing techniques, use of textures and grain, and his presentation makes the work highly approachable and something I keep coming back to.

The work constantly has me asking ‘how did he do that?’ and ‘can I do that?’. I guess that’s what really inspires me about it…

----- Archie Bagnall 30.11.09 07:10

I find the colors and fluid motion within these prints inspiring. I hope to hang one in my living room to share with all who enter my home.

----- Sarah 30.11.09 07:15

I love the hard-worked simplicity involved in the artwork and designs Scott creates. I think that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) should honour Scott by creating the ‘ISO 50’ family of standards for STYLE and give him the first accreditation.

----- Euan 30.11.09 07:16

The attention to detail, the subjects, the layers, the chromatic tones of his visual work always takes me to that place in time where I thought I’ll never be again. It’s like a physical experience that somehow reaches my spirit.

----- Menitra 30.11.09 07:16

It’s all about the color palette! His color use rocks!

----- Joe Clay 30.11.09 07:21

I have really enjoyed reading/viewing/being inspired by/craving your blog almost everyday for the past year since I found it. I love, love, love your style and one day I plan on traveling to the west coast to meet you. By the way think about doing a Tycho show in Philadelphia, PA - cuz I’ll definitely be there.

----- Ben Bond 30.11.09 07:29

I have admired Scott’s work since I was a design student. I frequent the ISO50 blog as it is always a source of inspiration for me. The attention to detail in Scott’s design work is extremely appealing and well done. I admire his dedication to 2 very time consuming art forms, music and design, perhaps this is the secret ingredient to such brilliant work.

----- Paul R. 30.11.09 07:36

Scott Hansen’s work is like dreaming about a 1970’s Sunkist commercial, where beautiful, water-gleaming women pop up out of the ocean, a surfer is running a pipeline, and friends are backlit by the setting sun as they toast with their beverage of choice. It’s layering of texture and distressing, with a washed-out color scheme, perfectly balances retro design with something just barely tangibly West Coast. His design and illustration (and haunting music) make me sick to my stomach like eating too much hot sauce—you just can’t stop yourself from going back for more!

----- Will Hobbs 30.11.09 07:39

Clean and simple design with nice textures and oldschool feeling.. that is what I like.


----- Steinar 30.11.09 08:01

I’ve been a huge fan of all of Scott Hansen’s since 2005 when I first heard (Tycho) on the northkingdom.com. The track blew me away, so I followed the link to his site.

His work’s vintage look, warm yet sometimes desolate feeling color palates, and unbelievable use of photographic elements in design makes everything ISO50 puts out a masterpiece… do I sound like a fanboy yet?

Great work.

----- Lyle 30.11.09 08:02

Scott is cool.

----- Jonathan 30.11.09 08:09

Scott has been my main inspiration for the past 4 years when it comes to design.

----- Kyle 30.11.09 08:16

I love ISO50’s textures of his prints. Each is unique and is tremendously inspiring.

----- Ryan Merrill 30.11.09 08:33

Last week I discovered your Blog!!! I am still exploring… how exiting love the music with the art..

----- george van der walt 30.11.09 08:36

I met Scott at a Tycho show in Austin a few years back and was really struck by his humility. The guy is a bonafied prodigy of every medium in the art world, has inspired countless people (including myself) to artistic pursuits, yet he carries himself selflessly and is always willing to teach his technique to those who desire to learn. He’s as progressive as progressive gets, and a true pioneer of the modern DIY.

----- Dave Hampton 30.11.09 08:53

I love scott’s work because he pushes boundaries and is his aesthetic is constantly changing. I first heard about him through his music but it’s hard not to get wrapped up in his design too because it is so beautiful. I’d love to win this :)

----- elena 30.11.09 08:59

The texture of Scott’s sound is captured in his visual productions. Classic, cool, smooth, warm and mature. Whether watching or listening it feels as if i’m being transported into his worlds.

----- Matt Xavier 30.11.09 09:06

Haha, this is amazing. Notcot x Scott Hansen. When I first started college 3 years ago I stumbled on Scott Hansen’s work. I was amazed at all the cool things he was doing in Photoshop at the time and tried so hard to figure out how he did it. I read tutorials, and spent nights emulating his designs in an attempt to figure it out. I thought I was a Photoshop master, but Hansen humbled me. Honesty got in the way eventually and I developed my own aesthetic, but I continue to admire his designs even as I gear up to graduation. His music is pretty good too. It’d be rad to own that prize pack.

----- Gershon 30.11.09 09:12

Scott Hansen’s work has been so inspiring for me since the first time I laid my eyes on them. His work is so good that it takes my stress from my own work away whenever I look at his portfolio for inspiration, and that is exactly what happens when I view his work, I get inspired. Being a musician and a designer myself, I couldn’t help but put Scott on the list of people that have made it and I should aspire to be like them. I only wish that one day I could be as good of a designer and musician as Scott is, and inspire others the way he has inspired me throughout my career.

