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Strobe LED Night Toys- 04.20.05

nighthack.jpgStarted with a hunt for an led-fiberoptic frisbee i saw in a store… ended with STROBE LED FOOTBAGS! and FRISBEES! Well those and the Jugglo Atom Ball which just made for a mesmerizing picture. There isn’t much more to say about them that the imagination can’t fathom on it’s own. The possibilities are endless. In the dark. All the colors. Flashing. (your choice fast or slow) and you can Throw it, Kick it, Bounce it. FUN. NightHACK for insomniacs like me.

Here’s what seems to be one of the originals? with the SINGLE LED in the center using fiberoptics to illuminate the remaining surface… efficent use of energy, and not as blinding as the ones that place LEDs all around the edges… FlashFlight. Check out their simulator (night and day, red, green, blue.. not showing the disco model unfortunately… and 3d rotation)


i still haven’t found the one i originally saw.


Let me know when you track down the disc you were looking for. I have so many lighted discs and have never seen any that use fiber optics. That’s one of the claims in our patent, so I’d be curious. Thanks for the nice info about our disc. I’ll do my best to capture some images of the Disc-o an update the simulator. That would be cool!

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