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Reyka Vodka Review- 05.25.07

I think i’m sold on going green… especially when it comes to my vodka - Reyka Vodka is the world’s first green vodka- made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable and clean energy from geothermal heat, not to mention it’s the first vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland (land of puffins, volcanoes and a female president)… (showed you their brilliant ads and the bottle designs previously)… This time i’ve got a hands on review for you. Close ups of the gorgeous bottle, and a few fun little videos (still experimenting with my Canon TX1). I’m smitten by how deliciously clean and smooth this vodka is and it’s great straight as well as mixed (was delicious with orange and cranberry juice as well as with tonic)…

Here are some interesting tidbits on why else Reyka is incredible: Reyka (pronounced Ray kuh) is derived from the ancient Icelandic word for steam or smoke. The spirit sources naturally demineralized glacial water from the Grabrok Spring situated in a 4,000 year-old lava field. Reykas distillery is located in the smallvillage of Borgarnes in Western Iceland where atmospheric CO2 levels are actually falling. This is due in part to the towns remote location far from sources of industrial pollution. It retails for little over $20, but certainly tastes like it would have cost more.


The opening and first glass…. CHEERS!

A quick spin to show off the bottle/label…







Quick clip of it rolling at me (testing out the Canon TX1!):


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I am a vodka lover as long as I get to choose what is being poured. Reyka is new to me having tried it just 6 months ago. It has become one of my three favorites in the world of I what I have tasted. It’s hard to imagine wanting more from a vodka that delivers. This one does. I find myself going back to this choice more often lately so habits and repetition speak volumes. I love this stuff and am recommending it as high as I possibly can. Great back story adds charm to choice.

----- fututrstar 13.08.12 11:49

Reyka rocks for sure. I’m in Cary,NC & 2 close by stores carry it & can’t keep it on the shelves. The cashier in 1 of them was surveying everyone buying vodka & Reyka won out each time!!! My husband & I think it’s definitely the best ever. It’s all we buy.

----- Chris 27.06.10 07:52

Hi there, I’ve loved Reyka Vodka since I first tried it. Was wondering if anyone knew if the recent volcanic activity in Iceland has disrupted the distillery process or not. Thanks.

----- Nick 12.05.10 19:43

For all of you who are asking WHERE you can buy Reyka,

I’d wager that it is available from most ANY State (ABC) Alcohol Beverage Control Store or Liquor store. while they may NOT have it in stock, they most assuredly can order it, though there COULD be a minimum qty order such as one case of it - which I think is 6 bottles.

Here is a link to the N.C. ABC Board website where Reyka is listed.

----- JohnG 17.03.10 13:10

hey… just want to say that im from central america… Belize… and i cant remember how i got my hands on this Reyka vodka… but it is the best vodka iv tasted to far… iv tasted grey goose, belvedere and so much more… and this one tops all the rest hands down… i enjoyed every bit of it… but too bad… this was like the only bottle in belize… i think one of my friends brought it in… but it does not sell here… so sad… but it should, i love it… keep it up ppl from iceland ur doing great

----- Allan 11.01.10 18:48

Absolutely hands-down the BEST and smoothest-tasting vodka I have ever tried. I love it straight. My favorite method is to swirl it in a stainless steel tumbler with the purest ice I can get. There is no alcohol burn in the throat - after about 30 seconds there is a very pleasant warming sensation in the belly. Lightly spicy and slightly sweet. Nothing else compares to this vodka at any price!

----- matt 30.12.09 11:39

Reyka Rocks! Grey Goose is for beginners, or people who only like to look good with a drink they think is good. Reyka beats Grey Goose hands down.!!

----- Colin 02.10.09 15:45

This stuff is great! Finally picked up a bottle here in Asheville NC after admiring the look of it for awhile, and it does not disappoint. An entirely different experience than vodka I have had before. I want to call it mild, but that’s not quite the word. It’s smooth and clean, but with a nice rounded taste as well. It’s just the coolest stuff.

