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O Plus D- 10.18.06

These cards are so much fun i spent two days trying just to make an image for this post, and loved so many i ended up giving up, and Shade Elaine stepped up and collaged some of our favorites for you. (More of my favorites below.) Welcome to the best greetings card line i’ve seen yet ~ O Plus D ~ via the lovely ladies of the Fabulist.






these are absolutely amazing - i often feel like an empty suitcase myself…

----- natalie 18.10.06 13:57

thank you so much for your mention of my cards!
i would like to send you some for your fantastic taste.

all the best,
olga krigman

----- Olga Krigman 19.10.06 13:20

I LOVE the happy fucking birthday one! They’re gorgeous and the copy is just as enticing as the design.

----- Anonymous 23.10.06 14:03

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