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NOTCOT Collection Of Stuff For People!!! Things we love, things we want, and things we’ve either bought or nearly bought for friends. There’s a little random awesomeness for everyone on our lists here…

Gift guides often get so formal with the categories and over-simplification of your recipient’s interests… or they push things people want you to buy so hard. This is more just a list of awesome stuff we like that you COULD give someone - or buy for yourself. The only criteria? We like it.

Explore the collection on the next page!

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Vicki Sawyer’s Bird Parties


How can you not smile when you see a bunch of realistic little birds with party hats made out of flowers and leaves on their heads? We received one of Vicki Sawyer’s playfully illustrated bird party cards a while back, and i only just dove into the rest of her work! It turns out she has quite the line of cards, placemats, place cards, and even a coloring book with Nashville based, Hester & Cook, and she is actually based right in Franklin, TN! In addition to birds, you’ll find lots of other creatures ~ from dogs to sheep to pigs and more, also, of course, with fun hats and accessories. Additionally, her artwork has been licensed on other products as well, from embroidery kits to mugs and more. She has also created three party bird filled books which can be ordered in print or digital forms.

But first, take a look at some of my favorite Hester & Cook by Vicki Sawyer picks on the next page!

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Packaging: Uniquely J from Jet.com


Jet.com goes private label with their latest line Uniquely J. Whether the products are any good - i have no idea, BUT the packaging! It’s bold, super graphic, and you can’t help but take notice (whether you love it or hate it - running it by friends, i’ve gotten both responses. It’s certainly polarizing!) Personally, the household cleaners grab me the most… then the skull graphic on the espresso pods… then the playful generic-Ziploc/trash bags box graphics. The crisp single colored patterns on the clear product are a refreshing look for the cleaners. The purple plaid on the paper goods are a bit intense for me though. The packaging was designed by Elmwood that has a great Uniquely J Case Study up.

See more details of my favorites on the next page!

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Nucleus x Brendan Monroe Growler


I love Brendan Monroe’s blobs… especially as murals! The black and white crispness combined with so much fluidity! And it’s so fun on this collectible growler for Nucleus Portland! Are growlers going to be the new t-shirt or tote bag? While i can’t stop staring into the gif above… see more details on the next page!

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IKEA Vinter 2017 Gift Wrapping


On adorably cute, happy, festive things (even though it’s mid October and feels WAY too early for xmas) - just came across the holiday displays at IKEA, and the IKEA Vinter 2017 collection of gift wrap made me smile! The playfully hairy gnome/elf/santa guys are too funny and the wintry woodland creatures are just so cute! From the popping eyes of the rabbits to the wiggly antlered moose and the serene deer and bears and more… Take a peek at my favorites on the next page!

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FISH TANKS: AbsoluteXtracts x Jeremy Fish


AbsoluteXtracts and Jeremy Fish teamed up for a premium limited edition FISH TANKS! And while I shared it on NOTCOT.org a while back, i finally found one and it was too cute to resist (also that Tangie is delicious and potent) and HAD to share close up pics! It’s even nicer in person!

The Premium Limited Edition FISH TANKS spared no detail - complete with Custom Gold Fish Scale battery (that is compatible with most other cartridges!), Premium Gold-tipped ABX Tangie cartridge (with fish!), collector’s edition packaging, and velvet vape carrying case. Dare i say, it feels absurdly fancy in the funnest, silliest way possible? It’s such a fun mashup of the art of Jeremy Fish and FISH and quite the conversation starter compared to those boring vapes.

Check out the details on the next page…

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Nashville - Solar Eclipse Totality Merch


The Path of TOTALITY! What a phrase. Can you believe the hype and merch madness going on across the US in preparation for tomorrow’s solar eclipse? A lot of it is pretty painful. Yes yes, from a fascination of space and nature standpoint it’s truly awe inspiring… but putting that aside for this post, it’s been hard to ignore the creative inspiration it’s triggered as well!

Nashville is one of the largest cities in the “path of totality” and as such, it’s become quite the event tomorrow… which also means that my Nashville centric instagram feed has been flooded with everything from eclipse cotton candy cocktails and smoothies to cookies, tshirts, gig posters and more… and they are pretty awesome! I tried to search for more gorgeous imagery from other towns and cities, but haven’t found much worth sharing yet (so please leave comments with links if you know of some to highlight!)

Ready for Eclipse Graphic Overload? To the next page!

[p.s. Nashville overload? It’s my creative muse of a city lately… Let’s talk if you want to help me get hooked on another?]

