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Holiday Feature! Bittersweets NY + Giveaway- 11.30.09

twigmain.jpg Happy Cyber Monday! I’m so excited to share this holiday feature with you! Our friends at Bittersweets NY have sent us an incredible look inside their studio, sharing not only a peek at their space, but also the making of their latest diamond rings inspired by nature - resembling twigs holding the diamond! From sketches to final product, it’s fascinating to see how it comes to be. AND, on top of that, they have been generous enough to offer one of their 14K Gold Diamond Twig Bands for a giveaway as well! See the story on the next page as well as details on the giveaway!


Feature & Images by Robin Adams + Caroline Freedman


The Bittersweets Twig rings were inspired by two things: Gavin & Katie and Spring.
One day I got an email with this drawing attached and the explanation that Gavin had proposed to his lovely girlfriend. I loved the colors and the delicate feel to the design. It was a challenge though, due to a huge hand-cut diamond, passed down through his family. How to make sure this beautiful stone was secure!


After many failed attempts, and as many months had passed, I noticed the tiniest, neon sprigs, grazing the chain link fence on my way home. They seemed only days, even hours old and I wondered if their delicate features would be preserved by the casting process. I plucked one branch for him and one for her. Working on this project, I realized how connected marriage and spring are. They both represent a new beginning, and yet are part of a cycle.


The first step to recreating spring in the Bittersweets studio is making the raw castings: BSNY_NC_11.jpg

Then it’s time to play with fire … soldering the first joint: BSNY_NC_03.jpg

Before it’s ready for a finger, I need to make it the right size on the ring mandrel: BSNY_NC_02.jpg

Then I cut a bit of tubing to make the setting: BSNY_NC_08.jpg

When human hands aren’t enough … my “robot hands” hold everything together: BSNY_NC_09.jpg

The stone needs to be secured in the delicate sprigs, so measuring is important. Almost done! BSNY_NC_04.jpg

Finished! therings.jpg



While we can’t quite give away the wedding rings ~ Bittersweets NY has been generous enough to offer us one 14K Gold Twig Band with a Diamond in the center! So, for a chance to win, please leave a comment telling us what this golden twig would symbolize in your life! A winner will be picked on December 7th, 2009.

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863 Notes

I would love to wear Bittersweet’s Golden Twig ring in place of my wedding ring because I lost my original ring. :( I had lost weight and my ring didn’t quite fit, so it was loose and must have gotten lost somewhere. I have been going sans ring, but have been looking to get a new one. My hubby doesn’t mind that I don’t wear one, but I would really like to wear this symbol of our love. I’d try not to lose this one! Haha!

----- ann 30.11.09 10:54

It’s trite to say it would symbolize Spring, isn’t it? Still, the combination of a budding branch and the circular shape really lends itself to an image of renewal. Throw in the “forever” connotations of the diamond and it’s a powerful symbol of perpetuity and new beginnings.

----- Hels 30.11.09 10:56

The gold twig would represent for me where I grew up. I’ve spent years away, first in Florida and now out in California, and neither of these new places have the same sort of trees we had in Connecticut. The foliage in the fall was incomparably beautiful. Our backyard led into the woods where a pond would attract raccoons, deer, a whole variety of birds and other animals that you simply don’t see out here. I love my life out on the west coast but there will always be things about the northeast and the woods that I miss.

----- Jessie 30.11.09 10:57

Very nice! I’m sure my wonderful girl would love to have one of these beautiful rings.

----- Lyle 30.11.09 10:58

a golden twig ring would symbolize stabilization to me. i feel like this would be something i can look at and think of my finally being able to root myself, focus on my goals and push forward. the past year and some months have been a jumble of mixed ideas and feelings of confusion. its been tough trying to figure out the right direction for my life. something about tree’s and roots and leaves and branches give me a sense of focus and stability. and in a time of no focus and stability, its a beautiful feeling to have.

----- dalia 30.11.09 10:58

Jean, if you want to give me that ring, I would wear it as a symbol of new beginnings— and what a great time of year to have that kind of symbol!

----- Leona 30.11.09 10:58

Beautiful work! This ring would symbolize how I’ve grown in the past couple years. I graduated from college, and now I’ve got my future in a headlock.

----- Caitlin 30.11.09 11:00

This ring would symbolize the growth in our relationship, like a tree…twigs, branches and leaves are always sprouting up. Changing and growing are part of a tree’s life as well as any relationship.

Thanks for the chance!

----- Lindsey 30.11.09 11:02

The twig ring will show that am thinking of my mom who passed in March.

----- Penny Powell 30.11.09 11:03

What an awesome contest! Oh, geesh - I’d love a ring like this, but think if I won it I’d actually give it to my Mom - as a symbol of appreciation for the nuturing she’s given us 3 kids all these years.

----- Aprille 30.11.09 11:04

I would give this ring to my best friend of 8 years, to me it would symbolize our growing friendship. We’ve been inseparable friends for 8 years, and the ring would symbolize our friendship growing, maybe one day our friendship will be a tree :)

----- James 30.11.09 11:06

This ring would symbolize me finally owning a diamond ring. I’m a poor post-college intern and a little bit of flash might get me a real job.

----- Anna 30.11.09 11:19


The golden twig would symbolize new growth for this coming year. I just finished (seriously, like an hour ago) grad school, moving to our new home and am getting married next year! so many scary and exciting things coming up and I can already feel the change within me.

----- amanda 30.11.09 11:21

I’d wear this ring to symbolize personal growth. I’ve changed a lot in the past year, and I’ve realized what’s important in my life (the people I love) and what’s not (traditional identity markers - my job, my GPA, etc). I’d like to wear this ring for them.

----- Betsy Collins 30.11.09 11:22

I recently got married - on Halloween! We bought a black ceramic wedding ring for him, which he loves and dutifully wears. But for me.. well.. we bough 3 different wedding bands (online) all which I tried on and didn’t connect with. We ended up doing the “exchanging of the rings” with my engagement ring, which I’m still wearing in lieu of a wedding band.

I would LOVE to have this ring as my wedding ring - it reminds me of the first piece of jewelry my hubby gave to me: a necklace by Faryn Davis/Fernworks. What better for a wedding ring for a nature and technology dork than a delicate curling, but strong twig to symbolize new beginings, growth and eternity.

----- June 30.11.09 11:24

its amazing how peeking in on the creative process makes any piece of art that much more special. thank you so much for sharing - really beautiful pieces of art! I think the care that went into this ring’s creation along with the natural essence of the twig would be a constant reminder of my place as a part of something much larger than myself on this earth and the worlds endless beauty and inspiration.

----- kristy 30.11.09 11:30

These have to be the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. The gold twig ring reminds me of fall, actually, not spring, but that’s probably due to my preference to fall. I go to school in Savannah, GA, all year round but I grew up in a fairly rural part of Michigan. Autumn was always my favorite time of year when all the leaves started changing to the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. When they’d start falling off the trees, they left everything covered in the warm golden leaves. The small twigs would fall down too and I’d like to collect the twigs and think how best to arrange them in some sort of wreath or design, but my tiny hands were clumsy and always snapped them. Savannah, a beautiful historic city, does not have the pleasure to be graced by the golden autumns the North does, which is a point of sadness for me. My boyfriend just had to move home to New York this past fall and he sent me a photo of a tree in its full leaf changing glory, adding on a wish that I could be there too. I miss autumn, I miss home, and I miss him, and the gold twig ring would sum up all of that for me.

----- Christina S 30.11.09 11:32

Oooh-they are beautiful. For me, this ring would symbolize hope. It has been a tough year,but I don’t want to unload the details on you. When I look at your rings, they shine with new growth and promise.

Your workshop is beautiful too.

----- Nikki Dawn 30.11.09 11:34

I’m on a tight budget this holiday so I would give it to my best friend who has been with me through thick and thin and has gone through a lot of struggle and growth herself this past year. It would symbolize the strength and growth of our friendship. I really think she’d appreciate it and loves delicate pieces like Bittersweets. Thank you!

----- Carmen Chan 30.11.09 11:40

I’d love to wear this ring, I spent this past week end in Tuscany with my boyfriend and I said “I love you” to him for the first time in that incredible place, with trees and foliage all around… just magical.

----- Chiara 30.11.09 11:42

These rings remind me of being young, free and playful. I played outside a lot as a child climbing trees, hiding behind trees and more. =) This ring would always remind me of my inner child - young, free and playful. Thanks Jean & Bittersweet NY!

----- Kendra 30.11.09 11:52

it’d be the best way to finish this year! And I’ve never had a diamond!
wouldn’t it be special if someone from so far away won it?? (I’m from Chile)

----- Carola 30.11.09 11:56

I love the symbolism of the spring - recently I have been dealing with an emotional family situation and I determined this weekend that it is time for a fresh start. I have worn different rings throughout my life each having a distinct meaning. This one would be a reminder of spring, a fresh start in my life and a reminder to keep pushing forward.

----- Amy 30.11.09 11:57

While it may not be a very romanticized symbolism, the golden twig ring would symbolize all the struggles I’ve survived through and grown from this year. The most notable being falling off my bike, having to get two plates put in my arm, and the process of relearning how to use my arm that will be ongoing for quite some time.

----- Kim 30.11.09 12:08

This is a beautiful ring- I love that the crafting stands out even more than the sparkly gem!

----- khg 30.11.09 12:24

My wife’s finger + Twig diamond Ring = Holiday bliss in my home! FTW

----- Mikell Johnson 30.11.09 12:27

This golden twig would represent the real diamond engagement ring my boyfriend may never get me.

----- Mine 30.11.09 12:38

2009 has been a soul-crushing year for me, like it has for so many others. Getting married in June was, obviously, the high point, but both of us are weary and heartsick because it seems that just when things are in an upswing, we are knocked back down again. I love this ring because it reminds of the quote “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” from Albert Camus. The branch theme and diamond say to me that no winter lasts forever, that in the frozen ground lay seeds waiting to sprout at the first sign of warmth, that hope is never a lost cause. It seems trite, I’m sure, but to me faith in Spring gets me out of bed in the morning.

----- Nikki 30.11.09 12:38

a reminder that spring will indeed come again (even when it seems like winter will be endless)

----- Elizabeth 30.11.09 12:38

The twig ring would represent my longtime promise to the environment!

----- Sharon 30.11.09 12:39

This ring would symbolize strength, personal growth and the significance of new beginnings, echoing the many major changes that have been occurring and developing within my life over the past year and a half. It is simply beautiful and would make my breath catch every time I looked down at it on my hand. What a beauty!!

----- Marria 30.11.09 12:54

I would use the ring as my wedding band for my upcoming wedding in May. It has the same general shape as the eternal circle but also hills and valleys and even ‘diamonds in the rough’… much like life!

----- Adrianne 30.11.09 13:04

These are so amazingly gorgeous! The twig, to me, is the perfect representation of the simultaneous steadfastness and flexibility required in a long-term partnership, because young twigs bend and flex in the wind and weather, but they don’t break. Which is exactly how I want my brand-new marriage to be: bending, but unbroken, through life’s storms.

----- Elizabeth 30.11.09 13:09

I like seeing the process there. Neat!

I would love to win this gorgeous ring, because it would be a nice way to treat myself after a tough year. My boyfriend broke up with me because he fell in love with someone else, my car is about done for so I have to buy a new one, and my roommate of 4 years is moving out and I need to find a new one. So, lots of unexpected, unwanted change. The ring would be a nice, shiny, hopeful symbol of the year to come - which I think will be amazing.

----- Laura 30.11.09 13:16

I would love to win this ring! It is beautiful, simple, and classic. My engagement ring is kind of big and I think that this ring would suits as my wedding band. I work with special needs children, so many times I decide to not wear my rings around them, just to keep playdoh, peanut butter, or paint from getting on them (not to mention other things - lol). What I love about this ring is that it seems easy to clean, and wouldn’t get caught or snagged on anything. I would love, love, love to be able to have something to wear everyday and this ring would remind me everyday of the reason I love my husband.

----- Amanda Benton 30.11.09 13:19

Absolutely stunning. This ring symbolizes family to me. And it’s similar to a gift I received from my grandmother, with three small flower buds. Beautiful!!!

----- Nicole 30.11.09 13:32

This beautiful ring would remind me that it’s ok to splurge on myself every once in awhile, even on expensive jewelry!

----- Sheelah 30.11.09 14:00

beautiful! I absolutely love these rings. it would have to represent the budding new marriage adventure i’ll be embarking in with my lovely husband to be :)

----- lily 30.11.09 14:08

I am about to submit my thesis. This ring would symbolise the beginning of my professional life.

----- Catherine 30.11.09 14:09

The twig ring would symbolize, to me, new growth. When I was in high school, I went through the particularly awful experience of being sexually assulted by someone I thought I trusted. When that happened, my “tree” of life slowly died. I had nightmares almost nightly and my trust for others practically disappeared. I’ve been carrying around that burden for a very long time until someone special stepped into my life and showed me that I was a beautiful human being worth all the love in the world. I’ll never forget his love and support in a time where I needed it most. He planted that new life in me and made it possible for me to move past that great burden and start fresh. It’s impossible to explain how much of a weight has lifted off of my shoulders since I met him.

I’ve been looking for something (a ring, a necklace, even a tattoo) to accurately describe how beautiful my life has become since I began moving past that night. This may just be it.

Good luck, everyone. :) Beautiful stories.

----- Jasmine 30.11.09 14:12

It would symbolize growth…the constant changing, learning, developing and perspective that every human should cherish as time ticks by. It is what makes us human. It is what creates beauty. It is what creates the eyes needed to recognize the beauty that is all around, that is in the change. Could it get much better than that? Probably not :)

----- Casey 30.11.09 14:55

Beautiful ring. Interesting process as well. If this ring were in my possession, I would probably give it to my girlfriend. She represents to me what this ring does; all the natural beauty that the world has to offer. Christmas is coming up soon, and considering how I couldn’t afford something like this, it’d be a nice surprise.

----- Andrew 30.11.09 15:04

This would symbolize my new committment to bravery—which I think that twigs do every time they stretch toward the sun.

----- Abby 30.11.09 15:07

This ring would serve as my engagement ring and would symbolize growing up and growing into the best woman and wife I can be. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

----- Nicole B. 30.11.09 15:08

The branches remind me of building my family tree. Is that corny? Possibly, but it’s on my mind with two babies under 3! :)

----- jen 30.11.09 15:49

These rings are breathtaking. After seven years here, New York City feels like home, but I’d wear my twig band as reminder of my California roots and all the trees I left behind when I moved east to the city. I left one beautiful life for another, and I’d love to wear a gorgeous reminder of where I came from everyday.

----- Victoria 30.11.09 16:04

What perfect timing! My wife and I are expecting a little baby girl in February. I can’t think of a better symbol than a twig to represent the new life we are so anticipating. It is so petite, fresh, feminine, new, fragile, and with so much promise ahead of it…

I would love to see my wife wearing this ring, it’s beautiful.


----- Aaron 30.11.09 16:29

i would give this ring to my mother because shes been through a lot in life and it would represent that even though twigs snap into two pieces you can always make them into something new. just like life if life throws you lemons you make lemonade!!!

----- James 30.11.09 16:30

It would mean rebirth and growth through life and love!

----- MizMisty 30.11.09 16:30

my name (chloe) has the greek meaning of ‘little green shoot’ and is conected to the goddess of spring!

----- chloe 30.11.09 16:35

I always wear jewelry that is nature inspired, and I absolutely love these twig rings! The ring would, along with my coral necklace and clam-shell earrings, remind me of how important it is to stay connected to the earth.

----- Kendra N. 30.11.09 16:37

this ring would symbolize my living world. i was recently diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. i am working my way back to a healthy lifestyle and realize how important life and living really are. the branch would be a reminder to keep growing and wait for the blossoms to come every year.

----- pascalandweezie 30.11.09 16:41

The twig ring, for me, has a sort of Where The Wild Things Are feel to it - you know, being young, growing and learning, playing beneath the trees during the wild rumpus…sigh. It’s very romantic to me.

----- Kate M. 30.11.09 16:41

I would love to win this ring. It would symbolize that I can actually win stuff in my life and wear in proudly everyday. It’s just delicately beautiful.

----- Doran 30.11.09 16:42

This ring would symbolize the feeling of peace I feel for my family when we commune with nature.

----- Bob 30.11.09 16:45

I would like to think of a golden twig as reminiscent of the frailty and beauty of life. :)

----- rem 30.11.09 16:46

This delightful ring would symbolize my budding efforts to root my new landscaping/arborist business that I started here in Maine last spring. It would sure be a sight on my dirty, hard-working hands.

----- Meghan 30.11.09 16:46

The twig band would symbolize the incredible good fortune that I have had in my family this year! I am so grateful.

----- Christina 30.11.09 16:46

The apical meristem would symbolize directed growth and attention to detail that I face as a college senior. The unseen vascular system would symbolize the channeling of nutrients and interdependent symbiotic relationships of those around me. The crowning jewel would symbolize a flourishing and adventurous future after a lengthy, pressurized past.

----- Leigh 30.11.09 16:47

When I look at this ring, not only do I see the obvious beauty as well as the intricate detailing, but I see the immense amount of thought and love that went into the making. If I were to win this ring, I would give it to my mother because she has sacrificed so much for me and my three younger brothers. I cannot remember the last time she bought something for herself, or even spent any time on herself, so to give her a wonderful Channukah present such as this would mean a lot to her as well as to me.

----- Hannah 30.11.09 16:50

This ring would symbolize the hope of getting through the next year and a half of University.

----- Christina Ooi 30.11.09 16:51

For me this would symbolize my future, through personal growth and change. Lately I have been trying to figure out what the next step will be and this would symbolize my efforts to realize these changes. Being from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon), trees have been a prominent feature in my life since the time I was small.

----- Siri 30.11.09 16:54

This ring would symbolize my wife and my life together, and our love of the outdoors!

----- Curtis 30.11.09 16:54

I would love to wear this ring to remind myself to see beauty in everything and everyone around me- and to remind myself to be flexible with myself and others too!

----- Tabitha 30.11.09 16:55

My engagement ring!! This is the ring that will circle my finger and symbolize my commitment!!

It has a rustic simplicity, and its less pristine than the average engagement ring. It is like a sculpture and it almost looks like a bone instead of a vine.

I love love love love love love love it! for its complexity. its abnormalities. its defiance. yet its disarming simplicity…

pick me. or i will pick you!!!!

----- Carla 30.11.09 16:57

This ring would be a perfect symbol of my finally becoming comfortable with who I am.

----- eve 30.11.09 16:57

Easy. This would adorn the finger of my soon to be fiancée. Shhhh, don’t tell her, it is a surprise. But be aware that her beauty would overshadow your ring (but only just!). Lovely work.

----- Dave 30.11.09 17:02

For me, it would represent my hopes to start a new life and attend grad school next Fall!

----- Xue 30.11.09 17:07

As a woman, an artist, and an optimist, a ring in general symbolizes so many things, from dedication to infinity. The beauty of these rings fits perfectly with my aesthetics and I love the juxtaposition of natural materials being man made/cut/molded to create additional natural forms. They’re pretty, they’re meaningful, and fun. I would be such an excited and proud owner of one of these pieces.

----- Chantal W 30.11.09 17:08

Would symbolize my ongoing (and never ending) relationship with the natural world.

----- Stoney Baker 30.11.09 17:10

This ring reminds me of hidden strength in the delicate things of life.
I would love to wear it as a reminder in those moments of weakness to tap into the inner strength that lies within; strength we often forget is there.

----- Lilly 30.11.09 17:10

Stunning rings. I would so love to rock one of them.

I think the ring would signify change in my life. From being a crazy young adult to becoming more mature much like how a sapling turns into a tree :)

----- Stephanie 30.11.09 17:13

I LOVE these rings. They are so delicate, incredibly unique and are everything that I look for in my jewelry and life. Besides the fact that it is gorgeous, I would like to have it for a series of corny reasons that all have to do with getting my married to my best friend this coming spring.

----- Juliann 30.11.09 17:14

What a beautiful ring. It would be special for my wife to wear as we just had our beautiful daughter one year ago. It’s a new branch of our family tree and would be unique and special to pass along to our daughter some day.

----- Chris 30.11.09 17:14

Twigs for me are the sharp days of fall, the cold crisp air that feels good in your lungs, the crunch of leaves and fat squirrels stashing what they can before the snow comes.

----- Kim D 30.11.09 17:14

This is beautiful! This golden twig would represent to druid version of The one ring to rule them all and allow me to waltz into mordor. kidding aside though, i really think it’s quite beautiful and would serve as a reminder to me that though hard times may come (winter) they will also pass and persevering and working hard through them will reveal the light at the end of the tunnel where things are bright and nice again (spring). This seems to be a pattern in life and the shape of the ring also reinforces that so when the hard winters of life come again i can think about what comes after and it will give me strength to push through.

----- Kenneth 30.11.09 17:14

The twig ring appeals to me because I am a great lover of nature; one of my husband and I’s favorite things to do is to take a long drive to the middle of nowhere and kick around in the woods. I love that twigs can symbolize honesty in their bareness, new beginnings, and potential— after all, they are kindling. But more than the actual form of the twig, I love seeing how this ring was made. Encapsulated in it is craftsmanship, care, transparency, ingenuity, and the appreciation for nature’s form be they gemstone, metal, or wood.

----- Elissa 30.11.09 17:15

For me it would become my wedding ring. I’ve been looking around, and nothing has piqued my fancy until I saw this twig ring. I love that it is unique (just like every relationship), and that it will be a constant reminder that relationships should grow and change, like a living thing. Being cast in metal, however, means it is solid and reliable, like a partnership should be.

----- Clare 30.11.09 17:16

I think it symbolizes never giving up, always following your dreams. The diamond symbolizes the ultimate goal, achieving your dreams.

----- Sallyann 30.11.09 17:16

Yesterday it was my fiance ring (twig style) made with silver. Now, it would be logical step for both mind and heart to unify my love with that twig GOLD alliance! Thanks a lot for the chance!!

----- Fany 30.11.09 17:18

twigs are easily broken, but beautiful and necessary. this ring would symbolize my cousin’s fight with anorexia. wearing it would be a constant reminder of her, and give me the strength to overcome my hurdles, just as she overcame hers.

----- Mubnii 30.11.09 17:19

for me, im STILL learning how to grow up in this reality one day at a time.
this ring could be my representation of my growth as a person (physically and mentally).
cause even through the toughest times (or weather).. i will always endure.
i will not let anything prevent me from growing up to be the person i know i can be :)

(btw it really is a beautiful ring. even though im sure im not going to win.. whoever gets it is going to be pretty lucky :) good luck!)

----- SARAH 30.11.09 17:19

For me, it would symbolize how a small seed of love grew into something more entwined & solid than anyone could have designed. I married my husband 4 months ago. We’re each others diamond in the twig & more grateful each day for the craggy road that brought two “Is” into one “we”. And I never did find the perfect band!

----- Jennifer Alhasa 30.11.09 17:22

It symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Where I’ll achieve all my dreams without measuring efforts. It symbolizes the happiness I want for me and for everybody who belongs to my life.

----- daniela 30.11.09 17:23

What this would me to me? Well my girl friend lives in NM and I live in NC. This twig (ring) would symbolize our relationship, connection, love even though we are sadly 1600 miles apart from one another. Plus she made me promise I wouldn’t buy her jewelry for christmas… if I win, I won’t break my promise and yet still get here an amazingly beautiful ring. WIN for me, WIN for her, and WIN for NOTCOT!

----- Jason Pfaff 30.11.09 17:24

i would love this ring. it would mean a fresh start to a year soon to come. it’s been a difficult year for many reasons, however i am promising myself a better one to come. what can i say to set myself apart here? nothing without sounding trite. however, the ring is gorgeous, and i would love to have it.

----- mands 30.11.09 17:25

This gorgeous ring would be a symbol of staying grounded and interconnected with my friends as we all graduate college and go our separate ways

----- Sherry 30.11.09 17:25

the twig would symbolize how small humans are in this big world. it would symbolize the beauty of life and remind me of how nature is the only thing that calms my nerves, brings peacefulness to my hectic life, and makes me feel so grateful for everything it has provided us. i’m thankful to see these beautiful things every day & hope to god i don’t lose my vision to glaucoma.

----- Emily 30.11.09 17:26

Oh geez it’s beautiful.
I.. I feel like what this ring would symbolize for me isn’t nearly as well thought out or as sincere as what anyone else has to say, but for me it reminds me of adventure! Its so small and delicate, but the medium itself is so permanent in nature, and given the nature motifs… I can’t imagine not wanting to go on grand adventures through the forest wearing it!

----- Kelsey 30.11.09 17:26

It would symbolize, well.. let’s be honest. My ongoing obsession and ever expanding trinket adoration for Robin Adams. She’s one creative mind I have followed for many years, and am a proud boaster of her artistic endeavors.

----- Goldie Fawn 30.11.09 17:27

This ring is beautiful. We’re having our wedding outdoors, at the cabin that my fiance’s parents built themselves 35 years ago. So this ring would always remind me of nature, our wedding, and staying grounded. I really love it.

----- Lauren 30.11.09 17:28

An existential ring: A gold twig to embody that everything comes from the dirt.

----- Megan 30.11.09 17:28

The golden twig would represent my love for my girlfriend who immediately told me to try to get this ring while she was shoulder-surfing me just now.

----- Michael 30.11.09 17:29

This ring would represent the hope to find love after having been dumped by email

----- leila 30.11.09 17:33

this ring would symbolize the delicate emotions of love. love makes you to be more sensitive to your emotion. love opens up your senses and intensifies ones feelings. This twig ring, a combination of two twigs, would represent the delicate emotions of two people in the relationship.

----- Jin 30.11.09 17:34

This is a beautiful ring. To me, it would symbolize growth. I have had a difficult year, from losing a very close family member to struggling to deciding to finally go to college and really struggling financially because of it. I am extremely fortunate with the people I have in my life and they have helped me to realize that you must grow from difficult experiences and help others to do the same, this ring would be a reminder of that.

----- Amber 30.11.09 17:37

All of these people have listed such great reasons for why they would like this amazing ring. What makes my reason any better? I would give the ring as a gift to my mother. This past summer my brother had gotten married and my mom had given him her engagement ring from when she was married to my father. My soon to be sister in law ended up losing the ring. I think my mom thought that the ring would have brought a fresh start and new beginnings for them. Maybe if she had this ring, it would be a good fresh start for everyone.

----- Jenna 30.11.09 17:38

I love how the cast was from a twig that was plucked out. Such an elegant and simple piece! I’ve always felt that the symbolic meaning to ones jewelry is influenced by the giver and the occasion it was given.

----- Human 30.11.09 17:38

The twig ring reminded me of my mom and her love for nature right off the bat, but seeing the environment the workspace was in made the nostalgia that much stronger. It looks like such a beautiful space with greenery and candlelight, and it makes me smile to think how she would have loved to have a similar space to practice her crafts. These pieces look like labors of love, and seeing the space in which they are given life makes them so much more intricately emotional for me.

----- Erin 30.11.09 17:39

this ring would symbolize my dog penny who has gotten me through the hardest times in my life by simply bringing the twig back every time i throw it.

----- erica 30.11.09 17:41

This twig ring is beautiful and would remind me of my mother as I try to do things I know she would be proud of if she were here. It would remind me that life is fragile and to pursue my dreams.

----- Mary Britton 30.11.09 17:44

These rings are beautiful and original works of art. Sometimes it takes time to find a perfect combination (both in life and in making jewelery). This is especially relevant in my life currently.

After graduating college I worked a year in a position which made me miserable. After being laid off last December, I’ve struggled for almost a year trying to find a job. Waiting tables was discouraging for me, and made me wonder what good my degree was. Finally after 25+ interviews and being a “final candidate” in half of them, I finally found a job that I’m truly excited about. Like the statement above, This ring would symbolize new beginning, and end of an old cycle/beginning of a new one.

----- Sarah W 30.11.09 17:44

This ring would be a warm blessing in a cold winter. My girlfriend and I recently hit out two and a half year anniversary, but I am not yet rich enough to show her my affection materialistically. I have done very sweet and thoughtful things,ranging from homemade cards, gifts, and thoughtful gifts that show how deep of a connection we have. I love her. There is not other word that can even come close to that. I just love her, and I would love to be able to show my affection in this shape of a ring. I love her, and that ring would be amazing.

----- David Henry Rieman 30.11.09 17:46

golden twigs from the garden of eternity

----- Naysa 30.11.09 17:47

It would signify that even though Im the only single person left out of my friends, I still can get a ring nice as the ones they likely will get for christmas from their significant others. And then I can flaunt, because mine will be nicer than theirs and they will all have to leave early to do someone elses laundry.

----- black_cloud 30.11.09 17:50

The story behind the initial sketches and the wedding rings look so much like my dream engagement ring (a well kept secret to myself! shh!)
I’ve been looking for a foliage-inspired band for myself for a while… I’ve wanted one as a symbol of all I’ve struggled through, and all I’ve learned while still growing.

----- Caitlin 30.11.09 17:51

I just love this site!

I think their designs are remarkable and have a gravity and weight that the material comes alive through their designs.

I’ve never cared much for rings, but i fell in love recently and suddenly that symbol of the circle and gold which is the most pure metal, I am beginning to understand why so many pass on this ancient tradition within their families.

----- amelia winger 30.11.09 17:52

this twig is a piece of nature and a organic object. i hope for my future ventures to progress in an organic manner though most of the time things don’t work out that way. this twig ring would remind me to not to get worked up over things and that everything will eventually fall into place.

----- liron 30.11.09 17:52

My husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniv in February. To celebrate, we’re giving gifts to family that have been there for us. I can see this delicate ring on the hand of my grandmother-in-law. She’s the most awesome person in the world.

