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Converter by Deadly Squire- 10.17.06

NOTCOT’s favorite designer couple, Anna and Tim Harrington of Deadly Squire, present Converter. This new show opens this week at my favorite Williamsburg Gallery ~ The Riviera. Known for their beautiful patterns (you may remember their skateboard, as seen in NOTed) ~ “Textiles/Patterns reside in an uncrowded corner of the design world having the unusual property of being simultaneously raw material and finished work. The pattern designer’s work is completed when their design is applied to paper, fabric, etc. but it’s true purpose is not served until those patterned materials are made into something by another artist.” So to put their patterns to good use (better use? a different use?) they have enlisted 20 artists to apply them to everything from furniture and apparel to jewelry, sculpture, animals and more. Can’t wait to see what they come up ~ if you make it over there, send pics!


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