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Fail Harder- 07.04.06

There are times when images get stuck in my head - and this weekend a POST from UnBeige actually got stuck. I love this Fail Harder piece they found made from 150,000 boxes of push pins (kind of reminds you of the art in the tags, no? with pin head bush?) - but even better was the post.

“If you were looking for a box of those clear push pins on the West Coast around June 5, you now know why Staples was fresh out. 12, a dozen creatives who form an experimental school at Wieden+Kennedy, had purchased them all—150,000 of them.

351 hours later, 12 had applied the push pins to a 13’6” x 10’6” wall at W+K HQ in Portland, with a message that was inspired by a true story from the legendary Jelly Helm, 12’s creative director:

When Helm was promoted to co-creative director of W+K’s Amsterdam office in 1996, Dan Wieden’s only directive was, “You’re only good to me after you’ve made three tremendous mistakes.”

Hence, their advice to every creative: Fail Harder.”

If in Portland, go take more pics of this!
Thursday, July 6
6 to 9pm
224 NW 13th Avenue


wow…this is beautiful!

----- joy 06.07.06 07:59

Thanks for posting this. We just finished cutting this video of the process.

WK12 Fail Harder Movie

Be sure to download the high res version. And I put up a few more images on my blog: alchemi

----- Mike 12.07.06 08:56

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