----- tr 30.11.09 17:53

The twig reminds me of new beginnings, and starting fresh. I would love to wipe my slate clean and begin again with just a sprig of who I am.

----- jen 30.11.09 17:56

For me the ring would symbolize hidden strength. As delicate and fragile-looking the sprigs may be, they are strong enough to withstand the casting process. I would look at that ring and use it to remind myself that as weak as I feel, with all the troubles not only within myself but in the world around me, there is a hidden strength that allows for a beautiful result, if only I remember to stay strong.

----- Elena 30.11.09 17:56

This golden twig would remind me of my beloved dog, McGee, who passed away this summer. Oh boy did he love twigs of all sizes. I have vivid memories of him chewing on big twigs, chewing twigs out of his fur, chewing on twig-like treats… I guess there was lots of chewing involved in his love for twigs, but this particular twig’s strength, as well as gold’s notorious flexibility would remind me that it’s possible to be playful in a serious world, and remind me of my fondness for McGee every day.

----- Daisy 30.11.09 18:01

This golden twig ring would remind me that it’s wonderful to be feminine, imperfect, delicate, strong & luxurious. If I had this ring, I would never take it off. I drool over Bittersweets jewelry in Catbird but have never owned a piece myself… yet.

----- doanie 30.11.09 18:01

The ring would symbolize the love between my better half and I. When we first met, it was around his birthday and I’d given him a little moleskin. He’d keep drawing branches in them and turns out it was all he could draw. We’ve been through a lot this year and it’s time for new beginnings. A new leaf.

----- Esther 30.11.09 18:05

i would love to have this ring as a sign of new growth in the new year!

----- Lauri H Berkman 30.11.09 18:05

Limbs and branches have always brought to mind growth and change for me, but to have a new frond cradling a bright diamond reminds me of my upcoming graduation from art college and the promise that all of my hard work will pay off in a beautiful way.

----- Betsy Ross 30.11.09 18:05

I would wear this ring for freedom, endurance, and personal growth a reminder to be like a bird perching on a new twig, who launches from it into the glittering sky.

----- ili 30.11.09 18:08

this ring would be for my wife who is expecting our first child, works full-time and just graduated. she is amazing and just walked in the door!


----- matthew harrison smith 30.11.09 18:09

Ah, how lovely. Having that gorgeous piece of jewelry would remind me that I’m lovely too!

----- JD Morley 30.11.09 18:09

This ring is absolutely stunning. Plants, even though I am terribly allergic to all things that bloom and grow, symbolize life and happiness for me. As someone who deals with depression, taking care of plants makes me see the fragility and beauty of life, and having leaves and petals around me always lifts my mood.

----- Amelia 30.11.09 18:12

I adore this ring and its mix of the natural and the luxurious. I would wear it with pride and remind myself every time that I should be trying to strike a balance between those two things at all times.

----- Lindsey 30.11.09 18:12

My love of this world, and everything in it! :)

----- Jen 30.11.09 18:14

Fashioned out of the likeness of nature, the twig is symbolic of all things living; and where there is life, there is also death. But this ring, shows the resilience of the Man and his World. Where life knocks you down, there will always be a branch -even a twig- that guide you back up. resilience.

----- JOY 30.11.09 18:14

Wow, what an amazing process.
I cannot get over it!


I would wear the ring in honor of my mother.
She passed away in March this past year due to a severe brain injury.
She was someone who was insanely talented but had struggled in her own life a lot.
After battling drugs & alcohol for over 10 years she pulled herself from the pit & became self sufficent…got a job…got a place to live & a car…
The job she acquired was at a childrens toy store as a sale associate…little by little I watched my mother come back to life. It was like these children, this life-form, was breathing life into her 55 year old body for the first time in years.

3 months after taking the job she fell while stocking shelves & hit her head, thus the head injury resulting in her death.

My mother was an artist : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2754419&l=8fe087ac9e&id=501518847
you can see one of her illustrations here - on my arm :)

But anyways, while she was going through all of lifes aches & pains she lost everything she had.
So I really have nothing to remember her by. Most pass jewelry through the ages…ya know? The family stone :) ha. We have nothing like that. I would love to have a ring so beautiful to wear & share with others…such a pretty piece would be a conversation starter - way to keep my moms precious spirit and story alive. It would help me to remember to keep growing as the vine does - reaching upwards. Keep heading towards success & remember that no obstacle is too big or too far.

Annnd I’ve written a novel, sorry :) Thanks for reading.

----- mallory 30.11.09 18:15

a new era.

----- Collin Banko 30.11.09 18:19

Where do I begin. Upon graduating from high school, my parents promised me one special gift to commemorate the occasion. Naturally, a ring is a perfect way to celebrate such a transitional period. The ring I receive was everything I hoped for, and so much more. The gold vermeil band with a tiny diamond stayed on my finger wherever I went. As a first college job, I was an ice cream scooptress at a local parlor and after one busy night, I realized that the tiny diamond living in my ring was missing in a five-gallon drum of ice cream. Sad, but determined to have it replaced, the ring designer informed me that the size I needed would not be available until the following quarter. Bad luck? Wait, there is more. Once I finally received the replacement, and quit the ice cream job (for fear that the ring might be lost again!), I happily resumed classes. On another seemingly uneventful winter day, I rode my bicycle to class only to park my bike and realize that the entire ring had slide off my frigid fingers! Now, about to graduate college, this ring would be provided an appreciated sentiment to my progress as an individual and a way to put my previous misfortune behind me.

----- elise 30.11.09 18:20

For me this ring would symbolize finishing my four year bachelor design degree and the new beginnings I am about to embark on. This beautiful ring would inspire me to get creative and remain strong and determined in order to achieve my dream.

bless x

----- Zoe de Boehmler 30.11.09 18:22

A twig ring would symbolize a few different things for me. One would be quite simple: my affinity for trees, sticks, and nests. Quite a few of my projects (in my first semester of college! wow!) have included these themes… Another thing it would symbolize is just my life in general. I’m growing up, branching out, and finding places to put down roots (puns intended!) in my new adult life.

----- Laura 30.11.09 18:22

so gorgeous, love seeing behind the scenes creative process! this year my husband and i celebrate 5 years of marriage. our wedding reception venue was located in a forest preserve this twig band would be a reminder of that amazing day and the many, many more amazing days and years to come!

----- trisha 30.11.09 18:29

This ring belongs to my partner of two years as a mark of intention and promise for the future before us, yet to unfold. She has weathered through the stress, heartbreak and anger with an even head and heavy heart, and somehow loves me more than ever. She sees straight through to the core of me and trusts me unconditionally, against all advice, and for this I’ve changed my entire life around. We have survived the long, cold winter and are emerging into the spring; a move to a new city, a new career and new life at each others side, never to return to the dark days of our past. When the time is right I will make her mine forever, but until that time comes, this ring will symbolise the birth of a renewed love, stronger than ever, solid as the earth.

----- CG 30.11.09 18:29

Why, winning this would mean I’d won something. How great would that be?

----- tudza 30.11.09 18:32

Love It!!!!

----- Kara K 30.11.09 18:33

so gorgeous! love seeing the behind the scenes creative process. my husband and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year and wood is the traditional 5th year anniversary gift! also, our reception venue nestled in a forest preserve and this twig band would be a reminder of our amazing wedding day and the many, many more amazing days and years to come.

----- trisha 30.11.09 18:33

The golden twig would symbolize the fragility of life and how even through adversity the human spirit continues to grow.

----- Renzo 30.11.09 18:38

A golden twig, especially one as beautiful as this, would make me think of eternal youth! It’s a wonderful idea to have a tiny, pervasive miracle of nature capture in time like that.

----- Mikey 30.11.09 18:38

To me it symbolizes what I always have to remind myself of- it is important to balance being flexible with being strong— because it’s much too easy to go too far one way or the other. The branch bent in a circle makes me think that if you can achieve that perfect balance you will accomplish beautiful things.

----- Teri S. 30.11.09 18:40

The ring is beautiful!

----- Paige 30.11.09 18:45

I’m an artist who has a longtime obsession with branches, twigs, and such. This ring would be so perfect - symbolizing my love for and inspiration by trees.

----- Natalie 30.11.09 18:46

This ring would be a symbol of my belief in myself. It has been a long hard year, I am an unemployed recent graduate. There have been times when I am hungry, tired, and very scared of what is to come. I have questioned my ability to design, my drive to succeed, and myself. But no more. I am great at what I do and I just need a company great enough to see that. I am willing to keep taking this risk believing in me.

----- Kate 30.11.09 18:57

It would represent an amazing christmas present for my wife (so much more amazing than the tiff and co necklace she keep pointing out!!!).

----- Sean 30.11.09 19:00

I would wear it day in & day out - simply because it is gorgeous!

----- Sara 30.11.09 19:02

This ring would symbolize a great find in an ever increasingly difficult task of finding my girlfriend creative rings

----- Wesley 30.11.09 19:03

others associate this with cycles of time. to me, a twig ring connotes a sense of place. with this, i am reminded that anywhere can be home. i recently moved from a tropical country to north america. from a place where there were only 2 seasons - hot and hotter - to a place with four seasons and radically changing landscapes. when i saw more similarities than differences between people and things, life away from what i knew to be home became easier, inspiring, even. a tree is a tree is a tree. dirt is dirt is dirt. laughter is laughter is laughter. leaves are leaves are leaves. a twig is a twig is a twig. the glorious feeling of sunshine on my face can be had, wherever in the world i may be. a twig around my finger will be a constant reminder that wherever i am is wherever i am supposed to be. as long as i am connected, with nature and people, i am home.

----- lee 30.11.09 19:06

How beautiful! Thanks for giving us a peek into the creation!!

For me, the twig would symbolize the essence of life, the strength to persevere and grow, and my reminder to return to nature every once in a while to find myself. The diamond would represent a quiet, natural beauty (a quality I recently discovered in myself!!).

----- Jamie 30.11.09 19:11

It would be a constant reminder to never be afraid to branch out!

----- aileen 30.11.09 19:12

This ring would symbolize a very happy girlfriend of mine this Christmas, who deserves all the happiness in the world. :)

----- David 30.11.09 19:13

Quite honestly, I’m a dude, but I know my lovely lady friend would absolutely adore this ring.

----- Jesse Tobler 30.11.09 19:13

WINTRY INDEPENDENCE! to get me through the cold(ish) nights when loneliness strikes. i am better without him!

----- STACEY 30.11.09 19:14

This ring would simply be a reminder of my love for the girl who means more than anything to me.

----- Kevin 30.11.09 19:15

as seen in my url above, i sort of have a thing for trees - always have, always will. they’re such a maleable symbol what with growing from a tiny, pale green stalk into such strength or such beauty; sometimes both. recently engaged, i would adore this tiny symbol of the new growth of love in my life.

----- lauren michele 30.11.09 19:20

These have to be the most stunning pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen; thank you so much for sharing! The rings are so little and delicate; they look like they need to be taken great care of - like so much of nature, and like other people. Having a little ring on your finger such as these would be a constant reminder of the fragility of yourself and others. What a beautiful thing!!

----- Stasia Burrington 30.11.09 19:21

These have to be the most stunning pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen; thank you so much for sharing! The rings are so little and delicate; they look like they need to be taken great care of - like so much of nature, and like other people. Having a little ring on your finger such as these would be a constant reminder of the fragility of yourself and others. What a beautiful thing!!

----- Stasia Burrington 30.11.09 19:21

I think they are brilliant. Simple. Nice. In my life, it would symbolize my appreciation for art and the people who love designing and creating magnificent pieces of art! Who wouldn’t love one of these beauties?! Great marketing! Vote for me! Much love and appreciation from Columbus, Ohio

----- Priscilla Wolfe 30.11.09 19:22

This would symbolize growth in my relationship, and how delicate they can really be. Plus it would make an amazing wedding band, which means that while delicate, my relationship grew and blossomed into something truly strong and longstanding : ) Beautiful work.

----- Danielle 30.11.09 19:23

This ring would be a reminder to always be thankful, try not to complain so much, look around and enjoy all of the amazing things that have come my way! Like this amazing ring from one of my favorite blogs. NotCot is a constant source of inspiration for my small business.

----- april 30.11.09 19:24

well the ring could symbolize, trough its shiny nature that i have to remember the good times in life. Even thought now im going trough some thought times, on every sense. So its organic nature and clean design, would be a nice reminder that the darkest of the night is just before sunrise. A sunrise im hoping comes soon.

thanks guys

----- Samuel V. 30.11.09 19:27

Those rings would signify everlasting spring to me.

----- gregr 30.11.09 19:30

As soon as I saw the ring I thought of my mother. It’s beautiful!

----- Allison 30.11.09 19:31

for me the ring symbolizes my new start in NYC. i have spent the last four years in Portland, OR working as a ceramic tech. i moved to NY in Sept to attend graduate school at Pratt Institute for Industrial Design. what an amazing, fantastic, breathtaking, perfect change. positive growth in terms of scenery and in my life. just like a flower in spring. what could be better?

----- liz 30.11.09 19:31

A circle of unity with nature - where we came from, to where we’ll return. Living in urban centres and caught up with the minutiae of every day life, we often forget these things - the important ones that matter. I’d love to win this! (pretty pretty please?)

----- lindsay 30.11.09 19:32

This beautiful ring reminds me of the style I wanted to create in my metals and jewelry class in college, but I did not have the materials or skill to create such a piece. I find inspiration in nature and the beauty it represents for my own work and greatly appreciate works that do the same. This unique ring captures the beauty of nature and displays it stunning fashion. If this ring were mine, It would be a symbol of how beautiful the world is even when it appears to be ugly and hopeless.

----- Alison Sanderlin 30.11.09 19:36

This ring would represent that spring is coming. Right now I’m in college and there is constant stress about the future and classes, but the ring can help me to keep trying and to represent everything I’ve learned so far.

----- Ming 30.11.09 19:37

I would love this bittersweet ring because to me it symbolizes the growth I’ve experienced this past year and how all the work I’ve been doing over this year has all been worth it. The diamond in the center symbolizes the success I’ve been able to achieve through an intense year.

----- Jill Gannon 30.11.09 19:37

It would symbolize the deep tranquility and ethereal diversity in my life while remaining as a simple, minimalistic reminder of my cause.

----- Michael 30.11.09 19:40

Hmph, while it might not be a wedding ring, it would make a perfect engagement ring! My girlfriend and I have been moving around the country working towards our masters degrees in fine art, and are broke as heck living on those measly graduate assistantship stipends… It’s about time I popped the question, and those rings are amazing! You’re able to capture such detail in your waxes, it’s quite impressive to someone who usually casts big clunky things. The craftsmanship would speak loudly of our personal love for craft, and the twig forms would symbolize future growth of our new family. I know I won some giftwrap a while back, but when I tried to propose with that, she was really confused - so please make us one NOTCOT!

----- Waylon Bigsby 30.11.09 19:40

This is beautiful. The branchs to me would symbolize individuality of 2 people and them combined in a ring is the development of two in a relationship - partnership. A good representation of my life with my HS sweatheart! I would love it!

----- Erika 30.11.09 19:42

Twigs conjure up thoughts of rebirth and change. After a long winter, trees begin to bloom and grow again after the stagnation of the cold season. As a recent college graduate going through a rough time figuring out my path in life, this ring would remind me that I too am capable or rebirth and change, even if it feels like winter now.

----- Nadia 30.11.09 19:42

aw man, a ring of a little twiggy would remind me of how we are all little sprigs belonging to the tree of life, forever growing sprouted from the same roots.

----- katie 30.11.09 19:44

From raw beginnings, to constantly being moulded and shaped by surprises and challenges that life throws at us to something beautiful. The ability to be flexible and malleable, this ring, will symbolise the ability to learn, grow & adapt to the sometimes heartbreaking and rewarding experiences in my life.

----- Leanne 30.11.09 19:45

wearing this ring would help me to gain hope in making in it in this world of no jobs. I started a company in April and its been doing good but as I continue progressing in this area, I am getting more and more discouraged about ever finding a real product design job that will actually help me out of my school debt. This ring would symbolize endless growth and creativity with a shining light at the end. A circle is endless. A diamond symbolizes patience. The twigs symbolize growth.

----- Taryn Zychal 30.11.09 19:45

It would symbolize the birth of my son—a twig now, but in time…

----- Deep Dutta 30.11.09 19:46

this ring is such a fun example of faux bois! i would think about how the sweetness and beauty of nature prevails, despite the industrialism that most of us live among. this ring also reminds me of my gouda, who forages on twigs everyday at home and manages to stay a wild animal although he lives in an apartment in los angeles. :)

----- yeon 30.11.09 19:47

In my life this ring symbolizes my relationship with my girl friend, Alison. Through out my relationship there has been many hard times, twists, and turns. The ring simply starts out a small twig and doesn’t have much meaning but it was tested in many ways to find a way to turn it into a ring. It was difficult to find a way to make things work but eventually something worked out and it was beautiful but it wasn’t easy to get there. The ring is not perfectly smooth which gives it character or a bit of personality.The twig has bumps in it because nothing can be perfect. There are buds developing on the twig that could lead to new growth. The diamond in the middle gives the ring balance and completion. The relationship I have with Alison is not smooth or easy. We have gone through many rough patches, twists and turns but eventually things do work out. Through our adventures through hiking or serious situations we are to branch off of the normal path our relationship takes, much like the buds on the ring. I will be leaving for Colorado soon and that will set things a little of balance because she lives in Virginia but the love we share will counteract that. The diamond represents our love by completing the ring and keeping things balanced and in check. Even though I will be far a way our love will keep us together and the ring will help keep her positive and allow the relationship to grow, twist,and branch out into something beautiful.

----- Andrew Wesr 30.11.09 19:53

this ring would symbolize how the roots of everything in my life— body, life, and soul— are connected to nature. How I’m made of the same cells that give life to plants and other animals alike, how I’m given direction by a force like the wind, and how when I’m in the purest of wilderness, I feel like my soul can finally breathe properly.

----- Lauren 30.11.09 19:54

For me this ring would represent my decision to relocate to Oregon on a whim for a volunteer position. I grew up in Chicago but knew I would always try to get out of the Midwest as soon as I could. I talked and dreamt about it and a series of fortuitous events led me to conclude it was time to move. I’d never been to the state but it’s safe to say that I am enamored. I am learning how to enjoy nature and preserve it among people who do the same and without the sort of pretension that lingered among the Chicago earthy folk. The process in which this ring was created reminds me of my prior indifference to the natural world and my ever evolving consciousness. Thanks.

----- Liz 30.11.09 20:00

Those rings are gorgeous. I love nature, so living in the city gets really depressing, especially when I think about how long it’s been since I’ve seen a patch of grass or a tree that hasn’t been planted by humans. Wearing that ring would remind me of home and keep me connected to the woods that I grew up exploring. It would be my little bit of nature to keep with me in the concrete jungle.

----- Heather 30.11.09 20:02

The branch rings are beautiful—to me, they remind me of the change I’ve made this year, moving to a different coast and growing up into my own person. I really love their combined simplicity and complexity, as it’s a balance I try to keep, more successfully these days.

----- Elizabeth 30.11.09 20:03

This ring is gorgeous! If I were to have, it would be a personal symbol of growth and achievement. The twig would represent my journey that I am currently in- my third year of a doctorate program. And the diamond would represent acheiving my goals, and being successful in this very difficult semester!

----- Rachel 30.11.09 20:07

I love this ring! I would wear it every day as a reminder to always keep nature close to my heart.

----- SarahS 30.11.09 20:12

this simple-yet-intricate ring made me think about my life as a former environmental scientist, now designer and wife and how perfect it seems to embody all of these things. i loved the description and photos of how it is made and its inspirations — part organic, part alive, part scientific, and 100% gorgeous.

----- Audrey R. 30.11.09 20:14

I would love this ring just because I would love to pass on the family jewels so to speak. As the only girl grandchild on either side for a while, I’ve been passed heirloom jewelry. Mostly from my grandmother who died a while back. That side of the family was poor but my grandmother worked to get things like silver bell earrings, a thick rope of garnet, etc. I now have a small collection of precious old pieces and I would love to add to it some of my own signature pieces for when I have a daughter as well.

----- Jessica 30.11.09 20:16

Trees shed dead twigs which are then used to build nests which cradle life. This ring would remind me that new beginning can come from the darkest hours.

----- Myles 30.11.09 20:17

The twig design of the ring symbolises to me a tree of life concept. For a tree, every branch provides and supports the whole tree and to remove or neglect a branch is a detriment to the whole being.

This could be applied to ones’ life, with the reminder that we have and manage many “branches” of our lives; for example work, study, personal etc..

As a grad student I constantly have to remember that I have other branches to my life beside my study/research; and whilst this is an important branch, one must remember that one branch will not sustain the whole tree. It would be a reminder to take care of every branch of my tree everyday.

----- Hayley 30.11.09 20:22

My best friend loves the twig hair clips, which is what I was going to get her for Christmas but I think she would absolutely love this!

----- Alex G 30.11.09 20:24

Over the past year, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight through slow habit changing regimens. For the first time in my life I’m starting to think of myself as feminine, and people tell me I’ve really come out of my shell, so to speak. Although I’ll probably never be skinny as a twig, this golden twig would represent the new me- a woman who feels natural in her skin and who isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself.

----- Stephanie 30.11.09 20:25

That ring would mean growth. I just finished university and in January are started a great internship and getting my life together and started.

----- Danielle 30.11.09 20:25

I’d love to win this ring! It’s gorgeous.
What I think the ring would symbolize for me is to always see situations as opportunities. Each branch, branches off in the endless new branches. But often we only see one and never take the chance to reach out to see opportunities that awaits ahead.

----- Selina Wong 30.11.09 20:29

I wore a beautiful silver Haida ring that I bought the summer before I started university and never took it off. The ring wrapped around my middle finger and bore the design of a small whale end to end with a larger whale… I really became attached to the ring because it symbolized my growth from a teen to a young adult.

Sadly I lost the ring this summer after I pinned it to my best friend’s wedding dress as her ‘something borrowed’. It was something that was dear to me and since it’ message of growth I thought it was so fitting for her to have with her when she said her vows… somehow through the course the ceremony and photos it came off the dress and was lost on the 6 acre property. I had to laugh, if I was to lose the ring in any way, it might as well have been for a good cause with a good story right?

In the meantime I’ve missed it terribly, and I have felt lost without it. It’s been 6 months, but I still fidget with my finger as if it’s there. I saw this ring for the contest and immediately loved it, I can see that if I wore it, it would symbolize the same things for me in a new way, the growth and strength of the little twigs will keep me centered just as my old ring had, but representative of a new era in my life, post university and setting out in my career, new growth just waiting for it’s chance to take root…

----- Adri 30.11.09 20:30

LOVE this ring. It reminds me of being a lady. Its super elegant, delicate, and feminine.

----- annie 30.11.09 20:44

It would symbolize my engagement! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a ring for ages (we’re both design geeks) and both feel as though this is gorgeously perfect. It’s simple, clean, and without too much sparkle (and it’s hard to find an engagement ring that doesn’t sparkle anymore). I love him and the ring and feel as though this would be a perfect symbol of the start of our life together.

----- Andrea 30.11.09 20:44

Would love to win this, and wear it as my wedding band, symbolizing the organic nature of my relationship.

----- Rhonda 30.11.09 20:45

This twig would symbolize a new beginning for myself. It starts in 3 weeks.

----- ani 30.11.09 20:48

I am a maker of paintings that feature trees and my interpretation of them. A lovely twig ring would serve as a daily inspiration to continue to strive towards excellence in my craft, and to work hard and to grow. It would bring me a gleam of pleasure every time my eyes fall on it- and remind me that through my work and deeds I am capable of enriching others lives in the same sweet way.

----- Jess 30.11.09 20:49

I love the natural references and beautiful construction. I don’t wear much jewelry but would be proud to wear that. Plus I have tiny fingers and can hardly ever find a ring that fits.

----- lea 30.11.09 20:50

My wife has always loved nature-themed jewelry, and I’m a fan of these particular rings because of the attention to detail. I can imagine fresh green buds warmed out when on the right finger.

----- Ryan 30.11.09 21:15

For me, this ring could symbolize the constant circle of life. The beauty of the world, and of life, is never stable but will always come back. Love, life, and nature will always win against the shadow of industrialization and the fear of personal connection. There are times when I find life’s challenges hard to accept, not just my own, but the unfair battles that others face (poverty, illness, war). This ring would help to remind me that nothing terrible lasts forever and there is always hope if you look in the simplest and yet most beautiful of places.

----- Beth H. 30.11.09 21:16

these rings makes me home sick, cause, they look like bamboo, i’m asian, so i love bamboo, i like the simpleness but freshness of this design, i feel like wearing this ring would make me happy, because, it is like a new trend, i like “bizarre” stuff that can inspire your imagination

----- ngoc chu 30.11.09 21:16

The purity of nature, perfect in its imperfection, are just as precious than the metal and stones the ring is made of. I’d give the ring to my mother, who is perfect in her humanity and more precious to me than anything.

----- Arielle 30.11.09 21:18

Branches represent growth to me. As a senior in college, personal growth is key - but also exploring the possibilities for growth in all aspects of life. Such creativity, passion and originality in this piece of jewelry. That’s what I think when I see this ring. That’s everything I strive to have in my life.

----- Julia 30.11.09 21:19

To me, a ring in general symbolizes perfectection considering that the shape of a ring is a circle which is perfectly round. But this ring is more than perfection; this ring symbolizes life. The details of the ring remind me of my everyday life and how most days are generally golden and ok, but the diamonds on the ring are the shiny moments in my life or my accomplishments.

----- Kat 30.11.09 21:20

I have recently turned 19 years young. I am attending the university of Vermont which is thousand miles away from my home state of Wisconsin. I have been inspired by nature my whole life, my mother has been a major influence due to her education in environmental sciences. I am studying to be an environmental studies major and help change the world from global crisis. This ring to me would be a reminder of nature and influence me to never give up searching to find a cure to our dependance on carbon emissions.

----- Anna Hoch 30.11.09 21:20

The workmanship is beautiful. The rings design ‘birth’ from a fresh spring twig represents to me where my life is now. My children grown and moved away, my daughter married off this past year. My life is becoming my own and I only hope I can spend many hours at my art table creating things I love and share and as many in my garden growing things I love and share.

----- Terrie 30.11.09 21:23

For me this ring would symbolize growth and change. Something I believe is necessary to lead a rich life; no matter if that change may appear positive or negative at the time. I embrace new experiences and new challenges to help me grow as a person. Aside form that, the ring is beautiful, truly lovely, well done!

----- greer 30.11.09 21:25

To me, the ring would reminds me of the view from my childhood bedroom window. My window faced the backyard where we had a large patch of oak and maple trees. Everyday I’d look out the window watching the trees change from lush, dense, green to warm vibrant hues of orange and red, and then finally brown and bare before the small buds emerge in spring.

----- Jade 30.11.09 21:29

I like the way the twig concept symbolizes both growth and togetherness. It seems a perfect wedding ring concept. Marriage is a promise to grow together. I don’t usually like stones much at all in rings, preferring plainer bands, but this feels organic and right, the diamonds fit right in

----- Jessica D 30.11.09 21:30

Growth. I know it’s tad cliche but this year has meant a lot of growth for my husband and I. Gorgeous stuff!

----- Jessi 30.11.09 21:36

the ring will symobolize how we are all apart of the Earth in some form or another and the journey we all go through.

----- Shaena 30.11.09 21:43

Our Wedding rings are golden feathers. To me they symbolize the freedom and flight that the support of a love one gives you. Placing this twig underneath the feather might remind me to remember to perch and rest and be grateful…before taking off again…

----- Jenny 30.11.09 21:44

It’s as simple as life

----- Julie 30.11.09 21:48

What a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry! Such a creative idea to use sprigs as the band. If I won this ring, it would be a wonderful way to symbolize a new beginning for me in 2010. I spent the past year without a job, so it would be a constant reminder that good things are waiting for you if you can make it through the rough, icy patches! Hopefully 2010 will be my year!

----- Lauren B 30.11.09 21:56

It would symbolize me doing something else, because my boyfriend has never gotten me any jewels and i can’t afford anything for myself.
A turning over of a new leaf perhaps. A new phase of life were i can really start just loving myself and doing things that make me happy instead of giving and giving.

----- Eliza O 30.11.09 21:56

Wearing the ring would symbolize my grandmother. There is a tree where my grandmother and I would go and picnic by and when she passed away, this is where I go to talk and be with her. After all, I believe a tree means nothing other than pure life. And she is every bit alive in that tree. I am moving soon so I will no longer be able to talk with her at the tree, but this ring of branches could come along with me to take its place. The diamond would sparkle with her beautiful loving nature every time I look at it. I would hold it dear to me and know that I could talk to her anytime that I want. She would love this and the memory of her would be able to be passed down to my children and keep the tree alive through the ring. I realize how this ring symbolizes many different things for everyone, it just goes to show that one small object could affect many people for many different reasons, and it was refreshing to read so many other comments.

----- Annie H 30.11.09 21:57

To me, the ring is:
A reminder that we, humans, have raped nature and continue to mutilate it without mercy.
A call to duty, that the we owe the earth.
And a sign of hope, that the capacity of the technology that we develop can restore the world back to its beauty.

----- Sharon 30.11.09 21:58

this ring is a reminder that beauty is found in ordinary and everyday objects, where you least expect. it symbolizes delicate beginnings and ends, and unexpected treasures along the way :)

----- Miranda 30.11.09 22:10

Twigs are one of nature’s incredible creations. They are both flexible and structured and while they are flimsy young, they have the potential to grow into a weight-bearing branch. For me, this ring would be a reminder to stay flexible and light-hearted when times are serious, and to remind myself that I am growing as a person, and I will continue to strengthen over the coming years. I’ve overcome a good deal of hardship, but it hasn’t stunted my growth. And just like young branches, twigs, bear the weight of a winter storm, I will come out a strong branch.

