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Milagro Tequila- 06.21.07

Today i’m smitten by these Milagro Tequila bottles… These select barrel reserve bottles are in hand-blown crystal bottles. And the Romance is a mix of the reserve resposado and the anejo in what resembles an oil/vinegar bottle.

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LOVE this tequila, it is smooth and while that peppery taste kind of through me (surprised) on my first taste of this brand, (had shot w/no salt or lemon/lime for first time)probably why I never noticed this before in any brand. Anyway, I still just love this stuff. The crystal bottles with the hand blown crystal agave plant inside are gorgeous! I’m about to finish my Silver reserve and wondering what I can do with the bottle afterward. Do any of you display them? with/labels, w/o labels? Use as a vase, ideas? Fantastic product, packaging, love it!

----- Cyndi 19.08.15 22:31

The “pineapple” design in the bottle is actualy an agave plant. Even the heathens at the liquor store could tell you that.

----- John A. 02.06.09 13:08

COOL Tequila since I was kid in my family we have taste 4 all kind of liquor but El Milagro is da thing drinkin El patron,Don julio,La familia cuervo azul,etc,etc,etc, this is the taste smooth nice after taste of agave plus the bottle,but at the end what it count’s is the inside like everything else in life later’s

----- JK 27.03.09 06:45

That pineapple is really an agave plant. Just so you know.

----- Ginny 04.08.08 15:15

I tried the Reposodo Select Barrel not too long ago. It’s the best tequila I’ve tasted thus far but granted as far as premium tequilas I’ve only had this, Don Julio Blanco, and Patron Silver. I bought a bottle of the Silver (not Select and not in a fancy bottle) and I really like it. More than Don Juilo. At my local liquor superstore, the Reposodo Select in the hand blown crystal bottle shown above is $91.

Just a couple of notes… The bottle is Crystal, not glass and that is an Agave hand blown into the bottom, not a pineapple.

----- Jeff Blakemore 29.05.08 13:47

It is a nice bottle the bad thing is that the tequila is not from the best quality, if you want a really nice bottle in and a exquisite tequila, you have to try tequila Esperanto, nicest bottle I have seen so far and the smoothest tequila.
I hope you like it, not easy to find.

----- Jorge Estrada 14.05.08 12:56

just received a bottle of the anejo from my wife on a recent trip back from Cancun… smooooooth stuff. love the bottle!

----- dan 03.03.08 15:16

I would like to know if I can buy the milargo se;lect barrel reserve bottles off the internet. If i can would please email me the address where I can do this at.
Thank You
Doug Eiffler

----- doug eiffler 01.01.08 13:50

I have the pineapple design silver tequila version. Yeah, I have to admit: I bought it for the bottle. The tequila was okay—would’ve been better if the store’d had the anejo, but what do those heathens at the state-owned liquor store know?—but I still much prefer Reserva del Dueno or La Gran Centenario.

Anyway, so now I have this cool bottle: hand-blown glass with a long neck and a pineapple blown directly into the bottom of the bottle. Oddly, the bottle features a glass pour-guard inside the base of the neck to help control the flow. What I’m trying to figure out is… would this bottle do well for olive oil, or should I hold onto it for a more special purpose. (I’m basically worried that the glass pour-guard, which has about 3 holes at 4-mm each, will prevent proper cleaning of the bottle if oil were to ever become rancid.) Curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the matter. ~sc’Que?

----- sc'Que? 25.11.07 03:02

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