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Oh. Mi. Bod.- 02.14.07

One last one for the lonelier or more playful Valentine’s Day people… OhMiBod turned up on .org a week or so ago, and we were intrigued. And conceptually its really pretty brilliant ~ basically its a vibrator that takes audio input and vibrates to the rhythm. For all your concert going kids, you know that feeling of standing right next to the sub? Now imagine taking that vibration you feel and concentrating it into this device… and aiming that wherever you please.

So two days before Valentine’s, this box shows up containing the OhMiBod, the pink garter, the ‘softskin sleeve’, and a t-shirt. (unboxing images below) They’ve got some nice clean branding and packaging ~ and even provide itunes’ playlists for songs that work especially well.

The multi-sensory aspect of this design certainly takes experience to a different level by so closely tying in the music. You know how your mind bridges the gap between what you may hear, see, and feel even when they may not be perfectly synced? (think of those times you’ve put a soundtrack to some video footage, and it *magically* seems to sync up “perfectly”)… i think its an interesting step in vibrator technology to start linking up these various sensory stimuli… now imagine if they worked in scent and taste too?



(click to view larger)

(click to view larger)


On a sillier note, there was recently a drunken night where we came up with the idea of an ipod garter (or what we thought was a unique idea at the time)… thinking they would be cute, subtle, lacy… something like a gun holster under a short dress in a movie. Well i guess they beat us to the idea. Its a fun one though, and not everyone wants to wear their ipod on their arm (or in their purse or pocket)… if you must strap it to you, why not somewhere more hidden?



(click to view larger)

Included in the box are the OhMiBod, with two end caps, one that needs input from a standard headphone jack - and the other with a wheel to use when there is no music, etc, a pink case, and a headphone splitter (since it really isn’t the same if you are either ONLY hearing the music or ONLY feeling the OhMiBod).


Positives? Innovative merge of tech, music, vibrators. Sleek simple design. Playful gift, nice packaging and branding. Definitely a step in the right direction for products in this field. The garter idea i’m still in love with… although the pink is a bit on the flashy side, its a fun idea!

Drawbacks? The only thing i am a little skeptical about are the quality of the plastic… and they put batteries in already, but they seem thoroughly wedged in there and don’t come out easily, although the instruction card recommends removal of batteries when not in use.

To purchase, explore, and read more:


ahhh….that would explain why there is an increase in drum & bass albums being sold

----- watch tv 31.03.07 20:29

wow, this is by far the best iPod accessory ever. can’t wait to give it to my gf for our anniversary next month

----- cutebanana 01.04.07 00:10

We’ve all joked about it for ages. We should have expected some company out there to put it into practice.

Packaging is surprisingly well done.

----- McLachlan 01.04.07 01:11

Gf probably wouldn’t mind one of these. :-)

----- TuF 01.04.07 03:19

har har har, you are retarded

----- mix 01.04.07 03:31

Sexy+kinky stuff. So connecting a splitter to the audio output actually makes it possible to connect two or more of these for those special gang-bang nights? :twisted:

----- Jaka 01.04.07 03:52

Good post, i liked it!

----- eyje_moderator 01.04.07 04:14

What. The. Fuck.

----- Carl 01.04.07 05:57

I hope this is a joke. If not, I want one for me and my fellow roomates.

----- Roast Beef Curtain Parter 01.04.07 06:39

Yeah that’s great… Now can we see it in action !!!

----- Richard 01.04.07 08:11

Well, a perfect suppliment would be a cd with
a song I heard on “pigradio” from iTunes yesterday
“can I be your fucking girlfriend” I have a piece of
it that I recorded and I can e mail to you as an mp3

----- phil 01.04.07 08:15

I have been thinking about buying one for a friend of mine. I think she would like it!

----- Ray 01.04.07 13:06

oh wow i want one….

----- sucker 01.04.07 21:48

I love the look of this. It does work for males too , right? I can’t wait to get one and listen to all my fav. tunes while feeling the rythems vibrate in my ass!!! I am so excited, thank you OhMiBod

----- Zeid Uteibi 02.04.07 02:05

and, how is it? ;)

----- Tobias 02.04.07 07:13

It makes sense…It’s the next logical step, actually having sex with your iPod.

----- The Average White Guy 02.04.07 07:13

Oohhhh Mmmmmyyyy Gggggaaaawwwdddd!!! Where do I get this?

----- marsha 02.04.07 09:41

I would like to purchase the bove product, the box you show here in your ad is not at all like what you show on your site for $69.00, How do I go about getting your above product with out the hidden extra cost. Thank you Jack

----- Jack Savini 14.04.07 17:24

god help this world.

----- JonnyT 28.04.07 09:29

oh my god…… this is very disturbing….. insanely fucking sick…

----- Rick James 22.05.07 11:37

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