----- Alice. 30.11.09 22:10

When I feel overwhelmed and anxious, I take a deep breath and I think of the woods. I try to imagine the coolness of the air, the quiet stillness amidst the trees. The next time I feel anxiety, I could look down and see a tiny emblem of the forest wrapped around my finger. It would be such a quiet comfort to me.

----- Jessica 30.11.09 22:20

This ring will be with the one that I´ll propose to the girl that has changed my life, she diserve something special like this ring, like a thank you for all the amazing, incredible, and lovely things that she had done for me in this life.

----- Manuel 30.11.09 22:23

finally being able to do something else besides hide twigs in king midas’s mailbox.

----- Eric 30.11.09 22:28

My guy (a wildlife conservationist)and I (a weaver) have been together for four years. All of these have been spent in cities where we plant small gardens and dream of a day when we will move to the country. We tell each other stories of goats and beekeeping, of studios housed in outbuildings, of passive solar and preserves. We are a year away from taking our first steps toward the dream and it will be an especially challenging one with much time spent apart. This beautiful ring would serve as a constant reminder of the dreamlife as it grows nearer and of my love who is afar.

----- meghan 30.11.09 22:30

It would be a source of inspiration for my work. I am a designer and I think there could be nothing as beautiful and diverse as nature for inspiration. Every time I would look at it I would feel there are endless possibilities and ways in which you can be creative.

----- Nan 30.11.09 22:31

With a one year anniversary coming up with my wife, the twig design of the ring would represent paper, since this would be our paper anniversary, and paper comes from wood.

----- Daniel 30.11.09 22:45

When I was seven years old I got a decoder ring from a box of cereal that I finished in one sitting because my parents wouldn’t allow me to pour it out and waste the food. I sat and ate bowl after bowl of Count Chocula till my tummy felt like it would burst open. The anticipation of what I was going to do with that ring helped me power through my suffering. See, there was this girl that lived four houses down that I knew would marry me if I gave her this ring. I finished my food in a blind whirl, grabbed the ring and brought it down to her house. She was sitting in her backyard covered in dirt with a shovel in her hand, digging for worms. I’d never seen anything quite so striking in my young life. I sneaked up to her, got on one knee and tapped her on the shoulder. I pulled out the ring from my pocket and flashed my brightest smile. She looked down at my hands, scrunched her nose in disappointment and said, “Kind of an ugly thing don’t you think?” My heart sank into the baby blue Jellies that my mom thought all the boys wore (which they did NOT). She said, “I’ll tell you what, you eat one of these worms, and we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. That will make up for such a stupid looking ring.” I looked at the worm she was holding and thought, Well…a life of happiness with this red-headed angel is worth swallowing the slimy guy. So I held my breath, closed my eyes, chewed, and gulped it down. She stood up and shoved me to the ground screaming, “Gross!!! You are disgusting and I never want to talk to you again!” Then she ran away, leaving me muddied with the lonely decoder ring in my sad fingers.

I’m a bit older now, and in love with a beautiful woman. Your ring symbolizes hope for me. You see, I haven’t had the nerve to give any jewelry to a girl since the worm incident. But when I saw this ring, I just knew that if you let me hand it to my girl – even if she is in the back yard digging up worms – she will smile, kiss me on the cheek and thank me for bringing her something so pretty.

----- Adam 30.11.09 22:46

I have always loved anything to do with trees. This is a ring that would remind me of all the moments I spent in various trees throughout my childhood listening to the sound of the woods for hours on end. In my teens, I moved with my family to Texas where we had no trees and was always looking for reminders of my favorite places in the world to be. It would be lovely to have a ring like this that whenever I look down at my hand I would remember all of the memories of these times I had as a child. A bit of a tree to have with me no matter where I am.

----- Charlotte Terry 30.11.09 22:58

I would give this ring to my mom. She has given everything up in her life to put me through school. While I do not have much money at the moment, my wish is to give back to her something beautiful, something she would never get for herself.

----- Anne 30.11.09 23:00

Well, since my state and government wont let me marry. At least I can have the ring.

----- Bogart Paz 30.11.09 23:02

How lovely. I would wear this ring as a reminder that I am a branch on my family tree.

----- Leanna 30.11.09 23:13

it would symbolize love for my sister, she has had a truly bad year and i am sure she would love to feel the beauty of the ring.

----- fredrik bull 30.11.09 23:23

Rather timely Notcot, considering nuptials are just around the corner for this aspiring bachelor. My fiance and I have weathered many storms over the past 2 years. On again - off again barely begins to describe it - However how difficult for both of us were those days apart - we realizing that the roots of this relationship were meant to be no matter time nor distance. This golden twig would symbolize one of the countless twigs that makes up our love for one another. A twig is but a twig, but many twigs make up the tree, and a tree without twigs is just a trunk. Only trees have twigs, and only trees with deep roots are able to grow strong - roots of devotion and love. Twigs are but the memories and experiences shared bound by the trunk feed by the roots of love.

----- Stephen 30.11.09 23:25

To me rings symbolize family; a never ending and unbreakable circuit of love. This summer the former notion I had of “family” was shaken. My seeming happy parents got divorced after 30 years of marriage, and my best friend left her fiance. They no longer wear their rings - my friend even used the gold from her wedding ring to make a pair of earrings. Their love was broken, changed, discarded. Rings are one physical embodiment of their love, and for me to wear this ring would be a reminder that love and hope still exist.

----- Ella 30.11.09 23:30

This ring would mean the rebuilding of the relationship between my girlfriend and I after a terrible time in our relationship. I screwed up and she has given me a second chance to make up for it and end would be a symbol of our new beginning, and for loss of a better pun, turning over a new leaf… She has been looking for ring that is unique and suits her after losing her mothers ring that she had worn for years. Her love for nature and the interesting design of this ring I know she would love.

----- Erik Newton 30.11.09 23:30

This ring reminds me of spring.. My birthday is in April and my birth stone is the diamond.. its a beautiful sentiment reminding me of my birthday.

----- Nadia 30.11.09 23:32

Oh, these are wonderful. I’ve kinda been salivating at the mouth for BitterSweet’s stuff since you last posted about them. In regards to the giveaway, the ring would really be a nice perk. I’ve received several bad news at once including a layoff and I think winning may just remind me that not everything is going to the crapper. That I am indeed a good person who doesn’t deserve what’s been happening, and maybe to just keep hope that things are going to work out sooner than later. Then again, a part of me also wants to gift it to my mom for Christmas since I’ll have no gifts. Blah, this has turned into a pathetic-fest.

It’s a beautiful ring, anyone who’s lucky enough to win it, I’m sure will be super excited.

----- Saki 30.11.09 23:38

The golden twig would symbolize many things for me! Well, for starters, of course the twig would signify the birth, the emerging for something new. Whether it’s a start, a chance, an opportunity or a meeting. But, every start is fragile, just as a twig is fragile, prone to danger, being stepped on, eaten or would just wither. But every now and then, you would see one twig surviving, even if it’s in the middle of a puddle of mud, a rocky and dry road or from a garbage pile. Sometimes, something so small and seemingly frail can be so strong, so inspiring and to others who have lost their hope, so painful.
Then a golden twig would be the symbol of an everlasting beginning, and everlasting beacon that would never fail you. The symbol of hope. People can endure anything as long as they have hope. And whenever we lose sight of it, whenever we are so lost, so wrapped up in misery, the sight of a small twig sprouting from a pile of garbage might be all that we need to survive. And I think I have seen the glory of it, from myself, from the people around me, how hope can be so transforming, how that light stays in your eyes, even though all else seems lost.

And that is what the golden twig would mean for me.

----- Varsam Kurnia Suwandi 30.11.09 23:40

(I am resubmitting this because I did spell my name wrong in the last one…I spelled it Andrew Wesr.)
In my life this ring symbolizes my relationship with my girl friend, Alison. Through out my relationship there has been many hard times, twists, and turns. The ring simply starts out a small twig and doesn’t have much meaning but it was tested in many ways to find a way to turn it into a ring. It was difficult to find a way to make things work but eventually something worked out and it was beautiful but it wasn’t easy to get there. The ring is not perfectly smooth which gives it character or a bit of personality.The twig has bumps in it because nothing can be perfect. There are buds developing on the twig that could lead to new growth. The diamond in the middle gives the ring balance and completion. The relationship I have with Alison is not smooth or easy. We have gone through many rough patches, twists and turns but eventually things do work out. Through our adventures through hiking or serious situations we are to branch off of the normal path our relationship takes, much like the buds on the ring. I will be leaving for Colorado soon and that will set things a little of balance because she lives in Virginia but the love we share will counteract that. The diamond represents our love by completing the ring and keeping things balanced and in check. Even though I will be far a way our love will keep us together and the ring will help keep her positive and allow the relationship to grow, twist,and branch out into something beautiful.

----- Andrew West 30.11.09 23:46

i’m getting engaged soon and would love a ring as unique as this.

----- kaitlyn 30.11.09 23:46

I would love this ring so that I could give it to my amazing super fantastic girlfriend. The ring represents so much.

----- JOASH DIPERT 30.11.09 23:49

This ring would be given to my wife of 9 months who actually does not own a diamond ring. She sacrificed much to leave her country Australia to be with me here in California. Our love has been strong for 4 years now, but I know she misses her family and friends. The twig symbolizes how fragile lost opportunities can be. Especially when it comes to new relationships later on in life. With the twig now closed, yet interminable, it reflects how wonderful a new love can be. Ever moving, ever learning. Always joyful. It is a mix of terror and hope to give your heart completely to one person, especially when you both are separated by literal oceans. To me, the diamond represents the strength of love, the clarity of our future and that it is something to be appreciated and respected every day.
Thanks for the chance to win this. New beginnings are truly rare.

----- Frank 30.11.09 23:50

A gorgeous ring - i would feel the generosity.

----- Erin 01.12.09 00:06

I NEED this ring. It’s just beautiful.

----- Juliet 01.12.09 00:06


----- Francesco 01.12.09 00:19

can i be lucky now?

----- Christine 01.12.09 00:26

What a beautiful design! I’d definitely gift this to my middle sister since she’s the twig in the family. :P No, really. She’s such a strong, independent person that I think people around her often forget that she’s got a delicate soul. She’d put everything else aside just to help a person, including me, in need. I’d hope that she’d be reminded of her ability to embrace the good times and grow through the tough whenever she’d look at the golden twig.

Thank you for this giveaway! :D

----- Akiyo 01.12.09 00:30

This ring would make an amazing christmas gift. I just graduated from full time art school so I’m without any money for something as beautiful and delicate as this. -tys

----- tyson faa 01.12.09 00:33

This ring would symbolize have chance. A sign of destiny.

----- emilie 01.12.09 00:44

this ring would represent my love for all things simple and delicate

----- grace 01.12.09 00:49

Omg, thats one nice ring!
What instantly comes to mind is the constant regrowth and remodeling of plants, and the personal growth with it…

----- Ilona 01.12.09 00:57

this ring symbolises the neverending cycle of love for life my mother has. my mother, whom i have showed the least affection and the most aggression over the years of my adoptive parents. i found it very hard to come to terms with growing up but i’m an adult now and i want to thank her and show her the respect she deserves for making the fucking huge effort she made to raise me along with my dad in to who i am now. i look forwarding to seeing the look on her face when i give it to her as i return for the christmas holiday from university 300 miles away from home. y’know what, fuck it. i don’t need the ring to symbolise that, i’m going to start saying my own thank you now however i can. thank you

----- thomas stephens 01.12.09 01:01

I would propose to my boyfriend… we’ve been together for 11 years, and since it’s not such a big deal in Austria to get married we kind of agreed that it would only make sense to get married if we had kids. But starting a family is still one or two years away and I am itching to tie the knot next fall and pre kids :o)

----- Petra 01.12.09 01:03

Losing all I thought was important put me in a position to gain an constructive personal philosophy: When all the doors have been closed and there isn’t a window in sight you are left alone in a hallway. What a fortunate place because most of the growing takes place in the hallway.
For me this ring would be symbolic of the difficult times I have endured and the amazing growth that has taken place. It would also serve as a reminder to let all the tribulations enrich my life.
Growth is beautiful thanks life for all the shit I appreciate the fetilizer. Thanks for reading I am greatful for your time and consideration.

----- Ashley Miller 01.12.09 01:11

beauty and eternity…for me rings as simple as this, a perfect circle is the symbol of never ending…

----- barb 01.12.09 01:12

what an amazing ring!
i would definately give this to my friend, while she is small, and feels weak a lot of the time, she is really an amazing, beautiful person.

----- qwux 01.12.09 01:27

The ring would symbolize to me leaving my 3 year long “industrial design” university education and branching out into the world :D ! It would be the perfect memento for this start of my life.

----- Emma Jo 01.12.09 01:32

What really struck me about these pieces was how elegantly crafted and delicate they are. The branches are just like the first young sapling twigs of the season, so fresh, bright and verdant. It is a reminder that even after the darkest and coldest winter there is something beautiful to look forward to. I have gone through some pretty tough times recently in my life and it is reassuring to think about that.

----- Laura 01.12.09 01:36

There are not enough words to describe my love for the forest. I grew up in a remote northern Canadian area in which for 100s of km around me all there was was undisturbed forest. I grew literally with the forest in the back of my house. I would play in that forest every day. And now I live in a concrete jungle in which grass is only found in the parks and trees are meticulously planted for decoration. I miss the forest, the trees, the animals, the sounds, the smell. It’s like how one would miss a mother’s hug - you know - that one in which you burry your face into her chest and she holds you for that extra while longer. But now that we are grown up and social norms say that this comfort is no longer needed to make that scratch on your knee better.

----- Tina Y 01.12.09 01:41

for me it would be the best gift i gave to my mother, and for her, it would mean the world to her…

----- andrea 01.12.09 01:45

Estos anillos me traen recuerdos de la infancia, cuando éramos lo suficientemente pequeñas como para no haber tenido ninguna joya propia en casa… y, jugando en el parque, cogíamos ramitas de olivo, las anudábamos y nos las poníamos como auténticos anillos mágicos.
Todavía conservo alguno en algún cajón de casa de mis padres, entre collares de plástico y ganchos del pelo.

Es hermoso que ese anillo de infancia se haya transformado en una preciosa joya.

----- Luisa Marti 01.12.09 01:57

This ring would symbolise my appreciation for fine craftsmanship

----- Vijay 01.12.09 01:57


----- cassidy 01.12.09 01:58

I would love this ring as my wedding ring. I’m getting married next April and my husband-to-be is not only my soul mate, but also a tree surgeon. We met whilst camping and we both love being outdoors under the sky. He really wanted to our wedding to be in spring for the symbolism of new beginnings and growth, and this ring would fit not only that, but also the outdoors, rustic nature of our day. We’re getting married by a river in the English countryside, eating dinner in 2 huge teepees in the kitchen garden of an old manor house, lighting a campfire when it gets dark and spending our first night of married life in a tent. The rings are utterly beautiful and fit so perfectly with what we’re all about. Thanks

----- Sophie 01.12.09 02:07

These are beautiful rings. I’m getting married in the Spring and using one of these as my wedding band would be a dream come true. It would remind me every time I looked at my finger of the need to keep feeding and nurturing our relationship to help it grow, just as one would with a delicate plant.

----- Zoe 01.12.09 02:14

A new life; beautiful yet fragile. A reminder to remain human.

----- Rangga Sastrowardoyo 01.12.09 03:04

Well, let’s see if i can find the right words in english… Does anyone understand italian? No? Ok :D

I think this ring is contraddictory, like me, like everyone.
A ring, a circle, means something perfect and infinity…
But plants and trees and flower, or spring, means something cyclic and sometghing that is always changing.
This ring to me means a willing to find equilibrium through a frenetic and changin life.

----- Silvia Lambini 01.12.09 03:11

The branches signify the growth of life and of traversing through hardship. I would give it, either to my Mom, or my best friend, symbolisng our ever-lasting friendship that has went through thick and thin, through travelling around the world, and growing up together.

----- Tony 01.12.09 03:14

quite simply and i know a lot of people will probably say this, but growth.

----- Willy Harris 01.12.09 03:33

i always were looking for a beautiful ring for be with me every day.And i always wanted some “nature” ring….never had money (i’m 18) so i think if i win this ring this will be my every day ring who will symbolize my life..and make me brave…this ring will be me.And i want people ,when they see it, say “it’s marie”!


----- Marie Lou Duret 01.12.09 03:40

We artists from time to time experience lulls in our creative output, writers block, the fear of the blank canvas, or become discouraged by the undervaluation of art. This ring represents the creative impulse which we know will return like the spring. Remember this in the most desolate winter.

----- Beth Reatherford 01.12.09 03:56

my life will be unbreakable… even tohugh it may seem fragile… but beautiful

----- david 01.12.09 04:09

A wedding is the ultimate seal for a relationship, you have already got used to your partner and you can’t live without the other. A relationship does always have to grow and become more stronger, i think that’s one of many meanings the rings symbolize, natural growth in a relationship. The diamond is just a finishing touch , and although it’s not huge, it just absorbs your attention. And because it’s a round ring ( are there any others?), there’s no end and no beginning , you can always enjoy the benefits of a relationship. And above all, the ring is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship .

----- Pieter Casteleyn 01.12.09 04:22

This would remind me of home. Where ever that is.

----- Adina 01.12.09 04:23

this ring would represent my love of nature and my love of sparklies (obvious secret of nimh reference there?)

----- karlaanne 01.12.09 04:54

The Giving Tree is one of my favorite books. The life lesson is such an important one to remember and yet seems one of the easiest to forget — respect, love, thank, and nurture those around you that nourish you. Never take the ones you love for granted.

My grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just a few months ago. You learn so much about yourself and about the kind of person you are and want to be when having to take care of someone so sick. It put me in tune with not only her, but others that need someone. For instance, there was this little boy, barely 3 years old, who I learned about on the Caring Bridge who wasn’t going to make it until Christmas. His one wish was to have another Christmas, and I got several people in my family to send this little boy Christmas cards. It’s something I wouldn’t have noticed or even thought of before, not b/c I’m a cruel person, but because I took life for granted.

Given the design, this ring would be a symbol of not only my journey, but theirs as well, and new things I feel within myself and for the world thanks to people like my grandmother and that little boy.

----- Nicole 01.12.09 05:02

this ring would symbolize my own strenght and power. like trees that grow and get through the winter to blossom and come back to life in spring, i am going to get through the wrong period of my life. i lost my beloved job recently. there will be no engagement ring on my finger anytime soon (my boyfriend’s broken up with me a while ago) - and i think i do deserve something good happening to me right now. a little thing to make me blossom and make the juices flow again.

----- ag 01.12.09 05:11

The golden twig ring would mean so much to my mum. Always one to enjoy the outdoors and the nature we live in, she’s been very sick for quite some time and hasn’t done anything nice for herself, or even gone out somewhere where fancy rings would suit the occasion in a long time. It would be wonderful to give her this, as a symbol of my own childhood, growing up as a branch on the family tree, and help me to be close to her now that I live so far away!

----- lmclean 01.12.09 05:15

There are so many great comments here…

I would give it to my fiance who is everything to me.

----- Patrick 01.12.09 05:17

This ring would further my commitment to nature and a healthy living style for all humans, respecting what nature has to give to us. We are not robots, so why live like robots?

----- EugenS 01.12.09 05:27

Oh, that lovely ring would symbolize my 5 year anniversary. Me and my husband couldn’t afford to get fancy rings at our wedding, so winning this would be great!

----- Camila F. 01.12.09 05:29

Personally, this golden twig would symbolize the hope. The hope for more stability in the life. The ring itself symbolize security and infinite.

----- REMI 01.12.09 05:36

It would simbolize the union with my boyfriend, we just started a bussines together and we put all our money and heart in it, we work about 90 hours a week because we want this to work, and we decided to get married but, since he doesn´t have any money to buy me a ring, for now I´ám wearing a glass ring (made of a stone that looks like glass), but he often tells me how sad and unconfortable he feels that he is not able to gave me a “real” engagement ring. That´s why I would like this ring so he could feel happy and good with himself that I have a real ring.
An other thing, i just love the design of the ring, it´s not the tipical round ring it reminds me the times of the romantisism, when everything was more natural I just love it!

----- carolina galvez 01.12.09 05:42

My wife and I have had a long run of bad luck and hard times—Giving her this ring would represent a new beginning for her and for us.

----- Jon 01.12.09 05:46

Oh! Those rings are so lovely! I think if I won the ring it would remind me daily of our connection to the natural world, and would help me be mindful of being green every chance I get.

----- Lori 01.12.09 05:52

I’ve been in the process of searching for the ideal ring to propose to my long time girl friend and haven’t had much luck. Both of us are in the design field and are sometimes too critical of implementing objects into our lives. My main hold up is that she doesn’t really like or wear jewelry set with stones and most rings I (we) come across are fairly extravagant and gaudy. The simple natural band would create the ideal stage for this wonderful lady of mine, lover of animals and small birds and she who carries my love everyday.

Either way, I’ll probably look into getting a ring from you. Thank you for your fine craftsmanship! Well done.

----- Eric Hancock 01.12.09 05:53

The twig symbolizes resilience - the ability to bend without breaking - and growth. It is a great reminder that we must always remain flexible and always be growing and expanding, reaching for a higher level.

----- anissa 01.12.09 05:53

the golden twig would symbolize my career in the adult film industry. the explanation should be self-explanatory, and yes, scale is 1:1.

----- jay fung 01.12.09 06:00

it would mean to me the roots of love to my girlfriend a wounderful gift…

----- Roland Kreiter 01.12.09 06:08

I feel that the golden twig would symbolize growth to me. I am going though a time in my life where I am go though a lot of changes and growing up right now.

----- Dana 01.12.09 06:14

could be like have a piece of a tale in your finger!!


----- Mim 01.12.09 06:16

WOW never seen so much comments, but here we go. I feel i must give it a try…

I’ve been travelling around the US and central america last year on a motorcycle with a good friend. I had to miss my girlfriend of 6 years (together at 18 years) that long. Its been a wild rocky ride and i never missed someone so deep and have longed for her so much. Being on the road in such an adventure learns you what matters. And thats just simply love…. She was so great letting me live the adventure of my life. I wanna give her back the thing she wants most: ME and our love. Of course, after riding the world i’m kind of broke, but have never been so rich. I just want to make her happy with this nice ring and promise her in Paris we will be together the rest of our lives…

That ring you guys are giving away is 1) beautifull 2) very credible :)
and most important 3) will put a smile on her face everytime she looks at it!

Her name is Ruth, My name is Stijn. And we LOVE eachother

----- stijn 01.12.09 06:35

I would love this ring simply because my girlfriend doesnt have any expensive or beautiful jewelry such as this and I know it would make her christmas if I was able to give her something as beautiful as this ring.

----- Quinn 01.12.09 06:35

The golden twig symbolizes the way life is to me. We are made from nature in the sense that every single thing that support us somehow are made from nature. Whatever it is whether it is our clothing and even the essential things that kept humans alive which is like air and water. All of this are nature. If the sentence ‘you are what you eat’ is true, then we are nature since we survive on nature. So the nature creates a never ending circle represented by the twigs as we survive by consuming nature and yet when we die, we are consumed by nature. The gold and diamonds in the ring represent what we made of life that is given by nature and given back to the nature as we breathe our last breathe. The gold and diamonds are all the memories in our life that makes life different from any creatures in the world. We left behind memories and make history. We preserved life written by us through this memories which makes the supposedly easily fading twigs and leaves into gold and diamond which will never fade. These are what the golden twig represents to me.

----- Febe Chong 01.12.09 06:37

a ring is a power token. it could change you forever.

----- Peter 01.12.09 06:40

I am brazilian and I’m sure that there isn’t any ring like this one here in Brazil. I would love having one.

----- Carla Andrade Maricato 01.12.09 06:42

That ring is beautiful. I have a hard time finding jewelry because usually everything is too big or too…. complex for my tastes. I hate the feel of heavy things sometimes. This ring is delicate and pretty and looks light(ish).

I’m studying at law school far away from home and that ring with the twig design reminds me to be strong, but a little bend is ok… ya know? I know that sounds stupid, but its getting super close to finals and I’m super stressed out and missing my friends and family and they keep telling me to be strong and just work hard, and I’m trying, but I know its ok sometimes to just take a break and breath a little and maybe even cry to let the stress out. Twigs sometimes look weak and fragile, but some have a surprising amount of strength, some resist strong winds and hail and animals and people despite there fragility.

----- Kate 01.12.09 06:48

The gold twig band would serve as a secret affirmation to me that I am doing just fine. This year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to do anything that doesn’t make me happy. I quit my paying job and started to investigate being present in the place where I live. Among many pleasant activities which include exercise and eating vegan,(all new to me),I take walks photographing the ground beneath my feet including bits of twigs and leaves. I make maps of these walks and then I stitch them onto fabric.

----- Christine M 01.12.09 07:06

As any person who has been married long knows, a loving relationship must be continually renewed. Thus the twig branches of this ring symbolize the seasonal renewal the tree goes through as in the fall it sloughs off the old leaves and in the spring buds with the new. Only through this process can the tree survive year after year, just like a marriage.

----- Erin P 01.12.09 07:10

This might sound negative, but it’s really more of a “plant your own garden” type thing. I’d love to have this ring because it’s something beautiful that I’d like to buy for myself, but since I am doing the independent woman thing, can’t afford right now. It would represent my loyalty to myself and not settling in relationships, which as selfish as it sounds is the truth I need to grow (like the tree…cute, right?). I am a 25 year old art teacher, romantic yet jaded, and very much still blooming.

----- MaryKate Mela 01.12.09 07:12

I’m a bit older now (45), and in love with a beautiful MAN.
Your ring symbolizes LOVE for me, amazing beginning.
MAN has changed my life, i diserve something special like this ring.

----- Jasminka 01.12.09 07:12

I grew up in the country, but now I’m a city girl. Sometimes, it’s amazing how much I miss just seeing trees. But if I had this golden twig on my finger, I could have a little bit of the country with me all the time—even when walking down the trash-lined streets of my new home, Jersey City. Beautiful work!!

----- Sarah H. 01.12.09 07:14

Love, life and beauty!

----- Wolfie 01.12.09 07:16

oh, the gold and diamonds represent my birthday, too! SWEEET.

----- MaryKate Mela 01.12.09 07:18

I want this ring because I finally have someone to give it to.

----- Gavin 01.12.09 07:21

Hi :)
This is my first time leaving a note there, though I’m looking at Notcot almost everyday.
Of course, I’m leaving the note hoping that maybe this really beautiful golden twig will belong to me after that !

It makes me think of this famous french proverb (I’m french) that says that the reed / twig can fold under turbulences but never brakes. I think this also is a beautiful reference to marriage, that can maybe “fold” or “stumble” but should never end !

I’m quite romantic, and not yet married, and I hope that once I’ll do it, it’ll be for the entire life, and I’ll try to my best to keep it this way.

With love,

----- Sandie 01.12.09 07:28

“sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is so true for this year of my life…but it’s the actions of others that broke me down. i’ve been building myself back up, mending it all back together, as the year closes… i would LOVE to proudly wear this ring.

----- elle 01.12.09 07:34

What a beautiful ring! I love jewelry that shows off the beautiful shapes of nature. If I won, this ring would be to me a constant reminder of the cyclical tendencies of life, and that even when I’m in the midst of a cold and dreary winter, it won’t be long until new life begins to bloom.

----- Meaghan 01.12.09 07:38

I am about to turn 27 and this ring would symbolize a fresh start for me. No more caring about what anyone else thinks about me. This year its all about me and doing what makes me feel good. Putting myself out there, out on a branch. :)

----- kaitlin 01.12.09 07:39

I would give this ring to my mom who is truly the root from which our family tree springs from. Her love and support has guided me (and the rest of my family) through so many struggles and this would be a great way to show her how much she means to me. Thanks!

----- Sara 01.12.09 07:39

Wearing this beautiful golden twig ring would symbolize that there is no end or beginning to the universe, nature, energy, relationships, and love.

----- Tracy 01.12.09 07:49

this ring would symbolize a life together with my lovely wife who I wasn’t able to buy her the ring she deserves :’(

----- james wignall 01.12.09 07:54

Every time I would look at this ring, it would remind me to keep putting the pedal to the metal.


----- Natalie Marion 01.12.09 08:00

My husband, Van, had a pacemaker installed in April which resulted in a life-threatening MRSA infection, hospitalizations, rehab and his not returning home to stay until mid-June. To give thanks for Van’s recovery Phillip Magnuson, Music Professor at University of Dayton, accepted a commission to compose a Gloria for the St. George’s choir. It was gloriously sung as an offertory Nov. 22 as part of parish festivities.
In this season of Advent, a time of new beginnings, it would be fitting to tangibly celebrate Light and Life with a new ring symbolizing love that continues through ‘sickness and health’.

----- Marjo van Patten 01.12.09 08:01

I am totes feeling that twig. Me is disposable, banal, common, trivial, fragile, almost detritus. But but but! With the confluence of events, and an openness to grow, I can co-exist beautifully, with strength and grace, with the most luxurious and desirable of objects, a diamond.

----- Maria 01.12.09 08:02

Winning this ring would be… well, winning this ring. And there is really no other feel that can compare to winning (whether you are competitive or not). BUT these rings are BEAUTIFUL. From concept to craftsmanship. Both of which I believe are too often under valued.

----- Emma 01.12.09 08:10

Stay rooted. I’m far from home, but I still came from the same tree.

----- Tiffany 01.12.09 08:12

As a single gal who has no intentions of ever getting hitched, the chances of ever receiving a ring is probably never. I would love this ring, as a symbol of my independence and that beautiful diamonds are for single gals too.

