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IDEA awards 2006- 07.04.06

The Industrial Design Excellence Awards of 2006 have been awarded - and the result is an extraordinary selection of 108 objects for you to spend a few hours studying and drooling over. While i wanted to post maybe 80 of these 108, i picked a few that were already my favorite objects this year, and a few others that grabbed me quickly for this post. But honestly you need to click HERE when you have the time to devote to it.

Here we have - Outdoor Information Carts by 34th Street Partnership. JobClock designed by Stuart Karten Design (i first encountered these tabs at Oxford, where they seem to be your key to everything). Little Wing Kayaks by Warren Light Craft. Kenzo Ryoko Perfume designed by Karim Rashid (i nearly bought these in copenhagen b/c it was so pretty). Voyage by fuse project and Hammers Nagel Engineering for Swarovski and Bombay Saphire. San Disk Ultra Plus SD/USB cards (three of these in my purse always, can’t remember life before it). Duo Shower Curtain Rod designed by Robyn Kaminski (great space saver, has the towel rack by the curtain). Nomadic Museum - possibly the most incredible/memorable “museum” experience of my life, seen here 5 min from my house.


dude, are those key fobs?

----- rugenius 04.07.06 19:26

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