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Knuckle Purse- 04.13.05

asskickingpurses.jpgContinuing the slightly darker feeling, more agressive concepts and items… here’s the “Sundae Best Handbag” from James Piatt. I always wanted a set of brass knuckles, for no real reason… i also always assumed they’d hurt my finger hitting someone with them more than it would hurt the person! (but then again i’m just a little girl, not a ripped large guy) But this was cute, actually has a nice metal+black type of look, that could work with the cute black dress and heels on a first date. A little edgy, but still simple and subtle in a way? Ok, well they amused me.


where can I get a hold of one of these like to buy please contact me with the info…i love it it’s great!!!

----- eleana 21.04.06 12:36

pretty much the same as the other chick;
i really like it;
send me details:
buying.. etc.
thank you.

----- chelsy ortiz 07.07.06 13:57

explain to me where the hell I can find one of these. I want one and dont care how much it costs!

----- Kymm 07.12.06 15:11

ive been looking for hours to buy some for my salon , where can i order from?

----- katie 12.01.07 17:53

yeahhh i for sure need one of these. i saw them before, but i didn’t buy one. and now that i don’t know where to find them i want it. boo, any info on where i can get one?

----- Jeni 09.06.07 07:52

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