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Holiday Feature! Baxter of California Giveaway- 12.14.09

baxtermain.jpg On Los Angeles field trips, i took a little trip over to the Baxter of California HQ last week and met up with president, Jean-Pierre Mastey, a fellow mini haribo gummi bear and packaging design junkie ~ he’s also passionate about boxing, cars, men’s skincare… and japanese, Head Porter bags! I am so excited to share a peek into their world… so fun to get to see the products waiting to go out, some of the R&D in progress, and even some amazing retro barbershop accoutrements and playful art and design… it was also awesome to get a peek into his packaging design library! Take a look at JP’s desk up there, that juxtaposition of objects sums up his well rounded background quite nicely!

Beyond the peek into the world of Baxter of California on the next page ~ JP has also been generous enough to give one of you lucky readers the new Porter collaboration Baxter Dopp Bag filled with Baxter travel sized goods - Face Wash, Oil Free Moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm, Daily Protein Shampoo, and a special edition Baxter anodized aluminum travel shave brush produced just for this kit in Black. I was jealous enough of this being a men’s product, i bought one for myself… it’s a fabulous dopp kit! With three removable velcro’d sections! With stunning details you’d expect from Porter, it is the ultimate flexible travel kit! See more images and details on the giveaway here!



The soaps all awaiting shipping… baxter9.jpg

Lovely blue bottles… ascii labels! baxter10.jpg

The under eye cream all us computer addicts probably need… also with fun ascii label art! baxter11.jpg

A peek at men’s skincare… old and new! baxter8.jpg

No real surprise beautifully framed prints adorned the minimalist space… baxter4.jpg




Just some of the many packaging and design books in the world of Baxter… baxter2.jpg

How awesome is that rug, giant calendar, clock, flag combo? baxter5.jpg

BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA COLLABORATES WITH PORTER JAPAN CUSTOM DOPP BAG / KIT: Collaboration Bag to Launch at Select Retailers for Holiday

Los Angeles, CA (December 2009) - Baxter of California, the premium men’s grooming line since 1965, collaborates with the highly regarded Japanese brand; Porter, on a custom “Baxter Dopp Bag”. The Japanese mark (created in association with designer Hiroshi Fujiwara) is well known for engaging in high-profile collaborative projects with other fashion labels and bag designers, in addition to making high quality products manufactured in Japan.
The bag is made of the signature Porter nylon material, zips open to reveal three inner removable compartment bags, elastic nylon bands to hold travel essentials, and an outer zip compartment as well. The bag carries the traditional head porter woven label, here in a Baxter Blue color for the collaboration, with additional Baxter logo marks on the inside and blue nylon contrasts on the bags interior.
Why Baxter and Porter? “Simply put, I am a huge fan of the brand and always wanted to work with them on a Baxter project” notes J.P Mastey, president of Baxter of California. “Once we launched the Baxter brand in Japan earlier this year, the connections were set in place and we were able to finally make this happen.”
The collaboration Bag will be sold along with Baxter travel size (2 oz. tubes) products: Face Wash, Oil Free Moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm, Daily Protein Shampoo, and a special edition Baxter anodized aluminum travel shave brush produced just for this kit in Black.


baxterPorter2.jpg GIVEAWAY!!! For a chance to win this limited edition Baxter Dopp Bag filled with Baxter goodness, leave a comment with the perfect sleepover you’d imagine needing this bag for! Last chance to leave a comment will be December 21st, 2009!


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276 Notes

slumberparty with the queen - only the smoothest shave will do.

----- eliot 14.12.09 02:34

this would be perfect for a slumber party with the boys from The Big Bang Theory; Leonard, Sheldon, Rahj, and Wollowitz. Oh of course Penny, too. The organization and sleekness of it would please Sheldon so much!

----- Faye Farrales 14.12.09 03:47

I’d take my boy, our passports, and catch a red-eye flight to anywhere…

----- kat 14.12.09 04:03


----- Jules 14.12.09 04:05

Surely a sleepover with Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kingsley? They’d have some amazing stories to tell and would be captivating to listen to, then putting to work the kit the following day!

----- James Pollard 14.12.09 04:05

Hmm, Robbie Williams … Hugh Jackman … George Clooney …. nope - just me and my hubby .. sneaking away somewhere, leaving the kids with Grandma .. fabulous!

----- Cathie 14.12.09 04:23

We could use it before the sleepover for a super clean shave that lasts into the night…

----- amber 14.12.09 04:30

it is ideal for spontaneous invites for a sleepover at the playboy mansion!?

----- pgm (aka Panos G. Moraitis) 14.12.09 05:02

a spur of the moment trip to NYC…

----- Mark 14.12.09 05:07

A sleepover with David Beckham! Only the finest metrosexual could completely enjoy this kit!

----- Camila F. 14.12.09 05:31

I LOVE Porter! Perfect to go with the matching bag and wallet I’d take to my sleepover with Jason Scwartzman, Adrien Brody, and Owen Wilson circa The Darjeeling Limited. Maybe then they’d stop arguing over their dad’s Louis Vuitton luggage…

----- Tyler Tallen 14.12.09 05:44

A nap in my barber’s chair. Amazing I can fall asleep with someone holding a razor to my throat.

----- Justin 14.12.09 05:47

This would be perfect for my husband on our big Japan trip next summer: ) Now that’s a sleepover!

----- Suzy 14.12.09 06:32

Night flight to Chongqing for a photo shoot at dawn in the strange, gray construction-scape of an incomplete new luxury hotel, with Siege. The creamy light and close-up shots will require smoothness.

----- J.S. 14.12.09 06:34

A sunny city by the sea…

----- Bryanna 14.12.09 06:37

ron pearlman and robin williams - they go between being hairy and clean shaven often, which is a lot like me. and then throw in lori petty for her tank girl performance and for being awesome in general. imagine the array of photos and laughs that would come from trying different razors and missing eyebrow stories. after the shaving festivities are over, we’ll relax with a showing of “dumb and dumber”. why? because the movie is freakin’ hilarious. oh the fun we’d have to the wee hours of the morning!

----- Steve 14.12.09 06:45

A quick flight from Vienna to London, a night there, and then further to Reykjavik for a holiday.

----- Chris 14.12.09 06:58

A weekend away with my husband!

----- wolfie 14.12.09 07:00

I would use this after a slumber party in New York City. I’ve been wanting a reason to go back, and a flight from LA (where I live) to NY is quite long, and thus the overnight bag would come in very handy. The extra close-razor and after shave would do the trick once I made it to the hotel but, even with jetlag, am still too excited to sleep. After a long night exploring the city, I would take a long, hot shower using the protein shampoo and relax- just happy to be clean and refreshed in New York City.