----- Winnie 01.12.09 08:16

The ring would symbolize a WEED that cannot be stifled like the love i have for my wife who would look waaay better in this ring than any of the other respondents.

----- eli 01.12.09 08:20

The ring would be a symbol of not being able to let go of someone, but continueing having faith in that person to someday come back into my life. Even though I try my hardest to just let go of that person, I know I can’t and never will. So I would use the ring as fatih, hope, strength, trust but also loss.

----- Meikei 01.12.09 08:21

this ring is poetic and inspiring.
with it, my finger would be
like the rings of a tree.
growth in form.
branches that reach out to touch.

i would love to wear this

----- Diana 01.12.09 08:22

Hi, i just love the little details to celebrate amazing things in my life, I feel lucky with my girlfriend celebrating ten years together and this is the right time to propose marriage whith a beautiful and delicate detail like this.
for me, she is my gift, and always will be

----- Raúl 01.12.09 08:23

This represents the continuum of life

----- Alice Root 01.12.09 08:25

To me, such a ring would symbolize new beginnings, a bountiful future, strength, and stability (I’ve recently started a new business venture!). It would be a promise to myself to live as green, organically, and healthy as possible (While I’ve always been conscious of the environment, I have taken larger steps to make a bigger impact and I am trying to commit to them) Thanks for the opportunity!!

----- Amelia Chan 01.12.09 08:29

on october 12th my Best friend visited my country, we have been messenger pals for more than 2 years and finally he came to visit me. he lives in New orleans and i live in central america el salvador. and although he feels something for me i have never considered him something else. when i went to the airport to pick him up and i saw him for the first time my stomach sunk and i started to hear bells. his eyes are so deep dark and his smile won me instantly. I had bought him a rose but when i saw that her aunt went and picked him too, and cut the steam of the rose in a fashion that only the flower was able to fit my closed fist. when her aunt went to fetch the car i came on him and said hi he smiled back and i gave him the rose and he put it in his pocket. 3 days later he proposed and i said yes.. i still have the stem of the rose with me, every day it reminds me that i started to change my life in a world were two guys have to hide to say i love you.

----- Walter E 01.12.09 08:30

To me, this ring would symbolize growth and beauty. Branches can grow around obstacles that come in their way, and I strive to do the same. It also reminds me to recognize the beauty in all things—from diamonds and gold to twigs.

----- Libby 01.12.09 08:34

hi, notcot is a website i check everyday for inspiration but i have never commented before. This ring is beautiful and wining it would mark a year that has defined my strength and solidarity in myself.I feel this year like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This year i have finally learned to love myself and feel compassion for others and the environment. I believe being human is connecting with the world around you and nature is to be respected, preserved and loved for us to be able to live a healthy humans. this beautiful ring symbolizes to me the struggle between modern and traditional. i would wear in celebration of myself, as a reminder of my own strength and a reminder to be compassionate to others around me. I may not deserve this ring as much as others but i promise to love it and would look at it and remind myself to be positive and do good, instead of getting caught up in materialism, judgments of others or anger.

----- michelle 01.12.09 08:35

Gorgeous! I love the organic shapes of these rings, and the little buds on the twigs.

----- Daphne 01.12.09 08:41

AWESOME holiday GIFT for my FIANCEE that she would TRULY APPRECIATE and I probably CAN’T AFFORD as I’m about to GET BRACES! Winning this might also stem the HURT that getting BRACES will inflict on my WALLET/SELF ESTEEM (j/k…sorta)!!! Thanks.

----- neil cotterill 01.12.09 08:46

The twigs represent forests which are mysterious and constantly changing. This twig ring as a beautiful closed circle will be a visual reminder of my growth in fulfilling dreams and visions. And the sparkly diamond as hope within the branches.

----- Mariana Chan 01.12.09 08:48

the ring means nothing. she means everything…

----- eliot 01.12.09 08:48

The magical lady behind Bittersweets NY does an amazing job of adorning her wearers with fun jewels, but she’s also got that amazing ability to see beauty in the mundane. These pretty twig rings are just another example of how she reminds us, every day, to marvel at the little things in life. Like those vampire teeth necklaces. They just make people happy in the little ways that make you smile to yourself hours later. So, I hope that whoever wins this ring is the sort of girl who grins in the street when her favorite song plays on shuffle, who remembers to water her plants, and frequently muses about the fact that everyday is a gift not to be taken for granted.

Remember to Breathe

----- Jacqueline 01.12.09 08:49

this ring would symbolize the start of my new live, with my husband, my lovely 4 month old boy and the new confidence i got from them!

----- sarah 01.12.09 08:51

Hmm…I’d have to say this ring would symbolize ‘change’ if I wore it. I wear 2 other petite gold rings at all times, given to me by my father: One I received for my 9th birthday while visiting family overseas for the first time, the other I received for my 16th birthday, marking my entry into “young-adulthood”. Now at 26, I’ve come to a point where I’m comfortable where I am, but ready to make some new life changes, and just need to take the first leap!

----- HeatHeat 01.12.09 08:53

i would just rock the ring!

----- rica 01.12.09 09:02

Hi! I would love to wear that beautiful ring because it looks like the twigs of my beloved little bonsai ♥

----- Andrea 01.12.09 09:04

I would wear this ring and think of adventure. Of getting lost in the woods and exploring nature. Sort of a romantic freeing feeling like breathing sharp winter air.

----- KC Aillene 01.12.09 09:07

Oh, that ring is so gorgeous. I would wear it as a reminder to pursue the new things in my life with passion and purpose.

----- Aurora 01.12.09 09:08

This twig branch inspired ring symbolizes the rebirth of life. No one really knows what came first (chicken or egg, seed or plant). There isn’t an official ending and there really isn’t a straight forward beginning—it just is and you have to live it.

----- Sandi 01.12.09 09:11

A golden twig would symbolize all the times I have been on the edge and about to snap but didn’t. Keep calm and carry on.

----- Lara 01.12.09 09:16

For me, the Bittersweet Twig Ring would symbolize being grounded. Wood in general has that feel to me. It’s not really something that comes naturally to me… It’s there; it’s just something that I have to work at. I have a twig tattooed on the bottom of my foot for this reason. I think it’d be quite fitting (and extremely cool) to mirror my twig tattoo with a the Bittersweet Twig Ring.

----- Jessica Leigh 01.12.09 09:29

After five years with my boyfriend he still hasn’t offered me a diamond and I am way too broke to every buy one for myself. This ring could be the diamond that means more than any romantic jesture, it could symbolize not needing it from someone else.

----- Danielle 01.12.09 09:30

When I was in high school, our school’s mascot was a dove. I was not able to purchase the school ring. As I have “left the nest” I will not forget where I came from. I am now a senior in college and I have seen myself mature and grow by helping people. The twig would symbolize maturity and independence gained from past experiences.

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 01.12.09 09:41

Such a beautiful ring and a great image of growth. I think of trees as growing out and reaching for life giving objects: light, water, air. With this wrapped around your loved ones finger it symbolizes growth and change. Love it, and the attention to detail in the NY shop. As a recent MN -> NYC transplant I miss the days surrounded by lush trees.

----- JSunder 01.12.09 09:50

The buds of trees hold new saplings, new life. Sprigs bridge generations, binding the strength of roots to the fertility of flowers. Quiet and intense, growing and sure, these rings embody the ties that bind two together, connecting them to each other and to past and future generations.

----- m.g. 01.12.09 10:03

To me this ring represents eternity. A never ending moment that I get to share with my beautiful wife. She is just like the ring in that she to has a delicate nature. This ring would be a true testament to our eternal ever renewing love to one another.

----- Ernesto O 01.12.09 10:04

What this beautiful ring symbolizes for me:

Luck & Beauty: Two things that you need to seek out, jump upon, and be eternally grateful for.

Fingers very tightly crossed!


----- Anne Casselman 01.12.09 10:04

My fiance and I have had a rough last year. We went through numerous situations that tried our trust, our bond, and our commitment. In the end, we’re going to be okay, but this ring is a bold symbol of our love: its both beautiful and delicate but takes patience and dedication to hone, but symbolizes our growth as a couple. It would make a wonderful Christmas present, especially this year, when gifts will be light as we prepare to purchase our first home. Thanks NOTCOT and Bittersweets!

----- Corey Lane 01.12.09 10:10

I would were this ring to symbolize my cousin, she passed due to cancer and loved to sit outside under the oat tree. This, she said is what she would miss most. This ring is absolutely beautiful.

----- Ashley Marin 01.12.09 10:10

Simple elegance….

----- JTay 01.12.09 10:10

What the ring would mean to me: My husband and I were never able to agree and/or afford a wedding band for my engagement ring. This would compliment my ring perfectly and people would stop asking my if I was engaged ;)

----- Stephanie 01.12.09 10:11

This ring would symbolize that even in dead or cast off situations or relationships there is new life in them that can be found by reforming and shaping them into something completely new and suprising beautiful. I would love to give this ring to my mother- our relationship is constantly being reformed, reshaped and renewed into something beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win, caskent@gmail.com

----- Cassie 01.12.09 10:12

Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, how do you measure their worth?


----- Elise 01.12.09 10:20

To me this ring would symbolise light and the knowledge that it will always come again. Growth and the knowledge that it is always possible, however painful.

----- Cara 01.12.09 10:20

I really like the branch style of the rings, because it reminds me of growth in nature and how that’s just a part of life. The ring for me would be a symbol of beginning anew.

----- Sarah 01.12.09 10:23

I would love to win this beautiful ring! I took intro to jewllery last semester, and I remember all of the work, pain and commitment that it takes to make a ring, or any peice of handmade jewelery! I would love this ring because I would love to have a constant reminder of nature on my finger. It would help me feel connected to the earth! And I haven’t had anything beautiful in a long time!

----- Amanda 01.12.09 10:24

I would give this ring to a dear friend. She lost her husband last year who she always referred to as her oak. I would love to give her this ring to remind her that even the smallest twig can be replanted and grow into a sturdy tree. No matter how small she feels, she can become her own oak.

----- Alej 01.12.09 10:27

My grandmother passed away three weeks ago and this ring reminds me of her. It’s whimsical and looks organic. It reminds me of stems or branches tied together. When I was little, my grandmother would make me rings and necklaces out of flower stems and just looking at this ring brought back a memory I hadn’t thought of in a long time.

----- Melanie Everhart 01.12.09 10:30

I’m a webdesigner who can love, appreciate and value good design,that’s one of the reasons NOTCOT has been my favorite source of inspiration. I love that these rings are inspired by nature. But what I love the most it’s the creation process, the photos shows every single step! Love that!

I’d like to say that as designers we always look for inspiration.. but what is in front of our eyes all the time, and we sometimes don’t value as we should, it’s NATURE. I’ve respect people who are capable and creative and look beyond what tends to be superficial on our modern world to create beauty with their art.

I’m not a person who likes to wear lot’s of jewelry, as a matter of fact I’m just wearing my graduation ring.. But I do like the delicate design, makes it so unique that I’d LOVE to have it as my second ring.

----- Carmen Nova 01.12.09 10:34

To me, this ring represents how we were born from nature and will become a permanent part of the universe when our souls leave. The twig circle represents the life cycle of all living things. The diamond represents the relatively short, but precious time that humans have lived on this earth.

----- Maria 01.12.09 10:38

wow! those are amazing rings! i would want to give it to my mother-in-law to replace the wedding band that she grew out of.

----- britt 01.12.09 10:43

I cant believe how beautiful this ring is. It is so unique. I have never seen anything like it before. I have had a very tough year. My son was born very early (28 weeks) and he only weighed 2 lbs!! He is as strong as a oak. He is growing and growing and very healthy. I am not doing as well. This ring would be a constant reminder of how strong my son is, and will help me to keep going each day. I really hope to win it.

----- Sarah 01.12.09 10:43

As a sailor and rower, these winter months when I’m not on the water seem agonizingly long. To me, this ring would be both a constant connection to nature while I’m stuck indoors, and a reminder that if I can just make it through the winter spring is going to be awesome.

----- Liz 01.12.09 10:45

What a beautiful ring! It would remind me that nature is still alive even when the ground is covered with snow.

----- Debbie 01.12.09 10:45

If I got my hands on this ring I would give it to my mother, who just moved away from our old house in the woods to the city, to symbolize my childhood home.

----- Ryan 01.12.09 10:45

I would like this ring as a wonderful gift for my younger sister. She is in her senior year of college and will be graduating this upcoming May. She is hoping to join the PeaceCorps but is confused as to which direction to go in life. As the older sister, I am trying to help lead her down the right path…but only she knows what that path is for her. This ring would be a constant reminder for her that all is not lost in any situation and life, and that her older sister is always here for guidance and love no matter where she ends up! It’s a beautiful ring, and one that could really mean alot to me and my sister

----- Kate Ham 01.12.09 10:48

About one year ago, I left a career in business to dive into a less certain (except for the certainty of a tiny paycheck) vocation I had always dreamed of but was too afraid to pursue: writing. It has been terrifying at times, exhilarating at many others, and an adventure that always seems to have surprises waiting around every corner. Without a doubt, this has been a rebirth. And I couldn’t have done it without the unwavering support and encouragement of my husband. So what better way to symbolize this change, this dawning of not just a new career but a new life, than a ring that also reminds me of the unbroken support of my husband.

----- Kristin 01.12.09 10:49

I would wear this ring for no particular reason, aside from the fact that it’s gorgeous and handmade. It’s understated and simple, and I love that. No need for an epic story with it.

----- Jamie 01.12.09 10:52

I would give this to the love of my life. I think it would represent the organic and beautiful relationship we’ve cultivated over the years.

It would make her happy.

----- Cameron Frantz 01.12.09 10:53

This ring, to me, symbolizes rebirth. It’s a beautiful and delicate ring, much like life itself. I would give this ring to a friend of mine who has had a difficult year. Her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer while she was pregnant with her third child. Due to effects of the chemo, they couldn’t have physical contact while he was on chemo.

----- Sylvia 01.12.09 10:58

I have been a huge fan of Bittersweets for years… *but alas, never have extra $*
It is so beautiful to see the process! I am a painter, and work stations are such an inspiration. (Lots of gorgeous potential energy!)
I’d love to keep this for myself, but I know that I’d give it to my best friend and sister- Who just moved to NYC to be with me in the worst economy of all time (and after a bad breakup)- she definitely could use something like this to represent the move towards new and promising beginnings.

Thanks! Awesome work, as always.

----- Nikki 01.12.09 10:58

The rings remind me of being a kid and playing outside without a care in the world. It brings memories of daisy chain necklaces, headband and rings flooding back. It almost symbolizes that childlike innocence and the simplicity of life then.

----- Sky 01.12.09 10:59

Relationship is like a golden tree, sometimes needs pruning, watering and feeding, there are flowers to admire and fruits to pick. This beautiful ring is the symbol of commitment, fulfillment and contentment. Full circle.

----- Cecile 01.12.09 11:00

That ring is so beautiful - just the thing for my sister who is graduating this spring. It symbolizes a new beginning for her AND to make things even more perfect, she is going to graduate school for paleobotany. And these twigs are preserved almost as well in gold as in the fossils she studies!

----- Jenny 01.12.09 11:04

I would love, love, love to have this ring. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

The ring would symbolize staying true to myself.

----- Megan S. 01.12.09 11:07

what a gorgeous ring. For me, it would symbolize hope and the reawakening of spring. my family is barely keeping our heads above water and hoping winter is quick and warm. it’s much less expensive in the warmer months.

----- melissa 01.12.09 11:07

This is beautiful! This ring would remind me that anything is possible and that even in hard times, good things come along. I hope it finds its way to me :)

----- Anna 01.12.09 11:08

It would symbolize my husbands love for me!

----- AM GILSTRAP 01.12.09 11:09

What a beautiful ring - it would symbolize my daughter’s first Christmas!

----- Jenny 01.12.09 11:11

This is beautiful! I’m not a huge jewelry person, but I could see myself wearing this every day. To me it represents how interconnected we all are - with each other and the earth. My husband and I are wanting to expand our family through adoption, and this makes me think of the connections with my new child and his/her birth family that will be formed - even though I have no idea how or when that may happen.

----- Megan 01.12.09 11:13

I would love to give this to my daughter as a purity ring!

----- Sharri Borowski 01.12.09 11:13

These rings are so delicate and beautiful and unique. Because the band itself on this ring is so delicate, it almost represents life in general to me. I mean the twiggy nature of it reminds me of seasons and how they change and therefore how life changes, and everything progresses, there is no turning back. However, because it is a ring, and therefore a circle, it represents life in its full entity - that no matter how seasons change and how people are born and die every day, and how the world turns, and we live in this wonderful sphere, never knowing what is going to happen, yet all of us, so different, yet so the same. It represents life and us, and connectivity of nature and humanity, life and death, world, spirituality. It is like the twigs are joined together, just like all of us and everything that surrounds us is joined by some force that cannot be explained but just lived. There is also antiquity in this ring, which is beautiful and sparks fairy tales and history for me. I love fairy tales and studying history, and looking at this ring also evokes magical thoughts that are not of reality. So altogether, I guess the ring would symbolize a lot to me, considering I wrote so much, but this is just what comes to mind :)

----- Anna 01.12.09 11:15

OMG I just wanted to say the rings are gorgeous and the work is amazing!
For me the ring would represent hope and faith for new life and beginnings. We are expecting triplets after suffering many losses. Instead of growing weary we grew stronger in faith as time passed and soon we will have the chance to hold the beginning branches of our family tree.

----- Monica W. 01.12.09 11:16

Hey NotCot,

Most rings have the same boring look and feel; however, this twig ring from Bittersweets NY is simply sweet! It’s branch look is so interesting and original. Just being able to see photos of the process alone satisfies my appetite for creative, cool, and simple everyday things.

Thanks for sharing this fascinating finding!

Happy Holidays,


----- Kelly Pan 01.12.09 11:24

This ring would symbolize the start of a new year for me, like a twig growing out new leaves. I need to start over and just do things right and this ring would be a wonderful reminder for me to do that.

----- Nina 01.12.09 11:26

I LOVE the rings!
the design is simple and beautiful.. a perfect choice for my parents who are going to have a recommitment wedding in January to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary…

my mom would love this :)

----- Steph 01.12.09 11:26

I would give this to my mom. She wears stacks of rings on her ring finer. Two simple gold bands representing her and my father, her engagement ring, her wedding ring, and then three more plain gold rings, one for each of her children. At 5, 10, and 15 years of marriage (They are at 22 now) she received another gold ring. The last three rings she planned on passing on to her children and so when I got married, true to her word, she gave me one of her gold bands. I wear it on my right ring finger and every time I look down, I think of her. I would love to give her a ring back and the twig aestheic would be perfect… After all, a twig is a small branch, and a branch is an extention of a tree and I am an extension of my mother and my family. Kind of silly, but it makes sense to me!

----- Nicole 01.12.09 11:28

It means a new addition for a couple starting a family. Each branch representing a child growing each year and becoming stronger and more beautiful as the years go by but always remaining part of the family.

----- Carol 01.12.09 11:31

Nature informs my reality - my husband’s profession (landscape architect), my thesis project (urban agriculture), the way we garden (with natives), the way we eat (local), and ultimately the way we live (with gnomes) - why not inform the way we dress? It never ceases to amaze me the creative and unique art nature inspires. This ring would symbolize the utter fascination nature holds for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

----- Elisa 01.12.09 11:31


Mother nature can be everywhere! This ring for me, shows that you can be one with the nature even by doing one simple thing.

It is truly AMAZING! I have never seen a ring so unique and inspired!

----- Sophia 01.12.09 11:32

Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the ring-making process — very interesting and informative! Makes me appreciate the art more now that I see how hard and precise one has to be!
I would love to win the twig ring because it would symbolize my relationship — pieces (of twigs) when joined together make us complete.

----- bunnyb 01.12.09 11:32

purity ring
lost under oak tree

----- Kris 01.12.09 11:32

This ring is exquisite and I would wear it to symbolize the interconnectedness of all around me; I could use a constant visual reminder of this as I begin my training as a yoga instructor.

----- Julie 01.12.09 11:32

To me the ring represents continued life through organ donations. I was blessed to give my daughter one of my kidneys when hers failed, life is amazing! My son summed it best when he argued with a commercial that said “tis the season of sharing” he bluntly said “What, thats wrong! Its the season of giving! I would love to give her this ring for Christmas!

----- Georgia 01.12.09 11:33

What beautiful rings! My husband and I were married in July. I wish I had seen these rings then. Of course, it’s not too late…right!?!?

----- Rebecca Jones 01.12.09 11:34


----- joe 01.12.09 11:34

To me this ring would symbolize growing. With facing the idea’s of where my lifes going to lead it with university choices would symbolize to bend like the twig does; instead of snapping under pressure.

----- Abby 01.12.09 11:36

The twig ring is gorgeous! Great concept. For me it would symbolize my children-the greatest inspirations in my life.

----- Sarah 01.12.09 11:36

This ring would become a gift from me to my daughter to symbolize the continuation of life, family, and traditions, and for her to pass on to her own daughter someday.

----- Nicole 01.12.09 11:37

I would love to win this ring. While I do have a wedding ring from my husband, this ring would represent to me a symbol I would wear on my right hand to represent my son.

----- Jessica Brower 01.12.09 11:41

I would love to win Bittersweet’s Golden Twig Ring. This ring would symbolize continuous growth for me as a person. Thanks for the chance!

----- Kerianne 01.12.09 11:47

This ring would symbolize nature and beauty. Im an avid tree hugger and this ring would be perfect.

----- mary richerson 01.12.09 11:49

@tyaraputri, will you marry me?

----- Ritchie Ned Hansel 01.12.09 11:49

The life-long commitment everyone should make is to themselves! No one had ever made me feel like I could spend the rest of my life with them like Cody did. He made me bawl at weddings-on TV, and consider surrendering my body to have his children.

A year ago, he took a job his dead-beat dad got for him, and lost his soul to the stock market. Last Thursday, he broke up with me before going to my father’s house for Thanksgiving. For all the love I gave him, he trampled my spirit and artistic ambition. He thought I should be seen, and not heard.

Now it’s as if that big gray cloud muddying up my creativity has been blasted out of the sky. I am amazing, and I love myself! I deserve all that life can offer, and so do you.

The beauty and natural simplicity of this ring means many things to many people. The most splendid things in this world derive from within ourselves, and within nature. To me it is an outward symbol of the true nature of all our hearts. If only we could all be as honest as this ring! It is a reminder. Love yourself!

----- Emily 01.12.09 11:52

In my last year of college, I find myself at the endpoint of an 8-year 100-pound weight loss. It’s been a long journey, and I’m still learning to recognize my own beauty and fully embrace myself as a healthy, bright, and beautiful young woman. For me, this ring symbolizes who I am. It’s a literal reminder of my roots, where I’ve come from and all that I’ve been through; and like me, the ring was formed and shaped in a creative and unique process. At the same time, the ring also reflects the beauty and confidence that I’ve gained along the way and am now coming to accept. After this empowering but challenging journey, what a gift it would be!

----- Emily 01.12.09 11:52

This ring is stunning. I think it could represent organic growth in my life. A constant reminder that I’m always evolving, changing, adapting, and learning. We are a product of our environments (aka nature)!

----- rebecca f. 01.12.09 11:53

Often times we forget that we are all constantly growing or ‘budding’ into new versions of ourselves. This ring would serve as a reminder to never stop growing, and would encourage me to support others as they grow!

----- ali 01.12.09 11:54

simply beautiful. with such a natural/organic feel this ring would remind me that the most beautiful of things are found amongst nature.

----- Amanda 01.12.09 11:54

This ring is gorgeous. I love the simplicity of it and I have an obsession with trees so the twigs really speak to me. This has been a very difficult year with multiple, really hard things that have happened. One event was my home being robbed where all my jewelry was stolen. I’d love to have this ring as a symbol of strength and tenderness… to keep moving in gratitude, no matter how hard things get. And if I look carefully, I’ll always find the blessing. That is what this ring would represent to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful gift.

----- Angie Platten 01.12.09 11:57

The twig symbolizes the things in live that appear fragile and easily broken are actually stronger than they appear. It means valuing my self worth and that there’s always tomorrow to prove somebody wrong.

----- Laura S 01.12.09 11:58

The ring would represent my Christian faith as a vine and the growth I’ve seen in my own life through knowing God.

----- Hana K. 01.12.09 12:00

The golden twig ring would have so much meaning for me this year. I just had a new baby boy and already have a 3 year old little girl it would symbolize the growth of my family and the love that we share. It was a hard year but we got through it and added to the family that I love so much!! It is such a beautiful ring and an amazing process to get it made..great work.

----- Angela 01.12.09 12:02

The band would represent my undying love for life and design and how they interact in a never-ending circle.

----- Masa 01.12.09 12:02

This ring would symbolize my humble roots in East Texas. The simplicity of the ring is what makes it so breath-taking. The simple and clear lines are the essence of the simple life and remind us to step away from the crowded lives we all seem to pursue.

----- Jennifer Sherer 01.12.09 12:04

I would give it to my Mom as a thank-you for raising and nuturing me. (Cliche, I know, but it’s true.)

----- Celestia 01.12.09 12:05

For me it would represent hope. It would be a reminder to me that life goes on even after you feel like you’ve lost so much. I would love to win this beautiful ring!

----- Kara 01.12.09 12:08

Wearing this ring, seeing it everyday, would be a daily reminder of just how important nature is in our life. A reminder also to take time to smell the roses!

----- Anna 01.12.09 12:09

This ring to me would symbolize my grandmother. She was my role model and inspiration. She became very sick. The night I was to visit her I ended up going to practice and decided I would visit her the next day. Well, that night she fell into a coma and never woke up. She passed away about a month later. I have never forgiven myself for not going to see her that night. She loved to garden and this ring reminds me of happier times when we would plant things and just enjoy each others company. I know that she is always with me and this ring would be a great reminder to me that you should never take for granted the time you have with loved ones because you never know when they will be taken away.

----- Crystal C 01.12.09 12:11

I love the simplicity of the style, yet it’s so meaningful…all things should get back to the basics, don’t you think? These rings are gorgeous and I would be proud to wear one.

----- Connie 01.12.09 12:18

A love of nature! This is a beautiful ring!

----- Amber Vasquez 01.12.09 12:20

The first thought that came into my mind before even I read the question was “hey, i made real ones like these when I was a kid.”
that is why, Memories. This ring would symbolize for my memories and how important memories are for me.

----- David Alano 01.12.09 12:21

I would love to wear this ring. To me it would remind me of my love of nature. Living in the city, sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are beautiful forests and mountains out there!

----- Anna S 01.12.09 12:21

I have been waiting and saving money to buy a ring to propose to my pregnant girlfriend with but I haven’t been able to save money because we are buying things we need for the baby! She would love this ring and I’m sure it would give me some luck with the proposal!

----- Darrough 01.12.09 12:21

This ring would be a resemblance of my commitment to the Earth that my family and I have made together. We have three kids and they know the importance of taking care of the enviroment the best we can.

----- Elizabeth 01.12.09 12:24

I can try or tell you a story, but the truth is my wife and her life with it will give it a story. It begins when Lisa sees it for the first time, over a late night glass of wine at our favorite restaurant. I can see her eyes sparkling and drowning out all the background chatter. She might ask me to slide it on her and I oblige gently, looking up at her trying to catch a glimpse of her happiness. And then Lisa will build a story for this ring with the places she sees, the experiences she has, and hopefully every time she gets to show it to a requesting admirer, she will not only remember the moment, but how much I love her just now.

----- Mark 01.12.09 12:28

Love this ring… It reminds me of my grandfather and it would be a great symbol to wear in honor of him.

----- Jennie 01.12.09 12:30

This ring is being given away just in time for my 2 year wedding anniversary. We used twigs and branches in our decor for that night and celebrated in a winter wonderland. This ring would bring back memories of that wonderful day everytime I wear it.

----- Jenna 01.12.09 12:33

The ring reminds me of the woman that I want to be. I hope to continue to be a strong woman yet delicate and resourceful. Looking down at my hand everyday with this gorgeous ring on my hand would be that constant reminder to be fearless yet fragile.

----- Claudia Davis 01.12.09 12:35

The ring takes my breath away!

----- Cheryl Moore 01.12.09 12:38

This ring would mean to me new beginnings and stepping out to take risks for myself. It would symbolize not waiting for someone to put a ring on my finger to convince me I’m lovable but putting a ring on my own finger to symbolize I’m lovable all on my own.

----- Ashley 01.12.09 12:39

These twig rings are absolutely stunning! Twigs represent so much of my life that I don’t have as much anymore. I have always lived - as much I can - in the outdoors, but since I moved from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada to Wyoming 2 years ago, one of the biggest things that I miss are the full bodied trees and small broken twigs that fall to the forest floor. We just don’t get those kinds of trees or forests down here. My sister and I used to make all kinds of “jewelery” out of found twigs and leaves, and nothing would keep those memories alive better than one of your gorgeous creations. Thanks for this opportunity!

----- Thea 01.12.09 12:41

This golden twig band represents a very special time in my life. I am approaching the anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing. My grandma Nell, who I am named after, was one of the people in my small family that I was closest to. When I moved away from home we used to talk on the phone sometimes several days a week. She was a vibrant, beautiful, and strong woman-someone I still look up to. She fought lung cancer for several years-and after all of the science of medicine had failed her she turned to nature. She began to educate herself on the powers and purity of natural medicine, which she believed in and practiced up to the day of her death. I truly believe that the hope this alternative medicine inspired in her is what kept her strong and willful for so long. My grandmother carried with her every day a gold keychain of a leaf with “Nell” inscribed, which she always told me was her good luck charm. She had always promised one day to pass this golden leaf on to me, which I knew that I would cherish as a memento of her. Unfortunately, this gold leaf was lost when she became quite ill close to the time of her death. She called my mom very upset because she knew her days were numbered and she felt that she had let me down. It breaks my heart that I was never able to tell her was that she had never let me down, rather, she was one of the most positive influences in my childhood. As I am soon approaching my graduation from medical school, I reflect on my grandmother’s struggle and how natural medicine provided her hope that western medicine could not. I wish I could tell her that her memories will always be close to my heart, whether or not i had a gold leaf to prove it. To me, this ring would represent my grandmother, one of my best friends.

