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Origami Beer Labels- 05.04.06

Beer label art? This is making reference to the tendency for people to pick at the labels on their beers when nervous. I personally think this is just a great way of always having origami paper handy. No more floppy cranes from napkins. I would love to see some crazy unit origami work with this somehow integrating the bottles instead of just a basic flower fold, but maybe that’s for when you graduate to the hard liquor.

(Another project from Designer’s Block + Lund University, by Clara Lindsten)


Sorry to point it out, but this is a fake - it’s not possible to achieve steps 2 & 3 from the square in step 1. Extra paper has been added to achieve the points. The actual finished design is a “waterlily” commonly made form a napkin. Nice concept though!

----- Nick Robinson 10.05.06 01:07

What would be cool would be if it came with easy-to-follow-drunkenly directions… Actually, that’s probably not possible, considering how I drink.

Seems kinda weird, culture with your beer. Is it an import?

----- MelonCandy 12.05.06 08:06

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