----- Pam 31.01.09 05:31

I checked some sites on the internet and was not able to find review on “Reyka”. Have no idea why? Everyone is mentioning Russian, Polish, Holland, Swedish. Yes, some of them is very good and I did try a lot of them, because I am originally from Lithuania, but I do rate my vodka how I feel in the morning….and of course I do try my vodka with food as caviar, different types of fish, pickles, sour kraut and so on. I just think that “Reyka” is one of the best. You just simply can compare to the best brands and it will WINN………

----- Alex 24.12.08 19:07

does anyone know where to buy Reyka in Canada? I found a shop on Whidby Island, Washington that orders it in special.

----- randi 05.12.08 16:46

Where can I buy Reyka vodka in Savannah, Georgia?

----- joe 29.11.08 10:43

Where in San Diego can I purchase this vodka??????????

----- Eric Waite 17.08.08 18:41

maybe RAIN (the organic vodka) is the first “green vodka”

----- hemp advocate 31.07.08 19:10

I found this at the package store on Marine Corps Base Hawaii and I’m in love. Its a little less than Belvedere and Grey Goose. The only problem is I feel bad removing the unique bands around the top. Argh!

----- Beth 06.07.08 20:11

Tasts great, I agree. Can’t seem to find what is it maid of? Would someone polease let me know?
Thanks a bundle!

----- Oleg 28.04.08 13:56

If you live in Arizona you can buy it at AJ’s Markets. Great site!

----- SWGUY 24.02.08 13:37

Thanks Reyka. It seemed quite fitting that we chose the coldest day of the year here in Canada to try your Vodka. Quite simply a fantastic product. Very clear refreshing tasty goodness weather drank on ice or right from the bottle. Love your web site can’t wait to visit iceland and drink with ya all.

----- Rick and Laura 11.02.08 05:13

I’m a long time vodka lover and have sampled more bottles than I can remember, reyka is simply one of the best for any dollar amount.

----- John 01.12.07 19:57

If you live in Texas, you can get Reyka at Spec’s in Houston (all over), Beaumont, Austin, or College Station. It retails at about $22.00 at Spec’s. A 70cL botle at an ÁTVR (The State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland) was about 3600 Kr or $60, no joke!

----- CD 09.11.07 08:07

Keep up the good work, Kristmar. This is fantastic stuff. If you are shipping more product to Columbia, SC (USA) all of a sudden, that’s for me.

----- Randy Watson 03.10.07 09:54

This is a great Vodka….when I saw this I hysterically laughed cynically and immediately thought of you….we are twisted aren’t we? Jim

----- Glenn 26.08.07 21:49

Your Reyka Vodka is outstanding. I fist tried it in Iceland last August. You mention it is Icelands first Vodka. I have a bottle of Alduris Icelandic Vodka I bought in Iceland many years ago. Is Reyka made in the same distillery?? Who distributes Reyka in Texas???

----- M.Jacobs 04.07.07 12:43


I live in Santa Fe, NM and had to order a bottle from elsewhere. I found it online at Blanchard’s Liquors, but lots of other places had it, too, for $35-50 after shipping. I’m enjoying a Reyka & tonic as we speak!

----- Bill 13.06.07 17:37

Where did you buy this? I’ve looked at all kinds of stores and haven’t seen it yet. I live in AZ, so maybe that is the issue.

----- Matt 08.06.07 16:33

I’m getting the whole series.

----- Alcoholic 01.06.07 02:02

Looks damn tasty.

----- perfect 31.05.07 11:20

Hi! We are so glad you love our lovely bottle of Reyka. You are right, at the moment, we are using the Geysir capsule, but soon, you will see lots of new ones - puffins, narwhals, seals, Foxes, Icelandic poppies,etc.. By the way, Geysir is one of about 6 Icelandic words that have made it into the English language - beserk is another - both pretty good words! Thanks for your lovely comments - and if you ever visit Iceland, please come and see us! Best regards, Kristmar - Master Distiller at Reyka Vodka.

----- kristmar 26.05.07 08:40

Excellent review. I almost picked up a bottle of Reyka earlier today while buying some wine. I’ve been intrigued by it ever since your initial post on the ads. I think now that I have read your review I will definitely get a bottle. It seems the geyser batch is the one selling everywhere right now, as it is the same label on the ones selling up here in Canada.

----- Jason 25.05.07 22:39

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