----- M. Nell Hood 01.12.09 12:45

The golden twig ring would remind me to see the beauty in simplicity. I often forget that less is more and that I need to remember that, while it’s nice to be ambitious and always want more of the best, it’s the simple things like a day of reading or a sleeping cat on my lap that lead to a more permanent form of happiness. Seeing this ring on my finger would remind me of the value and delicacy of unadulterated pleasures.

----- Grace 01.12.09 12:47

I made a promise to God that I would I would save myself for my future husband one day; I currently wear a silver band on my wedding ring finger to symbolize and to remind me of my promise to Him. I am very aware that nowadays, in the society we live in, the value of sexual intimacy is way underrated. Something special is tossed around and prematurely given away, when something as beautiful as this should be waited on, patiently and unrushed. Trust me, my stance has been tried and ridiculed before, but I truly don’t mind. I somewhat enjoy the confused expressions on people’s faces and their, “How can you do that?! It’s hard!“‘s, because in those moments I realize that in doing something completely different from the norm, I draw more people to appreciate the beauty of abstinence for what it is: saving yourself for the one who will make a promise to love you and cherish you always; for the beautiful woman you will be smiling at as she walks down the wedding aisle toward you, or for the handsome man standing there nervously as he waits for you to finally be his wife. What a lovely thing it would be, to give the gift of your own self to your husband or wife.

This beautifully woven ring would be a perfect parallel of Purity and Wholeness and Patience for me; of what God wants for me. I would place it on my wedding ring finger until the day came for my future husband to remove it and replace it with his own vow, his own promise, to me. Even if I don’t win, I hope those who do read this have a little difference in their perspectives regarding this topic! Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to to those who wait until marriage! ;) Have a good day!

----- Christianne A. 01.12.09 12:48

To me, a twig ring would symbolize my future. I am studying to be a writer, a field in which constant growth is necessary. The twig would remind me of Mother Nature’s unique way of constantly adding new and beautiful things to the world. It would remind me never to give up, to always be open and receptive to change, to be ready for the future, while still living in that moment, and to dream always, because if the earth can do it, so can I. I believe that the ring would be a wonderful piece of jewelry to own.

----- Melissa Hill 01.12.09 12:53

After 10 years with my boyfriend, he popped the question while we were at the beach last August. He gave me a beautiful, delicate antique ring. We’re going to get married this coming spring in his parents garden. As my wedding band, this twig ring would look both sweet and chic, and would remind me of our garden wedding everyday :)

----- mariah gray 01.12.09 12:53

In life, a tree is symbolic of the changing of seasons, and that hope which springs eternal. For me its branches are the evolution of being… the core of one’s soul. In such challenging times as we are experiencing, the thought that like the trees whose branches continue to grow, and whose leaves have begun to fall- new beginnings, fresh hope, and the desire for new aspirations are just a season away. For me, this ring symbolizes the love my beau and I share. A passion that exceeds the limitations of our financial resources, and a true adoration for the spirit of one another. It is the symbol of our natural being, and of our rural roots. A farm boy, my beau is at home with the earth and understands the evolution of crops, plants, and natural resources that surround us. To me, this ring symbolizes that bond, that connection, and that beginning for which love only continues. How fitting that this natural beauty, this handcrafted creation be a tribute to an extraordinary man with an enormous heart, and a love that will only continue to grow.

----- JC 01.12.09 13:00

I made a promise to God that I would I would save myself for my future husband one day; I currently wear a silver band on my wedding ring finger to symbolize and to remind me of my promise to Him. I am very aware that nowadays, in the society we live in, the value of sexual intimacy is way underrated. Something special is tossed around and prematurely given away, when something as beautiful as this should be waited on, patiently and unrushed. Trust me, my stance has been tried and ridiculed before, but I truly don’t mind. I somewhat enjoy the confused expressions on people’s faces and their, “How can you do that?! It’s hard!“‘s, because in those moments I realize that in doing something completely different from the norm, I draw more people to appreciate the beauty of abstinence for what it is: saving yourself for the one who will make a promise to love you and cherish you always; for the beautiful woman you will be smiling at as she walks down the wedding aisle toward you, or for the handsome man standing there nervously as he waits for you to finally be his wife. What a lovely thing it would be, to give the gift of your own self to your husband or wife.

This beautifully woven ring would be a perfect parallel of Purity and Wholeness and Patience for me; of what God wants for me. I would place it on my wedding ring finger until the day came for my future husband to remove it and replace it with his own vow, his own promise, to me. Even if I don’t win, I hope those who do read this have a little difference in their perspectives regarding this topic! Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to to those who wait until marriage! ;) Have a good day!

----- Christianne A. 01.12.09 13:03

This would be so great for my sisters sweet 16 gift! Thanks for the chance to win!

----- Christina 01.12.09 13:03

I love the rings and think they are gorgeous. I have recently begun a lifestyle transformations, renewing my focus on our environment, this began as a 2009 New Years resolution. I have become a vegetarian and try to only eat local and organic foods. I have updated my will to request a “green” burial and many other small changes. These rings would symbolize that renewal and rebirth.

----- Amy Tignor 01.12.09 13:07

I’m starting on a journey to improve my health. I’ve been neglectful of this aspect of my life for awhile now. I have many reasons to keep on living as long as humanly possible. This beautiful ring somehow reminds me of the many circles in life and I think to wear it would keep my head straight and working towards my goal. Thanks.

----- carolynn 01.12.09 13:09

This amazingly beautiful ring would symbolize endings and beginnings in my journey. I am always reminded that all lessons have a beginning and an ending, that is the circle of life. When I find myself in a tough situation I remind myself that every lesson has and ending and this too shall pass. Having a magnificant reminder to look at everyday would be very inspiring.

----- Danielle 01.12.09 13:12

I am currently in love with earthy twiggy shapes. Prints, paintings, and of course jewelry. I am even coveting some twig-like bobby pins…. The ring would symbolize the new growth in our family this year - the birth of our first child!!!!

----- Anneke 01.12.09 13:16

Such pretty rings!!! I must say, if that ring were to land on one of my fingers, it would definitely remind me of my family over in Switzerland. I used to visit so often and I’d wander around the mountainside with my cousins, taking pictures, enjoying the view, enjoying the mountainside, ahh..

I live in NYC now so the closest thing I call nature is Washington Square Park, sigh.. I miss Europe so much..

That is what this ring would symbolize to me :-)

----- Erin 01.12.09 13:17

I’m a “tree-hugger”, so this ring will remind me of my goals for our environment each time that I look at it.

----- Anmarie 01.12.09 13:20

The rings are absolutely beautiful! I adore them!

----- Norinda Reed 01.12.09 13:21

Having a ring like that at this turning point in my life would symbolize my own strength, renewal, and the resilience and creativity I have found while being outside and experiencing nature. It’s absolutely beautiful, it made me catch my breath when I saw it.

----- Timothea 01.12.09 13:22

I would like to win this ring because I love myself and I deserve it.

----- Kirsten 01.12.09 13:22

That is gorgeous. To me it would symbolize the new life growing inside of me because I am pregnant with my second baby.

----- Tori 01.12.09 13:23

What is gold and sticky? This ring.

A good reminder to stay humble and simple and keep our sense of humor.

----- Ryan Moeckly 01.12.09 13:23

For me, the ring would symbolize the cycles of change and personal growth.

----- Lori 01.12.09 13:23

I just moved in with my girlfriend, and I know she’d love the organic styling of the twig ring. To be honest, I don’t have a ton of money, and would love to have something nice to give here, and maybe ask her to marry me!

----- Will Hobbs 01.12.09 13:24

This ring symbolizes life, the circle of life and love. They are truly beautiful. I love nature and you really bring the ring to life!

----- Cayce Elms 01.12.09 13:24

This ring would symbolize my relationship with my fiance. It’s never-ending, cyclical, yet it has its flaws that make it unique and its own.

----- Christin 01.12.09 13:26

It represents the beauty in simplicity. Something that I have truly come to appreciate in my adult life.

----- Sabrina 01.12.09 13:26

The ring reminds me of fairy-tales. It would be a constant reminder to keep space in my life for whimsy, the golden rule, and true love.

----- anne 01.12.09 13:28

This ring would symbolize strength. When things get tough and the negative energy surrounds…it’s nice to have something like this that symbolizes strength to get you through it…

If my boyfriend proposed I would also LOOOOVE the engagement rings…they are so beautiful and unique! Love it! Thank you :)

----- Candace 01.12.09 13:29

For me, it would symbolize my family, beautiful and neeeding nurturing, but whole and unbroken. It’s a really beautiful ring, btw.

----- Jennifer O. 01.12.09 13:31

Wow, that ring is gorgeous! So beautiful. This ring reminds me of the twigs scattered in central park in NY. This ring to me would symbolize new beginnings. I just moved into a new place, plus I’m starting a business, and everything around me feels so new and full of possibilities. So this ring to me would be about embracing everything around me, like a tree embraces a twig, and how the gold embraces this ring. Thanks for the chance!

----- amber 01.12.09 13:31

This ring would remind me to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature and what God has given us. It is a gorgeous ring.

----- Sarah Mac 01.12.09 13:34

I would wear this beautiful ring to symbolize the new life I have in Christ. This is beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Beth Stone 01.12.09 13:34

To me, a ring like this sybolizes branches, which in turn sybolize new life. Branches of a tree can symbolize children, created out of a marriage. The original ring is beautiful. These smaller twig rings are also beautiful, and I love how delicate they look.
I’m not a gawdy jewelry fan, so a ring like this really appeals to me.

----- Kristen W. 01.12.09 13:37

The fragility and strength of love, and the way the two combine to create beauty you can’t live without.

----- Crystal 01.12.09 13:40

Great looking ring! Very Original!

----- Mark Cline 01.12.09 13:41

This is beautiful! I’m going through a life transition right now, so to me it would symbolize change and new beginnings.

----- EG 01.12.09 13:42

This ring would be special as I wait for love to come my way. I have no ring on this left hand of mine, but someday I hope to. So maybe for the time being this ring could be a sign of that someday. love grows like the branches on a tree, right?

----- Janelle McCombie 01.12.09 13:46

Holy twigged-out metal ring, Batman! There are a lot of posts here, and some of them are super heartfelt! Wow, good luck choosing a winner, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

This ring is so unique, for me it would symbolize my unique career journey so far. We all start as “twigs” in life with aspirations to grow into a a beautiful tree one day. Sometimes I really want to grow grow grow and just reach all my goals as fast as possible, but when I really look at it, I’m still very much a twig. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but being a twig is kind of awesome, and knowing how much I’m growing every day is a gift in itself.

----- Kristi ST. 01.12.09 14:01

I had the fortune of meeting the love of my life during my freshman year of college. From the moment we met, we had a connection. We completed each others sentences, knew what the other was thinking…he’d send me apples instead of flowers…

As time passed, I felt that a piece of his soul had climbed into my heart and started to grow. Like ivy to a wall, he had become part of me, as I to him. I was in love.

Two months ago, I found him with someone else. At first he apologized, and I accepted, believing that it was a fluke. But then I found out about another, and another. He had become poison to my heart, so I cut all ties.

Even though I have days where I feel raw and exposed, I know that everything is going to be okay. In time, my heart will grow back stronger than ever.

----- Jennie 01.12.09 14:01

these rings are gorgeous! and cool article about the making of.
The ring would definitely represent new growth and hope for things to come!

----- nycgrl 01.12.09 14:05

What an incredibly generous giveaway. I can see that comments are already over 400, so I’ll do my best to keep this short:
Last spring I (almost) graduated from college. I had three elective credit hours I needed before I’d receive my diploma. I ended up taking a course in jewelry design and fabrication at my home state university, just because it sounded fun. But after the first class, I had the scared, excited feeling that I had just discovered my passion. The class is long over, I received my B.A. in English months ago, but still I dream daily of becoming a jewelry designer, of one day creating such beautiful, precious objects as this ring. If I were lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would wear it daily, as a constant reminder of that happy spring when I discovered my ambition, my potential, and life’s sweet strangeness.

Even if I don’t win, thank you Bittersweets NY for sharing the creative process with us! Fascinating and inspiring stuff. And NOTCOT, thank you for turning me on to Bittersweets NY!!

----- Emily 01.12.09 14:05

What a great ring. It would be a great reminder of how everything in life is connected.

----- Carrie 01.12.09 14:05

LUCK. because whoever wins this amazing giveaway would have it in spades!

----- Minna 01.12.09 14:07

I would wear this ring to symbolize the accomplishment of human beings. The brain is such a beautiful thing, and the creation of this ring captures how man has the ability to think of the most wonderful things and make connections. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us, in nature.

----- Stephanie 01.12.09 14:08

Growth as all trees are mere twigs and the diamond would represent how far you’ve come and now shine.

----- stephanie 01.12.09 14:08

Twig ring would represent growth in my life. As a twig is a start of a branch it would symbolize a new phase in my life and encouragement for better things to come

----- Jenn B 01.12.09 14:16

I would wear this ring on my right hand to remind me where we all come from, and the beauty that is alive all around us, that you have to take the time to notice…. Beautiful and timeless piece!

----- aubrey sookram 01.12.09 14:21

This ring would be a beautiful replacement to my wedding ring that is now made of actual wood, but has lost its luster and is beginning to show the history of 4 years of oil paints, turpentine, hand holding and puppy baths. :) I love nature and my family, and it would be my first diamond.

----- EMILYEA 01.12.09 14:27

This ring is gorgeous and the branches on the ring reminds me of my “family tree”.

----- claudia 01.12.09 14:28

A few months ago my mom lost her wedding ring while working at the library. She said it wasn’t a big deal, but it obviously upset her because my stepdad had saved up for months to buy it for her, because he said she deserved something nice. It wasn’t so much the ring that meant a lot to her but the love it represented. As a mother of six kids my mom is constantly working and hardly ever does anything for herself, as we don’t have a lot of extra money. I’d like to give her this ring to show her that although we might not always show it, my brother and sisters would be absolutely lost without her and all her dedication to the family. She is a great mother and quite literally my best friend, and this ring would be the perfect ‘thank you’ and a constant reminder with six notches of the six children whom she means the world to.

----- Alexis 01.12.09 14:30

A little golden twig ring would symbolize how precious forgotten little details are, and remind me of being a little kid. I grew up outside a national state park and miss seeing trees everywhere and the ground being covered in twigs and pine needles. It’s the hardest thing about living in a big city.


----- Tara 01.12.09 14:33

The twig ring would symbolize to me that I need to stop and enjoy the beauty of commonplace things, like a twig, more often. It’s absolutely beautiful.

----- Deena 01.12.09 14:34

It would represent the bumps in the road that life puts in our way. The circle is still present, since life goes on with or without bumps. But what fun would life be without bumps?

----- Geoffrey Simpson 01.12.09 14:38

I can haz wing?

----- anna 01.12.09 14:43

It would symbolize my love of nature.

----- Julie 01.12.09 14:44

My husband and I are expecting twins. Before the surprise of this pregnancy our marriage very nearly ended. But with this news we have both been surprised with a change in attitude and outlook. We are so grateful now for our many blessings. The Bittersweets Twig ring would symbolize the growth of our love and our family and celebrate a new beginning in our lives.

----- Nicole 01.12.09 14:48

A lovely little circle closes around the finger with the promise of renewed affection, the golden shimmer of hope that sustains us through the dark winter. I’ll incubate it in my mitten until long days and sweet breezes coax it forth. :)

----- Myrica 01.12.09 14:55

I think the ring symbolizes life, something so fragile and strong all at the same time. And we all shine through the ring of life.

----- QL 01.12.09 14:59

This would be perfect to commemorate my growing family, as I’m expecting this spring :)

----- Andrea 01.12.09 15:05

i would love to be able to give this to my girlfriend. i think she would adore it.

----- eliza 01.12.09 15:06

This ring is absolutely beautiful. In my life it would symbolize keeping nature golden in my life and to not take advantage all of the awe-inspiring things mother nature has provided us. Also I feel that it would represent staying grounded and making the simple things in life the most cherished.

----- Christine Smith 01.12.09 15:06

The stark beauty of naked winter trees has always brought such a peace to me. Their lovely resilience is evident as they stretch their branches delicately toward heaven.

----- Marta 01.12.09 15:12

How cliche to say it, but it’s my personal growth. I’m a single mom of two kids going to school. Being divorced at 25 and making it on my own has been an incredible growth process. That’s what it would symbolize to me. :)

----- Devon Hunt 01.12.09 15:14

This ring would symbolize my best friend and I. We have known each other since kindergarten, and for the first time we are being separated as we go to different colleges next year. I want to give her a ring that will remind her of me everyday. The twigs symbolize the different aspects of our friendship, fused together into one, unbreakable bond.

----- Alice Girton 01.12.09 15:17

This ring is gorgeous in its simplicity. It would symbolize new growth through difficult times and add a little bit of pretty to the dullness of unemployment.

----- Colleen 01.12.09 15:22

The golden twig ring would symbolize another great year in the relationship between me and my girlfriend. Although officially our third year together would be in March of next year.

----- gilberto 01.12.09 15:24

These rings are beautiful. I was married this past October to the love of my life who proposed to me with a ring in the shape of a fig leaf to symbolize new beginnings. We couldn’t afford a matching wedding ring but this twig ring would be perfect as a base to my gorgeous and meaningful fig ring. They would be a great pair, just like me and my husband.

Thank you!

----- Emily West 01.12.09 15:35

Last year, I had a mid college life crisis. I was having boy problems, didn’t have a job and really hated my major. After talking thing out with friends, I got over my boy drama, found a job and changed my major that suites me better. Ever since then, I have been looking for a ring that would symbolize the change that I went through during my short life, and have yet to find one. I think this ring is not only beautiful, but simply represents the fact that when things are broken, they can be put back together to make something beautiful, useful and often times better, much like this time in my life.

----- Ashley K 01.12.09 15:39

Love that ring! The twig ring would symbolize a new direction…the small beginning of a larger picture now that I’m recently unemployed after 16 years at the same company.

----- Daria 01.12.09 15:40

My growing family, just had my first baby 7 weeks old today :) my commitment to nature and personal growth

----- Amanda 01.12.09 15:48

my birthday’s the 6th and i don’t think anyone will remember this year.

----- sarah 01.12.09 15:56

The twig ring symbolizes simple, stated unity. Like it was plucked from a hidden garden, who wouldn’t be honored to wear this beauty?

----- Cathy 01.12.09 15:58

The twig ring would symbolize my identity as a single woman before marriage, where I am captivated by nature and can run freely.

----- nicole 01.12.09 16:05

IF I won this ring it would mean I am reeeeally lucky.

----- Hope Wilson 01.12.09 16:08

This ring would remind to take time to appreciate the beauty in small things, and that it’s important to surround yourself with things that make you smile.

----- Kelley 01.12.09 16:12

This ring to me would symbolize my eternal love for my husband and it reflects that we are connected to each other as one as in the twigs from a branch connected in the same way.

----- Kathy S. 01.12.09 16:18

My dad is going through cancer treatments right now, and I imagine it’s tougher on my mom than she lets on. I’d really like to get her something beautiful for Christmas, and since she doesn’t wear a wedding ring, I’ve always thought a pretty ring would be nice. But because of circumstances, money is tight, and it’s just not in my budget. My dad’s cancer went into remission right around Christmas time five years ago, and although it’s back in a weaker form now, this time of year is always a time of hope and good spirits. The ring would symbolize my parents’ unconditional love, the fact that life goes on even when the going gets tough, and the determination we all have to get through this together.

----- Georgia 01.12.09 16:19

The twig would symbolize me and my boyfriend’s relationship.
We’ve been going out for a bit but we’re still growing.

----- Alexis K. 01.12.09 16:19

These are such great, earthy pieces. I love seeing how they are made. These rings are truly alive and represent life.

----- Meredyth Jones 01.12.09 16:20

For me the ring would be a gift to my sister, who is an entomologist. It would signify her love of and life-long commitment to living things and her ongoing study thereof, but also satisfy her love of luxurious, shiny things. She’s a multi-faceted person like that.

You have a wonderful space - thank you for making this item available.

----- Mary 01.12.09 16:21

This ring would symboize for me “UNITY” of my family. My husband and I recently almost got a divorce, but we committed to each other forever, so we are deterined to make it work. Plus, we have two beautiful children. The only nice piece of jewely that I have is my wedding ring which I love. I would love to wear a ring on my finger as beautiful as yours. I may never be able to afford one otherwise. Thanks for reading.


----- denise lachance 01.12.09 16:26

I think these rings are beautiful and would be a wonderful interpretation of the growth and strength my mother has gone through this year battling cancer. It would be an amazing christmas gift that I would love to give her.

----- Brandon 01.12.09 16:42

I need this for my wife. Baby number two in the next few weeks and five year aniversary in april…would make christmas perfect. the ring would represent the growth of our family for now and the years to come.

----- Michael Kelly 01.12.09 16:43

I recently remarried this time to a wonderful man. We are undergoing IVF to have a child. I have two beautiful daughters from my first marriage. his ring would represent to us the many branches on our family tree. The various buds represent the hardships we have overcome along the way, and diamond is my birthstone - fitting since I am the nucleus of this multi-unit family. Your work is beautiful and I would be not only proud to wear it, but proud to pass it to the next generation.

----- Susan Wozniak-Hakim 01.12.09 16:54

First, the making of this twig ring is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing how it is made. This next year marks my 29th wedding anniversary and the twig ring symbolizes the strength and growth that happens in a marriage of 29 years. Twigs must be able to bend and roll with the wind, hold up to snow and ice storms and allow growth in the spring and summer - this completely symbolizes a marriage.

New Grandma2Twins!

----- Deanna Ramirez 01.12.09 17:04

This ring would symbolize my love of the world. This has been my first year as a vegan and I have been changing everything I possibly can to help better our environment, animals and our quality of life. What better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous truly original twig band. It is beautiful!!!!

----- Molly 01.12.09 17:11

a symbol of interminable majestic nature adorning my perishable pale skin

----- Sophie Epstein 01.12.09 17:19

This ring would symbolize the perfection of nature for me. I love nature cast pieces, it really connects you with the universe to recognize beauty without you.

----- jlie 01.12.09 17:24

I would wear this amazing ring as a symbol of life and how grateful I am for my 5 1/2 year old triplets. We often enjoy walking outside together appreciating all that is around us. It would remind me to be present, to stop and enjoy every moment. Thank you.

----- Anna 01.12.09 17:29

This rings are stunning. To me, the twigs show growth and an enduring love through the seasons.

----- Grace 01.12.09 17:30

This ring would represent youth, and how you have to enter contests to win things for a girl when you’re seventeen and have no money.

----- Ben T 01.12.09 17:32

i have a friend that just broke it off with her boyfriend, it was a very brave move. She feels a little lost but is in such a better place. She always imagined that they would get married, but realized that it wouldn’t be good for her to stay. I think this ring would be a great symbol that she is strong and loved. And it’s her birthday this month. :)

----- Abigail 01.12.09 17:37

For me, this ring would symbolize my profound love of nature and being outdoors.

----- Allison H 01.12.09 17:41

earth, fall, life, seasons, and love and that is why i would give this ring to my beloved grandma who is turning 86 this month

----- ushka 01.12.09 17:43

Those rings are just beautiful. Twigs to me mean nature. Recently this year Ive made a huge effort to live a natural lifestyle. Ive switched my bf and I to mostly organic foods, i use natural products, and am as eco-friendly as I possibly can. The ring would symbolize that and how amazing I think our enviroment is, even a tiny twig. It would be a constant reminder of what my efforts can amount to and to continue doing more in the coming year.

----- Stefanie B 01.12.09 17:47

The ring would help me remember to value nature more and keep life simple.

----- Marissa 01.12.09 17:47

This ring would symbolize my good luck and remind me to always count my blessings ;)

----- Lauren 01.12.09 17:50

This ring would remind me of the beauty I can find everyday in nature. I am engaged to be married outdoors in July and the natural beauty of the ring would remind me of committing to the love of my life in a natural setting surrounded by the people I love.

----- Amanda 01.12.09 17:50

I’m graduating from college in the spring and this would be a symbol of my budding (!) career and a new branch (!) of my life.

----- Iris 01.12.09 17:50

It would symbolize that I’m not married and proud to be just me all year ‘round.

----- Jenica 01.12.09 18:01

For me, this twig ring would symbolize healing, growth, and new beginnings. I have been struggling to grow in my life - recent years have knocked me about and left me scarred, and now a fear of the unknown and change inhibits my ability to make decisions, to love, to act bravely and boldly, and most importantly, to live. I am ashamed of all the time I have wasted hiding - from the truth, from my innermost feelings, from the world - and yearn to blossom. As of recent, I have decided no more of this, it’s time to say good-bye. Good-bye loneliness. No more hurting. Good-bye self-loathing. No more hiding. Good-bye despair. No more lies.

It’s time I plant my seeds and watch them grow.

----- Jesse N 01.12.09 18:04

To me, this ring symbolizes the start of new life. Just like the buds come out on the twigs in spring, I am expecting a new little life this spring - our first baby girl. This ring would always be a reminder of this special time in my life.

----- Kristine 01.12.09 18:07

In haiku form:

The twig ring would be,
The happiness of nature,
Around my finger.

----- Brigitte 01.12.09 18:10

Would love to win this ring! It’s delicate and beautiful and it would symbolize the meaning of “spring” and would be a new beginning!!

----- Julie 01.12.09 18:16

I would give this ring to my partner because she’s strong and lovely and deserves a diamond though I cannot yet afford to buy her one myself.
Some day..

----- Mollie 01.12.09 18:22

I would love to wear this ring because besides my wedding ring I don’t wear much jewlry at all…because nothing fits my personality. Most jelwelry is gawdy and too showy. But I seriously am drooling over this ring. Beautiful and oh so me! I am simple and classic. I am an outdoorsy type person. And frankly, this is the first ring that I have seen that I actually want to get!

----- Elizabeth 01.12.09 18:25

This ring would be perfect as my new wedding ring. After 18 years of lovely marriage, I had to remove mine for an unexpected surgery - only to find that I can’t get it back on. I’ve been looking for a new ring for a few weeks now, and I fell for this one while looking at the photos of it. This ring would symbolize that our love, our marriage, and our commitment are ever-growing, and I think that is perfect.

----- Laurie 01.12.09 18:28

The ring would symbolize strength and the ability to bend - but not break! - when necessary.

----- suzanh 01.12.09 18:29

A twig on my finger, a spring in my step, a win to ring in the new year. Could you think of a happier time? That’s what this ring would symbolize to me.

----- J.M. 01.12.09 18:35

This ring would remind me to keep on truckin! Things can be beautiful/life changing when hard work and a creative mind meld together.

----- Brooke T 01.12.09 18:40

How beautiful it is. I have been looking for a symbol to renew my faith in my own fertility. My partner and I have been trying to have our first baby for so long and after a while you start seeing your body as useless and dried up. Man, could I use a sprig of new growth. In my belly, ideally. But the ring would be a lovely inspiration for us to keep trying!

----- Holly 01.12.09 18:41

This ring immediately spoke to me of the years my husband and I have shared. Of the tree that we became when we married nearly 40 years ago. Of the branches of the tree that are our two chidren, and the twigs of the tree, our two grandbabies. How could this not resemble life, as a tree, and the circle of life that we all experience as we pass through our years. Now, in our “golden” years (the same color of the ring) our lives are full of memories that are expressed in the twig that is never ending.

----- Edie S. 01.12.09 18:43

This ring immediately spoke to me of the years my husband and I have shared. Of the tree that we became when we married nearly 40 years ago. Of the branches of the tree that are our two children, and the twigs of the tree, our two grandbabies. How could this not resemble life, as a tree, and the circle of life that we all experience as we pass through our years. Now, in our “golden” years (the same color of the ring) our lives are full of memories that are expressed in the twig that is never ending.

----- Edie S. 01.12.09 18:44

These rings are absolutely beautiful and am thrilled to have the opportunity to win this ring. Not for me, but for my mother in law. Years ago she was in a serious car accident leaving her incapable of doing any number of everyday things. She has always loved jewelry and that is one of few things that has not changed. I can guarantee that if I were to win this for her she would light up every time she looks at it. Thanks for the opportunity.

----- Caitlin 01.12.09 18:45

Twigs are soft woods and highly malleable. To me, the twig ring would be a constant reminder that life requires adaptation and that I must malleable like the twig.

----- Erin Smith 01.12.09 18:47

It would symbolize to me that my marriage can bend without breaking—like a tree!!

----- nancy 01.12.09 18:48

This gorgeous ring would remind me that growth is constant and that I will never complete self improvement, and the love I have for my fiance will never stop to growing. I’ve seen some hard times ( not going to provide a sob story), but if I were fortunate enough to ever wear that ring I would forever have faith in luck changing and a future of change.

Thank you for your time, may the winner wear the ring in good health

Tadia Lynch

----- Tadia Lynch 01.12.09 18:51

This gorgeous ring would remind me that growth is constant and that I will never complete self improvement, and the love I have for my fiance will never stop to growing. I’ve seen some hard times ( not going to provide a sob story), but if I were fortunate enough to ever wear that ring I would forever have faith in luck changing and a future of change.