----- Klark Relleve 30.11.09 09:20

What’s NOT inspiring about scotts work is what I want to know. I’ve been a Tycho fan for some time now and his ambient style almost makes me wish he spent more time mixing than designing. However his great, sparse style usually causes me to redact that statement. You can tell his work+music are closely tied and that makes the experience all the better!

----- Ryan Schroeder 30.11.09 09:51

Scott is multi-faceted. His depth of knowledge in the areas of design, music, photography, production, and technology is astounding. He also handles all of his work, regardless of medium, with such care and finesse. But what really gets my goat is his ability to convey all of this expertise through well-articulated blog posts. If that’s not enough to inspire you, then you might just be un-inspirable.

----- Allison 30.11.09 10:05

Oh my god… all I want to do is touch/feel the paper and look at the prints up close! I grew up with traditional Japanese print making around me so I can’t quite get behind today’s shiny digital prints.

----- Karin 30.11.09 10:14

Scott’s work inspires the hell out of me. It reminds me of an analog time with influences that could not be achieved without digital influences. His work inspires me to become a Rockstar designer.


----- Brandon 30.11.09 10:15

Love all of Mr. Hansen’s output — his consistently impressive graphical and musical output (and openness about them) is a remarkable feat. Top-notch. Congratulations to whomever takes home this beautiful prize package!


----- Joseph Burke 30.11.09 10:20

Well, I think that everyone here now knows of Scott’s work and what it represents. The combinations of subtle colour variations is implicitly aesthetic, and wildly imaginative. But I think the name itself needs some recognition. It is so simple. Now with cheap but elaborate digital cameras, most people are connected to it. And I would say most of the people who are connected actually know what it means. ISO50. Film speed, right? A gauge of sensitivity, a gauge of patience and quietude. I think that is what first struck me. It is the embodiment of the ‘slow down’ attitude. The turtle above the hare. We are so absorbed by connection and speed and convenience that we often miss the subtleties that constantly surround us. We can only capture them by stepping back into reality, stepping away from the pace and back into ourselves. ISO50 film is slow, but fine. Enlarges well, incredible detail, but finicky. You need a steady hand and patient temper, otherwise you are likely to streak. However, when you get a good shot, when everything settles into its proper place. Perfection.
Yeah, I definitely Identify most with the name. Simple. Slow. Beautiful. Time is on your side.
Make good use of it.

----- Matt 30.11.09 10:32

I first hears Scott’s music as Tycho and upon looking for more tunes I came across his designs as ISO50. He’s become something of a role model for me since, haha. I’m always blown away by the colors and nostalgic mood of his designs.

----- Chris Stevens 30.11.09 10:37

Whether it’s through his artwork as ISO50 or music as Tycho, Scott’s work always inspires me to find elegance, balance and soul in my own creations, in my own manner. Living in SC, I haven’t had a chance to see him play live, but I constantly recommend his shows to scattered friends, and their reports always end with new fans. Also, the blog is a must-read.

----- jamie walker 30.11.09 10:40

I love the great emotional impact delivered from simple shapes and colors!

----- Joe Wasserman 30.11.09 10:48

WOW- great to see the process. I love Scott Hansen’s work because it inspires me to do better work with all media. I am awed by his color selection and the warmness of his designs. The music playlists have allowed me to discover some great new stuff, too. I am new to illustration, and I stumbled onto his blog via another site, I have been following his updates ever since. I’d love to have some of his work!

----- Shane 30.11.09 10:56

Personally what I love about ISO50’s work is just how wonderfully considered every step of the process is, and this dissection of the process only goes to emphasize that.

----- Andrew S. Parnell 30.11.09 11:05

I really live from ISO50 the kind of melancholyc feeling that he puts on everything… always with a perfect use of type and illustration.

----- Bernat 30.11.09 11:29

He’s so clean and quirky, and my bf would love to find that shirt under the tree!

----- Chiara 30.11.09 11:32

From a contemporary point of view, Scott’s work inspires people to be more thoughtful as designers while still having artistic freedom and originality. And even if you’re not a designer his work can still be appreciated as beautiful and sometimes ethereal. Personally his work just makes me feel good. I feel like his subjects are immortalized and he captures the beauty of things in his work.

----- Ramon 30.11.09 11:42

I am a new devotee to Scott’s work, and have been hooked ever since I first discovered his music several months ago. Beautiful in every way. Keep it up!!!

----- LGGoldenstar 30.11.09 11:53

What a thoughtful use of technology to produce art!

----- khg 30.11.09 12:20

To me, ISO50 is all about the subtle balance of natural textures and flawless type. It’s a balancing act, and ISO50 pulls it off every time.

----- Ben 30.11.09 12:22

Gorgeous colors. Seems like he picks the perfect ones every time out.