----- Cameron 14.12.09 07:24

I would need this to beautify myself while camping out for the release of Avatar in 3D imax up at lincoln center this friday. Will I get it by then?

----- Eli Neugeboren 14.12.09 07:34

I would need this hot travel kit for a hot clean shaven look on sleep overs in London. I believe the schedule would be something like; fly over, art shows, flirtations, dinner, few hours sleep, clean shave, and crumpets by 10!

----- Samuel Schimek 14.12.09 07:41

It would be perfect for Baby Tattooville next year.

----- Scott B 14.12.09 07:44

Two people, one sleeper compartment on the Coast Starlight train to Seattle—rainy, romantic—very Cary Grant.

----- k.b. 14.12.09 07:45

Road trip! Washing up with his spiffy little bag in a cramped nasty gas station bathroom… love it!

----- Bailey 14.12.09 07:46

Beverly Hills Cop 1 on VHS and cold pizza…

----- Jeff 14.12.09 07:49

my beard freshly removed. starry sky free of light pollution. dutch oven breakfast.

disconnected from the bustle of our hectic world. glorious and sublime. a chance to reengage nature with a certain special someone.

----- matthew harrison smith 14.12.09 07:58

A spur of the moment flight to japan! (has always been boy’s dream vacation) :)

----- Jade 14.12.09 08:02

This would be perfect for the type of sleepover that begins with an e-mail:
- Your profile says that your slim, 5’5” - how do you think you look in black stockings, short black skirt and smirk?
- How are your verbal sparring skills? Would you describe them as ‘mad’?

----- mark s. inman 14.12.09 08:03

Surely a sleepover at the Obama White House would require the cleanest, closest shave.

----- Roger Penguino 14.12.09 08:06

There would be no particular sleepover, everywoman should have a fresh shaved man (and I mean “really” shaved).

----- Etienne Richard 14.12.09 08:27

Probably something simple. Just a night or two at some friends place, watching movies and talking and eating crap ‘till we passed out.

----- Beatriz 14.12.09 08:31

My perfect sleepover would be with my two brothers, in Japan, at an onsen in the mountains.

----- Jes 14.12.09 08:42

I’m taking this to a sleepover with the Obamas. Don’t even have to Google map the address.

----- Jonathan 14.12.09 08:46

when a surprise sleepover in a lighthouse in iceland is arranged.

----- paul 14.12.09 08:49

now that the temperature is dropping, I would love a sleepover with anyone on a toasty tropical island.

----- Ryan 14.12.09 09:09

This would be perfect for a sleepover in Mexico: sand beneath my toes, margarita in one hand and a travel bag in the other.

----- Lea 14.12.09 09:12

With all this ‘economy on the brink of collapse’ and ‘I have to keep working long nights to cover my a**’ the sleepover I’d have would probably come in 2011 when the ship is righted, and I get to go all Rip Van Winkle and sleep for an entire forty years.

Then I’d need a good shave to get the elves out of my beard.

----- Micah 14.12.09 09:12

Hop on a flight to Boston to meet the (future) in-laws for the first time. One must look his best.

----- Andrew 14.12.09 09:16

my perfect sleepover would be from when i was a child going to my best friends house for the first few times and spending all night building and then playing in the fort we made under his stair case, if i could i would go back and re-live that experience.

----- christopher pereira 14.12.09 09:23

to take a redeye flight to go and see the girl of my dreams in Sao Paulo, Brazile.

----- jake 14.12.09 09:25


----- Jenni O 14.12.09 09:27

A weekend getaway to Kutscher’s Holiday Resort in Monticello, NY. And not during the madness of an All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival. I’d just like to sit lakeside with the old time Borscht Belters and … chat.

----- Jason 14.12.09 09:29

I love seeing designer’s bookshelves. Looks like I need to add to my own packaging collection.

----- Lucia 14.12.09 09:41

i think the perfect sleepover that i would need this bag, was one at the baxter factory!

----- Lucas Lund 14.12.09 09:43

The perfect sleepover for this would have to be an upcoming trip me and my husband are making in March .. yeah I know its early for it but he likes to be cleancut and this looks perfect for him.

----- Alexis 14.12.09 09:46

Two weeks driving through Italy.

----- Brian 14.12.09 09:49

The perfect sleepover would be a weekend camping trip in Mendocino. We would spend the day traveling the river by canoe and cook dinner over a campfire on the beach. Fresh local produce and a nice bottle of Northern California wine to settle down and enjoy each others company.

----- David Holl 14.12.09 09:53

My cheeks are so ripe for the shaving
Some time with a razor, I’m craving
One night’s reserve’ in hotel or chalet
and my bristle would never need taming.

----- Alezandre 14.12.09 10:02

Homebrew in the basement, microbrews to make that last; Fight Club, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on the projector; giant bowl of perfectly seasoned popcorn on the coffee table, nachos in the oven; bicycle maintenance and man makeovers under the light over by the shop sink: a perfect pacific northwest sleepover.

----- Rogelio 14.12.09 10:12

I’d give it to Tiger Woods. A man in rough shape could really benefit from a wonderfully smooth shave.

----- Tom Affeldt 14.12.09 10:20

In Las Vegas

----- Matt 14.12.09 10:24

I think any sleepover would be a perfect sleepover with this bag! If I had it my way, there would be delicious food and board games!

----- Drew 14.12.09 10:30

Heading to St Anton for some new years skiing and then elope with best bunny from the slopes to the Seychelles for some R&R and a few boat drinks with massages. Not quite one sleepover but worth 3 and 3 and plenty of 5 o’clock shadows to tame…

----- JT 14.12.09 10:40

A sleep over with the ladies from gilligans island. Mary Ann would love a clean shave.

----- EVAN G 14.12.09 10:44

A gorgeous balmy summer night,on a small boat; sleeping on deck under the stars, total privacy…
And in the morning, shaving with salty seawater. Ouch. He’ll be needing the after shave balm ;)

----- Annemarie 14.12.09 10:45

hmm this would be perfect for my sleepover, beer, cycling, clint eastwood movies, chilling with my dogs and spending good time with my closest friends…

----- Jacob C. 14.12.09 10:56

clearly a sleepover that involves hot chocolate and pillow fights and a viewing of how the grinch stole christmas. (the original from 1966)


----- lindsay 14.12.09 10:56

a good present to give to my friend to use after his food coma after all the holiday parties

----- Camille 14.12.09 10:56

Sleepover at Santa claus’ house. The shave kit would definitely come in handy the morning after christmas day. After saving the beard for a whole year he would be more than happy to get rid of it before new year comes.