Thank you for your time, may the winner wear the ring in good health

Tadia Lynch

----- Tadia Lynch 01.12.09 18:52

The twig symbolise how marriage can be fragile at times but the love for eah other is eternal signified by the eternal circle.

----- I Hsuan 01.12.09 18:54

I would love to win this ring, My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and I think it would be a great wedding ring. We both work and go to school so It’s a hard to afford a ring, It would be great to win one from such a great website and bittersweets.

----- Vanessa Sanchez 01.12.09 18:55

It’s the perfect symbol of hope and resiliency. The strength and beauty of a willowy bough, and the promise of verdant shade to come. A lovely, daily reminder that Nature has much to teach, and we much to learn.

----- Alateri 01.12.09 18:56

twig would represent growth and a new start after a tough year.

----- Raztus 01.12.09 18:57

i’ve always loved nature-based jewelry. i guess for right now in my life, this little twig would represent the growth i’ve gone through over the past year. lost my job, started school, lost love, started loving myself and realized what i really want to do with my life.

2009 has been pretty great.

----- Jaimie 01.12.09 19:00

to me, it would represent a love of nature, a link to the outdoors when I have to spend so much time inside

----- Julia 01.12.09 19:02

To me, twigs have always symbolized strength. I grew up in upstate New York, where I took care of my bipolar mother who had lupus. In the winter, the trees would be bare, and their branches always appeared to be braving the cold with quiet, lonely dignity. I heavily identify with this. Having been alone, taking care of my mother until I was 23, and having been ostracized from my extended family for being an atheist, I brave the sometimes cold, but always beautiful world with the same quiet strength. This ring would symbolize exactly that for me. From this philosophy, I am finally prepared to put myself through college, a dream that it has taken me 25 years to get to.

----- Meg 01.12.09 19:03

This ring would symbolize for me how life is always growing, changing but always seems to complete a circle.

Absolutely gorgeous work!

----- Jen Dura 01.12.09 19:06

i would definitly wear this ring as a symbol of faith and persaverance. as i am still single, i would wear this ring to symbolize what i hope to find in my near future. love and happiness!

----- Julie 01.12.09 19:08

After reading several dozen responses I thought-” eep, what a tough job to read through all these post!” the ones I read were all great, making it an even more challenging task.
I then began thinking of my life, the trials and tribulations I have encountered, to me they are HUGE, but to my neighbor they may seem like a cake walk! I then thought about the amount of time and effort I have put into my life, my childrens’ lives and my attempts at breathing new life into everyone and everything I touch.
After reading others, writing a few versions of my own and looking at the twig ring I am speechless
my 13 year old is thrilled- I have finally stopped talking! I am sure he would be THRILLED if winning the ring could silence me for a long while.
I love this ring, I am no different than all the others. It symbolizes growth, life, branching out and staying connected-
I wish you - the judge- much luck and patience as you sift through the entries!
Thanks for giving one of your hand made intricacies away!

----- Jennifer 01.12.09 19:11

I am “from the sticks.” And very proud of it too ! This would be so fitting, not for me, but for my friend who sometimes forgets that even the mighty oak started out as a small twig.

----- Dawn Aston 01.12.09 19:15

For me, this ring symbolizes how many things are fleeting in our lives, rushing and changing, but that nature is constant - represented in the solid elements of the ring.. : )

----- Rachel 01.12.09 19:16

The twig would represent the rebirth and eventual flourishing of my life as I continue to make my way through college and continue on with my longest relationship so far. :)

----- Victor C 01.12.09 19:20

The ring would symbolize growth and life, and living a sustainable life.

----- Jen Eason 01.12.09 19:21

it would symbolize notcot

----- Maggie 01.12.09 19:25

It would symbolize natural beauty, something which so often is neglected when it comes to image, and which I rarely have the chance to wear! It would be just beautiful.

----- morganne 01.12.09 19:27

This Twig Ring would symbolize LIFE, HOPE, and LOVE to me. Just ten months ago my father had a severe stroke that nearly took his life. After over 8 hours of surgery (during which my mother, brothers, and I cried, paniced, prayed and even laughed out of sheer fear),our prayers were answered and my father survived. We waited in fear that he would never regain consciousness but again our prayers were answered as he woke up. Much to our disappointment he didn’t recognize us and lost most of his ability to speak and communicate. After much time in intensive care and months of therapy he is now home with us and doing much better. During this time my mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. We were again devestated by the diagnosis. Yet we continue to move forward in HOPE,and LOVE, and as we learn a new way to embrace LIFE and remember how precious each day we have together is.

----- Perri Sepulveda 01.12.09 19:30

For me, this ring would symbolize beauty and unending love.

----- Jody 01.12.09 19:37

“Great art picks up where nature ends” as stated by Chagall, this ring is a statement of nature picking you, grabbing your finger to remind you where the greatest and most sincere inspiration comes from.

----- Rebeca 01.12.09 19:39

I would love to win this for my gf, as it symbolizes growth (twig branches), togetherness and longevity (ring/circle)

----- MarkJason 01.12.09 19:40

the eternal circle of twigs will represent to me the endless circle of life. Much like the ouroboros or the phoenix, representing cycles that begin anew as soon as they end, self-reflexivity or a constant re-creating oneself. This has always been a reoccurring theme through out my life, starting a new from the ashes of the old.

----- Kat 01.12.09 19:41

JoAnn Price

----- JoAnn Price 01.12.09 19:45

it would represent the love between my husband and i. in the day to day life with kids, jobs, etc, it would be a reminder of everything we share.

----- sarah 01.12.09 19:50

Save my Marriage! Give me the ring! MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!! Twigs, growth, yeah..I just think they look awesome.

Cue the music for the backstory…my wife lost the original diamond from her wedding ring about 5 years ago. I never replaced it… and now hillbillies keep hitting on her because they think she is single… halp!!

I need this fine looking ring for me and for her! Ok fine, if I cant win it, can I buy one? they look awesome!

----- Adam 01.12.09 20:09

I love this ring! I am a small person and I do not like any rings that are too large. This ring would be a daily reminder of someone very close to me. I would not take it off because it is the perfect size. It will also remind me that we create our own life and very few people become a love of your life

----- Cindy Bommarito 01.12.09 20:13

For me it stands for the bough that bends but doesn’t break. In relationships we have to be flexible. When we got married I got a cheap ring with a simple opal. The stone fell out after taking a swim in the washing machine at my MIL’s house. I want a new ring instead of the “sculpture ring”(empty setting) I wear now. My hubby wants to just replace the cheap stone. This ring could settle this five year stand still and be a win/win for both of us. Beautiful ring for me. Affordable for hubby. :-)

----- June 01.12.09 20:16

It would symbolize an awesome present for my daughter. Ok so not really symbolize but still….

----- mike 01.12.09 20:19

There’s something very beautifully unassuming about a twig. And then the twig in the form of gold ring, well that throws on a whole other layer of symbolism. It’s highlighting that quiet quality of the twig. The twig is somewhat dormant, with buds at the ready. I relate very strongly to this notion. I’m 20 years old and I feel twiggish, strangely as that may sound. I write this from my quiet little dorm room, procrastinating a paper with the help of NotCot, and I know I’m going to buddin’ all over the place. Just wait.

----- Liz 01.12.09 20:24

Golden twigs symbolize growth and renewal. In each person’s life, there is always something that is growing and renewing itself, whether if it is a broken relationships, which is mending, or a bond that is just forming. Twigs are always something to look forward to.

----- Beth C 01.12.09 20:26

Winning the ring would mean the world to me. Trees astound me. Even if they look dead, like now in the winter, you know that they are just waiting to grow on the outside. That hibernating, and the ability to regrow amazes me. trees are a sign of growth and that is what a twig ring would mean to me if I won.

----- Maggie 01.12.09 20:32

It would be a symbol for how much I love my fiance. She currently works 2 jobs, and I work a full time job & go to an accelerated program for mortuary science (24 hours a week). The symbol of the unbreakable twig would be perfect. Because that is just how our love is.

----- Derek H 01.12.09 20:43

I would love to wear these rings. The twigs are a beautiful and wearable of symbol of a tree. My husband and I have had a long (8 years) and wonderful relationship however, like a tree it has weathered the storms and florished in the sunny times. Four months ago we welcomed our first child and now our family is truly growing and sprouting new twigs.
Thank you :-)

----- Tammy Reicherts 01.12.09 20:45

To me, this twig ring would symbolize the reasons we should be thankful each day for life — it’s so fragile and beautiful, and there’s always a new way to look at it.

----- Ellie 01.12.09 20:47

The stone fell out of my wedding ring and I have not been able to get a replacement. These rings are beautiful. I would love to wear one on my ring finger.

----- kim 01.12.09 21:00

I’m a size 6.7!

----- Mag 01.12.09 21:05

this may be too much information… BUT:

about a year ago i went through rehab. i purchased a ring from bittersweets ny — it sort of became my chastity ring, or a constant reminder of what i should or should NOT be doing. i got one of those beautiful engraved ones, with the date marking the beginning of the new me. the plan was to purchase a ring with a new date for every year successfully completed. what better way to celebrate that than with a BRANCH ring!? branch = tree = life; not being a slave to addiction = life. think about it…

----- Mag 01.12.09 21:14

ENTWINED around my finger, warmed by my hand, shiny and silver is wrapped a living, breathing band. Curled about my fourth finger, cleaving, this slender twig — what fits like it’s made for me sits too big upon her hand! Might I ask then, O MAKER, that I should win a bauble made this well: that mayhaps another be made its mate to match (I hope you take PayPal!)

----- Kane 01.12.09 21:19

Hey there! I really think this ring would symbolize the language of the universe and that I am communicating with someone out there! If I deeply imagine myself receiving this ring and I do get luckers, I am making a vow to myself that I will learn Portuguese FLUENTLY. I need a new twig!!!

----- Carolina 01.12.09 21:22

I love nature. My first glance at these rings made the tree-hugger in me sing. My second glance helped me see the passion and artistry that went into the conception and making of these rings.

I think of a twig like a new beginning - the sprouting of what will become something magnificent and strong. And I think of where I am in my life. I’ve stopped wearing all of my past jewelry because it holds me in the past. I am looking ahead, at my budding new life, and would wear such a ring with the pride of a grown woman who feels 20 years old again. A woman so in love with the little things in life that make it worthwhile: watching the wind finally carry a little boy’s kite to the sky, or help the last leaf finally drift to the ground. A woman who has quite literally given up everything to start over. A woman who is looking forward to a life in harmony with nature, and with herself.

----- Erin 01.12.09 21:24

This ring is so beautiful!! The twig theme would be a perfect reminder of how very thankful we are for our wholesale business we started 8 years ago. It’s a greens/floral business—and we sell many varieties of twigs and sticks! :)
What a perfectly gorgeous symbol~


----- Camille 01.12.09 21:29

I’d love the twig ring because my mom never got a real wedding ring. Her mother in law had passed away right before the actual wedding, that she never really got anything she deserved because of the mourning tradtition. Although she did get other things, I believe a ring symbolizes much more. Being the amazing woman she is going through so much and still tending to life and her 5 kids with a smile, I think she highly deserves one. My mom is the love of my life, and she deserves all the happiness she can get.

----- Asra 01.12.09 21:30

A twig is just a little part of something so much bigger. Not to sound too cheesy, but I’m feeling a little like a small twig at the moment, a tiny extension of great tree that I have yet to discover. I graduated from school this past summer, and I’m at the peak of my life so far…I have so far to go! So many things to learn and see and do, but I just need to take that first leap into life to get it all started :) I’m nervous about what lies in the future (and I don’t know what lies ahead yet!) But I’m so exciting to get started!


----- Sara 01.12.09 21:34

This ring reminds me of Spring and all the goodness that comes with it. It is such a positive, hopeful time of the year. This ring would symbolize all that to me.

----- stacy 01.12.09 21:36

It would just be a fun ring that would combine my love of the outdoors with my love of style!

----- Kathryn H. 01.12.09 21:44

My wedding ring no longer fits and I would love to wear a ring as beautiful as the twig ring in its place! The twigs would represent the new chapter in our life as we just celebrated our 8th anniversary, have a two year old son, and are preparing to face some big life changes together. Thank you!

----- Brandi 01.12.09 21:45

This is our 40th wedding anniversary year. This would be a perfect ring. It reminds me of our intertwining lives, the way we have grown together.

----- DEBIJOT 01.12.09 21:59

As this beautiful twig ring seems to represent freshness or something anew, I would proudly wear it as my new wedding band when we renew our vows after a blessed 15 years. That would be so wonderful *dreamy sigh*. We appreciate all the little treasures that you bring into our lives through your NOTCOT world. Thank you. :)

----- Melissa 01.12.09 22:00

These rings are so beautiful, and seeing the process by which you make them is really touching. To me, one of your rings on my hand would symbolize our interconnectedness as humans… our faith that we “get” each other, that we as individuals are never truly alone, even in times where it feels as such. That the precious metal and stone has been touched by so many hands before, throughout much time, to come to your hands to be treated with love and respect, with faith that the future owner would love it truly… as would the owner after that, and along the lines of time it goes.

Such a happy feeling I get from looking at your rings and what they represent in my heart! :D


----- Ashley Sue Allen 01.12.09 22:01

The ring would symbolize how brave I was this year - how many times I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and how many times it worked out for the best.

----- chelsee 01.12.09 22:06

I would love to give this ring to my friend Carol. Carol is a speial person. She lost her little boy of 13 to lukemia. We walk in the woods often. She loves nature because if frees her from the unimportant things that much of the world is rapped up in. Carol would be wearing her freedom.

----- Linda Burns 01.12.09 22:11

For my this ring would be a reminder to always be sustainable in my designs, as not all things can be regenerated.

----- Sara 01.12.09 22:21

about four years ago i got talked into getting that “special” ring every girl longs for…and it turned out to be a big mistake. now these many moons later i am finally heaving myself out of that mess, clearing off the debris and growing anew. a beautiful, sparkly twig would be a great reminder to stay on that path.

----- el 01.12.09 22:27

When I saw the ring I immediately thought of my sister. She is a beautiful, outdoorsy woman with a wonderful heart. If I won the ring, I think I would give it to her. Too bad there isn’t another so we could wear matching rings!

----- Amanda J 01.12.09 22:44

Fragility and renewal after a broken engagement…

----- Laura 01.12.09 22:46

Warming up her finger, while the baby bakes.

----- Matthew Ready 01.12.09 22:51

I’d like the ring in order to propose to my girlfriend. I’m a social work student, so I don’t and probably won’t ever be able to get her the kind of ring she deserves. She is a single mom and works so hard, I’d like to be able able to start our life together by giving her something beautiful. Such an organic expression would be the perfect way to start something new. Her and I have had to deal with the father of her child trying to take custody away, and I really can’t express how poignant it would be to give her something that will show how much we will grow, how we will start anew. Please strongly consider me for the ring.

----- Troy 01.12.09 22:56

I love that these rings were molded from real twigs! I own a pair of clover earrings molded from real plants and one these rings would help make a beautiful set. They bring the beauty of the outside world into your everyday life. I would personally be ecstatic to win one of these fabulous rings because I myself am a jewelry designer. I’m not a professional artist, yet, but someday when I’ve gotten out of my mundane retail job, I hope to design jewelry that is just as creative and beautiful as the pieces shown here. I know a long diatribe that has a way more in depth description will probably win this competition, but I’m a young artist looking for my place in this big ol’ world and in need of a little inspiration. So if I were to be lucky enough to be granted a gift from you, I would tell everyone in the world of NotCot and Bittersweets NY because you would have brought some light to my currently dreary life. Thank you if you are patient enough to read this!

----- Katie B 01.12.09 22:58

This ring would be a reminder that I am worth something so beautiful.

----- Tobie Head 01.12.09 23:01

Connections with loved ones.

----- Joe Wasserman 01.12.09 23:02

This ring would symbolize the joining of the life of mine and my fiances on Jan 9! It’s absolutely beautiful.


----- Allison 01.12.09 23:08

If I’m lucky, I will give this ring to my mother. The twig would represent the regenerative power of love. After leaving an abusive relationship, she more than bounced back, she GREW into a woman with a career and a connexion to art. More than just wise, she is joyful. She once told me she only left my father because of me. She could handle it, but didn’t want me to grow up that way. After giving me — and herself — a gift so huge, it only makes sense that I would want to gift her, too.

----- Kath 01.12.09 23:12


----- Melissa 01.12.09 23:35

this ring, which by the way I would SO use as my wedding band would symbolize the two of us starting our lives together - and growing old together. Just like counting the rings on a tree to tell its age, it would represent us growing old and growing TOGETHER. I know its cheesy, but its exactly what I thought of when I first saw it - its really a nice metaphor and happens to be how I feel about marriage.

----- rachel 01.12.09 23:43

the craftsmanship of the ring is impeccable! as a designer, the ring would constantly remind me of the beauty of nature and inspire me to design with that in mind. the simplest design is truly the most difficult to execute.

thanks for the opportunity! :)

----- jenny 01.12.09 23:44

I think my girlfriend would really like it. I would like to think someday we will get married. I just want something to give to her that shows her my commitment and how serious I am. I Love Her and I know some material object will never take the place of this love. I guess it is more for her than for me. Anyways I suppose it would also symbolize the growth that are and have been going through. How no matter how hard it gets we just have to remember that we have been through a lot and we can make it through anything

----- natty 01.12.09 23:59

The bending and new beginnings in life. Often unexpected. Always interesting. Never-ending-just like a ring!

----- Kimberly 02.12.09 00:01

Eternity + Ephemeral Beauty.
Tree of life as is true love lasts forever.
Nature analogy is fleeting beauty.

----- TWON 02.12.09 00:11

This would represent the strength and perseverance throughout the hard troubled times in my life, but would be given to my mother to remind her it was because she was there.

----- Anne 02.12.09 00:28

Twists and turns our lives all take, yet somehow, we manage to keep our lives intact.
BTW - great ring, it’s beautiful!

----- Marie Biswell 02.12.09 01:05

I think that if I would win this and have the honor to wear such a beautiful little work of art on my finger, it would symbolize luck and creativity. In other words, it would constantly tell me to believe in my own luck and of how lucky I really am, and also remind me to try to find some time to do my own art and do something creative every day, no matter how small :o)
(Anyway, good luck to all!)

----- Sandra 02.12.09 01:06

It’s a reminder that love lives. it is delicate yet strong. fleeting but eternal. this ring is a beautiful symbol of life. it also reminds me to stop and appreciate that the most beautiful things in life are most often the simplest.

----- Katie Gastley 02.12.09 01:29

the ring symbolises Lord of the Rings.

----- shu 02.12.09 01:35

Things that I either pick up or overlook everyday in my life…

----- Kat 02.12.09 02:28

Nature is everything to me! I love botanical inspired jewelry, home decor, everything!.. but can’t afford the beautiful pieces that designers like Bittersweets makes. For me this ring would be a piece of what I love that I could take everywhere with me, and that I would wear well, forever! I love it!

----- Amy 02.12.09 02:29

This ring would symbolize completing a life goal. One of the artists my mother exhibited in her gallery always encouraged me to be an artist, to be creative, to follow the beat of my own drum—she also wore a ring on every finger but her thumbs. I’m one ring away from having hands like her’s, and I’m a teacher now, among my myriad jobs—and I want my students, when they look from their drawings, to remember my hands, and my rings, and my encouragement, just like I remember hers.

----- Lily 02.12.09 02:48

To the lovely people who have made these rings,
I, Victoria, would wear this ring with pride. I would wear it as a ring for me. It may sound a bit silly but really, i think i deserve it.
The past three and a half years i have committed myself to a school that has brought me more tears and sleepless nights than i ever thought were possible. I’ve had jobs on the side, an unpredictable roller coaster of emotions, probably one of the most painful breakups-twice-, run out of my design critiques crying not sure if it’s because i had a good review a bad one or if i’m crying just because i’m so tired. and yes, there’s more.. But so many people have been hurt, ripped apart and then have managed to pull it all back together.
I, for one, can give myself a pat on the back. Yes Tori, you’ve gotten this far. Yes tori Its been hard but WOW. Be proud. Coming from immigrant parents who didn’t graduate from college with degrees, this, to me, is a big deal. I will be the first to graduate with a real live BFA in Interior Architecture. I know things are rough, but I know with my mind body and soul that I have made people proud I have made people smile and I hope the world can grow a little bit fonder of a thing called hope. With out that, i might have lost my grip a while back. But with every new day heading towards winter here in NY, the sun will rise and fall. The leaves will lose their colors and the nights will creep in earlier day by day. And yes, it will be bitter and yes the wind will whip its ways along the city sidewalks. But their is nothing as sweet as seeing that first bud blossom into a whole new season. Soon enough the whole city wakes up and spring is here. That to me, is what this ring is about. A reminder that when things seem dark, cold and lonely, the even the smallest most delicate single twig can house the most precious signs of life, rebirth and regrowth- an endless cycle.

----- Victoria 02.12.09 02:51

I would wear this ring as a reminder that I am beautiful and worth the effort. I have been having a hard time lately balancing all in my life - work, kids, marriage. I of course come last. This would be a reminder not to let myself be taken forgranted.

----- Molly 02.12.09 03:30

The idea for this ring is stunning. I remember training my eye to draw by looking at twigs and branches and making blind line drawings. Each twig is so different, varying bumps and curves, which I think is such a great idea to put into a ring. I also think its great to see a ring that holds so much variety, no one ring can be exactly like the other.

For me then, this ring would simbolize beauty in the most simple of forms, nature. Its great to take a natural object that we see every day and cast it into a permanent art piece. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could find some diamonds held by twigs in our yards? :P


----- Kristen Melton 02.12.09 04:21

Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life
Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to the money then you die…

----- DinaMoo 02.12.09 04:30

I have been on the hunt for a perfect, unique ring to use for that ultimate ring function…if I won this amazing piece I would take it as a sign that it is time to propose to the man I love.

----- Vivian 02.12.09 05:02

The twig would represent a new start and a new beginning. I am on my second marriage and we are trying hard to have a baby. I have had a lot of personal growth these last few years, and I believe I have become a better person. The twig would symbolize all I have been through and the new challenges to come.

----- Allison 02.12.09 05:16

i must be honest in saying it will be for my profound appreciation for the fine craft of simply good design.

----- Meg 02.12.09 05:51

this twig ring would mean so much to me cos it would mean that i know have a twig on my finger!

----- denise 02.12.09 06:00

The golden twig would symbolize a recognition of beatuy and talent to the person I’ll decide to give it.

----- Vinh 02.12.09 06:03

this ring is beautiful and it would symbolize my new found independence. i would look at the ring and remember why i am doing what i am, with my life even though people disapprove.

----- ashley 02.12.09 06:07

This “twig” would symbol the branch of my life I am in and the fact that that while some branches die, new ones are always forming…This Christmas will mark the second anniversary of my husbands death. We were driving to my parents for my daughters first Christmas when we hit ice and rolled our SUV. He died instantly, but my little girl who was inches away from him survived without a scratch…life truly does have its’ ups and down, but through it all God is there and there is always something waiting for us…it doesn’t end until God says it’s time.

----- Carrie Thompson 02.12.09 06:28


First of all, I have posted about other cool trends and companies I’ve found on NotCot on my TrendHunter.com/MosaicCity page! I think this site is amazing!

These rings are just one more example of how unique and trendy this site, and the ideas displayed on it, really are. This ring is the perfect combination of earth-inspired art, classy and understated glamour, and femininity.

It is the perfect gift for my mom; she displays humble, fashionable femininity while giving back through her career as a developmental specialist in the Neonatal (Infant Intensive Care) Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. My mother has dedicated 30 years to the children’s hospital. Many of the employees there are overworked, and many of the families who are at the hospital have had their lives turned upside down. And she loves being there to help them, all the same! My sister and I have also begun volunteering at her hospital to give back to people who really need it. It’s nice to devote time and energy to something other than ourselves.

This ring would also symbolize the opening and closing of a circle and would carry a lot of meaning for myself, my mother and my sister. We just started a new phase of our lives. I’m starting a new job, focusing more on family and personal happiness and am appreciating the little things. My sister is applying to colleges to be a teacher. That being said, I also feel like this ring would be a wonderful gift and surprise to my little sister as she deserves a reminder of how beautiful she is and how far she’s come.

----- Allie 02.12.09 06:32

Those are gorgeous rings! Though I’d love to wear it myself, I would give it to my mama. As a mother myself, I’ve come to fully understand the sacrifice, love, and compassion she’s given to me over the years.

----- Honor 02.12.09 06:49

a simple little twig, it is a beautiful ring. who wouldn’t want it? this would be another representation of how i incorporate nature into all the work i do both personally and professionally. possibilities are endless when you look towards the details in nature. and the beauty is evident and being inspired by living things and manipulating and growing an idea or concept with natural elements used in a simple and beautiful way has always been a winner for me.

----- erin 02.12.09 06:56

There are a small group of fantastic women (family & friends) that I would choose from to find someone to gift this ring to. I don’t wear gold myself, but this is SO beautiful and unique. It would symbolize a gift of enduring friendship in my eyes.

----- Jen 02.12.09 07:13

these rings are gorgeous…all the twigs (my kids) intertwined with their roots and something precious

----- ilana 02.12.09 07:21

how lovely! it’s such a beautiful representation of nature.

----- meg 02.12.09 07:41

That is a really beautiful ring. I think it’s been a tough year for everyone, as evidenced by all of these comments, and I think this ring really does look like a shiny little piece of hope. I mean, it’s just a thing, of course, but it would be a delicate and pretty reminder of what people are capable of creating.

----- Jen T 02.12.09 07:47

These rings are so beautiful. They would be wearing a piece of art, not just jewlery.

----- Jill Bowers 02.12.09 08:01

Working in an elementary school, there are many challenges that come along with the infinite rewards. This ring would be a beautiful reminder that each challenge is worth while for the kiddos.

----- Kristen 02.12.09 08:11

The twig ring to me symbolizes life. It is beautiful and whole. Endless. While human hands created it, the ring reflect the beauty of nature. I would love to wear it.

----- Lisa 02.12.09 08:21

I would love to win this ring for my 16-yr old daughter. We recently moved to the country (instead of the city) and she’s started hunting with her Dad & totally enjoying the outdoors. With money tight this year, this ring would be a perfect gift for her.

Happy Holidays!

----- M.Eads 02.12.09 08:22

Hi there!

To me, the gold twig ring symbolizes the coming together of people with similarities, and how this “togetherness” can work wonders even if you are the minority.

In itself, twigs are breakable or brittle; and gold is a soft metal. They are both similar in this sense. But with the wonder of fusing them together, there you have the opportunity to spark off an entirely new creation. When similartities come together, strength can be found, and this wonderful fusion in turn creates something that is beautiful and unexpected — like the gold twig ring.

----- Brenda Then 02.12.09 08:32

Woah, Holy Shit. You people are ridiculous! It’s a goddamn ring for fuck’s sake. Pretty, yes…but we don’t need to hear about how you were sexually assaulted and how you hate your life! You need counseling, not a ring. Why do people have to be so overly dramatic?

----- Miguel Antonio 02.12.09 08:40

Hmmm, why indeed. Well, I’m in love with a woman and she loves me. But the world is structured in such a way that we cannot be together. It is not allowed and cannot be for a number of years. So, while our love lives, it is non-existent to the world. The world cannot know what we know. It is like the winter trees - unmoving, ordinary, incidental, seemingly dead but living inside. I love how the ring has tiny buds, waiting to blossom, but not there yet.

----- Robert 02.12.09 08:44

After just reading about how the ring would be a great gift in honor of their mother passing away, I feel foolish writing my reason, so clearly there are more worthy people of winning this. With that said, I guess the ring for me would symbolize just being me. “Me” with no attachments, no boy justifying the ring. Winning the ring means my independence and my unwillingness to succumb to settling for the conventional life I always thought I wanted.

----- em 02.12.09 08:46

I am originally from a little, wooded island in the Puget Sound and now I live in Manhattan. This ring would symbolize nature being with me always even if there isn’t a tree in sight.

----- Annelise 02.12.09 08:50

The twig ring for me would represent for me a connection to nature. I gave up on a god a while back, and even though it makes logical sense for me and my life to do so, I’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately. I think a reminder on my finger that we are all connected to life and the world around us, even if there isn’t a “higher power.”

----- Gennie Catastrophe 02.12.09 08:50

It might sound a bit cliché (but when it comes to diamond rings, the field for originality narrows quite a bit), but I love this ring because it really represents the question of will someone marry you. Getting engaged really is akin to “going out on a limb” with somebody. It represents two people, holding hands on a quavering branch, and promising to always be there to help each other out. The outcome is uncertain- the branch might hold up, in which case you and your loved one are on top of the world, enjoying a great view. It might break a little bit, in which case one partner can hopefully help the other person back up. And sometimes, the branch just breaks clean off, you both tumble to the ground and if you’re lucky, you have a person to help you up, dust you off, find a new tree and try again. I think it is a symbol of a beautiful promise- to walk out to the uncertain, hand-in-hand with the person you love.

----- Colleen 02.12.09 09:13

Gorgeous! I like how organic it looks :).

----- Karin 02.12.09 09:16

I love this ring - and the golden twig would be perfect! My husband and I recently moved into a new home (new to us) and it has 4 very large trees in the backyard. We spend most of the summer and fall picking up the leaves and twigs from our yard. But we are happy to - because it’s OUR yard, trees, and home!

----- Heather Maddox 02.12.09 09:26

These rings are so lovely! To me, a twig ring would represent a specific type of new beginning - a new location. My husband and I are moving out to California from Florida next month, and though it will be sad to leave our families and friends, we are confident that the opportunities out west will prove worthwhile. It will be a time of growing and adapting and making the best of a tough economy.