----- Steve 30.11.09 12:41

You have to look so hard to find as much humanity in an artist’s work as when viewing Scott Hansen’s stuff. One can always tell it was made by a man who knows what he is doing, even when he isn’t. Nobody needs to be convinced of how utterly great everything is and how much I love all the work I can find. Being part of the internet generation, I’ve looked through many, many artists from most corners on the web and I’ve yet to find something that I find more inspiring and just, well, good.

----- Mikael 30.11.09 13:07

I just wanted to say how you inspire me to do a better job. I started my blog almost exactly one year ago today. A few weeks ago I had an show of my favorite shots enlarged on canvas that I printed myself. I have an epson 9600 pro, which I am still figuring out how to use. I found your post extremely interesting because I can relate so much to it. Even though my process’ are very “amateur hour” compared to yours I learned a lot from your images and you make me strive to be a better photographer, designer, printer!

----- mike selsky 30.11.09 13:38

Scott’s work is so natural and brings such a warm feeling while being so neat and clean. Every new piece is hard to stop looking at.

----- Zach DeYoung 30.11.09 13:55

I love the colours and the balance in the images

----- Catherine 30.11.09 14:15

I love the fact that he incorporates all his design work with his music. In a few years I hope to do this myself to design the posters and cd covers for my music and selling that is my dream.

----- Jonnyo 30.11.09 14:31

i discovered scott’s iso50 about a year ago. i had been laid off a few months prior from my design position in a small branding firm in montreal. it was not the most pleasant working evironment, dark studio, no windows and a restriction on chatter amongst the employees. of course this was my first job out of design school, so i wondered ‘is this what a designer is?’

with my newly aquired free time as an unemployed graphic designer, i started taking in work as a freelance artist drawing prints and airbrushing commissioned canvases and goalie masks, thinking that this was much more rewarding than the dark design studio.

when i came across scott’s iso50 and was blown away… it was a refreshing to see that a passion for great design can lead to more than just brochures and glossy logos. it was a collection of affirmation that what i wanted out of being a designer is possible. thank you scott and keep the great work coming :)

----- Mat MacQuarrie 30.11.09 14:42

7  O  ’ s

----- mark b nine 30.11.09 15:00

Scott’s work is what happens when you look at the past with a fresh new outlook. Impeccable use of color and type. I’ve loved his stuff for a long time now!

----- Hadi 30.11.09 15:07

As one of a handful of designers in the great white north of Canada’s Yukon I often find myself looking south (its pretty much all south) for inspiration. I don’t recall exactly when I came across Scott’s work but I think what I find most striking about it is that in a world where computer compositions are so easy and yet so few stand out - he has totally found his voice. It is the right combination of everything that makes it what it is (it would be unfair to pick one element over another) - the colour palette, the subject, the textures and the composition that tie it all together into something unmistakably unique and beautiful.

His music project inspired me through its unique name - I love the way the word Tycho sounds bouncing out of my mouth so much that I gave the name to my baby boy when he was born last year!

----- Jon Gel 30.11.09 15:21


----- sara 30.11.09 15:42

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work for a while now. It’s been really great watching him progress as an artist and musician. What inspires me most is the amount of thought and effort he puts into everything he does. His work is very strong conceptually and full of detail. It also helps that he is very down to earth. I hope he continues to progress and inspire for many years to come.

----- Ryan C 30.11.09 15:53

His color palettes are always inspirational for me. He rocks the color world.

----- Tyler 30.11.09 15:59

Scott’s work as a whole has made me have second thoughts about being a business major and makes me regret not going to art school, There is still time. and when I do find it, I will have Scott to thank. Cheers.

----- Santiago Ramos 30.11.09 16:30

I like Scott’s careful use of dark colors for contrast.

----- Collin 30.11.09 18:21

Huzzah. Would love to add these to my ISO50 collection.

----- Michael Faber 30.11.09 19:13

Negative Space. That Simple.

----- aileen 30.11.09 19:15

ISO50 works always catch my eyes because they do not look like products. They have soul, they talk with you trought themes, textures and unexpected color schemes. When I’m at ISO50 website, I feel like I’m home.

----- Emanoel Melo 30.11.09 19:16

Scott’s work is what has inspired me to actually produce stuff. It’s been to easy to get distracted, discouraged, or fall back on comfortable design patterns. The past few weeks have been the most productive few weeks of the past few years because I was inspired by ISO50! (NOTCOT is pretty inspiring, too!)

----- J. Kyle 30.11.09 19:21

i love that every piece scott sharing a smidge of his soul. it’s stuff like this that keeps the rest of us inspired.

----- lindsay 30.11.09 19:37

Wow, love that poster. Great post for aspiring graphic / print design students (like me!)

----- Eric T. 30.11.09 19:44

Wow that’s a lot of comments.

Well honestly it comes down to passion and drive. Scott you are an inspiration to us all because you do what you love everyday. And staying true to that nature is what inspires the rest of us. Thank you for setting the example of good design and passion in a world of compromise. Thank you.

