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Girl’s First Tee- 07.18.05

tee.pngMy first all alone at home screen print! Yes, i’m thrilled, its my little experiment of the day… in the very limited run of well… 4! But was experimenting with sun exposure for emulsion, and doodles with multi colors… and taking a paintbrush to the thing… If you recognize the image, it’s because it was the first notcot post image by Shade Elaine (and yes, i kind of had my way with it, to play with color and experiment).

WANT ONE? for 15$? Details after…

Now that i’m getting the hang of how it works, looks like quite a few people are interested in owning their own… (for the moment the blue and the plain ones are your choices). Right now i’m printing on American Apparel shirts… and on hand have white girl’s M… but will get more of whatever people want if there is enough demand.

So just drop me an email… shirts - at - notcot - dot - com


Also, if there is interest… might actually share/offer anyone on the web a chance at my other experiments to come… I love printing in the privacy of your own home… [jermacide set up and built his own presses, so its all super pro, not print gocco or anything]… so i can make my limited runs of 1 shirt when i feel like it!


woohoo! they look awesome. =)

----- jus 19.07.05 19:55

it’s hot I WANT 1

----- Ana 07.04.07 22:16

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