----- Martin 14.12.09 10:58

Something from the sleep of dreams: The night train to Istanbul from Vienna with David Bowie, Salvador Dali, Montgomery Cliff and David Lynch. There will be no rough edges…

----- ttimes 14.12.09 11:11

Might be useful when meeting Sweeney Todd … :)

----- Helene 14.12.09 11:15

They perfect sleepover would be have a night away from the wife. Have all my guy friends come over, play Fifa 2010 for xbox 360 then set up nets in the basement and have a 2 vs 2 indoor footy tourney. Then set up hammocks and relax.

----- Tyson Faa 14.12.09 11:27

I’m actually planning a sleepover right now! I’m getting together about a dozen of my best college friends for a crazy movie night. “bad movies, but n a good way”. We’re going to have a bake-off too, between our two chefs. Boys invited… this isn’t a pre-teen sleepover anymore!

----- melaniezen 14.12.09 11:28

I’ll take ANY sleepover that’ll get me a day or two off of work, preferably an overnight back home to the San Francisco area out of SoCal where I am now. I miss smog-free cities!

----- Ben 14.12.09 11:29

love to take it on an island trip with my ‘lil lady… she loves it when i’m freshly shaven and tan!

----- mark 14.12.09 11:34

For my trip back to Brooklyn to spend more time with the girl I fell in love with over the holidays

----- William 14.12.09 11:39

I would use this at a sleepover at my Baba (grandpa’s house). He was the first person to give me my first dopp kit.

----- Dave 14.12.09 12:00

sleepover amidst all the saints in heaven dancing: yes sir, i can boogie!

----- jeanpaul 14.12.09 12:04

I would bring this bag with me on a sleep over with Chuck Norris.
We would discuss how exactly his tears are able to cure cancer and
how he was able to count to infinity - twice.Yes Chuck Norris is a man’s Man
and I would like to spend a sleep over exchanging grooming secrets with one
of the of the great brand geniuses of our generation. Tom Ford, Sartorialist, GQ have nothing on a night of conversation with Chuck Norris aka MR. Walker Texas Ranger.

----- Alan 14.12.09 12:12

camping with the kids - they hate daddy’s whiskers

----- Ray Saunders 14.12.09 12:17

biking down the east coast and couchsurfing, while still managing to keep a clean shave.

----- dylan 14.12.09 12:20

with a *snap* of the lid i put the face wash back into the dopp bag; something i won in an online contest. It was probably the only time i’ve ever considered myself lucky, i mean, how often does someone win a raffle or the lottery?

i flip the light switch to the bathroom as i head out, letting my eyes adjust and refocus onto the beautiful tangle of bedsheets. well, the bedsheets were not that beautiful, but the girl wrapped up in the covers arguably had significant aesthetic value. the day before i was on the other side of the country, and tomorrow i would be leaving, but none of that registered; only that room, that bed, that beauty could hold a thought in my mind. there were words i could have said at that moment, expressed my mind, and my desires for her, us, but hey, nothing goes according to plan.

at least i am lucky enough to have that dopp bag.

----- Kendall 14.12.09 12:25

A sleepover at Macs Crane’s (My) house.

A group of close friends hiding out in the oak paneled DEN of my parents Georgian Town House. All dressed in our Ralph Lauren Pj’s. Sipping on cocktails (For the ladies) and 30+ year old single malt for guys (Using cooling stones not ice).

Two movies, Coco Before Chanel for the ladies and Anchorman for the guys. Screened on a Bang and Olufsen, Beovision 9. Now for the finishing touches. Scatter throws and pillows for viewing/sleeping comfort, finger bites to nibble on, low lighting and a Lampe Berger burning away with winter-wood Berger oil. Oh and the Buddha Bar Music collection playing in the background when the movies are not on.

That’s how we roll in the Mr Crane’s household!

----- Macs Crane 14.12.09 12:30

Getting a full nights rest in a hotel after a week in a tent while cycling across the US.

----- James 14.12.09 12:32

This is a kit worthy of James Bond, so I would take it on an overnight to Jamaica with my own Honey Ryder from Goldfinger — my lovely fiance.

----- Erik 14.12.09 12:34

For the last minute trip to a hammock in the south pacific…

----- Adam 14.12.09 12:40

Why, it would be perfect for ensuring you are properly groomed for a chance encounter with Scarlett Johansson in the elevator of the Tokyo Park Hyatt.

----- redteamo 14.12.09 12:52

Boutique hotel room on new years eve with my lovely wife, pink champagne, a clean shave and lots of kissing…

----- Rick 14.12.09 12:53

A stay anywhere indoors warrants this kit. I would probably pass on it if camping though.


----- Aaron 14.12.09 13:01

…the night before going to prison on a life sentence.

----- ryin kobza 14.12.09 13:15

sleep over on the moon. that would be most awesome…

----- Minna 14.12.09 13:23

A smooth shaven face rested on my lovers shoulder under warm blankets in the coldest of Minnesota winters at a cabin on the lake.

----- jthomas 14.12.09 13:33

Perfect for a sleepover with my lovely woman, a couple of Vodka Martinis - shaken, not stirred and a Mad Men marathon on a typical weekend of temporary solitude before having to come back to reality on Monday morning when a clean shave is absolutely neccessary.

----- Victor 14.12.09 13:34

Would be perfect on a long train journey (i.e the TransSiberian / Oriental Express / the Ghaan). What better than to wake up every morning, use the Travel Kit, and feel super refreshed and rejuvenated for yet another long day of sightseeing while the train hurtles through miles and miles of scenery.

----- Tony Thio 14.12.09 13:41

i imagine a bus full of Hawaiian Tropics girls just happens to have a flat tire in front of my house, with no place to stay and not a repairman in miles, this kit will ensure that no man in such a scenario fall short of being his best…. one can only dream…

----- Jonathan 14.12.09 13:41

giving my boyfriend the ultimate massage and shave ;) i love massaging and shaving him, i think its so sexy.