----- Michael Dusing 30.11.09 19:49

What I love about ISO50 art: The 70s color palette that characterizes all the work. Pwnage. The first time I visited the ISO50 blog, I was surprised to find that all of the graphics were original; I really thought some of the pictures were from the 70s. It’s those 70s colors, man! That’s your trademark, Scott.

----- Andy Champion 30.11.09 20:10

I’m constantly awed by Scott’s use of color, typography, and negative space. I refer to his work whenever I need inspiration or want to look at good design. His work is so original, and it’s wonderful to see someone so talented willing to share his work, process, and his inspirations on his blog. I am also very inspired by everything he posts on his blog about design and typography. most recently I was thrilled with the post on how TCHO Chocolates came up with their packaging design. To top it all off, his music is phenomenal.

----- Violet Tchalakov 30.11.09 20:42

I’m not really into design or any graphics related domain as I’m currently studying electrical engineering however, Tycho still inspires me greatly while doing my work. The atmosphere created around his work is simply amazing, making it the perfect musical companion during those long studying nights.

----- Maxime 30.11.09 21:16

In a world of new, flashy and shiny, Scott’s work feels down to earth to me. Though I love many design styles and disciplines, I find Scott’s work seems to ground me by reminding me of my childhood days. I think it’s because to me his style seems to blend retro artwork and imagery with modern sensibilities. I relate to his style because of its modern sensibility but the imagery is what takes me back.

----- Fabian Espinoza 30.11.09 21:21

It really is the attention to detail I find so attractive. There’s a good measure of nostalgia in the colors and shapes presented, and it is comforting. I especially like Ghostly International

----- Jessica D 30.11.09 21:25

Oh man! Their attention to detail always floors me. And I love that the studio space feels just as pristine and orderly. And suspending the tube inside another tube!? It makes me want to order something just to receive a package shipped with that much love…

----- Jessi 30.11.09 21:41

i love ISO50/scott’s work for its incorporation of texture, handmade elements, and vintage influence (while still looking modern). he uses beautiful color palettes and purposeful imperfections to give his work a human feel.

----- callie 30.11.09 22:06

I love the dreamy post-photographic blur buoying crisp, punctuated, yet organic composition. Great colors too.

----- Duncan Beevers 30.11.09 22:18

I’ve been following Scott’s work for at least 5 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how talented he is. From awesome vintage posters to crazy good laid back music. I visit the blog on a weekly basis and love hearing about new music as well as seeing new work. Definitely keep up the good work and good luck in school!

----- Sean 30.11.09 22:24

Scott is actually the reason I fell in love with design and also decided to study graphic design, no joke. His style has been an inspiration of mine for years and his processes are always a great read! Whomever wins the package, enjoy those magnificent pieces of work!

----- Forrest 30.11.09 22:56

I love the randomness of it all. It just makes me want to stare at some of his prints for hours.

----- joash dipert 30.11.09 23:49

Scott Hansen inspires with the fact that he is living my dream life! Talented designer, and musician (not to mention having one of the best blogs around). One of the things I love most about Scott’s style is the warmth that he manages to bring through in his design. My favourite piece would have to be his poster for Obama’s campgain, and I’m still bitter that it was such a limited release! His passion for art, whether it be design in all it’s different forms, photography, music or anything else is an inspiration for me, and something that I continue to draw from.

----- Tom Mraz 30.11.09 23:58

I love his distinguished style of retro modernism.

----- william 01.12.09 04:08

I was named after a ghost…

----- Casper 01.12.09 04:56

I actually really like the shipping tube nearly as much as the prints….

----- Patrick 01.12.09 05:19

Scott Hansen is the most complete artist I can think of; his work has such an innate sense of balance, that the piece speaks to you beyond perception. Textured yet elegant design, saturated yet select color, minimalistic yet calculated artistry — these are just a few dualities that Scott navigates with the grace of a Zen master.

How strong is Scott’s work? Well, I’m a filmmaker with yet I visit ISO50’s blog everyday to be inspired by the artistic mastery and wholeness of his design.

----- Roethke 01.12.09 05:54

Why should i always win ?

----- Pierre 01.12.09 06:59

He does what he loves and he’s great at it. That’s what’s inspiring. It encourages us all to pinpoint what we love and do it, do it, do it.


----- Natalie Marion 01.12.09 08:03

Solid, inspiring work on so many levels. Love your use of textures and colors and powerful, yet understated illustrations.

----- Gary 01.12.09 09:33

I admire Scott’s ability to combine art, music and commerce and do it so well and so elegantly. They never taught us how to make a living as an artist when I was at school so it’s nice to see someone be true to their aesthetic and do just that. Thanks for sharing. Your attention to detail is inspired and much appreciated.

----- Gerard K. 01.12.09 09:50

I like how ISO50 generally uses simple fonts. he doesn’t rely on photoshop tricks to embellish the font, he lets it speak for itself.

