Founder of NOTCOT: Concept, Content & Creative, Editor-In-Chief of the NotEmpire
. . . Design Addict + UX Designer + Shopaholic + Tech Connoisseur + Design Writer + World Traveler

Jean Aw is a 20-something designer, trendspotter, and entrepreneur. She holds a Masters Degree in User Experience Design where she focused on both conceptual and visual design and usability research.

She has since channeled her education and design into NOTCOT Inc, a network of informative and collaborative websites that doubles as a design consultancy. By keeping her readers (and her readers keeping her) on the cutting edge of design, this network demonstrates, inspires, and promotes smart, simple user experiences while stimulating a visual, aesthetic and textual dialogue between users and designers.

While currently based in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, she is very mobile, hopping around the country and across the globe, entrenching herself in international culture and their respective design hotspots. She often finds the most incredible things in the most unlikely of places and loves bringing them to her readers, often leaving them wondering whether the treasure was in their existence or in their discovery.

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Sr. Editor of NOTCOT & the NOTempire
. . . Zoologist + Design Aficionado + Trendspotter

Justine is the London-based editor of NOTCOT. Loves include animals, the countryside, city farms, balcony gardening, illustration, infographics + all things design, coupled with a passion and knack for finding some of the most intriguing and brilliant products, trends, artists, music, and websites in any nook of the world or internet, she helps lead NOTCOT.org's taste and style keeping it up to date with great inspirational content. For NOTCOT.com features she peruses the world with camera in hand, exploring everything from urban curiosities and european design weeks to flora and fauna across the globe. Quite possibly the most well rounded editor we could have imagined for such a wide reaching range of content.

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Director of NOTlabs & Editor/Photographer
. . . Hacker + Lover of Machines + Philosopher + Jetsetter + DJ of NOTCOT

Shawn is the man you turn to when you need to make anything and everything you have yet to even imagine. With a background in architecture and robotics and passion for fabrication, innovation, and breaking down disciplinary boundaries, you will find him in the garage with the project car du jour, in NOTlabs creating digital and physical experiences while hacking away to invent the unexpected, or on a jet bound for exploration and adventures across the world.

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Writer/Photographer for Special Projects
. . . Lover of Dogs + Fast Cars!

Iván is our go to when it comes to special projects... and in addition to writing/photographing them, he's also well versed in the digital worlds of marketing, eCommerce, social media, premium men's grooming, and far more!

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Director of Operations of NOTCOT & Liqurious Editor
. . . All-Around Doer of Awesomeness + a force to be reckoned with.

Marcia is not only a writer, but a cocktail connoisseur (and author of DIY Cocktails), organizational mastermind, advertising strategist, and the woman behind the holiday fun at NOTCOT.

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Builder of NOTCOT: Concept, Architecture
. . . Keeps NOTCOT alive. Saves the day. (Repeatedly.)

Daniel brings both a passion for elegant, intuitive interfaces and unparalleled technical expertise to Notcot. Day to day, he keeps NOTCOT alive and kicking for your viewing pleasure, repeatedly saving the day and incorporating all of our latest features. Combining intuitive designs with their technical architecture comes naturally to Daniel, who holds a BS in Cognitive Science, and is currently going for his PhD (that's right, he can get in your head). Once upon a time, NOTCOT was run out of a server in his closet.

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Contributor of NOTCOT
. . . Architect + Rockstar Designer/Illustrator/Jeweler + Super MOM

Anna Corpron is one half of Sub-Studio, a collaboration that began in New York City in 2004 when she and Sean Auyeung forged a design partnership to combine their individual creative interests. When not collaborating on new designs for Sub-Studio, Anna can be found developing her line of jewelry, Brevity, or "internerding", as Sean likes to call it. Which works out well, since that's where Anna digs up most of her posts for NOTCOT and the Sub-Studio Design Blog.

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Contributor of NOTCOT
. . . Photographer + Film Maker + Epicure

Jackson's first word was Dada ~ his second word was EAT! Food has always played an important role in Jackson's life, so it's no wonder that coupled with his photography background he's was editing of our latest site, Tasteologie... you will find him hopping around the globe tasting delectable delights from street food to room service ordered on iPads ~ sipping stream water cocktails to visiting gardens and playing with chefs. He shares his unique perspective on the world through a culinary lifestyle lens unlike any other, coupled with degrees in Photography and Cinematic Arts/Critical Studies.

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