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Mixed USB Tapes?- 06.15.06

Alice Wang first brought us Pet Plus… and it was mind opening and hilarious all at once… AND some are actually going into production!

Well now she has launched Audio Sticks - a project re-evaluating the future of the way people obtain, listen and distribute music. Likening tapes to USB keys - she raises the question of whether these tiny keys will be the future of mixed tapes. The device would have a column of USB slots ready for your music - and the volume and track selection is along the side (see close up below) - and speakers along the side. As well as the packaging and imagery on the keys themselves. Take a look at the other images below.





love it. we pretend trying to move away from the towers of CDs (or god forbid tapes), but yet we’re still uncomfortable with the idea of floating non-material purchases…its perfect.

----- rugenius 16.06.06 01:56

brilliant. reminds me of what music is really about!

----- jacky 21.06.06 08:16

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