----- Rick 01.12.09 10:04

love the blog name, not sure if it has any relationship with scott’s style but i love the softness and how he re-renders photographs

----- chrisj 01.12.09 10:26

I am particularly impressed with his palette - it’s hard to make decent art with just a few colors, and scott does it well. that dreamy beach-side-in-the-evening-time kind of feeling comes across very strong even though he’s using just a few shades. quite a talent!

thanks, notcot.

----- whiskeypony 01.12.09 11:14

i’ve never come across something that scott designed that i didn’t like.
his designs are complex and thoughtful; his layouts clean, yet bold.
i love his color and font choices and the placement of text in his designs.
you never just gloss over something he created. i find myself trying to pick apart every detail all the while asking myself how he did that. he’s huge inspiration for a young designer like me. keep up the great work!

----- JON 01.12.09 11:15

This is an amazing collection to own! I am so inspired by artists who are passionate about sharing their ideas with the world. ISO50 does this so effectively. The Ghostly International Poster’s pattern has become one of my favorites. ISO50’s collection consists of only dull colors; however, they are able to take something so bland and turn it into something so creative.

Thanks for posting this, NOTCOT!


----- Kelly pan 01.12.09 11:35

I love the color use of mixing the warm earth tones with cool shades of green and blu. Most of all the album poster is just awesome. To keep the lighting glare is just genius.

----- Mark 01.12.09 12:34

I love the moody colors.

----- Lori 01.12.09 13:25

When I first saw Scott’s work, it was the subtle effect of layering so many textures and yet still maintaining a simple feel to the composition that made me love it. And then I found out he also made incredible music. And then I passed out from the awesomeness of it.

----- Brad 01.12.09 14:06

Love his stuff. Hope to win the giveaway.

----- Barkley 01.12.09 14:16

The simple elegance is fantastic!

----- gilberto 01.12.09 15:14

I’ve been looking now and then at his site but what thrills me about Scott is the way he plays in the retro themes while still adding a personal touch that brings it apart from the (many) visual reinterpretations of retro. His palette of muted colors helps display his great sense of minimalism and composition.
And on a less technical note, I think the passion that permeates throughout his writings and works is nothing less than contagious. He’s a great example (I think) of what comes out of doing steady work AND loving doing it! Go SCOTT YEAH!

----- Gabriel 01.12.09 15:47

Love the hand crafted quality of the work. Excellent documentation of the process behind the work. I love it.

----- Kyle Iman 01.12.09 15:53

I think what makes this work that special is the contrasts. The mix of simple geometric elements with others that are complex and organic. The mix of the texture, that gives it physicality and the colors, that give it an oniric tone. The natural and the artificial. The figurative, the iconic and the abstract. The physical and the imaginary. And avobe all, the amazing atention to detail in the integration of all this elements.

----- Juan B 01.12.09 16:02

Great glittering gobs of ghostly Giclée goo, ISO50’s work is just plain gorgeous. Good Going, Scott.

----- Christian 01.12.09 17:07

Honestly, it would be clean design and good quality. As simple as it is, sometimes good looks like these are hard find; no corners being cut and things just look fantastic.

----- Christine 01.12.09 17:47

In a word: Colour. To be more specific, all the blues I could hope for.

----- Raztus 01.12.09 18:59

I’ve always loved the colourS and shapes he has used.

----- Ian M. 01.12.09 19:19

Upon browsing products on the site, I was thrilled to find superbly well done pieces that were very inspiring. The negative space in a lot of the work was brilliantly used in such pieces as ‘Analog Visions’, ‘Coastal Brake’, ‘Knitting Factory’, and especially the ‘Past Is Prologue’ poster. The genre of art is VERY suitable to my liking and similar to what I like to use when doing my own work.

One of the best features of ISO50’s work is definitely QUALITY. I am astounded by the abundance of detail and care put into these hand crafted prints. The idea that Scott is so thoughtful of what his fans are getting when purchasing these pieces is something I admire. When someone cares about the end product as much as that, or rather, prides themselves in what they’re producing to that extent, it makes one feel like they’re really receiving something truly special.

Regardless of winning this contest or not, ISO50 has a new fan.

----- Trae Hauser 01.12.09 19:36

I’m in love with that Epson and the Pacman-esqe Ghosts..

----- MarkJason 01.12.09 19:37

Scott’s work has always been a creative blend between retro and cutting-edge. His colors are always spot-on, he certainly has a knack for choosing the perfect color contrasts. Looking at his work and listening to his music gives me a nostalgic, relaxed feeling and really puts me at ease. They put me in a place of bliss and anxiety-free living. I make it a daily habit to take a break from life and drift away with the aid of Scott’s work. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

----- Brad 01.12.09 19:48

The accuracy and attention to detail could keep me staring for hours. Very cool work.