The process of jewelry-making is so interesting! It really makes you appreciate how much jewelry costs ;) It’s one of the few things in our lives that has lots of both inherent value and value added: the value of the work that mined and refined the metal, the value of the crafting of the piece of jewelry, and the sentimental value of the circumstances surrounding your acquiring the piece.

Good luck everyone and thanks for posting the pictures!

----- bethany 02.12.09 09:27

I love, love, love this ring!

----- Jennifer 02.12.09 09:29

The ring would symbolize independence and hope in my life. I am a college student who has a love for nature, hiking, and working towards goals. This year has been rough, but I know everything is going to go around neverending like the circle of twigs. A lot is going to happen in life both good and bad, but that’s nature’s way — it’s circular things happen and you just keep on going around and live life to the fullest!

Pick me! The ring is so pretty and wouldn’t actually be for me, but my little sister. She is growing up and I want to give her something nice that she can have forever that shares sentiment between the two of us.

----- Alison 02.12.09 09:38

i know just the person that deserves this ring

----- matt 02.12.09 09:43

The twig ring would be an amazing gift to my mother who has managed to cope so well with the death of her mother and father and a testing divorce in the same year as having to help me with my baby while I study at university. I lost a delicate gold and ruby ring which my dad had given her when they had first met. I knew that I would never have been able to replace it for her without bringing up bad memories. This I feel would make the end of her year that little bit brighter and the rings simple symbolism of growth would be something to remind her that she can get through anything and look forward to new beginnings which the new year will hopefully bring .

----- Kate 02.12.09 09:45

I would love this ring to symbolize my new commitment to loving myself. Through my first 3 years of college, I’ve come to understand that I am a complex being—selfish and giving, loving and not loving, friendly and shy—and that’s okay.

----- Emily 02.12.09 09:52

I would wear this ring as my wedding ring when I go camping/hiking/backpacking in order to remind myself why I’m there and why I am here.

----- juliann furr 02.12.09 09:54

That little twig would symbolize 10 YEARS of marital bliss with my husband!

----- Kimberly 02.12.09 09:55

I would give this to my mom who recently had a bone marrow transplant to signify the rebirth that she has experienced.

----- Kristin 02.12.09 10:06

My mom has been through QUITE a year. She lost 2 jobs, her house, and was hospitalized for 3 weeks back in January. All I wanted to give her for Christmas was something beautiful like she is—something phenomenal that I know she would NEVER get for herself, even if she ever COULD afford it. Having just had my own pay cut, I’m starting to wonder if Christmas will be at all what I had hoped this year. I would love to give my mom this beautiful twig bracelet. More importantly, I would just love to see the look on her face when she opens it!

----- Lindy 02.12.09 10:07

Hi, I would love to be able to wear the Bittersweet’s Golden Twig ring, first of all I was never a big gold fan but I did loved this ring very much, it´s amazingly beautiful and it reminds me of my life, growing, learning, getting stronger, getting better… and shining!
thank you.

----- Gabriela Oliva 02.12.09 10:13

Most rings when I see them feel infinite, like a never ending loop. In a way, they’re a lot different from most other articles of jewelry. They always seem to be symbolizing something, and when someone else gives you one, a new dimension is opened to it and it means a promise. I can never totally enjoy metal rings, because they cease to be as playful. They’re always a touch grim, no matter how beautiful they are, no matter how many colorful precious stones adorn it. In the end, I admire the rings, but I only wear the throwaway plastic and cheap metal ones. But I eventually found wooden rings, and they mean something new. I love to see the grain in the sanded, polished wood, the memory of something alive still ringing in it. They feel more natural on my fingers- like they belong there but in the end they can’t totally capture that mysterious nature. No matter that the material itself comes from nature, its inherent deadness loses something in the telling. But your twig ring shows something small and easily dismissed on a forest floor, but living and breathing rendered in golden form. There’s still something dark to it though not due to the material. The twigs are a little like animal bones, but that just makes it more savage- and beautiful. Like that nature I want to wear around my finger? Your ring is lovely.

----- Sarah MacDonald 02.12.09 10:15

This ring would symbolize the love for my family.

Shannon Mathena

----- Shannon Mathena 02.12.09 10:22

I love this ring! This ring symbolizes life and the beauty of nature to me.

----- Kacee 02.12.09 10:24

Winning the ring would symbolise that I’m a winner! These are some of the weirdest rings I’ve ever seen, and I mean that in the best possible way, because I love weird.
Twigs are only brittle when they’re dead. The sketches of these rings look like the twigs are fresh and alive and new. They are a reminder of the life that’s constantly shifting and growing in me and around me.


----- Grace 02.12.09 10:52

wow! quite a beauty. i would love to put one of these tiny little twigs on my lady lover’s tree hugging fingers.
in seriousness, it would symbolize to me, a humble effort to express nature’s fragility, poetry, and love.

----- .d. 02.12.09 11:05

Wow what a beautiful ring. I would like the ring because it would symbolize the need to be in touch with nature, be cognizant of my surroundings, and appreciate the beauty of the natural environment even in the hurly-burly urban world I live in!

----- Lavendar 02.12.09 11:48

my wedding ring was stolen almost four years ago and we have never been able to replace it, it would symblolize a new start in our 12 years together.

----- Sandra Denman 02.12.09 11:53

Beautiful rings! This ring would be such a gift for me. It has been so long since I’ve had a luxury item just because.

----- Linda W. 02.12.09 11:57

Beautiful. I would give it to my sister who lost everything in a house fire the day before Thanksgiving.

----- Auna Beasley 02.12.09 12:04

i bought my first house! One with trees! no more apartments with no land and no yard and no room! i love the rings! So natural and beautiful!

----- Laura S 02.12.09 12:18

Twigs are delicate, but contain the potential for tremendous growth and strength. A symbol of hope.

----- Jared 02.12.09 12:23

With this ring…
I would wear,
on a mended hand,
has had its share
of broken bones, hearts and bakelite bracelets

I once wore
a twig bug on my shirt
by the candle
I was reading by,
setting my bangs on fire

this ring
I would wear
with my new love
holding this once broken hand, finger and thumb
and this twig ring that will remind me
of this new love, that bug and how bones fuse together when they heal properly.

----- Nicole 02.12.09 12:23

This ring would symbolize the stage I’m at in my life. I recently moved out of the city and deep into the woods where I could live for me, rather than to please everyone else.

----- Ashley 02.12.09 12:38

this would commemorate me FINALLY FINISHING this damn dissertation (uh, assuming i do).

----- chris 02.12.09 12:41

To be a tad cheesy, it could mean new beginnings. I’m trying to get up the courage to start some new, big things in my life. So, yeah - new beginnings. :)

----- Jade 02.12.09 12:45

I would like to submit the wittiest comment to win the twig ring so here goes: I like this ring because it is original and natural. Two qualities I look for whenever I wear something; also quality and aesthetic, this ring is beautiful! I am surrounded with mall chic (thats chicks) and costco queens and I would like to wear this ring to show that my marriage means A LOT to me and that is why I would love to have this ring. I would post pictures of me wearing it around the continent, I travel from Alaska to Florida and would show it off everywhichwhenever I could-I would be a walking advertisment for the lovely ring and company. Ithankuverahmuch!

----- KellieOxie 02.12.09 12:50

I just got married on Nov. 28th, and unfortunately wasn’t able to afford a ring. She has made me feel more loved than ever before. I would give the ring to her. She already has my heart.

----- Nicholas Amheiser 02.12.09 12:52

I would love this ring as a reminder that life is full of unexpected gifts, just need to find them!

----- Melinda 02.12.09 13:03

This ring would symbolize Fortune! because 7th December is my birthday and I never win anything in aaall my life so far

----- Paola 02.12.09 13:04

This cheery little twig would represent the sun on this grey and dreary day.

----- brinda c. 02.12.09 13:45

These designs are absolutely gorgeous - right in line with the modern, minimalist preppy aesthetic that I seek out. I would love to win this because I would wear it proudly and write about it on my blog!

----- Classic Prep 02.12.09 14:12

My husband and I are both gardeners and have spent 30 years together growing and cultivating. To me the ring symbolizes the intertwining of two separate lives. The branches become stronger when the two are entwined together. They lean upon one another and grow both apart but then bend around one another to allow each to grow, but then come back to be joined together again. Our rose bushes growing up our trellis that my husband built for me behave similarly as we do in marriage; as does this ring.

----- Sheree L. 02.12.09 14:18

The twig represents resilience and the ring represents the circle of life, and I want to win the Twig Ring so I can give it to a friend of mine who at 35, beat breast cancer this year by being positive, staying strong and empowering others through her story.

----- Imelda 02.12.09 14:20

My mother is a single mom of 5 kids and she has done a wonderful job raising us in a loving home. This past year my step father took her to court to dispute whether she owned her property or he owned it. She fought it in court, eventually winning but in the process she lost all of her life savings. I would love to give this ring to her as a symbol that like this twig no matter how far one must bend, one must never break. Thanks for your consideration, Merry Christmas.

----- Corrine 02.12.09 14:30

A beautiful earthy band would symbolize our continued natural commitment.

----- Elizabeth S 02.12.09 14:33

A golden twig would symbolize all of my hopes, desires and dreams for the environment, planet earth and nature. It would symbolize to me that you will always be part of the earth and should treat it with respect.

----- Kristen 02.12.09 14:37

this ring would, for me, symbolize the brilliance of beauty. That something so materially beautiful and decorative can also represent an immaterial beauty—the continuity of the circle, the offerings one person gives to another…it’s a lovely ring.

----- liz 02.12.09 14:39

I love this ring! I love to appreciate nature in every form. One of my favorite hobbies is taking long walks outdoors or going hiking to take in the beauty of my surroundings. With this ring, I could have a piece of outdoors with me at all times…even when trapped inside at work!

----- Shannon D 02.12.09 14:51

I would love to win this because my mother deserves a wonderful Christmas present. I’m currently a 19 year old broke college student, whose mother has been wonderful throughout the years and I cannot afford to get her the gift she deserves. When I was a 4 years old, I was playing “treasure chest” in my mother’s jewelry box and decided that her diamond tennis bracelet would make an excellent treasure to bury in the backyard.. Well needless to say, 15 years later the necklace has never been found and I would love a new treasure for my mother to replace the old one that is in a bird’s nest in Mexico, or buried somewhere in our backyard never to be seen again.

----- Lauren Marie 02.12.09 14:58

Wow, I love those rings! It really symbolizes what a big part nature plays in all our lives.

----- Kassie 02.12.09 15:06


----- shari reiter 02.12.09 15:09

To me this ring, is a branch, a resemblance referring back to our origin and the tree of life. This branch in its entirety is circular, representing eternity. It shows how life continues on through nature and aesthetics. This can be dually represented in how rings are passed down from person to person continuing the circle of existance. I believe a piece this beautiful would be one of those heirloom treasures!

----- Jenikah 02.12.09 15:21

Gorgeous ring! For me, it would symbolize organic beauty and the power of nature.

----- Ashley H. 02.12.09 15:21

gold, i come from a family the mined for gold. The mines in our home town were never closed so when i went back to Brazil in 2006 i snuck into the mining grounds. Im proud to say i had the guts to explore inside, i found a small bit of what looks like to be gold and rock intertwined.. I keep it in my room on top my desk as a sord of reminder of my old life in Brazil. Gold has been a part of my family for generations, and though the outcomes were never what they promised to be. the hope instilled in my families past will stick with me forever.

----- karol serafim 02.12.09 15:29

Eternal impermanance.

----- Tom 02.12.09 15:49

It would symbolize when i fell out of a tree as a kid and broke my arm. This twig looks as if it will stay intact!

----- Emilyb 02.12.09 16:18

It would symbolize when i fell out of a tree as a kid and broke my arm. This twig looks as if it will stay intact!

----- Emilyb 02.12.09 16:20

We are so busy looking for tomorrow, that we don’t see what we have now. So this ring would remind me to enjoy today.

----- triini 02.12.09 16:24

The ring would symbolize me growing up and starting college

----- Stephanie 02.12.09 16:26

Beautiful ring! I would remember all of the blessings God has given me when I looked at this ring!

----- Mallory 02.12.09 16:35

The ring is so delicate and beautiful. I think it would symbolize that in order to be strong, you can still be delicate.

----- Beth 02.12.09 16:45

This ring would symbolize the growing and changing I’ll be doing for the next few years. I’m just about to go to college, and I’m so excited! There’s going to be tons to do, and I’m really trying not to get overwhelmed. I’m putting little reminders of this everywhere, from post-it notes to pictures of my friends and family. This ring would be another great, little reminder.

----- Jane 02.12.09 16:47

I’ve dated my boyfriend for 11 years in February. We’re not into the whole marriage thing by any means, we’re happy just living together & being friends. I would love to wear this ring as a symbol of our being together, without the need to run down to City Hall & ruin all our cynical, heathenistic fun!

----- Kate 02.12.09 16:52

simply because it might perform the herculean task of making my little, stubby hands look willowy and full of grace.

----- leslie ryan 02.12.09 17:00

The rings are beautifully unique. They would be the perfect gift for my perfect daughter.

----- Julie 02.12.09 17:25

The ring would symbolize growth to me. I know that’s rather literal, but as I am a college student about to graduate, that’s all I can think about- how much I’ve grown over these past 4 years, from geeky teenager to (hopefully) not-so-geeky adult. The diamond itself would symbolize future promise. I have no idea where I’m going after college, which means I am simultaneously free and terrified. The diamond would be a promise to myself that I can work this out- there’s something out there for me.

----- Genevieve 02.12.09 17:29

I would love to have this beautiful ring, not for myself, but for my mother. My father was killed two years ago in an accident and it was devistating to my family, especially my mother. The ring is amazing and would match her wedding ring very well. The twig ring would also be a great little piece to look at as my father was buried in a beautiful small cemetary that is surrounded by trees. It is half way across the country, however, so we cannot visit as much as we’d like and this would be a great way to feel closer! Thank you and enjoy your holidays.

----- Laura 02.12.09 17:31

The last two years have been some of the most difficult for me. Nothing turned out how I planned, and plans had to be put aside for more pressing reasons due to the economy, family obligations, etc. At the end of my rope, I finally got a job offer in a new city and moved two weeks ago! I love it here and am feeling so positive about my future. Perhaps this should go to someone who is still having a rough time of it, but I worked hard and never gave up, and now have something amazing to show for it - including a shiny positive attitude. This ring would represent the fruits of life’s difficult labors, a reminder that I can do anything I set my heart and mind to, and grow from the experience.

----- anna 02.12.09 17:36

Change! Life always gets to comfortable and forces me to change. Transition is tough, but the next phase in life never lets me down!

----- jen 02.12.09 17:54

i am a huge nature fan, i love everything about it and a twig ring would just be a perfect symbol of that.

----- sara 02.12.09 18:09

the twig ring would represent the 30+ years my husband and I spent with the forest service helping to protect the environment for species, endangered and otherwise.

----- gail guetersloh 02.12.09 18:17

This ring would symbolize delicateness and femininity. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I’m not feminine enough. I’m very practical and rarely wear dainty jewelry, even though I’ve always admired it. This ring would remind me that I can be ladylike and strong.

----- Kelly 02.12.09 18:42

it’d give people a reason to call me twiggy.

----- asha 02.12.09 18:50

This ring would mean that out of all these people that tried to win it, I was the lucky one!!! Let’s be honest…not one of these people are trying to win this ring in order for it to symbolize something meaningful besides using it as a way to show they are commited to someone. It’s a beautiful piece of art and should be appreciated as such. =)

----- Caitlin 02.12.09 18:50

It would be a reminder to tend my garden and be more connected to the nature that’s right outside my door.

----- laila 02.12.09 19:02

This twig would symbolize my branching out next year as I will be graduating from law school. This ring will become a reminder to myself of what I have accomplished so far, and motivation to moving forward, aka pursuing a career in a non-legal sector, no matter what in these tough times. (student loans, anyone?) The story of this ring’s role in a wedding makes me grin because I was also thinking to use it as a fence with any social situation that called for it.

----- Emi 02.12.09 19:04

To me, that little twig would symbolize starting small + beginnings and the goldenness (ha) would symbolize what is to come. Being as I am still in high school, I haven’t even started my life but I’ve been working hard so I can get into an awesome college. After some time (graduating, pre-med, and whatnot) I’ll achieve my goal, which is where the goldenness comes in. Besides that, it’s a beautiful ring! Who wouldn’t want it?

----- Lisa 02.12.09 19:12

What a beautiful way to symbolize everything that is beautiful in life. The simple things, the free things. Nature, love, laughter. My partner and I are raising a beautiful 2 year old son. Though we do not have all the money in the world, we are happier than happy. We have us!! We are dedicated to our family, and our son. This ring would not just represent my relationship with my partner but with my son as well. We currently do not wear rings for everytime we put a little money aside to get rings, there is some other medical bill from my son’s surgery that comes in. The materialistic item does not matter, but the message it sends is the true reason I would love to wear a Bittersweet band!

----- Christel Hoydic 02.12.09 19:48

You do some amazing work! I have always been happiest outdoors in nature, and my wedding anniversary is the first day of spring! The ring you created would be a perfect representation of the circle of life, the beauty of raw nature and how we can and should enjoy and protect the beauty of nature around us.
Blessings with your future creations, I will be keeping an eye on your work!

----- Elisa Verratti 02.12.09 20:02

This beautiful ring would symbolise an enormous amount of brownie points with my fair lady. Not only that, but placed upon her finger, its natural form would reflect her own natural beauty. But mosty, I’d just score big points.

----- Matt Ryan 02.12.09 20:03

I’d love this for my fiance. She loves the outdoors and spring. We garden together and this would be a wonderful wedding band. We’re both going to school to become teachers ourselves, and the ring I got her is nothing extraordinary, though she says she loves it just because it’s from me… I’d love this one more!

----- Ryan 02.12.09 20:11

This ring can remind people of the beauty that is all around us, and also help me to prove my independence without needing a man to buy me jewelry.

----- Stephanie 02.12.09 20:24

Very pretty ring, it would symbolize a new beginning-being cancer free for 3 years. It would be worn and a reminder to keep praying for all the others who have to fight the big C.

----- Sandy 02.12.09 21:30

a circle symbolizes the continuity of life, whether good or bad, its constant and happiness or sadness doesnt last forever. so essentially the circle would remind me that although things are down now, life is circular and theres bound to be ups coming my way. and nature would represent that constant outside of oneself, no matter how you are feeling, the sky will always shine or rain or hail or snow….life goes on in circles; how you make of it is all up to you.

----- hy 02.12.09 21:45

The golden twig Bittersweets ring would serve as a symbol of patience and perseverance, a reminder to be grateful and thoughtful, and also act as a representation of my personal inspiration and creativity. I have always worried about acting “responsibly” and being practical. I have been lusting after owning a real piece of jewelry and in particular, a ring, for quite some time. However, I can’t actually justify treating myself to something that I don’t NEED. I am trying to be patient with life, hoping that all the hard work will get me to a point where I can indulge every once in a while without feeling guilty. I would view this this ring as a reward for my accomplishments and as an encouragement to stay on track. It would remind me to take pride in what I have done, and be grateful for what I have.
I really LOVE Bittersweets because the brand and it’s pieces convey a sense of balance between tough and delicate characteristics. Organic forms in particular inspire me and I seek out art, clothing and jewelry that also derive some inspiration from it. There is something very honest about it. I also like how it can be a strong and subtle statement at the same time, which is another balance that this ring incorporates. Thanks for the opportunity!

----- Evelyn 02.12.09 21:56

To me, these twig rings, symbolize how nature can be so beautiful. Rings are figures that represent eternity and how life goes from birth to death, and how everything else keeps going. From small and fragile twigs, something beautiful grows, just like how love sprouts and flourishes from two people who are greatly attracted to each other.

----- Jane Ventura 02.12.09 22:00

This ring would symbolize a lifetime of love and commitment to my future husband.

----- Jessica Jones 02.12.09 22:02

This ring symbolizes the constant change and adapting that I have done throughout my life, as well as those small memories that should be remembered. As trees have grown from saplings, and spread their roots, so have I. As the roots of a tree nourish it and give it strength to live, I have continually learned new things and it is these things that allow me live. A twig is only a small part of a tree, but it is important. It holds those small memories that shouldn’t be forgotten.

----- Tamara 02.12.09 22:02

This ring would symbolize my new daughter’s birth

----- Jen 02.12.09 23:37

It would represent nature to me. I just love to wear jewelry that is inspired by nature.

----- Ladytink_534 03.12.09 00:01

I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree,
And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk
Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more,
But dipped its top and set me down again.
That would be good both going and coming back.
One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.

----- elle 03.12.09 00:16

It would mean BRAND NEW LIFE to me, since I am trying to conceive a child at this very moment. I hope it will bring me luck. f*** yes!

----- Angie 03.12.09 02:27

With it’s delicate yet detailed band, this is one of the few diamond rings I would consider wearing. It’s simply lovely. I would wear it to remind me of all the wonderful branches or “twigs” in my life that inspire me to grow upwards.

----- Troy Corley 03.12.09 05:16

After acquiring my dream job at an early age, I now sit and think about all the things I missed because of my career ambition. Just turned 25 and I still cry for home. Trying to dig up the strength to jump off and do something unexpected, because that’s totally unlike me. I plan my life. Constantly. My goal for this year is to expand, take chances. I think it’s a lesson in growth. The twigs symbolize growth. Small…baby steps…branch out and take you in all other directions. You could have a completely different life if you take the left twig over the right one, different life partner, different locaton, different food (and don’t we all love food). As you grow, you take new routes. These routes grow into other routes and at the end, not only have you grown but you’ve branched out to discover all the other things that you wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to. As I grow, I’m learning how to branch out. There is no wrong way, only a million different ways. One tiny twig can take you a million miles away but at the end of the day, you’re still always connected to your roots, your family.

----- Susan 03.12.09 05:52

The studio photos and the rings both feature the intriguing combination of organic inspiration with the solidity the craft.

----- Ray Saunders 03.12.09 06:22

The beautiful paradox of being strong and fragile at once. A small plant, a small twig - it can be just snapped like that, but at the same time it is just obscene really, how it has the life force to grow into a giant sequoia :D
Also - art imitating nature - I could write a book about what that symbolises ;)

----- Liisa 03.12.09 06:58

I can’t think of anything new or surprising to say that would be deserving of this ring. It’s beautiful, and wearing it would make me feel beautiful and lucky to have been singled out. Lately I’ve felt my confidence wearing thin, and something like this would be a lovely boost.

----- Kate 03.12.09 07:28

A ring that embodies such delicacy and strength would remind me that it’s okay to have a life of contradictions: not everything is as cut and dry or black and white as it might appear on the surface. Unlikely but, successful, pairings are often the things which end up bringing our lives the most unexpected joy.

----- Sarah Baird 03.12.09 08:11

It would remind me of the love I lost, and the love I gave away. Gone are the days, but there is the ring.

----- Sean 03.12.09 08:28

All of these rings are beyond amazing, but the one that is being given away is perfect in my opinion because it is so subtle and delicate. I’ve been trying out a new path of risk-taking and following my intuition, and it’s made for a wild and exciting ride so far. For me, this ring would symbolize the random beauty that life can throw your way sometimes.

----- Terez Lowry 03.12.09 09:35

What a gorgeous ring. For me it would symbolize growing up in a rural area filld with nature - I’ve moved on to life in the big city, and I often miss the fields and forests!

----- Kate 03.12.09 09:48

This twig ring would be a symbol of my current job on “Alice in Wonderland,” which is appropriately filled with foliage of all types. And it would be my Christmas present!

----- jeanny 03.12.09 10:36

These rings are just beautiful and symbolize how love just stays circular. You do beautiful work!

----- Annette 03.12.09 11:06

the beautiful twig ring sybolizes growth and new opportunies on the horizon.

----- somerset 03.12.09 11:09

This ring would remind me of home while I work in the desert in the Middle East—digging up houses that are thousands of years old. It might also stop all the local villagers from chiding me for not being a traditional woman!

----- Colleen Morgan 03.12.09 11:40

There is something so special about making an precious, impermanent moment of new growth into a shining, permanent token of beauty. The ring captures that fresh, hopeful, romantic spirit of spring and allows you to carry it with you the whole year around. Wonderful!

----- Amy K. 03.12.09 11:57

This ring would symbolize growing something wonderful from something so small (like a seed!) I love nature jewelry! It would also symbolize my marriage to my wonderful husband of 8 years, which by the way we never bought rings… no joke. Still looking for the perfect one! Think I will have to swing by & check out their entire collection!!! I LOVE it! :)

----- Rachel 03.12.09 12:17

This golden twig symbolize to me that the best thing you can do for yourself is to not listen to what anyone else says, unless they are encouraging you to go for it. There are a lot of suckers and downers out there; they don’t mean it, but they can’t help it. Many people want you to be like them; to share the same interests and priorities which also means the same insecurities and weaknesses. When you do something that they don’t like or agree with, it somehow threatens their view of reality and purpose and ultimately, their sense of self. They will say. “Oh don’t do that, do this, this isn’t right, this is too weird, this is too average, this isn’t good for you, you are too this and not enough that, be normal, you are so special, don’t waste it so please, just be normal or good, just be like me because, I can tell you with out saying anything, that I am good and normal and special and safe, so be like me so I am not a lone and weird”.
You are better off doing what you want and not being persuaded. There is no time to waste in being confused or feeling like the things you have done, or do, or will do are inadequate to fulfill your sense of life; in the end, it’s all that matters, you either fulfill your sense of life or not. Are you happy? Did you do some cool shit, are you doing some now?
For all the discouragement or rejection or the times you change because someone else recommends it, you simply bolster their ego a bit and exchange a piece of yourself for a piece of mind, for the safety of not feeling like the others don’t believe in you, or see a flaw in you, or want you to be like them. It is easier to live like this but it is less fun and when you are 83, you will look back and regret the lack of risk.
In the end, when you follow the lame suggestions or steer your ship for others they are winning a bit and you are losing a bit. It’s just a tiny sense of self, an invisible little fairy of invisible vibrations that goes from you to them. You both feel a bit better; they feel better because they are right and not alone and you feel better because you are no longer wrong and alone…but just remember; you cannot escape mathematics. If you add up a life time of invisible little fairies and vibrations, they can become quite significant. Imagine all of the lost vibrating fairies that could leave your spirit over the years; joining together into one giant obese, coughing, stagnant, chain smoking fairy that has been expanding for half a century. The fat fucked up fairy vortex of lost ideas.
It doesn’t have to be like that. So really, don’t listen to them. JOIN THE GOLDEN TWIG who just came out of the woods!

----- ion kaiser 03.12.09 12:29

These are beautiful. This would represent regrowth - I had a bad injury recently and am on the mend.

----- Melinda 03.12.09 13:02

a twig from a tree represents the commitment you make through marriage to grow both as individuals and as a couple. to me this is the most important of promises made on such a special day.

----- kate 03.12.09 13:04

the twig ring would remind me that i am a naturegirl at heart, and that my time in the Big Urban Monster making money, will eventually come to an end and i can go back to my acres in the woods.

----- Anna 03.12.09 13:13

This ring would symbolize my devotion to nature. I believe that there is only one constant in life and that is the power of mother nature and how she affects the lives of everyone and everything.

----- Krista 03.12.09 13:17

This is an amazing, beautiful ring! To me it symbolizes growth. Branches and twigs enlarge as a tree grows and evolves. Life this past year has been a lesson in personal growth for me. I have overcame sickness, job loss and overall recovery. Lessons were learned, love grew and time moved on. The new year is upon us and it is a perfect opportunity for rebirth and regrowth. I would feel honored to wear a ring that represents the ever changing, evolution of life! Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of wearable art work!!!!!!

----- Danica Moore 03.12.09 13:29

On the inside of my left wrist, is a small tattoo of a lotus I designed to cover-up a memory. To me, the lotus symbolized the beauty of despair. When I was about thirteen, I tried to commit sucide and slash my wrist. Enstead of dying that day,I will always have a scare to remind me of that dark time in my life. It was only recently, after reading an amazing book I now see the beauty of scares, they tell a story of survival that sould be passed on. An imprefection is the most beautifully thing in nature.

----- kemba opio 03.12.09 13:30

i think this ring would remind me of this give away in itself teaching me not to let even the simplest opportunities to pass you by because sometimes it just doesnt take that much to give it a try while you can earn or achieve amazing things.
the design in itself would remind me of the simpler things in life. take me away from all the chaotic techo driven world we live in.

i think it could be a simple example of what small gestures you make can get you…

----- Sky 03.12.09 13:31

I’m turning 40, and this ring would celebrate the wonderful second act into which I’m heading. It would also symbolize a marriage, of sorts, to myself—for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, staying true to myself and loving myself—faults, warts, and other unsightly sights and all!

----- Paulette 03.12.09 13:39

To me, this ring would symbolize hope and comfort. Hope and comfort, which I learned, are very hard things to come by in a time of turmoil.

----- sharon park 03.12.09 13:58

It would symbolize simple beauty. A reminder to live simply but fully.

----- Sarah P 03.12.09 14:02

These rings are all so delicate and beautiful. Although they represent branches found outdoors to me they represent something very human as there is such a wonderful handmade quality to them. They represent the passion and dedication of the designer who made each piece. Exquisite!

----- Amanda V. 03.12.09 14:14

I am in love with this twig ring! Trees and twigs have always been the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and certainly this ring would symbolize beauty, growth and life — the act of living.

----- Jeanne 03.12.09 14:31

My love is true, my love is deep
For the man who once lived across the street

Five years have passed since we first met
and now we share our home and pets

our love is deep and strong and true,
and overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude

Our days are good and truth be told
we’ll stick together as we grow old

We dream of a wedding that’s sweet and fun
But, put it off for lack of funds

While I do not need the matterial things
he’s lost his job and feels the sting

We can pass on flowers, keep it simple
but want the power of the circular symbol

It shows eternity, so the saying goes
so with this ring… I would propose

Thanks for the chance!

