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NorthFace Whistle- 07.03.06

WOW. I love when you get your hands on a brilliantly designed product that is gorgeous and functions perfectly - and then you get surprised by some genius little detail. Like this WHISTLE - built into the clip that goes across your chest on this North Face Plasma 30 backpack. [please excuse the pic, and for a tiny bit more context, see below - i just bought my sister this bag, was playing around with it, the dslr was handy, turned it on myself, and the rest is… yea] My two favorite details in this picture are that the chest strap is removable/adjustable AND it has a whistle built in. You never know when you might need one, and it sure beats having another thing dangling from your bag - not to mention due to the adjustable/removable nature of this section, you can actually blow on it. Yes, details often fascinate me.

not exactly flattering! but you get the idea of the whistle!


lots of serious outdoors supply companies [osprey for sure] have had these for years.

----- mike 03.07.06 22:32

now, that’s actually an avalanche whistle

----- kx 04.07.06 11:43

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