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Global Warming - Diesel Style- 02.20.07

Diesel takes on global warming as only they can… making their latest campaign poignant yet subtle, stylish yet absurd. Focusing on people and places… and claiming in their video that “GLOBAL WARMING CANT STOP OUR LIVES” ~ and thus begins the series of images below, about how although the polar ice caps are melting, etc you can still look good and embrace the heat… Above we have the overgrown tropical gardens in Paris… below there are the macaws who have replaced the Venetian pigeons, warm oceans in Antarctica, the tiny island of London, a post-great-flood Rio and NY, the giant desert that surrounds the great wall, the tropical paradise of Mt. Rushmore… gorgeous imagery from the great Terry Richardson. Global Warming… as approached in a way only Diesel can. Complete with links to stopglobalwarming.org and an inconvenient truth.











----- Mike 21.02.07 04:19

A real bright idea DISSEL, let’s all poke fun at Global Warming!Let’s hope all of those wonderful beach scenes will not be under water in 20 years. I think that their next ad campaign should include queers or niggers that would rock.

----- MAC 21.02.07 05:13

Yeah, this is disgusting…these people are clueless.

----- Ben 27.02.07 10:48

I like it. Shocking but not preachy.

----- John 27.02.07 12:51

«Hey kids, don’t think about what you can do about it … just buy jeans !($)» What’s next to make fun of? These are the same marketing people who will sell you AIR in a few decade.

----- Sylvain 28.02.07 12:12

chill out, mac. global warming is not an oppressed minority. these ads are great.

----- MATT 01.03.07 18:59

No way, I agree with Matt and Ben, I think this is a brilliant campaign… take it for what it is. Edgy yes, but still tasteful I think. Would you rather see the same stagnent clothing ads you see all the time. This appeals to the “trendy hipster tools,” their target audience, in an amusing way.

----- Josh 02.03.07 14:28

I feel sick

----- Ben Rowe 03.03.07 20:16

Unbelievable. Here in Brazil some advertising blogs are also refusing this campaign. Irresponsible, i´d say.

----- Bruno Chenque 06.03.07 06:01

haha.. fucking communist!
i shop at diesel every day of my life because im tired of hearing about you hypocrites doing all your world peace shit.
al gore won an oscar for his documentary, but a day later it is announced that in fact he is a hypocrite, using more elctricity in a month than 2 american families do in a year!
death to communism! go on deathtocommunistfaggots.com

----- blubbers 11.03.07 11:46

Do you guys really think we have to ADAPT to global warming?
Is that what you think?

----- lee 13.03.07 02:25

I think that we can survive, I mean not every country like myn Holland. But than i am allready living in Brasil! and it would be terrible for all those people who would die. but after 300 years we forgot them so than I think it would be nice to live in such a warm world.

----- Levon 13.03.07 10:44

What a shame…and then what’s next? In order to recuperate any hot topic to sell more jeans, a campaign focusing on how cool and trendy it can be to be HIV + ?
Seriously, as designers/publicists we have a responsability and should use our talent to greateast purposes.

----- daniel 13.03.07 18:40

is a great campaign they have a ironic look and also can open many eyes.

----- xiny 17.03.07 16:51

I think it’s creative. It’s double-layered. First it seems shallow and disgusting to seemingly give the message of ‘screw the planet let’s look good’, not to mention the appealling imagery that glorifies global warming. But that’s the paradoy. It’s so absurd that it’s an eye-opener. And what better way to get people’s attention to an issue than reaching them through creative advertising? This will reach the Diesel-wearing demographic who are more likely to need the wakeup call than anyone else.

----- Isik 18.03.07 05:48

Fucked Up.

----- Danuigi & Sario 21.03.07 14:39

Someone did not unterstand this ad… stupid

----- FABIAN 03.04.07 02:08

Yes, i agree with MAC here. This is the sicket, slicket ad i have ever seen. we are dealing with the END of humankind, Disel, and you joke? Surely, you jest! SAD that capitalism sees life this way..



THIS IS ThE REAL AD. i dare you!

----- danny bee 04.04.07 22:18

Making global warming the premise of a cheeky campaign doesnt so much bother me. its not very clever or witty. its pretty much just the same o male gaze advertising. cheap sexy poses on the women. the models are empty props frolicking in their middle class bliss. so does global warming change anything?

----- rickie 11.04.07 03:01

If this was supposed to be a clever fight-global-warming campaign, the message got lost somewhere. How does a bunch of lusty 20-somethings posing in exotic-yet-familiar locales wearing distressed designer clothes (that seem like they are inspired by Waterworld, or something like it) make everyone want to get off their buts and fight Global Warming? The ads make it look like they’re encouraging global warming.

Hey, the world’s gonna flood, but you can look great while you’re at it!

----- Liz 14.04.07 20:49

even though i think the clothing is wonderful, and the idea for the campaign is quite unique, deep down i consider it a complete lack of interest and concern, instead, with such strong means of publicity you should encourage a campaign that makes viewers refelct about global warming, not make them think that it doesnt matter that we are slowly killing nature and ourselves, but we can do it looking good, actually it s quite sad people dont take this issues seriously…

----- irie 27.04.07 12:27

Oh yes! That’s right! Our way of life is non-negotiable! It’ll just mean we get to wear safari-chic clothes and be waited on by displaced brown people! Yay!

----- Anonymous 31.05.07 16:33

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