----- Kelly 03.12.09 14:37

When I think of a twig, I think of a tree at its barest stage. It’s kind of symbolic of my life at the moment. I’m kind of at my bare bones, having just completed college, and looking to begin building my future. This time in my life reminds me of how a tree waits all winter to bloom. This ring would definitely symbolize the transformation I eagerly await.

----- Amy 03.12.09 15:26

This ring would symbolize memories of the past. While trees grow and get stronger humans do to, and the twigs are what help us reminisce on the best and worst of times. My memories would be preserved through this, especially because it resembles the tight strong relationships I’ve had with my family and how we’re always growing physically and mentally.

----- Lyann 03.12.09 15:42

Oh how beautiful! This gorgeous ring would remind me of how important nature is in my life. Also, I’m a budding vegan, so it would remind me to stay on track :) I absolutely love the simplicity of this ring, ah, it’s so lovely !

----- Jane Rahman 03.12.09 15:52

For my life, this ring would be a symbol of strength, something I need to be reminded of everyday.

----- Erica 03.12.09 16:30

What beautiful jewlery! A golden twig sounds like it represents the immortalization of nature.

----- Manuel 03.12.09 16:34

This ring transcends my love of nature AND jewelry. Intriguing to see the process from artist concept to the final product. Thanks NOTCOT and Bittersweets, and please, please god, let me win this ring.

----- Linda 03.12.09 16:49

As a Tech Designer I spend the majority of my life on the computer. Everything is pixels and vectors and DPI. I find myself dreaming of nature…..of running around in the woods and letting mother earth embrace me. I want to rub dirt on my skin and get twigs tangled in my hair….. The rings reminds me of my daydreams…….

----- Libby 03.12.09 16:50

This beautiful ring would not represent anything quite yet… Until I form memories upon wearing it and living life!

----- Mia 03.12.09 16:52

My mother turns 50 this december. She is the one who is entirely responsible for my love of nature. I’d love to get her something really beautiful, she deserves the best. So this ring could be perfect for her.

----- Mona 03.12.09 17:07

Winning this ring would certainly symbolize luck, wouldn’t it? :)

----- Leslie 03.12.09 17:43

natural love…

----- ITIR AVCI 03.12.09 17:51

Ah, what lovely rings! Gorgeous. I guess they could symbolize my undying love for my family. Very nice giveaway.

----- Erica Lea 03.12.09 18:49

Such a ring, for me, would symbolize growing and changing as a human. I am not married, and don’t plan to be anytime soon; it’s just not the right time for me. I believe that beautiful, unique things remind us that there will never be another anyone. There will never be another you (hi!), or me, or another of the above commenter (*waves enthusiastically*). Everyone is cast in a different metal and mold, and that makes them awesome and beautiful and immortal, just like a 14K gold twig at the age of a few hours.

----- Jordan 03.12.09 19:38

For me, the golden twig would symbolize continuing to grow up and some much needed resilience.

----- Amy 03.12.09 20:54

Back when everyone was fussing about the year 2000 bug, a friend of mine went around asking us what we’d if all the computer systems crashed and we had to go more back-to-the-land as a society. I told him I’d be an herbalist, since I’m quite versed on the edible and medicinal plants of the area. My friends gaped at me: some of them, knowing me as a mathematician and computer girl, had never realised I was versed in herblore.

So to me, this ring would provide a simple visual reminder and symbol of my own hard-earned knowledge of the natural world around me. I remember just fine, but it could serve as a note for others who apparently would not otherwise know or remember my, uh, “roots.”

It would also serve as a reminder for me that even though I no longer do much field biology, that the knowledge gained in the natural world can still play a huge role in my artificial one, and many insights and metaphors translate better than most people realise, because there are sadly so few people who walk in both worlds.

----- Terri 03.12.09 21:04

Cheesy though it may be, this ring would be a symbol of me pampering myself - something I can’t afford to do. I have a good job that I like in a city I love, but I just don’t make enough money to buy myself many things - especially not nice ones, & especially not jewelry! I don’t have any jewelry that I actually treasure - & it’d be really nice to have something as pretty & delicate as this ring as my first piece!

----- Kate B. 03.12.09 21:25

a golden twig would mean chance and freedom for me. chance because a twig is very flexible and yet frail when twisted to make a circle. anything can happen, and being golden it makes ‘chance’ stronger for what it is suppose to happen/come. and freedom, because unlike other rings, a golden twig ring is not limited to couples alone, it is made individually, and never the same once made. it’s made for just one person. it can be for yourself, or for a friend, eitherway it is freedom from anything/anybody else. one that represents just yourself

----- kengie 03.12.09 22:26

This reminds me of when I was a kid, making rings out of dandelions and crowns from tree branches… and make believe worlds with fantastical creatures… back when life was less complicated and everything was treasure.

----- Randi 04.12.09 00:23

Love that is forever an olive branch that can bend and not break.

----- Tammy 04.12.09 01:29

this ring will represent the very moment i move from being left of center (left = co-dependent) to as far right (right = fiercely independent) as my heart will allow.

----- nami 04.12.09 10:39

I have just been divorced and my EX husband took back his ring, my dog, and he is living with his mother.

I think I need this ring…

----- Angela Conners 04.12.09 11:05

The ring would symbolize my mother to me. She died on New Years morning, less than a year ago. I miss her very much and I would love to have a reassuring piece of spring, her favorite season with me every day.

----- Rebecca 04.12.09 11:15

A golden twig is the sign of geek culture, ironic obscession and shun by society. It’s an equivalent to a green mushroom in a Super Mario, a weapon used by anime characters for comedic purpose, the first object a geek would turn into gold if they had the Midas’ touch, and a prop used for an inaccurate historical reenacment of Washington crossing the Delaware River.

----- Erwin John Labra 04.12.09 11:24

I would give this ring to my best friend who just got engaged over Thanksgiving. Let’s just say while her fiance did SO well on the proposal itself (it was romantic and lovely and he did it in front of all of her family and friends on Thanksgiving day) the actual engagement ring is well, um, ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS. Oh why oh why did he not ask for my help to select it?? ; ) My friend is not an extravagent girl but she so appreciates beautiful design. She said to me shortly after the proposal “I wish he would have proposed with an interesting ring, even just a band, maybe something with a twig design (!!!!!!). That would have been just perfect.”
I just stumbled across this giveaway and so I just had to comment in the hopes of winning this gorgeous ring for my best friend.
who has been with me through thick and thin and has gone through a lot of struggle and growth herself this past year. It would symbolize the strength and growth of our friendship. I really think she’d appreciate it and loves delicate pieces like Bittersweets. Thank you!

----- Merrilee Hesterfer 04.12.09 11:49

To me, the ring would represent my love of natur (and jewelry) and how much I’ve grown over the past few years.

----- CherylA 04.12.09 12:04

These are LOVELY! The branches for me would symbolize the hope of spring and the promise that this dreary winter will, indeed end. (And I realize that winter hasn’t even technically started!!!)

----- Emily M. 04.12.09 12:06

I would give this ring to my dear mom who is moving to Haiti indefinitely at the beginning of the year to run an orphanage for Haitian boys. She is moving away for the first time in my life, and I’d love to give her a gift that would remind her of home while she is away. I want her to know that I’ll always be thinking about her.

----- Vanessa 04.12.09 12:12

Well obviously the ring is beautiful! But really its seems to be about finding beauty in the smaller and simpler things. The ring isn’t flashy, but still breath taking. Im always striving to find the simplicity in my chaotic life, and what better way to keep me grounded than to always have a beautiful reminder for me and others to see. The ring is so simple, yet stunningly beautiful.

----- Cassie 04.12.09 13:31

This ring would symbolize my love for my mother, who is a garden designer. I live in a concrete jungle, so I rarely get to see the beautiful foliage she’s surrounded by on a daily basis.

----- sally 04.12.09 14:08

a symbol of a growing, precious and everlasting love that would be given to a woman whom i strive to appreciate and cherish every day.

----- justin p 04.12.09 14:46

This ring is extremely beautiful. It’s traditional yet modern and to me it represents a frozen moment in time. It may visually show a growing living plant, but it’s like the silver has incased this moment and frozen it in time.

I’m in love with it!

----- Nicole 04.12.09 15:34

when i first think of the word twig, the words “spring,” “new life,” and “babies” (twigs are like baby sticks (: ) come to mind.

this ring will be a reminder that i am never done learning and growing (in my faith, relationships with others, wisdom, knowledge, ect.). if i’m having a bad day, when i look down at my finger and see the ring, i will reflect on what i have learned and/or how have i have grown during that rough day and then remember tomorrow will bring new beginnings.


----- Sarah 04.12.09 16:00

this is perfect symbol for my 5th year anniversary with my girlfriend in march 2010 :)

----- adri 04.12.09 16:41

That is the coolest ring I have seen in a long time.

For me it would symbolize that even the smallest bit of nature can be beautiful and should be appreciated – and that even Tree Huggin Hippies can have their Bling.

----- Colby 04.12.09 18:03

This ring would symbolize my love of all things, minus bedbugs, New York. I recently left NYC and moved to LA. I’m actually loving it and not at all the stereotypical cynical NY’er. In the past five years, I’ve lived in Chicago, Miami, Amsterdam, and NYC, but NYC matured me the most. It was the site of my first job and a really life-changing new beginning. It’ll always be some of the most important years of my life, and this ring would be a constant reminder.

----- Vanessa 04.12.09 18:08

I’m young and need to grow as a person still, and for me , this ring would symbolize and remind me of that.

----- nicky 04.12.09 18:25

Smooth rides of life with a few bumps in between.

----- Hope 04.12.09 19:27

It would remind me of spring. Although I like the winter, the long nights and short hours of sunlight get me down. Maybe the ring would remind me that spring comes back around…….

----- Julia P 04.12.09 21:06

This ring would show how much i love nature and springtime (my fave season!). :)

----- Meili 04.12.09 21:19

it would symbolize friendship! my friend studies jewelry design, i would give this to her as a gift

----- Emily 04.12.09 21:20

This ring would mean to me the strength vs. fragility of all of the small things. A twig is small and easily broken, but it also out in the open making it readily available for the onslaughts and dangers that life presents, like wearing your heart on your sleeve. And a diamond is one of the strongest things known to man, and is a symbol of purity and power. But most diamonds lie, hidden, within the deepest recesses of the Earth, like hiding your true self behind the walls that you put up to keep people out (or to see who will break them down). This ring will symbolize to me all of the things that are strong but hidden, and fragile but out in the open. Life is full of these strong and weak objects…the ring will be a constant reminder of these things withing myself, and, more importantly, within other people.

----- Jimmy 04.12.09 23:01

The gold bittersweet ring will symbolize my love for my girlfriend, even though a California bill will not currently let us buy the wedding ones. They are so delicate. It’s lovely.

----- Jessica 05.12.09 00:01

Recently got out of a long term relationship, was unemployed, broke, and am struggling through my final semester of university. In the past couple of months, I’ve found a great job, am strengthening old friendships and making new ones, taking on new projects that excite me and planning a career for when I’m done school.

It’s really reinforced the idea that life is is very circular, we have our ups and downs and continuously learn from these experiences, each time being reborn as a better version of ourselves.

----- Michlerish 05.12.09 00:20

For me the branch would symbolize the branching out I have accomplished this year..graduating, starting a family… ~J

----- Jessica P. 05.12.09 00:21

Simplicity works.

----- Katie Brown 05.12.09 02:45

I would wear a beautiful twig ring all the time.

----- Amy 05.12.09 07:06

It would symbolize my need to return upstate to the woods every few weeks as New York City can be too much concrete for me at times.

----- Emma 05.12.09 07:43

For me, this ring would symbolize
more than just a ring, or a gift. It would symbolize an opportunity
for me. I’m a very in debt college student who has met the most wonderful, most caring and beautiful girl in the world who deserves the best ando wish o could give her everything she deseves. I have been having a hard time saving up for a ring to show her just how much she means to me and how I want to spend the rest of my life with her. This ring would be beautiful, a wonderful gift, a symbol of love and an opportunity for me to finally ask the love of my life to spend the rest f her life with me.

----- Jeff Cheung 05.12.09 07:48

I’m in love with my lovely girlfriend since I first met her 6 years ago. Now we lives together, in a small department here in “Santiago of Chile” (South-America) but we are planning to move to the country, in order to have more space to bring childrens to live and raise them. But the most important is that we both want to live more in contact with nature. To be able to enjoy life, the moonlight’s nights, the countless smells, colours, clear sounds. We don’t believe in marriage, at least not under the law nor by church. We want to make an special ritual to symbolize our union. So this ring would be perfect to use in that ceremony…

----- Jose-Luis Ayala 05.12.09 09:04

I love these gorgeous rings. For me, the golden twig (and all of these rings) would remind me that it is possible to contribute and be functional in the world—serve a purpose—while at the same time still maintaining your own sense of self and individuality—to not forget who you are and where you came from.

Many times, people try to do something in the world and on the way there they lose something. Many people forget what it’s like to be a child—inquisitive and unassuming and trusting of others. Many grown-ups become suspicious and cynical toward others. Now the world is seen to be much more dangerous than it is which leads people to miss out on what the world has to offer.

Also, these rings are so amazing. I much prefer these to any “traditional” engagement ring (or ring in general).

----- Camille 05.12.09 12:25

A branch would represent being rooted and grounded in love so that I am able to reach out to help other people.

----- Emily Mabry 05.12.09 12:29

It would represent a gift that I haven’t got my girlfriend for Christmas yet..

----- Lee Waters 05.12.09 13:34

My Grandfather was a nature enthusiast. Growing up we would go on hikes through forests connected to the back of his property. I remember once finding a beaver dam. We would take our hiking sticks and go on adventures testing out different paths everytime. We found a monarch chrysalis one year and watched the butterfly come alive. During the entire year, the bird feeders around the yard gave us nature to watch no matter if there were leaves, roses, or snow on the ground. They are stories of my Grandfather I’ll always remember, and that love of nature keeps us attached.
My Grandfather passed away 2 summers ago. Even then, we spent a day mourning at his hometown beach wading the waters looking for driftwood. We spent a day outside in his memory. This ring reminds me of those hikes. It reminds me of the small stem that held the chrysalis, the trees for the birds, and the durable driftwood. This gift would act as a reminder of the memories I hold of my Grandfather and his love for nature.
- Thanks for listening

----- Coryna 05.12.09 13:47

To me this ring symbolizes how nature appears. It can be as delicate as a flower (or twig) or as strong as the diamond sitting in the middle of the ring. This ring shows quite a beautiful balance between two extremes.

----- Christi 05.12.09 14:20

Oh, these are gorgeous! Thank you so much for taking us through the process!

I’ve never been much of a ring wearer myself, but this ring just seems to resonate with something more than your average ring— the imagery is just so powerful, an amalgamation of the organic and the mineral.

I’m sort of a walking cliche in that I’m a struggling college student, feeling a bit of an island even while I’m surrounded by people, and unsure of my place in the world (I know, I know, I’m still young— but it is still terrifying!). I’m not quite sure I could look at the ring everyday and think “o! the circle of life” or “o! rebirth!”, but I do think has an intrinsic beauty, born of the fact that someone has spent time and energy on to great effect; the ring itself is infused with value by the very nature of someone believing in its worth (inadvertent symbolism alert! though it’s true). Also, to be frank, it is just a lovely piece of jewelry— I think I could put on this ring and, in that small yet crucial way that beautiful things often achieve, feel good about myself. It is just one of those items that is able to have an impact beyond its immediate self.

----- Gabrielle 05.12.09 15:06

This ring would symbolize the hope and promise that I feel 2010 will bring.

----- Marci 05.12.09 15:35

I love the simplicity of this ring. I would love to win because to me the ring not only symbolizes a season in the midst of change, but something a little more. Twigs are so fragile sometimes, very easily broken even if lightly stepped on, but the twigs on this ring are held in the middle by a diamond, one of the most indestructible things on Earth. This shows that love although very fragile, I think the giver of this ring is showing that they believe it to last forever. I also see it to symbolize myself. I have been through some rough times this past year, enough that would break most people down, but like the diamond I stay strong through it all.

----- Christine 05.12.09 18:19

It would be a great gift for a loved one. It symbolizes my search for the perfect gift.

----- Kelly 05.12.09 19:28

Trees are always known to be strong and sturdy living objects with its branches swaying in the winds but unmoving to Time’s Challenges, but one has to look at the beauty that makes up a tree. Many components make up a tree including twigs and branches, but these objects alone are fragile and hollow - easy to break underneath pressure. However when put together as a whole, they form an almost unbreakable bond. This ring is a symbolization of perseverance - the act of being able to bear difficulties to grow and become a better person.

----- Amanda 05.12.09 19:41

This ring would symbolize prosperity for me, and remind me of all the wonderful things that are attainable out there in this big world!

----- Michelle 05.12.09 20:08

For me, this ring would mean my independence, my freedom and positive thinking!

----- Ronit 05.12.09 20:21

The ring symbolizes balance and how nature and technology can merge and create something beautiful.

----- Laura 05.12.09 20:51

This ring is for my wife. We married in June and she put up with me trying to get my studio off the ground without very much progress for a while. She has been so amazing dealing with my shaky start and has consistently pushed me to not settle even when other (close, but not exactly what I envisioned) offers came up. So without getting all after-school-special on ya…this ring would be for my wife because of how much she’s helped me grow in the past 6 months when she probably should’ve punched me right in the kisser a few times.

----- Eric 05.12.09 21:29

The ring would replace one that I recently lost. I received it from my grandmother when she died and it’s the only thing I have left from her since an unfortunate situation left my family without most of our possessions. Losing that ring really hurt me and nothing can replace it, but at least I will now have something beautiful to pass down through my family. I would love that. Thank you for the chance to win.

----- M 06.12.09 00:11

The strength of the relationship I want to make with my friend.

----- Justin 06.12.09 01:55

The organic growth of love my girlfriend and I have grown over our 6 year relationship.

----- Derrick 06.12.09 02:19

I would give this ring to my best friend who just got engaged over Thanksgiving. Let’s just say while her fiance did SO well on the proposal itself (it was romantic and lovely and he did it in front of all of her family and friends on Thanksgiving day) the actual engagement ring is well, um, ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS. Oh why oh why did he not ask for my help to select it?? ; ) My friend is not an extravagent girl but she so appreciates beautiful design. She said to me shortly after the proposal “I wish he would have proposed with an interesting ring, even just a band, maybe something with a twig design (!!!!!!). That would have been just perfect.”
I just stumbled across this giveaway and so I just had to comment in the hopes of winning this gorgeous ring for my best friend.
who has been with me through thick and thin and has gone through a lot of struggle and growth herself this past year. It would symbolize the strength and growth of our friendship. I really think she’d appreciate it and loves delicate pieces like Bittersweets. 谢谢您!

----- rimmel 06.12.09 04:57

This ring would mean to me the strength vs. fragility of all of the small things. A twig is small and easily broken, but it also out in the open making it readily available for the onslaughts and dangers that life presents, like wearing your heart on your sleeve. And a diamond is one of the strongest things known to man, and is a symbol of purity and power. But most diamonds lie, hidden, within the deepest recesses of the Earth, like hiding your true self behind the walls that you put up to keep people out (or to see who will break them down). This ring will symbolize to me all of the things that are strong but hidden, and fragile but out in the open. Life is full of these strong and weak objects…the ring will be a constant reminder of these things withing myself, and, more importantly, within other people.

----- rimmel 06.12.09 04:58

This ring would symbolize growth, resilience, and a respect for nature.

----- Robert W. 06.12.09 08:53

This ring wouldn’t “symbolize” anything. It’s just a beautiful material thing. If anything, it would indicate to others that the wearer has the great fortune of being able to afford gold trinkets to adorn themselves with. I’d probably sell this ring and give the money to someone who needs it more than I do. Or I’d ask NOTCOT to auction it, and send the money to a worthy cause. I just don’t think it would be very valuable sitting on my finger, looking pretty. The profit from an auction might be infinitely more valuable to someone in need. Proper redistribution of the country’s wealth is the solution to our world’s woes.

----- Nicole 06.12.09 09:35

yesterday my girlfriend and i woke up only too discover latter on that morning the we are going too have a baby , the wedding plans were on the back burner but now i guess the date is going too moved up a bit , winning the ring sure would help us out and i know she would adore it like she adores me and the soon too arrive baby .

love the website keep up the great work

soon too be mr. and mrs . valentine

----- david valentine 06.12.09 10:00

this ring would be a reminder for me to just stop and ‘smell the roses’. i want to slow down and enjoy where i am in my life, have gratitude for what is here now.

----- amy 06.12.09 10:04

From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun There’s more to see than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done There’s far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high Through the sapphire sky Keeps great and small on the endless round It’s the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the Circle The Circle of Life It’s the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the Circle The Circle of Life

----- Katrina Stevenson 06.12.09 10:19

I lost my youngest daughter to a drunk driver three years ago. She was one ot the strongest, bravest and most beautiful persons (inside and out)I have ever known. In my mind the wood representation and diamond of the ring would be symbolic of the beauty and strength She lived. If I should win I will proudly give it to my oldest daughter to wear in loving memory of her Sister.

----- Cheryl 06.12.09 10:31

For me, the twig ring would symbolize my infinite connection to nature. As an artist i find the form beautiful. as a concentrator in psychology it represents memory of past because the twig has always been. as a spiritual reference it represents what is to come. the tree will always be. it also holds the memory of my grandmother, one of my main care givers that passed away recently, and the tree i planted in her memory.

----- Randi 06.12.09 10:46

I’m an artist/designer, and i just finished my undergraduate.
I’m struggling to decide the type of artist I’d like to become. There is so much around me that inspires me, but I can often get lost in a cloud. This ring would symbolize clarity for me. Creative clarity. This ring embodies me with its combination of fashion and nature, it is completely sophisticated and romantic. I absolutely love it. In order for me to grow as an artist, it is important for me to surround myself with objects of inspiration. Having this ring on my finger every day would remind me of the possibilities of innovation and being creative and in turn I can strive to be innovative with everything I create.

----- Kelsey 06.12.09 15:15

it would symbolize success, because after watching 3 hours of “the lottery changed my life” and reminiscing on the only thing i’ve ever won in my life (which was ‘bust enhancing cream’ when i was a flat-chested 10 year old) i would wear my ring with pride, telling everyone how flippin’ awesome it was that i finally won something i loved (and was proud, not embarrassed, to use!)

----- marissa 06.12.09 15:36

To me this ring would represent as the stone , the fire that is my love for my husband and daughter and the ring itself as the branches , growth , roots even that keep us connected in a continuous spiral of life.

----- Kristen 06.12.09 16:03

I certainly didn’t have anything terrible happen to me this year. And I didn’t do anything amazing that I can remember. But I think that the twig ring would symbolize my journey through school. College has been long and hard, like it is for most students. And the ring would represent my graduation and branching out into the world. Growing ever upwards to the beaming sun of possibilities in my future. I take the roots of all the knowledge I’ve gained so far, and use it to bring myself up in the world.

----- creativename 06.12.09 16:25

I adore this golden ring because it combines beauty and hope that is both ephemeral and eternal — it symbolizes a springtime promise of new beginnings gleaming with potential.

----- Jackie S 06.12.09 17:20

my grandmother is a gardener; she can turn a dead twig into a flourishing symbol of life, and this ring would be for her. She lost her wedding ring while gardening (go figure) and a ring that represents her and her love for life would be a perfect christmas present…. not to mention, it’s stunning, and the work/effort involved is inspiring!

----- Abby 06.12.09 17:23

those rings are so beautiful. oh. my. god. D:

to me the twig ring would represent the road ahead for me, in terms of recovering from a car accident i was in a couple months ago. the accident severely injured my left hand. in terms of rehabilitation i have a long way to go, and that beautiful ring would be an amazing thing to look forward to wearing when i’m done. :)

----- noor 06.12.09 17:29

These rings are beautiful! If I am blessed enough to win one it would be the absolute best Christmas gift for my daughter. I have been trying to think of something wonderful that she would love….the ring is it. She is a tree hugger and all about nature and saving the enviroment. This ring would be the most wonderful thing! And it would make me one outstanding mom! Thanks!

----- Sheila Richerson 06.12.09 18:16

After struggling for years in many areas of my life, this ring represents new beginnings, branching out, new growth. It is a reminder to never give up and keep on growing, learning from hardships.

----- Candace 06.12.09 18:36

The golden twig would represent the High Line to me, which is the most wonderful merging of nature and everyday life that I’ve ever seen. I had one of the best days of my life there when my boyfriend and I visited NYC for the first time. It would serve as a wonderful symbol of that.

----- Jess 06.12.09 19:19

Am I too late?

I think the design look incredible, i would say the ring symbolized like lovers first we’r twig.. but we find our strength together and come together as one(precious diamond) in the end. : )

----- Rena 06.12.09 20:47

When I was browsing through notcot the rings caught my eye immediately. Especially since it said giveaway… so i clicked on the bittersweet link thinking I’d just leave my comment and be finished. But before that I got caught up in the story of how you made the wedding ring, and i loved it. I can’t say that the ring would represent me the same way; I don’t have a new beginning coming up, or a wonderful marriage,(I’m only 16)But to me, seeing those rings makes me think of how something so delicate and small can cause a huge stir, (as you can see by how many people left comments…) and be beautiful in a way different from the ordinary. To me a ring like that represents the part of my life that to me, is so beautiful. The fact that I get to live a life I could make extraordinary :)
just as you designed and shaped metal to make a beautiful ring.

----- Elizabeth Ruyle 06.12.09 20:49

a little hope. a last chance. a new beginning.

there’s a place where we used to go, a wooded area, a place that few know, cluttered with fallen branches and leaves. unkept. forgotten. i’d take her picture there, the light was always right.

i would take her there. i would replace the ring that was stolen. it was her grandmothers ring. i would do something right for once.

----- d 07.12.09 01:40

This is a really original and beautiful ring, i have always loved the idea of jewellery taking shape in the form of something from nature. It has a quirky edge to it at the same time as being sleek simple and stylish…of course this is not a REVIEW of the ring (you already know yourself how beautiful is is) you need me to tell you why I would be the perfect new owner of such a fabulous item. To tell you the truth i wouldnt. Its symbolisation of fresh renewance and symplistic beauty is something i feel i would struggle to live up to! That is why if i was awarded the ring i would give it as a gift to my mother. Everybody will say their mother is the best in the world, so regardless of me thinking she is i am not going to sell her in that light. My mother is a noble working class woman. She takes on the demands of a difficult 45 hour working week aswell of the home stresses of caring for a family. This is not a very unheard of life style but its the way she deals with it with such grace that sets her apart from the rest. Despite the stresses she still manages to be a fair and compassionate individual, putting everybody else before her own needs. She has had more than her fair share in low points in life and she has conquered them coming out the otherside free of bitterness and without her love of life and her optimism being compromised. She has had to conquer so much and has renewed herself so many times and come out the other side shining. I would love to show my support to her in a unique way. Give her something she can look at that represents her struggles and accomplishments and realise that they have been seen, and acknowledged, and that i am eternally grateful!

----- Becca 07.12.09 06:24

my own personal growth while watching and learning from my children’s too quick growth.

----- pam kautz 07.12.09 08:40

For me, this bracelet symbolizes my life. Displaying nodes of challenges and segments of smooth cool breeze sailing!

----- CL 07.12.09 10:10

The ring reminds me of an enso, also known as a Zen circle. Beautifully, it can symbolize many things; I like its expression of eternity here, especially with regard to the natural motifs in its circuit.

----- Chris 07.12.09 11:13

This ring would symbolize beauty. I would wear it every day so I can look at it when I’m feeling down, if I need inspiration, or simply to be in awe of it.

----- Yesenia Espana 07.12.09 12:16

I would love to have a simple ring like this to wear everyday and to remind me of my goals.
I think that the beautiful simple design will help remind me to stay calm and push towards new things.
Like the Plants the cast came from, I’ll keep pushing and growing as a person.

----- Scottie 07.12.09 12:20

I love the simplicity yet elegant form of this ring. It symbolizes strength within fragile structure, and will remind me to be strong and take charge in life.

----- Paula 07.12.09 13:00

Growth! Shiny, sparkly pretty growth. & a connection with nature every day.

----- Mikayla 07.12.09 14:13

the ring will symbolize that for 2009, no matter what happened i should be thankful for what i have, especially my beautiful boy and wonderful husband.

----- JEN 07.12.09 14:53

These rings are beyond beautiful, to me, having one would be incredibly special, as it would be a wedding ring which could stay with me and symbolise mine and my partners loving relationship for years and years after our wedding day.

----- LucyPanda 07.12.09 15:10

I would wear this with my wedding rings, since our jeweler screwed up the originals (antiques). I want to support independent artists, and this would be a great reminder.

----- Rebecca 07.12.09 15:38

hmm…definitely fall

----- Grace 07.12.09 16:49

This ring reminds me of the only piece of jewelry that is special to me. My grandmother gave me a gold braclet with leaves….reminds me so much of the twigs (if only they had the leaves). It would be the perfect pairing and a constant reminder of my grandmother’s keen sense of style and free spirit.

----- Kate 07.12.09 17:41

So many things have been falling apart lately, that winning this will sort of remind me that I’m not being punished. I try to be a good person, but I don’t get why things continue to go downhill in my life when I strive to make the world a better place. And since I’ve just been laid off, I think I may gift it to my mom. =/

----- saki 07.12.09 17:47

It would symbolize that i like to get my wife things she deserves even though sometimes I can’t afford them.

----- josh 07.12.09 20:11

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