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Widescreen Intuos- 09.05.06

I3WideFormatFamily.jpgWacom announces the new WIDESCREEN Intuos 3 line. Funny thing is that while i’ve been working with my old massive first gen Intuos tablet with the 23” Studio display, i never really considered why i had issues when i set it proportional to the screen… and it all just clicked now. And i guess i kind of want a widescreen tablet to go with my widescreen! Pity they aren’t stretch to desired proportion… maybe the next gen will be!


hopefully the next gen of females will be stretch to desired proportion as well.

----- Amit 05.09.06 16:15

Nice, I just bought one of these and had no idea it was new to the line. Perfect for multi-monitors, hooray.

----- hfriend 05.09.06 21:06

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