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Kigurumania- 05.10.05

kigiruman61.gifMUST WATCH VIDEOS… dancing 2” little toys that stick on bottle caps and react to noise. From the flash: Kigurumix are very cute dancers. Please watch their dance when you are depressed or hard. You will surely very happy feeling

While that quote says it so well, you really need to watch the three videos below too fully appreciate the joy these little guys can bring. ShadeElaine just got the blue chick from GRSF and made a little video for me to watch, and the addiction has begun… i think i might need the skull one who has a coin operated panda (see the many images after jump)
ShadeElaine’s Vid

Two Dancing
Skull Dancing

Here are the main links to check out: Even if you don’t know japanese, explore like crazy… each page is worthwhile, and filled with amusement.
Tomy Kigurumix (animals) + Tomy Kigurumiman (people) + CollectionDX

Other things you need to know… they come with accessories! and different heads (their animal/helmets are removable, and looks like they have crazy hair and hats and such). They come fixed on a bottle cap, run on two LR44 batteries (included in the package).









OH my gosh! These are amazing- is there anywhere I can buy them in the United Kingdom?

----- ness 10.05.05 07:23

jappen zijn gek!!

----- lahmebeer 11.05.05 09:47

can you buy these in the states?

----- Lee Dahlberg 11.05.05 15:24

For UK folks… check out http://anytoys.co.uk/category_info.php/category_id/43

For US folks… check out Giant Robot SF … [perhaps GR the store and online will carry it soon as well… email them! http://secure.giantrobot.com/store.php ]

also… EBAY! has some… http://www.sillyasstoys.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=139

----- notcot 11.05.05 18:41

Hey ness, i bought one today at hamleys in london. Its the frog. Very cute. Saw them all dancing there and had to have one. The don’t have many different types though, think it was 4 or 5.

----- Rich 15.05.05 16:40

We’ve got 1st Team at Rotofugi…working on getting some of the others….


----- rotokirby 19.05.05 11:38

wow, that panda is awesome.

----- jus 26.05.05 16:09

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