*notcot in tech , 14:34

Ms. Dewey- 10.18.06

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Ms. Dewey is somewhere between terribly annoying - and gorgeously amusing. The quality of her search engine and her living in your monitor pacing, doing her world take over evil laugh, tapping and harassing you to type things, and telling you she knew you’d type that… is bizarre to say the least. But worth checking out. But i must admit - i kept watching her pace and chat with me, and then i got a little sad when she started looping her vid sequences… it’s all so very sci-fi channel sleek and trippy.


Dude, thats funny, but really heavy on my bandwith too

----- sam 18.10.06 15:35

Try searching for Halo or Zune…

----- Dr No 20.10.06 13:29

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