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Built NY Hoodie Netbook Cases- 09.08.09

hoodie.jpg Sure i usually just toss the netbook in my purse (yes, my purses are LARGE, and as most know, they also often have a dslr/point+shoot/giant wallet/kindle and so much more in there too)… i haven’t always been so good about giving them a proper sleeve, and they seldom come with adorable high quality ones… and especially in the netbook space right now, sure you can put it in a larger laptop case, but there’s so much room for it to swim around! And i’m still an anti-zipper person when it comes to laptop sleeves (my first macbook got gashes from so much in and out action ~ especially when i was in a rush)… so these Built NY Hoodie neoprene totes with a simple attached hoodie that just pulls over is pretty genius ~ and so slim too! It’s perfect for the 7-10” netbook! See more pics and info on the next page…



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