----- alexz 14.12.09 13:41

Ok when I am in LA in a few weeks we need to see about making a few “visits” to cool places. I also need to win one of these ;)

----- Jeremiah Andrick 14.12.09 13:56

I’d love to have a sleep over with all my regular girl friends at my house. We would play video games all day and go on the computer for hours. We’d roast marshmallows over the stove and sit and watch movies until we knock out. That would be my perfect sleepover ever but my mom still won’t let me have sleep overs ! ):

----- Tiffany Hua 14.12.09 13:56

me and my gfriend… I will be all over her. She hates when I dont shave and she wont let me close to her. “it hurts” she says about my 5o’clock shadow…

----- Felipe 14.12.09 13:58

Every sleep over ever.

----- Joe Wasserman 14.12.09 14:03

Sydney for the best ever New Year celebration

----- Raztus 14.12.09 14:08

Great for catching an early morning flight to Vegas. I think anyone would need a good beauty re-up after a day of non-stop drinking and not a lot of sleeping. A couple hours of sleep, another scotch, and a nice Baxter regimen (everyone needs to buy the mojito flavored lip balm), and you should be ready for another night on the town. It’s Vegas, you have to spoil yourself.

----- Will 14.12.09 14:29

my trip back home for the holidays!

----- Randy B! 14.12.09 14:41

A kyoto ryokan.

----- Mike 14.12.09 14:45

The best time to use it is the night before Christmas. The baxter case would also work well, when your girlfriends hairless chihuahua also needs a sleeping bag in the cold winter nights.

----- Paul 14.12.09 14:46

The bush in Tanzania Africa… Yep best sleep over EVER

----- Jason P 14.12.09 15:06

I would love to win this travel kit for my boyfriend. His friends have nicknamed him the Gerlachness Monster because he’s so hairy. He gets 5 o’clock shadow before noon. His scruff makes kissing (and other unmentionables) less desirable and more scratchy. Unable to use the “my shaving stuff is at home” excuse, every slumber party at my house would perfect.

----- Jessica Lau 14.12.09 15:10

Only the best for the everyday man’s man of course!

----- Jake 14.12.09 15:12

First, I’d build a time machine (most likely incorporating a telephone booth). Secondly, I’d go back in time, abduct Napoleon, Billy the Kid, Socrates, Sigmund Freud, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Ludwig van Beethoven and import them into the present. Finally, we’d rent out the top floor of the Ace Hotel on 20W 29th Street in New York City. We would drink beer, play Scrabble until the week hours of the night and all have a good laugh when Genghis and Joan have a pillow fight.

----- A. P. Holmes 14.12.09 15:15

The day of my wedding. Making sure I look and feel great when I look back at my wedding pictures.

----- Ander 14.12.09 15:16

the perfect sleepover for a kit like this is one with a purpose. that night better be memorable, and you need to look good for the next day. this is the kind where you wake up, make good use of the baxter stuff, put on a linen tailored suit, and go save the world james bond style. obviously you have to look damn good doing it, preferably in an expensive convertible. i’m sure there’s a place under one of those panels to hide a gun, a few passports and some foreign currency, right?

----- eric l 14.12.09 15:24

Differently going to need this when I try to impress faculty at the research institutions that I am applying to. As a prospective graduate student, my life is a wreck as I travel. The morning clean up is the best time of the day for me in my lifestyle.

----- Ignacio Lopez-Pena 14.12.09 15:29

I’d go on a road trip from New York (home state) to Cali with my girl, fully stocked with the rest of necessary supplies for camping out or staying in. Baxter goods would keep me looking fresh under those beautiful starry night skies and even during the groggy long drives. Of course I’d leave some room in the kit for her stuff if she needs me to. I’m all for the convenience of flying but I’ve done that enough in my life and I think Baxter products are, like many aspects of life, something you really need to slow down and enjoy to fullest. Besides, from the looks of it you can fit more than enough for just one sleepover in there and when I get to California I’ll find those Baxter people and get restocked for the trip home.

----- Nicolas Lazaro 14.12.09 15:31

Any number of people (beautiful men and women) I could imagine. But the most important part of this sleepover is the fragility of the air mattresses that could pop with the slightest prick (don’t get dirty; I mean of stubble).

----- Ryan 14.12.09 15:51

How about a sleepover with Elin Woods? She’s going to need company now that Tiger’s gone.

----- chris 14.12.09 15:51

This would be perfect after a night out on the town with my wife, a wonderful dinner at Eleven in Pittsburgh and staying the night at the Westin Covention Center.

----- Tom V 14.12.09 16:00

The perfect sleepover would be 24h with my boyfriend exploring a city (the city that never sleeps would be ideal) and taking short naps throughout the day wherever we happen to be.

----- Caroline 14.12.09 16:04

A weekend away with the misses!!

----- Anthony 14.12.09 16:07

It would have to be with JP Mastey of Baxter of California and the guys from Head Porter because they have great taste in design, they “give good grooming” with style.

----- Greg 14.12.09 16:12

All dude slumber party. We will paint our toes, and shave each others…beards.

----- James 14.12.09 16:29

A weekend in NYC with my girlfriend!

----- Robert W. 14.12.09 16:34

My wife and I escaping to a romantic weekend in New York

----- Al 14.12.09 16:39

A sleepover with my new bride…because she won’t kiss me with stubble. And it all begins with a kiss.

----- Odoggr 14.12.09 16:48

OMG.. It’s Porter Bag… I need one of this for Christmas

----- Michael 14.12.09 16:51

The perfect sleepover would have to include JP Mastey of Baxter of California and the guys from Head Porter, because they “give good grooming” with style and sophistication like nobody else.

----- Greg 14.12.09 16:56

Super sleek mod party somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. Kinda like Jackie Treehorn’s Malibu soiree in The Big Lebowski — minus the drugging and the sleaze.

----- Zack 14.12.09 17:05

I would need it for a sleepover at the hospital in March when my wife & I should be welcoming another new person to the world. I can’t think of better products to use to clean my self up for the first introduction :)

----- evico 14.12.09 17:21

Head Porter and Baxter of Claifornia, a collabaration a long time comung. Use both their bags and products.

----- Arthur 14.12.09 17:23

A cross country horseback ride

----- Eric 14.12.09 18:06

7 days. San Francisco. Public Trans. 3 galleries. 2 parks. 5 bars. An immaculate mug in part by Baxter of California.

----- Bogart Paz 14.12.09 18:11

back to Copenhagen, where my wife and i spent our fifth anniversary last summer.

----- charlie 14.12.09 18:15

I think the perfect sleepover for this kit would be the trip I’m taking my girlfriend on after the holidays. We are going to stay in a cabin in upstate NY and she is going to become a new Baxter! Gotta have a smooth face when you propose.

