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NetDiver Powagirrrl- 11.07.06

netdiverpowa.pngNotcot.org got highlighted over at NetDiver! “From trendy to cutting-edge to wild and kitschy NOTCOT is a superbe assemblage of visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements. Initiated and co-founded by super powagirrrl Jean Aw and Daniel Frysinger.” And they’ve added us to their list of Powagirrrls!

If you’re wondering why i’m so excited, NetDiver has been one of my favorite sites long before this site even existed. So it’s an honor to be featured there! For those not so in the know, NetDiver is an online mag “Devoted to tutoring, empowering and stimulating creativity as well as excellence in design projects by the international community involved in the industry and beyond!”. (And i’ve never been labeled a Powagirrrl before)


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