----- Brian Peter 01.12.09 20:32

I love the strong organised compositions as well as the color and texture usage which ends up as a timeless piece. The work looks like it could be made 30 years ago just as easily as it looks like it could be made 30 years from now.

----- Scott Lowe 01.12.09 20:39

I love the colors and the silhouette’s are very edgy. I also enjoy the use of simple designs but with an element of complexity like the repetition on the Ghostly International design, which would look lovely in my studio I believe… I’m interested in delving into his music….

----- Terrie 01.12.09 21:37

Scott Hanson taught me how to be a fastidious designer.

----- Josué Blanco 01.12.09 22:25

I love the color and the saturation, it’s so different and unique. j’adore!

----- christine 01.12.09 23:36

Scott was actually one of the designers together with Jared of J3concepts that inspired me to start working on my skills with Illustrator. It was his earlier work that inspired me back then. It’s his color use in combination with textures that got my attention. He once explained that the colors represents his moods I believe? It made me realize that he makes his artpiece personal, and that is something I learned from him. That is why I look up to him and love all of his pieces, it’s not just a digital image, its his way of sharing something thats connected to him.

----- Meikei 02.12.09 00:16

Modern beauty… everyday. I am also a fan of the Giclee print…

----- Kat 02.12.09 02:27

His style is so fantastic implemented and recognizable on all platforms. It all has his ultimate fingerprint.

That takes a great artist.

Thank you

----- Christian 02.12.09 02:45

Scott’s brilliant usage of color, type, symbols and treatment has inspired me to look into this very interesting and emotive design style; its a wonderful change to look at them from those typically styled corporate templates we end up designing on our jobs everyday. His work as a designer and musician is soulful and stirs a thousand emotions. The first time I picked up his album ‘Past is Prologue’ it transformed my listening tastes and to my surprise also of the one’s around me. Looking forward to more from Scott :)

----- Lionel Lobo 02.12.09 02:50

Definitely the thing that inspires me the most when reading Scott’s blog and looking at his work is the way in which everything has such care and detail put into it. He produces, prints and sells his designs himself out of his studio, while also producing his own music, cover art and providing informative, inspiring posts for our benefit. As I have mentioned and as can be seen above in other messages, a huge inspiration for aspiring & established graphic designers alike.

----- Ben de Silva 02.12.09 03:40

Seeing how these prints are made and packaged inspires me to bring that level of detail to my own work.

----- Mike D 02.12.09 04:49

I like how his work is super clean, and still manages to have feeling.

----- Jemu 02.12.09 05:50

Inspiring works, what appeals to me most is Scott’s wish to add a human touch to the his works, from developing to shipping - great effort and care that I do appreciate.

----- Vinh 02.12.09 05:54

It’s not only the amazing colors, designs, ideas, quality, the retro wash-out. Not only the fantastic places Scott’s work takes you to. Not just the effort. It’s that they are alive. They are alive worlds waiting. They can make you moody, they can make you feel nostalgic, they can make you dance, they can make you feel happy, remember or forget about things, be inspired. Even someone who has no clue about design. And the quality, ah the quality is leaking. They can affect someone. And that’s an achievement when you think they are prints standing still. The moving comes from a deep, soulful touch they have got from their creator. And how amazing is that you get to know such secret parts of someone’s heart and soul (Scott’s in this case). You may not know the designer but you have a piece of them hanging on your wall probably, talking to you everyday. I call ISO50 generally a quality masterpiece. Perfection has no heels.

----- Helena Koursou 02.12.09 06:10

the color palette is very lovely and I appreciate the whimsy and refined elegant humor

----- amelia winger 02.12.09 06:19

ISO50 has the ability to project longevity, but with a mortal like human characteristic. Kinda of makes you feel like your seeing the future, but it hasn’t happened yet.

----- mike martin 02.12.09 06:39

I love Scott’s work because he incorporates such incredible use of texture! Each one of his pieces, at its core, has a vivid textures which is the back bone of the image. Love it!

----- Nathan G 02.12.09 06:46

the circles, the colors, and the music.

oh and the incredible amount of attention he puts into perfecting every detail of his designs.

----- Patrick 02.12.09 06:50

There’s nothing about it that doesn’t inspire me.

----- Kyle 02.12.09 07:40

What I love about ISO50’s work: The care to detail and the power of creating something spectacular out of simplicity

----- Tracy 02.12.09 07:44

I love Scott’s work, I have several shirts and posters from ISO50. I think what I love most about his design is that he’s able to bring that vintage look to his designs which make them instant classics.

----- Bill 02.12.09 08:02

nice stuff.

----- Vesna 02.12.09 08:12

It’s fun and makes me smile.

----- Melanie 02.12.09 08:36

I’m a huge fan of Scott’s work simply because everything fits together so well. The music, the videos, the artwork, the photography - everything fits a distinct style and immediately seems like it could be from a couple decades ago.

