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Voting now on .ORG- 06.30.06

VOTING! and Chronological vs. Popular Sort options. So here’s a quick little collage to get you going… its in like pre-alpha modes - we whipped it up last night in about an hour - just for kicks. B/c we’re just like that. Also when you click on a NAME - you can see all the posts from that person. Lots of bugs possibly, maybe not, so let me know - but in a nutshell you see your possible rollovers in red up there - click the heart to vote on it - click it again to unvote. But i didn’t feel like having it say vote - so it’s NICE! and NOT NICE. Anyhow for all of you who read, but don’t post, you can vote and it becomes slightly more interactive. NOTCOT.org


Wow! I’m impressed. We were just talking about this yesterday, and then blammo! you can now sort|filter|vote… kudos to you and Dan for putting this together so fast.

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