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Wine Ratchet Magnum

Wait - before we look at how fun this looks, lets start with the name. Wine Ratchet Magnum. Doesn’t that make you want to play with it already? This is the “coming soon” latest in crazy corkscrews from Built NY (yes the neoprene everything cases guys).

“A travesty has fallen upon the world of wine, It has lost the beloved “POP” that gets one salivating in anticipation of a tasty treat. Well, for those wishing to forgo the mechanical levers and tricks, a new day has dawned. Our corkscrew makes opening a bottle of wine as much fun as emptying it.”

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Tipsy Wine Bag

Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams, the “Queen of Felt” has a gorgeous wine bottle - handbag - insulator “tipsy bag”. Its a nice detail how the zipper runs up the strap, and would make a nice hostess gift or a nice way to tote a bottle of wine around for that picnic, etc.

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #2403TasteSpotting #2410TasteSpotting #2413TasteSpotting #2412TasteSpotting #2418TasteSpotting #2424TasteSpotting #2435TasteSpotting #2439TasteSpotting #2447TasteSpotting #2438Click the images to see more. Ok, yes, that IS an iphone on TasteSpotting… its showing off 101Cookbooks.com’s iphone ready site. But seriously, being in giddy hungry TasteSpotting mood today, here’s a taste of what’s been showing up over there lately for anyone that hasn’t checked in to get some culinary inspiration.

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Best Food Blogs

Our little TasteSpotting is growing up fast! Freshly submitted to TasteSpotting: the Debonair Magazine Food Blog Awards. And we’re totally blushing over here. Honored to be given “Best Food Blog Directory”, which i guess in some regard we can be considered a blog… and a directory… although personally i never really thought of us as either, but more of something that had a few characteristics of each. Anyhow, i digress. We’re listed with some of our favorites - a few being: Chez Pim, Nordjus, Chocolate & Zucchini, Midtown Lunch, 101 Cookbooks, Eater, and more!

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Milagro Tequila

Today i’m smitten by these Milagro Tequila bottles… These select barrel reserve bottles are in hand-blown crystal bottles. And the Romance is a mix of the reserve resposado and the anejo in what resembles an oil/vinegar bottle.

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I could use some magical functioning elixir right about now ~ just drove down to LA from SF a few days ago and have been running around non stop! Spotted these over at Josh Spear’s, and i must say i’m curious (although design wise, the packaging and branding of Vitamin Water still seem a bit nicer) ~ these Function Drinks are apparently the brain child of an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA, Dr. Alex Hughes. If these are the magical elixir they seem to claim, i think i might need cases of the Vacation alternating with Brainiac… and occasional doses of Youth Trip and Light Weight mixed in as well.

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The Alembic

The Alembic ~ sister bar to the Magnolia Pub and Brewery down the street on Haight. Haight Street Fair (30th anniversary!) was yesterday, and everyone was out in full force indulging their many vices. At The Alembic i found Good Friends & Great Enemies - and got really sucked in with its incredible branding/graphic design and great ambiance and interiors… oh and also its vast amount of scotches and fine liquors and brilliantly insightful bartenders… OH and i can’t forget the delicious gourmet treats (you MUST try the Grilled Asparagus with Hazelnut Honey Vinaigrette and the Herb Gnocchi with Serrano Ham, Arrugula Pesto, and Saffron. Mmmm.)

BUT, back to why i’m sharing this with you ~ the design. I sat there fawning over the menus, and bar details, as i sipped my drinks… and now that i’m back, checking out the pictures, and their great website as well, the work that Williamsburg based Nothing Something did on their identity and environment i’m completely taken by. So, more images below, of their design, and ambiance, and even another quick 5 second video of the bar scene.

