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Logitech Squeezebox Radio- 09.10.09

logitech1.jpg I’ve found that one of my favorite times to use a netbook is while laying out in the backyard ~ only thing is i have yet to find the optimal music solution (short of full on outdoor speakers, or blasting the music inside loud enough to enjoy out there). Lately i’ve dragged my favorite Logitech Squeezebox Boom out there, but its annoying that it needs to be plugged in for power (grabbing music off my network, internet radio, etc is great over wifi!)… so i’m excited to discover the latest offering in the Squeezebox family! The Squeezebox Radio! It’s similar to the boom, but smaller in size, color screen/ui, no remote… and most excitingly, can run on batteries for about 6 hours! So you can grab it to stream music outside no cables needed! And when plugged in it will charge itself back up. From the pics its looking like a pretty cute size for a radio/clock next to the bed even… see more pics of it on the next page!




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