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Unboxing: YETI Loadout Bucket


On surprising birthday presents, just received the YETI Loadout Bucket complete with caddy and lid and i must say… who knew i could be SO excited about a BUCKET?!?!?! Like all things YETI, all items feel over designed (physically + graphically) in a fantastic way. Non slip, food safe, super strong, comfy handle… every detail has been carefully thought through. Even amazing little details like the super strong lid that basically looks like a giant version of what you’d find on their Rambler tumblers (but with super hexs!)… and the caddy has a handle that drops down so you can put the lid on! And while you can use the bucket for everything you can think of (and they have quite the list of ideas too - be it for fishing, hunting, camping, brewing and beyond…) it’s also functionally solid enough i’m currently using it as a stool/storage/side table in the living room. Even the packaging of the accessories is impressively over designed! Take a look at all the details on the next page.

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Tiffany Bozic: Spectrum


Tiffany Bozic creates breathtaking paintings of surreal creature juxtapositions. Her book, Drawn By Instinct, a collection of her 2003-2011 work is a favorite on my bookshelf! I just came across her latest show, Spectrum at the Joshua Liner Gallery and the use of acrylic on maple panel look breathtaking! The way she works the creatures in and out of the grains of the wood… stunning! Take a look at some of my favorites on the next page!

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Homebound by Yoskay Yamamoto


It’s been a little while since i’ve seen pictures of a gallery show floating around the feeds and thought - omg i need to see that! Well Yoskay Yamamoto’s Homebound show at GR2 did just that, and we luckily happened to wander by after dinner on the closing day of the show! The Sunset Village with Lavender Moon installation steals the show. (Even though previous photos made me expect to walk into a room FILLED with MUCH larger little houses!!! Which would still be an incredible exhibition that i would definitely HAVE to see.) Beyond the gorgeous palette, there are so many delicate and precise details that pull you in - from the shingles on the roof to the grain in the wood… i couldn’t stop staring, and even had to remind myself to snap a few pictures so i could remember it forever. Take a look on the next page!

p.s. I’m not sure if it’s the residential real estate projects we’ve been working on lately, or just thinking about single family homes and researching so many aspects of them daily… but definitely feeling extra drawn to the mix of art + houses! Now i’m itching to make minis of our actual houses… or paint one inspired by these!

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Is this a sabbatical? Or retirement?



First posted in Sept, but then i got excited for a little burst again… but trying again? If you want to talk about what’s next, have a fun project to work together on (design, real estate, etc.)… ping me! And the same disclaimer stands, i’m sure as soon as i try to do this, i’m going to stumble across something that blows my mind and i have to tell you?

Hi there. Let’s make this official - i’m taking a break from the bloggy part of NOTCOT! (Insert deep sigh of relief?) It’s been 12 and a bit years, and life has taken so many twists and turns and it’s been a roller coaster ride around the world and internet - so, THANK YOU to all of you who joined the ride! Until the last year or so, everything that i found and loved i shared here… my brain has been a design junkie for 3 decades!

As someone that craves newness like no other… it was inevitable that i’d need to keep shaking things up in my life, and lately that has turned to other projects and endeavors that are less internet-shareable (for the moment.)

SO… i’ll be back. Possibly tomorrow. Possibly 298 days from now. Your guess is as good as mine? But first things first, i’m officially saying i’m on a break from blogging. Let’s see where that leads.

If you’re curious what i’m up to, or want to collaborate or brainstorm or make amazing things together - let’s talk? I’m still happily doing the NOTlabs things and the real estate thing and… well… quite a few other things too!

And again… HEAD OVER TO NOTCOT.ORG FOR INSPIRATION OVERLOADS UPDATED DAILY! (It’s business as usual over there! and to be honest, it’s really hard to break the daily habit of sharing things that inspire me!)

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NOTCOT Collection Of Stuff For People!!! Things we love, things we want, and things we’ve either bought or nearly bought for friends. There’s a little random awesomeness for everyone on our lists here…

Gift guides often get so formal with the categories and over-simplification of your recipient’s interests… or they push things people want you to buy so hard. This is more just a list of awesome stuff we like that you COULD give someone - or buy for yourself. The only criteria? We like it.

