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Olympic Friendlies- 12.20.05

beijing_olympic_mascots.gif Mascots for sporting events have always struck me as a little weird. In the U.S., they’re usually aggressive, in your face, and “extreme.” I’ve noticed that mascots for international sporting events are more welcoming and friendly, and sometimes a little abstract. The ones for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games take it to another level. They’re cute and cuddly! I’m not sure how I feel about them being so darn cute, but I am totally loving the mascot for Shooting.


Hi there, Im Rui. Im doing my masters in illustration. I m looking at express of traditional vernacular culture in mascot design for a global event. “the friendlies” is one of my case studys. ur comments on it atracted my attention to come on ur web. could u please write more comments or critics in a west exper perspection on this design for me?
Im collecting such material as my research sources. I realy appreciate your kind reply.

Best wish Rui

----- Rui Sun 31.05.06 06:06

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