----- Jonathan Baxter 14.12.09 18:46

A sleep over with a polar bear. I like polar bears. Oh, and koala bears. =D

----- Collin Banko 14.12.09 18:51

Last minute travel deal, as far as possible, 24 hours here, 24 hours there… good wine, good food - great people - Maybe Tokyo… or Buenos Aires… Cape Town

----- Nate L 14.12.09 19:28

Preparing myself for a long night out in Manhattan that ends after a post-sunrise diner breakfast.

----- Ryan H 14.12.09 20:02

My perfect sleepover would be with my boyfriend and waking up at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge with freshly fallen snow.

----- Kate 14.12.09 20:08

This would be perfect for my boy and mine’s trip to Paris in February. As we will be sleeping over, every night, on the cold hard but welcoming floor of my good friend’s apartment. Throw in some wine and cheese and I think we’ll be just fine.

----- Samantha 14.12.09 20:10


----- James 14.12.09 20:21

The perfect sleepover?
Bora Bora with NO KIDS!
I can but dream…

----- candice 14.12.09 20:35

The perfect sleepover?
Bora Bora with NO KIDS!
I can but dream…

----- candice 14.12.09 20:45

Sleepover: my place, 9pm. Everybody welcome. Bring cookies and your dancing feet.

----- Corinne 14.12.09 20:58

Drunken slumber party with ZZ Top!

----- Elle 14.12.09 21:06

A stay at the Hotel Borg in Reykjavik, Iceland.

----- Scott 14.12.09 22:09

i need this bag for my boyfriend for sleeping over all the time…doesn’t have to be anywhere special. any night’s a perfect sleepover. but it’s especially nice when we travel somewhere together and explore.

----- connie 14.12.09 22:16

A perfect sleepover would involve me in a heated debate with Carrie Prejean about marriage, followed by a montage film of Tiger Woods trying to cover his butt, and the whole time, Lindsay Lohan is in the corner of the room twitching after a white powder festival.

----- Tyler Benner 14.12.09 22:16

For this kit, I think it would be best put to use on a man that needs some grooming.


----- Catie 14.12.09 22:22

This travel set so matches my Virgin Galactic space suit——-I will look the cosmic when I return from my 15 minutes of Space next fall and so ready for my close up. Next the SpaceX flight in spring. must look smooth!

----- Laszlo Andrews 14.12.09 22:23

This would be perfect for a romantic night, with the internet.

----- Ebony Lemus 14.12.09 22:24

Me. Obama. Bono. Kofi. Shaves, solving world hunger, and hookers. (I hear Kofi has the hookup)

----- cody taggart 14.12.09 23:45

Mendocino, CA in a little cottage with my perfectly groomed Mister and our dog.

----- laila 15.12.09 00:22

..i think Paris Hilton will do any good from my Baxter-ized body.. haha

----- edo 15.12.09 00:35

Bahia to Bombay for a street shave and Bollywood screening
Cali to Japan for some heli-snowboarding and spicy sashimi
Doctors Orders

----- Akshay Sardana 15.12.09 04:25

I’ll be riding a fixed gear across China. No hotels, no motels. Bumming it the whole way, seeking free accommodation. I can imagine some wild sleepovers will happen.
But if forced to choose the most ideal sleepover ever: Bill Murray and myself running around, off our heads, in Versailles with the full cast of the Cremaster Cycle dispersed throughout the chateau.

----- MR. YO 15.12.09 04:35

for my girlie, the smoothest face…

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 15.12.09 04:46

your mom. would you want anything less for her?

----- aaron 15.12.09 05:58

New years eve weekend in new york with friends!

----- William 15.12.09 06:55

A sleepover with ron burgundy.

----- Edward Wong 15.12.09 07:04

sleepover with a rockstar band in the haunted mansion.ahhahah =)

----- mariska 15.12.09 07:22

Sleep over on the train across Germany. Compact enough to get the business done in the cramped bathrooms along the way!

----- tony 15.12.09 07:28

The perfect sleepover I would imagine needing this kit for would be the one where very little to no sleeping actually occurs and in the morning you look like a zombie only you forgot that you were supposed to go into work Saturday and to avoid looking like a crack addict all day voilà! Baxter to the rescue.

----- Mac 15.12.09 08:09

Oooh!!! This would be perfect for a mountain getaway sleepover in Colorado.. where my boyfriend (hopefully soon to be fiancee, hint hint!) and I will be moving this year. I call him Mocha Bear… and everyone knows that bears grow 5 o’clock shadows by 11am :) He certainly loves Baxter products for keeping his fur in check.

----- Evie 15.12.09 08:13

Just any sleep over. My wife can vouch that i need a good shave.

----- Josh 15.12.09 08:15

After an indulging shave with some of the finest shaving products in the world, I would match that cool feel of Baxter after shave balm with a glass of fine vodka on the rocks and a twist of lime. Sinatra playing in the background on an SL1200 while chilling on a large cozy couch in front of a soothing fireplace on a snowy night. Two slices of mille crepe for my lady and I with a bottle of champagne chilled and ready pop.

----- Richard 15.12.09 09:18

Heaven’s gate reenactment party

----- Tyler 15.12.09 09:47

waking up in the morning and having the one who got away run a razor across my cheeks

----- kelly 15.12.09 12:26

WOW this is so SWEET. Would totally love one of these!!!

----- A_smith 15.12.09 12:57

T : Tiny little 3oz containers the FSA insists
R : for Rushing, your connecting flight is delayed
A : AGH!! - frustration expressed when flights are missed.
V : Victory! Baxtor of California may save the day!
E : Energized after a wash and a shave
L : Lucky, you’ve finally arrived. Its time to propose, wish me luck - here it goes…

----- KC Rooney 15.12.09 13:58

As long as it involves building a fort, footie pajamas, and hot chocolate, it’s the perfect sleep over to me! Of course a close shave would help too…

----- Brandon 15.12.09 14:20

Night with that girl I always see on the subway. Dusky and dreamy.

----- Matthew 15.12.09 14:36

A night hanging out with Natalie Portman in front of the massive fireplace in ‘Garden State’. She is most assuredly worth a perfect shave.

----- Drew 15.12.09 14:37

any slumber party with my girlfriend so i can be maximally groomed at all times ;)

----- thomas 15.12.09 15:50

This would be Super Handy for my trip to NY before New Years!

----- James N 15.12.09 15:53

I actually think my bf would totally love this. He and his best friends are all from a small town but love to pretend they are fancy big town guys. I’m pretty sure this would make them feel very fancy. =)

----- Kendra 15.12.09 16:13

I so need this for my next trip to the Zavkhan Aimag in Mongolia… the only way to walk out of a ger(morning) and have the sheep, goats, yaks, cows, horses, camels, and people wonder how I come out looking so fresh… hehe.

