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Oki Pint Glasses- 02.19.07

Double walled glass has been showing up a lot lately… but never quite like this. For all pint glass lovers like designer Emiko Oki, this line of glasses she designed adds more function to the classic shape. In 4 models, there is the candle holder, the ashtray, the vase, and my personal favorite - the goblet (isn’t it fun with colored drinks in it?).


love the goblet. id even put champagne in it. greatness greatness.
ps - layout of this site is amazing

----- kara 20.02.07 00:03

Such a Great idea :D

----- Maryam - Ayomy 20.02.07 04:15

Cute, very cute, but double-walled glasses are some of the easiest-to-break drinkware ever invented. I’d consider a purchase like this if I wasn’t 100% sure that they’d end up broken within 6 months of purchase.

----- Jackson 20.02.07 16:49

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