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Birds EVERYWHERE!- 09.05.06

WINDOW ZOO!!! Brilliant idea - great packaging - in a nutshell, you buy some bird silhouette decals - they come, you place them where you want - take some great shots of it - and if you send pictures back, they send you more! In one sense its mass produced street art - in another sense its a great distributed consumable form of city beautification.

p.s. don’t they remind you of our tags?
& RUGenius woke me up with this find, and we’ve been chatting about it for a while - it is also up at Wooster. Additionally - sorry about the spontaneous posting hiatus i took this long weekend. Been overworked and overextended with too much to look at and do lately - so when i suddenly found myself in Santa Barbara Sunday… realized i just needed a day or two away from emails/web to get reset. So i’m back!


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