----- Mikell Johnson 15.12.09 16:19

Camping trip to Sequoia with my boyfriend. I’m all for roughing it, but it’s nice to have one small luxury and this would be perfect! Just because we’ll be hiking through redwoods doesn’t mean he needs to look like a lumberjack.

----- Lauren 15.12.09 16:25

a visit to my boyfriend stateside…he’s grown a premature post-season beard in a my absence - a good gift to remind him that i hate a scratchy face.

----- asha 15.12.09 16:31

on our honeymoon. the first morning after, being woken by the scent of the ocean, traveling on a slight breeze coming through the window, sheltered in the morning sun.

----- mark 15.12.09 16:58

This is sweet! Thanks Baxter!! xxo

----- Mei 15.12.09 17:07

New Year’s Day morning. It’s not the sleepover, but how to enter the New Year smoothly.

----- Mark 15.12.09 17:26

To keep at hand for the boys for all those long nights in studio. Studio sleepovers…

----- gabp 15.12.09 17:54

Hm I imagine a small bed and breakfast in the middle of a roadtrip. Blueberry pancake breakfast with fresh juice. All groomed up for another day of exploring!

----- kareno 15.12.09 20:00

A weekend at my parents’ farmhouse with terrific cats and a warm fire.

----- Andrea 15.12.09 20:30

Slumber part reunion with Small Brown Bike (the band). I definitely have some hilarious (to me) stories to tell them. Plus, they have rad beards.

----- Brian Peter 15.12.09 21:17

romantic weekend getaway with boyfriend, no laptops, no gaming, and for a change clean shaven

----- Mine 15.12.09 21:31

A night in the mountains for my fella and me. Big deck, fire pit, and The Rocky Mountains. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

----- Nikkie 15.12.09 21:50

Anywhere spontaneous, be it road trip or hopping on a plane. You always want to be able to freshen up in style.

----- Cory 15.12.09 21:57

just any night with the wife(when she becomes that).

----- William 15.12.09 22:58

I’d have a slumber party with the Wild Things from Where The Wild Things Are. I fancy some of them badly need a shave. What-uuuup! high-five.

----- Suraaj 15.12.09 23:07

I would need this after a sleep over of my closest 3 friends. After a night like that I would need a good shower and shave. :)

----- john geluso 15.12.09 23:14

I’d be Tyler Brûlé’s apprentice for a day, whizzing of to Japan, learning from the master… but knowing that in the morning I’ll still be a little more travel-smart than him…

----- Marc 16.12.09 07:01

i would love to take this on my trip to dc for my interview with a design studio! inspiration for a great interview!

----- Curtis 16.12.09 07:24

In the Airstream we plan to take cross country next year. Perfect to wash off from sleeping in the car to get a fresh start on the road!

----- amy 16.12.09 07:51

falling asleep listening to the waves on the southern coast of Thailand

----- Todd Thyberg 16.12.09 09:43

I’d visit my friends in Chicago and just show up without warning and then make every choice from that point on without thinking and see where the spontaneous night of activities lead.

----- brandon 16.12.09 09:59

The eight year old me, camping in the backyard with my friends. But it gets to scary, so we have to set up camp inside.

----- Max 16.12.09 10:04

a weekend trip to Ibiza. Make sure you are clean shaven and prepped for all the parties and the dancing. not to mention the lovely and gorgeous women.

----- sir timothy 16.12.09 11:11

My third match.com date.

----- Ry 16.12.09 11:51

For those times me and Tiger Woods go out after tourneys.

----- Stewart Lee 16.12.09 12:06

Somewhere cold.

----- Zachary Watson 16.12.09 12:10

Anything with my boyfriend :)

----- Scott 16.12.09 12:14

A pillow fort in the living room, with my son and wife.

----- Matt 16.12.09 12:50

Well! This would have to be with my wife in Vernazza, a small room we rented from a nice old woman. Although, does a sleepover have to involve sleep?;)

----- Rob Smith 16.12.09 13:23

Well, I don’t love the atmosphere in airports and I am not partial to planes, but an airport is the only place where I can realistically see myself, albeit trapped, with Daniel Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, James Marsters, and Rodrigo Santoro. Hopefully we can talk about politics, religion, all those first date no-nos; off the record, of course - this is a sleepover. I’m not expecting any good sleepover food (it is an airport) but if my friend Ahn was with me, we’d definitely have a good time. Of course, if she were there, she’d want Tom Colicchio, Nigel Barker, and Tim Gunn to be there too.
I will be getting on a plane later this month though, so you’d never know.
The thing is, too, is that the kit would pass inspection at the airport, in case any of the guys need it the morning after.

----- Emi 16.12.09 13:57

I am headed back to South Korea in a few months and then to Iceland I’d love some nice toiletries for the road, though the toiletries of etude in korea are adorable.

----- amelia winger 16.12.09 14:17

Best friends, high on a mountaintop, bonfire, starry sky, guitar, crashing waves, crickets, one tent.

----- Kay 16.12.09 16:18

I see the kit being used with sumptuous robes, 18 year old scotch and Duke Ellington’s film “Black and Tan.”

----- Molly 16.12.09 16:44

Slumber Party with the cast of “The Jersey Shore”.

----- brad soulas 16.12.09 17:33

I’m not quite sure on the definition of “sleepover” in this context but if this is an essay contest I would loose anyway. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses and while I don’t have specifics my perfect sleepover would be; anytime I would awake somewhere I’d never been and do something I’d never done with someone I’ll always know.

----- Dane 16.12.09 17:52

The kit would probably feel pretty excellent after an all night roadtrip to Montreal to watch the fireworks with my friends.

----- Frankesaurus 16.12.09 21:07

slumber party with myself and victoria secrets models

----- ant 16.12.09 21:23

best sleepovers: a road trip to the states and sleeping in the car before the doors open to black friday

why i need a kit? how much more intimate can you get with multiple strangers at one time?

----- Tab 16.12.09 22:15

mm the best sleepover? a nice bbq then a movie in the living room with plenty of swell folks and then sleeping in the backyard under the stars with a fire and toasty marshmallows! :)

----- Anne 16.12.09 23:05

I would take it to a camping trip sleepover, the picture of man and his shaving kit down by the river.

----- Amanda Curti 16.12.09 23:45

A stay at a private Caribbean or Pacific island.