His blog is always the first one I look at everyday, and the only one I really consider myself addicted to. I’ve been turned on to so much great new music thanks to his blog. There really is not a cooler blog out there!

----- Michael G. 02.12.09 08:48

what i love most about scott’s works are the nice textures he uses that gives depth to his minimalist design, as well as the color schemes that somehow very unified in each of his artworks!

----- Aldeo Plato 02.12.09 08:50

I think his style is really luscious and tactile - I’d love to have it in my hands and take a closer look. I love how all the work has a great mood and feeling about, it’s all very pleasing to the eye. Well mine anyway :)

----- Meadhbh 02.12.09 09:17

Attention to detail and composition.

----- Bjarki Atlason 02.12.09 09:35

I love the diversity to his work, but what most inspires me about his art, is his strong connection with music. I have always felt a there is a large relationship between music and art, and its great that he see’s it too…

oh and we have the same name…

scott’s wooot wooot :)


----- ScottyO 02.12.09 09:51

Simply inspired by the fact that he is doing what inspires him in making posters and sublime images. Also his attention to detail does make everything special.

----- Austin 02.12.09 10:13

His color palette and the haziness of his work always gives me a sort of summery feel which I absolutely love.

----- Robert 02.12.09 10:14

This has renewed my interest in large format printing…time to invest in an Epson 9900. Scott’s work has changed, but remains the same style - keep it up.

----- Delon 02.12.09 10:19

Scot’s artistic style is very unique. I’ve never seen a person more into the detail and process of his work. His findings around the web inspire my graphic work at personal and work level. He’s a great example of a true artist.

----- Vlad Gorshkov 02.12.09 10:29

The first time I heard a Tycho track, I felt changed afterward, in the most positive way, and ISO50 art captures that feeling for me like moments caught in memory. Regardless of what the work sounds or looks like, it seems to answer the question, “Where are we going now?”… and I’m ready.

----- Sara Reid 02.12.09 11:19

I’m pretty new to Scott’s work and got interested in his musical project first and then discovered the visual side of things. His work is a mix-genre of the influences of both sides. There’s something so connected to his Tycho ‘aka’ in his prints and t-shirts yet the music fits with the visuals he’s created and has an element that is more than just sound. So the bugger has overlaps that means you have to mention all the elements each time you speak just of one side. The video to Dictaphone’s Lament says enough, you can’t close your eyes and when looking at his ISO50 work you can’t put your hands over your ears! What inspires is this openness and listening he has to all the parts, it’s something I’d love to have…

----- Bryn 02.12.09 11:31

What i love about the guys over at iso50?

I seriously do not know where to begin, they
have inspired me a lot in my work, the way of
doing things, the minimalism in the art they produce.
Not to mention that Tycho is something that has been
played in very very special moments in my life, that
i will never forget!

ISO 50 is almost amazing!

----- Alexander Blacker 02.12.09 11:42

Been a fan for a long time!

----- Lucas 02.12.09 11:43

I love the colors used by ISO50’s work. Reminds me of photography at night in summer. It’s a nice feeling, especially now that winter is starting to approach Minneapolis.

----- Kelsey Can 02.12.09 11:47

Simple + Elegant = ISO50 = Gorgeous

----- Steven 02.12.09 12:17

I simply love natural colors of ISO50’s arts and of course how everything goes together. Cheers from Prague (Central E.U.)

----- Jan Vyvadil 02.12.09 13:11

I’m always surprised and inspired when simplicity is mastered to create beautiful, thought provoking imagery like iso50’s work.

----- Josh Lyon 02.12.09 14:21

Being something of a gamer geek, and just a geek in general, I am certainly attracted to the Pac Man-esque nature of the poster.

----- Tom 02.12.09 15:51

Composition, texture, style.

----- miriam 02.12.09 16:05

I’m always impressed with his sense of colour. There’s a very particular palette that he uses and I can usually spot the difference between his work and the work of imitators simply by looking at the colours.

----- Spencer Wilton 02.12.09 17:18

My favorite thing about ISO50 is how simple and inspiring Scott’s work is. He references the past frequently with his work and is often inspired by Scandinavian and European art. He’s a true postmodern artist!

----- Meg 02.12.09 17:25

I really like ISO50 artwork and own a few posters already because I’m so drawn to the dreamy yet clean, graphic nature of them. I’d love to give some of the items to my brother as a holiday gift if I won.

----- Kalli 02.12.09 17:39

i love that the process is frame-worthy.

----- asha 02.12.09 18:41

I’ve been a fan of Scott Hansen’s work since before I knew what graphic design was. Before I knew that I wanted to be a designer I’d see his work here and there and always think there was something very unique about his color palate and composition. One of my favorite things about his work is that it’s not treated to look digital, or handmade, or whatever, it just looks like good design, which is something that I aspire to do with my own work; not make the means by which it was created determine the aesthetic, which is something Scott Hansen is great at. Thank you Scott for being an inspiration and for helping me follow my passion for design.