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Reyka Vodka Review

I think i’m sold on going green… especially when it comes to my vodka - Reyka Vodka is the world’s first green vodka- made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable and clean energy from geothermal heat, not to mention it’s the first vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland (land of puffins, volcanoes and a female president)… (showed you their brilliant ads and the bottle designs previously)… This time i’ve got a hands on review for you. Close ups of the gorgeous bottle, and a few fun little videos (still experimenting with my Canon TX1). I’m smitten by how deliciously clean and smooth this vodka is and it’s great straight as well as mixed (was delicious with orange and cranberry juice as well as with tonic)…

Here are some interesting tidbits on why else Reyka is incredible: Reyka (pronounced Ray kuh) is derived from the ancient Icelandic word for steam or smoke. The spirit sources naturally demineralized glacial water from the Grabrok Spring situated in a 4,000 year-old lava field. Reykas distillery is located in the smallvillage of Borgarnes in Western Iceland where atmospheric CO2 levels are actually falling. This is due in part to the towns remote location far from sources of industrial pollution. It retails for little over $20, but certainly tastes like it would have cost more.

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Lucky Beer in NY

GET LUCKY! Lucky Drink Co. ads now all over NY ~ i’m testing out working from JFK while waiting to board… also, LOVE the Canon TX1, some great videos from the petra mrzyk & jean-françois moriceau View to Kill show to put up when i get back…

If lucky beer seems familiar… maybe its from .org #711 - wow, that was a long time ago…

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What is one to think when your favorite candy company comes out with an incredibly gorgeous line of absinthe products… with some of the most breathtaking graphics and packaging? Chic City Rats pointed out this collection, and noted that Torino based, Pastiglie Leone is turning 150 this year! (If you’re feeling nice and seeing this in france or italy, send some over!) Far more pics below…

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TasteSpotting #1581TasteSpotting #1577TasteSpotting #1562TasteSpotting #1548TasteSpotting #1536Click the pics to find out more. Happy Monday! For all your food cravings, here are a quick 5 picks from TasteSpotting that were visually inspiring to me today. We’ve got real belgian waffles, cock crests, yao tiew (chinese donuts? although i grew up having them be savory in porridge), fresh ravioli, and some fresh springy pasta.

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Coca de Mayo

On the list of things i blame the internet for - add this case of Mexican Coca Cola - $17.99 for 24 at Costco, in those fabulously irresistible classic glass bottles - and REAL SUGAR. Not that i can’t get these at the corner store around the… corner. Or the little taco place less than a block away… but i blame Digg followed by YumSugar and also SFist. In one of those morning RSS skims i hear, “Digg says there are cases of mexican coke at costco!”… Figures that when my response is “But which costco, you don’t even know if they are in SF”, that the only ones the articles know have them for sure are here. So a day early - FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO. Costco and the marketing frenzy for this holiday are in full force, and between the “beers of mexico” cases and the bulk sized frozen burritos and tortilla chips… its true, you can find bulk cases of the *real sugar* coca cola bottles. More silly pictures below, couldn’t help myself - on design details, i love that bottle made of bubbles graphic.

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Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka - previously i showed you their brilliant ads (and for all who wondered who the actress is, meet Hafdis Huld - an Icelandic singer/songwriter, and was formally in the dance/ indie band GusGus, check out her adorable vlog). Just as cool as those ads, are the various foil wraps on the bottles - gorgeous vibrant graphic design. Above are my favorite 4 (and more images of the others below). Can’t wait to try the real thing and tell you more.

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #1225TasteSpotting #1229TasteSpotting #1234TasteSpotting #1265TasteSpotting #1266TasteSpotting #1285TasteSpotting #1288TasteSpotting #1293TasteSpotting #1320TasteSpotting #1325Click the square to find out what it is! Same deal as the .org roundups, except its dinner time PST, so if you happen to still be (over)working and forgot to get food yet, here’s a little something courtesy of the incredible food community at TasteSpotting to whet your appetite, or inspire your inner chef.

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Wedding Pills

You ingest this, so i’m categorizing it food+drink… but really i guess these might be recyclable. As a part of Rituals by Chi Ha Paura - “Wedding Pills, designed by Ted Noten, are golden alternative wedding rings with a traditional inscription with the name of the loved one and the marriage date. They can be taken with a glass of vodka or other beverage. Because of the intimate process these pills undergo a fundamental question is laid bare: are we going to search for it or not, it may provoke the first marriage crisis. And with whom it agrees, the ritual can be repeated after each crisis – a nice reconciliation ritual.” All i can say this late night (been running around non stop in LA for the last two days, and just landed back in SF) - is fights sure can be shitty… maybe conceptually this will give you a visual to make you think twice the next time you’re about to bicker about something with that special someone?

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