----- James 17.12.09 00:17

The perfect sleepover would have to include a cottege, snow, fireplace, and a young Meg Ryan!

----- Tarik A 17.12.09 05:21

My perfect sleepover would be me and my boyfriend escaping to a posh hotel for an evening getaway.

----- LV 17.12.09 06:51

after an air trip of 12 hours! definetely!

----- STEVE 17.12.09 08:06

Well, this seems to be a kit for guys, but hey…ladies want a smooth shave too! Especially when a Brazilian appointment is hard to come by. ;) With this kit, any weekend can be great! Hmmm, why wait for the weekend?

----- Stacy 17.12.09 11:25

shave shave shave. word.

----- marco 17.12.09 12:05

Running into Lindsay Price at the airpport, both stuck with delayed flights we end up having drinks at the bar and sharing a room until our flights are ready.

----- servinkoolaid 17.12.09 12:06

A wild and crazy night in Vegas with Zach Galifianakis would be pretty good… He’d appreciate it.

----- Ky 17.12.09 12:58

for dads like me, the best sleepover is one in an expensive modern hotel in santa monica that i can’t afford now. i get to sleep uninterruptedly through the night and as late as i want. i wake when i feel like it. shave, suit up. get brunch and mimosas even if it’s already the afternoon. and the housekeeping staff makes my bed.

----- rich 17.12.09 13:14

A sleepover with Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan’s Prime Minister-elect, Yukio Hatoyama. She’s making headlines saying she was abducted by aliens. It would be amazing to probe her for a day and ask her what kind of alines abducted to her.

----- Erwin John Labra 17.12.09 14:13

that sleepover would be with my dad, it’d be the perfect start for a conversation, to catch up with all those years.

----- bonks 17.12.09 14:21

the best sleepover for a good overnight bag would be being trapped in a train with some friends. you know, stuck overnight with no way out!

----- sennett 17.12.09 15:03

A Christmas eve slumber party in Northern Michigan, with 2 feet of snow outside and a roaring fire inside. That’s heaven…

----- stephen 17.12.09 18:28

Sleepover would be one with your crush, stuck in an elevator.Chemistry occurs, sparks fly massaging oil all over and a smile on your face the next morning, knowing Mission Accomplish. (=

----- Sara 17.12.09 19:04

a wild sleepover in a treetop “cabin” on a tropical island with a view of the ocean and the rise and fall of the ocean… delicious!

----- Jasmine 17.12.09 21:14

For that day in the office where you’re falling asleep at your desk and look like a fright! Head off to the gym showers, freshen up, and head out into the world again in style.

----- freecia 17.12.09 22:03

Who wouldn’t want a sleep over with Abe Lincoln, maybe even use the kit to shave his beard when he’s passed out.

----- Duncan 17.12.09 23:27

I would use this for a weekend in Seattle. I’ve been wanting for a reason to go back, and a flight from LA (where I live) to Seattle is long, and so a overnight bag would come in very handy.

----- Ben 18.12.09 02:04

I would use this overnight bag on a simply incredible journey around the islands of Micronesia especially the nations of Tuvalu and Nauru. Tuvalu for its impending doom and loss to the world through sea level rise. Nauru is a small nation which has 90% unemployment and extremely high health problems but had one of the highest earnings in the 1970’s due to natural resource removal. Its in my eyes a modern day Easter Island.

----- Matt Saltynay 18.12.09 02:47

After sleeping over at Bonnie “Prince” Billys flat I would definitely shave my own beard off…

----- Gustaf Engstrom 18.12.09 05:31

Train into NYC, dinner at Balthazar, catch a main-stage storytelling show at The Moth, followed night at the Ace. Clean-shaven, rocking a suit. Accept no substitutions.

----- Mike B 18.12.09 07:52

Perfect Sleepover Indludes
Drunken Gummi Bears
Board Games
Scary Movies
Dress Up
My best friends

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 18.12.09 07:54

A yurt to yurt cross country skiing slumber weekend in the Boundary Waters. Ice fishing days and hot sauna nights.

----- KaTE 18.12.09 08:38

Overnight on the Belafonte with all of team Zissou watching old movies and lounging in blue pajamas and red caps.

----- Eddie 18.12.09 08:59

Ah, yes the perfect sleepover. That would include myself and any one adorable and unmarried or recently-divorced British starlet. She’s bound to approve of my newly luxurious hair and chin, along with my handsomely understated travel kit.

----- Rhett 18.12.09 09:32

Mountain climbing in Patagonia only clean shaven and wearing tuxedos.

----- Tama 18.12.09 11:40

My beard grows at an alarmingly higher rate in the winter than the summer. I’ve tossed aside my old electric razor for the manliness of by-hand shaving, all I’m lacking is the proper tools! Gillette cannot be trusted for my desired levels of beard maintenance.

----- Brian B 18.12.09 12:44

I’d pack it for my humanitarian relief mission to Portland, OR to give out free shaves to the scraggly-bearded hipster masses.

----- JohnWayne 18.12.09 13:25

Take a flight from MSP to UVF and get checked in at Ladera to a 3-walled villa. Shed the heavy shirt, the overcoat, the scarf, the ski gloves, the jeans, the insulated boot socks and the Red Wings. Lather and shave the beard. Throw on havaianas and surf shorts. Sit down on the back porch and adjust to the 63 degree difference. Take a quick swim in the pool. Find a good restaurant. Eat fresh saltfish and green figs. Go for an evening hike. Have a few drinks at the bar. Fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle.

----- Matt 18.12.09 14:47

Porter are the Kings of designer collaborations. This is all I want for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win Notcot.com!

Full Respect.


----- Michael Pags 18.12.09 14:59

good food then good sex…

----- Michael Pags 18.12.09 15:04

Thats easy slumber party in hell with Marilyn Monroe, and Helen of Troy got to look my best for the ladies.

----- chris tillman 18.12.09 15:31

How about Mark Salling and Alexander Skarsgard?

----- Sarah 18.12.09 16:07

I’d use this prize to groom my grizzly bear of a husband.
Yes. He is a Russian Bear. Don’t ask me how we met! It’s embarrassing. Something along the lines of camping and he managed his way into my tent one summer… moving on!
He knows how to throw a sleepover I’ll tell yeah. Cabbage Rolls, Fine Wine, Russian Super Models and Toffee sets the mood everytime. Ever seen a shaven bear? Curious? (Don’t lie to me.) I’m curious as to how Bears can execute sexy parties without any human assistance? He’s a master of networking that much I know. A Grizzly with connections and such a way of words. Having a sleep over with him is never ever boring. Think along the lines of a thick forest in the dead of winter … models folk dancing and skinny dipping in a jacuzzi. It feels 20 below blazing anyway, so why not?
I’m completely serious! (and possibly mad.) It’s evident that this bear needs a prize fit for his swanky lifestyle.