----- Nate Moore 02.12.09 18:58

I really like how he thought the printing process out and made the decision to bring it inhouse to achieve the look he wanted, without settling for average.


I absolutely love the color palette and am a HUGE fan of Ghostly Internation, so its a great combination!

----- John G 02.12.09 20:25

I love the beauty in the deceptive simplicity of Scott’s designs. Bravo.

----- Jon 02.12.09 20:37

I love the beauty in the deceptive simplicity of Scott’s designs. Bravo.

----- Jon 02.12.09 20:44

Designs based on geometry are often cold and sterile. This is probably due to laziness, lack of imagination, or both. Scott Hansen injects life into his geometric work with splashes of color and hints at an organic form.

----- Rayhan Hasan 02.12.09 23:27

Long time fan of Scott’s work, both audio and visual! Something I’ve most admired about Scott’s work is how he so elegantly brings seemingly non-digital aspects to a predominately digital process. That flawless fusion coupled with bold use of negative space in many of my favourite pieces by him earns nothing but admiration.

Although I know (technically) considerably less about the audio production side to his work, I feel they reflect each other. Breaking up the stark and clinical ‘digital’ with haunting and nostalgic samples of real-world ambience.

I’m obsessed with quality, be it in print & finishing or screen - constantly fascinated with technological advances to further improve image quality. Although not being able to afford it, I’ll happily daydream about RGB-LED monitors or printers such as Scott’s new 9900. And those printers really are something! So I think this has been a great move on Scott’s part to do his fantastic posters justice in bringing them in to the physical world.

----- Ralph Manning 03.12.09 03:54

Man, all I have to say is I agree with all these people above me :)

----- Ian 03.12.09 05:13

I love that he embosses them! what a great little touch.

----- Matt 03.12.09 06:09

The order and seriousness of the art - did I mention I have 4 kids? Order and focused attention to detail appear to me as unattainable luxuries.

----- Ray Saunders 03.12.09 06:14

I love his white gloves….no seriously notcot thanks for showing us his wonderful work.

----- Chloe Pagan 03.12.09 06:37

The woman’s sex is on fire!

----- chloe 03.12.09 06:43


Thank you Scott!

----- Sonia 03.12.09 08:26

Gorgeous paper choice for that print. I’d love to have it.

----- Jason 03.12.09 08:28

I could eat those posters for breakfast.

----- Jivraj 03.12.09 10:23

As a graphic design student, I am greatly inspired by his philosophy to combine traditional media like watercolour, with beatifully sharp digital media.

----- Kevin 03.12.09 11:50

I’ve always thought Scots art was calming in its vague space-age-retro-ness and the music is the same way.

----- Matt 03.12.09 12:21

To see an artist doing graphic design for supplemental income, and taking it a step further by remaining true to his personal aesthetic and not giving in to what’s trendy and what will sell is quite inspirational. Scott has a style that is both contemporary and self-aware. The combination of those two qualities is what i feel good art should strive for regardless of media.

----- Justin 03.12.09 13:02

Is it nostalgia? Tycho’s music wobbles with memories that might be my own. Or just the artist’s but presented with the right measure of obscurity and vivid color. His work—whether visual or aural— is at once meticulous and hazy, evocative.

----- Ben Anthony 03.12.09 13:52

I freaking love his color choices. I dunno even where to find those colors.

----- Micah 03.12.09 15:14

His work makes me feel partly cloudy with an 80% chance of rain. Don’t you just want to sleep in?

----- Shawn 03.12.09 15:57

Just wonderful! I love it!

----- Laura 03.12.09 16:13

Who doesn’t love work that’s well branded with a strong color pallet. There’s obvious a strong sense of design as well as an overwhelming use of texture and technique. Its visually stimulating without being cluttered or chaotic. I appreciate this style of design very much ^_^

----- Jenikah 03.12.09 16:55

I love the stamp of the poster and the box for delivery.
Not Schöller paper ; it is ISO50 paper
Not Artbag ; ISO50 box for my sketches

----- ITIR AVCI 03.12.09 18:08

The use of color in his prints is always fantastic and serves as inspiration for me.

----- Lukas 04.12.09 08:36

Sometimes people need a new way to look at things.
Most of the time people are to busy with everyday issues.
ISO50’s Obama poster influenced me to create works of my own.
I even had the chance to be up close at his Inauguration.
My love for photography and art has affected my everyday life.
And I don’t know if I could think and perceive images like I do without being influenced by Scott Hasen

----- Angela Conners 04.12.09 11:01

Scott is a pioneer in the art of gig posters. I’ve always loved his simple concepts. Also his minimalize composition reminds me much of the Swiss style, He pulls back a lot of his iconic images balancing it with bold colors.

----- Erwin John Labra 04.12.09 11:01

The attention to texture. Just beautiful.

----- Vanessa 04.12.09 18:12

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