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Hendricks Gin- 04.07.06

What is it about alcohol putting so much effort into design and stories? Well newest one i found - is Hendrick’s Gin - and i must admit reading about the infusion of “a lovely hint of Bulgarian Rose, which is extracted by gently pressing essential oils from the petals. Next comes the coup de grace — Cucumber, the essence of which is obtained by mashing the fresh fruit, then mixing the pulp with cold water.” just makes me want to try it. Not to mention the way the site sucks you into this old school time with music and playful imagery (that is a bit over the top, but fun none the less)… and then to top it off - you can check out their hilarious newsletter… with old pictures and silly stories. Oh, and i nearly forgot to mention the bottle - very medicinal like - but it works - and certainly has a distinct look. I found this from an ad in BusinessWeek.


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