----- Ms.Quelle-Belle 18.12.09 16:10

a slumber party in the south of france with my baby of course! baxter keeps us guys oh so fresh! love it!

----- andrew vicknair 18.12.09 17:33

new years on some skiing lodge.

----- dima 19.12.09 00:29

freshening up after a night of debauchery with alec baldwin and/or danny devito. i suppose it’s not much of a sleep over but i’d need the terrific baxter products to avoid looking like i got run over by a train.

----- chris 19.12.09 10:06

Camping in Galicia and sleeping in old run down monasteries up in the mountains. A clean shaven husband….happy times.

----- Jessica Ochoa 19.12.09 10:30

Marry Kate and Ashley, Food, Wine, Megan Fox, and a Farrari, four pillows and one bed……………..when it comes to a perfect picture……………………

----- Matt 19.12.09 13:32

I’ve been thinking about the name Baxter of California. I wonder why Baxter Finley named it so. I think just Baxter would have sounded better. Are there other Baxters scattered around? Baxter of North Dakota. Baxter of Somalia. Hmmmm.

----- Mac 19.12.09 15:21

A sleepover at the Playboy mansion of course!

----- Sungho 19.12.09 21:34

Whistler B.C.—my lady— night out— then sleeping next to the fireplace.

----- Ryan T 19.12.09 22:31

With my boyfriend in a quiet and romantic atmosphere.

----- Damla 20.12.09 05:08

a long overdue gift to Santa..

----- Janset 20.12.09 05:30

that is easy, i need this for my honeymoon. my future wife would love a clean shave!

----- bob 20.12.09 08:56

my perfect sleepover would on the beach in a tent with the members of Death from above 1979 and a large bottle of patron

----- Taryn Zychal 20.12.09 12:33

Hitch hiking where ever I can go. Seeing everything.

----- Alisoni Macaroni 20.12.09 16:39

Man, when I try to think of the perfect sleepover all I can think of is all the amazing hotels you post about all the time! So probably something much like one of your trips!

----- Jeremy 20.12.09 18:05

Las Vegas calls!

----- K.R. 20.12.09 18:46

Perfect sleepover would be me and Lady Gaga.


----- Daniel 20.12.09 21:15

My own man, a couple of champagnes, Barcelonna, an unlimitede amount of sushi and a pug. Don’t worry nature lovers, won’t use this set on the pug!!!

----- Antoana 20.12.09 22:39

the boyfriend, the dogs, a movie and lots of candy!

----- adrian 21.12.09 01:27

I would use it for a slumber party with my favorite historic designers, Paul Rand, George Lois and Massimo Vignelli. Even design geniuses have to get their groom on!

----- Jean Carlos 21.12.09 07:12

It’s movie night,….
we could return home, and that’d be ol’rite.
but we’re in Portland tonight,
The Ace Hotel rooms and rates are tight.
That Baxter kit….would look perfect by my side!

----- Fre 21.12.09 09:35

I would take this when I go see my grandparents. My grandpa would dig it.

----- Brian 21.12.09 10:04

sleek, like a submarine!?! the perfect dop kit for the boys under the sea.

----- robert 21.12.09 11:02

Perfect sleepover would be myself and my wonderful boyfriend at an island hut in Bali. We would need the products to keep us clean.

----- Alexis 21.12.09 11:05

Sleepover with zach galifianakis

----- Noah 21.12.09 11:07

the perfect sleepover? Place: in the formerly rich Dubai on top of the Burj Al Arab with private tennis lessons by Anna kournikova. INVITEES: Megan Fox, Anna, Jimi Hendrix, Barack Obama and Beyonce , and 2pac.

----- caseyjon 21.12.09 11:10

It would be great to be able to take this along on a backpacking trip with my girlfriend. She likes to watch (me shave, that is). Just the two of us enjoying the natural expanses and the cool night air. She’s never had s’mores (which I don’t understand) so s’mores would be a must at this sleepover. Plus, these fine tools would offer a much better shave than the usual hunting knife and aloe. Ahh, s’mores and a nice shave - it doesn’t get any better.

----- Jon 21.12.09 11:13

Waking up early on Christmas Eve in Paris (Latin Quarter), I’ll need a shave and some of that genuine Baxter TLC, so she can kiss a smooth cheek when I come back with fresh croissants and hot chocolate from Paul’s Bakery.

----- Ashir 21.12.09 11:15

I’d take this to my Jammies sleepover party with James Franco ( http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/clips/digital-short-tizzle-wizzle-show/1187092/ ). Nothing in a clean shave before a death match of clean cuts.

----- Laura 21.12.09 11:19

Stuck in London for the evening with a long layover at Heathrow. freshen up at the airport and take the Tube into town for dinner. After drinks, return to catch your connecting flight to some where in the Sunny Mediterranean.

----- Jonas 21.12.09 11:42

A one night romp with James Franco at the Chateau Marmont.

----- v-ron 21.12.09 11:47

The ice hotel in Sweden! My skin might take a beating.

----- Dave 21.12.09 12:33

This would be perfect for a comic book convention slumber party. Those are my favorite!

----- Mandy Cox 21.12.09 13:16

The perfect sleepover (as opposed to a romantic evening) would have to be getting the guys together for a fun night of drinks, dinner and movie - ideally in a hotel with great room service. The movie would have to be something generally under appreciated like “The Suicide Kings”, if only because Christopher Walken is so perfect in that movie. If somehow midnight bowling could be squeezed into the mix, it would be an evening of myth and legend

----- Kevin 21.12.09 14:11

a sleepover at an expensive hotel after a long day on the beach…

----- frank 21.12.09 15:34

This would be perfect after one of those 14 hour flights over the Pacific Ocean to Japan or Taiwan. I would (hopefully) get a decent sleep on the plane and then be on the other side of the world.

----- Nic 21.12.09 15:55


----- Nick 21.12.09 16:52

My travel desires have suddenly been overwhelmed by an urge to go spend the night in a classy treehouse.

----- Brian 21.12.09 19:04

A night with Tiger woods.

----- Diana Sinigiani 21.12.09 20:44

the five o’clock shadow was the key her door,
early morning she wakes to a clean shaven tomorrow.

----- Rodney 21.12.09 23:06

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