Explore the collection on the next page!

Also… for EVEN MORE random ideas - i’m slowly adding stuff we have/love to this NOTCOT AMAZON SHOP ( Where yes, we make pennies on the dollar off things you buy, but we’re sharing because we’re addicted to the instant gratification of Prime and really use it, not for your pennies. Though every penny helps my Prime addiction?)

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Vicki Sawyer's Bird Parties


How can you not smile when you see a bunch of realistic little birds with party hats made out of flowers and leaves on their heads? We received one of Vicki Sawyer’s playfully illustrated bird party cards a while back, and i only just dove into the rest of her work! It turns out she has quite the line of cards, placemats, place cards, and even a coloring book with Nashville based, Hester & Cook, and she is actually based right in Franklin, TN! In addition to birds, you’ll find lots of other creatures ~ from dogs to sheep to pigs and more, also, of course, with fun hats and accessories. Additionally, her artwork has been licensed on other products as well, from embroidery kits to mugs and more. She has also created three party bird filled books which can be ordered in print or digital forms.

But first, take a look at some of my favorite Hester & Cook by Vicki Sawyer picks on the next page!

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ORCA Chasertini

chasertini00.jpg What do you get someone who has everything… loves fishing, the great outdoors, and an ice cold martini? The ORCA Chasertini! It’s essentially a martini glass meets super insulted travel cup meets… medieval chalice?

Absurd, right? Ridiculous even? Well, even crazier, i’m totally impressed by it! We just got one for my dad, and while it was meant as a fun, silly gift, it’s proven far more functional than we thought! It really does keep your drink cold longer, and with a lid, it’s totally an adult sippy cup of sorts. For the animal lovers, their whale tail (with fishing hook detail) keeps the top closed, and can be flipped open to drink. The base is non slip, and the size is LARGE. It can hold 8oz of liquid and keep it icy cold, or super hot, depending on what you’re using it for. They are also designed in Nashville, TN!

See all the details on the next page! (And on a side note, the more i research, they more curious i am about trying out one of their coolers next! Perhaps YETI replacement time?)

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Packaging: Uniquely J from Jet.com


Jet.com goes private label with their latest line Uniquely J. Whether the products are any good - i have no idea, BUT the packaging! It’s bold, super graphic, and you can’t help but take notice (whether you love it or hate it - running it by friends, i’ve gotten both responses. It’s certainly polarizing!) Personally, the household cleaners grab me the most… then the skull graphic on the espresso pods… then the playful generic-Ziploc/trash bags box graphics. The crisp single colored patterns on the clear product are a refreshing look for the cleaners. The purple plaid on the paper goods are a bit intense for me though. The packaging was designed by Elmwood that has a great Uniquely J Case Study up.

See more details of my favorites on the next page!

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Nucleus x Brendan Monroe Growler


I love Brendan Monroe’s blobs… especially as murals! The black and white crispness combined with so much fluidity! And it’s so fun on this collectible growler for Nucleus Portland! Are growlers going to be the new t-shirt or tote bag? While i can’t stop staring into the gif above… see more details on the next page!

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Tray Tables


Tray Tables! Tables where the top is a removable tray. SO simple. SO basic. And you can really just take a tray you already have and love and give it some legs and call it a tray table. Lately i found myself loving some basic, minimal IKEA ones, and it sent me down a path researching some other clean, simple versions as well… so naturally, i couldn’t help making a post to share what i found (and keep track of some of the ones i liked!) Check them out on the next page!

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IKEA Vinter 2017 Gift Wrapping


On adorably cute, happy, festive things (even though it’s mid October and feels WAY too early for xmas) - just came across the holiday displays at IKEA, and the IKEA Vinter 2017 collection of gift wrap made me smile! The playfully hairy gnome/elf/santa guys are too funny and the wintry woodland creatures are just so cute! From the popping eyes of the rabbits to the wiggly antlered moose and the serene deer and bears and more… Take a peek at my favorites on the next page!