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Made by NOTCOT: Coca Cola Invitations


New NOTlabs project in the wild! Here are the invitations for the 2017 Coca Cola CMO Leadership Summit! Focusing on the theme of “thriving in the next industrial revolution,” to demonstrate human and robot symbiosis, we created a sculpture of a human hand and a robot hand coming together. Part invitation and part desk object, they are perfectly suited to hold your phone or business cards.

These handmade pieces are cast in resin, painted, and mounted on laser etched wood bases that have the light bulb logo on the top, and a quote and logos on the bottom. We made a first run of 130 pieces, packed them up, and shipped them all over the US, but not before taking some photos to share with you! Take a look at the details and making-of on the next page.

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1964 Supply Company (Cannabis + Art)


1964 Supply Company! There’s such a natural connection between art + cannabis, i’m surprised we haven’t seen more collaborations so far! Of course these caught my eye, because i’m a huge fan of Jeremy Fish, but the other artists working with 1964 Supply Company are great too (including Tristan Eaton, Katie So, Joe Wilson and Ben Tour!) Why 1964? “We named ourselves the 1964 Supply Company partly to recognize the year that Professor Mechoulam discovered the THC molecule; the psychoactive component in cannabis,” says their about page. Their product lines include flower, vapes, and pre-rolls all beautifully packaged and displayed to show off art inspired by the various strains. Take a peek at some of their fun packaging and art on the next page!

p.s. If you’re in LA next week, they are having a launch party coinciding with the Secret Walls 11th Anniversary Art Battle!

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Magazine Addict: Free Reads from the LA Public Library + Amazon Prime + ISSUU


Did you know how many FREE resources you have to read DIGITAL books and magazines these days? And i’m not talking weird, creepy, random zines and ebooks you never wanted in the first place… i mean everything from bestsellers and cookbooks to italian fashion magazines and newspapers around the world! How did i not know i could read some of my favorite (and pricey on newsstands) international design magazines online for free? And easily “borrow” ebooks i’ve been tempted by (or even impulse bought) online for free? And if you did know, why didn’t you tell me???

I’m a magazine addict, since long before i started blogging in 2005. Print magazines and catalogs were my happy place as a kid ~ nothing like vibrant images to happily distract me. Perhaps it’s only natural i ended up in design, and eventually with all these websites sharing all my visual inspirations? For the last 12 years, i’ve read a few hundred websites a day in a ridiculous amounts of tabs… my digital newsstand of sorts? I can’t resist a stack of magazines to pick through while waiting at the salon or a doctor’s office. My favorite part of airline lounges are the magazines you don’t find everywhere else. And i go weak in the knees at a good newsstand ~ especially when traveling ~ where i can’t help walking away with an armful. Also before screens and wifi took over airplanes, i would indulge in grabbing a book at the airport and happily devour it during a flight ~ my cherished travel rituals as a teen.

Well flash forward to a far more digital age, an early morning flight to Nashville tomorrow, and a nostalgic craving for something new to dive into during the flight… blogs and websites just haven’t given me the same excitement they once did, and i’ve been diving back into more books and magazines… and with the speed i often go through them, it feels wasteful to splurge on every potential impulse buy. So i decided to see what was at my local library… but of course it was the middle of the night… so instead i discovered just HOW many digital resources the Los Angeles Public Library offers, and it kind of blew my mind…

Take a peek on the next page for some of the best resources i’ve found to take my magazine addiction to a whole new level.

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On fun stylistic juxtapositions ~ i just found these amazing paintings on wood by NoseGo. So far there are 10 in this series, and following on instagram @nosego you can watch more in progress (both in stories and in the general feed!) Take a look at the details on the next page ~ i’m smitten!

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Tokyo Smoke: Unfortunate 3D Printed Pipe$


Tokyo Smoke angered the internet this week. Especially the cannabis community - but the design community can’t be too far behind. The gist of it… Tokyo Smoke released two 3D printed pipes (each design available in black porcelain and stainless steel)… priced them from 175 to 13,000 Canadian Dollars (yes, you read that right!)… did a Daily Vice video interview where they managed to insult both cannabis lovers and designers (and the intelligence of people?)… then really dug their heels in as the angry comments began to ravage their facebook, instagram, etc… apparently deleting comments and posts and even blocking users… Then they issued a response on facebook.