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FISH TANKS: AbsoluteXtracts x Jeremy Fish


AbsoluteXtracts and Jeremy Fish teamed up for a premium limited edition FISH TANKS! And while I shared it on NOTCOT.org a while back, i finally found one and it was too cute to resist (also that Tangie is delicious and potent) and HAD to share close up pics! It’s even nicer in person!

The Premium Limited Edition FISH TANKS spared no detail - complete with Custom Gold Fish Scale battery (that is compatible with most other cartridges!), Premium Gold-tipped ABX Tangie cartridge (with fish!), collector’s edition packaging, and velvet vape carrying case. Dare i say, it feels absurdly fancy in the funnest, silliest way possible? It’s such a fun mashup of the art of Jeremy Fish and FISH and quite the conversation starter compared to those boring vapes.

Check out the details on the next page…

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

roundup notcotorg #62733 notcotorg #62724 notcotorg #62744 notcotorg #62734 notcotorg #62735 notcotorg #62725 notcotorg #62749 notcotorg #62742 notcotorg #62746 notcotorg #62736 notcotorg #62740 notcotorg #62745 notcotorg #62741 notcotorg #62737 notcotorg #62743 notcotorg #62732 notcotorg #62748 notcotorg #62739 notcotorg #62747 notcotorg #62727 notcotorg #62738 notcotorg #62730 notcotorg #62729 notcotorg #62726 notcotorg #62728

Lots of fun inspiration over at NOTCOT.org this week! Click the squares to find out more!

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Nashville - Solar Eclipse Totality Merch


The Path of TOTALITY! What a phrase. Can you believe the hype and merch madness going on across the US in preparation for tomorrow’s solar eclipse? A lot of it is pretty painful. Yes yes, from a fascination of space and nature standpoint it’s truly awe inspiring… but putting that aside for this post, it’s been hard to ignore the creative inspiration it’s triggered as well!

Nashville is one of the largest cities in the “path of totality” and as such, it’s become quite the event tomorrow… which also means that my Nashville centric instagram feed has been flooded with everything from eclipse cotton candy cocktails and smoothies to cookies, tshirts, gig posters and more… and they are pretty awesome! I tried to search for more gorgeous imagery from other towns and cities, but haven’t found much worth sharing yet (so please leave comments with links if you know of some to highlight!)

Ready for Eclipse Graphic Overload? To the next page!

[p.s. Nashville overload? It’s my creative muse of a city lately… Let’s talk if you want to help me get hooked on another?]

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

roundup notcotorg #62722 notcotorg #62712 notcotorg #2690 notcotorg #62723 notcotorg #62709 notcotorg #62718 notcotorg #62720 notcotorg #62721 notcotorg #62713 notcotorg #62708 notcotorg #62706 notcotorg #62700 notcotorg #62694 notcotorg #62711 notcotorg #62698 notcotorg #62696 notcotorg #62705 notcotorg #62702 notcotorg #62693 notcotorg #62707 notcotorg #62719 notcotorg #62714 notcotorg #62695 notcotorg #62704 notcotorg #62701

Back from Nashville - we’ve been so deep in real estate, research, and other projects not yet ready for public sharing, all the public NOTCOT action is still focused on NOTCOT.org right now. Thanks to all of you who’ve reached out thru other channels to chat and find out more! If you’re curious to find out more or possibly collaborate on making fun, exciting things happen - let’s chat!

After a dozen years of sharing (and perhaps over-sharing) all the most exciting visual aspects of my life with you all, it’s definitely been a struggle to be quieter here while so much is going on in my non-digital life! But i will say this ~ it’s been fascinating to plant seeds and find ways to invest in creative, passion-filled new income streams to keep all the dream projects going without being ad/affiliate dependent! Though, as can be expected, the more fun those get, the more it all snowballs… but NOTCOT.org is still my daily moment of zen, as i find and share nuggets of inspiration!

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