It’s no surprise they are already getting comparisons to United, Pepsi, Juicero, etc? But it is sad that so many companies have been so tone deaf to the communities and people they claim to serve and love lately. That being said, I can’t help but hope these are all wake up calls to designers (and companies!) not to forget the humanity behind the “users” and “consumers” they may seldom encounter face to face. It’s also a reminder for us to appreciate the companies and designers that DO put people first, and DO push the boundaries to create incredible products and experiences to elevate us all! (Also, this is a great example of why having good PR is important. Though having a great product and mission should always be key! How you speak about your designs matters!)

But back to the chaos at hand… see what has been unfolding on the next page.

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hmbldt #GO420 Kit


Have you noticed how the mystical and intergalactic seems to be inescapable these days? And no, it’s not just because it’s “festival season” - it’s like a throwback to hippie, natural goods and styles with a modern twist mixed with a fascination with outerspace, from galaxy imagery on workout leggings to cakes as the eccentric uber-wealthy book trips to space. These magical trends can’t be a coincidence. Maybe it’s a reaction to the state of global politics and climate change… maybe it’s just where society is in it’s current cycle? But nonetheless, it couldn’t be more perfectly timed with the quick cultural evolution of cannabis! Watching it legalize step by step, state by state, and even country by country has been fascinating (especially the advances in design, user experience, and science!) - and it doesn’t hurt that it’s fitting right in with this magical, natural, other-worldly trend.

420 - what was once giggled about by stoners, is now becoming a more commoditized “holiday” of sorts on April 20th… every dispensary/brand has special deals (actually i’ve even been getting emails from non-cannabis related stores with limited 42% off codes) and special cannabis infused dinner parties and many events are popping up all over today. BUT - hmbldt (which we shared a closer look at) is currently leading the #GO420 charge (with quite a few friends) to change that stoner cliche, to helping people realize how cannabis can help - especially for medical reasons like epilepsy, pain relief, PTSD, anxiety and more - and focus on how “It’s the cannabis holiday, a day to honor the healing powers of the plant.” So they launched GO420.com, and filled it with 420 ways to make this the healthiest day of the year (after all, who can be anti-that?) And to help spread the word, they’ve even created fun GO420 Kits - so head to the next page to see the details!

p.s. Another surprisingly fascinating design aspect of the evolving cannabis industry is seeing how companies tackle advertising - often without really showing the actual product or any cannabis related imagery!

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Custom MiiR Camp Cups


Adorable as they are, are you exhausted by the enamel camping cup trend yet? I love the look, but don’t love the way they feel, and definitely don’t use them other than out adventuring and in the garden… in fact, i think most of mine house plants these days! Today, it feels as if nearly every outdoor brand, hip coffee spot, cute gift shop, and event has a special enamel camp cup… so what comes next after all the retro throwbacks? While there are a bunch of larger customizable tumblers (like Yeti and MiiR) and then all of those car/work ones at the customizable swag shops…

I’m currently fixated on how lovely the MiiR Camp Cups look customized ~ in fact, while i do love a clean matte black or white… i think these actually look even better when people get creative with the graphics on them! There’s something about the thin, crisp, slight curved lines of the handle that make it so photogenic. And functionally they’ve found the balance between your lightweight, durable camp cups, but added the double walled insulation and modern materials of travel cups, while keeping it all looking pretty sleek and simple. The MiiR Camp Cup specs - 12oz, Thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation technology, Keeps cold, stays hot, Does not sweat, Lid and cup are BPA free, 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel doesn’t transfer flavor & no metal aftertaste, and has a Hardshell Powder coat. I’m definitely intrigued whether having one around would replace my usual morning mugs even at home? But while i try to track one down (and dream up what design i’d add to it)… take a look at what some others have been doing with them on the next page!

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TRUTH - New York Times Ad


We live in some pretty surprising times right now. Even those who claim to have seen it all coming, must be at least a little surprised how things keep playing out. (Here in the US as well as around the globe…) And to find a silver lining, maybe it’s a good thing that events have been polarizing enough to light a fire in people who hadn’t stepped up before… helping people figure out what’s worth fighting for and protecting… helping sort out priorities… and figuring out where, how, and when to get involved in new ways. I’d be lying to say that current events haven’t been taking over more of my brain power that in the past may have focused on design obsessions and explorations… but sometimes you just need time to take deep dives researching and processing as much information as your brain can hold in hopes of coming up with a new plan - a passionate, considered next move to make.

And then yesterday i went to the supermarket to pick up the sunday paper because i wanted a copy of their ad. This New York Times ad by Droga5! About TRUTH. Sure it’s a bit sad that it even needs to be said, but its a fantastic reminder in good times as well as bad! So take a peek at it on the next page…

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